First you have to spread disease throughout the world, no matter it started in madacascar or not. First increase resistance, then transmission of the illness. The key is to affect whole world. Then just sit and wait :(((


I probably found the answer. The problem is the flourishing. If you get a country brown everyone freaks out and starts to close down things. Try to keep resistances as low as possible and only boost transmissions.


its not hard to get madagascar for me. I think im just luky because god forrbid I cant get South America!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, i killed everyone but south america


LOL. I managed to eliminate the ENITRE world... including MAdagascar. dont ask how... maybe it was the name..

Got annoyed with this game so I finally named the disease Stupidity.. which in a funny yet true sort of way eliminated the entire world. So heres a thought for everyone.. Dont be stupid or you'll die.

I lyke pie September 6, 2008 1:32 AM

I'm having a hard time conquering this stupid game. It's very difficult to infect the island countries. Madagascar, Japan, Indonesia and New Zealand are very troublesome areas.


Haha, I won! =D I is happy.


I finally got Madagascar and new zealand was shut down....

GameKiller September 8, 2008 7:12 AM

I can't believe how easy this game is. It's quite simple. Keep your awareness to a minimum and once everyone is infected start getting symptoms like heart failure, pulmonary edema, symptoms like that. Finally, increase your drug resistance to IV so, if a vaccine is created the chances are that it will mutate and future vaccines won't be able to stop it.

AsianCracker September 8, 2008 3:47 PM

It took me like 15 min to do it but I got it! woo hoo!


Humanity OVERCOME! yeahhHHH!


Frustratingly fun game, with quite a few flaws. It's still fun for awhile though.

Also, I wonder... What if they made a game that was anti-pandemic? Where you act as the head of nations and stuff and have to make decisions to cut off the pandemic?

but of course you wouldn't be allowed to cut off all transport when someone starts coughing, or maybe there'd be penalties/drawbacks to certain measures.


OMG YES!!! started in mexico as a parasite with the durable trait, used the obvious strategy, and just INFECTED EVERY COUNTRY!!! now to kill them all :D


LOL!!! and now i just became immune to vaccines


What I find so funny is that every time I create something in this game, I'm able to infect the entire world. . .including Madagascar. I just end up with really low points mostly because I think it takes me so long to kill everyone.


I see lots of complaints here, which is surprisingly a good thing. Maybe the next game will have some improvements. Here is my opinion:

The UI for this game could be improved. It's a bit too dark to see well; it took me a while to figure out where the close buttons were for all the windows. It is annoying having to select a region to see stats and having to open the "world" page to check on infected countries, vaccine progress, etc. The music fits the theme, but it gets annoying when youve heard it several hundreds of times. Also an in-game tutorial would be much appreciated.

Gameplay gets boring once you realize that it's just a matter of luck and infecting Madagascar. It is listed as RTS, but there isn't much strategy in the game other than hiding your (soon to be unrealistically caught) disease from discovery until every last country is infected or a viable vaccine is discovered. Also, evolution points should accumulate through progress (i.e. number of kills/deaths) instead of by waiting endless hours. The graphics are pretty much nonexistent; even if they aren't important, it would still be nice to see something other than a 2D world map. There also needs to be a faster-er speed, as the game is much too slow and tedious. The lack of control also makes for a boring game. A helpful (while unrealistic) feature could be the ability to mutate your disease into a "smart virus", allowing you limited control of how and where your disease spreads to.

While a game that perfectly mimicks the real world would make for a boring flash game, a few things can be improved. Winning is too hard, which makes replay value very low. If it weren't for Madagascar, competing for high-scores would make the game more interesting after the 20th time through. Diseases don't stop spreading (even to island nations) after you shut down all transportation systems. Some breeds of mosquitos can fly up to 2000 feet, and sea creatures are not immune to disease. Rats could easily cross between closed-off borders, and I'm sure at least a few people would sneak through or guards could be bitten by mosquitos or rats, and then infect others. Bodies cannot, or at least should not, be burned when they don't exist. And burning live victims is just stupid and cruel (and unrealistic). Natural disasters do actually affect disease spread, but it's not very easy to tell. I really doubt a ship at sea would just circle the Americas 200 times while waiting for mankind to die off. Surely some of the passengers would be infected and kill off everyone onboard. Another problem with realisticity is the fact that countries decide to lockdown when a virtually invisible disease infects a few dozen people in Asia.

I don't want a game that is EXACTLY like real life, but this game could do with some improvements. Also, just my opinion, the morbid theme of the game almost makes me unable to play it (even though it's fun). I know, it's entertaining to kill off millions of people in a matter of months, but every time I think about what it would be like to be an inhabitant of one of the countries, it creeps me out.

I hope that this helps in the progress of another Pandemic game! =D

P.S. I had to copy and enlarge the captcha just to read it so you might consider changing them.


Yay, I managed after 4 times trying (first bacteria, second bacteria, third virus, fourth virus) to kill the world. :) I did it with the parasite (yes it sounds weird but it actually works) if you have patience, you are perfect for the parasite, because it díd cost me 434 days XP. I started in Mexico and it took a long long time to even spread to Peru (about 120 days or so, but I didn't use anything :P) So if you are patient and up for a challenge, try the parasite.


I tried using Stupidity as the virus name and the 1st place it ended up was Madagascar, that annoying hard to get country...

I pwn.


It really helps to have the mutator trait, sometimes its worth starting over again and again just to get it. If you do, it takes the stupid humans like 5 tries to develop a vaccine, but they never get to the 5th try because you kill them first.


I dont get it. What about all the boats that cant find port with infected on it?
Wouldn't the boat eventually stop working with no crew or captain to run it?

And what about poor little Guam?
Not even mentioned in this game =(


Boarders and ports dont open after you are all invisible...and dont even infect nor kill....a bit surreal if you ask me....


the only thing i had to do was take all the symptoms away and make all the resistances up to 3 and no more and make the transmission insects and waited for 66 days and all the countries were infected. Madagascar was the last one to be infected and was the last one to close its ship yards, which was funny cause it let one ship loose and then closed and the ship is just running around in circles. ^^


Holy crap I did it! It took me forever, but I did it. Madagascar is a pain, but I managed to infect it, and it even took them a while after to close their ports. I followed a strategy someone posted here about the sneezing and the airborne. Worked well enough! The last survivor was in India. :)


They get detected coz if they are in the water facilities or get parasites so they won't get clocked


I didn't have any problem spreading to every country when I started in the good ole U.S. of A. Bought the airborne trait with the cold 1, heat 1, and moisture 1 resistances, and coughing as my only symptom. I successfully spread to every country, within 50 days of my start day. Shut down every hospital within 20 days of buying my first fatal symptom, and conquered humanity within 15 days of the first death.


Is it just me or does Greenland die off before the rest of the world? It seems to me that even if Greenland is the last country for me to infect, they are the first to be wiped out. I think it has something to do with the way Madagascar is the hardest to infect. But IDK. Has anyone else noticed that odd effect?


Started from New Zealand. Every country FORSAKEN. Almost every symptom bought. And I finally got the legendary message:

HUMANITY OVERCOME! Mankind's numbers have declined. Your disease has managed to exterminate humans off the face of the earth.



Okay...I have been able to repeat this successful domination twice now. In realistic mode, I selected the parasite. I immediately disabled the clinical symptom. The first time I started off in New Zealand and the second in North Africa. Both times I established level 1 resistance only in all categories. I did not select any mode of transmission, as transmission gets the governments involved and increases the speed at which they begin shutting down airports, ports, borders, etc. It takes longer for the disease to spread, but both times I was able to infect all countries and bump up my resistance to level 4 in all categories before they started working on a vaccine. At that point, the vaccine is set at infinity then you just start selecting your symptoms and the fun begins...

Hobo Mike October 4, 2008 6:17 PM

Scientology eradicated(spelling?) humanity....just like it will in real caused diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, some kind of lung thing, fever, nausea, dementia, insanity, blindness, and cysts...just like in real life.


The first 2 countries I killed off were cuba and russia.


It only took little over 90 days for my parasite to get out of my starting zone madagaskar.... apparently they dont close borders so easily when their the ones infected :)


I was able to infect everyone on the planet before anyone evne died... if you start in madagascar and simply get all the transmissoin and resistance you can do this.. after words you can wait and get symptoms to kill everyone off


Okay, so I played this game before and I finally infected Madagascar! Granted that it was the relaxed mode, I am proud of myself.

I suggest:

I played as a parasite and immediately sold my symptom (sweating, I think). Then, I invested in all 4 transmissions. Next, I gave my parasite heat and cold resistance and avoided doing anything with water and drug. This way, I think people can get medical attention, so the disease is able to spread freely. Finally, I let things play out keeping an eye out for a vaccine. Next time I looked, I'd just taken over the last country.

Good luck in your endeavors. :)

Anonymous October 19, 2008 5:28 PM

Ignore Madagascar. It doesn't have a hospital, so if it happens to not get infected, oh well.


Madagascar is overpowered -.- I didn't manage to get it one time yet. In my best game, I only coudn't get Madagascar and Peru, and in my last game, Madagascar was the first country in the whole world to close something down, their harbour.

The game concept is nice, but it ain't realistic. Why upgrade when not doing so seems to be the best strategy? And it also isn't really fun when that 1 single country is on full lockdown. It's close to impossible to win the game (I once had invaded Argentina, even though it was on full lockdown, but I think that chance is extremely low.)

KongPlayer October 25, 2008 8:37 PM

I like this game, even if the luck factor can be VERY frustrating sometimes. I finally killed everyone in relaxed.

I used a parasite and upgraded resistances and transmissions, EXCEPT for moisture II and beyond, so as not to infect water supplies. Then its all about patience, wait until Madagascar is infected and every other island, then got moisture II to spread to last few countries via borders.


Wooo after days of trying I finally infected the whole world!
I started with Australia.
And strangely enough Madagasgar was Infected last but was also last to close its shipyards :s
I started with parasite, and sold all symptoms.
Then I boosted up my resistances all to level two, which worked for me.
I got airbourne and waterbourne.
Then when the whole world was finally infected for me, I deployed hypersensitivity then sores then puluminary endema, then I went with liver and heart failure.

- Happy Killing :D
Niamh x x

Anonymous November 8, 2008 6:20 PM

I started off in Madagascar and it almost immediately spread to India and Mexico within the first week. I was using a virus and I had the entire world infected within three weeks. I had all environment traits up and all transfer methods plus sneezing, diarrhea, and vomiting, and added hemmoraging after all the areas had my disease in them. But I found it hard to kill that fast even with bloody vomit. I simplly did not have enough points to get anything but fever and had to wait on Pulmonary Edema to take a good chunk out. Fatigue helped near the end, but it took me 7 weeks to kill off everyone.

P.S. just get your drug resistance up and a cure is at worst 100 days away.

P.P.S. My disease was named Love. (ya, love kills you from the inside out.) :'(


i have estimated that 1 in every 100,000,000,000 times you start in madagascar
i did that and wiped out the earth except god damn mexico this game is a joke. You can't beat it no matter how much skill it just takes luck

Raine Schinkel November 13, 2008 5:11 PM

Oh my god! I finally did it!

I killed the world with a virus! I've been working on it for over a month! Granted, I had to start in Madagascar, but still!

..........? November 15, 2008 5:30 PM

I started out in Madagascar. I had managed to get every country except...

Argentina. Big old Argentina.

I think that's a bit ridiculous...

Charlie Henderson November 16, 2008 3:06 PM

I finally beat the game. It was kinda funny that the vaccine was completed and worked after everyone had already been infected. After that it was just a matter of choosing some nasty symptoms for my bacteria.


Well, my friend got his to start in Madagascar, but I got the world wiped out before him :p. but I think that this game is pretty ownage. Best solution: When disease strikes, move to madagascar. And have you seen whats up in greenland? I got the pop down to 1 infected guy and they still had that hospital open. I mean? what?


I hear all these people here either celebrating or complaining about the game because they managed to do it in like 200 days or couldn't do it at all.
On there is an acheivement system very similar to what the xbox uses, and one acheivement is to beat this game on realistic, killing everybody in less than 100 days. Until you've done that, I really don't think people should be complaining or gloating. (2 days of my life wasted)

Pandemic Lozer November 21, 2008 11:12 AM

What my luck!!!
I infected everything (including Madagascar) except for Greenland!
I usually get Greenland in the first minute!


Man, this game is hard, and i was so close, except 3 countries were able to close everything at once, Madagascar lead them, everyother country in the world died with my parasite "Parasectoriosuspneumoniasis Ava", then how will the people in the 3 countries survived?? they will be very lonely


Hah! Get pwned Madagascar!
They closed their shipyards, and I somehow still infected them!
You will blend in nicely with the rest of the red world!


I actually find it cool when only one country survives. Humanity has to build again, like in The Stand.


Unrealistic? on mine western europe had a drought in December!


Winning this game is easy!
You don't even have to begin in Madagascar - tho' it does help.

Here's what I do:
Relaxed Mode / Parasite.

As soon as the game opens, sell all symptoms, so the disease has no visible elements. Buy all LV 1 resitances, and drug 1 and 2. Buy Airborne and Insects.

Then wait (go to fast clock mode).

After about a month, you'll have every country infected, and about 100 DNA points.

Buy all resistances, and all transmissions. Then with your remaining points, buy one or two really nasty symtoms. Kidney Failure and Diahrrea (sp?) are good.

With this strategy, I killed off the entire planet in only 77 days!!

Good luck!


This game failed in almost all the aspects it hoped to achieve, and yet, it achieved something that no other game, person or film has ever achieved before. Pandemic II successfully made a big deal out of that most insignificant country - Madagascar.


Realistic Mode: Parasite.

I wanted the disease to become immune to vaccines, i upped to max Drug Resistance and to level 3 the others, so i waited for the completion of the vaccine and added symptoms during the deployment.
The vaccine proved succesfully, the disease was cured.
soon after the regions closed 4 of the 5 remaining hospitals (leaving only Greenland open)
the hospital seemed unable to cure the remaining infected, Greenland was wiped out.
so, there is a vaccine, but the hospitals are closed (everyone was infected before vaccine completion).

I won with a CURED disease...


AGRHHH!!! once I got Madagascar, Japan shut down instead. I hate this game but I refuse to give up.



i started on madagascar, then my pc said "microsoft internet explorer has a problem and needs to close"...


Only open spoiler if in total need of help to rule the world!

1. Choose parasite (low visibility)
2. Sell all starting symptoms
3. Buy level one resistence for everything (heat, cold, moisture, and drug).
4. Put on >> till every country, inculding Madagascar, is infected with your parasite. If anything closes, you must restart. Madagascar will soon follow.
5. One finished, make your disease VERY lethal indeed. Unlock tiers and keep whatever it gives and buy your own symptoms.
6. If at any point a vaccine is brought up, immedietily buy Level IV drug resistance or else you must start over.
7. Soon you will be the last man on earth

robert humphrey December 13, 2008 6:23 PM

i restarted and i landed right into madagascar.


I'd make a comic about how hard this game is, but for the life of me I think every Madagascar joke has been used in these comments already.

bobbyhatesmadagascar December 23, 2008 1:29 AM

lol this game is fun
but everyone is right, madagascar shouldn't be so difficult


ok, for those who havent figured out how to infect madagascar, just upgrade your drug resistance two times and nothing else. if you started with hot or cold resistance leave that alone, but the starting sypmytons may need to be sold, especially if it isnt fever. this minimally evolved infection will be just barely hardy enough to spread, but wont trigger the world to react. after you are into every country, you will have tons of points to spend and can go crazy.


Heehee! I got everything INCLUDING MADAGASCAR on my fourth try. Cause I'm flippin' awesome like that. Oh yeah, my disease rules!

Spillmanator December 24, 2008 8:26 AM

So I typed in madagascar in my name and I ended in in Greenland!!?? I mean I thought you told me to do that


I named my disease mad cow disease and started in Canada.
I did what someone suggested, which is resistances 1/1/1/2 (or something like that drug being 2..) and then buying airborne.and then buying waterborne. BOOM I get Madagascar! So now i realize i win (with parasite o.O) so I get max drug resistance and start killing off hospitals and wait for the world to die off.


It seems funny that I killed off the world with my "harmless" bacteria. :P


its pretty easy actually.

read on if you want to know HOW to win

choose parasite
sell off the symptoms
you will have 2 points left, so youll have to wait until you can afford to buy airborn
then water transmission

then buy one level of resistence on each of the tiers

then wait until your disease starts spreading around the world....dont call too much attention to yourself by buying ALL the resistances

after a few countries start to spread your disease, start buying the next tier of resistance, and so one

DO NOT buy any symptoms until all countries are infected


I don't care about winning. I just love watching the doomed denizens of america dropping like flies 3,2,1 death- complete
thanks to my parasite.


Lol, I managed to get the world to 1 hospital in greenland and is said the vaccine would take 3059 days to complete. Also, After I got Rodent and Insect, all of the countrys started responding appropietly. I infected the world exept madagascar. **** YOU MADAGASCAR, WHY DID THE EARTH HAVE TO CREATE YOU!


In my first real try through, I restarted a couple three times when I got the hang of what happens early in the game, I managed to infect Madagascar after it closed it's ports. It happened within a coulpe 'game hours' but I was watching it.

I was a Parasite and had all the transmissions, drug resistance to level 4, and the other resistances to level 3. I don't recall much else, but it happened before day 42, so yeah. It was weird, but happened for me.

[Edit: Dedecor, as long as you are not registrated, your comments go through moderation. That's why it can take a few minutes, till you see them online :)]

Anonymous January 22, 2009 4:35 PM

I infected madagascar even after it shut down its ports! yay


Ok, so for all those saying the game is luck're wrong. The way you get madagascar is by spreading fast but not too fast... you have to find the happy medium. Like someone posted above, do not initially make your disease resistance higher than level 2. Spread by insect and rodent until in all countries. keep visibility low (obviously) and parasite is not the best for everyone...I've won with all three. Finally, for those saying the game isnt realistic. IT'S A GAME! therfore it is fake. you want realism? go be a biochemist or something... Anyways, good game until you figure out all the tricks, then quite boring.


i started out in madagascar. Was kind of hard there though



Parasite w/ Parasite and Durable traits
Began in New Zealand
Had no symptoms
Every resistance II
Rodent and Insect transmission
When vaccine was developing, did nothing
When vaccine was deploying, bought all symptoms on Tier I and upped drug resistance to IV
The vaccine was unsuccessful, all hospitals closed down before they could make another
When I had enough points, bought every tier and many deadly symptoms
Laughed when only one man standing

Try to replicate it and see if you have the same results

Anonymous January 27, 2009 2:48 PM

Wow. JUST what I needed for a hopefully undetectable disease:


I started in Madagascar and got a boat, and still humans won.


After weeks of trying, I finally beat this accursed game. It's not even that great but I felt like I couldn't rest until it was beaten.

The secret? ...well, there isn't one. Eventually I got Madagascar by pure luck. By far the most useful method is to sell all your symptoms, get one in every resistance, and just kick back. You're bound to get every place besides Madagascar nearly all of the time. Eventually you'll just luck out and get Madagascar, I didn't even realise I had it until I went on the world menu. Once I got everywhere I just cranked up the symptoms and hey presto.

So, yeah, just wait constantly each time and eventually you'll get it. Fun fun fun.


Everyone seems to think no symptoms until everyone is infected, but that takes forever. Instead I used symptoms to spread my disease in my initial country, then turned them off once the disease spread to other countries.


DOOOOD mine STARTED on madagascar :D:D:D:D:D


When ever I play this game there is always two places that don't get infected; Madagascar, Argentina. ¬_¬


Mine has finally started in Madagascar!
Right time to kill the world!
Mwah ha ha!


I had Madagascar, I had every place infected.
Apart from Canada.


bunneth: thank you! I have been convinced this was the answer, but not a lot of luck. I'm a freekin Biochemist for god's sake (lol) you'd think I'd be able to nail it. Obviously there are many "real world" flaws, nonetheless, it's still fun and for some ridiculous reason has kept me intrigued for three weeks now... o.0


I have an idea


Do not buy anything, sell symptoms, and just relax. I mean, just watch and once the whole world is infected, then buy symptoms.


It works. And by the way, I did it with a virus. This is realistic mode. Cool, huh.

SlightlyAngry February 23, 2009 10:35 PM

When I was playing, I used parasite. I didn't add ANYTHING at all for the first 50 days. Then I added a couple infectious/non lethal/non visible things. By Day 87, my parasite was immune to all vaccines. I infected everyone but a few countries. Those countries closed borders... :(... But no one died. I added more symptoms (lethal) no one died still. I left it for half an deaths...Then I add two symptoms...They drop like flies...except MadaGASCAR!!!!

so annoying


all countries but new zealand infected. all resistances at level 4, except drug resistance. 0 lethality, infectivity and visibility and still they close airports and shipyards. there's no way I'm gonna win >. people madagascar is easy, not harder than any other country


I was able to beat the game on realistic, including Madagascar, consistently with the following strategy.

Sell whatever symptoms you have at the beginning.

Buy Drug Resistance up to level 2. No higher.

Buy cold or heat resistance all the way. Not both, just one or the other, doesnt seem to matter which.

Buy infectivity for rodents and/or insects. It doesnt seem to matter if its one or both, although if both you might end up scaring the countries too quick.

As disease just starts to catch, buy sneezing symptom.

Watch as Disease begins to infect all the countries. Once you see countries begin to shut down their airports and seaports, add all infectivity symptoms and measures you can.

Pray for Madagascar.

If madagascar doesn't get hit before it closes its seaport you have a small chance of still getting it.

This method probably has a 1/5 chance of winning. My highest score is 22,000.

hope that helps

Anonymous March 2, 2009 4:03 PM

Know I'm a little late on the ol posting here, but after more than a year of game-time, my parasite wiped out the world. What fun.

What finally worked was a parasite with level one resistances, and no symptoms or and insect- and rodent transmission vectors. And then, it had only about a 20% success rate: I was running several windows at once. This game uses zero logic and is predicated entirely on chance.

All other criticism that folks have posted on this site is absolutely correct. Way to go, every party that was involved in this game's design. You took a great concept and crapped out an absolute turd of a game that was so frustrating in its simplicity and lack of any strategic logic, I felt compelled to finish it.

Cheers, and here's hoping you all contract fatal diseases.

jonnycard March 4, 2009 2:20 PM

Canada, Russia, and the United States seem to be the best starting country with 2 airports and 2 shipyards a piece. When starting in Madagascar, it takes a long while to get out, and usually a panic is set off by the huge infection rate before the rest of the world can be infected.


hey about my idea it works.

Anonymous March 8, 2009 1:21 PM

I just destroyed the entire world with sneezing, cysts & depression XD
That amused me actually
I had all level one resistance
Water & Air bourne transmission
The last surviving man went down 284 days after the parasite began =D


Omigosh, after my fifth game today I finally overcame humanity! I started out using parasites but could never infect Madagascar, so I switched to bacteria. Then I infected Madagascar but New Zealand closed its borders. On my next game, my bacterium started out in Madagascar. I sold all of the symptoms and bought all methods of transmission. I also bought all resistances, and simply waited until it spread to another country (took about 100 days). Once it spread to Brazil, it took only about 30 days to get to all of South America... then I gave it some simple symptoms, infected the whole world, and gave it every symptom I could. The funny thing is that only Greenland and New Zealand kept their airports open, so a plane was flying back and forth while the entire world was destroyed. Wonder what happened to the people on the plane....

Anonymous March 14, 2009 9:33 PM

I won as a virus on realistic, finally. The first thing to do is sell your symptoms. Then, buy all transmissions, but don't touch resistances yet. Buy sneezing and wait until three other countries are infected, then sell it. Then just wait until all of the countries are infected. I got Madagascar after its shipyards closed, so don't restart the second that happens. Once you have everyone infected, upgrade drug resistance to 3 or 4 and buy the deadliest symptoms, then just wait for everyone to die. I also named the disease Stupidity just in case. I don't know if that actually helps or not.


First of all I am a little bit addicted.
Second though I am quite annoyed.
The first time I played I got ALL the countries/island/regions infected within 50 days (impressive?). But then somehow Greenland became unifected.
i have no idea how it happened!

Justin Boaz March 24, 2009 2:53 PM

Every time I manage to hit Madagasgar I miss New Zealand! grrrrrrrr... still a good game even though it's infuriating


I killed everyone except Peru. It's more of a problem than Madagascar.


Hey i started in cuba as a virus...i bought sneezing and hand coughing as well as rodent and insect. it spread really fast and all of a sudden madagascar was infected, as soon as that happened i bought water and air then the world was affected

however they successfully made a cure....suckers

i say suckers because everyone was infected by the time the cure was made, and all hospitals shut down so no one is im waiting for points to kill them all!

Streven April 1, 2009 1:33 AM

I just beat it without ever buying water borne, no one closed their boundaries untill I had it everywhere, hope that helps



coughing,all transmissons,level one recinces,wait a long time and BOOM!


Anonymous April 6, 2009 12:32 PM

I started out in Madagascar twice in a row. I always leave one island coutry, like New Zealand. I always use parasite, but which is the best?


I disovered this way to win because I wanted to see how it would go with NOTHING. I added some extra things, read these reviews, and when I came back, EVERY COUNTRY INFECTED AND RED.


just rock with rats and let them infect the island first, worked for me but slowly.


I could kill Madagascar.
and no, it wasn't my starting region.