Hi.Does anyone know about:
1)The second hidden treasure quest?
2)The two unkwown secret awards ?
3)What I mast do about the DISASTER CHALLENCE AWARD?


I can't build any gold mines. Whenever I put the build symbol over a load it always has a red spot in the middle. How do I get around this?


i finally got over the bridge to get jesse to safety.. woo hoo.. ty so much if you were going to help me with this.. now on to the outpost quest.. wish me luck.. grac.. lol.. lol..


What is the "Unknown" secret under the "Beehive Bear" secret in the Awards?
Also, under "Build 2" & "Build 3", are all of the squares supposed to have something in them to build?
Thank you for your help!



Bee badge

after getting to gunslinger gultch build 10 flower pots, then your hero will unlock the honeycomb, build 1 of these to get a Bear pet that attacks bad guys. Build 3 and honey appears on a general store shelf.

3 Amigos

from the saloon heir 3 good gunslingers (lone ranger type with mask).

Sheep farmer

in gunslinger gultch build 3 ranches, one for each animal. soon a horse will come into town, click on it then click on a well. this will open up the animal roundup mission. that reward will give you the sheep farm option. great for town happiness and if you build a few wool appears in the general store. Does't work in the first town.

The 2 Hidden treasure quest
Treasure #1

The first quest is in your first town. It starts by getting a note while fishing. You then have to get clues by visiting all the animal skulls. The last skull you might go to is by a grave stone, just north of that gravestone is the huge oak, walk up to it for some goodies.

Treasure #2

In gunslinger gultch there is an area in the north that looks like a pit with 3 animal bones in it. Build a well in the middle. A message will come up that you found a key. Take that key to the abandon wooden shack across the river to the south east for another key. That key goes the cave with the rusty door by the river in the east. You get some gold, some wood and the fountain unlocks for free. If you build the well to soon you get nothing just wait till you finnish the bandit stronghold mission and tare it down then rebuild, no problem. Also to get the badge you have to do both treasures in the same game so if you have to restart to get the first then you will have to play thru untill you get the second.

hope that helps


Emma G -
you say you found 2 rusty keys, the next step is to build a blacksmith and take your hero by them. you will get a new quest to help another town out then you will have your key.

Gate keeper-
Ive done it twice and the keys seem to be in the same place one is just north of the bandit camp before you cross the river and the other is east of the bandit camp. to get there you have to get into the river and head south. there is a little area with a swimming hole, a crate, a tree and a fence it think.

totlpeace April 28, 2008 9:35 PM

I'm stuck. I've defeated the Bandit Base, gate keeper, and all those other challenges, but I still can't open that other door that won't open with dynamite. Help please, I'm just going in circles.


In the first hidden treasure I cannot get to the skull in the water, there is a boulder blocking the water by the ramp. How do I get to the Skull?


get the explosives from the general store and blow that sucker up.

totlpeace- scroll up and click on my spoiler for for hidden treasure #2


I guess I am not opening America but probably it can help someone to reach the 200 happiness with an easier way.

Of course, you build all of those luxury buildings and notice those which give the highest amount of points of happiness. Instead of trying to reach enough points by building fountains and flower pots, try to get the most from those "highly-rated" buildings like Gazebo, churches, cemeteries, hotels. With each repeated building, points given will become smaller, e.g. the first built Gazebo gives 8, second gives 5, then 3 and so on. Remove all the rough people (sheriff and gunslingers) and hire nice ones. Make sure your people are getting the widest variety of food. No damaged buildings, everyone has a home and a job. Then, when you have at least 150 points, just start a parade at the Town Hall (will give 25 points) and wait until the "parade" button is recharged. The crowd will be still celebrating the first parade as you can already start another one for other 25 points! TADA! You've got an award!

And also, it is easier to make this award before others, right after finished game. While your population is not too high, citizens are not too upset with it. If you do this award before all of those "Gather 8,000 gold" and "Stock up to 150 food", then you just use the benefit of low population for your happiness! And there will not be a need to destroy buildings afterwards and wait for people to sober up and leave.


For anyone having a problem with getting your people across a bridge:
There is one bridge in the first town NO ONE will cross. It's says" it's not safe".
They want you to go UNDER it by blasting the fence out of the way and fighting the 2 bandits on the other side. Then you can build a bride to the bandit camp. This may be your problem.

There is one helpful glitch(I think it's a glitch)in all towns in the game.
It's that your towns people can do 2 jobs (sort of) at once. Before you pick up all "goodies" (fallen logs, mini gold mines) put your people to work. EX: put someone chopping trees and have that person "pick up" the mini gold mine...they still chop trees and get gold at the same time. Same thing with fallen trees, just DO
NOT have the tree cutter do it, use someone else EX:farmer or gold miner they still farm or mine gold AND "pick up" the wood from fallen trees.
Also townspeople can walk ino bandit camps and get the supplies that are on the ground WITHOUT getting hurt...lol... I guess the bandits don't care about them.

Hope this helps some.

Now I have a question:

Does anyone know if there is something (in the second town) past the fence "to no where"???? It looks like a thin piece of land that has nothing on the other side except what looks like a brown spot (like one of the "pits") or is this just to keep someone from falling off...lol


Hi to everyone! I'm reading your questions and answers and they helped me a lot. Big thanks to you all!

Now I have a question concerning first part of the badge, maybe it's a glitch. In first town my hero went fishing till none of the fish were left, but there was no paper or search for clues.
Anyone familiar with this problem?


hi i have a question not sure if anyone asked this or answered this.. but here goes. how do you get your hero in the water to get the treasure out of it.. is there a way.. and i want to know what secret power the hero has that peeps are talking about.. please answer soon.. ty grace

HeidiLouTeasley April 29, 2008 5:54 PM

Ok so I have defeated Mr. White and the mad russian however now I can not seem to defeat the southern bandit camp on Wong Place Wong Time. Can anyone help? And thank you to everyone who has supplied so many tips.


Ok...let me see how smart I am...lol

If you caught EVERY fish including the ones in the little cove and the stream...you must have a glitch (I got the note in the last fish)

If your talking about the last town treasure, there is a place to the northeast of the bandit camp (looks like a ramp into the water) you people can enter the water there (or anywhere there is this type of ramp) all streams are shallow enough to walk in.
your heros secret power..not much of a secret...(spoiler) Heros don't die!(spoiler)

Only thing I can tell you is ALL buildings and bandits must be defeated before you get the key to the other gate( make sure you "shoot up" the saloon).

Hope this helps.


if the problem is bandits attacking you. heres a little cheat. your hero, the mad russian and the other guy (white or wong depending on how you played it) these 3 cannot die. they fall, heal and get back up, so stash them at the two bandit spawn points and they will never attack the town. also send one of them in first before you attack so they draw all the fire. then use your lawmen or gunslinger to clean up. once you have townsfolk assinged to a place for work you can send them out to collect goodies and the farm, woodshack or mine will still collect as if they were over there by it. so use them instead of the hero to plunder camps and pick up goodies. bandits wont attack them.

HeidiLouTeasley April 30, 2008 2:39 AM

Thank you Fran and Neil. I finally found Mr. Wong and destroyed everything of his. Now it says cross the river and capture him but I can't find him! It's funny how sometimes you miss the most obvious things. Please help.


Hi all!!! I hae finally beaten the "cakey-makey" quest. Not it is on to Tornado Valley. Just a few quick questions.......I tried this one before, and got my happiness up to what it wanted.....but nothing happened. Anyone have a clue how to help? Also, I need 160 experience points to get a town hall and train tracks, and can't figure out how to get them. I got some for the cakey-makey quest, and I know that I will get more for the tornado one, but I still don't think that will be enough. Any ideas on how to get more? Are there more quests after the tornado one? HELP!?!?!?!?! Thanks in advance for any help!!!!



i am stuck on the bad seed quest help


First let me say thanks to you all. This site is very helpful. For the outpost in the first town, I could never rebuild, but when I clicked on the outpost a window popped up, and if you click on the building in the window, the rubuilt ouptpost will appear, then let the outpost guy build a cabin for himself. another person will come out of the cabin dont forget to employ them.


Np, I got alot of help from this site so im glad to pass it on. Wong should be in the only townhall north of the river. search the map, when you find it build bridges, blowup rocks, kill and destroy everything on the way there.

Never fear, there is alot more xp and missions left. My first game with the farmer hero i had 76xp left over wasted. My last game with the girl hero i had 175xp left over with everything bought.
for the tornado quest make sure you have enough buildings. there is a counter at the top. some things like decorations dont count.

Rainey- i cant remember what quest that is, can you give details like what has you stumped.


Hi does anyone know how to finish the job hunt quest for Joe -Jack Jebediah, and what to do if you cant find in your town anymore ,but his quest is still listed


Please help I am adicted to this game but my problem is I can't find this Joe Jack person I have built a ranch etc. I just don't know where he went to. Thanx to everyone for posting tips they are very useful.


Can someone please tell me how/where to find the pieces to the key for BANDIT BASE?

Totlpeace April 30, 2008 7:31 PM

thank you all for the help. Greatly appreciated. But now I can't help thinking...now what? I haven't come across mr. white. Ive got mr wong and the russian. I've completed: bandit base, gate keeper, mad russian scramble,tornado valley, snake valley, cakey makey, A well found treasure, and animal round up...is this the end? I'm just collecting so much money and wood, nothing else is going on. I'm about to build the bee hive stuff but, gosh this is just really boring.

rainey May 1, 2008 5:07 AM

thanx neil finally completed bad seed mission,it was the one when aman took all your properties from you. now stuck on escorting bandit to safety have found where i need to go but my sherrif and deputies life lines are already low so die quick so i got no gun power only hero left by time reach last bandit camp!help

rainey May 1, 2008 6:51 AM

while waiting for a reply thought id get on with something else but cant get any farther cos my mills dont seem to be producing lumber plenty trees left and fully employed and got no wood to build anything else used it all up on that smiths couples new cabin i need to fix station !!oh boy im a pain i know



I have bought the railway, but how can i place
it on the road?


Wildfire May 1, 2008 12:47 PM

Hello Everyone!

I am stuck with building train tracks. I had enough experience and gold to unlock it, but I don't see it listed under build mode. Where do you look or what do you click to build the train tracks.

Thank you in advance for your help.


To build tracks, click on your outpost. Under the gold/lumber/food options is an option to upgrade to train tracks.


Hi everyone I have still not found this Joe Jack fella and when all the mines in me town and all the little mines have gone do I have to wait for the gold and the lumber to arrive via the outpost. Please help! Thanx Jan


Please help! my game seems to get stuck telling me I need more water for my farms or ranches even though I have tons of water towers. Any ideas?



In my experience once the Joe Jack person leaves your town the first time you can't get him back. Perhaps I am wrong about this though.



hi everyone.. i haven't gotten to the outpost quest yet.. i did one outpost quest is there another one that i should know about.. i am trying to figure out how to build train tracks and get a mayor in my town.. please someone explain how i do these tasks. totally confused here.. i need a sheriff and a mayor to protect my town so i can move on to the tornado valley quest.. thank you in advance.. grace


rainey- your hero cant die. once they go down they will heal up so send your hero into the fight to save your other gunslingers health. lumber mills are not what you need, they only supplment the woodcutters hut. get the huts up by the trees.

Kate- water towers do not produce water they only store it so make sure you have lots of wells.

Grace- if you still have an outpost mission there would be a "!" above the outpost. click on that to get the other missions. click on the building it self to upgrade to a train station and then the icon will appear to upgrade to train tracks.
To get a mayor build a town hall.

Christina May 1, 2008 6:09 PM

I am trying to find the 2 parts of the KEYS. I read that I have to blow up the bridge I built. I can't seem to blow it up. I have people on both sides I have tried placing the dynamite on the bridge on the left or right. I have also tried placing the dyanamite in the water. Still the bridge will not blow up. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

rainey May 1, 2008 7:05 PM

hi ,i had that joe jack fella dissapear as well but i started a new game wiv new hero and did not employ him until could afford a ranch gave him another job had him say didnt like shoved him on ranch and he happy and give you reward.[ nice to have an answer 4 a change!]
neil, thanx for your help but while my hero recovering they killed the guy im trying to save!very annoying!


Ok, I'm on the mad russion scramble level and my final quest task is to create the train tracks. I have the tracks upgraded but the outpost does not belong to me, so it won't let me build train tracks. I don't know how to build train tracks without the outpost. HELP. I've read alot about how to accomplish this but nothing works b/c I don't own the outpost. How can I build tracks and get past this quest???

Leslie May 1, 2008 7:42 PM

Okay - here's a couple of tips for some of you -

Water - water towers do not supply your farms. You have to build wells close to them to get them going. I usually build two wells on the back side and that does the trick with 4 workers employed.

To get the outpost - drag your hero over to the center of it. He won't go in the center but it triggers the icon. Click on the outpost, then the icon. It will build and a ! will pop up so you can do the 3 quests. It costs 140 gold and 140 wood to build the outpost. Then, when you get the tracks, click on it again and convert it to a railroad (200 gold, 200 wood) then again to add tracks (200 gold, 200 wood).

Joe Jack:

Do not click on him until you've built a ranch. This is where he wants to work. You can employ him elsewhere BUT he will leave and the quest will be unfinished if you don't get a ranch for him to work at before he quits his job wherever you put him the first time. If you wait to click on him, he won't leave. Just don't forget to build him a house after you get him working at the ranch.

Maryanne May 2, 2008 1:16 AM

I know this sounds silly but what is an outpost. It says I need to build an outpost. What is it and where do I build it ?
Also I cant get the last skull in the water. How do
I get this ?


hello everyone... loving this game (too much) just found this site need help with 2 things. outpost quest (driving me crazy) where is it how do you build it and do you need to have anything to build it? also has anyone found the 2nd town traidor??


Thanks for the help with the water issue. I cannot believe I was so dumb! I finally finished the game with all badges except one. I'm not sure which one it is. I got the bee badge and the secret animal one so what's the third? Thanks for all the help everyone!



To all having problems with the outpost:

There are several outposts in this game(they look like a flat bunch of boards along side of the road)

Drag anyone near them (it doesn't have to be your hero)and click on it. It should show a little icon in the lower left corner, click the icon...if you have bought the upgrade at the "store" and enough supplies to build it, it will go up automatically. Clicking this same icon again will turn it into a train station, if you have the supplies to build it. This same icon should now be a train. One last click and train tracks should appear.

If you are doing the outpost quest(for supplies to your town) You need to meet curtain requirements before it will let you build the outpost.
Ex: 3 gold mines and additional sorce of gold...(additional sorce can be either another mine OR a trading post! Trading posts work for all outposts(gold, wood, or food).
Don't forget to employ someone at the the outpost and click on what you are sending to your town(gold, wood, or food).

Hope this helps...Yee hawww

Leslie May 3, 2008 6:36 AM

Maryanne - to get the skull in the water -

you have to build a bridge to the small cove that has a ramp on it. There's one tree in that cove and it's down by the arch. Took me forever to figure that one out and then I felt stupid 'cause it was so simple once I knew it ;0).

Kate - the last badge is for the two treasure hunts. If you didn't get the first one done in the first town, you can't get it until you start over. How to do it is already posted, just check the previous messages and spoilers.

Totlpeace May 3, 2008 8:56 AM

Hi all...Asking for help again.

I think I may have gotten lost in the crowd :0(. I have no more tasks in my que. I've defeatetd the bandit base and all other visable quest. I also have sheep, beehive, i did the sasqwatch thing. But now what's next? do i just sit there and that's the end? What about the other guy? I'm traveling with the mad russian and some other guy but where's the last person?


Leslie - I did do both tresure hunts. However I had already unlocked and built a fountain by the time I got the plans in the treasure hunt. Do you think that is why I didn't get credit for it?

Leslie May 3, 2008 2:36 PM

Hi, Mzkat

You must be missing one of the other trophies, then. Check your list on the game and see which one you didn't get. Here's a listing to help you out:

Trophies and how to get them --

Settler - complete tutorial
Law Enforcement - Employ a sheriff
Master Farmer - have 3 crops at the same time
Master Rancher - have 3 ranch animals at the same time
Food King - have 6 different foods at the same time
Master Builder - build every building at least once
Boom Town - have 40 citizens
Paradise - 120 happiness with 20 citizens
Capital Gains - have 8000 in gold
Central Hub - complete the 3 outpost quests
Treasure hunter - complete both treasure quests (See previously posted spoilers to find out how)
Pioneer- Make it to Gunslinger Gulch
Master Pioneer - Complete the game
Democracy - Hire a mayor at town hall
Rail Road Tycoon - Have a train and railroad tracks
One Tough Hombre - defeat 50 bandits
Happy Town - Have happiness at 200
City Founder - Have 30 buildings
Food Storage - Store 150 food
Master Researcher - unlock all items
Disaster Challenge - complete the disaster challenge in the Sandbox level
Beehive Bear - Unlock the beehive
3 Amigos - Hire 3 nice gunslingers (just don't let them fight anyone 'cause they close their eyes to shoot)
Sheep Farmer - Unlock the sheep animal

Hope that helps


Dont buy Serif office in first town...buy from store the sallon hire one gunslinger... and you will have and two others you bought for 50$...that starts a new quest that you need 3 or 4 gunsligers...finish that and return to town wait for a while and someone will come...a DEPUTY Jimmy Jones...for some money you can have him and the office free


Anyone that has trouble getting through Cakey Makey. I have the hero build 4 (I think) graineries and build 2 farms and let the extra people work there. Have someone collect wood. Once the farms are built, you can have one of those people build the graineries and the hero can collect wood. If you need more food, go the the water and fish.


You all give great tips! I've beat the game a couple of times but haven't fulfilled all the awards. No one seems to know what the "mystery award" is. Also, has anyone figured out HOW to get the irrigation? I got the plans, etc. but nothing shows up to use it. Thanks in advance!


Hi all! Just want to say thanks to all who've given advice on here-it's been a great help. I've just finished the game and have got all of the awards (except sandbox one-but think I just have to play in sandbox mode for that one.) Just wondering if anyone has found any other buildings on the second and third build menus-I have the beehive but it looks like there are 3 other greyed out boxes.

Nancy-mystery award

1st mystery award:

Beehive bear. Build 10 flowerpots, your hero will then get a "!" click on the ! and it will say something about building beehives. Now you can build beehives-found in second build menu. Then a bear comes along who you can use like a gunslinger-think thats all you have to do

2nd mystery award:

3 amigos. Hire 3 nice gunslingers from the saloon-I found that I had to build a few saloons before I could get all 3 nice gunslingers. The nice gunslingers have a zorro type mask on and I think they cost 130 (not normal 100 price gunslingers), bad gunslingers look kinda like clint eastwood!

3rd mystery award:

Sheep farmer. In gunslinger gultch (however thats spelt) you need to have 3 ranches, 1 chicken, 1 pig, 1 cattle. Ranches are chicken by default but if you click on them you can change what is farmed. If these options aren't available when you click on the ranch its because you haven't bought the upgrades from the store page. Once you have all 3 rancehes a horse will come along, take the horse to a well then chap comes along and asks if you want to do the animal roundup quest-this is the one where you have to put a deer, bear and sasquatch in 3 pens.

Hope this helps!


Nancy - There is no irrigation. The pipes are the luxury fountain. If you already bought it, it does nothing but if you didn't, then you get it for free.

glasman84 May 4, 2008 1:01 AM

hi all, I am stuck in the tornado valley. i have 120 happiness and 25 buildings. waited over an hour and nothing has happened. what am i missing. i tried more biuldings, more people, greater happiness. please help.

Nitae H. May 4, 2008 1:28 AM

I'm having trouble with this one part of the game where you have to have 500 gold and wood and build an outpost toget to the Mad Russian at the gulch. I've gotten the gold and wood and built a trading post, bt it still shows my quest as incomplete, is there somehing I'm missing?

Frustrated May 4, 2008 3:51 AM

Hi all

In the first town I have found the 5 skulls but one is in the river. How do I get to it? I'm begniing to wish I never bought this game.


addicted May 4, 2008 7:18 AM

irragation and the pipe plans what do i do next ? i have a couple of gold lumps that will not let me build a mine, says something obstucting it , nothing around it except i think it needs irragation, how do i buy irragation? I have completed all but 2 awards, working on 8000 dollar award near done then 1 more,
plus there is a greyed out square under all my gunslingers sherrif and deputies? is this the end, thought i was gong to need mr wrong and the mad russian for a final quest any help would be great!

Leslie May 4, 2008 8:36 AM

Hi, glasman - After you finish, your hero should light up with a ! to get you back to town. If he hasn't, then you aren't done. Check your buildings - are all of them repaired? I always repair mine, so I don't know if that would affect the outcome or not. Also, check the quest - it will tell you what you need to do to finish.

Frustrated - I gave instructions for the skull in the water a few posts above yours. Click onthe "show spoiler" button in that post.

Hope that helps

Leslie May 4, 2008 2:50 PM

Addicted - there is no irrigation in Westward II. The pipes you find are for the fountain.

With your other issues, it sounds like you've got a bugged game. I haven't had either of those problems, so I don't know how to fix it but on the first page of posts, someone posted a fix that Sandlot was working on. I downloaded from Gamehouse and haven't had any issues with my game at all.


Thank you Leslie. It was the 3 Amigos that I was missing.

doucette63 May 4, 2008 5:30 PM

im new to this....how and where do you fish??

doucette63 May 4, 2008 5:38 PM

im having a hard time getting gold and wood...very frustrating...i guess ishould of bought the first game


look in all the water, where you see fish you can click on them. they are always 3 fish facing the same way.

trkmc5 May 4, 2008 9:30 PM

Does anyone know what are in the gray squares on build 2 and 3 besides a beehive?

doucette63 May 4, 2008 11:47 PM

how do you pick up the skulls!!!


I love this game and played all the way through to the end with no problems. I'm starting over to get that first treasure though. Problem is the fish in that hole have disappeared! they were there at first and I fished there some but I went on a quest and now they're gone with no note. Is this some kind of glitch and I'll have to start over again, or should they come back?

doucette63 May 5, 2008 7:39 AM

For the gold one...how do you get to the third gold mine across river!! i cant seem to ceoss...do i have to build something!!



You do not need to "pick up" skulls...just walk close to them and the clues will appear.

For the gold across the river build a bridge, if you need it for the "extra sorce" of gold you can build a trading post instead.
TRADING POSTS can be used as an extra sorce for gold, wood and food.


to get to the last skull you need to blow up the rock in the water. you will need to build a bridge to get to where you can walk in the water. Get as close as you can and blow it up. Then you can walk to the last skull.

Nitae H:

Have you upgraded your outpost to a train station? I think you need to to get to the last part.
Clicking this train icon in the lower left hand corner of the outpost. Click on it again will turn it into a train station, if you have the supplies to build it. This same icon should now be a train. One last click and train tracks should appear.

Good luck...hope this helps

doucette63 May 5, 2008 10:31 AM

I have a few questions... hope someone can answer them....
How do you get sherrif or deputies?
How do you tear down a building?
Can you make a another town beside the one i started whe i first started


doucette63- to get a sherrif and deputies you need to build a sherrifs office. thats the icon with a gold star in the build menu on the 2nd page. you need a wood collecting hut and a lumber mill first before you can build that.
to destroy a building: click on the building then at the bottom of the screen look for the bomb icon (a ball with a wick sticking out of it).
to start another town if your playing the missions all you have to do is finnish all of thats towns quest. if you want to start another sandbox town save the one you have then quit and click on sandbox again.

doucette63 May 5, 2008 5:52 PM

ty neil!!!

rainey May 5, 2008 6:39 PM

suzzanne, re- dusty i had a lady at some stage comment how dusty it was getting and said how nice it would be if there was a fountain! hope this helps


I'm stuck in the dead mine quest. I've killed every one is their something I need to blow up to finish the quest besides the rock?

doucette63 May 5, 2008 9:34 PM

is there another gold viene around town. the first one is gone and i need gold!!!!

Frustrated May 6, 2008 4:39 AM

to get to the last skull you need to blow up the rock in the water. you will need to build a bridge to get to where you can walk in the water. Get as close as you can and blow it up. Then you can walk to the last skull.

thanks but it won't let me plant the dynamite in the water. ??? now I feel stupid as well as frustrated

Still frustrated

Frustrated May 6, 2008 6:25 AM

Thanks guys. Had to go back to a point I had saved earlier and redo some but managed to get last skull. I have found that if you a person employed and move them to work on a log of wood or rock of gold production stays the same at their place of work. That way you can get 1 person doing 2 jobs.



Hey. I'm a newbie and I noticed lots of hints on how to keep your gunslingers alive. I came up with a solution that may sound lame but at least I could finish my quests: I put all of the gunslingers in a corner (behind a rock or something - some place where they won't move) and take my hero to confront the bad guys. He gets killed a few times before the bandits are killed but I have a citizen with him (the citizens don't get shot at). The citizen can pick up the bags of gold and even pass past the bandits and collect whatever is in the bandits camp while they are shooting in out with the hero. Makes the game a little long but I build stuff or get a sandwich while the hero is shooting/dying/shooting/etc. I don't have to worry about the gunslingers getting killed before I finish my quest. This method also allows me to put all of the gunslingers in one place to protect a mill or whatever if need be.


Im in a well-planned plot,yes the one where the wells are contaminated, its a quest can someone please tell me, what goes into what well,its driving me insane i know im getting one wrong but i dont know which one.So if anyone can help me out thanks.

pandabare2 May 6, 2008 1:35 PM

I am stuck!!!

I did the white/wong quest and now I am supposed to find where a key goes - can someone help me please!!!!!


Can anyone please tell me where this sasquach thing is on the animal roundup quest? Thanx for all the hints and tips u guys are posting. Jan

rainey May 6, 2008 7:40 PM

hello i cant get to last watering hole for last part of key icant walk down river cos i built a bridge and it now in the way any ideas please ?

mazzary May 7, 2008 4:39 AM

Hi all, great tips. Can anyone tell me how to beat the sandbox disaster challenge? My level is extreme and i have fourteen citizens. My outpost is built and can import all three things. What else do i need?


Okay... I'm stuck on the level that tried to protect the Town Hall and build a blacksmith. There's hardly any gold, so that's a problem, but also I can't seem to keep the town hall from falling apart long enough to get enough gold to build the blacksmith and bank. I tried building a trade post so I could trade wood for money, but I ended up without enough gold to build the blaksmith. Help!


Help! I'm on the first set of missions and am stuck! I found a great walkthrough for the first Westward (everything was in order according to quests, etc.) is there any such thing for Westward II? Thanks for all the posts/spoilers already given & any help you can give.


I'm stuck in gunslinger gulch. Reading some other hints, get to do Cakey Bakey and Tornado Alley? It seems these need to be completed first? Thanks for any help given.

Help Needed May 7, 2008 8:31 PM

Help please,

How do you know if you've finished the game? It seems that I've stalled out. Do you have to complete all the hidden challenges before the end? I really want to finish.


I can't seem to get past the rocks in the stream in gatekeeper level to get treasure-won't let me leave dynamite-any suggestions?

doucette63 May 7, 2008 10:05 PM

how do i get the deer in the pen...my men keep shooting it!!!! do you bring the deer in by the front or back of pen and where do i put my men so they wont shoot it


i've completed the game. and something very funny happens when i play in sandbox mode: in sandbox mode the mad russian guy ask to help me out, and i treated him as a robber "robber": i placed him in front of one of the bandit spawn and have him shoot all the times so i can collect the some extra money from the bandits. at first he kept dying, healing, dying, healing... but after sometimes, i checked back and i could not control him anymore. it seems that some people experienced the same bug. but the funny thing is: the mad man become mad for real, and INVINCIBLE: he got healed even when he's alive and no bandit could ever kill him again. hahaha, and the whole time i play he just stand there shooting like crazy stacking up a huge gold pile without more death.
btw, some people keep asking bout game end. correct me if i'm wrong but i think that there is no game end. you end up with your town in the 3rd outpost and are free to do watever suit you.


do the deer first, alot of people had trouble when they tried to capture him last. also dont leave you men in a place where they will shoot the animals.

Casi- your eaither bugged or your trying to put the explosives too close to the rock. thats the only thing i can think of.


PLS HELP...im stuck in establishing FOOD SOURCES quest...i've finished all the requirements and after that it says "PLEASE WAIT" then nothing happens..is there any way to get this done???? tnx

Mellybean May 10, 2008 1:06 AM

Howdy y'all! I was wondering if anyone has found anything to do with the rabbits and deer that occasionally wander through town. Also, is there anything more that can be done with our friendly neighborhood bear, other than defense? Thanks in advance!


Need help. i'm trying to finish the quest where i'm supposed to protect the spy and bring him safely across. The problem is when i start the quest, there's only my hero and the spy. My gunslingers don't show up, so i die all the time. help!


Hello all,
I'm stuck in the mission where you're supposed to make an outpost but you have to clear all the boulders to the east. I thought that I have but if anyone can point me to where the boulders might be it would be greatly appreciated.


no idea why your lawmen arnt there, only idea i have is since your hero doesn't die is as soon as you trigger an attack move your spy away from the fight, hopefully they wont follow him when and the hero can finish it in time.

if its the mission im thinking of the boulders are on the tracks. there is a cottage in between them. so blow up on the tracks to get to the house then again just past the house on the tracks.

doucette63 May 12, 2008 3:04 PM

im having trouble with the bandits.....i cant seem to get through the gate....i tried to use explosive but it wont go...help!!!!!!!!!!!


i'm stuck on cakey makey. my hero can't build anything, even though he has enough resources. the "build" box is gray. i've tried reloadinig saved games with different heros but it doesn't resolve the problem. is there ia bug in the game or am i missing something really basic?


Please HELP!!!

I am stuck on the destroy bandit base quest. I have both parts of the key and have moved on to the 2nd town where you have to build a bank and blacksmith, but the bandits keep destroying my cit hall before I can get both built. Any suggestions???


Rebecca May 14, 2008 4:39 PM

Hello to all,
I have finished the game and was wondering if anyone else has gray squares in the BUILD 2 and BUILD 3. I have the beehives...... is there anything else???? Please any suggestions? Thanks for the great post by-the-way

Spaz_Girl May 14, 2008 8:37 PM

I have 7 sources of food and it is still nont giving me the darn award.
Sources I have:

Am I mising something or could this be a glitch? I am missing this and the 2 treasures but I know how to get the treasures and know i have to replay the game.

argggg i want all my awards :(


Don't know if this helps anyone else, but I found that on the Bad Seed Quest if I built a bridge over the river, it allowed my hero and others to cross over and pan for gold in the river, whilst others used the gold mining equipment. This certainly help speed up acquiring the necessary amount of gold required. In fact, I found panning for gold useful on a couple of the quests