Amazing game by the master game-maker, as usual. I absolutely loved the creepy experience.

ElliotM June 1, 2008 2:08 PM

Can that last key be used with the kite girl? I gotta try that.. Such an expansive game, this is awesome.


okay so i have one medallion but you need two to give to the giant right?

I got the one from the lady when i gave her the apple/pear thing, but where is the other one!


Anonymous June 1, 2008 3:01 PM

GAH! I can't get the balloon and I have 38 coins, and the eggs in place! Where is it?

Snowmiddy June 1, 2008 3:15 PM

Wow, I loved it. The author is amazing, it's his signature style, where it's got a really creepy atmosphere, but you can't ever say you're actually scared at anything! I love it, but I am very confused, it didn't feel like an ending. You escaped from daymare town, but I was really confused about the little girl that kept running away. And that one girl who was in the corner. It made me really confused. But anyway, loved it!

ElliotM June 1, 2008 4:11 PM

List of possible red herrings, optional puzzles, and speculation about some elements of the game:

The Revenge Guy -

entirely optional as noted before. I kept looking around for a dead body but all the characters I had seen previously were all still alive. I even tried giving him the poison before giving the pain killers to the aristocrat.

Girl with the Kite -

tried using the last rusty ring key with kite but it didn't work. Nothing I've tried does anything.

The Clock in the Tenement House -

the guy living there counted out the number 14 with scratches on the wall. Since you can move the clock hands around that number could perhaps be related. That number is the only one I've found, unless the wall carvings are clues. In any event, if that little compartment would open, it might reveal a new object or a coin.

The Cherry Embassy Girl -

if you walk in and out 3 times in a row, she will come out of the corner to the middle of the room and stare at you. This was creepy the first time it happened.

The chalk -

was unable to take it before or after giving the guy next to it the flower. I'm guessing that Cherry Embassy Girl might have been interested in this object provided we could have taken it in the first place.

Wall symbols -

There are at least two symbols/wall carvings you can zoom in on but without any apparent interaction - one is in the lower left corner by the medallion giant with the egg standing in the forbidden district and the other is opposite the ladder in the alleyway at Wall Street next to the pharmacy. Perhaps playing Daymare Town 1 could give us some ideas.

Replay Game bug

I mentioned this once before but now I've confirmed it. If you manage to get through the game, the one key left on your rusty key ring will not disappear from the inventory row, remaining clickable even in the start menu page.

If you choose to start a new game without refreshing the page, this rusty key ring with only one key will still be in your inventory. Once you get the actual key ring with 4 keys, any attempt to use it will lock up the input (since you are unable to put it away because of the old ring with one key), preventing you from doing anything except a page refresh, thus losing your new progress.

Not being able to take the chalk may also be bug if its not intended to be a red herring.

ThemePark June 1, 2008 4:30 PM


The last key can be used on the big gate at the beginning of the game, but from the other side.
As for the clock, I noticed another number at the butcher's hideout. On the right wall, it says 222, so I tried putting the clock to 2:22, but unfortunately that achieved nothing.


I can't give the distilled water to the man, please help?

Haikiba June 1, 2008 6:59 PM

About the Tove Jansson thing: There is a resemblance, but I was strongly reminded of Edward Gorey, myself. It has the same kind of subtle creepiness and surrealism. Even the drawing style is somewhat similar.


Ahhh....I've been without internet for several days...I almost peed myself when I saw this game. YAY! Good stuff.

Architectonic June 2, 2008 6:52 AM

Oh, this was brilliant! I loved the first one, and Skutnik's other point'n'click games too.

Did anyone find out what the girl in the Cherry Embassy wanted? Apart from to scare everyone, that is.


The cherry embassy if you go in and out three times the girl comes out of the corner, if u go in and out three times again she goes back to the corner.. and whats with all the naked people, weird, and the guy that wants the water, is that poop on the floor , gross...............


hi every one
this game is great .. this was easier than daymare 1.
any way i gave the poison to the ill man in bed and he drank it then he disappeared with the death angel ...
so i think those are optional the painkiller and the poison ..


Wow, what a wonderful game.
I liked this one better, then Daymare 1.
Only that chicken and yawning statue... I am a laptop user - the mouse is really not for such 'click and drag quickly' chalanges. Almost quited because of this.

Dooreatoe June 2, 2008 4:02 PM

I wish there was a walkthrough for all the parts that could possibly make an easily-scared person jump. Like me. :P

ElliotM June 2, 2008 6:35 PM

Thanks, Themepark.

I will keep an eye out for more numbers to try. The wall carvings I mentioned might be clues as well for the clock but I'm not sure what those are for either. The clock might be a red herring but I still think it may be openable.

tenkuchima June 2, 2008 6:37 PM

Something bad hapened to me that others might want to watch out for. When I tried to give the distilled water to the sand witch something glitched and I couldn't put it back into my inventory. Now I cant use any other items and have to start over again. How anoying

Haikiba June 2, 2008 9:41 PM

Scare Guide:


When you pull the chain at the gate, a hairy gnome opens the little panel and glares at you. Startling.

Cherry Embassy:

If you enter the house three times, the girl in the corner will turn around to face you. Her face is shadowed. Pretty scary.


If you look in the little window in the wall, you'll see a big naked man sitting in the corner of a cell with his face to the wall. If you leave and look again (you'll have to), he'll have his face right up to the window and be baring his teeth (he looks like a cross between a caveman and a rat). He'll go back to his corner for good once you've given him what he wants. Probably the scariest part.

That's about all that's worth mentioning. (I'm not counting the stuff in the Museum, which was creepy, not scary.)

Martybhoy June 3, 2008 5:58 AM

Anyone know how to finish with 41 coins???

The highest scores in the high-score table all have 41!

I can't get more than 39 ( I know you need to gwet no.40 at the very end as the balloon is flying away but haven't managed to get it yet)

Martybhoy June 3, 2008 6:20 AM

Nevermind, found coin 41. Its in "The middle of noowhere" and is missing from Shudog's 40 coin walkthrough above.

Any advance on 41 coins??


will someone pls help me, i feel like a fool but- i can not find this giant thing to give him the lighter. I do not know where the forbidden district is. i have looked all over and i am so stuck.

shamrock June 3, 2008 5:51 PM

How do you

light the giant's cigarette? I have 10 coins but cannot figure out how to get the lighter working. I tried to restart the game and use the "ordinary stone" as a flint, but it didn't work. BTW I'm on a Mac OSX.


Great game, but not for the faint of me.

paigicus June 3, 2008 11:28 PM

Okay still no one has helped me, and I LOVE daymare 1. BUT i still cannot find this forbidden district... and i am losing hope.

Groogokk June 4, 2008 12:19 AM

@ shamrock/the lighter:

You don't light the cigarette itself, you put the lighter into the giant's hand when he holds it out.

@ paige, paigicus/the forbidden dictrict: You would make it easier for us to help you if you told us where you are. I trust that you have found the giant in the meantime. So when you are on the Butcher's Market,

click on the left side of the screen, just left of the cherry embassy, where it says AQUEDUCT...

**Miz_Behaving** June 4, 2008 12:58 AM

hey paige,

as soon as you get out of the 'middle of nowhere' hole you go right, go up and click on the big giant when he moves get the lighter and place it on his open hand, he will light his cigarette and fly away.

Stevie Dee June 4, 2008 3:52 AM

I found a bug which means when I paid for my ticket at the museum they took all my coins away!


I've almost have gotten 40 coins. My problem is that when I try to click

on the coin going up in the balloon

, I can't seem to get it fast enough! Any suggestions?

shamrock June 4, 2008 11:16 AM

Thanks for the help. One more question: how do you

get the pearmain inside the long-statue man's mouth in the Aqueduct? I can't seem to do this quickly enough, but I feel like there've been a couple instances where I fully got it to his mouth and he didn't take it.

shamrock June 4, 2008 11:22 AM

Sorry for poss. repeat but not sure my comment went through. I'm playing on a touch-pad Macbook with OSX and I cannot figure out how to

get the long-faced statue in the Aqueduct to eat the pearmain. I've dragged the pear like 100 times and either I'm too slow or I drag the pearmain over its mouth and it doesn't take the pear.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Martybhoy June 5, 2008 5:09 AM


The latest target is 41 coins (including the tricky one at the end), not 40.
See my earlier post for the location of the 41st coin (the one that is missing from Shudog's 40 Coin Walkthrough post).

p.s. I still cant grab that last coin either!!!


I only get 40 coins where is 41, someone please help. cant find one in the middle of noowhere, where is that.... please help


I finally got last coin its next to own in the middle of nowhere.............

Groogokk June 5, 2008 11:21 AM

About the pearmain:

You don't exactly click and drag it to the mouth of the statue (like copy+paste), you click it, move it to the mouth and click again. Maybe that is the problem.

As to touchpad users and speed issues with the last coin:

It is difficult to get even with a normal mouse! That said, you can get an external mouse for as little as €3.45 over here (which may be what, $5?) and it's probably a nice thing to have anyway.


Thanks Martyboy. It took me a few minutes to found
"Middle of nowhere" plus a few more to figure out exactly where the coin was. It's hard to look for it, but I now can get 40 coin. Only if I can get that last one it'll be 41 in all. I keep trying to see if there's anymore, but haven't. Let me know if you figured out how to get the last one.:)

Lololee June 6, 2008 3:20 AM

w00t i finished
with 33 coins but I followed joye's walktrough but he/she said i will have 32 :/


Please I'm stuck I opened the closed district and i gve the medallion to the giant , what do i have to do with the sand-witch??
And what about the guy yelling REVENGE? Where did you find the chalk?


Never mind... I get all the eggs... and ... I still have the balloon the knife and the key..


Yes, I was able to that last coin going up! I guess you have to take your chances with just clicking on the coin before the game ends. Now if I only have 41 and anonymous posted that they got 42/43, where the heck are they?


Help! I cannot give the medallions to the giant, he just won't take them. I tried about a hundred times and I'm getting real frustrated. Why did it work for all of you?

I am placing them in the open hand, not the closed one in the immage with the giant to the extreme right. I also tried in the other picture where he is to the left but he just won't take them. Help!!!

I only got the coins, a ballon and a knife left and reading the walkthroughs it seems that I have done every other thing.

I put all the eggs but one in the museum.

ElliotM June 8, 2008 12:29 AM


There are several giants in the game but it sounds like you found the right one. Just to be sure though, you reach him by going into the house in the forbidden district, go up a set of dark stairs and then look out a window. He wears a medallion similiar to the one you retrieved from the statue.
There is another giant in the forbidden district you see right away in the first screen as you enter which is standing near the sandwitch. That giant isn't the one that wants the medallions.
You should be able to place the medallions one at a time in his open hand, which will then close while he opens the other to reveal the last egg you need.


anyone else seriously freaked out by that butchers face when he was right up to the little window?
it was pretty much the only thing that got me in that game.

ElliotM June 8, 2008 4:43 PM

The butcher was kinda creepy but I found the girl in the cherry embassy to be the scariest.


Has anyone figured out a maximum coin walkthrough yet?


Hi everyone

Just finished Daymare 1 and 2...
So, can any of you guys recommend me another point`n`click game, coz dis was the first I ever played and I really liked it.

Martybhoy June 10, 2008 11:09 AM


The maximum which has been achieved so far is 41 coins (check out the all time high-score list on the main game menu)
Your 40-coin walkthrough has them all except for the one in the tunnel near the start (Middle Of Nowhere).
Its located just to the bottom-right of the little black guy with the long spikey hair.

Would love to hear from the game creator Mateusz if there are any more which can be found!!


Thanks Marty. I love/hate that I keep replaying this, trying to figure out why some things are clickable and some things aren't.

In addition to the list by ElliotM, I was also wondering about these:

The little figure next to the smoker is clickable. Why?

The recurring theme of the dots and cross symbol is also tantalizing.

The paintings also make me suspicious. As do all the screens without anything to click on.

Sonatina June 11, 2008 12:53 PM

Oh gosh, so many questions.
Anyone know what was up with the clickable designs on the wall

(like the one across from the ladder where you get the balloon)

or with that creepy person in the Cherry Embassy, or with the poor baker near the outskirts, or with the unclickable chalk, or with the guy that kept running away whenever you moused over him, or with that "wacky clock" in the Tenement House?


i looked at the high scores after i finished the first time, and i figured out how to get 41 coins!!!! im not gonna put up spoilers because i really cant remember wat i did exactly. it was sooooo confusing :)! (sorry i cant help. btw it took me 6 hours for me to get away with 41!lucky its summer.)

Anonymous June 12, 2008 3:46 AM

I did'nt see anyone mention the man who yells "Revenge...revenge!" on the opposite end of the courtyard as the man with the chalk. I gave him the arsenic and he seemed very happy and walked away.

Maluenda June 15, 2008 1:42 PM

If you want to get all of the coins..

You do NOT have to buy EVERYTHING. Like.. you need the pain killer, the knife, and everything from the museum.

I left the town with 39 coins- and I saw the last one.

It is on the ledge by the guy on the wall when you are leaving in the balloon. By your left hand.

People having trouble with the fisherman, getting the dragon.

Click again.

What I don't quite get.. is the girl in the Cherry Embassy? Anyone figured that one out? Maybe the clock?

Zelthax June 18, 2008 3:57 PM

All I know is, that freaky girl in the corner of the cherry embassy

turned around after I did everything then went back for the coins. She stared at me. I almost wet myself.

If you're coin hunting,

give the painkiller to the temenet guy, give it to the aristocrat.


buy the arsenic.

Just sayin'.


I played Daymare Town 1 and 2. I tried them on my own but couldn't figure them out then I had an ah ha moment and googled for help. I found this site and love all the help you guys and gals give. This was a fun yet creepy game. I ended up with 30 coins in the second game with the help of the walk throughs. I will admit some are confusing. Some don't say go back some say left when they mean right while others are right on the money. I hope they create a DT3!!!


oh man, the cherry embassy girl scared the bajeesus out of me the first time she moved. then I got seriously annoyed that I couldn't do anything involving her...

I used all my keys :) the aqueduct door, the one in the outskirts, the wall street door to the girl with the flower (oh MAN i wanted to pick up the chalk!), annnnd the main gate. from the inside, even.


how do you get across the red bridge? please help!!

at55retired June 25, 2008 2:57 AM

To Shudog and everyone else that missed a coin!!

One of the coins EVERYONE seems to be missing is: when you go through the transition pipe between "outskirts" and "fisherman". (it's called "middle of nowhere") look at the two guys in the pipe; the coin is to the bottom right of the second guy....


Pretty creepy game. The scariest thing in any of the games is when the librarian appears in the torture room (When you have the sound on, of course) Love Mateusz's games!


I seriously finished with 30 coins!!!! yipeee! :D


wwwuuddrrrffuull game...and am not finished yet.


If anyone is still checking this, I have never been able to

retrieve the balloon.

Where is it and how do you get it? I followed the walkthrough, but there was nothing there.


Does anyone know the reason why there is an

office after you find all the eggs? When you enter the second part of the museum (after the first hallway, where the balloon room and the egg room is located) and you turn left, there is a staircase. But there is nothing in that room of use. Has anyone found anything in there? Or is it a dead room, like Cherry Embassy?


I cant find a weight for the bell thing-is it 1 of the coins i need to use? I DONT GET THIS GAME!


That game is really cool. But what is with that dude lurking round corners spying on you?
Is it the same dude with the golden egg?

Won't he leave us alone already?!


I give poison to the sick person on bed... and then he died. No coin given. LOL


I managed to do all the game without looking at the spoilers! But I did double check at the end. Thank you so much! This was a brilliant game to play.


Man, everyone says that was the hardest game, but it was the only game where i beat it without a walkthrough, and without pulling my hair out! I really liked the animation, and this guy should keep on making escape games!

Roseate Spoonbill August 2, 2008 2:48 AM

Great game. Took me about an hour and a half. Very eerie and artistic. I made sure to play it late at night. One of the best games I've ever played.

This is the first point-and-click escape game that I've finished all on my own.

dollytoyz August 2, 2008 4:08 PM

i have only been able to find 1 medallion, when i put the pear thingy in the mouth of the face on the wall. you say the giant wants 2 medalloins.??? in case it was a typo, i put the 1 medallion in his open right hand . nothing !! where do i get the second medallion? and also. i put the maggot on the hook..clicked the fisherman twice...the line goes down..a big ass dragon like fish comes say use knife on him, but nothing happens??? i am loving this lol but im stuck and am dieing to see how it all works out. it is indeed very cool and where can i find more games like this?...dollytoyz

AbbeyLynn August 6, 2008 3:40 PM

You missed some coins:
1. At the "Tenement House" on "Wall Street"
(i think there was somewhere else but i cant seem to remember)


i did not know that if you gave the aresenic to the aristocrat he would die. i found out through the walkthrough that i was supposed to give him the pain pill. Way too many places to look for things,but fun game that i almost finished!


love love LOVED this game! One of only a few games I could fin without wt. Easier than DT1, but not so much so that it FELT easy. MS is a master craftsman!! btw.. anyone else get a chuckle at the paintings in the locked museum wing? Forgot the names, but woman was wearing dress made out of cashmere, and man was wearing dress made out of the woman... shades of Silence of the Lambs! It puts the lotion in the basket!


Hey something kinda interesting that i found

I dont know when it unlocks but just before you finish the game if you go back to the Cherry Embassy the girl has turned around


I did it without a walkthrough. I can never do escape games (or at least rarely, and never ones this complicated) without looking up hints! Woohooo!

This was an amazing game. The first one was so hard, I had to use a walkthrough, the see-a-bird thing.


acctually, I have collected a total of 35 coins... "all in all!"


oh wow, the

caveman butcher guy thing freaked me out a little bit


Definitely Skutnik is making the best games on the internet right now in my opinion. Especially the point-and-clicks, which so artfully combine a very manageable level of difficulty with such captivating worldmaking.

I was really sad when it said I was leaving Daymare Town!! (and a little relieved, after I realized that "siona" is not a type of fabric... shudder) I hope that doesn't mean there will be no more games from this terrifying and yet somehow simultaneously endearing world.


What with the cherry girl?

CarlzWeasley September 30, 2008 7:27 AM

Did anyone notice that the 'pharmacologist' was selling four items, yet they were numbered 1, 2, 3, and 5? Where is number 4? Just curious..!

And the souvenir guy has numbers 1, 2, 2, and 3.

Curioser and curiouser..

Astronama October 3, 2008 4:20 PM

I actually came across 50 coins! It was a little difficult seeing a couple of them though.


I get to the giant with the medalians, but I cant get into the door to give them to him.

point~&~click October 13, 2008 3:11 PM

just as a question...even though people may not respond...

anyone notice when you go into the pharmacy-type-thing, on the left of the guy there, you can sort of see the black-figure from the museum...weird


Here's an idea for extra coin.

As already commented, you can end the game with an extra key and then start the game again with it.
Instead of using it on the main gate, use it on the locked gate to your right (one with the bread in it).
Do the game and you should end up with two extra keys.
i'm wondering if you repeat this, can you get to a point where you don't need to buy the big shiney key at the museum?

I haven't tried this, but thought it could be worth a go for those trying to get all coins.


I finished with 41


i found a glitch!!
if you win the game and still have one kew left you can keep it if you play again!!


In the Cherry Embasy room, I did not even notice the person standing the corner for about 10-15 seconds after entering, I was so intent on finding coins. I jumped when I saw her. Then I tried to feed her limburger cheese, because I thought she might get hungry standing in that corner all day.


Oooohhhh... I guess I shouldn't have given the man in bed arsonic, and I shouldn't have given painkillers to the other guy...


Oh... I wish there were more games like this...


To get the ancient medallion

get the pearman out of the trashcan with the hobo in it,then go to the canals. Click between the middle arch. Click the necklace on the things neck. When it opens it's mouth, quick! put the pearman in it's mouth. The medallion on the necklace falls off. Zoom out. Click the round thing that is now below the middle arch. Now, you have the medallion.


By the way, does anyone know why the man in the tenement smiles when you give him the pain killer?


i finaly beat the game on my own! i played it like 6 months ago with a walkthuough, and i did it and the only thing i could figure out is how to get the keys from the gatekepper but hanks to you guys i got it! great game, much better than #1, and and about the tenant smiling when you give him the pain killer, you should give the painkiller to the dieing richguy and he will give you ten coins


I just found a couple of very creepy details. After you got to the last part of the museum, take a look at the plaque about the first painting: "Bagbus wearing a dress made of Siola", or something like that. It doesn't make sense, until you turn left and look at the next painting. This painting says "Siola wearing a dress made of cashmere".

Do you get it? Bagbus is wearing a dress made of Siola's skin! Yikes!


The 2nd one makes more sense than 1st one. Overall, great work! It took me a long time to finish through, but it's worth it! I like all the character varieties!

Roseate Spoonbill January 1, 2009 12:37 AM

I absolutely love this game.


Tis a great game, 5 out of 5. We liked it more than the first one, because there are more places to explore AND because of the coins, too :D (Collecting them is funny).

We - my girlfriend and I - escaped the town with 32 coins left, so it's not exactly the maximum. We totally found 55 coins and spent 23 of them in the Museum and Pharmacy.

Heh, it's a bit of a pity you can't do anything

in the Cherry Embassy, so what that man wants still remains a mystery,

and also

there is some geometrical pattern (cracks in the wall?) on the left side of the Giant man in the Forbidden District. The cursor changes on mouseover but you still can't do anything there

I like that there obviously are alternative solutions to some of the puzzles. Like

we gave the painkiller to the Aristocrat, not to the Tenant and we also did give poison to the Revenge man :D

My personal favourites are those little men who escape you when you approach, and my girlfriend liked collecting coins.

Daymare are good games, thanks for both! :)


@ Daggy:
Daggy wrote: "I just found a couple of very creepy details. After you got to the last part of the museum, take a look at the plaque about the first painting: "Bagbus wearing a dress made of Siola", or something like that. It doesn't make sense, until you turn left and look at the next painting. This painting says "Siola wearing a dress made of cashmere".

Although it is funny and we also had some chuckle over it, it's not neccessarily so creepy. Siola Alois is an Italian "beaded and emboroidered upholstery silk fabrics and trimmings production" (from their site). So maybe Bagbus was wearing a dress made of their fabrics :) Or Siola, the girl is a silkworm! :D A funny touch, those pictures, in any case.

Then again, one of the pictures in the Museum depicts a Skun Abuser... Maybe it *is* Bagbus? ;)


The forbidden district, I can't get in,
something about a rusty key? I'm pretty far along but don't remember a rusty key?


I'm stuck,can't get the rusty key,where is that?


You get the bunch of rusty keys from the

growly dude behind the front doors.


There is a coin in the tunnel when you are going into the city "MIDDLE OF NOWHERE" it is on the right side of the little animal thing a little down under the eye area


For those who only have one medallion, you probably also had a problem with cutting the fish, right? Solution:

When the little fishing guy at the dock has the huge monster on his line, click on him again(the fishing guy not the monster,) and he will drop the line again. This drops the monster and pulls up a regular fish. Yeah! You are then able to take that fish off the hook and put it in your inventory. There you can cut the fish, releasing the second elusive second medallion.

(ed. Don't forget to use spoiler tags when you're giving out solutions. Thanks! -Kyle)