There's a japanese attempt at a FAQ, translated into English by Google, although the translation will break the screenshots.

There are spoilers, although the English translation is so clumsy you may not realize it.


I've given up on the game.

I love it, I love the concept, I love the Atari graphics, I love the overall retro feel, but it's just too much of a time-waster. It literally requires hours and hours and hours of fast-clicking and staring at the very same stuff, so it's basically as hazardous to your health as a game can possibly be. Except wii games of course, but they are mostly unhealthy for the people standing around you, so that's ok.

Also, Jay, this game is SO not casual. It does not even live in the same dimension with the word "casual". If you tried to wear this game, you would walk around naked because noone would be able to see a piece of clothing so impossibly far away from casual. In fact, it's so non-casual that the Enterprise warp engineers proposed switching from antimatter to carefully mixing Ginormo Sword with small amounts of actual casual games, automatically reaching Warp 61. I must stop this comment now, because if I keep mentioning the word "casual" on the same page where Gironimo Sword review exists, I could create a wormhole which would jeopardize the entire space-time continuum.

But anyway, it's SO not casual.


LOL baba44713.

The_Corruptor June 11, 2008 2:17 PM

For people wishing to save-state edit, here's a guide to what the different unnamed variables are:

(all weapons are armor here take effect, only when taken from the inn)
weaponlvX - the level of the X'th weapon
hutosaX - the width of the X'th weapon
nagasaX - the length of the X'th weapon
weaponredX - the fire power (and negative water power) of the Xth weapon
weaponwhiteX - the light power (and negative dark power) of the Xth weapon
weaponX - the earth power (and negative wind power) of the Xth weapon
armorlvX - the power of the Xth armor
armorredX - the fire power (and negative water power) of the Xth armor
armorwhiteX - the light power (and negative dark power) of the Xth armor
armorgreenX - the earth power (and negative water power) of the Xth armor
valA1 = areas unlocked (1 to 16)
valB1 = gold on person (any value)
valB2 = # of rubies at the inn
valB3 = # of aquamarines at inn
valB4 = # of diamonds at the inn
valA5 = LUCK
valB5 = # of onix's at the inn
valA6 = ??
valB6 = # of topazes at the inn
valA7 = ??
valB7 = # of emeralds at the inn
valA8 = ??
valB8 = width of equipped weapon
valA9 = length of equipped weapon
valB9 = fire power (and negative water power) of equipped weapon
valA10= total level of equipped weapon
valB10= light power (and negative dark power) of equipped weapon
valA11= level of equipped armor (1-9)
valB11= earth power (and negative wind power) of equipped weapon
valA12= ??
valB12= fire power (and negative water power) of equipped armor
valA13= ??
valB13= light power (and negative dark power) of equipped armor
valA14= ??
valB14= earth power (and negative wind power) of equipped armor
valA15= ??
valB15= (I have 22 here, but I cannot determine where from)
all values beyond B15 are presumed to be map values, because when I messed with them my map broke.
Good luck!

gdmcgill June 11, 2008 2:58 PM

I cant find where to buy the chaser spell anymore :(
I saw it for sale once, left, but now I cant find it at all? I thought it was in the same level as the sorceress, but I dont see it anywhere. thx

andy the blank June 11, 2008 3:30 PM

what is the file name? i want to hack it, but i cant find the file.

Tinytox June 11, 2008 3:49 PM

I doubt the save is saved in a cookie first of all, and reguarding the CHASER SPELL it is in Pe City in area 8, the one with the Sorceress boss - here is a picture (yes the area COMPLETELY CHANGES)

Tinytox June 11, 2008 4:21 PM

sorry for the multi-posts, the first one was the mistake, then when i started playing i found THIS... if you EVER EVER EVER see the "Dread Lord" take the 20 minutes to fight it, it is well worth it.. take a look at THIS.

heres how much damage i did in 5 minutes of fighting..¤t=DreadLord.jpg

heres how much money i got after i killed it (granted i had 3 Mil before..)¤t=45MDreadLord.jpg

andy the blank June 11, 2008 4:50 PM

help! i cannot beat the avatar, and i do not have the patience to actually grind for a year or two to actually beat him the fair way, so i have decided my only option is to hack the file. i cannot find a .sol editor anywhere on the net that i can access, AND i cant find the file anywhere! help would be appreciated.

[Edit: I'd rather there not be discussions here on how to hack any game, please. Thanks! -Jay]

fuzzyface June 11, 2008 5:12 PM

baba44713, you are right when you say the very big boss fights make this game non-casual, as such a fight can take rather longish.

Otherwise its perfectly suited for casualplay if you are disciplined enough. Log in, hack a little while on the devil with your super-hugh sword (which compensates nothing). Take some rubies, enchant your other super-broad sword. Use it a while on snow princess, log out. 5 minutes happily played.


91% of the library completed boring.
I need :
4th gargoyle
4th naga
4th clay golem
3rd wyvern
4th kraken
4th orc
4th succubus
4th vampire
4th lich
4th dragon
4th living armor

the armor piece after hyper armor btw isnt really armor, its a yummy bone you get from the hellhound and its upgrades


Ok 4th dragon is named Tiamat, its golden


In the fourth area i cant hurt the "cloud" things with an eye in the middle. anyone know why


You need to use magic, purchase the spell for 10,000 from the guy in the same section


Woot, just finally completed the Library!!
Got that Hyper Armor too, but it isnt that good imo.
Now I've beat the Avatar on hard + easy, killed all the shrines, beat every monster in the game, and gotten every item in the game ;]

WaltBomb June 11, 2008 7:55 PM

Wow. I just killed a Methuselah (highest vampire). Those things are tough. It took me 41 minutes to kill it, with these stats:

S: 177
V: 151
I: 155
L: 152

I was using a 500-level Energy Sword, too. But the thing gave me 450,000,000 for the kill, so I'm totally not complaining now.

Any recommendations on how to kill False God? I'm still really unsure about which elements I should put on which swords, and I don't know what weaknesses FG has.

Anonymous June 11, 2008 8:40 PM

A relatively cheap way to raise your stats is to keep killing the world tree. It drops fruits that raise a stat by one, which can be worth 1mil after you pass 100. And it only takes a few seconds with a 500 level energy sword

isaac939 June 11, 2008 9:30 PM

how do you get an energy sword???

iShikamaru June 11, 2008 9:34 PM

I'd like to know what the Slimes and Lizardmen in the 10th area are weak to...
They're the best money-makers I've got access to... If I could kill them in less that 10 minutes...

isaac939 June 11, 2008 10:08 PM

fire was working for me


How do you get the trophy required to fight the shrine bosses?


Here's the chaser spell in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, it took me about an hour to get it once grinding in the 'secret area' heres a picture of it, i guess it is a homing spell:


Whats the spell BEFORE chaser but AFTER circler?

zbeeblebrox June 12, 2008 12:02 AM

Uh...I feel like an idiot. How do you raise your weapon level? I though just killing stuff would do it, but it's not..


iShikamaru, Slimes and Lizardmen are weak against fire, fight Efreet to get the rubies


I've gotten about 3/4th the way through this game but my hand is about to fall off. Can someone post a link to a finished game save file or explain how to edit my .sol file? I can't seem to find a .sol editor for max that works and opening the file as a text document isn't very helpful either.


LOL, Moses. The FAQ mentions the game's other name; I think that babarageo is pretty pun-ny, if you ask me.

"My long and thick OO" ^_^;;

The translation IS spot-on. And yes, he deliberately forgot the Japanese for "sword" and replaced them with " O O " just to make some people wonder "What's long and thick?"

Heh. He's more perverted than anyone would give him credit for, that guy.


general tips towards end game

the game is, surprisingly pretty doable even without cheats. but you'll have to do quite a lot of grinding thou (yes this is far from casual)
the best place to grind is the place with random monsters on the 3rd to last map. (named 'something' frozen waste). there are 2 things you should remember when grinding-
1.concentrate on upgrading one main weapon and a few points to endurence (no element is preferable since you'll have to fight a lot of random monsters)
2.don't, DON'T waste your time trying to kill uber strong monsters. it seriouly is not worth it as you get more money killing a lot of the weaker ones, and you'll be able to kill them later after more upgrades if you insist.
to fight the avatar, your weapon lvl should be around 2~3k (not impossible if you don't waste time killing uber mobs) with some onix upgrades (dark=avatar weakness- someone already commented on this before) and the hyper armor. the hyper armor is complete bullshit everywhere else, but agaist the avatar it works wonders. just try it out. with the hyper armor on the avatar's attack barely tickles and you won't have to worry about his attacks so much (but do move around a little as it diverts the damage done to you quite a lot) killing avatar should be more time consuming than it is hard. after you kill it you will be awarded with tons of money so if you still want to do something, go help yourself.
by the way. do get yourself a clicking macro. seriously. towards late game you'll be doing a few hundreds' worth of upgrades every time you go to the blacksmith and each avatar kill gives you enough money for about 2~3k's worth of sword upgrades. you're crazy if you're going to do that manually.


i might sound noobish but how do you use magic

OtherBill June 12, 2008 10:38 AM


To use magic, you have to buy the spells. The first place you can buy magic is in the fourth level, in a hidden area ('s Black Market) on the right side of the level.
Once you have a spell equipped, you cast it every time you swing your sword.
You will not be able to beat the fourth level boss without magic.


the spells are, in order,
magic missle(4th screen)
tri shot(5th screen)
napalm(5th screen)
circler(5th screen)
shockwave(11th screen, defeat abyss worm)
chaser(8th screen)
i may have given up on this game, but i can still help people!

RT Ideas June 12, 2008 10:51 AM

Here's a list of the creatures:

Neko Slime, Neko Metal, Neko Mithril, Neko Platinum
Skeleton, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Hero, Arthur
Orc, Orc Commander, Orc Chief, Geldra
Goblin Shaman, Goblin Enchanter, Goblin Warlock, Mabu
Harpy, Harpy Princess, Valkyrie, Seraph
Troll, Ogre, Minotaur, Ettin
Clay Golem, Stone Golem, Iron Golem, Colossus
Gas Cloud, Death Cloud
Gargoyle, Noble Gargoyle, Gargoyle Emperor, Ambrosia
Sand Golem
Mummy, Rotten Corpse, Pharaoh, Ptolemaeus
Naga, Lamia, Gorgon, Medusa
Kraken, Sea Bishop, Neptune, Leviathan
Giant, Cyclops, Gigas, Apocalypse
Wyvern, Salamander, Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatl
Lizardman, Lizard Captain, Lizard Admiral, Alexandra
Slime, Acid Slime, Macrophage, Bermuda
Werewolf, Lycanthrope, Fenrir, Vanargand
Trent, Dryad, Hamadryades
Succubus, Succubus Lady, Succubus Queen, Fay
Vampire, Elder Vampire, Vampire Lord, Methuselah
Lich, Arch Lich, Undead King, Lycurgi
Vortex, Maelstrom
Living Armor, Berserker, Dread Lord, Golden Knight
Dragon, Black Dragon, Ancient Dragon, Tiamat
Demon, Greater Demon, Demon Lord, Asmodeus
Hellhound, Orthros, Cerberus, Anubis
Orc Leader
Elven Archer
Maze Minotaur
Dark Mist
Mutant Cyclops
Sand Worm
Lizard Assassin
Snow Queen
Guardian Dragon
False God
Abyss Worm

Anonymously June 12, 2008 11:29 AM

How do you get the trophys for the shrine bosses?
and i cant seem to beat the false god.

andy the hax0r June 12, 2008 12:11 PM

nooo! i went to hack my game, but it got deleted! four months of clicking, all for nothing! waaaaahhhh!

Anonymous June 12, 2008 2:04 PM

what element is the ice queen?

fuzzbump June 12, 2008 2:09 PM

what element is the ice queen?

try_fire_to_counter June 12, 2008 2:48 PM

four months? google "autoclick" and d/l the first thing you see. follow adr's tips and you should be able to bounce back in four DAYS. upgrade weapon and vitality more first. upgrade luck only if you wish to attain 100% of enemies in the library. don't bother with trishot or circler spells. napalm is a good until you get chaser(which is worth every golds). then do intelligence upgrades.


ice queen is water

iShikamaru June 12, 2008 3:06 PM

What's the best place to grind for money... I'm at the 13 area...

And what about diamonds? I need to kill the vampires...XD

KingCrab June 12, 2008 3:07 PM

Does anyone know what element(s) the false god is weak to?

OtherBill June 12, 2008 3:47 PM

The best place to grind for money is a hidden area in level 14.

Once you can beat her consistently, the best source of diamonds is the level 13 boss.

And I, too, would like to know what the False God is weak to. Fire + Light neither really seem to make a difference (lvl 502 energy sword, fire +10, light +23).

KingCrab June 12, 2008 4:54 PM

I'm using a level 552 sword with 252 Water (my strength is 311) and it's not doing much to the False God, so water probably isn't the way to go either.


False God's giving me trouble. What the heck is he weak against the most, and what should I need to maximize my defenses?

Oh, and thanks, RT Ideas. Still a long way away from a full bestiary, but at least we know JUST how many foes make up the full roster.

And, thankfully, my earlier point on the Gas Cloud family still stands, unless someone's figured out a physical weakness against those foes.

Adding to this...Vortex, Maelstrom, Will-o-the-Wisp, and Ghost are also most vulnerable to magical attacks.

Still haven't managed to figure out Abyss Worm's weakness (although Dark-enchanted armour helps a little). Got into trouble with Ancient Dragon, too.

Also, a very cheap (but still long) way to fight Doppleganger: since he copies whatever element you have sword-wise (and apparently ALSO copies the OPPOSITE element armour-wise, they say), equip armour that has no elemental properties, and if preferred, reduce your sword's length and width to its minimum values.

Have fun swatting DG on slightly more equal terms now. If you beat him after you get his sword, 5 million is yours, so 20 times should be more than enough for Chaser.

And LOL....some of the L4 monsters sure have funny names. Take Arthur, for instance...anyone recognize that anywhere?


i've found that light DOES make a difference against false god, but ive poured in 500+ diamonds to get that

Jeffrey June 12, 2008 5:17 PM

So how do you actually win?

I've got all 16 areas unlocked, and still need to defeat the god in that last area... and then what?

Is there a payoff for all this ridiculous obsessive clicking? I've got a level 300 energy sword, 100 strength, and the more that I read, the more that it seems like I'm not even 25% of the way through this.

Tinytox June 12, 2008 5:18 PM

Honestly, i started playing the game thinking "Psh, im gunna play all the way through!?"

Then i read a bit about how long it took to beat the game.. and said "those guys are just noobs.."

and now...

i give up

honestly... if you think you can beat this game in a day well, goodluck to you... as others have said... there is a way to beat the game, but even then you gotta know some of the 'tricks'... and if you WANT to see the end of the game.. well theres only one thing you can do, and as a gamer you wont like it..

im serious... this is a serious spoiler..

im warning you... you REALLY wont...

if your a true gamer and you've clicked this far turn back now or your status may be ruined forever...

okay too late, last warning

Cheat. Use a .sol editor to edit the game save and change the info on the save, jack your sword up and your stats way up so you can 1 hit any monster, get infinant cash and buy w/e you want, make your sword so huge that you can hit the whole other side of the screen.
I havent seen everythieng yet, i 1 hit the hellhound and the false god, i killed the great wall in like 1 minute... nothing has been able to scratch me past my first hp tick.

If you happen to know -- how do you beat the "Shrine of Fate" when you have the trophy equipped? i can only ever get the first money bag of 100. (yes i dont touch them but i get near them so that they float to me.)

riuzaki June 12, 2008 5:21 PM

can anyone put up a list of where all of the secret areas are?


You never really win, you can get a full bestiary, kill all the bosses on hard, beat the shrines, and get max money, but nothing happens, it just keeps going.

Easy way to get cash for the lizardman boss is to get a lot of aquamarine upgrades from posideon and kill efreet many, many time (dont upgrade with the rubies until youre ready to go past the lizardman though, cuz you wont be able to damage efreet).
Get plate armor and upgrade it a few times, and yeah thatll take a while, but youll have really nice defense.
Get your weapon around level 200 by the time you reach the top 4 sections and kill through to the boss Death. theres an area in there with random high level monsters that drop a whole lot of cash if you can kill them fast enough. farm them for a long ass time until you can kill the demons in like, 4 hits (they drop over 1mil for me usually, so its fast to farm them). if a greater demon or demon lord pops up you can choose to fight them. if you kill a lord you can get around 500million.
kill death when youre ready and go to false god.
Pretty much just avoid his attacks and hit him, he uses a few beam attacks that go where you were standing, so keep moving. dont get level with him or his fire attack will hit you, just stay slightly under him. hell die soon enough.

avatar is really nothing but farming to finally kill it.
i mean, just to get past the great wall you need massive attack power.
Just run around and hope to get lucky on avatar and once you kill it spend the 100billion you get on major upgrades and do it again and again, then try it on hard ;)


Can anyone tell me where the secret area is on area14. like which part of the screen. cuz i can seem to find it.


Secret area on 14

I am pretty sure it was in the middle in the water, but if you do not have one between the two castles in the snow right below them then it is there.


does anyone know- I killed all the slimes in the shrine of knowledge but nothing happened. it was my last shrine but i cant get to the other map piece. what am i doing wrong?

fuzzbump June 12, 2008 7:51 PM

i'm not a comuter expert so what is a sol editor?!? is it a download or do you buy it or what?


I'm having trouble finding where to increase my luck, can anyone help me with that?

fuzzbump June 12, 2008 8:21 PM

11th map shrine of fate


where to find luck

12th map, on the right of the main map 3 up from the bottom. In the upper left corner shrine of fate.


Hey guys here is a little tip for EVERYONE having trouble...

are you ready for this?

OK, in section 8, a.k.a. a 2, the witch level, anyway there is a way to upgrade armor, once you buy lvl 4 armor from section 5, aka d 2, cyclops, then you can upgradee to lvl 5 rmor for 5 mil, and 6 for 6 mil, and so on, it is completely worth it, it takes me 38 hits with lvl 9 armor to get killed, approximately

KingCrab June 12, 2008 10:31 PM

How high can you get with the armor? I seem to be stuck at 9 even though I have plenty of gold for upgrading.

OtherBill June 12, 2008 11:44 PM

I think the armors all top out at Level 9.

Once you have a few million gold, it's definitely worthwhile.

KingCrab June 13, 2008 12:44 AM

Questions after the false god:

When do you fight this avatar? I'm assuming it's after the false god.
Where is the golden knight located?
Is there really a hidden second map?

iShikamaru June 13, 2008 1:15 AM

Okay... Lately, I've been getting one-hit KO'd, but only when my sword is down... And I bought the buckler long ago... Any clue?

onalimburger June 13, 2008 1:47 AM

Really handy tip for Luck Shrine:

The chaser spell will point you in the right direction... The gold bag will come to you when you are close enough.

What's so great about the hyper armor?

(seriously, 9999 fire and -9999 to all other elements? :( So much trouble for such a weenie piece of armor)

How do I defeat the great wall?! I have 200 strength and 1096 lvl sword still cannot do it!

And, really, this game is not casual... Unless you're the type of person who can play Diablo2 for 26 hours straight and has all the hacks and makes a living selling diablo items on the web.

Seriously, unless this is you, stay away....

iShikamaru June 13, 2008 2:17 AM


Did you turn your magic off? That supposedly heals the wall...

I just learned something, as well. .SOL Editors are USELESS in Vista... As far as I can tell, anyway... I'll have to wait til I get home in a couple days to properly use one...

Any tips to kill Death? That's where I'm stuck...


Is there a way to move a save file from one computer to another? I can't find anything in temporary internet files.

gsaddfs2 June 13, 2008 10:36 AM

when can you upgrade your sword? i'm on level 2.


I have 100mil, and I am in the store able to buy the chaser spell. But: Is it really worth all that money?


The best place to get diamonds:

get a lot of luck then go kill the harpies in world 2


Question about the end:

Is there any end to the avatars, or is it just an endless stream of the same monster with a randomized name? I've killed about 12 of them so far, and not a single repeat name.


Indigo Roger? Nin Nin? Where to find them? What are they anyway?


i got the chaser spell :P. but i dont know how to get trophys for the Luck/Int/Str/Vit stages


do you need to beat the false god to do the shrines?


why does the false god have different names everytime?
this must be a different element each name or something


Any strategies for killing the cerberus/hellhound?

WaltBomb June 13, 2008 1:50 PM

Jack, no you don't. I've been in three shrines now, and I still haven't beaten that dumb False God. Not really sure what opens them up. I'm going to try to get my sword to 2,000 before heading back to FG, only because my computer mouse is terrible and sketchy. Nin Nin is a savior, at least for a couple minutes before biting it.

OtherBill June 13, 2008 1:50 PM


Indigo-Roger and Nin Nin are characters that will join you (for a price). Indigo-Roger is in a hidden area (Oasis) in level 6; Nin Nin is in a hidden area (Secret Paradise) in level 12.


The chaser spell is definitely worth the money. There are good places to farm gold in levels 14 and 15, so you'll be swimming in gold soon enough.

A bit of advice: once you have the chaser spell and have raised your INT to the point that you're doing significant damage with your spells, then take off your gauntlets (assuming you've bought them). This will allow you to crank out the spells faster.


to get trophy :

Kill False God

to kill cerberus:

I found amping magic a TON does the trick best, if you can stay alive


i beat this game in a day. three hours actually.

WaltBomb June 13, 2008 2:15 PM

Finally! I beat False God! Took about five minutes. Here were my stats (also used Nin Nin):

S: 219
V: 225
I: 325

Energy Sword at 1293.

But now Hellhound Kills me in one shot. Do I have to build up enough strength to do the same to him? Or is there a trick?

WaltBomb June 13, 2008 2:17 PM

TK, what's your magic level, just to use a sort of Hellhound benchmark?


if youre having trouble with a boss, look no furthur!i am going to make a boss guide! i wont be able to make it all in one go though, so expect three parts!
general hints

tip 1:be careful while attacking. before you get the buckler, bosses can HOKO you while youre attacking.
tip 2:some bosses have tough to dodge attacks, so instead of sitting there and taking it, try to dodge, you'll save a lot of hp.
tip 3:never grind for three hours just to take out a boss. beat a level a few times, go upgrade, then try beating him twice or thrice.

area 1: orc leader

this guy cant shoot, making him a pushover, make sure you get the katana, or it will take a while.

area2:elven archer

this guy can shoot, but only in the direction he's looking. stay behind him and strike!

area3:maze minotaur

this is where things get tricky. be glad you can upgrade your blade now, your sword mustat level 5 before atempting this, or it will be harder than it should be.he can shoot you where ever you are, and he has a spiral attack. keep moving and he should go down.

area 4:dark mist

a variation of the gas cloud, make sure you have the magic equipped before you attempt this. get as far away as possible without running away, so you have more time to dodge his three way attack.

area 5:mutant cyclops *cough*referance*cough*cough*

he shoots lazer beams *cough* out of his eye, and theyre pretty big. but he has a major flaw in his aim.he is locked on to your location as soon as the charging circle appears, so move a bit and he'll miss by a mile. circle around him, but be carful when he turns around, his laser does too. you should have a level 15 or higher sword by now, and the three way blast.

area 6: sand worm

indigo is useful here.(i didnt have him though)you should have a level 20 sword, preferrably one from area 5, and the scale armor. a long sword is useful here. remember, only his eye is vulnerable to attacks, and you can still get hurt from touching his tail. his eight way attack is easy to dodge, just move up or down when he launches it.

area 7:posidon

this isnt posidon. posidon has a beard to rival mario's stache, and this octo-squid is sereously lacking in facial hair. ok, sereously, this guy is pretty tough, for an impostor, as he has an 8-way attack, exept he shoots whirlpools that are bigger than normal shots, and he shoots three. he also has an attack where he shoots three whirlpools right at you.unlike popular beleif, you can beat him without fire enchantments, although it helps to have them. a long level thirty sword should be enough to crack this mollusk.

area 8: the sorcoress!!

this is the boss most people have trouble with, and she doesnt even have a moustache. she has three attacks, a five way triple shot whirlpool, easily avoided, an eight-shot homing bullet, easily avoided if you keep moving, and the killer, the railgun-like lightning strike. keep moving to avoid that blast. it is highly reccomended (by me) to have the buckler by now, along with a level 45 or higher sword. this chick also sells you the chaser if you go to town at the right time. first she tries to kill you, then she tries to sell you overpriced merchandice. i'll never understand girls.

end of part one of the boss guide. if you were offended at all, remember, i am just trying to cheer you up during the hard parts of the game. i will post part two soon, hopefully later today. tomorow at most. now go eat a healthy balanced breakfast of waffles and cake.


Since no one has mentioned it- the hellhound is pretty easy.

Re-spec your sword- PURE LENGTH and NO width and crank your magic.

This will make it so his super sayan BS will not span the entire screen.

Do not poke him with your sword- get at an angle from him (his beam attack charges and the charge particle will hit you at a 90 degree angle from him) and just spam magic.

He should fall pretty quickly. (5-10 minutes) Nin Nin is a must because the fireballs cleave ~ 3/4 your HP with alot of VIT.

fuzzbump June 13, 2008 4:34 PM

anyone have any tips for Death?


I've come to a conclusion about the world tree.
it has no weakness
i tried every element. and the world tree is a plane old boss that has a high defence. :D

gsaddfs2 June 13, 2008 4:54 PM

beat all monsters, full library, uber high stats, tons of money, 999 of all gems, all partners found, all items, and can make super huge swords!!!!! that's my file.

OtherBill June 13, 2008 4:54 PM

Another data point: I was able to beat the False God with

all character stats at 250, a level 1000 energy sword (+35 to light), the chaser spell, and level 9 plate (+20 to dark).
Ooh, what a cute little puppy! -bzzzap-


i will be identifying myself as andy H now because i just realized that there are about ten different andys on jayisgames. anyway, on with the guide!
area 9:effret

what a horrid boss to start out my new guide, eh old chaps? this guy is invulnerable to damage unless slashed with a sword enchanted with water, i recommend a water level of 12. you may go higher, but that means more work for you. i didnt rase my sword level one for this guy. anyway, he has a three way shot attack, a eight shot homing and the spiral shot. they are sort of tough to avoid, but it is possible. keep attacking to pwn this n00b!

area 10:lizard assasin

yay! double digits! anyway, this guy had waaay to much caffine last night, as he's really fast and he'll teleport every time you click the mouse, regardless if its a hit or not. equip the coin of bravery for this one. why? because he likes to teleport on your head, and this is almost always an HOKO. he doesnt do it that much if youre at the sides, as for his attacks, he has a spiral whirlpool attack, and a shurikin attack. the shurikins the killer, so move up and down to avoid it. a level 70 sword should do the trick, and since he is water type, beat effret untill you can completely counteract the enchantments gonethrough to defeat him. a long sword should help a meteric buttload.

area 11: necromancer

this guy is a tough cookie, even though he has only two attacks which deal no damage.he either shoots a beam that pushes you away, or summons some dudes to kick your butocks for him. he can summon any nonboss dark type. some kid said he once summoned the sorceress, but i didnt believe him, if he does though, please post it. level 80 should be enough to eat this moustachless cookie.

area 12:yggdrasil a.k.a. the world tree.

this tree has thorns, and it's uglier than my grandma's cat. speaking of cats. go get yourself one at the secret paradice(nin nin is japanese for cat)it will save your butt plenty of times, and from now on, you should always fight with one. this tree has three attacks, apple bombs, triple lightning, and a lightning beam from the sky. stay as far away from him as possible, to avoid the apple bombs and tripple lightning, and stay toward the bottom to help avoid the sky lightning.anyway, a long lv 100 sword should cut down this tree. oh yeah, some times this guy drops fruit that increase stats, one is red, so dont mistake it for an apple bomb.(i dont even know why this tree would want to attack you. in the legends & myths, it was a tree that held up the entire universe. and it was a good guy.)

area 13:snow queen

unlucky thirteen. this is another female boss. i am just saying that because she has the dreaded charm attack! i mean,if she was a boy and she was ysing that attack, that would be crrreeeepppy.that, along with her other two attacks make this chic one to be feared. the first of her attacks is a laser like the mutant cyclops had, but its blue and all around stronger, faster charge time, and more damage. i think its a little bit thinner though, anyway, her last attack is some sort of ice attack. she shoots a lot of ice arrows of varying sizes all around her, not to powerful, but really hard to dodge. combine those two haymakers with the deadly charm and youre screwed unless you have at least 90 vit, or the plate mail. the plate mail is reccomended because in this point of the game, youll be making a lot of money. also try a level 150 balanced sword to break out a lethal combo of your own to fry this icy diva.(unlike her name suggests, fire will not be an asset, she actually is a light type.)

area 7R:doppelganger
this is the doppelgeanger. he is optional and he resides in the temple of the moon. it is highly recomended that you fight and defeat him. he drops the energy sword. the best weapon in the game. he has your sword, exept it is reversed. he also has yur armor. it too, is reversed. equip your worst armor and you will be dealing more damage to this guy. a long sword is used to hit his feet. if you hit his feet he cannot hit you back. it will take a while. he does not have your stats. or your moustache.SGFBDFAYKURYASKUGFCSUITC!!!!! jeez, i was holding that in for a while. this guy also is very resiliant. he wont take much damage from any sword under level 200, so come back after you beat death.
area 14:guardian dragon

this things BEAST. considering it is one btw.
this dragon is very strong, but only its weakest attack can hit you if youre behind it. i shoots a fire beam from its mouth, it shoots three fireballs, and it's own variation of the spiral. the four orbs come out, and make explosions. the orbs dont damage, the explosins do. a level 175 sword should do the trick.

area 15:death itself

death is tricky, he shoots 3 bommerang bullets, and has a cresent slash, which is his main damage dealer. sometimes, he becomes ethernal, and for those of you who arent in the know, that means he is invulnerable untill the effect wears off.his attacks are easy to dodge, but he has a lot of health. bring a level 210 sword to even the odds.

yes, i am stopping at the false god. i have a killer strategy for him too. know that i am going to cover everything after the false god too, expect the guide tommorow. oh yeah, i also suggested the game, diddnt i? please credit me.

isaac939 June 13, 2008 6:29 PM

hey guys im having truble beating doppleganger here are my

strength 10
vitality 11
Intel 5
luck 7
what should i use???????
to beat it


how do you get to Avitar? I've done everything I can think of but i can't get to him.


Where do I get the chaser spell?

I read on here that I would find it in some "PA city" in level 8. but the only city I found there is "FSHJ city" or something. and theres four people standing in there and nothing else. I also scaned the area incase it was some "hidden city"

sum dude June 13, 2008 10:58 PM

I just beat an Ambrasia for 64000000!!!!!!!!!!!!

I upgraded energy sword to 350, too!

OtherBill June 14, 2008 12:59 AM


Once you beat the False God (and possibly the Hellhound, not sure), you get a trophy. Equip this trophy, and it unlocks the shrine challenges. Beat them, and you can move off the map into outer space; the Avatar is on the moon.


That's the right place. Enter it, over and over, and you'll randomly be diverted to a magic shop where you can buy the Chaser spell...for 100,000,000 gold. (That's no typo.)


Secret to owning hellhound:

the bigger your sword is, the bigger homeboy's cheap blast reset your sword size when fighting hellhound/orthros/cerebus/anubis!

btw, that same tactic above works on doppelganger.

sum dude June 14, 2008 9:30 AM

Tip for beating doppleganger

with a scimitar, a width more than the length of your sword you should be able to allow you to go beneath him and reach up and hit him, but when he attacks back, it will miss over your head.

Voodoo Smile June 14, 2008 11:22 AM

How do you get the hyper armor?

And how do you beat the pixie?

And what's with the gold bags in the luck shrine?

And this game rocks!!

fuzzbump June 14, 2008 11:44 AM

does light enchanted weapons and dark enchanted armor help with Death?

LazyFaceKai June 14, 2008 12:07 PM

What are the values for gold in the Sol Editor?


Frankly: got to love it just for the look of it.
Nuff said.


Where do you edit the save state at?


I find the best way to make money is to

kill invisibles in the 15th screen, go in and out until they are about 5-6 because it takes the same amount of time to kill 6 and 3, every one gives about 200,000 so if you grind for a while yoou should be able to get chaser in about 1 hour

sum dude June 14, 2008 4:19 PM

Help an unfortunate person

Where are these "luck shrines"? I know there's the shrine of fate(buy luck), but there aren't any "fake bags" or anything.

OtherBill June 14, 2008 4:35 PM

Voodoo Smile:

Supposedly, Golden Knights drop hyper armor. I've never seen one, though, so can't verify that.
Beat the Pixie by...doing nothing. Wait long enough, and she'll disappear on her own.
As for the gold bags, all of them explode but one. If you walk close enough to them, the correct one will jump to you (like regular gold bags do). The chaser spell makes this easy if you pay attention...


Supposedly, yes. That's what I used, at least.