Pam, the symbols above the rose bush do mean something (if you buy in to what I'm seeing)...

The symbols are for the light and springy potion! The bottom one is a cactus, the middle a rose and the top one a lotus. Of course I didn't figure this out until after I got the key :)


I am having some food issues!

I have all 3 orchard trees and I am harvesting honey. I have level 2 of everything and only 13 villagers. I had over 1000 food and I am now down to 74!!! How do I get more food?


To Tfoz:

About food supplies -

1. The trees and honey will regenerate.

2. Have your Chief make magic food every 24 hours.

3. Have the children collect mushrooms. There's a little trick to double your mushroom points. Put the game on pause (space bar) and drop a child on the mushroom. Tap the space bar twice more, very quickly, to unpause and re-pause the game. Then drop a second child onto the muchroom. If you are fast enough, both children will pick up the mushroom and you'll get double points.

Most importantly -

Once you purchase level 2 of your faction, you will get a sixth herb which allows you to make the potion to get rid of sharks. You will then have unlimited fishing and food won't be a problem.


I had a village of 100 some died off and I am down to 80. My youngest villager is 53, They will kiss and go indoors but never make babies. How do I keep my village from dwindling away? Whats the oldest they can reproduce?



To Shell:

I'm afraid your village may be in trouble. In this game, females stop reproducing at age 50. You can hope for a random island event that will bring a new person or a barrel of babies, but you can't control those.


OK, I mastered the shark potion (thanks for all the help!) Now my villagers have plenty of food. Problem is, I only have three women... and two of them are over 50. And all my kids are grown up. I have dropped the one woman (who is 54) on top of a man about 100 times now. Is she too old to breed? I would hate for my village to die out because it is mostly male...



To Shansu:

Female villagers can only have babies until they are 50 years old. If you still have a female under 50, I would suggest that she get busy having as many babies as possible! :)


Hi, I had my builder draw the plans for the bath, the bath was restored and the plans disappeared. When I made my builder draw the next lot of plans, the bath appeared again on the drawing board. I don't think this is supposed to happen. How do I get rid the bath plans & get the next ones or is this a glitch?
I hope someone can help me.


To Gaynor:

About the plans -

Try exiting the game and going back in to reset it. If the wrong plans are still there, check to see if a Master Builder can build the scaffolding for the statue. If he/she can, then you should be fine. I'm thinking that perhaps the plans look enough alike that they could be the statue plans after all.

If you are unable to build the scaffolding, and the bath plans don't disappear, let me know and I'll try to do some more checking.


What is an esteemed elder? i recently discovered one and he isn't an elder yet under the detail tab.


To Mia R.:

An Esteemed Elder is a villager who has achieved Mastery in three trades.


Where's the 6th herb?


To Mia R.:

The sixth herb differs for Nature and Magic factions.

Nature Faction -

The pitcher plant is to the left of the alchemy lab. Here is a screenshot.

Magic Faction -

The berry bush is also to the left of the alchemy lab. Here is a screenshot.


Ok one more question...

I completed all the puzzle. Saw the ending clip so now what? is that the end of the game or does something else happen after i collect everything? If thats it its kinda anti-climactic! :/


To Shell:

That's pretty much it if you've got all the puzzles solved. Completing the collections will increase your max population a little. You don't get anything special for the awards.

The game doesn't actually end unless all of your villagers die. It can run endlessly if you want it to. You'll still get random island events and sometimes they are enough to set your tribe back. Other than that, you're basically done.

Anonymous July 29, 2008 12:10 AM

Where is the pitcher plant? I have dropped the children all over the island, but cannot seem to find it.


To JIGuest:

About the pitcher plant -

The pitcher plant is located to the left of the alchemy lab. Here is a screenshot.


None of the women in my tribe will carry babies. They embrace and 'go inside' but they have babies. They are all 50 and I have even used the fertility potions. If anyone can help that'd be great!


To Beth:

Females stop having babies at age 50, but they still go inside and gain parenting skill.


My people are moving the statue, but the time on it keeps changing. One minute it will say there is 11 hours left, then it will say 9 hours, then it will go back up to 11. It just seems to change everytime I check it. Is that normal? Thanks!



That is normal. I believe it goes up when the builders leave to do something else, then drops again when the builder comes back. The more builders you have working on it, the faster it will go.


I'm stumped. What do you do with the broken machine? Can you do it immediately after the bath? Or do you have to use tech points before fixing it?


Hi everyone I'm new at this game. I've just started off and I had 8 villagers. I made another (9 villagers) and my first hut is still being built. I tried several times to make another baby, well I tried a lot of times but so far no luck. Is 9 the maximum number of villagers you can have before you complete the first hut? Thanks in advance.


To Penny:

About the broken machine -

You need level 2 Restoration, which you already have if you've finished the bath. You just need to drop 3 Adept Builders onto the broken machine to fix it.


To Anon:

About making babies -

The max population before you complete the first hut is 17.

At the very beginning of the game, it's more difficult to have babies, but it can definitely be done. You don't have to wait until they go inside. Just keep dropping them onto each other over and over until you hear the kissing sound. That's when parenting skills increase and a baby is possible. You need to just keep dropping them and hearing the kissing sound until the population meter goes up or you see the female holding a baby. It will take a lot of tries at first, even sometimes 15 or 20, but it will happen.


hi all! I have purchased all levels of technology but am yet to solve the statue puzzle. I have a number of master builders who have managed to push the statue up to the lily plant, but now they have stopped working on it. My chief has seen a good place to anchor the statue but thats about it. I have tried to make him direct work again and have put all my builders there but they seem to be more interested in building the sewing hut.

Please help!


To Medha:

A couple of things that may help...

1. I've noticed that builders will split their time if you have more than one project at a time. I learned to only start one project and finish it all the way through before starting another one. If this is the case, they will eventually get both the sewing hut and the statue done, but it will take that much longer. There's nothing you can do for it, either.

There was a bug in an earlier version that wouldn't let the statue go past the top of the path, which was corrected in version 1.00.04. Check your version number on the main menu. If you don't have version 1.00.04, you'll need to go back to the site where you originally purchased the game and download it again. You won't lose your progress if you just load the new version on top of your existing one.

I hope this helps you!

Anonymous July 30, 2008 8:55 PM

I am trying to get rid of the sharks, but when I make the potion the villager has an epiphany and then does nothing. How do I get the vial to take to the ocean? Thanks. :)


To JIGuest:

It sounds like maybe you have the wrong potion. The villager will automatically carry the vial to the ocean when you brew the correct one.

Shark potion -

Orchid + Orchid + Pitcher Plant (for Nature Faction)
Rose + Rose + Berry (for Magic Faction)


I think I may be stuck. I built the first and second hut, cleared the leaves, removed the rubble, repaired the lift, and planted 3 trees in the orchard. I see a third are where a hut was once, but when I put my master builders and my cheif there they are "confused". I have level 2 alchemy, level 2 restoration, and level 1 faction. I have 20,000 tech points. I am now out of food and out of things for my villagers to do. where do I go from here?


To amberlp:

About building -

You can reconstruct the bath with level 2 Restoration; however, you need level 3 Restoration to complete the third hut. Level 3 Restoration will also open up the statue puzzle.

About food -

The fruit trees will regenerate. Your next food source will be unlimited fishing after you get rid of the sharks with a special potion.

You can also have the children pick mushrooms to help out. Here's a little trick to double the mushroom points: Pause the game with the space bar, then drop a child on the mushroom. Hit the space bar twice more very quickly to unpause and re-pause the game. Then drop a second child. Unpause one last time. If you are quick enough, they will both pick up the mushroom for double the food points.

Lastly, have your chief make magic food every 24 hours. Hopefully, this will be enough to get you by until the fruit trees regenerate or you're able to get rid of the sharks.


Thank you for your useful hints.. It really helps! my villagers are producing twins and triplets! yeay!

anyway, just a few random questions.. what is the max population? and how do i extend the age of a villager to ensure they dont die early? ( i have bought all the tech).


Where to find the lotus?


To gal:

About the max population -

The max population starts at 90. It goes up from there if you chose Magic Faction. You also get another five villagers added to your max for each collection you complete. By the time it's all added up, you can easily have a max population of 110 or 115.

About villagers longevity -

Having all the medical technology will allow them to live well into their 70s with no problem. If you chose Nature Faction, they will live a little longer. You can also make sure they have general good health by not letting the food bin go empty, checking their health bar and making health potions when it goes down, taking older villagers off of the more strenuous tasks, and having plenty of trained doctors. All these things will help your villagers live longer. My oldest so far has been 100 years old.


To seri:

About the lotus plant -

The lotus plant is located to the right of the bath. Here is a screenshot to help you.

CajunKitten72 July 31, 2008 12:26 PM

I was wondering where the coral collections are gathered. I am missing three pieces. Do they appear on the beach, or on front of the reef or in the back of the reef? I wait and I wait for them but can't seem to find them. I am needing the uncommon star fish, a 2 rare ones that look like wierd cow skull, and a tree. Help!


To CajunKitten72:

The coral pieces can appear anywhere on the reef and a short ways up the beach. They don't seem to appear anywhere beyond that point.


what are the plants for the health potion?


Yes!! I finally finished all the puzzles!! Now I am just finishing up building the clothing hut and increasing the population because some of my villagers are getting old. I also just need one more turtle shell to complete all the collections.


To Kevin:

About the health potions -

The most powerful health potions are Cactus+Cactus+Lotus or Cactus+Lotus+Lotus. However, sometimes it will blow up if you don't have enough Alchemy tech. In that case, try Cactus+Cactus+Cactus. It's not as powerful, but also less liable to blow up.


Yay Carol!


I finished all the puzzles and I thought I was done except for collecting now I am reading about a clothing hut. How do I do that.


To Cin:

About the Clothing Hut -

The foundation to build the Clothing Hut shows up late in the game. For me, it usually comes after I've purchased all technology and finished all the puzzles. Once it's built, you can drop a villager on it to get a change of clothes for the price of 5,000 tech points. It's something cute to do, especially when they sometimes end up looking identical.


I was having trouble finding a new chief when I had a lot of villagers(72)so I paused the game and then dragged every villager,including children on to the robe all together in a big pile.When I set the game going again the result was a roar of villagers and there was my new chief.


I really enjoy the Virtual Villager games as a whole and look forward to each installment. I even play Fish Tycoon and Plant Tycoon which are also connected to the island of Isola.

But there is one thing that really bugs me about the games; the children can't be trained to gather mushrooms on their own.

I think it would make the games much better if after having a child picking mushrooms a few times they would learn to automatically hunt for and pick them.

I hate having my villagers starve to death before I have worked out how to keep the food supply going, and even though having kids automatically pick mushrooms would not keep the village fed it would certainly help.

Anonymous August 2, 2008 7:31 PM

is the "vision" of the prince and princess the end of the game so to speak, or do a real prince and princess appear somehow?


To JIGuest:

About the prince and princess -

If you've done all the puzzles, the vision is pretty much the end. The game will continue indefinitely unless your tribe dies off.


I have a question concerning the collectibles. When I was clearing the rubble I did not find all of the pieces. I am only missing one common piece. Will I ever find it because the rubble has been cleared for about a month. Thanks in advance!


To Sara:

The last piece of the tablet will turn up eventually. You'll have to be diligent to catch it, but it will come. :)



Once i saw one of my childrens action being "Looking for mushrooms" or even "Looking for collectibles" maybe if you use 1 child to get mushrooms he'll get used to it.



The children will search for things automatically. Trust me, I've had children search for collectibles then walk straight over a rare turtle shell. I think the reason they search is because they are children and that's what children do.


I have finished everything that I can do to raise the building skill. I am trying to get the "Jack of all Trades" award but I can't figure out how to when there is nothing to build thank you for your help!!!!!!


To Sadie:

About building skills -

You can increase building skills by repairing the existing huts. There is also an energy potion that will sometimes increase building skill. The potion is Black Orchid + Tiger Lily + Cactus. It doesn't work every time, but sometimes the villager will have a unit of building skill after exercising from the potion.


My chief will not direct work on the statue. The statue is almost at the top of the hill, but I cant get him to direct. On my 3rd chief, still nothing. I drop him and he "inspects food" ,"gathers herbs", or "nothing" any help. I don't wanna start all over.


To M:

Have you tried placing him/her near the bottom of the statue or on top of the statue itself?


To M:

Also check what version of the game you have. There was a bug with the statue that was fixed with version 1.00.04. If you have the version before that, you'll need to download the game again from the site where you originally purchased it. Load it on top of your game and you shouldn't lose any of your progress.


Continuing off of last statement to M:

I meant at the foot of the statue where its feet are.


Thank you Pam & Sadie. Updated and did the trick


Love the series. How do I get master doctors? Can anyone answer that one?


To Michelle:

After you purchase level 2 Medicine, you can train doctors at the hospital. It's very similar to how you train scientists.


Where can you buy this game from and how much and is it only in dollars cause i only have £'s i really want to buy the game



I'm checking on that for you. There are several sites where you can purchase the game (including ours), but I'm not sure about the U.S. Dollar thing. I'll post here when I find out.


To Shannon:

I have some information for you. You can purchase Virtual Villagers 3 on any website that has the download. If you wish to purchase it here, use the link at the top of this page.

You can use a credit card to pay for the game, and the credit card company will take care of the conversion into U.S. Dollars.

I hope this is helpful.

K.F.Kemps August 5, 2008 4:44 PM

List of ALL potions for an Magical Tribe

I use different, more practical names for the flowers in my guide.

Orange = Tiger Lily
Black = Black Orchid
Pink = Lotus
Rose = Rose
Cactus = Cactus
Magic = Berry Bush

Note :
-I tested whith Level 3 Alchemy and a Master-scientist
**negative results at lower technology level and/or less advanced scientist levels are not in this guide


**Rose-Rose-Magic (Shark Repullant)
**Rose-Pink-Cactus (Jumping Booster)
**Cactus-Cactus-Cactus (Small Improve Health)
**Pink-Cactus-Magic (Medium Improve Health)
**Pink-Pink-Cactus (Large Improve Health)
**Cactus-Cactus-Pink (Large Improve Health)
**Rose-Rose-Rose (Romance)
**Rose-Rose-Cactus (Fertile)
**Pink-Pink-Rose (Fertile)
**Rose-Cactus-Magic "has scientific clarity"
**Black-Pink-Magic "feels smarter"
**Black-Pink-Cactus (Work Faster)
**Orange-Black-Cactus (Exercise to Improve Skill)


**Magic-Magic-Rose (Small Damage Health)
**Magic-Magic-Pink (Small Damage Health)
**Orange-Rose-Black (Small Damage Health)
**Rose-Black-Cactus (Small Damage Health)
**Rose-Black-Magic (Small Damage Health)
**Black-Black-Pink (Medium Damage Health)
**Black-Black-Cactus (Medium Damage Health)
**Orange-Pink-Magic (Medium Damage Health)
**Black-Black-Black (Large Damage Health)
**Black-Black-Rose (Large Damage Health)


**Orange-Orange-Magic (Get transported randomly over map)
**Rose-Rose-Orange (Get a smelly breath out of mouth)
**Pink-Pink-Orange (Get hiccups)
**Cactus-Cactus-Rose (All kids go eat potion)
**Cactus-Cactus-Magic (get cold, walk to fire to warm)
**Black-Black-Orange (Faint and Fall)
**Orange-Rose-Pink (Faint and Fall)
**Magic-Magic-Magic (Become Stunned)
**Orange-Rose-Cactus (Become Infantile)
**Orange-Orange-Black (needs to sit down)
**Rose-Rose-Black (Feeling Lonely)
**Orange-Black-Pink (Go to toilet)
**Orange-Pink-Cactus (Go eat some food)
**Orange-Orange-Orange (Random Normal Task)
**Orange-Orange-Rose (Random Normal Task)
**Orange-Orange-Magic "Whoa"
**Rose-Rose-Pink (Dancing)
**Black-Cactus-Magic (Who turned out the lights)
**Orange-Orange-Cactus (Bitter Taste)
**Orange-Orange-Pink (Bitter Taste)
**Black-Black-Magic (Bitter Taste)
**Pink-Pink-Black (Bitter Taste)
**Cactus-Cactus-Orange (Bitter Taste)
**Magic-Magic-Cactus (Bitter Taste)
**Orange-Cactus-Magic (Bitter Taste)
**Orange-Rose-Magic (Yummy)
**Rose-Pink-Magic (Yummy)
**Pink-Pink-Pink (In a trance)
**Pink-Pink-Magic (Having an Ephiphani)

K.F.Kemps August 5, 2008 4:53 PM

Excuse me for Not putting the "spoiler" tags right in previous posting.
I would love some advise in how to post a thing like that next time, since I don't know what I did wrong whith that potion list.
I DID put spoiler tags before AND after, but for some strange reason it only took first line as "spoiler"

K.F.Kemps August 5, 2008 4:55 PM

Question 1 : Any tips in how to get any villager to 90+ years old?

-They keep dying between 75 and 80
-My eldest died at 77
-I have an magical tribe
-I posess ALL technology
-I have built:
**1st & 2nd Cabin
**graveyard stone
**uncovered cave
**bath + Aromatics
****still need to build 3rd &4th cabin
-I completed all quest but 15 & 16
-All my Elderly people are Jack of All Trades
**All my people Get between 25 and 30 "Elder"
**All my people Get between 40 and 50 "JoAT"
**All my "JoAT" work science till death
What I already tried :
- Healing ALL my people including the elderly to full health.
**This does NOT protect them against "dropping down dead".
(My 72 year old, in perfect health Chief was just carrying the synthetic pearl to the clam to do quest #15, when He dropped dead without any reason)
(Stupid game, even when he HAD a stroke he died right before my hospital and I had like 30 Master Doctors running around, quite ironic)

Question 2 : Any tips in how I can find those Uncommon Items?

-I already have all common items
-I have so far 1 Uncommon turtle shell
(never saw any other ones)
-I have so far 3 Uncommon Coral
(dang, I saw the last one on a time my village was without kids, 5 seconds after the coral was gone, a mummy let lose her baby, that was SOUR!)
-I have so far 1 Uncommon feather
(never saw any other one's)
-I have so far 1 Uncommon tile
(missed at least one, three were gone even before I could identify. There must be relic robbers around, those tiles are gone too fast!)
-I already have all RARE items
-I Cleared all the rubble
(So far after the rubble was gone only ONE tile did apear, so they do apear a lot less than when the rubble was still there)
What I already Tried :
-Looking around the map focused & long time.
**When mixing 56 potions I had quite a lot of time looking around.
**still found not much.
**They cannot seriously expect I go look at a screen,
** without blinking, for weeks on end?
-Do the "find rare item spell" with Good Ol' Chief.
**Game on pause, set pc 1 day ahead, un-pause the game
**Do the "find rare item spell" again, and pause game again
**Repeat as often as needed and presto, all rare items
(Why doesn't Chief give uncommon items too)
(I really miss the "increase the change for uncommon & rare items" technology from previous VV versions)

Question3 : Any tips in how to get a woman get triplets?

-I tried the "fertility" potion
**it only made them pregnant faster
**it did not increase number of babies as I had hoped
-I tried using both male and female Master-Parents
**it only made them pregant faster
(Dang it! Can't my army of 20 or so JoAL's combine their Master-Degree in Medicine, Science and Parenthood and invent me some triplets giving potion?)


Thanks, I've fixed it K.F.Kemps.

Please use the preview function before clicking post, it will show you if there are any problems with your spoilers.

If there are lots of lines, including blank lines, within your spoiler, make sure there is a blank line before and after the <spoiler> tags themselves. This is a known issue with spoilers, which we are working at trying to fix.


To K.F. Kemps:

In response to your questions...

Villager 90+ years old -

It will be a bit more difficult with a Magic Faction tribe because their final faction benefit is to have a larger max population vs. the Nature Faction which gets more longevity for the villagers. It sounds like you are on top of your tribe. Just make sure that you keep the fire burning, plenty of doctors trained, plenty of food in the bin, health bar up. Keep all the basics going and it will happen eventually. Also, maybe take them off task when they get older (don't check a trade preference). Don't make them work and toss them into the bath for recreation. And try not having them all be Jack of All Trades. That makes for a hard life. Let them master one or two things, then let them rest. I've had villagers live past 100, but I only know about it after they die and I see it on the Roster of the Dead. I haven't caught one that old while still living.

Uncommon items -

The uncommon items appear randomly. There's nothing to trigger them. Just keep an eye out for them.

Having triplets -

This is also random and doesn't seem to be connected to fertility potions or master level parenting, as you've already discovered. It does happen more often as you go further into the game. It never becomes common, but once you've purchased all levels of Medicine tech, it starts to happen every now and then.

p.s. Thanks for all the potion recipes! :)


Thank you so much for the help! I do have a few more questions though.. I'm at 40,000 tech points. and I plan on getting faction level 2 once I reach 50,000. After that I plan on saving up for Restoration level 3. I have restored the bath, along with everythin else I mentioned. But until I reach level 2 faction, I just have one villager fixing the two huts, one farming when they are able, and the rest researching. I feel like I am wasting valuable time that could be used doing something else. Or am I just supposed to let it run to gain the tech points?


To amberlp:

Some thoughts for you...

About Faction -

It's good to purchase level 2 Faction as soon as you can because that will enable you to get your unlimited food.

About population -

I can't tell from your description how many villagers you have, but it doesn't sound like a lot. Be sure to keep your population steady. If you're not careful, you'll end up with too many of one gender or villagers too old to reproduce. Don't have a lot of babies until you get your unlimited food, but don't let the tribe die out either. One or two at a time should keep it going.

About builders -

I would recommend that you start training a group of builders even now. You will need as many as 15 trained builders when you start working on the statue. Perhaps when yours reaches Master status, switch them out with the scientists to let as many as possible become trained builders. A villager with no building skill will not be able to work on the statue.

About tech points -

While you are waiting on tech points, you can search for collectible items. If you find items that you already have, they will be converted into tech points. Common items are worth 100 points, uncommon items are worth 250 points, and rare items are worth 1500 points. You can also get double the points by using the pause trick and having two children pick up the item. It can speed up your tech points quite a bit.

K.F.Kemps August 6, 2008 6:21 AM

How to get more food when not have the fish yet.
Also this adds time to the fire, so it keeps burning longer.

[Edit: We at Jay is Games do NOT advise that anyone change his or her computer clock. It has been known to cause more harm than good, both in the game and in other computer systems that rely on the computer clock. -Pam]

K.F.Kemps August 6, 2008 8:55 AM

Just want to show off my nice little tribe:)

34 villagers
33 are Master Builders
32 are Master farmers
22 are Master Researchers
15 are Master Parents
12 are Master Doktors

0(age 0- 2)
1(age 2-10) (0 Woman)
0(age 11-13)
0(age 14-17)
11(age 18-30) (6 Woman)
19(age 31-50) (12 Woman)
3(age 50-70)
0(age 71-80)
0(age 81-90)
0(age 90+)

Giving me
1 child
18 Fertile Woman (age 18-50)
1 Master (1 Master Skill)
6 Grand Master (2 Master Skills)
7 Elders (3 Master Skills)
16 Grand Elders (4 Master Skills)
3 Jack of All Trades (5 Master Skills)
1 Chief Female, age 36, Elder

Nice Tribe, eh:)


I have a question about the gem in the ashes. My fire went out and it was out for 8 hours overnight and I still didnt see it. I dragged some adults to the waterfall but nothing happened, he just got a drink. Do I need some level of tech? do i need to wait untill the second the fire goese out? If I let the fire pit sit longer will it show up? Help!

K.F.Kemps August 6, 2008 12:57 PM

The Gem wil not always appear.

Wait till you see "white sparkles" around the fire.
Than the Gem is under it.
So just keep building new fire and let them burn out, till there is one with sparkles.

[Edit: spoiler tags added.]


Ok, so I just found out how to do the puzzle with the rain dance but everytime I try to put my chief on the fire she just runs away from it because the gem is too hot. I think I waited to long to figure out the rain dance puzzle. How do I fix this?


To KinaB:

You seem to be trying to do two puzzles at the same time.

About the gem -

If your fire has died out and you see the gem in the ashes, you need to have your villagers cool it off by carrying water from the waterfall where they bathe. When it's cool, one of them can pick it up. It will take several trips to the waterfall.

About the weather dance -

Once you have a fire going, then you can drop your chief onto the fire to start the weather dance. You'll need to add a few farmers to make it actually rain. When you see white sparkles around their feet, you've been successful. If the chief dances poorly when you first drop, then you need to wait for more experience and try later.


Hi VV gamers. I am BRAND new here, and have some BASIC questions. I have read every single post here, while my vv'ers were researching, but I am missing something basic.

I have 10 members. I cant have more, I assume until I build a hut or something. BUT, what do I build?? One of the posts says you must move the rubble, another says work on the hut nearest the food bin. HELP! I keep changing my mind and moving my workers. I'm scared I'm gonna lose my women to old age, before I can make babies!! HELP!!

I have the lift done, and the chief. I have the diamond. I bought level 1 restoration... and level 1 nature. That's about it. Could someone please give me a hand?? I'm LOVING this game! My first VV game..... great great great FUN!


Woah Pam! I just saw that post where you said your maximum population starts at 90.... where have I gone wrong? I am playing at normal (not easy) and have chosen nature. Any clue??


Hi Dinky!

Here are some tips for you. Also, you may want to set it to Easy since this is your first time through.

About population -

It takes a long time to work up to 90 villagers, so don't worry about that part. When you finish the first hut, your population can go up to 17. After the second hut, it can go to 35. After the third hut, it can go to 90 or more, depending on your faction and whether you have any collections completed.

About building projects -

Your first building project should be to complete the first hut nearest the fire. Don't worry about the rubble, leaves, or the bath yet. They are puzzles, but aren't critical to getting your tribe going.

Top priorities -

Your top priorities need to be securing unlimited food and getting one or two huts built to support a growing population. Make sure you plant all three trees in the orchard to keep you going.

About builders -

One thing about the builders... if you put them on more than one project, they will split their time on them no matter what you do. For example, they will go back and forth between building a hut and clearing the rubble. I suggest putting them on only one project at a time.

I hope this is helpful to you. If you get stuck or have any more questions, come on back. I'm here to help. :)


Yay!!! Happy happy, Pam. That is exactly what I needed to know! I have the three trees,and now have 1 hut finished. I was worried since I only had ONE child... so, onward. I am loving this game, haven't been addicted like this in years. It is charming and quaint, even like the music.

I have read your forum here for hours, and learned a LOT. Without it, I can guarantee you I would never have stuck with this game. I am playing just to enjoy the playing, not like on a mission to "complete" or whatever!

You guys are wonderful! I don't really understand your association though.... just an associate to the game designer, or are YOU guys the designers?? Sounds like you should be!


Ok, my other questions:
1) How do you know when your "24 hours" rolls around for chief food?
2) How long does a mother carry a baby around?
unable to work?
3) If I leave my game running, will the farmer harvest fruit without guidance?
4) Should I just be sticking with researching to gain my tech points? Or work on rubble or bath?

Thanks so much for your help!! I downloaded the pdf, but it kinda skips the basics for us really newbies!



I'm glad you've found help here. We're not the game developers. That's the people at Last Day of Work. They've done three Virtual Villagers games, plus Fish Tycoon and Plant Tycoon. This website is owned by Jay and I help out here in the Virtual Villagers forum and in some other areas. It's a great game, for sure. I love the two year old kids that run around! :)

Ok, on to your questions. Just so you know, I answer with the minimum amount of information so you'll still be able to do the puzzling yourself. But if you ever need more information, just come back.

About the 24 hours -

It's 24 hours in real time. For instance, if your chief makes magic food at 6:00 p.m., he/she won't be able to do it until 6:00 p.m. the next day. If you try to do it early, it will just tell you that it's too early.

About nursing mothers -

Mothers nurse their babies and will not work for 120 minutes if you are on fast speed. 240 minutes on normal speed. 480 minutes on slow speed. When you click on the details screen of the mother, it will tell you at the top how much longer she will be nursing.

About farmers harvesting fruit -

Once you have trained farmers, they will go back to harvesting fruit on their own when the trees regenerate. You can also pause the game when you go away. Just tap the space bar.

About tech points and priorities -

It all depends on tech points to purchase the different levels of technology. It's good to keep villagers on the research table, but do other things, too. All of the trades are important in their own way. The first priority is to make sure your villagers will survive, so get that unlimited food as soon as you can. Level 2 faction is required, so researchers are important. I usually put a person on building and farming, and the rest at the research table, then switch them out so they are cross-trained. Also designate a mother to keep the population growing. If she's always having babies, she won't be missed in other areas. Take advantage of the children with mushrooms and collectibles. It will make a huge difference when you're getting started.

Have fun! :)


Pam to the rescue once again!! I "was" doing GREAT! Did exactly what you said. During the night the ants came.... dum dum dummmm..... Food GONE, down to 150, with pop of 12.

Next question, I can't get the shark potion to work. Do I need to purchase level 2 alchemy? I have 2 restoration, 2 nature. Do i need more leadership??? heelllpppp.... my little babies are starving!


oops... forgot to tell you, I don't see a vial anywhere... I have read I need one.... where do I get it????

Thank you gobs!



About the shark potion -

You should be able to make the shark potion without extra alchemy, but sometimes it will blow up. Is that what's happening? If so, keep trying and see if it will work. If you still have trouble, come back and tell me exactly what is happening.

As for the vial, you don't have to find it. The villager will just already have it from making the potion.

Another tip -

Check the health bars on the detail screens of your villagers. If they aren't in good health, make one of the health potions to help keep them alive. The health potions will only work if there's some food, so don't wait until it's completely gone.


Thanks again, Pam! I got through the sharks, they are gone. Im up to 17 in my tribe, and doing well now. Have 2 drs. 4 master bldrs., ok there.

I was trying to find the thing on here about saving your game.... I can't find it anywhere and I feel certain that I read it here.

Could you possibly direct me?? I don't want the ants to wipe me out while I sleep!



Good job on getting rid of the sharks! Woo hoo!! Put a couple of farmers to work fishing so that the food supply stays steady. They need to bring in at least as much as gets eaten.

You don't save this game like you would many others. You just exit the game and when you come back, it's still going. You have the option of pausing the game while you're away. It gives you a little more control. However, things like the ants eating your food are random island events and will happen from time to time. If you pause it, everything stops. You then restart it when you're ready to play again and nobody has aged, no food has been eaten. Time just stops for them.

K.F.Kemps August 9, 2008 11:31 AM

One hint for those in need of food :

The chieftain can do its "magic" every 24 hours REAL time. So when having a near starving town, just pause your game, wait 24 hours and do his magic again.

When you want to do ALL side quest :

Pick the nature tribe, I found it impossible to get any villiager at age 90 as an magic tribe.
They kept dying at 77, whatever I tried.

To get more productive people

Your people will keep worrying about food, take them off usefull duty till you have 5000 food in storage, after you have 5000 food or more in storage their sorrow will be over, so as soon as your storage can handle that much, I suggest you fill it up

Ps : I still not see why they here are so opposed to system time editing. I wonder why it even works in VV, all my other programs get their timings from the web.
Of course I tried prolonging 30-days trials with it, will not work ever. E-mails will always just have the time and date they should, even when my system is off.
So unless you're running a very old computer, with very old software, changing system time should do no harm at all.

[Edit: I discourage changing the computer clock because I have heard many horror stories about villages being completely killed because of changing the clock. It backfires more often than it works. As for the computer systems, there are many systems and programs that do not connect to the internet at all. Those programs rely on the computer clock. Word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and others use the computer clock for date stamping. I think it's a bad idea to mess with the computer clock. Do so at your own risk. -Pam]

susieque42 August 9, 2008 12:24 PM

i still have 3 pieces still from the rubble. ive finished that puzzle awhile ago. will i see those pieces again?


To susieque42:

Yes, the tablet pieces will continue to show up in the same area where you cleared the rubble.


To K.F. Kemps:

It may be more difficult to get a villager in a Magic tribe to age 90, but it's definitely not impossible. I have a Magic tribe that has had these villagers make it to 90 and above (from my Roster for the Dead):

4 villagers age 98
6 villagers age 95
14 villagera age 90

K.F.Kemps August 9, 2008 11:53 PM

I would like some sort of extras to this game.
Have they at Last Day of Work ever thought about an Online version of all their games?

Here is my Idea :

Make one Online Browser game, playing on Isola.
Thousands of players, starting a tribe or store on the island of Isola.
3 types of tribes in the image of VV1, VV2 and VV3.
3 types of stores representing the Fish store and Plant store, and a third new one, Island Cuisine.
Every tribe or store gets a "score" and those scores are viewed in a score list.
Every tribe or store will need to interact with other tribes and stores to aquire the things they don't have.

When you play the tribe :

Any tribe starts with a specific tribe bonus. That bonus will be the unique feature of your tribe and can't be changed.
They will also play as magic tribe or nature tribe. That one can't be changed either, but you can make a "marriage" with a tribe of the other kind to get access to the other type to. But you won't be able to have more than one level difference in nature and magic, so pick your partner wisely as you will have to grow together.

There will be 30 possible tribe buildings, you can choose 6 to start with.
There will be 15 possible tribe technologies, you can choose 3 to start with.
There will be 30 possible sets of 12 collectibles, 5 of them you can find.
There will be 15 types of food, divided in 3 classes, 5 types you can find.

Buildings can be upgraded unlimited to enhance their effect.
To upgrade you first need to draw a blueprint for its next level.
It takes ever more Master Builders & tech points for every next level to draw its blueprint.
To get new building types, you have to trade or make war with other tribes.

Technology's can be upgraded unlimited to enhance their effect.
It takes ever more tech points to upgrade a technology.
To get new technology types, you have to trade or make war to other tribes

Since those are unlimited, there will be no final limit in age or village size.

Every complete set of collectiblies will add +5 to your villager maximum.
To get the sets you can't find yourself, you have to trade or make war with other tribes

Bonus :

You can produce seeds of food sources and trade those with other villages, to get access to other food sources.
Food will be stored separated by type. Food types can be traded to an Island Cuisine-Chef.
Chefs can only produce when they have food supplies.

Villages can enter the "jungle" to find fish eggs and/or plant seeds.
Those expeditions come at a risk, but when successful, those eggs can be traded to a fish store, and those seeds to a plant store.
Both store types are completely dependant on villages for their eggs or seeds.

What is that good for?

Well as soon as you have the special buildings, pond, kitchen and/or garden, you can start buying or trading for recipes, plants, or fish.
Every fish, plant or recipe gives a small bonus to your village, some more than others.
Of course, you will need toold to improve your pond, kitchen and/or garden, and be able to buy and posess uncommon recipes, plants or fish.
Those toold must be bought in the different stores.

Fish boost a little bit more than plants, but they age and die. You will need to buy new ones from time to time.

Plants will boost less, but are also a possible ingredient for a potion. There are now thousands of potions possible. Some can be very potent.
Unfortunately, too many uses will kill a plant. Plants will not die of old age.

Recipes are like potions, only the ingredients are food sources. These boost your entire village a lot.
As long as you have a supply of the needed ingredients for your recipes, your kitchen will make those recipes and keep these boosts activated.
Now and then your cook will accidently "burn" the recipe, then you will have to buy a new one from a bakery.

When you have a store:

Store wants profit. Money replaces food.

You have employees instead of villagers. They cost a salary.
They have skills just like villagers, except different skills that suit your store more.

Your store have facilities, just like a tribe's buildings. They regulate all things in a store.
Some of them are just available to you, some you have to trade for with other stores.

You will have your own unique techniques & tools you can buy.
Some of them are just available to you, some you have to trade for with other stores.

You can still grow and breed fish and plants as you used to. The difference is:
- All buyers will now have to be real players.
- After a certain number of generations, the fertility of your fish and/or plants will wear out.
- You will need to buy plant seeds from tribes to get access to new plants and fish types and to renew the bloodlines of your products.
- Tribes will be your only source of eggs and seeds.

The bakery is a different thing, it needs huge supplies of the different food sources on Isola.
Of course, those will have more rare food sources, the ones that you started your tribe with being the most expensive.
With food supplies, bakeries can produce pastry. Pastry can be sold for money to None-Player-Characters (Computer)
Recipes can be created and sold to tribes. Also, different pastry recipes will give different profits from NPC.

-Periodic food will be limited, and will grow back all at once, periodicly.
-Growing food will be limited, but will grow back all the time, at a slow rate.
-Unlimited food.

So all tribes will make food, the food will be sold to bakeries. With that money and with some eggs and seeds, tribes can purchase fish and plants.
The perfect economy.

Stores will also have only access to 5 sets of collections each, and need to trade for the other 25 sets, they get a +5 employee support per set.

That is my idea so far. I have already worked this out in far greater detail, but I will send that to Last Day of Work. Unless people here really want to read it.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added for space considerations. -Pam]

K.F.Kemps August 10, 2008 12:01 AM

To Pam :

I wonder how their lives were EXACTLY.
What occupation(s) did they have?

I kept mine perfectly healthy.
Had dozens of doctors around.
They were given no jobs anymore (free of work) right at 40, after they became JOAT.

Heck, I even tried to have one stay completely unemployed all his life.

Still, I look at my 30 graves so far and see:

21 graves with 77 years old, 1 with 76, and 3 with 75.

The first 5 graves are from my early game and are in their 60.

So wheither I work them till dead, give them a golden old day (no work after 40 is sheer luxury) or keep them off work all their life, nothing seems to break that 77 years line.


To K.F. Kemps:

My Ancient Elders came from all trades except parenting. Most were Farmers, but one was the Tribal Chief. Here's a screen shot of my Roster of the Dead where you can see the really old villagers.

My first Ancient Elder who died at age 98 was #80 on the roster list. I now have 261 villagers shown on the roster of the dead.

I think that it just takes time to play through the game. The more successful and thriving the village is, the longer the villagers will life. It will come.

My longest living village from the Nature faction lived to be 100 years old.


One question, didnt previous games allow parents to pass on stats/traits.
I hope its not just my game but it just aint happening. My Jack of all trades has been breeding for ages and nothing. Im annoyed the developers changed that

K.F.Kemps August 10, 2008 9:50 AM

So building those last 2 huts, and enlarging my population should do the trick?

STRANGE, but worth a try.

I indeed have only 35 villagers and my graveyard is not even 30.

(and practical ALL my villagers were jack of all trades)

I just did all missions and completed all tasks (except the 90 year old one, the triplets and the collections)
with a small sized town:)

But having a small town with VERY experienced people, will make them LESS old, and a LARGE town with "hobo" make them older?

Senseble as far as game programming,
completely non-realistic though:)


Is my village doomed? My youngest female is 4, and my only other females are over 50. I have all three levels in several techs but a population of 8. I would hate to have to start the game over...

I am afraid all my villagers will die of old age before the young one matures enough to breed.

Is there hope?


To Shansu:

It now depends on the age of the youngest male. Is he young enough to have 12 years of life in him? You also have the possiblity that random island events will bring a new villager or a barrel of babies.


To Howee:

I haven't noticed the children inheriting skills from their parents in this game. I believe it might have been replaced by the Chief teaching the children. That's how they are able to gain skills before adulthood. However, the children often look like their parents in this game, which can be fun.


To K.F. Kemps:

About Ancient Elders -

I just mean that as a village continues to thrive, the villagers get more and more healthy. I don't mean that they need to be hobos. I didn't have any ancient villagers in the early times of the game. They come much later as all the technology is maintained. For example, perhaps a villager lives to be 90+ partly because he was exposed to aromatherapy his entire life, not just for a few years after it was discovered. The same with food. If a child is born when food is no longer a concern and he never has to go hungry, maybe he will be healthier in general and live longer. This helps explain why it takes many Isola years before a villager lives to 90+.