send your builders to the research table to rack up tech points, also send your chief to direct work there so they wont get distracted


i have 35 pl and three houses is there a way to make more housing?


Thanks k2,

I have been doing that and recently started making babies like it's going out of style because I've to this point played the game with less than 15 villagers. I think this may be my problem. Not enough people!!


I have come up against an unexpected problem. My villagers reproduce just fine, except that I have never had a boy child born. The only males I have ever had were the ones I came with and the one that arrived in my barrel of children. I only have three males left in my tribe and two are elderly. Any ideas or suggestions on why this is or what to do about it? Different combinations of parents hasn't seemed to make a difference. . .


my guess would be that it is completely random, i dont really know how this can be solved...i guess its just bad luck? sorry


For some reason my villagers refuse to finish the statue, they have dragged it up the ramp, but i cannot make them do anything else with it, any ideas?


i have finished clearing the rubble yet i don't have all of the tablet pieces. why?? what can i do?? thanks in advance!

himomma June 1, 2008 10:19 PM

Where do I find the pieces of the tablet? (the thing in collections)

I thought I saw some while my villagers were clearing away the rubble but I can't get anyone to pick them up



None of my villages have the berry or pitcher tree. They all have level two faction, some nature and some magic. The bush is just not there. I've "flown" people over the entire island, and especially over the area to the left of the lab. Anyone else have this problem?

2darncute June 1, 2008 11:27 PM

@ Vanity:

If you need to train up some builders, you can put them on the huts you already have and they will fix them. Otherwise, once you get level 3 restoration, you can put one or two on the last hut by themselves. It will take a really long time to build that hut, but by the time they are done, they should be master builders or at least close to it.

P.S. Once you get restoration 3, you can go ahead and have your master builder put the plans for the statue on the chalkboard and find the "spot to anchor the statue", then wait until you get leadership 3 to actually start working on it.

@ Kymber & himomma:

The pieces of the tablet will start appearing when you have about 2% of the rubble removed, and will continue appearing loooong after you have cleared all the rubble. I still need 2 pieces, but every once in a while one shows up down there by the ruins. (Make sure you're having children pick up the pieces. Sometimes they can't pick them up because they are getting ready to disappear - it's happened to me a couple of times).


thank you 2darncute. i will start to check there now.

something funny:

one of my women had a baby and it looked exactly like her!!! it was adorable!!!


Thanks. I think you are right just bad luck. Anyway, I guess it could be worse, if I only had boys and all my females were elderly I would definitely be done. As it is so long as I have one young man, I have a shot at having some boys!


omisskitty June 2, 2008 12:26 AM

tiger flower, tiger flower and rose makes a fun potion
they will run around.

Does anyone know if you are able 2 build the 3rd hut? If so how and what do you need to build?

There are potions that will cause your people to die so be careful.

I plan on making a list of all potion and reaction if anyone knows some other ones that are not listed let me know I heard there are around 56 in all


Hints for 2 pop ups

when it pops up and says so and so found a red star fish it will ask if to touch or not. if you touch it the person will loose some skill.

when it pops up and say there is a troublesome bird, do you scare it away? if you don't, the person will see something on its leg and take it. they will read the scroll and it will tell you a potion: cactus + lily + Orchid. If they drink it, they will run around wanting to exercise, and it will also improve their construction.


Can you tell me which flower is which.



Here is a location and description for the five herbs available to you at first

(starting at top of map and working counter-clockwise):

  • Tiger Lily: Orange flower at the top of the path (keypad section 8)

  • Rose: red and pink bush at the base of the rock wall in the orchard (keypad section 6)

  • Black Orchid: dark purple flower in the grassy area under the orchard (keypad section 3)

  • Lotus: small pink flower just to the right of the bath (keypad section 1)

  • Cactus: a prickly-pear plant just to the right of the lab, on the dirt path (keypad section 4)

6th herb

Another herb will become available to you when you buy Level 2 Faction with tech points. It is a pitcher plant or a berry bush. It will appear to the left of the lab, near the community toilet area.


I'm lost. There are absolutely no leaves to be cleared. Do I just wait until one of my villagers die and is buried before puzzle 4 will be cleared?


I have the statue up the hill but my chief died over night and I cannot get the new one to direct the work.


@omisskitty: "There are potions that will cause your people to die so be careful."

I don't believe this is true. If you factor in both of the magic herbs as well, I have made over 70 potions, in multiple tribes at various tech levels, and I've never had a villager die from trying a potion. I have definitely made them sick, but no one has ever died. I can see how if you had an elderly villager in poor health test a negative potion, the effect might push them over the edge... but I don't believe there is an actual potion that acts as a poison. Besides, it wouldn't really be very sporting for LDW to put a formula in the game that could just up and kill a villager.

(Although, I did accidentally kill an elderly villager by too much "parenting." I was running out of time to make babies, so I was repeatedly dropping an Adept Parent on an elderly prospective mate, and *blink* it was a skeleton! Freaky.)

"is it possible for someone over 50 to get pregnant????"


I didn't think this was true at first, but I have definitely had females get pregnant at 50 and 53. Now, those were the two youngest in my tribe at the time (I know, I know, I waited too long to make babies), so maybe it was a case of the game realizing that I was in a critical situation for populating the tribe?

Finding tablet pieces:

These only appear down by the rubble area. They will continue to appear even after you are finished clearing rubble, so don't lose hope. Be warned that they are hard to see because they are gray and blend into the scenery. Look for sparkles. Only children can collect them, and they seem to disappear faster than the seashells, mushrooms, etc. I can't be more help than this because I have never been able to collect all 12 of them. Sorry!

@noelconner: "it has been two days since then and i can't get the diamond to show up at all so i want to ask if i should start another fire and wait till it burns out then hope it shows up after the second fire or should i still wait"
Don't wait. Start another fire right away. It is my experience that if

the diamond isn't there as soon as the fire goes out, it doesn't appear later. k2 is right: your villagers' health will suffer. You can drag a villager to the waterfall if you want to check to see if the diamond has appeared yet.


I managed to restore my lift, it rained and villager rose into the air, but he did not knock down any fruit? What did I do wrong? Help!!


If your statue is stuck at the top of the path, and the villagers won't finish the work:

I'm afraid to say that I think you are encountering a fatal game bug. When it happened to me, I didn't even have a chief change -- my chief just stopped directing the work at the top of the path.
Supposedly LDW was aware of this, and corrected it before the release last week -- but since people are still reporting it, it would seem like it is still an issue. (Maybe Jay can find out for us?)
All I can suggest is that you try several times in a row to drop your chief onto the statue, and try to drop trained builders on as well and hope it "catches." But, if you can't even get the villagers to see the statue anymore, I think the problem is the game itself.
These two actions would indicate that your statue is still in play:

  • If you drop a builder on it and get the message, "This project requires a leader."

  • If you click on the statue top and get the message, "This statue is too splendid to leave broken" or "XX hours, XX minutes to completion"

If you do these things but don't see either of those messages, then I don't think you can resolve the situation without downloading a patch or new game. :(


@Em: Since you cleared all the leaves, have you quit the game and reopened?

I know you do not have to have a villager die in order for this one to be finished. But, I have almost always received the green "Completed Puzzle Pop-Up" for this one after I returned to the game. Maybe you could close and reopen and see what happens.


There was no leaves to begin with. Maybe a glitch in my game.


ok,I have tried to post this before but now it isn't on the list so please excuse me if it is repeated, no matter how much I look and I have placed my people everywhere I can not find the stick like object. On my game I got the bowl with spoons on the top of the path, if anyone else found theirs there can you tell me where to look for that last item for the alchemy lab. Thanks so much for the help.


I now have level two of EVERYTHING on all five tribes and NONE of them have the stinking sixth herb. I have spent hours searching the "potty" area, and everywhere else. My people have almost exhausted all three fruit trees and I'm afraid they're going to die without fish. HELP!


I just made a little discovery

I collected all the turtle shells (collectibles) and I augmented my max. population by 5

Just in case you didn't know,

more than a child can pick up the same item. What I do is pause the game (let's say I have 3 children), put a child on top of the mushroom or collectible so it reads "collecting an item", I put a 2nd child next to the child picking up the collectible, and I grab the 3rd child, hold it over the item and 1st child, unpause the game, drop the 3rd child I was holding on top of the item, and quickly grab the 2nd child that was next to the other child and put it over the item. Therefore, I collect the same item 3 times! This is how I have been able to survive, by getting 3 of the same mushroom (getting 18 to 105 food).
Brown mushroom = 6 food
Red mushroom = 35 food
I haven't been able to grab the same item with 4 children, however, but at least 3 is good.

Hope this helped those who has had starvation problems.


Hi tamly - you posted it in the other thread. I answered you over there:



I would like some more talk about pop ups,
I did the one with the bird and got the note. Then I did the one about the woman making a gift for a dude, I got her to make the knife and she got a baby in return. Any other pop up hints? Thanks


I personally found the tool on the beach by the ocean. Hope that helps!!!


i cant finsh buzzel 9 i have Level 3 Restoration, Level 3 Leadership, completed Puzzle #8 a Chief and a Master Builder andt i draw the plans already.
i tryied putting the Chief and the Master Builder over the top of the path but nothing happend, i never see
"see a good place to anchor the statue."
plze help me its driving me crazy...:(
can any one show me a pic of where the stute should be plz?

AnitaLittleHelpHere June 2, 2008 2:04 PM

I bought the magic fiction level 2. I dragged a villager to the berries and they won't collect them! Do they need to grow? PLEASE HELP ME!!!



I can't get my builders, master or adept to repair the lift thing. No matter how often I tell them to do it they keep shaking their heads. Any help, please? I'm starting to wish i could strangle them... lol


i dont know if this was already listed but this potion:

rose + rose + tiger lily = stinky breath its so funny

Arienne June 2, 2008 4:08 PM

Pineapple, in reference to george avgeris' post, if we're having a rainbow appear above the chief, obviously we already have the level 3 leadership... but how do we spot the collectible? I looke in the direction he appointed and all around and saw nothing, not even a mushroom.



Thanks for the tip about having more than one child pick up an item. I have been able to do it with 2 kids but not 3. I put one on the item while the game is paused and then drop the other on the item as soon as I unpause, but maybe I am not quick enough with the 3rd kid. Still 2 is better than 1!


if you want to make sure if your potion is good or not:

green smoke = bad white smoke with bubble/or sparkle = good


Hello everyone,

i need HELP!


i have solved many puzzles and started experimenting with potions. I made some weird potion that made one character turn into a WEAKENED state.

i then tried to make her healthier by making the CACTUS+CACTUS+LOTUS potion to reastore health, instead it blew up and caused that person to become weakened also. I thought this was a glitch so tried it again and it blew up again causing the 3rd person to become weakened.

what am i doing wrong??
please help!


J, you might try buying level 3 alchemy, also are the people you are using to make the potions master scientists? Im not sure if that makes a difference but my people seem to do better with potions when a master scientist makes them.

erd, Are you using 3 adept builders? I tried with two at first but it didn't work. Maybe 3 will work for you?


Are there any potions for berry other than the shark one??


I just had a woman die of old age at 65! She was in perfect health and was "washing the laundry" when she died. What can I do to prevent thins from happening? Why did it happen?

Nuvisiongirl June 2, 2008 7:48 PM

my 1st chief died and now the robe doesn't fit any of my villagers!!! any suggestions????


@Arienne: I'll tell you -- I have NEVER had a chief "point" to a collectible and found the pointing useful. I always just pause the game after I see the rainbow, and assume that I need to fly around all over the map with a child.


Glad I can help Sue.

Some potions with the berry:

Berry + Rose + Cactus = Scientific Clarity
Berry + Black Orchid + Lotus = Feels Smarter
Berry + Cactus + Lotus = Feel Better
Berry + Lotus + Lotus = Epiphany/Trance
Berry + Tiger Lily + Tiger Lily = Teleports villager near beach

Nuvisiongirl: Anyone can be a chief, even children, it could be a pregnant woman's child.
Kymber: I don't think you can prevent anyone from dying, but

buy the three levels of medicine, have villagers study medicine, and do aromatherapy (puzzle 12) to have the villagers live longer


when i made the potion that makes them jump, it blew up. do i need level 3 alchemy?


Another small tip,

when I get very little honey, like about 11 honey in the bee hive, I pause the game and put all the villagers together (watchout getting someone pregnant) by the bee hive, unpause the game and have all my villagers (even if they don't know how to harvest) harvest honey, that way I will be getting more than just 11 food. To those villagers who shake their heads, keep on trying to make them harvest before it's too late! You have to do it before the first villager with honey reaches the food bin and deposits the honey.


@Kymber: First, click on the Roster of the Dead stone, to see why your villager died. Assuming it's old age, you need to increase the longevity of your villagers. The different ways to do that:

  • Leveling up in your faction

  • Leveling up in Medicine

  • Increasing your number of doctors

  • Keep them in good health with health potions where possible

  • Always keeping your fire going (which if 65 is your old age right now, you're probably already doing)

@Nuvisiongirl: Do you have a nursing mom? A nursing mom can't become the chief, so probably either your nursing mom or her baby is destined for your next chief slot.

@J: Even after leveling up, a potion can still occasionally blow up. I would definitely take the unhealthy people out of the lab for a few minutes. Drop them on the food bin to eat, which restores a bit of health. Try to have a different scientist make the health potion.

@erd: You have to buy Level 2 Restoration Tech to repair the lift.

@Em: Weird! Why don't you open a new tribe in the menu panel, and look to see if that one has leaves? (Wait, that might not make any sense. Hmm.)

@k2: That's an AWESOME HINT, and I can't believe I never noticed it before! w2g! :)


There is at least one major flaw in this game.

It doesn't track inter-villager relationships.

I've seen the same mother "go indoors" with several guys.
Including her own son.

Just sayin'

[Edit: Yeah, well, don't read too much into it, ok? -Jay]


My chief has died and no one else will put on the robe. Help!!


A suggestion for those who suffer for starvation:

Plant the seed they give you, have villagers research and build and the children pick up collectibles, complete puzzle 2-the bee hive-, buy restoration level 2, repair the lift with the three adept (or master) builders-completing puzzle 6-, complete puzzle 5 so you can make it rain whenever you want and complete puzzle 10-the orchard-, and accumulate tech points to get the second level in any faction (most important) and in alchemy, complete puzzle 11-banishing the sharks-:
Nature faction: Pitcher plant + Black orchid + Black orchid
Magic faction: Berry + rose + rose
Train villagers to fish and you may have unlimited food from now on because the fish does not end.

For those who have a problem with the statue:

You will need Level 3 Restoration, Level 3 Leadership, a tribal chief, a Master Builder, and a completed bath (solved Puzzle 8). Drop the Master Builder on the chalkboard (which will be blank after the bath is completed), and he/she will draw up plans for the statue. Drag an adult villager (not a nursing mom) up the path to the door until he/she "Sees a good place to anchor the statue" -- this villager is more likely to be successful if he/she has some building skill. That villager will then build scaffolding to help anchor the statue. Your chief must direct work on the statue, so drop him/her on the statue to begin this process - if the chief stops directing work, then progress will halt until you return the chief to his/her duties. Once the chief is directing, you can then drop builders on the statue to help "pushing the statue". The villagers must push the statue up the path towards the door - this will take several hours (you can click on the statue to bring up a timer in the status bar that will help you determine how long is left - but this time depends on how many builders you have working on the project and may increase if builders leave the project). Your builders may occasionally complain that "there is no more room to help out" - only a limited number of builders can work on the statue at any given time.

I have the 3rd level in leadership, and I always spot the rare collectible, the chief is not actually pointing towards it so begin searching everywhere. But, it does work.



im stuck at puzzle 5, i know we need a chief and 3 adept farmers.. but all i have is a 14 year old chief, a adept farmer and one master farmer!!

i could train another villager to be an adept farmer, but the thing is: i dont have anymore food to harvest!!

even if i do, all of my adults already have a skill..
i'll have to wait for my 12 year old daughter to grow up.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you. :)


ohya.. how to get the berry ah??


jewelee June 3, 2008 12:53 AM

Why do the only restore one side of the Tech area?

geniegamer June 3, 2008 12:57 AM

Grace, thanx so much for the tip! I had tried this before because I remembered doing it in VV1. Except in VV1 you could just place about 7 or 8 children on the item while the game was paused. I tried it and it won't let you do it while it's paused with this one. You have to be quick and do it right when you unpause it(for those of you who don't know). I've been able to do 3, you just have to be careful not to place all of them to close to each other. Haven't tried for 4 yet!

Thx again!


Thanks for all the help!

I'll prob be back w some more questions! ;)


for those of you with plenty of food and health, try this potion. The kids love it. rose-cactus-cactus Have an adult try it first. I have level 2 alchemy and use a master scientist

geniegamer June 3, 2008 2:26 AM

Cari- I did the cactus+cactus+rose and all that happened was they said yummy and all came running. Does anything else happen that Im not noticing? THX!

ANyone else have some interesting potions?


hi does the villagers die of starvation? i have zero food left and there are no honey or bananas, i havent doe the lift thing yet and mushrooms are just so rare.. what should i do? im currently building the bath..


HELP!!! I have managed to get the statue to the top of the hill with the help of the chief and many builder. It is now just sitting there and no one will push it anymore. I have tried a million times and when I send them up to the statue, the just want to go fishing or eat and the chief just want to think or be proud of the tribe. I have all my tech points and I have solved all the puzzles except the ones that relate to the completion of the statue. Is this a glitch? It is driving me crazy!!!


Does anyone know what you get when you collect all of a certain type of collectible? Such as all feathers, or all turtle shells? I don't have all of them yet, so I was wondering what good does it do besides give tech points? Thanks!


I'm such a do-do bird....I found the darn leaves...I was looking for them on the ground LOL


HELP I have no women left and therefore cant breed young un's and my villagers are dying off any suggestions or do I have to start again !!


Help any idea how to get women all my kids were born lads !!


Sue: I got all turtle shells and it augmented my maximum population by 5.
Jonc46: Maybe you'll get lucky and get a girl with one of those pop ups, but I'd probably start the game all over again. I believe that getting a male or female is random.

ChosenDragon June 3, 2008 12:05 PM

both factions can be completed by a same tribe?
i dont know, was just wondering lol not that far into the game yet to actually buy them


ChosenDragon - No, you may select only one faction per tribe.

kristyn June 3, 2008 12:52 PM

i cant get ANY of my villagers to learn medicine, even the one guy that has a healing bar from helping the sick, wont do anything when I place him in the medical station over and over... is this normal?


kristyn - notice that for both scientific research and the medical area, there is a long narrow table.

For best results, drop your villagers onto this table for them to begin their work.


I've been trying to get my people to do the "Light and Springy" potion (Rose + Cactus + Lotus), but the response is "It tastes awful!" and when I drag the person who drank it to the correct spot, they are not able to reach the pink item. I have reached all of the highest techs and even level 3 of Nature. So there shouldn't be any problems. What am I doing wrong?


That is odd, are you totally sure you are picking the right plants?


Hi there. I have a question about the leaves. I saw where it said someone had been looking on the ground for them, and found them elsewhere. I assume in a tree, but what trees? I can not seem to get anyone to clear anything yet lol. Thanks in advance...



Angel, the leaves are sort of a bush that is on the farther right side. Pretty much right inbetween where the dirt section meets the grassy section at the right edge of that short stone wall. You can sort of see a piece of brown rock sticking out from behind a bush, that is the leaves you need to clear. Hope that helps!


@jewelee: Restoring the right side of the lab comes with a technology purchase.

(Science, obvs!)

Arienne June 3, 2008 4:45 PM

So, has anyone actually completed all the puzzles?

It seems to me if you don't finish #9, you're pretty much stuck.

Is there a patch for the statue at the top of the hill bug?

Anonymous June 3, 2008 10:58 PM

Health boost potion -

two of the purple flowers by the bath and one cactus :)

Anouska :)


geniegamer - yup, that's all that happenes. All the kids smell something yummy. It doesn't get you anything. I just thought it was cute.

kristyn June 4, 2008 2:30 AM

holy crap, i dont reccommend you having your game on fast mode then leaving it unattended for 7 hours. When I came back, I had a "new" child but he was a skeleton at age 7 and a 17 year old died from starvation... not to mention all of my villagers were dying of starvation... I was too low on anything for them to survive, so I had to restart. Just a tip I guess. lol

rebecca June 4, 2008 3:34 AM

Where do I find the berry herb?

yankeeprincess27 June 4, 2008 10:56 AM

Where is the pitcher plant? I have level 2 restoration, level 2 nature, the alchmey lab is working and 2 master scientists...I know that it is near the group "potty" area but could someone tell me what the stupid plant looks like? Thank you


hi, i was wondering why is the seed for my 2nd plant just not appearing?...i have only 1 tree and its out of fruit? many trees can be there?


I don't have enough tech points to build the lift, and my fruit tree and my honey has all run dry. I have no source of food and my people are dying! What do I do next? HELP



ok I am so lost because I tried to make the light and springy and it blows up and also the health potion it blows up and also the energy potion (work faster)
why does it do that?
and I am so lost...


We had some technical issues with the page for the last hour. My apologies if you tried to access the page and the comments were missing. -Jay


My potion blew up and my scientist is weakened...but he runs away when i drag him to a potion...

how do i heal him?


mp - leave him be for a bit, he should be ok. Do you have a healer? You could try to see if he responds to that.

Villagers require time between potions, so I'm guessing that's why he's not responding right now.


Faith - Notice that as you run out of food, the regular mushrooms and the special red mushrooms become more plentiful.

You just have to keep looking for mushrooms to keep your villagers fed until you get get an alternate food source going.

I'd get that lift fixed ASAP! It's going to take several more hours after that to get a new food source, so I'd make that your top priority!

Black Ice June 4, 2008 2:43 PM

@ Ani and anyone else with this problem

Now I haven't kept perfect track of which parent came onto the other but there seems to be more than luck with a baby's gender.

Boy-put a woman onto a man

Girl-put a man onto a woman

It's worked for me (I had a slightly less drastic problem involving to little female offspring).

Oh, and @ Cory:

I agree, one of the most interesting things about a game like this is the relationships between people, and this game does seem to be lacking. I keep track of everyone and make relationships for them. What I find really annoying is that you can't have two people do anything but mate. Everyone should be able to embrace. And I don't like that I can't drag a kid over to a lonely kid and have them cheer the other up.

Ok, this text box is evil. It keeps missing letters!


Missing letters? It's a standard HTML text box. I really don't believe there is anything wrong with it.

Check your local settings? Try a different computer to see if you continue to see the problem?


For some reason I'm no longer gaining tech points, my villagers
are still working and being productive, any ideas? Thanks


i thought i had the bath finished but the plans are still on the chalkboard.puzzle screen shows the puzzle is completed.bath is repaired and aroma therapy done. what am i missing?

confused June 4, 2008 9:54 PM

I bought restoration level 2, and I've got two adept builders that keep shaking their heads at me when I try to fix the lift. What am I doing wrong?


there's a popup about playful otters that asks if you want to feed them or not. if you feed them, it takes all your food.


I have an adept and a master builder working on the lift and they keep shaking their heads. Is there something else required or should I just persevere?

Mary Grace June 4, 2008 10:31 PM

3 builders for the lift

Mary Grace June 4, 2008 10:53 PM

So it took me FOREVER to figure out that you could have a kid as a chief! I started my game over twice already (if you have your advanced scientist making potions then they can get weakened and DIE and that's not so great and was probably worth starting over for. get someone else to make a health potion that has full health... and then someone else if that doesn't work to get the important people's health up.) I spent forever waiting for my nursing mom to give up her kid and had every adult going over there to the robe again and again before I dropped a little brat on there.

So there's a tinkling sound going on that sounds like somebody dropping fairy dust or something and that usually means that there's at least a mushroom lurking around somewhere... I think. I've paused when I heard that a couple of times and didn't find anything, but more often than not there's something for kids to pick up. Has anybody else noticed this?

I don't know if they have it in the game, but you really need a temporary birth control potion so that you can up parenting with recreational mating before the villagers get really old. Just a thought! :)

marygrace112 (my member e-mail hasn't gotten to me yet!)

jewelee June 4, 2008 11:28 PM

Thanks pineapple for the answer about the research side of the lab. I was wigging out over the mess :) also there are those OSHA regulations. It's cleaned up now.

For those that are starving ..... mushrooms!! and try the double drop the get two kids to pick them up. This saved me more then once. If you can get two of the red -shrooms it's 70 foods.

I also found out you can double drop on 'items' this gives you double the tech points if it's not 'new'


For help with the shark potion


If you pick the nature faction, the potion is the pitcher plant + black orchid + black orchid.
If you pick the magic faction, the potion is the berry plant + rose + rose.


Mary Grace - the emails go out immediately, you might want to check your spam folder to see if it got routed there instead.

If you don't find it, email me at the address in the left sidebar (bottom) and I'll approve it for you manually.

Brittany June 5, 2008 1:23 AM

If you can't find the tribe leader, try a child. I have two files and one of them had a 3 year old leader, and the other had a 7 year old...

Brittany June 5, 2008 1:58 AM

Hey k2, I tried your potion out,and now all my villagers are crazy...Does the potion wear off? Or are they crazy till they die?

Brittany June 5, 2008 2:01 AM

ok,nevermind. it does wear off, you just have to give them awhile. That was funny,though :)