I want to kill this game. Seriously.... freaking hate MADAGASCAR!!!!!

Black Drazon July 25, 2008 1:38 AM

It's remarkable how much more people would like the game if they would have completely closed off borders, security measures, etc, still only keep the virus out most, instead of all, of the time. It would give you a reason to keep playing after the borders are closed, all you need to do is evolve enough to push over.

But what I find really funny is this: Pandemic 2 keeps the game going after you can no longer win and everyone seems to hate it, while the original stopped you dead the moment a border closed and people just ignored it. It's a fight between bad press and no press!

I just like it 'cause it's fun for me.

Black Drazon July 25, 2008 1:39 AM

By "ignored it" I meant "Pandemic 1", not "the problems with the borders". People still complained about it then, just less people.


So, after wishing a pox upon Madagascar for many rounds, I finally cast a pox upon Madagascar, only to be stymied by Argentina, which then allowed the governments of the world to develop and distribute a vaccine.

Don't cry for me, Argentina!

I really am enjoying this game, though. I think the frustration is part of the fun. That and the potential end of all things.


Not many people seem to realise this, but this is actually the THIRD pandemic game. First there was Pandemic, then there was Pandemic: extinction of mankind. Now we have "Pandemic II". Apparently they don't want us to know that even after three tries, they can't make it balanced, logical, and strategic.

I mean, jeez - they taught us the "winning" strategy in the FIRST game, and now in order to prevent it from having a 100% success rate in this version, they made it practically unwinnably hard.

In other news!
My virus, "Incredulistic Fantabulosis" started in Madagascar from sheer luck. No cheating here!


I think I'm onto something of a winning strategy here: DON'T level up your virus. At all. Seriously, don't. In my best run so far, all I had was level 1 resistance to cold, hot, and moisture - and I think that that might have been too much.
The results of this attempt? I got into every country... except GREENLAND. Pretty poor luck. A mere 50,000 people escaped my wrath.

Trying again with no evolutions.

fuzzyface July 25, 2008 7:42 AM

Noooo! Now that my mind is finished with this stupid game, kongegrate adds badges and cards for it! Nooo! And the worst thing: they ask you to kill off all of humanity in realistic mode WITHIN 100 days. I mean seriously...


I managed to infect Madagascar. But i can't infect some place in south america. i've got everywhere else though. YAY!


cool game, but not too realistic. Apparently western europe only has one port, and an airport.


I finally got into every country

by selling all my symptoms and just waiting for a while.


Finally managed to win! odd thing though, I managed it by first removing symptoms and then didn't put anything into drug resistance.
Every county was infected before anyone closed borders, port, airports!
I guess since it didn't bother drugs, no one noticed...

Until it was too late!!
*maniacal laughter*


I agree with everyone's complaints about how stupidly difficult and luck-based this game is, but I think the most infuriating thing that's ever happened to me is when I got the Famous (High awareness of your disease due to sensationalist news agencies) attribute with an infection rate of 11, only 15 people infected and having no symptoms at all. Is there any part of this game that contains any sort of logic?

crab666 July 25, 2008 3:32 PM

i managed to get madagascar finally took me ages

funny thing is madagascar got infected after they had closed the airport and docks. :S:S

bit confusing but oh well i kicked earths butt!!


Helmaroc July 25, 2008 3:44 PM

I found that after the vaccine had been developed and fully distributed, all you can do is wait for all the infected to die. Still, a very fun game.

thefilth July 25, 2008 4:54 PM

Here's something that I don't understand. I sold all of my symptoms but when I started infecting large amounts of people governments still started closing borders, which doesn't make any sense to me. How are they imposing marshall law when they can't even detect thee disease?


Once, I got madagascar, but missed peru, so I lost. That was the first time I completed Realistic. It helps to be in Indonesia when you're a parasite. you automatically get airborne and heat resistance I.

Ainegue July 25, 2008 6:28 PM

And then for my Madagascar Takeover Failure Stories.

Well, I got to my most recent attempt, which, while was a failure as well, was a strategic victory.

I named my Virus "Idiocy", because that tends to be something that kills a lot of people. It had it's humble beginnings in South Africa. And I tried my new strategy:

I waited until I could afford Airborne Transmission, and bought that. Then I bought every killer symptom there was: Fever, Pulmonary Edema, Hypersensitivity, Kidney Failure, and Hemorrhaging. I first sold Coughing for Sneezing though. The important bit was to have No Resistance. My disease could not kill anyone because it had no drug resistance. So I let it spread, and it spread extremely quickly. No countries closed their borders/ports/airlines to this deadly disease until very late in the game. The thing is, the disease was being pushed back by it's lack of resistance to anything, and it couldn't infect too many people. And because of that, the countries didn't bother to fight it or close borders. However, once it managed to get into a new country, it would keep spreading, but not too much, just enough to keep that country partially infected.

My strategy worked almost perfectly - every country was being infected, and as long as I waited, the remaining two countries (Madagascar and Cuba) would be too (they hadn't closed their borders or anything!).

And then they developed a vaccine, I took action but it was too late - My virus was Cured. So I upped drug resistance to Level 4, everyone infected immediately died, and I lost. The countries turned green again, and everything was sad. The game ended with Durable, Cured, Virus, and Stealthy (yay stealthy trait!).

If not for that vaccine, I would have won.

But I think I'm on to something here... thinks of a good strategy.


That's It I'm moving to Madagascar.


i finished it and all i did was buy drug, heat, cold and mositure to lvl 4 and sold all symtons and bought airbourne, waterbourne, rodent, and insects. I infected everywhere and after they noticed it was too late and it said infinty days till vaccine completion.


Easy for infecting every regions.

First choose Parasite as your disease class
only accept Fever in symptoms
in resistance
upgrade Drug till max as soon as possible
upgrade others resistance for infect
speed up and wait...
soon every region will be infected..
till now no one die yet :)
later they will know ...
sry about bad english , i'm not English!



The thing about keeping your diseases' symptoms and resistances low finally paid off. Peru was the last country to be infected and once my bacteria got into Peru, the whole world was doomed! Muahaha!

Nice morbid game but very annoying.


I'm just confused as to why the whole of South East Asia is "Indonesia"; um, there are other countries there...

This game is just frustrating. I'm not bothered about the lack of realism, I'm bothered about the fact it isn't fun and is near impossible to win.


Start game, spend points, wait for more points, spend them. This needs a tutorial?

This really isn't a very good game at all.


I am disappointed to see this game get a positive review. There are many problems with it, and very few redeeming factors.

Here are the Cons:
Actually winning the game takes 95% luck.
Tons of downtime between moments of interaction
Interactivity doesn't truly affect outcome
Arbitrary/random obstacles don't provide "challenge", they simply create instant failure

Here are the Pros:
Cool concept
There's a map of the world

Basically, Pandemic 2 is just a game of "guess the top card" in a deck of playing cards, except that all the cards have awesome gory themes.

What's the most frustrating to me is not how unrealistic the game is (and it is seriously unrealistic), but how every single game design choice made "for realism" is a choice that reduces skill, creates boredom, and allows for instantaneous failure.

I really love the concept of a disease infection game, but it's too bad the game designs are so incompetent. Honestly, if you renamed Tic-Tac-Toe and called the O's humanity and the X's deadly disease, that game would be more fun and rewarding than this.

uberubert July 26, 2008 3:54 PM

I just started in madagascar... Obviously, there are no ships leaving or entering madascar.... EVER..! So, I'm kind'a just waiting for my desease to spread to just one other country before I can hope to do anything more in this game....

Still... I LOVED pandemic 1, and I LOVE Pandemic 2 !!

FriedTaters July 26, 2008 6:13 PM

YES!!!! Staerted in Madagascar! Now to infect, infest, and Erradicate!

Shinigami July 26, 2008 6:26 PM

I read the entire thread up to here and it has still only been 70 days.
Started in New Zealand, have all the transmissions but waterborne, and it just moved to Australia. And somehow Mexico.
This had the possibility of being good, but either the coders got lazy, or something, and it didn't make it up to par.


31 people infected in russia and they closed down schools, closed borders, airports closed and transit.... 31 people!


Oh,yeah, and the *instant* you choose rodent or insect the entire world immediately starts setting out rat traps and spraying pesticides. That sure is one smart bunch of health officials.


Woot! I finally finished managed to infect all of the countries! Now nothing can stop me! (except maybe a vaccine...)

I named my parasite Armageddon. Appropriate, and completely chosen at random (i've kept changing the names of the parasites evey time i failed). Creepy...(to me)

I let the game run for a while to accumulate points, then i spent it on getting lvl 2 resistances and lvl 1 drug resistance. No symptoms except fever at first. Then added heart failure after each country got infected. Yes!!

And it took -84 DAYS- to infect the world and for them to take notice and start a vaccine! If i get stopped by a vaccine now...grrr...

Has anyone managed to overcome a vaccine?


oh, yes, and i think that if a vaccine is being developed, it might be best to buy a symptom AFTER the vaccine is created and while it's being deployed. I think that most likely you'll become immune or it won't work.

Also, i've noticed that when they try to create a second vaccine, it doesn't deploy because the deployment bar stays full. So basically, if the first vaccine fails, you're 'immune' to another being developed.

Does anyone notice this?


Well, in my first game I was immune to the vaccine from sheer luck. Also, it stated that I had mutated and no future vaccine could stop me.


A lot of people are wondering why things are shut down so quickly... for what it's worth...

Basically if ANY country starts changing color, all the countries take notice. The goal seems to be to get as much done as possible without anyone noticing. If you can keep your base country hovering at a dozen infected while you make changes, then you save time and points later.

I'm trying this, for instance:

if I'm in a hot, wet country, up Cold to III. The infection doesn't climb in the home country. (However I don't know if it actually spreads faster to cold countries! It's kind of random.) The point is saving points for when you do want to up the Resistances.

(Yes, that means ignore the bars at the bottom. Visibility will go up with any country's percentage of infection, just like real life. Yes, there are lots of diseases with few symptoms that might show up on blood tests, for instance.)

Keep a low profile! Crossing borders comes first; devastating humanity comes second. ;)


Yep, don't turn them on until everyone is infected. These are mainly to 1) infect everyone within a region, 2) kill everyone. If you turn them on or even increase the Tier, the infection will escalate.


I save Waterborne for last because it accelerates once it infects water supply. It's handy once every country's infected, though.


I have no proof of this, but I save Insects for later too. If there's a drought, ditto on acceleration.

Transmissions in general

I'm still experimenting with this, but don't kick up transmissions until you're sure you can hit hard with resistance. I pick one to start out, at most. I can't prove it yet, but I think it's best for infecting everyone *in* a country, rather than crossing borders. It seems like Drug Resistance is what crosses borders, not transmissions.


Same as above. I'll turn it on, but I won't push it up until it's ready, because it might accelerate with flooding.

Drug Resistance

Here's the thing. Drug resistance will speed up the spread of infection. Just like real life! People catch drug-resistant strains from hospitals ... in other words, if you were prescribed an antibiotic, finish the run like your doctor told you, or the bugs left in your body will develop drug resistance.

Anyway. What I'm trying is inching the other resistances up, keeping infection in double digits, because once Drug Effects is pushed up even a little bit, other countries will catch it *and* the infection rate will accelerate. Drug Resistance equals border crossings? You have to maximize the number of countries infected in the least amount of time.

In other words, yes, get a sandwich or watch a program. It's going to take a while on Parasite and "high" speed. If you're doing nothing, don't fiddle with it -- do NOTHING. If you're starting to do something -- do EVERYTHING. I.e. rack up points before you move.

Hope that helps someone!


Also vaccines mysteriously not getting developed? See how many hospitals are left to work on it.

Zombie doctors don't make vaccines?

booga booga July 27, 2008 11:49 AM

Is it just me or is it always peru, argentina and madagascar that are last to be infected???


I won three times already. I'll go play "Spank the Monkey" until I get Madagascar and everyone in South America.


I managed to infect the world with Disco Fever! Woot! My strategy was to

Sell symptoms, up all of the resistances, max out Drug Resistance first, invest points into the transmissions, and then wait for the countries to get infected. Then I start buying symptoms.

Anyway, I found this game to be really monotonous. Most of my time was spent waiting for points to accumulate, and spending them...there's not a lot of meat to this game outside of waiting and spending. The funny thing is, though, in my game, Madagascar was the last one to close its port and borders. Every single other country had closed their borders except for Madagascar. Silly Madagascar. Maybe the health officials gave up hope once everybody got infected. Actually, now that I think about it, I was having fun in this game by thinking about how the country's people react and such.

Sad thing was that after all of the ports were closed, there was only one lone ship, pinballing from one port to another, but never going in, being rejected at every turn...so perhaps the people in the ship are the last living humans. Good for them.


I've noticed that the problem countries (Japan, Madagascar, Greenland, New Zealand, and Indonesia) have set populations that dont expand, while other countries populations jump up and down. Might be the problem.


ok, this makes no sense. except for the madagascar thing (when i infected it cuba was the safest land in the world) - this is the 4th or 5th time i play, my parasite has infected more or les 500 people in 300 days... it is famous even if it has no symptoms, and everybody is starting to close their airports and so on.

what does that mean? i'm like "i'd be glad to live in the game's world, a disease could never doom earth off." Or I am living in the game and my real-life liver disease with no visible cause is some game.....


I was so close to beating the game. i got all of the countries infected and even had the mutation trait so i thought i was safe from vaccination, but i wasn't. here's how i got so close...

I first start the game as a parasite and over until i get some good traits like mutation and duration then i get rid of all symptoms. After that i buy all of the resistances that aren't related to the starting country then buy the resistances that are. when i get all or most of the countries that's when they start working on the vaccine, and that's when i buy the drug resistances. after that i can take my time to buy the most infective and fatal symptoms.


Finally beat the game with a parasite, but I noticed one thing:

Sometimes, when all the shipyards close down, there's a few ships that are left sailing aimlessly while the world dies.

Who's sailing the ships?!

The sole survivors, that's who?


Wuhuuu...finally my patience paid off...

able to get madagascar...ghahaha...
like you all already know, 1st sell all symptoms.
2nd, resistance =level 3 to all except drug..3rd, waterborne and airborne..then wait..once all country infected..by then you'll have a lot of points..so ramp up all the drugs and resisitance and start picking your sypmtoms..hehe...good luck.

Smitty Werbenjegermanjensen July 28, 2008 1:51 PM

It was OK, I managed to kill everyone in Relaxed mode. I'll try Realistic later.

Kathleen July 28, 2008 2:13 PM

Deal with that! My starting country was Madagascar! :)


Wow... Two survivors, and I click on an ad. I'm done with this game.


So now I know that this game isn't worth playing...

but could someone list all the different possible traits? I'm interested because I've only gotten ablaze, durable, and famous. What others are there?



what you do is cold 1 heat 1 moisture 1 drug 2
be a parasite
sell all symptoms

wait for all countries to infect and they never notice!!!

Lord_Farin July 29, 2008 7:39 AM

The newest update on winning this game (if you dont mind hacking) is found by me:

Watch my vid on YouTube and enjoy Madagascar being wiped out directly

Kevinsantos July 29, 2008 8:15 AM

=)) Whoaw, dudes, i used my own name as the name for the virus, and i seriously got madagascar first.

Parasite Lover July 29, 2008 5:29 PM

If you're tired of vaccines and you've infected everyone, put drug resistence 5. The disease mutates into something that cannot be beaten after the vaccine is created.


selling all symptoms from the start was a good tip. However, you need to consider what kind of disease you are dealing with.
Some guys here suggested that you keep your resistances low, but sometimes just too many infected people get cured and then it takes forever to spread your disease.
The kind of disease is mentioned in the disease menu, on the right. It says for instance 'virus' and 'durable'. But my virus had a third characteristic; 'mutator', which was kinda nice to start with.


I used "You will be PWNED madagascar" and I got it first!! And erock, your strategy is really really REALLY slow!!!!

disney ill July 29, 2008 7:45 PM

The game is very slow but if you pick the virus it will fly by a lot faster, but the first thing you need to do is upgrade all transmissions and immunities.:)

Winniebegoo July 29, 2008 9:15 PM

I totally got Madagascarr.
Started in the States it was Bacteria
& No symptoms ; all resistences were at 1
And Only Airborn.
No one noticed

yjhghtfh July 30, 2008 4:00 AM

Eventually managed to win. Snuck in to madagascar moments before it shut the ship port. woot!

fatboy SRK July 30, 2008 12:29 PM

LOL @ Madagascar comments.. Every single one is SO true!!!!


My virus (called Roderick, by the way), is pwning everywhere. Muahahahahah! I got hooked on this game. I totally love it! Australia have closed the docks, but that's ok....I started in New Zealand and tons of my planes are approaching....muaha...muahaha...MUAHAAHAHAHAHAH!

Ainegue July 30, 2008 5:27 PM

There is so much about this game that I can complain about. And for that very reason, i'll put my complaints in a giant spoiler.

So complaints. Like, for starters, the mediocre graphics and sounds. For those of us that don't know our countries (and since the countries on the map aren't... exact - such as the fact that China isn't that big, and also did not magically take over North and South Korea), perhaps when you move the mouse over countries, the names will appear in a little box. Earthquake and flood might change the graphics of the country. Different ways to look at the map - options to see the world in Disease Range (with spaces colored in for areas infected, and not just entire countries), Political, Population, and Migration (and Immigration, of both humans and animals). Speaking of migration, the lack of migratory animals is annoying. For places such as Madagascar, trade and travel aren't exactly frequent. It would definitely add to the realism.And speaking of realism, Iceland disappeared. The countries can survive even without their trade or airplanes. Leftover boats never sink. The world consists of just 20 countries, with an average of one airport and one dock, and one hospital, per country. Everyone won't close down the world when a killer disease (that spreads slowly) is coming, but they will to a harmless parasite. It's about the same thing as if everyone suddenly closed down because everyone ate Yogurt, and everyone was infected with those intestine bacteria. The disease will live even though it's resistant to nothing, it just survives. Somehow even those Third World countries can get vaccines, and everyone in the world somehow got vaccinated in about 3 days, even those that had already shut down their hospitals. Somehow there's no way to create a new strain of your disease. Somehow.

And yet, despite how much I absolutely abhor this game...

I Must... Invade... MADAGASCARRRRR!
it's just so addicting.


Been playing for hours now.... got 2 games going, roughtly 130 days in on each.

Game 1:
Started in Argentina, waiting for Madagascar!!!

Game 2:
Started in north africa, waiting for Japan.

I can understand Japan though... they're going on as normal, they've shut seaports and airports... but then again, if every other country in the world has a deadly parasite in every person, would you take a plane to visit them?

oh crap July 31, 2008 2:11 PM

Selling car house gps and blackberry and are moving to madagascar. Wife seems unhappy about this and says i am being paranoid.... I SAID WE ARE MOVING.... be back soon, taking the garbage out.


im on virus and infected everywhere except for peru and there is about 155 days to vaccine any help on how to get to peru.

And yes madagascar is annoying!!!!!! >:0


lol i played this game and infected (i thought) every single country (yes including madagascar) but then i realised, one country wasnt infected, it was (wait for it) GREENLAND!!! the one country that never closes anything closed its borders to my virus when even madagascar fell prey! irony much?


I infected all of the countries but then stopped getting evolution points besides like one per day so a vaccine was created and then i got stuck with no points and like the whole world was infected. I was pissed to have to quit that one.

lilacgold August 1, 2008 1:09 PM

Damn you Madagascar! Got everywhere else as well...grrr. The one time I started in Madagascar, I had to shut down not long after so I never got to see how that played out.


Started In Madagascar, was doing REALLY well
all countries infected just needed to increase lethality , then i clicked on a link :/
Annoyed Much !

Anonymous August 1, 2008 5:37 PM

The best thing is when your disease hasn't killed anyone and yet countries begin "burning bodies" to prevent the spread of the disease.

treelover11 August 1, 2008 10:10 PM

dudei started in madagascar and put the game full speed sold everything and waited for a while finally bought all transmission methods then all the resistances then all the good symptoms (not the noticable ones)then i got the whole world forsken it was fun counting down from 100 people left in the u.s until 0 lol hope u all use this as a guide so u dnt keep geting frustrated

Steplhen August 2, 2008 3:13 AM

My parasite has been causing heart failure for like a year and I have 0 deaths.


i got every country except Madagascar,West Europe,New Zealand,and Indonesia and its 2000 days until they complete the second vacine


I'm in the end stage of a most peculiar game... Madagascar didn't shut down shipyards until only a few million healthy souls remained (and only a couple thousand in Madagascar), and with three hospitals left open, I'm wondering if they'll complete the vaccine with nobody healthy left to vaccinate. I'm going to hold off on the deadly symptoms until either the vaccine is out or, more likely,t he hospitals all close due to my disease, which has earned the trait "Harmless".


Update: Nope, as soon as the last person on Earth was infected, even valiant Greenland shut down its hospitals.

Organ failure time!


God, Madagascar is immortal.

Three times in a row now, I chose the parasite, no symptoms, rodent spreading, and waited patiently for about 30 minutes before every country was infected. Everyone, but Madagascar. And as soon as that happens, every country panics, and so does Madagascar, and shuts down everything.

How in the world am I suppose to lure something over to Madagascar by any other means than pure luck? :


You guys are doing it wrong. madagascar is as easy to infect as the rest of the world with this simple strategy, minimal luck required:

choose bacteria or virus

only symptom = sneezing

only transmission = airborne

one (maybe 2) points in drug resistance

sneezing is 100% non-lethal and the game heavily favors the airborne transmission type for airplane/boat spreading. these are your essential tools to spread your virus. you DO NOT want your disease to spread quickly at all though! it should NEVER kill a single person until each country is infected, and it should take a good while for the infection to spread within regions. why? because countries freak out when a large percentage of the world's population starts becoming infected. as long as the number of worldwide infected stays reasonably low, however, clean countries will ignore the spreading infection even if they are the last unaffected region on earth.

think of it in terms of getting your foot in the door in each region one by one, while never allowing too many people overall to catch it. and again, for god's sake, never let a single person die until you are ready to press the terminate button. madagascar may take a while, but with sneezing/airborne transmission, you are almost guaranteed to get the loveboat to steam into port before they shut down. once I figured out how much the game favors, no, REQUIRES sneezing/airborne for infection via transit, I have never lost a game.

things that help:
starting in an island region (one less to deal with)

having an airport/seaport

being patient and not putting points into nature resistances or higher level drug resist

your evolution points will simply accrue as you watch the little planes and boats zip around delivering your goods to the entire globe. once you have the whole world penetrated, put points into whatever lethal symptoms you want. you can really go for the jugular by putting 2x moisture resist and waterborne (only after every region is infected). do whatever you want, just make it infectious and lethal. visibility means nothing once you are at this stage so, have at it.


[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


Yes! I got madagscar and i have all of them.

I just first use waterborn before anything then use airborn. That all you have then i just max out drug. And have 4 in water, 4 in heat 4 in cold, Then i hurry up and use thing that spread my bacteria around =P.

I will destroy Madagascar! August 8, 2008 12:27 PM

Come on. What government can completely shut down borders in minutes? US has been working on it for a while, and people still get in. What are they going to use, as of yet uninvented force fields? It's impossible


OK so I beat the game with a bacteria. It was pretty easy. Just have to be patient. Make it Airborne, the get level one on the resistences, and no symptoms. After thet leve it alone for a long time let it sneek around. After a couple hours add level two resistences and again leave it alone. If they finish a vaccine then just but a couple of symptoms and max your drug resistence and that will make it ineffective. Sometimes just by chance madagascar will still shutdown just start again and be patient. after you have all the countries then it is game on by now you should have about 100 evolution points and you can make it as vicious as you want have fun.


Started in Madagascar, infected everything except Indonesia...


Anonymous August 9, 2008 10:18 PM


anonymous August 10, 2008 1:42 PM

lol this game is evil but fun. i still havent managed to kill off madagascar.

but funny thing is...after vaccine was beginning to be worked on, it literally said INFINITY more days until vaccine finished lol.

Darklightning August 10, 2008 2:25 PM

the game lacks things that it should have. the point of closing borders, when people get past the borders all the time. an earthquake randomly happenning in the same place at the same day, no viruses being spread through food supplies? its fun, but not as realistic as it should be.

Stephenitska August 11, 2008 8:31 PM

It might have been sheer luck, but I copied the parasite name "Incredulistic Fantabulosis" and started in... MADAGASCAR.. I think there is a correlation between disease name and starting point. Not sure it works every time. I wanted to play out this round in case it didn't.. DARN YOU MADAGASCAR! :-)

Stephenitska August 11, 2008 9:08 PM

Ah.. a beautiful sight.. total world red.. :-) Had to turn all resistance except drug to full levels to finally get out of madagascar.. Peru and Argentina held out for a bit.. but BLAM!! haha.. now just need enough points to get fatal before the vaccine kicks in! Healthy population.. O.. dead.. O.. evolution points.. 8.. GEEZ.. MORE POINTS!! The vaccine is coming!! WOW.. pulmonary edema.. you rock! Vaccine delayed to 1200 days.. I think I'm gonna win! one hospital left working on the vaccine..

haha.. they die.. they die!!

greenland.. new zealand.. cuba.. MADAGASCAR.. Argentina.. india Canada.. Australia.. Peru.. South Africa.. Mexico.. Japan.. Indonesia.. Brazil.. Russia.. USA.. Middle East... North Africa.. India.. China.. Western Europe.. Eastern Europe.. Only 64810 as a score.. but I killed madagascar at least!


I did it! I beat Pandemic 2. Imagine a game with 2 dice, and if you get 2 sixes you win, but anything else you lose. And it takes an hour to roll the dice. That's what Pandemic 2 is like, only the 2 sixes are Madagascar.

I hit upon a strategy that has a good chance of winning, and doesn't really take up much time for the player, because most of the game goes on autopilot. I haven't read the spoilers on this thread, so if I am duplicating someone else's strategy, please forgive me.

I chose a virus named "GRIDS" (after an episode of Dr. Katz), and it began in Canada. My winning strategy was

1. Use the evolution points as they are earned, to disable all symptoms. That means unlocking all the tiers, to sell those symptoms too.

2. After selling all the symptoms, use points to get 1-level resistance to environment and drugs.

3. Walk away. Just let the game cycle on and on. Read a book. Play with kids. Get some work done. Check back in an hour.

4. The game will have paused, with a message that a vaccine has been started. That's okay, they'll never make it. Check to see if there are any uninfected countries with closed borders, shipyards, and airports. If there are, the game is over. Close it. Start a new one if you want.

5. But with any luck, every country is already infected, even Madagascar, so it doesn't matter if they have closed their borders and stuff. Now use all those accumulated points (with a virus, there will be a lot) to make the disease very contagious and lethal.

6. All the hospitals will close within days, so the vaccine will never be made. Everyone on the planet will die pretty quickly.


Whoops. In the previous comment, I actually intended all 6 steps to be included in the Spoiler tag. Somehow, only the first one got enclosed, and steps 2 through 6 are exposed. Sorry!

[Edit: Fixed. Please use the Preview function to test your spoilers before posting. Thanks! -Jay]


I killed them all after a couple of tries. Enjoyed it.
This game is like playing solitary, you can't always win it, but a little insight will always get you further.

First you need to infect every country, by having NO visibility (use a parasite, no symptoms, no resistance) until you have them all.

Once you have done that, you want to get your resistance up fast. And infectious symptoms.

By luck, all hospitals will close down and the research for vaccin will take infinity to finish.

Add deadly symptons if there are 0 healthy and voilà.

I think reaching madagascar requires luck (no airport, no borders). The boats float random so you got to reach madagascar before they close the shipyard.

Killing all didn't get me highscores, so I think the faster you can do it, the higher the score. (and the more luck is required)

cool game

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


Okay...so I started in Madagascar...and now I can't get out of Madagascar. This game is so annoying yet addicting somehow. Hopefully the next Pandemic will fix these annoyances.


Well thats just sick...

Check this out:
Do note, I got heart failure last.

I had all this stuff -Heart Failure, I was contained (mostly) and the vaccine worked, still no deaths at that point...

I buy heart failure and people drop like flies.



I got Madagascar dead! Plus every other area besides Cuba and Greenland!

queen-of-diamonds August 14, 2008 2:17 PM

I don't understand the selling sympthoms aspect. It doesn't give me any evolution points and I loose a sympthom... can someone explain this to me? I feel stupid.


To Queen-of-diamonds:

The strategy behind selling symptoms is to get rid of the ones that make your disease more visible. For example, vomiting is a very noticeable symptom. Once the disease is noticed, they start shutting things down and stuff. If you sell vomiting, your disease is less noticeable and can spread more before anyone realizes it and tries to stop it.

queen-of-diamonds August 14, 2008 6:14 PM

Thank you, Pam... this proves how little logic I applied.


You guys I killed Madegascar!!!!! It only took a few tries, too.
proof - http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/7213/madagascarlq3.jpg

Oh, and I also won the game. It took a few tries to get the right strategy, but here's what I did:

I played in relaxed mode and picked bacteria. I didn't buy any transmissions and only bought level 1 of each resistance. Then, I put the time the fastest so I wouldn't have to wait as long and came back just a short while later. Soon every country had become infected and no one was closing their borders or anything. Finally, symptom time! Pick all of the stuff you want and then you'll win! =)


Lol, my disease is now famous! And yet only 40 ppl have it. So thats 40 ppl in the middle east with a disease with no symptoms and so naturally they must make it a worldwide news item!


Bob IX Virus wiped out the world, and they DID fix the problem from the older version. The problem is you guys all want the easy way.

You can't just make it invisible then make it deadly, you NEED the symptoms. I did 2/2/1/2 resistances enabled sneezing and coughing and waterborne and airborne transmission. I infected every country easily INCLUDING MADAGASCAR (seems viruses transmit more easily if people can spread the germs by coughing or sneezing on the Madagasies.

Thing is, I also noticed that ships don't enter Madagascar even when their shipyards are open unless another shipyard has already closed.

Anyway, I'm about to try again to see if it was a fluke or not

Anonymous August 23, 2008 11:53 AM

I finally infected madagascar! but now i can't infect greenland....


GAAAH! You will have one heck of a time trying to find Cuba. I searched around the dang page 50 billion times before I realized that Cuba wasn't anywhere near India. I am not good with geography :-).


I managed to get that darned Madagascar!
I was really close to destroying humanity, then my dumb self clicked the back button and lost it all. Oh, well.


I did it! I finally got Madagascar! Once I got Madagascar, I prayed I could hit everything else before everything shut down. Good tip is to do parasite, and wherever you start whatever resistance you get, double that first, and then do 2 of the others, but only put drug on 1, so you have 2-2-2-1. My disease spread to everywhere before any govt. action was taken.


Even if your disease has few symptoms, such as just a sneeze. if the world were to get infected by this seemingly harmless illness, it may still take measures to contain it. The threat of SARS wasn't its threat of death (truly a lack of) but its ability to spread quickly, and quite possibly mutate into something really deadly.