OtherBill June 14, 2008 5:57 PM

sum dude:

The shrine challenges don't appear until you beat the False God (area 16 boss) and wield the trophy he gives you.


How I beat the Doppleganger without taking a hit.

If you're having trouble beating the Doppleganger, you can take him out with just the cross napalm spell alone. So you're not sitting there for twenty minutes clicking away, I would grind for a while and dump some cash in your character's intelligence. Then, unequip your gauntlet so that you can speed up your spell casting. If you're worried that his sword's going to hit you, go ahead and shrink the width of your sword for this fight as well.
Usually, the DG doesn't get too much further below the halfway point of the screen, so keep him on target and keep hitting him with one of the napalm shots until he's done. Again, you pump your INT up a bit, and lose the gauntlet, it will be not just an easy fight, but a quick one as well.

Also, does anyone know what the best element against death would be? And the Demons? I have a pretty good idea, and I think I probably just have a lot of grinding ahead of me, but I just wanted to confirm.


Finally, after 70 minutes and an auto clicker (Only Time I have EVER used an Auto-clicker), did I beat the golden nkight. Before I get to my stats and all, in that time I was able to: 1. Make my bed 2. Shower 3. Dust my room 4. Watch a home video

Proof that the Golden Knight gives you Hyper Armor:

Yes, I also got .3 TRILLION dollars. That's 300 BILLION. My Stats when I beat it were:

Sword- Level 694 katana with 120 light (-120 dark)
Armor- Plate Mail lv.9
Strength- 6 (Yes, 6. I upgrade my weapon more)
Vitality- 18
Magic- Chaser spell, 147 knowledge
Luck- 189 to make it appear
Equiptment- Gauntlets, Coin of Bravery, Counter Shield

If you have time and an auto-clicker, I HIGHLY recomend doing this.

fuzzbump June 14, 2008 9:20 PM

do you get anything for killing the DG a second time?

fuzzbump June 14, 2008 9:32 PM

what do you get for killing the abess worm?



I apologize, I miscalculated the amount of money earned.

sum dude June 14, 2008 9:52 PM

how much money do you get for killing a Bermuda?(4th slime)

And it took me about 30 minutes w/ a lvl. 700 something energy sword.(Now it's about 1000 :) )


I only got about 50 mill for killing bermuda. Of course, the money you get depends on location and the health of the creature (at least I suspect those are the variables in the variation)



about 170 million
with 400 stats and at least 400 sword and no it did not take me 30 minutes, it was under 10
so your stats must have been lower then mine but probably higher luck


Comrade fuzzbump, it's a good thing you asked. Pay attention, everyone!

Killing DG a second time gives you 5 million, BUT killing him consecutively afterward increases what you get. In other words, 10 mil for the 3rd time you beat him in a row, and 20 mil for your 4th victory against him!

This is how I managed to get a certain spell in less (actually MORE) time than I'd have done killing bosses and minions.

Be forewarned, DG's not always easy. And seriously, will a Cross Napalm with pumped-up INT really work? I'm sure that magic damage tends to get weakened over time.

cheese man June 15, 2008 9:30 AM

How do you kill the the lizard assassins and what element kills them easiest

sum dude June 15, 2008 10:32 AM

yes, my stats are pretty low, SHA

strength: 10
vitality: 178
intelligence: 61
Luck: 41 (I hadn't faced an uber monster in a while, though.)


cheese man:

just get a big sword and keep hitting randomly and u will hit him. he doesent have much helth but i think he is a water monster.

mongolian June 15, 2008 12:12 PM

OK..i have 3 monster's I can't kill. I have wicked high stats and I can't even damage these 3:
- Tiamat (gold dragon)
- White Demon (4th deomon)
- Gold/White 4th Dread Lord/Living Armor


cheese man June 15, 2008 1:39 PM

What element is the guardian dragon weak against


Are there any strategies for beating Avatar?

Nick970 June 15, 2008 3:43 PM

Whats the difference between an energy sword and a normal sword?


Can someone post a pic of where the secret area is on area 14? Also where do you get the hyper armor?

sum dude June 15, 2008 6:19 PM

I killed another Bermuda, in two days, two BIG payouts.
This time I only got 225,396,000, but it was still totally worth it.


Strength: 131
Vitality: 183
Intelligence: 65
Luck: 51

Now i'm going to have to get an autoclicker.

*moans about aching hand*


False God and other thoughts

I beat him in 3-4 minutes with a 3000 level energy sword, I added 122 light for kicks not like I needed it. 504 strength, 511 vitality, 606 intelligence, 504 luck. Hopefully if I beat him again he gives more money this time, the amount was pretty pathetic, excepting the trophy you get.
The amount of money you get is random. Your level of luck tend to raise the amount you get. You get more money for each one when you beat them on 14 versus where they usually occur. the life of the creatures is consistent, which weapon you use, the level of the weapon and what you have it enchanted with is what changes the damage you do or do not do.
I am working on writing a walkthrough, it will be done after I beat the game. It may be missing the lower level creatures that I cannot remember how I killed them and cannot determine how for all of them due to the level of my stats. I will try to go back and at least see what they are immune to.

cheese man June 16, 2008 12:09 PM

how do you defeat the demons on level 15

mongolian June 16, 2008 5:50 PM

PLEASE!!! someone tell me how to beat the lvl.4 Asmodeus demon! (white demon) on lvl 17. (steeple of haggf)


I played for a few days, was saving money. Got to 1,700,000,000...yes that is the right amount. I see they put commas in for money now (on other computer) And now I cant even get on anymore on the computer I use with all the money.

Do I have like "too much money" for the game to work with commas and such?

MASK MAN June 17, 2008 1:45 AM

hello, just leaving a tip here. I was farming death and noticed something, you guys seem to be in need of his weakness sometimes, well...

he drops rubies, so he is most likely fire, try using water. i havnt tested this, so try yourself.

(i just realised you were searching for false gods weakness, sorry about that.)


Another friend! Wan wan:

Once you kill cerebus, go back to the first screen and there's another secret area on the little island, which, for the cost of one yummy bone, will give you a new dog-like friend who has fire breath.



the avatar, and it was so, so satisfying to see and pick up all that gold, fruit, and jewels

. I have about a 90% in the library and that's an A in my book. I'm done. :)


One Time When I fought against the 8th Screen Boss, I was about dead, and he was too, but just before I killed him he cast a firball attack, I avoided all except for the last one, because it wasn't moving, so he was dead and a fireball was stuck in midair, so when I went to get the gold, the fireball came at me. AAAGGGHHH, It's Revenge from the Afterlife, That last fireball came at me about 8 secod after it SHOULD have came at me, so now Both Characters died. XP

Johnathan June 17, 2008 5:00 PM

i found out hw to beat the demon on lvl 15 i used a lvl 141 katana and nin nin and jus piked al around and i killed it easy


any1 knows where i can get wind jewels????

Taylor1320 June 17, 2008 7:47 PM

Ummm I have a question...how do I save? Send the answer to me in an e-mail or right here please and thank you :D.

Ryboiii June 17, 2008 9:30 PM

Can someone tell me the fastest way to get money on this game? im only on the tree guy.

Taylor1320 June 17, 2008 11:08 PM

Hey, I asked if how I can save , but I'm playing the english version and I think I CAN'T save because it only has a "clear saved data" box that i can click where the fairey is, but in the jap. version there 2 boxs above it so im confuzzed :S Help :D


it saves automatically

booofbarf June 18, 2008 4:11 AM

To get money:

Get past the tree guy, go to level 14, the "frozen waste" area. There you'll find a random collection of monsters which once you level up enough you can kill quickly and rake in the cash.

Wind jewels:

These are dropped by, e.g. Goblin Warlocks, so go to the same area in level 14 and farm there. Or level up your luck and go to the earlier levels and hope some of them show up.


I think it could use a couple of things:

A pause for during encounters.

A way of increasing stats more quickly, giving the ability to increase by ten and one hundred instead of just one at a time.

An easier way to get jewels, but that's just me.

Are the demons weak against light and are the dragons weak against water? I've encountered the Tiamat and Asmodeus and they have hellishly high hit points; it would be nice to know if there's a way, other than increasing sword levels (or cheating), of speeding up killing them.


Johnathan June 18, 2008 4:39 PM

i l the japenese ginormo sword beter its easier to lvl up


can someone teach me to get to "outer space"?

I have defeated all 4 shrines, but I didn't get 100gp from the Shrine of Knowledge. Is it because I did something wrong? If not, how do I "beat" Shrine of Knowledge other than just walking on the slimes?

boofbarf June 18, 2008 5:49 PM


You get the 100gp from the shrine of fate, not the shrine of knowledge.

bobthecow June 18, 2008 11:03 PM

GUYS. on lvl 14 go in between the two castle and search for the area somewhere in the snow, it's about in the middle. monsters give abnormally large amounts of gold. i killed 5 nekos giving me 40k each!!


I beat all the shrine challenges. How do I go to space to fight the avatar?


Nevermind, I found the way.


JJW: I can't find the second map either - how did you do it.

I read somewhere that you had to have 90% of the library complete, and I'm now up to 92% with all 4 shrines beaten and I still can't find the second map...

bobthecow June 19, 2008 3:06 PM

all you have to do is beat false god, hellhound, and all 4 shrine challenges, and the just go past the top of the map.


To confirm: Death is weak against light.
Of course, to double your attack power against him if you already have a level 250 sword, you're going to need 250 diamonds.

bobthecow June 19, 2008 6:17 PM

I've decided to write a full walk through as this game surely deserves it. However, i have not defeated Avatar, and i probably never will, so don't ask for that.

Area 1:

The first location you'll be. There are several things here. First there's the inn, which we'll ignore for now because you won't need it. Then there are two secret areas, both on the little islands. However, one of them has to be unlocked which will come much later. There are 3 monster "dens" around the main land. Find them and kill the monsters. Once you rack enough money up, go to the secret area that's a shop and buy the katana as it will be stronger. Then fight the boss.

Area 1 Boss:

This guy can't even use spells so he's a total pushover. Kill him and take his loot. Once you beat him, go to the edge of area 1 and go out onto area 2.

Area 2:

Here you will find a Might shrine where you can increase you strength. However, you won't have enough money for this quite yet so don't worry about it. Find the three monster lairs. However be careful as the goblins can shoot fireballs and the harpys can charm you which stuns you.

Area 2 Boss:

Right now this is a really hard boss to beat so listen carefully. He shoots three fireballs in a row sometimes in the direction he's facing. You don't have any spells so go up when he's not shooting and hit him, then run back. Continue until he's dead.

Area 3:

One of the most important areas of the entire game. Here you find the swordsmith which increases your swords level. Remember this place because it will be critical later on. Other than that nothing special

Area 3 Boss:

Another easy boss. He occasionally shoots fireballs so just be careful, shouldn't be hard though.

Area 4:

Here you can finally learn magic. Find the secret area and buy it first thing, it will be on the right. Gargoyles can shoot fireballs and the gas clouds only can be killed with magic.

Area 4 Boss:

An excellent boss to farm on once you get more magic. Unfortunately it can only be killed by magic. This thing shoots fireballs and a lot of them so be prepared to dodge.

Area 5:

This place is great. It has the biggest shop, an elemental enchanter and a magic shop with three spells. At the magic shop only buy the cross napalm as it is the most powerful and effective. The monsters here are pretty easy, the priests can heal, mages use fireballs, and rangers shoot fire. Fighters don't really do anything. I think you may find ninjas here too and they throw shuriken. Also, if you haven't already, go buy a new sword (i like the claymore but it's your choice) and upgrade it at area 3. Also, if you go back to the inn on area 1, you can equip and unequip items now.

Area 5 Boss:

This guy is easy if you know the tricks. He fires his lazor but at total random. Just keep moving and he will be easy.

Area 6:

There's more here than meets the eye. There's the shrine of endurance which is essential to living and there's the Oasis. The Oasis is by the little lake to the left of the screen. Here you can buy indigo roger, a stupid, but helpful buddy that you can hire for 100 gold. Otherwise monsters are easy here.

Area 6 Boss:

This guy is NOT easy however. He's fast, he spits fireballs in all directions and is guaranteed to pwn you easy at your current level. I have no tips, you'll have to find a strategy that works for you. However, length on your sword will help.

Area 7:

Not much here, a few mercenaries at the bottom and some new monsters in the water. The triangle on the island is inaccessible at the moment, but you'll be there later.

Area 7 Boss:

This boss is a medium difficulty. Just like with the Elven Ranger on area 2, hit and run will work just fine. Watch out for his water balls as they pack a punch.

Area 8:

Unlike the last area this place is important. In the city you will sometimes run into a witch who sells you the chaser spell for 100 million. That may seem like a lot but once you get to area 14 it won't take long to get. There's also the armor smith. However, it's expensive to upgrade your armor at this point and i wouldn't recommend doing it unless you've already got the plate mail. Armor level caps out at level 9. The monsters here are nothing new though.

Area 8 Boss:

This boss is far from ordinary however. She has three spells. First is her fire attack, in which she summons fireballs around her, and then chucks them at you. Easy to dodge, but they hurt a lot. Next is her water spell. She fires three volleys of four water balls at you. All you have to do is back up and go up a little bit to dodge them. Last is the lightning attack, the real threat here. You don't know when she'll do it, and it's fast, and if you don't have decent endurance and armor by now it will kill you instantly. If you are far enough away though, you will have just enough time to dodge it. A long sword is imperative here.

Area 9:

Here you'll find the shrine of intelligence and nothing else special. A few new monsters but they aren't very powerful except for the wyverns.

Area 9 Boss:

This guy is impossible to hit without having you sword enchanted with water. Go back to area 7 and get at least 12 aquamarine gems. Then go to area 5 and go to the enchanter and make your sword water. Efreet has multiple fire attacks that do a lot of damage and he casts them FAST. Naturally you'll want to be far away so you know by now what to do with your sword.

Area 10:

Nothing extraordinary here, but there is the library which shows the different monsters you killed. Most types have 4 levels of monsters, each more powerful than before, as well as an increase in money drops. You may have seen some. They look different than normal monsters. The library is nice for noting your progress and bragging.

Area 10 Boss:

This guy is evil. Because this guy teleports every time you click, you'll want a very long sword and the coin of bravery from the area 5 shop. Go to the very left so he doesn't spawn on your head (idea suggested by andy H with his useful boss guide.) Watch out for his shurikens as they hurt.

Area 11:

There's another triangle area here, but don't worry about it yet. Note that the new monsters here can only be hit by magic. Other than that nothing much.

Area 11 Boss:

This guy is pathetic. His only "attack" is pushing you backwards off the screen (he's a pansy). He summons other monsters though so finish him off quickly. To prevent him from pushing you back just equip the coin of bravery and it will do nothing to you.

Area 12:

First thing you'll want to do here is find the Secret Paradise on the right of the screen to buy "Nin Nin" which i believe stands for "Retarded Cat". He walks straight into monsters and heals you whenever he feels it's convenient (it's not convenient times when he does it) but he'll still save you life occasionally. Next there is a shrine of luck which improve your chances of getting extra money for each kill, finding gems, and finding higher level monsters (explained in area 10).

Area 12 Boss:

This tree looks like like a zombie tree that has a hangover. But his attacks are no laughing matter. He drops "apple bombs" which will explode after a while, shoots lightning bolts, and occasionally lightning strikes of death will come from above. I like using a long sword on this guy, and he has no element weakness so just chop at him and avoid the lightning strikes of death. He sometimes drops fruit that increases stats upon his death, so it's nice to farm him later on.

Area 13:

This is where things start to get hard. The monsters here pack a huge punch, especially the vampires. There isn't much here other than monsters.

Area 13 Boss:

This girl is pitiful. She has three attacks. The first is one we all hate. She "Charms" you which stuns you making you an easy target. She fires her lazor sometimes, but usually she has to throw a billion icicles at you which do minimal damage but are hard to dodge. However, she shouldn't be hard to beat.

Area 14:

I'm going to say this is the MOST important area in the game. Why? Because this is money central. On the mainland which is covered in snow, go between the two castles and go down a bit. Look for a monster den. Here, the monsters drop a ridiculous amount of cash. Nekos (first monster) will drop up to 100k each!! This is money-tastic. Also, if you kill a level 4 monster here, it will drop so much money you won't know what to do with it at the moment. I've gotten 200 million from killing an apocalypse (level 4 giant). Keep in mind the vortexes can only be hit by magic.

Area 14 Boss:

The guardian dragon is too easy. I beat it on my first try before even knowing about the above money-monsters. All you have to do is get behind him and slash him open like sushi. Nin Nin will heal you if his spinning fire attack hits you.

Area 15:

No more easy monsters now. Demons here are a pain in the butt to kill. They throw trillions of fireballs at you and have enormous health. Dragons here are like the Guardian Dragon in area 14 but downgraded a little bit. In the uninhabited castle, your not alone. Invisibles are there so swing your sword around or if you have it by now, use the chaser spell.

Area 15 Boss:

It's Death itself. This guy is annoying. His attacks are pretty easy to dodge but they hurt. He must be Australian because he throws boomerangs. He also sends dark missiles at you which follow you until they disappear. Also about every 10 seconds he goes "ethereal" and you can't hit him. Nin Nin will probably die before you kill him so be careful. A long sword will help you react and dodge his attacks.

Area 16:

What's to say? Only bosses here.

Area 16 Boss (1):

You know him, you love him, you can't live without him. In fact, unless you know what your doing, you WON'T be living for long anyways. It's False God Blabberturkey (name is random) Nin Nin is essential. Unfortunately that cat is dumb as bricks so you can't completely rely on him. He has four attacks. The first isn't much of a problem, it's his lightning attack. It's not that fast, but it curves up or down depending on where you are so just keep an eye on that. Next are his lazors, one in each hand. He locks on to you and fires on that position, so just move some when he's charging it and he'll miss you. Next is his spinning attack. He fires these... things that circle around him and outwards that are 95% guaranteed to hit you even just some. This is the only attack that you need to worry about if you keep your wits sharp. Nin Nin will heal you from these damages for some of the battle. Finally is his fire attack. Let me tell you, if your hit by that, your finished. It's just too powerful. Luckily he only uses it in front of him so just keep behind him and your fine. Good luck, you'll need it. Also, after you beat him, he drops a trophy. If you equip it at the inn you can face the shrine challenges which are explained below. The challenges are at the corresponding shrine. To increase stats again, just unequip the trophy.

Area 16 Boss (2):

Despite what you may have heard, Hellhound is not a dog, but a pig. Also he's not that powerful. However, his Lazor of Pwnhaxination will kill you in probably in one hit. However, you need not worry about that. Just make your sword minimal width and it's alright. You CAN hit him with a long sword, but i prefer to just use chaser and not risk it. You'll need a good amount of magic here. 200 minimum will keep the battle short enough, more will definitely help. Upon his defeat he drops a "Yummy Bone". This is where you go back to area 1 and look for that 2nd secret area. For 1 Yummy Bone, Wan Wan (which stands for Retarded Pig) will join you. He fires his lazor whenever you click, and the more width your sword has, the bigger his lazor. However if Wan Wan dies you'll have to kill Hellhound again for another Yummy Bone. Sometimes a green or grey piggy will appear (There's another but i haven't seen it yet). I know that the green one will drop a Yummy Bone AND 100 million if you kill him. Haven't killed the grey one yet though.

Shrine of Might:

You're going to have to unequip the chaser (or other spell) here. If the Great Wall is hit by magic it will heal itself. Just use you sword to whack it to death.

Shrine of Endurance:

This one is easy. Don't use any hireable buddy and the Pixie will die on it's own in a short time. Just take the hits until then (or dodge if your taking too much damage).

Shrine of Knowledge:

Quite frankly, i don't think you do anything here. If you walk into the slimes they die and don't multiply. If you slash them with your sword or bake them with magic they'll just multiply.

Shrine of Fate:

Here you have to find the correct money bag. If you step into the wrong one you'll explode into billions of pieces. The chaser spell will help a little as it will go to a false bag. If you get close enough to the correct bag it will just go to you.

Outer Space:

If you've beaten False God, Hellhound, and all the challenges, you can go off the top of the map into outer space. If you go to the moon you can fight Avatar who will rape you in about 15 seconds. Swords appear to heal him, and i can't do more than 1 click of damage with chaser despite my 489 intelligence. I've heard here that there is no end to the Avatars, they just keep coming, but i have no idea because i haven't killed it.

That's it! Have fun and fill that Library up. I hope that my walk through has helped!

bobthecow June 19, 2008 6:29 PM

Oh noes! I forgot to explain about the "triangles"!

One is doppelganger in area 7 that copies your stuff except the elements are opposite of yours. Just make a long sword and whack his feet. Also, I've just though about it and, he copies your armor, so equip the leather armor (first armor) and he'll die much faster! It works I've tested it.
The one on area 11 is Abyss Worm. He drops the spell "Shockwave" Which is great until you get Chaser. He takes awhile to kill, but has no magic so just use an auto clicker and sit back at the left edge of the screen.

I'm so sorry i forgot about those two.

isaac939 June 19, 2008 7:33 PM

hey guys i have the money for the chaser spell but i cant figure out how to get it...

i got the money by battling efreet (screen 9)
and battling dryads and hamadryades ( screen 12)

i figured out that if you can kill efreet one hit kill then you can make an average of 1 million a minute

sorry if i spelled anything wrong

isaac939 June 19, 2008 7:39 PM

what should i do to beat death

bobthecow June 19, 2008 9:24 PM

Maybe you two should have read the enormous walkthrough i made RIGHT ABOVE your posts.

isaac939 June 19, 2008 10:26 PM

ok sorry

isaac939 June 19, 2008 10:28 PM

you didn't make a walk through for how to make the chaser spell appear


Okay, I beat the bosses, beat the pyramids, beat the "challenges" and I still can't get to the moon, what am I missing?


OMG! I FINALLY MAXED OUT MY MONEY!!! (and skills and some other stuff)

Pics anyone?:

Swordshop with energy sword at its max (the black thing)

The inn thing

Proof that i beat hellhound

My maxed out cash!

Flying Chair June 20, 2008 1:02 AM

YAY Finally killed Tiamat. 900 million for me to spend XD

Flying Chair June 20, 2008 1:49 AM

Geez... I went in and out like 30 times looking for Alexandra (4th Lizard) and when I finally get one... I get TWO! 41,250,000 from the 1st and 127,080,000 from the 2nd. Sweet Deal.

Flying Chair June 20, 2008 2:23 AM

I'm starting to think there's no difference between a level 999 Claymore and a level 999 Energy Sword. They both seem to do the same damage (tested with all elements at zero) Maybe since there's 6 swords, the creator intended the players to enhances each with 1 element? =\ Too bad I didn't think that before I poured over 1000 gems into 2 different weapons.

cool dude June 20, 2008 10:03 AM

hey guys ive been following all this info about this awsome game but i cant find the luck shrine plz help someone. oh ya im at the level where you fight the lizard king. ty

cheese man June 20, 2008 4:23 PM

What element are the demons in screen 15 weak against because i have a level 200 katana and it just dosen't work

cheese man June 20, 2008 4:36 PM

i fnally beat the demons yay but now im stuck on death so all i want to know is what elements are he weak against


How do I reach avatar? I've beaten all temples and all bosses with the trophy epuiped, and I also have 99% in the library, but i still can't reach avatar.



Well, I'm not sure if death is actually weak against anything, per se. What I used was white for my weapon, and charged my armor with a lot of black. Still, I think you're in for a LOT of grinding up ahead. Work on building up your armor's level, and your endurance; the first time you fight and beat death, it's likely going to be a long fight, and the less damage you take against Death's tough to dodge attacks, the better your chances. Other than that, keep boosting your strength and sword level.
As for where to go to grind, the best place (I've found is in the screen before the screen with Death as a Boss. I don't remember the name of the place, but it's one of those places that spawn multiple types of creatures.
Hope that helps.

Pure-??? June 20, 2008 6:08 PM

So, ummm... How cna I actually use the .sol editor? I can't figure out how to load up the save.


What's the best way to get the water crystals?


Just wanted to say i can vouch for the secret area on level 14 being the best place to grind. I was able to get:

neko platinum
Multiple Ettins
5 Ambrosias
Multiple Leviathans
3 Apocalypse
2 Quetzalcoatl
Many Hamadryades
3 Fay (shake it!!!)
2 Lycurgi
3 Golden Knights
1 Methuselah

My library is only at about 91% tho
As far as gold is concerned, the golden knight takes the cake with $831 mil. second is Apocalypse with $422 mil. and then Quetzalcoatl with $308 mil.

Also do I just wait for the fairy to go away and how do I beat the multiple slimes?? I'm dying to finish this bad boy.


how can I beat the sand worm?im stuck in there with low stats and a lev 5 sword enchanted with emerald.

help please?

Anonymous June 22, 2008 6:02 AM

How to beat Avatar:

Wear the hyper armor from Golden Knight, and enchant a sword with dark (Onix) to about 200 or so. I don't think magic works on him, so level up your vitality, muscle, sword and pump dark enchants on the sword to beat him. He is by far and away best for farming gold, each kill drops over 1 billion with lots of stat points.

Completing the library:

Rather than farming the gold area in zone 14, just farm Avatar and pump up your sword / intelligience, and vitality to an extent. There are specific areas where only one type of monsters will spawn, and unequip your coin of bravery to reset these areas until you get the legendary type monster. You will need a decent amount of vit to be able to beat Asmodeus (level 4 Demon) and Tiamat (level 4 Dragon), since nin nin will surely die in these long fights. Alternatively you can dodge the attacks, although an auto-clicker is very useful here. Pump lots of intelligience to defeat Anubis while equipping a short sword (level 4 hellhound). I think I had over 2500 intelligience at the end, makes the fight less than 1 minute.

Captain Soap June 22, 2008 12:03 PM

Agh, I don't understand how to beat the shrine challenges
(Knowledge and Luck at least). Could anyone help?


knowledge: just walk over the slimes
luck: just walk around and the real one will jump out at you

cruzerbruiser June 22, 2008 7:29 PM

Hey Which elements do you use for false god?

isaac939 June 22, 2008 8:30 PM

ok i have the money for the chaser spell but i cant find it how do you make it so you can buy the chaser spell


go to stage 8 (witch stage) and go to the city that has "nothing" in it. go into it a lot and you will be randomly transported to a place where you can buy chaser.

isaac939 June 23, 2008 7:30 AM

never mind thanks anyway but i got it last night now i just need to beat death... and i think its a timed thing to get the chaser spell because i left ginormo sword running while i did other stuff and i left him sitting in the city 1and a half hours later i walked out of the city and back in and i was there

Ryboiii June 23, 2008 1:39 PM

Can someone plz tell me how to get chaser spell?

isaac939 June 23, 2008 1:46 PM

ok i beat death now how do i beat the false god


Boo yah. Just killed Tiamat. totally blew my golden knight haul out of the water with 1,886,000,000...no typo. took about 40 minutes tho. not the most efficient way to get money. also that much doesn't get me very far anymore. here's some numbers.


with a level 3005 energy sword
everything's getting so damned expensive!!!!!


also...Love the new format Jay!! your my hero.


The Idiots Guide To Defeat The Avatar

Go to Area 14

Go to the castle above you, and keep going in and out until you find the Golden Knight

Kill the Golden Knight, pick up Hyper Armor, then equip it

Keep killing the Necromancer boss and pick up all of his onixes

Equip your sword with the onixes

Go kill the avatar

Grats! Pick up everything!


Does anyone have an auto clicker program they suggest?


Could someone be kind enough to post what exactly to do after killing getting that trophy to reach false god? I've killed false god and did thoses temples numerous times, but still can't reach him. Is there a sppecific order you have to do these things? Please help me if you can, thank you.


I'm having trouble with Pixie. She doesnt seem affected by anything, so we're just waiting around till I eventually die.. Anyone has any additional info? Great spoiler by bobthecow btw!


My bad, I was just too unpatient. When I returned from a phone call the Pixie was gone.
Moving on..

Paraclete June 28, 2008 3:31 PM

For some reason, when I kill the slimes in the shrine of knowledge, they do not drop any gold. I've been told that I have to receive the 100gp from the shrine of knowledge to move into space. I have everything else completed and I WANT TO FIGHT AVATAR!!! Am I missing something? Any help?


Paraclete, I did not receive the 100GP, you might just want to try and

leave the world by walking off the map

anyone still reading this have a good auto clicker they recommend?

gsaddfs2 June 30, 2008 2:49 PM

there is no gold from knowledge shrine!!! do you have the trophy equipped?

gsaddfs2 June 30, 2008 2:50 PM

to do the challenge of course, but do you have it right now?

fuzzy pickles July 1, 2008 12:59 AM

Yay I beat the avatar!
My stats:

750 Energy sword w/129 onix, Hyper Armor w/ 310 str, 187 vit, 308 intel, 310 luck 12 billion gold dropped!!!

Great game! The avatar is best way to farm!

Now to take out one of those puppy dogs!

Paraclete July 2, 2008 12:33 AM

Okay, I don't know what the deal was. I just did the shrine of knowledge about 20 times and it upgraded my trophy to let me into space. I beat Avatar and I now have 96% of the library done with these stats:

Strength: 1016
Vitality: 713
Intelligence: 1442
Luck: 385

I'm also using a level 5000 energy blade...I'm determined to get 100%!


FINALLY! I FINALLY got to the Avatar (and killed him many times, thank you very much!)

I will be, over the course of the next few days writing a walkthrough (in as much as a walkthrough can be written).

I'll drop a real URL when it's finished.

I have two enemies left to get; Asmodeus, and Tiamat. At this point I'm just farming Avatar until I get my stats to the point where I don't have to click my finger right off to kill them.

DOAHunterX July 3, 2008 1:04 AM

Does anyone know what the max (legit) stats in the game are? Currently my stats are about 1100+ Strength, 1000+ Vitality, 1000+ Intelligence, and 1500+ Luck, a Level 10000 Zweihander, a Level 5000 Energy Blade, and I forget the elemental levels. All I know is that the maximum Armor level is 9 for all armors.


I don't know the max stats. I kinda thought they were 9999, but if they are higher than that, I'm not checking to see.

Anyway, after two days I finally finished writing the walkthrough. It's pretty big, so I provide ctrl+f codes so you can jump to whatever your stuck on. Hope this helps.


Annonymous July 4, 2008 2:02 AM

Hmm, I'm stuck on on how to get to fighting the Avatar. I had the trophy equipped and did all the challenges + defeat Hellhound and False God again, and yet the trophy didn't glow. My library also reads 87%, so I'm at a loss in what I'm missing.

Annonymous July 4, 2008 2:16 AM

Hmm, I'm stuck on on how to get to fighting the Avatar. I had the trophy equipped and did all the challenges + defeat Hellhound and False God again, and yet the trophy didn't glow. My library also reads 87%, so I'm at a loss in what I'm missing.


Are you positive you beat all the challenges? You will have gotten a 100 gold from three of the four, the multiple slimes being the only challenge that doesn't give a gold piece.

If you are absolutely positive that you have beaten all the challenges, try beating the pyramids as well.

If all else fails, keep clicking on the trophy a couple of times, it should read that it is a key to another world or something like that.


I'm currently working on maxing out intelligence, so I'll tell you what the max is. I'm in the 6000s.

Anonymous July 6, 2008 12:05 PM

Fay, the level 4 succubus, doesn't have any clothes on.

Anonymous July 11, 2008 4:38 PM

OK, so all I have left is Tiamat and the dog/ pig after Cerebus (I forget his name). After this, what's next? Am I supposed to continue killing stuff with the Star activated? Everything is MUCH harder to kill but the rewards are greater. Currently I have a lvl 20222 sword, 6895 strength, 6666 vitality, and 4445 luck. (All natural -- no auto-click!).
Do I continue to level up my stats and eventually get to Avatar with the Star enabled? Jeesus it would take forever! Would that battle finally be the end of this game?


Anyone know of an autoclicker for the mac? I love this game, but that's alot of clicking.

Nitornos July 12, 2008 9:41 PM

For Windows users tired of clicking:
Go to control panel, Ease of Access, Change how the mouse works, Enable mousekeys. You can click by mashing a key now instead of clicking.


After weeks of playing this game every now and then i finally hit 100% in the library. This game was probably the biggest timesink i've ever experienced in an online game like this.
Strength: 1768
Vitality: 1258
Intelligence: 3000
Luck: 1709
Energy Blade: 5129
Even though i enjoyed this game, i'm really glad that it's finally done. :D

snazans July 15, 2008 8:58 PM

I am still plugging away at this HIGHLY addictive game. "Just one more lvl 4 before bed. OK, two more..."

My stats:

STR 518
VIT 290
INT 356
LCK 522
Energy Sword lvl 3094
I tend to over-level. ;]

Having beaten the false god, I'm kind of stuck.

I have yet to quest for the Golden Knight (next) and have completed all temples with trophy except for the luck. I can locate the correct $ bag with the tracer magic and get as close as I can to it but always die. Is there a trick I'm missing?

Still looking for that Mac autoclicker.

And other high-payoff Bermuda.