Michelle June 8, 2008 3:45 PM

If you're having problems getting builders to push the statue when it is on the top bend in the path, watch the 'task comment.' Some people will be walking away and it will still say "pushing the statue". Let them walk away. They will go to the beach, swim out and around to the left. You won't be able to see them, but if you click around the back/top right part of the statue, you'll find them. I assume that the idea is that they swim around and climb the cliff to push from the back.


I have purchased level 2 faction in magic, but I have not yet found the berries. Do my villagers need to do something to find them? I have dragged scientists, builders, doctors and farmers all over the map to see if they "see" anything that could be the 6th herb, but to no avail. Please help!


I only have the first 4 tablet pieces, where are the rest? Also where are all the other collectibles? WHere am I supposed to be putting the master scientist to complete puzzle 16?


Deanna - I haven't played with the magic faction yet, but this image will show you where the nature faction plant is...

You might try just dropping a villager on a plant in that area (didn't anything new appear for you?). It won't say there's something new when you hold a villager over top of it, but when you drop them there it should tell you they are harvesting the herb.

Garfield June 8, 2008 5:42 PM

I'm desperately searching for the lotus flower. Can anyone help me? Please!?

Islegirrrl June 8, 2008 6:06 PM

I'm finished with all the puzzles, and all techs are completeted. I built the sewing hut, which gives me the option to buy new outfits at 5000 tech points each.

Here's my question, has anybody figured out how to restore "the balance" yet? Or is this not an option in this game really?

maryanne June 8, 2008 6:45 PM

I can't get my people to heal. Everytime I drop them on each otehr in that little room weith the 3 straw heaps. They eitehr improve their parenting or run away because they are the same gender.

What do I do??? I have a few people that are on teh verge of having no health left !!!!!

Anonymous June 8, 2008 6:49 PM

If you use the "exercise" potion at the end it says "your villager improved at construction". This works well if you have nothing left to build.

grammajoe June 8, 2008 7:56 PM

uh-oh... if you are going to have the chief do the magic w/the food, by changing the dates on the computer, make sure you pause the game, other wise they all will die.

jewelee June 8, 2008 8:20 PM

Lotus Flower....between the bath and the stairs (purple flowers) :)

maryanne June 8, 2008 9:32 PM

What happens when you collect all of one set of collections?

How do you raise enough tech points once you buy your second leval. It seems like forever before I can save enough to increase my leval of anything!!!


help please. can anyone tell me if there is a way to build more housing. when i try to mate a couple i am told insufficient housing to increase population.


Thnx for the answer about tablets.

How old do the brats have to be before they can breed and work?

boandtrentsmom June 8, 2008 11:04 PM

Another use I found for the children in this version of the game is that A child can also be the chief. My youngest chief was 8 yrs old so it is possible to "save" one of the adults to have around to build and farm and research. Especially in the beginning when you need all the adult workers you can get!

njjennjim June 9, 2008 2:09 AM

RE:How old do the brats have to be before they can breed and work?

To work 14,i think 19 or 20 to have babies.


I'm having problems getting builders to push the statue when it is on the top bend in the path..they see the fallen statue but when I drop them they just ignore it like it's not there...same thing with the chief .. any idea?

KJacket June 9, 2008 4:34 AM

I personally think that although i can 'save' an adult with a kid chief, they're useless. The Chief's job to direct work is supposed to make the villagers work faster right?

ChosenDragon June 9, 2008 6:29 AM

to increase population either:

a) finish the houses
b) finish colections

not mcuh else u can do i believe


The "brats" have to be 14 to work and 18 to breed.

Had my first deaths yesterday.. granted they were of old age.. but I got rather attached to my little villagers.. :(


I have successfully completed the game twice, once with nature and once with magic. I have all the awards except for a villager living to 90. Any ideas on how to make a villager live longer?

Anonymous June 9, 2008 11:25 AM

Hi. Is the pitcher plant and the berries the same thing? If not what do I have to do to get the berries?


The pitcher plant is for the nature faction, the berries is for the magic faction. You can only choose one faction, so you can only have one of those plants per tribe.


i need help, i'm doing puzzle #9 and just when they are about to finish everybody stops and now they don't work on the statue anymore, i drag everybody there and they do nothing...HEEEELP i just need to finish it!
sory for the weak english!


i think the best way to have them live til 90 or older is simply once they are 50 year ol, let them do their own thing

if they wanna bath elt them if they wanna do nothing at all let them, since you alreado got everything theres no need to boss em around

they are usually elders or have all mastered by this time

always have 2 master doctors at least so they automatically heal sick villagers

leave the game on slow so u dont miss anything

and i think thats pretty much all that u can do

Cameron June 9, 2008 4:09 PM

Hey guys - I just had 4 babies but they are all males. My only women in the tribe are now over 50. Is there anything I can do?

Anonymous June 9, 2008 4:21 PM

help I'm stuck!
my statue was up at the bend when the chief had left her place "worried about the sick" ..now I cant get anybody to work there.
what should I do??


Hi cameron.. if your females are in their early 50's

they can still mate

if not then the only thing you can do is hope that some more people arrive :)
I got a new islander today who just came along in a canoe from another island LOL AND he was a trainee builder :)
Thats me completed all the puzzles now so all thats left is to complete the awards and two of my collections :(
does anyone know why

the ghosts appear periodically? and is there a reason?

Would appreciate any ideas


Hi can anyone tell me if the berries only come with the magic faction? I have the other one LOL



I can't get the bath designs to dissapper off the chalkborad. I have already rebuilt the bath and finished the aromatherapy (flowers in baskets and on fire). I just can't seem to get the dang things to go away - any thoughts?

Cameron June 9, 2008 5:42 PM

Thanks for the reply Tricia, I appreciate it. Unfortunately my youngest woman is 57 and can't seem to mate anymore.


Hey Ali..

u have to have all levels of restoration and all levels of leadership.. then when u have these drop a master builder on the chalkboard :)

hope this helps

oh dear cameron :( all u can do now is hope for a barrelful of toddlers to come along or a canoe from another island with a fertile woman... good luck!

Tricia x


Hi Anonymous.. when ur chief was concerned for the sick did u try and put him bk on the statue? I didnt I just left him to it as my workers kept on pushing and everything was ok... don't know how u can fix it tho :O/ unless u just keep trying to put him bk

sorry couldn't b any help.. am curious tho to know if thats what happens when u 'disturb' the chief during that puzzle...

mary beth oconnor June 9, 2008 6:21 PM

Hey, we have finished the game..all 16 puzzles, except for the last tablet piece. But the puzzle page still shows #16 as not being completed. Is this because of the last tablet missing? Any help appreciated! LOVE this game!!


Did anybody having the problem with the stuck statue at the bend, by any chance got to solve it?
would really appreciate the help


I do have all the levels of technology in every catagory. When i drop a master builder over there it still says "refusing" This plan needs to be followed first. Even in the puzzle menu it says I've compleated the bath, I just don't see what else to do.


Hi mary beth.. I've completed all 16 puzzles and the 16th one shows as completed and i'm still waiting on 2 tablet pieces.. what i did do tho is..

when I got into the room I put 3 skilled workers in the circle.. all at different places.. (like it shows on the puzzle screen) I don't know if this is why I got it really.. but its worth a try eh?

I hope this helps.. let me know if it does :)

Tricia x


hello i have build all thats need to be build now i have to do puzzle 9 and all my master buildres are death how do the adept builders become master builders


Mmmm Ali... I see what you mean... maybe you do have a glitch in your game especially if your other games are the same.. I don't know if there is a patch going about but it would be worth finding out about

Glitch? June 9, 2008 8:21 PM

Okay I think I may have found a major glitch...
I was running low on food, I had no honey and and only one mature tree. Well I exited and changed the date on my computer to about 3 months ago... And when I came back I had 3000 honey in my hive, both of my recently planted trees were mature, and all three trees had 1000 fruit on them each. And no time had passed, all villagers were the same age as when I left them moments before. Weird...


additional recipe for the spreadsheet using berries

berry rose rose per the drawing in the cave yields the shark repellent


Thanks, remour! We'll add it.


I kept trying to get the villagers, including my master scientist, to get a bowl of water to put out the fire in the fire pit and all they did was to get a drink. I even just let the fire die out. No diamond in the ashes, and no one would get a bowl of water to cool off the ashes either. I have lvl one faction and lvl 2 on everything else except Science, again lvl one. Anything particular I need to do to get the diamond?


If your fire goes out and all you see is a black area, then it's not ready yet. Start up the fire again and wait a while.

Once the diamond appears just drag any villager to the waterfall, even children, and they will begin to take water to cool the diamond automatically.


Hi all,
I, too found that possible glitch(?). What I did was minimize the game, move my computer clock up 3 hours (from 8:33 pm to 11:33pm), went back to my game. Only got about 500 food and no other changes. Minimized again at 9:47pm, changed clock ahead 3 hours again, this time tho, it rolled it over to 12:47am....(could that be the reason?) when I went back to the game I had 3000 in honey, and all 3 trees were fully matured with 1000 fruit each...... no other effects that I have seen so far.... If this is a glitch, I like it! :)


Does anyone know the potion to get rid of the sharks?

njjennjim June 10, 2008 1:31 AM

Is this just a coinedence or I have 23 kiddies running around and it seems that I am getting mushrooms and colectibles more often? What do you think?


help please!!! i have 1 villager! and i fix the lift but i can't use it! how can i use the lift? i dont wanna start a new game!!

[Edit: Place your villager on the lift just as it begins to rain. -Jay]

rebecca June 10, 2008 3:22 AM

What happens when you collect all the feather, turtle shells, tablets and ocean items?


I need help with Puzzle 14!

I have at least the second level in everything and my alchemy lab is working fine. I make the potion, someone drinks it, the bottom of the screen says "So and so feels light and springy!" so I know my potion is correct, but, when I drop them under the ledge, the won't jump. I've tried it about 50 times to no avail. What's up?

Donna Albress June 10, 2008 7:16 AM

Hi All, I'm having the prob as Ali with the bath plans not clearing from the chalkboard, even tho I have the aroma therapy!? can anything be done? Its taken soooo long to get this far. Start again arrrrgh!!!


@Groovy.. time.. just wait.

@Trish.. look at the potion recipes at the top of the page, you should find what you need there


rose rose berry that will keep the sharks away:)

in puzzle 9 to.. my chief was consurned about the sick..
and when i tried to put him back he would'nt direct work anymore... please help.
i already tried to put the time back so i could start over puzzle 9 again but that does'nt work
also tried to put him back on the statue a lot off times.. that did'nt work and i tried to put all my builders on the statue and than the chief wth them but that does'nt help to
hope someone can help me:(
BTW sorry can't right english very good...
greetz Romani

Anonymous June 10, 2008 9:42 AM

I have just completed all the puzzles. It was so fun, a little hard. I want to thank you for the hints, it got me to finish all the puzzles. I cant wait for vv4


Jeff Pikul June 10, 2008 11:04 AM

for some reason it wont let me put villagers on the table to train them to be scientists because it says it needs an adept scientist to use it

blueprincess June 10, 2008 11:45 AM

Just wondering what the chief's lecture does??


Jeff - are you putting them on the correct table? Drop a villager on the long narrow one near the middle of the right side of the alchemy lab.

blueprincess - when your chief lectures, the children listening will improve at a random skill. This is helpful for when they grow old enough to work they will already be somewhat skilled.

Romani - make sure you drop your chief and builders on the correct spot of the statue. If it doesn't work where you're dropping them, try in a different area. Keep trying and you'll find the right spot. :)

Donna and Ali - I've got an email into the developers, I'll let you know something as soon as I find out about it.

Carrie V. June 10, 2008 1:49 PM

When can I build the sewing hut? I have all but Level 3 Nature, Medicine, and Science?


When the chief lectures:

it gives the children some skill so they will automatically be able to work at age 14.

If statue gets stuck:

If your chief leaves the statue work site because of illness, or a worker leaves and you cannot get them to return, try dragging to different places not just the statue, for example the base of the statue and the path leading to the statue. even if the chief is interruped he/she can direct work again, and the chief is needed to finish the work.

If the robe doesn't fit anyone:

One of your villagers is definitely the chief, if the robe does not fit, it is either a nursing mother or the nursing baby and you must wait for the child to be 2 years old.

Fast tech points:

Set as many villagers to do research as you can spare. Remember that master builders accumulate points faster. Also, by purchashing science or magic faction 1 it helps scientists accumulate tech points faster.

Trouble healing villagers:

Doctors can only heal villagers that are sick. If they are weakened because of starvation or a potion that blew up, doctors cannot heal that. They either need food or use the healing potion. A quick way to help doctors gain skill is to make the potion that causes villagers to get sick, then use the doctors to heal them.

Insufficient Housing:

The village will reach its maximum population unless you build the huts for them. The first hut you can start building from the beginning of the game, but later you need to purchase Restoration.


When you place the chief at the top of the path near the door, once in 24 hours a small rainbow will appear above his/her head, which is a signal that there is a rare collectible somewhere in Isola. You need to scroll around the screen to find it.

tlw0722 June 10, 2008 2:46 PM

Hi fellow gamers, I love the V.V. games, but I cant find that tablet pieces, I have the ones from clearing the rubble to reveal the cave. Please help??

Anonymous June 10, 2008 4:12 PM

I am having the same problem with the statue getting stuck at the top of the path. My chief left to go bury the dead, and now I cannot get him to direct work at the statue anymore. I have tried dropping him all over the area and nothing works. This is VERY frustrating. PLEASE HELP!!!!



Hey folks, I have the answer for the problem with the statue puzzle. See insert below from the Last Day of Work website.


We have updated Virtual Villagers - The Secret City to version 1.00.04.

Fixed in this version:
- The statue puzzle issues are all fixed.
- The chief stays on-task now even when the game is off for extended periods.
- Some children were not accepting their clothing purchases, now that is fixed.
- The orchard trees give a bit more food/hour now.
- Final puzzle always correctly registers as 'complete' now.
- Completed collections now produce a small decoration in the alchemy lab.

On the main menu, in the bottom-left corner, you can see your version number. If it is already 1.00.04, you DO NOT NEED THIS VERSION.

Also note that we have delivered this version to all the other distributors (Big Fish Games, Real, Yahoo, etc), so if you got the game there you are already up-to-date and DO NOT NEED THIS VERSION.

We have tested this with several users and you should have no problems installing this over your existing version. Your tribe should be fine.

If you have the Mac FULL version 1.00.03 or earlier and want the latest version, email me at vv3upgrade@ldw.com with your order refernce number in the subject line, and I'll refresh your download with the latest version. Again, you should be fine just installing this over your current version.

Mac demo versions are not affected by any of this.


I hope this helps!!!



Thanks, Angie! That should address those questions from both Donna and Ari.

I downloaded the game I'm playing using the links above on this page on June 1st and received the latest version, 1.00.04.

So, it's been available for quite a while now.


I just purchased Level 2 Nature, but am unable to find the 6th herb for the shark potion. Please advise if a time needs to pass before the herb shows up. I have had both adults and children go to every plant on the screen. Thank you in advance.


Kay, I posted this up earlier in the comments. Here is the location of the Pitcher plant (Nature faction)...

Spaghetti : ) June 10, 2008 7:05 PM

After removing all of the rubble from the pile

you can drag one of the villagers over the hole that appears. They then go down into a cave.

According to the storyline, there needs to be a balance between nature and science. Does that mean I can now begin purchasing the magic faction with my tech points (I have nature)? I am trying to figure out the purpose of the story.


I can't get a seed to "appear". The spoiler says just to wait. It that right? Please help!


Hi Angie
I am having problems with identifying exactly what is my order reference number, and or where can i find it? I am emailing you because i have version 1.00.02 LDW, I initially was having problems with the statue puzzle and need a way to get it started again, please help

[cion: From your version number, it appears that you purchased the game from Last Day of Work (LDW). You need to contact LDW, not Angie, at vv3upgrade@ldw.com, the same email address indicated above in Angie's comment. -Jay]

Glitchguy June 10, 2008 10:19 PM

this is a great glitch for keeping track of your kids...

If you haven't done the shark puzzle, try dragging a kid to the top right corner of your screen. after a bit, the kid will fall into the water, and wont be able to move. they get out of the water when you exit or go to the main menu. an adult will just swim out of the water at a normal pace, and won't say "Sharks, eek!"

please check out this glitch, it is really interesting. Reply if you wish :)

also, our tribe was wiped out by a tsunami, taking all our males :( the tribe died a week later.


Glitchguy - one symptom of an imminent tsunami is an unusually low tide. Although this may seem like a boon for the villagers to collect lots of fish, it is also a potentially dangerous situation for them if they don't get to high ground immediately.

I had a similar event occur and I chose the path to higher ground, and suffered no ill effect.


If you have a villager who is weakened I accidentally discovered this

you can put them to building or clearing the rubble and they regain full health!


I do have version 1.00.04 of the game and I purchased it from Big Fish Games. I have left that village alone for a while hoping the plans would just dissapear from the chalkboard with no luck. Is there anything else I can do before I am forced to restart the game?


how do you train builders?

because all my houses are done.. the leaves, cleared.. the bath, done and the rocks, cleared..

they are all old already about 70+.. so they are about to die.. i think i wont be able to finish the statue...

i do the exercise potion to gauin building skills.. but its too slow.. how do i do this?

thanks, Jimboy


to ^
Try putting a master builder on the chalkboard - or even reading the walkthrough..


I cant fix the statue, i tried to drop the chief and some of builders but they do nothing with it. Any idea ?

boandtrentsmom June 11, 2008 5:49 AM

I saw on here once before a potion that gives them energy and makes then work "better" but I having trouble finding it again. You get it after a strange bird comes by with a note on him and he is interruping research. I got it, wrote it down and now can't find the paper I wrote it on. It isn't listed on the full potions sheet available above. Can someone help me out here?

ALSO: did you know a chief can be a child of any age? I have one that is 4 yrs old who is chief.

The chief can also get pregnant if it is a woman, course, she won't do anything but take care of the baby until it is weaned but will help if you only have one female and she is the chief.

Great site and thanks in advance for any help.

Blueprincess June 11, 2008 5:58 AM

Hey... just a random thing: in one of my tribes the sharks are still in the water even after having used the potion and i can fish... the sharks just have white sparks over them... I just found it fun....

One of my villagers just found a tablet that gave me a level of alchemy - so now it's fully researhed :D, it just cost me 1000tech points, but that isn't mush comparing to what level 3 normally cost ;)


Donna and Ali it's happened to me as well. Very annoying!! I don't want to restart my game


Thank you jay,
I have emailed LDW but yet to recieve a response, will keep my fingers crossed.


How far up the path does the statue have to go before it is completed?


boandtrentsmom - the energy potion from the bird is

black orchid + tiger lily + cactus


I have the problems with the plans but for some reason, I had a master builder and she started to work on the statue when I put her in the right place. Very odd but now they are working on the statue!


Jay! Thanks for the help, but I haven't found in that walkthrough what I wanted...
Please tell me if you know the potion, which can increase the villagers' building skills. thank you!!


betty: if you use the "exercise" potion at the end it says "your villager improved at construction". This works well if you have nothing left to build.

cactus—tiger lily—orchid


@ Vanity.. all the way up :p

Just finished all the puzzles... Maybe going to try to get the rewards..


berry potions

bbb paralyzed

bbc bitter

bblot burns

bbo sleepy

bbr burns

bbt awful

bcc cold

bcl better

bco darkness

bcr scientific clarity

bct bitter

bll trance

blo smarter

blr yummy!

blt stomachache

boo bitter

bor burns

bot nature calls

brr shark repellent

brt yummy!

btt whoa!


All the way up, like to the door?


If you put your cheif on the food bin, he's going to "Create magic food!" and give ~200 more food!


I have a problem. I keep having girl babies! I haven't had a male yet. I tried putting the man on the woman and the woman on the man but I still get girls! I'm worried cause soon my only guy will die. Anyone have any ideas?
Btw Jay, great website!


please help!!! i cant get my villagers to complete the weather dance puzzle i have my 2 master farmers and the chief on the fire but they get distracted too easily and it never gets finished i dont know what to do


Couple of things about the chiefs...

I have female cheifs who can still have babies, just give them the fertility potion.
My 13 yo chief can also practice alchemy - so it is not a completely wasted title. I'm not that far along but I don't know what else she can do besides magic food (awesome) and lecture (a waste as far as I can see, she just gets the whole village not working together in the ampitheather. Maybe this will benefit me later one.



I just bumped my Nature Tech up to level 2, but I didn't get a message about a new herb. I haven't seen any around either. My village is down to 150 food and I really need the new herb for the shark repellent. When does it show up?


Kenda - you should see it immediately. Check out the link to the image I posted above in the comments at June 10th at 5:28PM.


Cassy - Have you tried three farmers for the weather dance? Also try dropping your Chief first.


Does anyone know what the deal is with the big clam with the black pearl?
Is it just for looks or does it have a purpose?


I saw that somebody mentioned purchasing new clothes for the villagers. I haven't found that in Virtual Villagers 3. I'm about 2/3 through the game. I remember it in Virtual Villagers 2, though. Is there some confusion or can we really get new clothes in 3?


The foundation for the clothes hut appears later in the game. Mine showed while I was repairing the statue. Despite your confusion, there is indeed a clothes hut.

aimi-chan June 11, 2008 8:54 PM

my tribal chief is a 6 years old child...LOL...4 more puzles to go...on my way to build the statue...sigh...so many tech point had to be collected...long long time to wait...zzz...~~

MarydaleEd June 11, 2008 9:03 PM

A few things - some questions, some random thoughts.


1. I had one guy take the potion to get the sharks gone. They left for a minute, then came back. Do they always come back, or do I need to take more potion to the ocean?

2. Is there any relevance to the people wanting to go to the ocean to look at the fishes, or are they just wasting time?

3. I noticed for the first time today a little door opening behind the bee hive. Did that happen or am I on drugs?

Random thoughts:

1. Have you ever thought you saw something new in the ocean only to realize it was your hand?

2. Don't you just know when you get a glimpse of someone walking away from a job site exactly who it is, because the same lazy bums are always trying to get out of work?

3. I think the birds flying in and out and eating in the orchard are cool. I wish the game would let you do something with them - like catch them or have them drop something "magical" behind. There is no correlation between them leaving and the feathers being found.

4. I don't like it that the game makers allow the characters to feel "a little lonely" but won't allow any interaction for other characters, even playing with other children, to ease their loneliness. I get it that this is just a game and I am willing to suspend disbelief, but I don't think you can have it both ways. Either they have emotions that are connected with the interaction of other characters or they don't. There are many other feelings they can have. However, loneliness is one that is completely and solely dependent upon other "human" contact. So, either have it or not. If you aren't going to allow the characters any interaction whatsoever, other than humping like rabbits as adults, just have them feel something else.

Kristyn June 11, 2008 9:17 PM

So is that it? This is the end of the game?
I talked to the spirits, is there anything else left to happen? I completed every puzzle, and I've mastered all Tech except Faction... Do I just keep playing to breed? Or can anything else happen?

smck0912 June 12, 2008 1:21 AM

Glitch/Cheat/Spoiler for food and Farming skill:

Once you have at least one tree ready to harvest, you can collect food and advance the Farming skill for your villagers very quickly. As soon as fruit is picked, it is immediately added to your food bin count - you don't have to wait for them to walk it all of the way to the food bin. Just pick the villager up, they will drop the food and it will disappear (but you already got credit for it), and drop the villager right back on the tree. They also get credit immediately for the skill improvements, so this speeds up the time it takes to get a villager from nothing to Trainee, Trainee to Adept, and Adept to Master.