Umm...when you post a comment, is it supposed to take you to an all-text page of the comments?

And...the "Update" button at the bottom of the comments isn't doing anything right now, but you probably aren't done with that yet...


Test est




LSN - I think we JUST NOW fixed that bug. It was an IE-specific bug (Isn't it ALWAYS?) that we have been working on for HOURS.

But it should be fixed now. CTRL-F5 to hard reload the page to get the new javascript.

frozenfloes June 23, 2008 1:49 AM

I LOVE this game! ;)

Thanks Jay (and crew)!


Wow! the 5 stars voting system changed into a 5 mushrooms voting system! SO CUTE

Love the new look jay! and the crew of course!


Oh, dear. It's all bright and blue and not brown! Oh, dear. The banner is kind of cute, though. It's so bright!






Superslash June 23, 2008 3:59 AM

OfficiallyHaphazard: Cliffnotes version:

1. The New Internet is nice and all but when everything shifts and moves, even spoiler tags, it's getting a little excessive. It's like wobbly windows when dragging, sometimes it's just a little too in your face.

2. Light gray on white.

3. full white background

4. STILL doesn't seem to support high resolutions, at 1600x1200 this webpage is a narrow strip in the middle of my screen.

5. Light blue on white, exacerbating the "burning your eyes out of your skull" effect.

6. And if nothing else the sheer unoriginality of the ebaums/ipod/addictinggames-esque design.


Thank you, Superslash, you're very kind to leave your feedback. Have a great day. :)

Architectonic June 23, 2008 4:38 AM

Oooh, shiny.

I love the banner; I assume the old banner game is still around somewhere?

Two niggles - the white, as everyone else has mentioned, is very bright. I can deal with that though - I do spend a lot of time on the BBC, for example, which is also very white.

The other is the headings in the side bar being the same colour as the links. For example, the "Game Walkthroughs" header looks like it should be clickable, but is not.

Nothing serious though, and overall I think the site looks great. Thanks to all concerned for putting in so much hard work.

ThemePark June 23, 2008 5:01 AM

I wholeheartedly concur with Superslash, and I strongly hope that there will soon be a skinnable option so we can get the old, perfect version back.

As for the banner game, I just checked and Jay updated that post saying that the game is no longer available, but will come back later.


So JIG got the professional treatment - nice work, Jay! :-)

You guys have gone a long way since the site started as a personal blog, so it's nice to see the changes reflect that. The experience is more user-friendly now; especially the comments got some much-needed overhaul. I really like the real-time update in the Help Squad and the related Update button here in the comments. The reverseable spoiler is also a great way to reduce clutter, and the page tabs just beg to be clicked! ;-)

Many people seem to dislike the white background - I admit, initially I was uncomfortable with it too, but I figured that it's a new change that I'll get used to soon, and so I did. :-)

If there is one thing that may have been lost in the transition, it's that casual, "homey" feel that made the old layout so nice. I just can't seem to find in the new one - yet. Can't put my finger on exactly what's causing that, but seeing how this layout is still so new, this may improve with time. The little category icons are good step towards that direction.

Thanks for all the hard work, Jay and the JIG team - I appreciate it! :-)


Thank you so much Jay, and everyone else, for making this site so special. It's obvious how much care and effort goes into keeping the quality so high, and it really means a lot to me and many others out there. I think I preferred the past design, as it felt somehow more intimate, but I'm sure that's just me resisting change and it won't take long before I'll like the new design just as much. Anyway, I just wanted to take this chance to offer my heartfelt thanks and best wishes for the site. Keep it up!


I'm sure the 'old' style was not around that long? I remember the style before that still quite vividly...
I'm also uncertain on the white background - I'm wondering whether I'll get used to is or not. Multiple CSS styles would be nice I guess?

One thing I have always though about this site (and even more now that the banner has gone) - why is there so little flash, on a flash review website!?


I really liked the previous version too. I think you should make a link at the top, like on, where you can go back to other styles, like the 'simple brown'. The white is kinda killing me, and the site looks a little, well, commercialized.


There are a lot of nice changes here; well done. But please do give us an alternative to Blinding White Background before too long.


This looks great! Congrats!

Mercuria June 23, 2008 9:20 AM

One thing that might help the confusion over what the icons mean -- they could have a :hover effect so that the title is displayed when you hold your mouse pointer over one.


Ooooooooooo isn't it all nice and clean and bright and breezy!

I like it - nice one Jay!


Hmm! Change always takes some getting used to. Here are my three thoughts:
1. The name "Jay is Games" is much more distinctive and arresting than "Casual Gameplay." I think the "Jay is Games" name should get bigger play in the banner.
2. Could the line between comments possibly be thicker? In the old style, comments were more separate from one another which made differentiating the various voices easier.
3. The nesting spoilers, as they currently are, mess up walkthroughs.

fuzzyface June 23, 2008 9:58 AM

I'd like to make a comment about spoilers.

Cant we leave the spoilers stuff away? When people are starting to read comments, they should be prepared for spoilers. Wikipedia for example also has removed all the spoiler warnings, since when someone reads an article about a movie or a book he has to be prepared to be spoiled, or else not have to read the article at all, but watch/read the video/book.

Otherwise I'd at least whish to have a user option like "show me all spoilers" to turn on, since when I start to read comments, I really have either already played the game to finish, or am looking for hints eitherway.


I had no problem with your opinions, just the manner in which you originally presented them.

I personally like having spoilers in case I am looking for help on a specific part, but don't want the rest to be spoiled for me.


In general, I really like the site redesign. Since the conversation seems to have turned to spoiler tags, I'll just say that I prefer the new ones, and they should definitely be kept (but people should make sure that they're labelled correctly).

I agree with what somebody above said; that Jay Is Games is a better name than Casual Gameplay, but that's obviously up to you (Jay), and both names are fine.

Schmorgluck June 23, 2008 11:15 AM

I find the new design nice and elegantly sober.

I miss the links to previous and next entries, though. I don't understand why so many blogs don't have them, and why the few who have tend to remove them.
Can anyone explain it to me?


Is it done?

WTG Jay!

Try something...

If you open all the spoilers, close the first only

then when you re open it all the ones you opened will be there



Preview rocks, being below and not above....

Elite Fencer June 23, 2008 11:30 AM

I personally kinda really dislike the new look. It seems too...peppy. It already was getting awfully 'cute' with the loads of demo games that were always being reviewed (*cough*BambaSnackQuest*cough*)....

If you maybe filled up a lot of the white space with some of the dark blue background that's currently lining the screens, I think the white would balance very nicely with it.

I do love the new banner and the new voting system. Mushrooms? That is epic win.


Come to think of it, now it looks kinda like Barack Obama's campaign page. Very clever Jay... Just kidding! But surprisingly similar, isn't it? What with the color theme? I liked the old one because it was down-to-earth and realistic. It supported the concept that Jayisgames will give good-quality games that aren't just overhyped commercialized bribe-ratings. And pleeaase give us at least an option for the old layout!



Great new banner, happy to see the site layout is the same. Some feedback:

1) The white background is not good - I can't stomach reading the feedback for long, and asking users to adjust their monitors is not a good solution. Beige, light green or even a pale blue would be better choices and still match the colors of the banner.

2) Wierd visual errors in IE (ads overlapping windows, misaligned pinlines, etc.), as seen here:

Not sure if it's the new spoiler animations or ads, but the pages are far slower to load and scrolling is very "choppy".

Sorry to be negative, just trying to improve the experience for everyone.


Sorry, that link should have been:

(Is there any way to edit posts on this redesign?)


So sorry for the triple post:

A suggestion - clicking the banner should bring a user to the homepage. That is an expected UI element on the web. Currently the banner is not a link to anywhere.


Looks like a local caching problem, energythief. I'm not having the same trouble when testing it in IE myself.

And I'm sorry but the only answer I have right now is people who don't like the white will have to put up with the new style for a while.

Everything about the site has changed, including the underlying templating structure. Because of this, none of the old stylesheets are compatible with the site anymore.

The changes were necessary to make the site more efficient and more easily updated, and to give us more room for new features to improve the user experience.

Thanks for your feedback. :)


Jay, I appreciate your hard work. It's too bad you've received such criticism, though I suppose it's to be expected. I love the blue gradient. Almost every wallpaper I ever put on my desktop gets a blue tone in Photoshop first. The stark white is no different than most any window in any app. How long are we even on the site? We click a game and we rushed off to a new window anyway. Good job and thank you!


The new site looks nice overall, but the white and grey colours look too much like every second web2.0 site on the interwebs. I think it would look brilliant with a nice colour sheme for the white content area.

But then again, the site looks great as it is now with the new banner image, actually.


Hi! Well, I agree that the banner, the spoiler tags, the icons for game types, the Update button, and probably many more new features I haven't discovered yet are lovely and spiffy. Congrats from me too!
However, just in case you're keeping track of those pro and those con, I have to admit I'm in the "ouch! my eyes!" camp. Especially for those of us who stare at a white screen at work all day, one of the things that made it possible to visit the site despite eye strain were the nice, muted tones. If not a return to the earthy look, can I second the calls for a tinted/toned down background? In the next few weeks? Pretty please? Adjusting the screen settings each time you enter and leave the site is a pain, and only goes so far.

PS am using Windows XP and old Firefox and though the preview function works, the text is cut off/hidden behind the right border.


Thank again everyone for your feedback! :)

I will continue to work hard for you so that everyone is happy with the site. Please be patient, we have an extremely small development team (I do most everything myself, but I do occasionally get help from some of my peeps: Thomas, asterick, Kero, Griff, DCL -- you know I'm talking about you!)

Kassandra - your symptoms sound again like a caching problem. It happens to many people when a site goes through changes. Here is a wikipedia article that explains the issue and what to do about it in detail:

Helmaroc June 23, 2008 2:40 PM

Jay-That's okay. I don't mind too much, I like the new look. Thanks a ton, this is one of my favorite sites to visit on rainy days like this.


Thanks for the info Jay! I did Ctrl F5 it earlier, but I'll do it again... let's see if it works.

Hmmm... the fullstop after 'works' is still hidden.

And if you do a really long string of letters without breaks like this:
It doesn't break it for you - in the preview all the c's are cut off past the border.
Don't know if that's an actual bug... but just in case.


Oh and that line just sails off past the black border into nowhere once posted.

OrigamiMarie June 23, 2008 2:49 PM

Ah, here is the comment submission box! I was on yesterday, and it wasn't available of course, but I figured that was temporary. Rats, this got so long that I will have to try out spoilers to fit it all. But I think all my posts turn out like that :).

Anyway, I am afraid I will have to join the throngs of people who much preferred a white-on-calm text theme over the black-on-white one. It is just so much easier to read light-on-dark on a back-lit screen. Hmm, that gets to one of the main points of this site: relaxation. I know, some people play games to get all excited, but I think a lot of casual-gamers play to relax (even the fast-paced, destroy everything games). And there's nothing like going into a calm green room with light text to say "sit and listen to the birds for a while".

One bad thing and one good about the spoiler tags:

The indentation is nice, but I have looked at some old hint-through tag systems, and the creeping indents from both directions rather destroy them. So I don't know what to do about that except maybe change the settings so the indents aren't quite as far for each tag, or maybe they indent from the left but not the right, or something.

But I really do like the reclosable spoiler tags, those are neat, and they keep your spoilers fresh :).

And I liked somebody's suggestion up there that those cute little category images have a hover tag saying what they mean, because they sort of make sense but would be easier to use if they were verbally crystal clear.

Oh I want that banner to be a game, I would so play that game!

Um, when I am previewing, there's a persistent spinning hour-glass arrow when I am over my previewed comment or the typing box. It is sort of distracting and makes it difficult to click precisely to modify my comment. Not a show-stopper, and probably not fixable, but I thought I would say . . .


Kassandra and OrigamiMarie - I think some of those things can be tweaked in the CSS. I'll see what I can do once all the major glitches are fixed.

And we are going through the comments with a large number of nested spoilers and fixing those individually so they work better with the new system. This new spoiler system is a LOT better implementation-wise, and we can tweak the presentation of them much more easily than we can re-implement them.

I promise to get a new stylesheet done soon with darker, muted tones for those who want it.

Thanks for being patient, and for all your constructive feedback. That is the single best quality about the JIG community that I have become so fond of over the years. ^_^

OrigamiMarie June 23, 2008 3:16 PM

Now that's instant feedback for you! Thank you, Jay. I do appreciate site re-designs, and being a coder myself, I understand that they are hard. But also being a coder, I like to know what went wrong, since I won't always see it myself. Just two more things: I just noticed that I get that hour-glass trouble over the comments box anytime after I use the update button, even if it is a new comment. Again, it may be a Vista + Firefox 2.0 thing (I know, upgrade like the other 14 million people who already have). The other thing I just realized is the font, is it a different one from before? I think this font is slightly less readable, and might be contributing to the brightness complaints. The font is kind of light-weight (very un-bold?). The spacing between letters is a little odd, so it doesn't flow quit as well when you read it. For instance, in "JIG" the I is visibly much closer to the G than the J. Double l's kind of bunch up oddly, and the "cl" combination tries to blur together into a "d". Spaces between words are a little too similar to the spaces between letters, and I am sure I'm putting proper double-spaces after periods but they look almost single on the page. Picky, picky, I know, but it's the little things that count.

ThemePark June 23, 2008 3:23 PM

Actually, the hourglass problem isn't just on Vista. I have XP and Firefox, and I got it too when posting last night, and probably now as well.

Yup, a persistant hourglass. Also, if I'm not mistaken, if I preview the post and then Submit it, it will still be seen as a preview beneath the Comments box. It would be nice to have it removed once you've submitted your post.

And I'm very happy to hear about the new darker stylesheet. ^^


Yes, I am aware of the hourglass issue. It's because the new commenting system uses Ajax for updating, and I think it's a little misbehaved in its current implementation. We'll work to get to the bottom of that as soon as possible.

As for the font, yes it is different. The old site used Verdana, this one is Trebuchet and it looks really nice to me:

Trebuchet is widely regarded as one of the most readable fonts a web developer can use (as is verdana). How a font looks on the screen is platform (and browser) dependent, though.

I will work towards allowing you to change your preferred font as well as the stylesheet as soon as I can.

ThemePark June 23, 2008 3:27 PM

Hmm, seems I don't have Trebuchet installed as my font looks nothing like that.

Just out of curiosity Jay, what font did you use before?


As I said before, Verdana was used in the old site. The current stylesheet will fall back on verdana if trebuchet is not present on your system. Here's the CSS rule:

font: normal 14px trebuchet MS, verdana, arial, sans-serif;


By the way, I use a Mac and I guess I am spoiled because everything looks so much nicer on a Mac than Windows when browsing the Web.

If someone can suggest a better CSS rule for Windows users, I'd gladly create a special stylesheet for those users.

ThemePark June 23, 2008 4:06 PM

Well, I guess it must be Trebuchet after all, because I checked Verdana and it's definitely not Verdana or Arial. But this is how it looks on Windows:

And yes, on your Mac it looks a lot better. Personally I loved the previous font+size, so maybe using a bigger sized Verdana for Windows, or making the Windows version of your current stylesheet use bold instead of normal.


I can certainly (and easily!) change the suggested font/style for Windows users, and perhaps this will quell many of the complaints I've been hearing, at least until an alternate stylesheet can be created.

But I really could use the help of a visual design expert on Windows, or at least someone with a good idea of what would be a desirable alternative that would meet the approval of most Windows users.


I have Windows and it doesn't look like what ThemePark showed. It doesn't look like what Jay showed, either. Mine is somewhere in between. :)


Great job on the updates Jay! As many others before me, I too fell into the "Good Lord that's bright" category when I first saw the new style, but I've gotten used to it sort of after a while. I still prefer the darker tones of the old styles, but will patiently wait for you to fix all the bugs first before you make the new styles.

About the font issues people are having, might I suggest to those who use Windows that you turn on ClearType as this will make fonts much smoother, clearer and easier to read. You can do this by going to the Windows ClearType Tuner in your IE browser (note that this will enable ClearType over your entire OS, not just in your browser). This doesn't completely fix the problems, but it does make viewing easier overall.

Here is what mine looks like with ClearType activated. Compare this to ThemePark's and you can see the difference.

OrigamiMarie June 23, 2008 5:04 PM

Okay, now I have upgraded my browser, and since my font rendering still doesn't look like either Jay's or ThemePark's (and looks worse to my eye), I'll add another image to the fray:
Now I went and looked at my font selection in Word, and found that Trebuchet MS is an option, so I am guessing that it is getting used here. The odd thing is that it looks much better in Word (it doesn't have any of the problems that I list). So I don't know what the problem is, and I would be interested in hearing if other people have the same font rendering issue.
PS. I am also having the cut-off problem at the right-hand edge of the preview that Kassandra describes.


Just FYI, mine looks like OrigamiMarie's. It's ok for me.


The cut-off problem is an CSS issue. It can't really be fixed, but there are ways of hiding it. You can use the overflow property with the following values:

  • visible (default) - overflow spills over the box.

  • hidden - overflow can not be seen.

  • scroll - the box scrolls to accommodate the overflow.

  • auto - similar in practice to scroll, the box scrolls to accommodate the overflow.

Also, I just noticed that in the preview area, the text towards the right is getting cut-off. See here.

ThemePark June 23, 2008 5:50 PM

Okay, it's definitely ClearType acting up here. I just enabled it and now I get the same screen as Pam and OrigamiMarie.

So with ClearType on, you get this:

With ClearType off, you get this:

Pam and OrigamiMarie, I'm willing to bet that if you go to the site ixidorsbane linked to, and turn off the checkmark in "Turn on ClearType", you'll get my screenshot. If it's not checked, try checking it, going through the steps and choosing whichever option and once you've finished, go back to the starting page and the check mark should be checked, so now you can uncheck it.


Thanks ThemePark. I just went and confirmed that it is ClearType that is messing up the spacing and making the "I" in JIG closer to the "G" but I much prefer the look of the ClearType turned on than off.

Jockser June 23, 2008 6:04 PM

This is a beautiful design, the banner is gorgeous and the whole feel of the site is just great!
Good work!

OrigamiMarie June 23, 2008 6:31 PM

More weirdo updates from me! I am trying to reproduce the font problem in other contexts. I can't get it to happen in Word, either by saving the page and opening in Word, or by copy-pasting a snippet into Word and keeping the formatting. I also tried making a bit of HTML with CSS myself with the listed font (just copied the given line of code into the right place), and it looks fine! It also looks very small, much smaller than the text on this page, which is kind of strange considering that the text size is declared in pixels. Is there some re-scaling that is happening in the page code? I am not zoomed in/out at all on either this page or the test page. If the text is getting rendered small and then scaled up and re-rendered, some systems (like Windows) might be handling this worse than others (like Mac). Just a thought.

ThemePark June 23, 2008 6:51 PM

OrigamiMarie, look at my previous post for a likely solution.


Hi OrigamiMarie - I don't think CSS works that way.

If you have one rule that sets the font and size for the body, and then another rule later that sets the font to a different size, the size is just replace, not scaled based on the first definition.

At least the way I understand it, anyways.

Still, I would love to make everyone happy. If everyone can agree on what would look best (hahaha!) then I would be pleased to change the font-family and default size for Windows users.


The text looks alot better for me with Clear Type off... The spacing is even cl isn't d... ect.

One thing Jay... I just noticed this...
You should make the text for the box that you type your comment in the same as the font it appears in the actual comment when you sumbit it...

2 problems I got when I hit preview...

Like others... I have the constant hourglass (the spinning blue thing)... I'm running Vista Home Premium w/ IE7...

The preview text is the same as the small "Enter your comment here:" sitting on the comment box...

Euphemism June 23, 2008 7:34 PM

Your page doesn't work with older versions of Opera - I had v.9.23, which wouldn't display any of the comments pages, as everything would be overlaid by blue. It seems upgrading to v9.50 fixes the problem, but still...

OrigamiMarie June 23, 2008 7:39 PM

ThemePark: Yeah, I tried it and turning off ClearType does fix my issues. It also nukes the font quality in my entire OS, so I think I'll leave ClearType on. Everything else can cope with ClearType, including most of the internet.
Jay: Yeah, I know CSS should just cleanly override scales, not do anything crazy like multiply them. It puzzles me, so I'll tinker with it some. I'll quit complaining now and only comment again if I have an answer :).


I'm looking into the Opera issue right now. It's... weird.

Too bad Opera, like IE, doesn't provide any kind of indication of WHAT might be the problem. =/


OrigamiMarie June 23, 2008 8:20 PM

Eek, I am sorry about that double post, I don't even quite know how it happened, except that the comment preview and the Preview/Submit buttons hang around after you've already submitted. Anyway, I tinkered some more and discovered that I could reproduce the problem with my own bit of code, though it was at 17px (which looks the same on the screen as 14px in this page). It's the oddest thing though, one pixel size higher OR lower is just fine, but that particular screen-render size for Trebuchet MS on Windows (Vista and maybe others) in ClearType has a problem. I don't get it. So I give up, all I can recommend is that some other font be used.


Aww, the new designs are so cute!! :)

I do like the gradient, adds to the depth of usually flat looking sites. No complaints here.

Inatizzy June 23, 2008 11:16 PM

The whiter than white bright white is a little hard on my 59 year old eyes. I visit almost every day and would really appreciate a more soothing background. Other than that, thank you, thank you, thank you for this great site.


Jay! I thought I entered the wrong url @ first. LOL I love the new look. It was kinda shocking of course after being so used to the old look, but I'm all for change. 2 cool points for you guys.



hey jig,
will miss the old format. new one looks nice.

did not see a link to the older posts, yet.



OMG, this is absolutely beautiful and professional. I gasped when the page opened--I had forgotten today was the day! I think the white is very clean looking....and I can't wait to get around and play with everything and find out all you've done.

For the people with font problems I could recommend something--upgrade to a Mac and you'll have no problems! haha...just kidding!

I really love the cascading spoilers. They are fabulous! You've outdone yourself.

(PS--preview seems to work fine on my Mac)

deathprog23 June 24, 2008 3:52 AM

I wonder if the 'top rated' panel is buggy since one of my favorite games (Cave Story) doesn't appear there, despite being rated higher than most that do?

I also wonder if there's any way to search for games by rating?

Anyway, cheers for running a great site and good work on the overhaul! Any chance of an associated forum?


I went and checked out the artist site last night...very cool. I don't get most of it, but it's outrageously creative.

Jay--there is one thing I struggle with on the site that has nothing to do with the new design--getting around in these long discussions. Is there a way to jump to the bottom without having to scroll? Or to have fewer comments on a single page? I have several really long discussions I'm returning to right now and thought as long as we were discussing these things I'd throw this out there!

Reply return to the top of the page!


:O I thought I hit the wrong link too! But it's bookmarked so that couldn't be it :P

I~ happen to love the new look. Most of the other blogs I check have white backgrounds so it isn't a problem for me at all. AND I think it's different enough from the other "web 2.0" blogs to hold its own. It just looks... cleaner, if you get what I'm saying. I guess the Mac fonts are helping too. :P

There's only a few things I don't like:

1. Couldn't post anonymously. :O Hourglass/clock thing happened and it never went through. It's ok, though, I needed to sign up anyway :P

2. I second dsrtrosy. Too many comments for one page.

3. The featured download section. The bright blue bg and insane-o red ("It's here!") type on green is not good. I think a slightly lighter or less saturated blue could help. And red is just wrong lol It's not a big thing so you don't hafta change that immediately :) Or at all, really. 'Cept the red lol

Btw, I do Adobe Illustrator work too so the banner's right up my alley! (Did you pay for the banner? >.> I might want to get in on that...) pokedstudio kinda looks like my stuff but only in the flat color/no lines department :P Different drawing style, colors and soforth but thanks for letting me onto their work though! I'm always up for new artists. :)


Umm... FF2 on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 shows all the comments written over each other. Not sure if anyone else posted, since I can't read them. If this is my computer only, then please disregard.

I would like to suggest changing "walkthough" on the left-side links to being regular-style instead of bold to help improve the distinction between the title and the walkthrough.

Personally, I also liked the darker background, but I usually prefer darker schemes (like using Ubuntustudio style instead of the defaults) :)



I use the "End" and "Home" keys on my keyboard to jump straight to the bottom or straight to the top. No scrolling at all!

stupidcheeseboy June 24, 2008 2:01 PM

Hey Jay et al
thanx for all your hard work. Just want to say that whatever you do you have one happy bunny here. My life is just a happier place since I discovered JIG! and yes it is all a bit scary and new right now but in a good way I think?! and I cant even begin to imagine how much work this must be for y'all but I am grateful

DeadlySaintJimmy June 24, 2008 2:41 PM

Looking good! I love the new banner. Nice job!


Jay... I see that you got the notes about comments up... one thing...

The "read the spoiler help" is in the format of the old site and the old tags, so you might want to redo the section or add the code to the page... no big though... just letting ya know...


Thanks again for all the feedback. I'm reading every single one of them.

I'm still busy plugging holes and tweaking the new layout here and there.

Also, I am putting together a few examples that I'd like the Windows people to test for me and weigh in with which one looks the best for you on that platform.

I'll update here once I get that finished and ready to roll.

ThemePark June 24, 2008 4:24 PM

Since the spoiler help still shows the old style, I was wondering Jay, how that style was supposed to look/looks on your Mac? With the difference between your Mac version and what we see on Windows, I have a feeling there is a somewhat big difference in the old design as well, and given how I liked the old style, it would be interesting for me to see, if that style is more or less a Windows coincidence.


Yeah..."home" and "end" do nothing.

ThemePark June 24, 2008 5:04 PM

I'm guessing the Home and End shortcuts only work on Windows. But perhaps holding the Apple key (forgot what it's actually called) together with Home/End, or CTRL with Home/End will work?

zbeeblebrox June 24, 2008 7:34 PM

Nah, the 'home' and 'end' shortcut works the same on Macs as it does on Windows. At least for me it does. Same goes for 'page up' and 'page down'. Really useful.

Though it's possible if you have one of those dumb squished together mac keyboards that it might not be interpreting the home and end keys correctly (if they even exist at all on those things). So that might be the issue.

Or it could be that dsrtrosy was trying to do it while the text box was selected. In which case, it would appear not to work, because there's nothing to scroll for in the text box. (normally)

Heheh...this place feels like someone finally switched on the overhead florescent lights. :D


Lol... nice...

Those flourescent lights hurt my eyes... *squints*...

A jump up and down feature would be great though, Jay... I'm on my laptop (which I have attached a second monitor recently to... Its awesome) and the home and end keys are really hard to get to and pretty small... and if I want to scroll (and my mouse is broken XP) I have to use my touchpad down the side... For those of you who have never used the scrolling feature on a laptop... I sucks... Really...

It isn't neccesary but appreciated...

- The Ninja(z) of Deth -



Jay and team

I know you all work incredibly hard to bring us great games, and we all love you for it. I'm glad you decided to overhaul teh site- I know it's ahard work, and perhaps it fixed underlying issues that make the site work better.

But, I unfortunately agree with some of the comments about overall look. It isn't that there's anything wrong, but it just lacks homey-ness. That Jay-spun goodness that I loved when this was a blog on the RIT site. There's a reason I come here and not to Yahoo games, but now the layout doesn't differentiate from the bigger, commercial sites laden with ads and impersonality. I know form and function go hand in hand, and I hope there is some improvement to the form so it correlates with the function- fun, personal, creative, quality game reviews with a fantastic community. The site doesn't say that, and I really wish it did. It's about atmosphere for me, and maybe it's the colors (BRIGHT!) or the ads, or whatever it is that just isn't bringing me what I loved about the old, simpler, cute and personal layout.

I love the site, and have for years. I hope I either get used to this layout, or have the option to have the old layout back! Maybe it's just the white, who knows. But I know I won't be able to spend hours browsing the site if it stays exactly like this.


Considering that I am not an idiot, I did not have the text box selected. I have a laptop. That is the only difference I can imagine. Wow, people are really catty this week.


I don't have home/end keys but command up/down works for Mac. Not page up (don't have that either :P), the up arrow.

Also, here's something that might help, Jay :)

It lets you view the site in any browser/platform :) Takes a few minutes but still, would make it easier on you. What are you using to edit the site?

<3 Bombchu


dstrosy - I think he was just trying to be helpful, pointing out something that might trip someone up. I didn't get the impression anyone was implying idiocy of any sort.

moopy - although I do appreciate your feedback very much, and I do intend to offer alternative stylesheets, I am sorry you feel the new site is not homespun happiness.

If it's any consolation, I built much of the new site with my own two hands, though I did have some help with some elements of it. In fact, there is much of the old site still here. The same icon palettes, the same features, the same 500px column for reviews, even the content hasn't changed a bit.

The new layout was designed to improve readability and usability, and to give us more room to add more features.

As for the old layout, unfortunately the structure of the new site is incompatible with the old stylesheets, but it makes maintaining the site much easier and efficient for me.

I do hope you and everyone else who balked at the change warms up to it. There's really no turning back.


bombchu - Thanks for the tool. I have a Mac and I also have Windows running on it, so I can test the site in all the major browsers on all platforms. (I don't currently test on Linux, but there are several JIG regulars who visit that keep me apprised of how it looks and behaves on Linux).

That being said, there is great variety in the computers that run Windows, and therefore I have but one 'window' into that world.

The site in Windows has always looked horrible to me, even the old layout. It's just something I attribute to the Windows environment. As I said, I think I'm just spoiled being a Mac user. I do prefer how everything looks in Mac OS X.


Jay- I completely understand. I've warmed up to it a lot already! I think part of what made it cute was the backgrounds, so maybe there'll be no 'old layouts' but 'choose your background pattern' sort of thing. But great work, and anything that keeps jayisgames up and running suits me! in the end!


Don't kill me if someone asked this already, but it's a very long thread. Is the former banner (that was a game) gone for good? I'm not complaining, just wondering. (I was never going to get past that UFO part anyway.)


We will bring back the Rob Allen banner game once I can create a stylesheet that incorporates that banner into the current layout. It won't be easy, though, since that banner is smaller than the present layout. So, it might be a while.

We do have another banner game in development, but it might be another few months before that's finished.

And, of course, we have other surprises in development, but I'm not at liberty to say anything more at this time.


Wow, thanks for answering! That's okay, now I won't have those three missing letters mocking me for awhile. :)

ThemePark June 25, 2008 6:58 AM

Just have to say, thanks bombchu for that website. It's absolutely brilliant, and I wish more web designers knew of it as it would make their lifes quite a bit easier. ^^


Escape--I had the same three missing letters, I'm sure! haha. I couldn't get past the rockets either, but I liked the idea that I could return to it at some point.


Jay--so you could tell us, but then you'd have to kill us? Yeah, you're right...way too much work. We'll just wait for new surprises as they appear!


I like it. Despite the brightness. Mind you I have a dodgy monitor lead and if I tap it, anything white on my screen turns a gentle purple. I was gonna get it fixed but I think that can wait till the new skins are ready lol. I like the idea of shorter pages for the comments suggested by dsrtrosy or maybe a button that lets you set how many comments are displayed on each page. Regardless of what I think it looks like, It's still the same JIG with the same games, reviewers and us lot who comment and play and that what makes this a great site. If this design makes the running and the upkeep of the site easier for Jay then it can only be a good thing. It will give him more time on the user side of the site. i.e games, reviews, features. That there my friend is what they call a silver lining. Cheers Jay. The time and effort are appreciated.


Gah! Where are the little forward and backward links at the top of every entry? How am I supposed to thoroughly browse through your site now?

Vogonviking June 25, 2008 4:46 PM

Hi Jay, the new layout certainly is different!!
Personally I prefer a bit of colour to soften the impact on the eyes but that sort of tweaking can wait - the games are far more important!!
I love the addition of the Weekday Escape as
room escapes are my favourite, which brings me to my question...... are you going to post a walkthrough at the top of the comments as before
so I don't have to trawl through to see if anyone has completed the game?