hotsauceeater September 3, 2008 3:24 PM

How do you get to secret survival?


i LOVE dino run but when i followed the cheats it would lower my score to minus and wouldn't save my super eggs!!!


How do you do the multiplayer game? I can't figure it out!


How do I get the Dloro egg? I have a feeling it's very obvious, but I just can't find it anywhere :(

hotsauceeater September 13, 2008 9:51 PM

I think the Dloro is on beyond apocalypse. Start on insane difficulty and get to the last level. Turn off the doom-wall if you need to.

P.S. Please answer my question above.

hotsauceeater September 16, 2008 11:13 PM

I FOUND IT! Secret Survival is guarded by a wall. You have to have full strength to break it. It took a while to figure out. Thanks to one of the commenters talking about full strength I got it. Also the Dloro is in the water fall. Jump on those mid air rocks. Keep going untill you see it. I was thinking of the Bronto Egg for beyond apocalypse.


Reven or any1 else good, i would like some help on leveling my dino.

I have all super eggs except bronto, and to get bronto i need a lot of dna to lvl my dino upto max stats. whats the best way to earn dna after exhausting the super eggs?

or do i have to play the game for thousands of hours collecting eggs and getting 1 dna for every 8 eggs??


hello, have almost finished game and have only one milestone left. Just a question to anyone who has gotten the Chaos Award, does anything exciting happen?


AGHH! have played Twin Peaks on insane about 50 times now. still no joy. What am i doing wrong?

hotsauceeater September 27, 2008 3:47 PM

We happen to be in the same boat. I can't beat it once. I know you have to eat critters and flowers to go faster and the shift gives you a boost every 20 seconds, but, I'm also stumped. Anyone else have any tips?


Eating critters will slow you down.


Hi I have a question, once I go the Bronto egg I was awarded 100 dna, which boosted me over 250 dna. Now when I pres shift I get a purple power-up (which I figure is jump boost) I would like to know if it still increases my speed. Sadly I don't think it does :( which is very disappointing as I think the speed boost is a lot more valuable than a jump boost in most cases. All I have left to do now is get 500 dna and hope that the strength boost is worth the work.


This might be a silly question, but I can't complete the Apocalypse level (which I think is 6) because every time I get to the place where you're in a little enclosure, and it says: "Feeding Frenzy" I can't get out, and then the wall of doom comes, and I die!

How do I get out of there, or around?


Hey all! i just went to paradise and now i have over 3 million bones!!! its creepy because i bought everything possible and i still have 3 million bones. Is there any other survival besides the 2 in the volcano?


I have a question. My cousin JJ told me about this game when I went to see him. He gave me all the cheats, including the hats and colors one. I used it and now that I've read the comments here, I see that wasn't supposed to. Am I in trouble now?



How do I enter the cheats?

(I'm not a big fan of Doom walls....)


Drayo10, this is how you enter cheats
1-click on options and speed runs on the menu screen
2-on the bottom left, click on cheats and mods
3-click on the space beside the word Password
4-type in your password and press enter on your keyboard
5-click on the cheat that lights up to turn it on and click it again to turn it off


Wow I found a glitch on level 1!!!
Go on easy mode and make your dino green-colored and make it have an army cap then turn on all cheats and go to the tree with two eggs on it that is near level 1's end. You go under the tree and jump and grab the eggs, then (U should have the cheats on) jump so high that the tree is not in ur screen. Then when u jump down, the two eggs should be in the tree again. Repeat. If u keep doing this without any doom on, you can get hundreds or thousands of eggs, although its quite boring--or actually, really boring, but it helped me get enough DNA for full speed =D

Anonymous October 30, 2008 8:57 PM

Can somebody tell me how to get all the super eggs please? I really want to beat the game! By the way, how do you change your dino colour? I forgot.


To get the super eggs, just read through the comments from page one and everybody tells you how to get them.


The alien egg is in the asteroid. There is a chopped off part and just go in. Please, though I need to know where the diplo and bronto egg is!


Wrong! The meteor is in Level 5. I still need to find that Diplo and Bronto egg!


Dear hotsauceeater,
I don't know how to get to Secret Survival. Please help me.



Dear Neddo,
The T-Rex egg is on level 2.There is this cliff you have to jump over.Keep on going down to a passage.There it is.

P.S If you found the Diplo and Bronto egg,talk to me.



There's a "Secret Survival" place that transports you to "Freedom" on Apocalypse level.

You must enter the volcano, not from the top. When you get to the opening, jump to the left. Instead of continuing left, jump right. You now have to jump to a small ledge, and then to a small platform that you might think leads to nothing. You must duck down and crawl to the left and you enter a secret cave where "magicians" teleport you to "Freedom."
P.S. you get 101000 bonus points just for being transported there.


Never mind! I have already found the Diplo and Bronto egg. The Bronto egg is...

in the insane difficulty and its also beyond apocalypse.Its in the spaceship.


Anonymous December 2, 2008 1:55 PM

I need to know how get to freedom or "secret survival" so can someone tell me? heres a spoiler for superstrength and super speed





Im only a 9 year old boy and im looking on this walkthrough to find planet D im not sure how to get it, i think you have to unlock all the other speed runs,(=S i dont have enough bones) anyway can you tell me how to get planet D? heres how i get my bones

By doing the speedrun where lizards fall from the sky.

I dont have an email so i will just put my name at the bottom, Bye! *Waves*

answer back, Markiosaur.


Dragon:THe way to get the magno egg is:

Go to the top of the volcano,jump in but jump to the right and get on that platform.


how do you get the super egg in level three?


i have all the eggs and all the cheats

well loads of people have told you on this site but if no one can help you i can go into more detail


To get the bronto egg

on th hardest difficulty, there is a stage called post-apocolyse. At the end, you run into a space ship and rightin the middle is THE BRONTO EGG get it durin eating frenzy time.


If you finish insane

even with cheats.....

then youll have an icon on the main dinorun screen which is a



Here is my question...

I played stego stampede
and in the end I got a different ending to the
others and I was wondering is this is a secret survival ending?
(I was playing it on medium with no cheats)

I'd also like to ask
can someone show a screenshot
of paradise island
and secret survivial endings...

I'd just like to know how they look like...
so if I get it I know it...

Thank you


It's nearly impossible for me to get to the end of the whole game without dying. I really don't want to use cheats so I can upgrade dna. Is there another possible way to get the end without throwing both speakers (they're nearly 1,000,000 years old) into my new computers monitor? Thanks!
(Why I asked: I need that Bronto egg!)


Nvm I did secret survival and paradise island...

there are three normal endings and
2 xtra ones...


levels are created from randomly placed blocks. this is why different speedruns occasionly look the same.
Also why super eggs show up in the speed runs I think.
AWSOME game. Kongregate has challanges for it. =)

Why is the captcha there?


Where is the Giga Egg?!


I love this game! Its so awesome. One time, I was hit by a rock and was pinned down, and I fell through the ground! It was fun though.


1. I need Giga, Iguano, Diplo and Bronto Eggs. Whoever said Giga was on Raining Lizards, they were lying, because at the end it said I had 0/0 Super Eggs.
2. I can't unlock the Planet D speedrun, even though i did what someone said and completed the challenge on Insane with cheats.
3. Anyone know how to up your DNA quickly?
4. My Dino [its called miaow] is staying a boring old brown colour. How do you change it?
Thanks for any advice !


RE caitlin:

1. The eggs may not appear every time on the same level because they are randomly generated. What you should do is recognise the landscape that leads to the egg. Youtube has a lot of help to offer on this. Also worth mentioning that several eggs are only obtainable on medium or above.

2. You can't use cheats to get eggs or achieve milestones or unlock special levels.

3. Someone mentioned a glitch for getting eggs. If you don't want to spend so much time on it just grab more eggs.

4. Donate to pixeljam and get the code.


anyone know where the t rex egg is?

Anonymous February 5, 2009 6:40 AM

I got to paradise; not the end of apocalypse paradise, but a paradise by a beach which you get to by a portal inside the volcano.....


I learned something. Pressing M will toggle the music on and off. Before I thought the game was broken or something.


What is that color shifting dino you may sometimes see at the end of a level?

Anonymous February 9, 2009 9:05 AM

Question: if you eat eggs in a multiplayer game, does it make you run faster for that race?


Location of all the eggs:

T-Rex: Level 3, in the right face of the hill with all the tunnels through it.

Giga: Level 2, on a vine at the bottom of the big cliff.

Magno: Level 6, inside the top-right of the first volcano.

Iguano: Level 4, inside the hill with the tunnels, above the waterfall.

Alien: Level 5, halfway through the level inside the big meteorite on the ground.

Spino: Level 2, at the bottom of the first big cliff all the way on the left.

Oloro: Level 4, at the end of the underground part, on top of some platforms.

Rinch: Level 3 Underground on a platform. Also in the Planet D Speedrun.

Diplo: Apocalypse, inside the top left of the last volcano.

Bronto: Inside last cave of Insane difficulty.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


the bronto egg is in the last stage insane difficulty in the space ship


How can you get a Bronto egg in your gallery? Because I passed the insane challenge with all cheats except night and boulders=balloons. Then I checked "eggs and milestones" but it still isn't there! Can somebody please help me? I'm desperate!


never mind i already found out! :D


Is there an easier way to get the bronto egg though? I mean, I know how to get get it, but the doom wall keeps catching up to me!! It's fustrating! But yet fun!


I found the Alien Egg in a Meteorite

Anonymous May 23, 2009 6:49 PM

twin peaks is impossible to beat on insane... the farthest i can get is up the second mountain...any help???

Anonymous June 5, 2009 5:19 PM

*victory dance* thanks a bunch to Anonymous on page 2... finally beat twin peaks on insane challenge after dying about 50 times....


:O NOOOOO!! Could it be?

I think they got rid of the secret survivals!!


Wow... the best thing about Dino Run is the awesome glitches. I was playing multiplayer with a friend and we discovered that there's a way OUT of the smallest paradise.

We jumped up onto the platform with the eggs, then jumped up the wall by pressing a frenzied combination of up and left repeatedly, go through the bottom of a dark rock, find ourselves inside the rock, and from there jump up the wall using the same method until you fly out the top of the cave. To get back in, you jump onto the boulder blocking the cave entrance, jump up onto a steep rock, hold down right and walk VERY SLOWLY up the slope until it starts to drop you, then jump, walk slowly up the rocks until they start to drop you again, then attack your up and left keys to keep you stationary on the top rock and eventually you'll jump through the top of the cave back into the paradise. Unfortunately all this requires a HUGE amount of trial and error...

Now we are trying to get out of the other paradise as well... so far we've figured out how to "fly" inside the middle-sized paradise (press jump repeatedly when next to the wall)and somehow got stuck in the ceiling.


ok... i know how to get all the super eggs, but when i go to my stats all of them are blank and it says i don't have any! do i need to go on a certain level or speedrun??

Also, when ever i get bones, the stinkin bone count won't go up in stats. I want to get more so i can unlock more speeruns. What do i need to do??

thanks peoples


my super eggs are not showing up in the stats!

sonic5295 June 28, 2009 3:53 PM

thats more then likely because you had a cheat active.

themanmann July 9, 2009 5:35 PM

After finishing the volcanic flats race in multiplayer, i found a secret color changing dino!

Authenti July 9, 2009 6:07 PM

Bronto egg is

at the end of the Beyond Apocalypse level, which you can only reach via being on Insane mode - any other mode, and the game ends at the Apocalypse level.


the bronto egg is in the Beyond Apocalypse level which is in the insane level

sadly though I can barely pass level 4 let alone 3 more levels in insane mode

Anonymous July 17, 2009 10:12 AM

About the T-Rex Egg

It is in level 3. You have to go over the caverns of the level. After you jump over one chasm you will find it in a small tunnel on the way.

I have spend a lot searching about this *obvious place* so I hope it will help somebody searching for it.

bronto lover August 24, 2009 3:57 PM

Haha got all the eggs

For the cheats you go to options then cheatsandmods then type it in


bronto egg is insane difficulty to go to lvl 7 (must complete level 1-apocalypse(lvl6)) in dino sanctuary space ship (i just know from youtube always die on lvl 1 insane so ive never done it).


If you finish the game on insane and you go into the spaceship aka planet d and you press esc. at the mail menue look in the upper left hand corner you will see a faint planet d!

Franticforgames December 19, 2009 2:11 PM

Here is a spoiler!

When you reach planet D press esc. At the main menu look in the upper left hand corner. You will see Planet D!!


The Giga egg is behind the tar pit.

Michael Jackson December 29, 2009 6:53 AM

Wow. Just got to paradise on medium, then returned to menu to find I had 50178 bones.

Silverstar December 29, 2009 3:24 PM

I found the T rex egg!


How do you get a pass word for the cheats?


I know that you have to have full strength to get the secret survival egg,but where is the survival egg,where is the wall guarding it,and WHAT does it do???

Anonymous January 16, 2010 3:37 PM

Twin Peaks is totally mis-named. It should really be called "A Whole Bunch Of Freaking Boulders". It's less about peaks and more about getting around the stupid rocks.


eating critters will not slow you down.



The key is to use flocks of dactyls to your best advantage. Leap up so that you are grabbed by the first member of the flock. Let him carry you FOR ONLY A VERY SHORT TIME. Hit down to drop down. Then IMMEDIATELY jump up again to get grabbed by the next dactyl. Keep it up until you've worked through the entire flock. Rinse & repeat. This works best on the extremely steep portions of the map, but can work on moderate inclines as well.

Anonymous March 2, 2010 10:59 PM

the giga egg is in a small cave at the bottom of a cliff right before the tar pit area that has the bronto head poking out

hermione granger March 17, 2010 10:05 PM

i love it when you run underneath a dactyl and its eyes bulge and it drops an egg! lol

dark.wolfpaw.rising March 17, 2010 10:13 PM

a tip for multiplayer: if you are neck and neck or just in front of somone when you run over a log bridge run just far enough over so that the log drops (with your oppenent on it)then jump to saftey and run like hell again!
evil but effective!


I know some cheats...

top speed=dinoracer

mega jump=leapinliz

super strength=calcium

=== goodbye doom=explore ===
=== low gravity=astrosaur ===
=== boulders=balloons=goofballs ===
lights out=goodbyesun

meteor storm=smoky>


totinos=robot head

dark.wolfpaw.rising March 24, 2010 2:23 AM

Ro bear-
i have a 4x dactyle chain no jokes, its easy to get it in levels with many dactyles


csh, the hats cheat is the way they make a profit to make games. please don't give it away.



(press these buttons in-game)

Shift= speed-boost

1= a "!" mark flashes above your head
2= a "?" shows above your head
3= random character combinations flash above your head. (such as smileys and things like "?/")


Another thing:

If you play "OUT TO PASTURE" in speedrun, you can jump out of your safe-place! (You have to have the jump cheat on, or have jumping stats all the way up.) You just attempt a wall-jump on the left wall from the platform. (You can also do this with the right wall, but then you fall through the ground and then all of a sudden, you fall out of the sky.)

Hope you have fun with this!


I just can't get trough twinpeaks in Insane! My dino is uppgraded to the top, I have over 900 DNA, Ive done everything else, but got trough that stupid level on Insane mode! (Im missing some gold medals to..) Is there anything to do? I dont think there is but maybe someone knows..? Or am I just that bad? :'D

2BlondieGirl May 3, 2010 9:35 AM

the alien egg is in the up and down or you if its just running the levels its level 5



Try pressing shift at least every 20 seconds and don't stop running. If that doesn't work, then try the running cheat on. If THAT doesn't work, either beating it on insane is impossible, or you need to leave it to second nature super gamers.

Signed, monkey


Does anyone know a good place to collect fish?
The 300 fish trophy is THE last trophy I need.


Oh, by the way...
Getting enough DNA for the jump boost ADDS the jump boost to the super speed. So, when you get 500 DNA, and press shift, you will get speed, jump, and strength boost. Also, the strength is much more useful that you would expect.


Nevermind, I found a GREAT way to get fish.

Start a challenge on medium, and play through level 1+2.

On level 3, where there is usually a mountain with a huge boulder on top (first learn to recognise the mountain on sight). It takes some zigzagging and a lot of time, but if you are fast enough you can get about 10 fish.

On level 4, where there is usually a waterfall, enter it from the bottom and greab the ~10 figh at the end.
Survive through levels 5+6

(Requires Max Stregnth) On Apocalypse, enter the huge volcano from the bottom, and jump on the first ledge on your left. Continue to the left, and destroy the wal by walking into it with fully upgraded strength. Crawn through the hole, and you will end up in a Secret Survival. Inside, the there will be a timer for you to eat as much as possible. Ther are another 5 fish or so.
Also, If you don't have max strength, jump from the breakable wall to the right without falling, and crawl throughthe "wall" on the far right. Jump throughthe portal to Paradise for no fish but tons of points

In total, you can get abour 25 fish each time you play!


When you get all gold trophies, you get 2 new hats: A samurai helmet and a knight's helmet!

CornCob July 4, 2010 6:37 PM

The last trophy is called: You Found Him! How to get it:

On Easy Challenge the last level, when the meteor makes a big hole in the ground, jump in and go to your left. you should see a greenish-brownish hopping thingy. Simply touch him and survive the level to get your trophy.

Momo dino July 21, 2010 1:13 PM

hey... in one of the volcanoes there is a little green worm looking thing and i touched him and he exploded? any ideas?


Momo dino, the comment RIGHT ABOVE YOURS explains. Were you asleep when you posted that comment?

Silverstar August 7, 2010 9:25 PM

I have saved 743 dinos


I have only played for 5 minutes but I still love it!!


How do you save a dino. I have no cheats on and i'm having trouble getting the dino saves. I look back at my stats after i win, but it's not working.


The Spino Egg is

in the "Map" Planet D.You have to fall to the left where you hop from platform to platform

Randomness January 7, 2011 5:57 PM

any tops on how to beat insane with all upgrades max


how do get bones in this freakin game!!!!!!


the two mile stones(last and next to eggs)
next to eggs is

get all super eggs

and the other one is

on level six,a big metor will crash on the ground,making a cave.go in it and go to the left and you will find a green guy.touch him.

by way, hat code is

don8tosaur & totinos(extra hat)

hope this helps!