Can you cook food Virtual Villagers 3? I heard about it once (not sure where or who from) and I can't figure out how... or if it's possible.


To Gemma:

No, you can't cook food in VV3.


Any tips on getting the villagers past the age of 72?
That's the oldest any of my villagers have become...


To Eerie:

Check Question #9 in the FAQ at the top of this page.


where is the cactus

LadyMarian February 13, 2009 2:21 PM

hello!sorry for my english but i am greek!so..i have a question.i put them to work all the time,i put the children to collect pieces and mushrooms(with the trick of pause and repause) but my tech points are slowly groing i don't have enough tech points to upgrade the skills!right now i am repairing the bath,i have 1000 units oa food and only 7000 tech points.i need level 2 fanction(50000 pnt)!!!what can i do more for tech points?


Yay! i beat the game! but one little problem when the cheif "points out a rare collectible"
i keep getting the same collectible. I need some advice!!

Thanks so much!


To dyde:

Check #11 in the walkthough guide located at the top of this page.

To LadyMarian:

Check #4 in the walkthrough guide located at the top of this page.

To doggirl16:

The collectibles are generated randomly. Eventually he/she will point to one you need. May take awhlie.


Hey again! Even though i finished the game doesnt mean i dont have questions! Do you have to buy Level 2 Alchemy before doing any potions? When my friend did the light and springy potion it blew up! Im sure that the potion was correct and my friend was wondering if she wasted her tech points on level 2 Alchemy.

I also figured out some things
Kids can:

heal people and collect herbs


If you want to email me just tell me and i will give it to u


Is there anything you can do with the giant clam?


To doggirl16:

It's not required that you purchase level 2 Alchemy for potions, but sometimes it's helpful because they do occasionally blow up. The Alchemy research helps prevent these accidents.

To: ,.amflk:

Yes, the giant clam is part of puzzle 15. There is information on the puzzles at the top of this page.


So my diamond has appeared, but I have had no luck in trying to get someone to pick it up. It has been two days already and I have had villagers dump water on it to try and cool it down about 10 times. It still says it is too hot to touch. Any ideas???


I have not been able for find the fifth item needed so that I can get my Lab up and running. I have checked all over the place an it just doesn't seem to be anywhere. I'm not sure what to do to be able to find it. Any suggestions?


To M:

You just have to keep pouring water over the hot diamond until it's cool enough to pick up. It will take many trips to the waterfall. Then suddenly, it will be cool enough to pick up.


To Mona:

You need to describe for me what the other four items look like so I can figure out which one you're missing and get a screen shot of it to help you to find it.


How can i train doctors? none of my villagers get sick..


To Ellen:

Look at question #10 in the FAQ located at the top of this page.


Does the game ever end? I did all puzzles and built all buildings. Is there anything more?

[Edit: The game will continue indefinitely unless something comes along to destroy your village. Just no more puzzles or anything specific. -Pam]


Hello again!

I've got a question yet again!
If you pick up the 5 things for Puzzle 3, will you get tech points?

I'm asking because my tech points when up when my person put down the item. Or was it one of my other scientists working?

[Edit: It was probably from one of your other scientists. -Pam]



does a villager actually have to use the potion to get tech points or do they just have to make one?


A villager has been weakened. How can I fix that? I tried to heal and also tried to use a couple of different potions.


All my women in the tribe have gotten old, does this mean they can't have babies? Because I've been tring and getting nowhere.
If so, how can I get children into the tribe?


Hi... i remember somebody mentioning a sewing hut??? I have all the puzzles completed and almost all research is complete. When does this mysterious hut appear?


To Dev:

Potions do not bring tech points. Is there something in particular you're wondering about?

Also, please do not post a comment more than once. Duplicate posts will be removed.

To Vicky:

When a villager is weakened, healing potions will work. A couple that come to mind are -


Healing only helps if the villager is actually sick, not just weakened.

To Ellen:

Women can have babies until the age of 50. If you reach a point that you have no females under age 50, you're in trouble. You can hope for a random island even that will bring strangers to the village or a barrel of babies may be washed ashore. However, you cannot control it.

To Gemma:

The sewing hut shows up very late in the game and is not one of the puzzles. For me, it shows up after I've purchased all technology and solved all puzzles.


ok. well does a villager have to try a potion in order to "discover" it. Can you just make the potion without trying it for it to count towards finding all the recipes?


To Dev:

I haven't tested that one way or the other, but I would think that making the potion is sufficient to count toward the award for making a number of potions.


though I have enough tech points to buy a Faction 2, whenever I click on Buy, it tells me I have already chosen my Faction. How do I get the next level?


To llyo:

You're probably trying to select the other faction by mistake. You can only have either Nature or Science. Be sure to click level 2 on the one you originally bought.


Hey everybody! I have a problem, most of my villagers died of starvation, i was left with no food and was waiting for my tech points to add up so that i could make the sharks dissapear. now i am left with 5 women villagers so i can't make babies. should i stop the game? does it have any point to continue playing?thanx


To Anka:

You still have a couple of options, although neither are in your control. There are random island events that bring a newcomer to the village (usually male) and a barrel of babies (usually 3 or 4 children). If either of these events happens, you can still save your tribe. Good luck! :)



I have all the technologies researched to the max, and I just finished the aromatherapy puzzle, but the chalkboard won't clear so I can make the plans for the statue. What's wrong?


To Kalia:

Please check question #13 in the FAQ at the top of this page.


I have download the free version and plan on purchasing but for some reason my people will not rake the leaves. i have a friend that has the full version game and his will not let him rake the leaves either why?


To Ace:

I'm not sure what you're talking about. The villagers don't really rake leaves. Can you give me some more information?


I try to just read and not ask questions but... I have been waiting for days to be able to do puzzle 13 and the last puzzle. I have done everything else there is to do. Do you hae a guess as to when my villagers will collect water for the fire instead of just drinking?


I have a Q:

My fire has gone out several times, but it either turns on by itself or one of the villagers turns it on by themselves. But when it does stay off i never see the Diamond in the ashes. What's wrong in this picture?

Camille March 2, 2009 6:51 AM

Pineapple, you rock! Everything I need help with I have the answers to. Well, almost everything...

I'm having a slight problem with the key in the fire. I have been waiting for a while - four days at least with half of that time in fast mode and the other half in slow.

I have completed more then half the puzzles, gotten quite a bit of tech advancements ,and I'm getting quite far into the game, but my villages are still just "drinking water."

It's really annoying - I would think that it would have appeared in the fire by now.

Also, Pineapple, I would like to point out that somebody gave out a very handy potion indeed back on page one of the comments. It was:

A potion to make people work faster

Cactus + Black Orchid + Lotus

This was an extremely handy potion that I think deserves a spot in the "Important Potion Recipies" section, mainly because it helped me greatly when my orchard was exhusted and I was trying to quickly clock up tech points to make the shark solution before my villagers died of starvation.


To Camille:

About the fire -

The fire has to burn steadily for several hours before you can get the fire gem. Eventually, you will see white sparkles in the fire. That's when it's time to let it burn out and pur water on it to cool it.

Thanks for your comments about the potion. It's already listed on our online spreadsheet.

Anonymous March 4, 2009 7:29 AM

how do you clear the grass. no one seems to be able to clear the grass when i put them at that area


@JIGuest: They won't clear away the grass - you need that as a supply, just like the wood.
There are leaves to clear away in the open area on the right of the map, and stones to clear away at the bottom. It might be a good idea to leave the stones there until later, in case you need to train builders for other things. They are one of the puzzles, though.


how do get the chief to educate the children?

RachaelES March 12, 2009 11:10 PM

I have gotten to the Sun Dial room, and I don't quite understand what I need to do to get the puzzle finished. I've tried following the directions in the walkthrough, but nothing happens


To Siobhan:

To educate the children -

You need Level 2 Leadership. Drop the chief on a child and he/she will teach them in the amphitheater. When you see the white sparkle on a child's head, that's when he/she has gained some experience in a skill. Note: Chief must be an adult to teach the children.

To RachaelES:

For the Sun Dial room -

You have to wait until the weather is sunny and you can see rays of sun. At that moment, drop a villager onto the disk in the Sun Dial room. When the spirits appear, click on them to see their story and solve the puzzle.


Sun Dial Room - I've waited for the sun, gone into the room but whenever I try to drop a villager on the sun disk it just moves. nobody ever appears.

Anonymous March 13, 2009 9:07 PM

hi, I was wondering what happens when you get all the collectibles.

[Edit: You get an extra 5 added to your population with each completed collection. -Pam]


To Leann:

Try putting a villager on the farthest left position of the dial when the sun comes out.


I have mastered all puzzles and have done 8 of 10 awards, but my lab in still a mess. How do I repair the lab. It is driving me crazy!

[Edit: The science lab will be clean after you purchase Level 3 Science. -Pam]


I have two questions, one I beive is a bug, the other, I'm not sure what to think.

Okay I'm having a slight problem. Okay so my villagers are working on the statue. I leave, then come back to notice one of the villagers has wondered off (again). I search everywhere, hes on the detail screen so I know he didn't die, I even checked the Rooster of the Dead twice. When I try to locate him through the detail screen again , it brings me to the ocean,like it has been. Then you know that circle you see when you select a villager around their feet? Well I saw the rim around it at the very top of the screen! He's not ageing either! His twin is already a few years older than him. Is this a known bug? Can I fix it or will that guy be stuck there forever?

Now my second question, I got this Island Event or whatever those orange boxes that give you two choices are called. One of my villagers found a crate of beans on the beach. I used them as fertilizer and each of my trees got 1000 fruits. Thats not the strange thing though, then ALL of my aduts (and teens) started running around the village and "Working until he/she drops" it was hilarious I might add, although it took me forever to get them back to their jobs.

Have any of these events happened to you before, or is my game seriously screwed up? By the way, I have version 1.00.04


To Alex:

For your first question -

What you describe about the villager being stuck in the corner of the ocean isn't exactly a known bug that has a fix. However, I've heard of that same thing happening before. I don't think you can do anything about it. Just move on and don't worry about that villager.

For your second question -

The beans you got as an island event are coffee beans! Whichever option you choose, you'll still get the "Working until she drops." It's because of the caffeine of the coffee beans. Lol.


Help! My island only has females on it. Is there anything I can do?


To Melissa:

There's nothing you can do if you have no males at all. However, there is still some hope. Sometimes there are random island events that bring a stranger to the village or a barrel of babies will wash up. If something like that happens, you can still recover.


hi pam...
after about 10 times i restarted back the game.. after my villager died because of starvation..

now my village running in good condition at this moment...

i just wonder about something.. now i have 2 huts to support the whole population... the thing is, how many people or population that can be supported up to max for this 2 huts?

currently i have about 19 people, which is 9 of them are child and the balance are adults...


To Sherina09:

About huts and population -

Your two huts will support a maximum population of 35. Once you purchase level 3 Restoration, you'll be able to build a third hut and your maximum population will go up to 90+ depending on your faction and completion of the collections. A tribe can reach a population of 115 by the time it's all said and done.


Hi again. Okay after pretty much completeing the game except for a few little things I began working on a theory of the whole VV plot, I've only played the demo for the other two games, so correct me if I'm wrong about something.

When the ancient tribe (the ghosts' tribe) pretty much went crazy, I pictured people fighting over stuff, no peace, and the few sane villagers were leaving on rafts. They went to where all the previous games took place (including the island that the first game's villagers came from). They prospered for many years, building huts, and the other things we see when they land on an island.

Then something terrible killed them all off. It had to be something to do with the mysteries of Isola I beleive. Except for the island that the firts game's villagers came from (they were killed by a volcanoe). I don't really have any good ideas what that force could be.

Does any body have any nice ideas? Do you think my theory is good?

Encaimond March 22, 2009 8:53 PM

Thanks for the tip, I dropped 5 children on the 3rd rare feather and acquired quite a few tech points. Rofl!!

Encaimond March 22, 2009 8:57 PM

And by the way, I got the first chief whom is the youngest child (exempt the baby) from start, which's quite funny and help me not to reduce labor force (didn't mean child abus* though), but it's fun. Thank you!


My trees won't grow fruit!!! It's been years (well days) and nothing. I got on like 3 days ago and there has been no fruit ever since. what do I do?

[Edit: Check the FAQ located at the top of this page. Question #2 is about food. -Pam]


Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I didn't wait for the tech points to buy level 3 restoration and level 3 leadership. I choose to go for level 3 medicine 1st to finish the Aromatherapy 1st... hehe.

Another question actually.
Mr or Mrs Tribal Chief only can educate those little children once every 24 hours is it? Because after lecturing them for 1st time, there's a note saying that he/she can only do it once every 24 hours.

Or do you have any other way to do it without changing your PC clock. By the way, I don't want to do that.... that's cheating.


To Sherina09:

Yes, it's true that the Chief can only educate the children every 24 hours. There's no way to make it speed up.

Changing the pc clock is not only cheating, but it can mess up your game and computer, too!


So I've had the fire burn through several cycles now but the white key gem isn't appearing. Is this a random event that occurs "at some point"?


To Charlie:

About the fire -

You need to let the fire burn continuously until you see white sparkles in it. At that time, you can let it burn out to find the gem key.

YukinaKid March 30, 2009 12:37 PM

Hey, I had a villager be "chosen" to be the prince or whatever of the island, but I'm pretty sure he's dead by now. Does this "story line" have anything to do with the overall game? I never had a villager be "chosen" to be the princess of the farmers or whatever. Thanks, your guide has really helped me out tremendously.


To YukinaKid:

I'm not sure what you're talking about. There's a Chief that is chosen by putting on the robe, but nothing about a princess of the farmers. Can you give me some more information?


I have finished all my requirements for the Aromatherapy bath and I got my MD to put the Lotus into the bowls but she won't do anything else. She runs from the fire and goes back to studying medicine. She won't light the torch! Is there anything I can do to get her or another doc to do this so i can complete the Aromatherepy puzzle? Thanks
[Sometimes it takes a while for the comment to get approved :). ~Kero]


To Nene:

Check to see if your Master Doctor that you're using dislikes fire (on the details screen). If he does, that's why he's running away from the fire. You'll have to find another Master Doctor do solve the puzzle.

Stephanie March 31, 2009 1:19 PM

Can elderly people still have children? I'm having a really hard time for my villagers to reproduce. I've even tried the fertility potions, but to no avail.


To Stephanie:

In this game, females can have babies until they are 50. Males can continue all of their lives.

YukinaKid March 31, 2009 8:30 PM

Yeah, the last puzzle with the prince from the science faction and the princess from the farming faction and the fact that the dead people were from the same faction. I had a villager be "chosen" to focus on being a scientist to be the "prince" but I got no message for my "princess" to focus on her faction and a marriage never was able to take place. So now my prince died of old age. Is this even relevant to the game? It's just about as random as the random villagers from different parts of the island. I have no idea what it means.

Thanks so much.


To YukinaKid:

That has to be a random island even or something. It sounds very bizarre to me. I've played through this game many times and I've never seen anything like what you describe. Did it show up in a yellow box on your screen like other random island events do?

agentalex123 April 3, 2009 12:36 AM

I need help!!

I know this may have been answered before but I can't make my villagers carry the statue past the bend in the path and the chief keeps being proud!! I want to know if there is a patch for this 'cause I don't want to download the game all over 'cause i reached too far!! I just have to finish about 4 puzzles. The clam gem, the statue (duh!!), the aromatherapy (working on it) and the last one. I know I must have the older version of VV3 or some other reason...

Here's some tips:

-For the pop-ups:
1. If you get stung by insect don't kill the ant because it was fighting with a spider
2. When someone troubles a shark don't make them swim with the sharks!!

-For food:
-When you meet the requirements:
1. Drag the chief and he'll start some ritual, don't disturb him until he leaves the food bin
3. When it rains, pause, then put someone on the lift until a fruit falls
4. Get rid of sharks (use potion mentioned in pineapple's walk through) to be able to fish
5. Before you start a tribe, set your computer's clock a day ahead, go on your game and plant your seed and quit then change your PC's time back to normal...on your game you should have 1000 fruits and 3000 honey...DON'T EVER DO THIS KIND OF TIME TRAVELING AGAIN FOR YOUR VILLAGE WILL BE LOST!!

-To gain skills:
1. Before you go to bed at night, make each villager, that is able to, learn a skill (do research, build something etc.) and quit the the next day they might be ADEPT or MASTER in that skill
2. When villagers are sick make kids heal them
3. Drag young men on women above 60 yrs and they will improve in parenting without anyone getting pregnant (most of the time)

-To finish puzzles quicker
1. Make a lot of villagers do one puzzle (clear leaves, clear rubble etc) "overnight"
2. Make more skilled villagers in the project (building hut etc)
3. For some puzzles, you actually NEED to see the scaffolding to know that you are doing it (building huts, clearing rubble, restoring statue etc) or else it would be a waste of your valuable and crucial time!!

Well, that's all I can remember!! Hope it helps!! =D

Oh, and can someone who has beaten this game tell me exactly what the ghosts say??

Many thanks in advance and props to the creator and members of this awesome website!! Keep rockin'!!

P.S. Don't ask me about potions 'cause I'm not a chemist or something...and it can be found on this great website!! ;D

Having twins and triplets is completely random!! But I already had triplets!!

[Edit: We strongly advise against changing your computer clock for any reason in this game. Not only can it ruin your game, it can also disrupt other functions on your computer that rely on the computer's clock. -Pam]


To Agentalex123:

The only solution we have to your problem with the statue is found under question #5 in the FAQ located at the top of this page.


I gain tech points slowly how can I gain tech points faster??? Is there anyway more instead of duplicating the collectibles?


I have questions about the roster of the dead. First earlier on I had one of my original adults find a shinny thing and saw her reflection this gave me a clone of the same girl. They both have since died but they aren't on the roster. The second question is that one of the dead isn't on the roster anymore but there is a grave. I can't click on the grave like the others. Is this just a glitch.

[Edit: It sounds like a glitch in your game. I haven't seen this particular problem before. You may want to download your game again from the site where you originally purchased it to get the most current version that will have (hopefully) corrected the bud. -Pam]


To Harlon:

There's not a magic way to get lots of tech points... only the ways that are built into the game.

Once a villager gets to Master status, he/she will accrue points faster. When you purchase Science technology, points also accrue faster. That's about it.

Anonymous April 10, 2009 7:03 PM

It doesn't really matter whether you run out of food. I supported my tribe for three days on just mushrooms


Problem...I have nearly completed the game..only 3 puzzles left BUT..all my villagers are dying of old age, and i'm down to 9 people, a lot of whom are getting older. I want to reproduce but I only have 1 girl still capable of having children..then one 65 year old female. Unfortunately I for some reason am not getting ANY girls, there are 3 kids but all boys, and without girls, I'm gonig to run out of villagers before finishing the game, and I'm on a trial.


To Madison:

Just keep your female having babies and hopefully you'll get some girls. :)


Drop a female on a male to have female babies. If you drop them continuously, they won't have to go into the shack

virtual freak April 11, 2009 4:05 AM

I have 3 guys and 2 girls in my village and my 2 ladies won't get pregnant. They have become master parents while attempting to make a baby. They're actually over 50 years old. Could that be the reason?


To Virtual Freak:

Females stop having babies at age 50. That's exactly the reason your two older ladies won't have a baby.


Hey guys. I was wondering, even though all of my question was answered, I've waited a long time, but the diamond still really doesn't appear. And how can you get collectibles even if it appears randomly. I know the tip when you hear a chime kinda thing, a mushroom or collectible appears, but I can't really find it because it appears slow and mostly corals don't appear. Turtle shells appear always.

Thanks guys. :)) XD


Another one. When I got a RARE collectible showing up, I used the pause-repause trick and it worked. I got 1600 tech points. Heh. :)


I've got another tip. When you try to get the award for 5 skills mastered, try it on Trainee Builders you got when you first started the game. And note: you can either wait until the girl you are training for 5 skills (because even if you train a boy, the girl will get pregnant) cannot reproduce anymore or make the parenting skills your last skill to train. :)

Oh, by the way, this is a good site. I like it. Heh. :)


Hi Sean.

About the diamond in the fire -

The fire has to burn for a certain number of hours constantly before the gem will appear. If your fire dies out and you are restarting it, the timer is probably starting over each time. Keep the fire burning continuously for as long as you can. When you see white sparkles coming from the fire, it's time to let it die out.

About collectibles -

Collectibles are always random and you can't really change that. However, there are a couple of things you can watch for. Once you start clearing away the rubble at the bottom of the screen, you'll start seeing pieces of tile that you can collect. Also, once you get level 3 Leadership, your Chief can point out rare collectibles. This means that when the Chief does his thing, there is definitely a rare collectible somewhere on the island. You just have to find it before it disappears.


thnx pam btw its really fun when you turn your speed to slow because the fire wont burn out until 35 hours heh

Fragesteller April 16, 2009 12:44 PM

Thanx for the great page!
(Sorry for mistakes - i'm german)

...just one question left:

I`ve finished nearly every puzzle- except No.12.
My Master Doctor jumps out of the bath and keeps "looking at the fire". After doing this, he returns to normal activities without bothering about any flower...

What am I doing wrong?


How do you make the chief grant food?


I have a village who was doing better than the first, and now 10 people have died from starvation in the second, and the first is doing outstanding. The second village is still doing poorly, and all the adults are at the lowest health. Should I start over the second tribe??


Actually, now all adults are dead. Should I try to see if the kids can remake the tribe? or should i just give up?


To Kim:

It's possible to save the tribe with the kids, but very difficult.

They will only be able to gather mushrooms for food. Without adults, none of the regular food sources will work. It's just up to you whether you want the challenge of trying to save the tribe. I've been able to do it once or twice.


To Fragesteller:

About Puzzle 12 -

Make sure you have level 3 Medicine.

To AF:

For the Chief to grant food -

Drop him/her on the food bin.

Anonymous April 21, 2009 6:48 PM

I have two girls that are pregnant and it has said for the past week that they both still have 123 minutes left.. why wont my girls quick nursing there kids?



What's up with the little symbols above the rose plant? Do they mean anything, or are they just there to screw with me?

Phunky Monkey April 25, 2009 2:44 AM


I only have 1 villager left... is there anything that can save me if there is please help me!!!! By the way she is 30 and the trible chief.

From Phunky Monkey


To JIGuest:

Try exiting the game and restarting it. It sounds like it got stuck.

To Praecox:
The symbols above the rose -

represent the potion needed retrieve the pink gem.

To Phunky Monkey:
The only thing that will save your tribe is if you encounter a random island event that brings a newcomer to the village or a barrel of babies. Unfortunately, you can't control the random events.


Little hint for puzzle #13

Children will also help put out the fire when dropped on the waterfall.


How do I kill villagers? I know this isn't your typical comment, but I'm overpopulated and I can't make any more babies and well, some of my villagers just aren't pulling their own weight. Is there a potion that will make them sick enough? I have tried several but not found one that worked.


To Roguey:

No, there's not a potion to kill villagers. The object of the game is to have a thriving tribe and it sounds like you've got one. If you're at max population, there will always be villagers who don't "pull their own weight" because there's just not enough left to do, really. Have you gotten all of the puzzles solved or is there something you need help with maybe?


I have everything solved - just waiting on completion of the random collections.
In previous versions of VV there were potions or foods (I don't remember) that would make villagers sick enough to die. Just thought maybe I'd missed one.

MercyHallows May 5, 2009 4:51 PM

Hi. First off, I want to thank you for hosting, creating and sharing this walkthrough for us.

I do have one question though; When I put any of my villagers on the leaves which need clearing they acknowledge them but take no action (clearing). I just wanted to make sure of two things; These leaves are the leaves situated where the trees grow, and is there something else I may be doing wrong?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you :)