Anonymous June 12, 2008 4:54 AM

help! i chose magic over nature, not sure if this is the reason i cant find the berries? have gone to the spot shown in the pictures posted on here but no plant there! have 2nd level of everything except leadership.

fairymnster June 12, 2008 8:39 AM

where do i find the berries please?

I'm pretty sure i have all the requirements


@Kristyn.. yeah guess it's it..

fairymnster June 12, 2008 9:39 AM

theres supposed to be berries if you use the magic faction.....


Fairymaster - Yes, there are berries, they are directly to the left of the research lab. Are you sure you've achieved level 2 faction? That is, you've upgraded your faction twice, magic?

MarydaleEd June 12, 2008 1:26 PM

<<sad>> no one answered my questions. can someone scroll back and answer my questions? thanks.


MarydaleEd - sorry no one answered you. Let me try:

1) The sharks only took one potion from me and they were gone for good. Not sure why they came back for you. Try again?

2) I think the relevance is that your villagers are enjoying or enhancing their quality of life. This may play into how long a villager lives, but I have no proof of that. Just a hunch.

3) I've not noticed any door by the beehive.

2nd 1) yes.

2nd 2) hahaha, yes sometimes. xD

2nd 3) I agree that would be nice.

4) good point.


Ok so has anyone ever seen this on your game?????? I left the game for a long time and forgot to pause it and when I came back there were about 10 dead people. One of my guys went over to where they were and his head started spinning around in circles and on his comment box it said he was "acting sinister"!!!! Isn't that nuts!! I have no idea where that came from!


My sharks never went away, they just got a sparkle to them and the villagers aren't afraid of them anymore.


Yay! My statue is done! 5 says later!!!


Cheap ending, it doesn't even say Congradulations, you win. lol


I cannot get the stones by the waterfall to become a building.
I tried the things listed above.


mary beth June 12, 2008 7:14 PM

Can anyone tell me how to get the upgrade to .04? Do I need to re-start the game?

[Edit: Just download the game from the same site where you purchased it from, and reinstall it. It shouldn't affect your saved game. -Jay]


I once had a short blurb where one of my villagers looked into a crystal and basically developed a doppleganger, who stated they were "sinister", or looked it. For all I could see it was just a duplicate of that villager. I just kept her too busy to be sinister. :D I did have to keep after her to work. But she was far from what I call sinister.


To those still having issues with the chalkboard not clearing after completing the bath:

Question for you: Have you tried dropping a master builder on the statue anchor point (the base of the hip at the top of the path)? Doing so will confirm that the plans are, in fact, present.

I've just heard from the developers who have said they are working on a new version (1.00.05) that should make the bath plans clear correctly, along with a few small fixes. We will post about it here when the new version becomes available.

boogabear June 13, 2008 12:09 AM

I don't know where I'd be without this walkthrough.

I like how it just gives you a few hints so you just dont feel like you're cheating the whole way through.

Very nice!

I HATE the fact that you have to click on "spoiler" everytime you want wouldn't be coming to a walkthrough website if you didn't want a seems kinda silly.

Great job, though!


We're not just a walkthrough website, we're actually much more than that, but I do understand your complaint.

The spoilers exist so you can read through the site without fear of seeing something that could potentially spoil your experience, therefore you must click on them to see it.

Thanks for your feedback, glad you found something useful here! ^_^

Britani June 13, 2008 3:05 AM

I am stuck on puzzle 16? i cant get anything to appear... does it matter that i havent finished earlier puzzles but ive done 13 14 15

fairymnster June 13, 2008 3:11 AM

Yes definitely twice magic faction and still no berries.......


can any one tell me how to use the lift.
all i can do is make the person stand on it!
please help villagers are dying!!


Where can I find that socalled "PITCHER PLANT"?


fairymnster - have you tried dropping a villager on the plants in the potty area? You won't see any message when you dangle a villager over top of the 6th herb like you do with the others.

Jason -

wait until it rains, then place a villager on the lift.


I can not find the PITCHER PLANT! Where is it????

[Edit: I posted a link to a screenshot where it is. Check the above comments for it. -Jay]


I drew the plans and put my scaffolding up before I had acheived level 3 for leadership. The master builder who built the scaffolding and the cheif at that time have both died before I was able to acheive level 3 leadership. I have a cheif and a master builder, but the master builder tells me that a leader is needed before work can begin. Who is the leader?


angela-- the chief is your leader. have him/her start directing work and then set your builders


Regarding the sewing hut... from what I understand, the foundation to build it is supposed to appear somewhere later in the game. However, I have solved all 16 puzzles, I have all but 3 of the awards, and I have all technology purchased except level 3 science. I've got three living huts, but still no sewing hut to build. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I also have a thought about the sharks not disappearing after the potion is put into the ocean. When I played the nature faction, the sharks disappeared completely with a puff of green smoke on each of them. However, when I ran the magic faction, the sharks had a rainbow above each of them and they reappeared, but they stay away from the villagers and fishing is successful. I guess as long as the villagers don't run out of the water, the sharks are ok to show up.

rheacreate June 13, 2008 3:49 PM

I have completed all puzzles and have not seen foundations for the sewing hut yet in VV3. Can we get more specifics? Like where does it appear, do I need to draw plans with a master builder, is there anything you can do to bring it on? Help- please, not ready to leave the game yet..... :)


I can help you with the lift question because I too had trouble using the lift.

You have to wait till it starts raining then you can place a person on the lift and watch the lift slowly raise your villiager till you see a seed fall


Oh No! I'm in trouble again!
I planted my 3rd tree in the orchid, that did not trigger the puzzle complete
So I waited in the rain for another seed and my master farmer deposited the seed in the food bin Leaving the puzzle incomplete

I droped my leader in the fire and she started dancing I add my master farmer and my adept farmer, they danced. NO RAIN
Leaving my puzzle incomplete

Is it just me or have been more problem than the previous 2?


Just in case anyone could not complete the orchard puzzle even after they plant 3 trees.. I found out that they need to mature then it will complete... I don't think I saw that anywhere on the site

sandor777 June 13, 2008 8:43 PM

Help please. I got the level 2 faction and everything else is also at level 2. I tried creating both of the shark potions

orchid+orchid+pitcher plant or rose+rose+pitcher plant

The one with the orchid blew up and the one with the rose "tasted soapy" so I cannot get rid of the sharks.
Any ideas??



I think this is the potion that worked for me:

Pitcher Plant, Black Orchid, Black Orchid

joannad73 June 13, 2008 10:48 PM

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the sound of chimes means time to put the kids on the hunt for treasure? The louder/more distinct the chime the bigger the find.

Victoria June 14, 2008 12:39 AM

GlitchGuy- I tried your shark glitch and it didn't work. I put the kid in the corner, he fell in, i went to menu, came bak, he was out, and then put the adult in the water, but they swam out fast and did say "Sharks, Eek!" Any suggestions?
^^ Victoria

Anonymous June 14, 2008 12:42 AM

Is there any tips on making people have triplets?

I made a master parent both male and female. I give them both the fertility potion, and are both under age 36, still not even twins.


I too was wondering about the clam.
Also, does anyone have any input on whether to choose the magic or nature faction?

baby boo June 14, 2008 3:51 AM

can anyone explain to me why doesnt my master builder start on the statue even when i've completed the plan and dropped him on the hills. they will always want to do some thing else like drinking, or eating, or swimming etc..

Mangoes are awesome June 14, 2008 6:27 AM

I might be being really stupid here but I can't get anyone to clear the leaves, when I take them to the grassy area they just walk off like there is anything to do at all. Please help! Thanks.


As asked before, can anyone give a hint as to the location of the rest of the tablets. I have four from clearing the rubble over the cave, but have not seen any others at all. Thanks.


my food always keeps running out even though i have already planted all the trees. what should i do?



I guess my game has a bug! It is so weird! No one is aging and their skills stopped progressing. I have 3 women that are nursing since last night. This morning started the game and they have the same amount of time left to nurse then last night. My game was not paused. I have played for nearly an hour this morning on fast speed and no change. Any suggestions?

rheacreate June 14, 2008 9:31 AM

Just FYI, since no one answered me yesterday: my VV3 sewing hut foundation appeared immediately after I finished all puzzles, purchased all available tech AND reached maximum sustainable population. It is (in my game anyway) directly above and slightly to the right of the fire and below the ampitheater. There was no sign it would be there previously: in fact, I thought it was either the bare patch in the cemetary area OR the little pile of rocks by the food bin. Anyway--finished everything except getting triplets--and since my population is maxed, I guess I have to wait awhile. LOL.


I can make it rain...I've made it rain twice
No puzzle complete....

I think I'm giving up...trees are food....


I have completed all puzzles. The clothing hut is nearly completed. Nothing more to buy with tech points.
I think someone asked this earlier -- is this all?
Guess maybe once the hut is completed something more will happen. Have tried various things in the sun disc room with no results (other than seeing the "ghosts" and reading teh story).


Can anyone tell me where are all the herbs?

Thank you


HELP!! I hav started agen LOADS of times n its all bcoz, my tree keeps runnin out, I have done the tricks where you turn the clock bk n havent got round 2doin the lift agen yet but it wont let me do the cheats anymore n i hav no food, they are guna die agen!!

Are there anymore cheats to get sum more food?? Plz help!!!

Jess x


The start of teh game is the worse for probablythe forst three days. Many times my villagers were living off what mushrooms the children could find.
I was glad when the food situation stabalized. Seems I spent a lot of teh time initially just scrouging around for mushrooms.


HELPPPP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so i have an old female who is now 50 and is caring a baby, and an 11 year old girl, withh 12 other boys! 6 of them are overr 50 is there any way to get another girl or somehting!



The way to get more food is to:

Plant more trees. Put the lift back together. Have a villager stand on it when it rains and a piece of fruit will fall. The villager can plant that fruit and another tree will grow. Repeat all this again to plant a third tree. Later, you can get the sharks out of the ocean and have unlimited fishing. Until the trees produce fruit, have the kids pick mushrooms.



About clearing the leaves:

The leaves are in the upper right part of the grassy area. They are actually a bunch of leaves that the villager will see when you fly them over. That's where you drop your villager to clear away the leaves.

Hope this helps.



About food when your trees run out:

You have to get rid of the sharks in the ocean so the villagers can fish. This is done with a potion. Once the sharks are gone, you have unlimited fishing for your village.


please help me
my statue is on the top of the cliff and my builders and chief won't finish it
if i drop them in the statue they act like there is nothing there x_x
i already compleated all other puzzles and have all tech


To baby boo:

To start on the statue:

You must have level 3 Leadership for your Chief. Drop a Master Builder on the curve of the path around where the waist of the statue would be. He/she will see a good place to anchor the statue and build a scaffold. Then drop your Chief in the same spot to direct the work. Now you will need as many trained builders as you can get. Drop them on the statue for them to start pushing it. It takes a very long time to get the statue done.


To Katie about the clam:

The black pearl in the clam is one of the puzzles.


Some of you that have completed the puzzles, PLEASE let us know how you keep your villiagers feed
Like Jess, I too have restarted 5 times now!
The honey runs out
The tress in the orchard run out (all 3!)
I have tried to put every spare person that I could on earning tech point to achieve level 2 fraction (to gain the 6th herb to run off the sharks) but they never make it the most I got was 43000, it is so frustrating!

Come please tell us!
Thanks you guys


@D B
The tablets just appear randomly around the cave. There's no hint, just time brings more. If you just keep checking back there you're likely to get all of the tablets. I think someone said that they start appearing at about 2% of the rubble cleared.

Also, thanks Pam for anwsering my clam question! I can't believe I didn't notice that was a puzzle. haha

shermanrm June 14, 2008 1:44 PM

How do I get berries for potion?


UPDATE!!! STARVING VILLIAGERS? CHEAT that worked for me!!!
I have started over 5 times because I couldn't keep my villiagers feed....
...before I started my game over, I noticed my clock was ahead, 2 days...when my hive ran out of honey I moved my clock up to the correct day and time and....
My hive had 5000 honey!!! ( I deserved it)
I really hope it works for everyone starving,because I was in your shoes. It won't hurt to try if you have resorted to starting over...

awh1040 June 14, 2008 3:30 PM

I have two adept builders but no matter how many times I drop them on the lift they refuse to repair it. The first game I played I had no problem with this, the second game it took several tries but I have been fooling with this for a long time now and they just won't fix it. What now???????

shimmer June 14, 2008 3:38 PM

where are all the herbs located besides cactus,rose and lotus?


Hi all enjoy all you advice and was wondering what is up with treasure and how do i get that and The clam jewel for door.... statue is done, clothing building done, what else am i missing i have all factions...?!


lol, who ever said about old villagers slowing down becuase there's this guy in my village and he likes running, even when he got a little old, he even got faster as he grew older :)


To Shauna:

I've solved all the puzzles and I don't think there's an easy way out of your problem with food. You just have to be patient and collect the tech points. The hive and 3 trees should provide enough food to get the villagers through. Just because the food count goes to zero doesn't mean they automatically start dying. Mushrooms will help. You'll have to manage your villagers wisely, which is the point of the game. :)

Crystelle June 14, 2008 4:20 PM

Concerning the last puzzle and the secret room:

The walkthrough noted that they had a glich, I thought I did too but it just took me a while. I took a master in each one of my areas up to the secret room until it worked, for me it was a master doctor but I don't think it matters who. Don't drop the person on the far left UNTIL the sun beam shows up. Thats how I finally got it to work, until then I thought that I wouldn't get to finish the puzzle. Hope it helps


To Shimmer:

About the other herbs:

Tiger lilly is at the top of the path that overlooks the ocean, above and to the right of the broken statue. Black orchid is in the grave yard area, to the left of the Roster for the Dead. Berries (magic faction) or Pitcher Plant (nature faction) will show up to the left of the alchemy lab after purchasing faction level 2.

I hope this helps.


You're welcome, Katie. Glad I could help.


To Brianna:

I don't think there's a way to control gender. Just wait for your girl to grow up. She can have babies starting at age 18. Also:

Sometimes babies show up in barrels as random island events. You might get some girls that way, but they still have to grow up like the 11 year old.


Caution is advised when changing your computer's clock to get tech points, food, etc. Your computer clock is tied to a lot of computer functions and you could mess up a lot of things... including the game!!


To Peggy,

I'm not sure what you mean by "treasure" in VV3.

shimmer June 14, 2008 5:35 PM

What does the herb for fraction of magic look like and where is it located ? only have level one tho


awh1040: I believe you need three builders to fix the lift.

awh1040 June 14, 2008 5:59 PM

You are so right, Eileen, I don't know what I was thinking. Thanks!


To shimmer:

About the magic faction extra herb -

It's a leafy plant with small round berries in the middle.

grammajoe June 14, 2008 6:33 PM

how do i get more buildings to build? also, i can't get a new set of plans on the chalk board.


Just a little FYI:
Make sure you always have a child, because mine all grew up and I can't have anymore because I already have the max. Well, until I repair the 3rd hut or someone dies, and ofcourse now all the rare collectables keep showing up! And no one can collect them... grr.


To grammajoe:

You need level 3 restoration for the 3rd hut and to put the plans for the statue on the chalkboard. You only need level 2 for the Bath plans.


A note about setting the clock-I tried that and all my villagers died. Use at your own risk!

A glitch that helps with food and tech points:

Press spacebar to pause the game; find a child and place them on the mushroom or collectible; find another child and hold them just above the first child. Press the spacebar to start the game; release the suspended child. If done correctly, both children will pick up a mushroom or collectible. Takes practice but it does work.

grammajoe June 14, 2008 10:01 PM

i have level 2 of everything. how do i get the bath plans?

LuLu, if you are going to change the clock be sure you PAUSE the game first, otherwise everyone dies!

grammajoe June 14, 2008 10:03 PM

disregard my question about the bath plans. i have the bath completed already. sorry!! i had a brain fade for a sec

grammajoe June 14, 2008 10:04 PM

when will i be able to build another hut?

Rose Tyler June 14, 2008 10:45 PM

I've gotten to the section where if you place the chief at the top of the path he or she will point out a rare collectible. I've done this 4 or 5 times now w/ 2 chiefs and I've scanned around the screen each time and still haven't seen the rare collectible! Can anyone tell me where to look, and what i am looking for? Thanks!

The Doctor's Friend


one of my people is an esteemed elder ..what does that mean? i think she is 43 and is a master of 3 things but it wont say what shes a master off when you click on her just says esteemed elder


Thank you, grammajoe. That makes sense! Did you get the 3rd hut?


i know i have read through all of the comments but i still cannot find the berry bush and also i chose magic by accident and i cant for the life of me find me new herb


to karlee:

press 1 on your keyboard and look in that the bottem center of area 1 you should see a plant that has pink berris in the middle and green leaves like the ones on palm trees


To Shimmer:

An Esteemed Elder is a master in 3 things. You have to click on the Detail button to see what they are.

To Rose Tyler (The Doctor's Friend):

About the rare collectibles:

When the Chief points out rare collectibles, they can be anywhere on the screen, in the usual places. There's not a special place for them. Also, they will be like the same items you normally collect (turtle shells, tablet pieces, etc.); they are just the rare ones. When the Chief indicates a rare one, it is indeed somewhere on the screen. You just have to check everywhere and hope you find it in time.

To Karlee:
About the berry bush:

You must have level 2 on faction. The berry bush shows up to the left of the alchemy lab, against the far left of the foliage. When you fly a villager over it, it will not show up as being seen. You have to actually drop the villager to get to it. The plant has pink on the leaves with light green berries in the middle. Also try exiting the game and coming back in. That helped mine show up.


Here is a screenshot of the berry bush when playing the Magic faction:¤t=VV3BerryBush.jpg

Saoirse June 15, 2008 3:22 AM

*hmpf* About 16 hours and over 10.000 units of food later: The builders are still pushing and meanwhile I bet, when they reach the end of the path, the statue will fall down and they have to start again. *yawn*



The more trained builders you pile onto the statue, the quicker it finishes.

Saoirse June 15, 2008 4:02 AM

Yes, got it. I had that many trained and adepted builders. they were in each others way. *laugh*
Now I'm looking for a hint what to do with this pearl.



I believe a builder shapes it, a scientist polishes it, then the chief carries it to the oyster. Master level is required for builder and scientist.

appolonia June 15, 2008 4:58 AM

If you ae running out of food, take your cheif and place him/her on top of the food bin and they will create food for your villagers. The chief can only do this once every 24 hours.


If you pause the game and place multiple children on an object they will all pick them up. It helps when low on food. When one mushroom appears place all your kids on it and they will each pick one up.


i have only women. what do i do? i hate to start over i have plenty of everything and they are all masters. help, help


how can i train builders so they can raise the statue
ive made all the huts, cleared the leaves and rubble and made the bath so i can't think of a way to raise my peoples builing level
please help as i cant raise the statue



nikki - you can hope that some new villagers appear randomly. The game sometimes will do that for you if you're stuck like that. Good luck! :)

j - there is a potion you can use to improve your villagers construction.

cactus-tiger lily-orchid

It doesn't work every time, but it does work if you keep at it.

grammajoe June 15, 2008 12:38 PM

i have a guy who refuses to take the potion for health, and he is in the weakened stages. how can i get him healthy again. he's only 17


What is the lotus and where is it?


You can only give a villager the potion to improve health once every so often. Try again in a bit.