can someone like jay or who knows all about the game tell me what is with the general store shelves and honey if you have bees, also can u buy honey and put it in 3 slot of hero i e after dynamita and health kits, also what is the 2nd secret award, done all awards but that one and disaster. Also are there more secret buildings beside beehives, because if you look on building page 2 and 3 there are a total of 4 empty spaces before beehive,

WALK IN THE PArk are you sure you dont have lumber huts


Yeah I had tried that. All those screens are greyed out like she's passed out. =( There for I cannot click her to do anything.. This sucks.


Cakey Makey made simple ---

Go right to the lady and get the instructions. Two workers will appear. Use one to start building a mining operation to the right. While he or she is doing that, use your hero to build a trading post. Have the third start building a grain silos.
Employ one worker at the trading post, then immediately send them off to mine the gold deposit.
Employ the other worker at the gold mine. Have your hero build more silos but keep enough money to buy food at the trading post.
When the other workers show up, put them on the mine but don't build houses for them. Just work them until they leave. No one else will come but you won't be feeding them either.
Build enough silos for storage of 70. When they finish using the gold, have the trader and your hero start chopping the wood logs then sell it for money to buy food. Purchase all your food instead of gathering or farming it and you'll have no problems at all hitting the 45 and 50 food levels.

SamanthaCNM April 20, 2008 6:20 PM

Walk in the park

Are there people working at your lumber mills?

That's all I can think of.


Walk in the park ---

Did you do the tutorial for bridge building? You can't build bridges without it. If you did that, do you have the gold and wood requirements when you're trying to build? Also, you have to make sure that the riverbanks are even. You can't build from a low level to a high one or a high to low. You can't build on a slope, either, but you can send someone into the water through those. And if there is a slope, then just click where you want to go - your hero will find the path for you. (I found this out by accident when I was trying to find the 2nd key).

Does anyone know what the rusted door is for?


I have the same problem with my hero, who is stuck. I can't get her to move. She was involved in a gun battle and became invicible. Has anyone heard of any solutions for this?

freemommy April 20, 2008 8:16 PM

I would love to help others with what I have learned, but would like to use that Spoiler button thingy you guys all seem to know about. Please let me know how to use it, so I can help others.

I also need to know, because I did find the fish, but it didn't meet the requirement for "additional food source" when playing the real game. I have not tried it in Sandlot however. I don't even know if that would make a difference.

My problem is that I came back form doing the Food quest and all of my people are starving and dying and leaving town because they are hungery. Everytime I employ someone at a farm, they quit and leave, so I don't make any food. Any suggestions? Should I start dwindling my population??? I am rocking everywhere else, but can't seem to make my people happy enough to stay or eat or make food or something.


in some cases a trading post can be used as "additional food source" because you can buy food there it can also be used as "additional lumber source" for the same reason. Also(if you know how) honey is an additional food sorce ( if you build it the bear will come).lol
Hope this helps.

I don't know how to use that spoiler thingy either. Must be a blond least in my case it is.

I need help with the mystery badge.. got 1/2 of the hidden gold one but can't figure out about the pipes part or where the other mystery badge gets started.



Hi guys

Tks lots for the spoilers they really help alot. I've a problem though, I've killed all the bandits and destroyed their structures, but I mission's still not completed.

Anyone know why?


To make a spoiler button (html code) is explained at the top of the leave a comment section for me at least but I can tell you:
Use these things < > around the word spoiler at the beginning of all text you want hidden.

and then at the end of the words you want hidden by the button </ > with the word spoiler after the </ and enclosed with >

Hope that is helpful.

Another Secret badge: Three Amigos

For this badge you need three of the "nice gunslingers" (If you haven't seen one yet they are the lone ranger lookin' ones with like zorro masks) You might have to build 2 or 3 saloons to get them or let some of the gunslingers you already have die in order to get the option to have 3 all at the same time. I don't know if they have any special power or anything, but when you get the badge their little costumes change (Like the movie Three Amigos I assume, but I can't really remember it) Having nice gunslingers increases your town happiness, so three increases it more I suppose.

Does anyone have anymore secret things like these????

I know you are supposed to be able to get sheep, and I know HOW to get them, but apparently you can only get them in a certain level at a certain time, so if anyone has sheep would you please share which part of the game you acquired them?

[Edit: Angle brackets have special meaning in HTML (they indicate HTML tags), and therefore cannot just be typed as is. If you want to show an angle bracket you must use the HTML 'entity' for them, such as &lt; for "less than" and &gt; for "greater than". I've added these to your comment above. You can "view source" to see my edits if you wish. Thanks for helping with your explanations! :) -Jay]


Ok apparently I don't know much about code either lol the symbol I was trying to convey to explain spoiler tags doesn't show up so I will try it again:

Use these things (<) (>) around the word spoiler at the beginning of all text you want hidden.

and then at the end of the words you want hidden by the button (<(/)) (>) with the word spoiler after the (<(/))

Just remove ALL parenthesis. Hope this works (and makes sense)

**To CAROLINEPC: You can't pick up dynamite, which is DUMB. I hate that there are all these barrells and things like dynamite just laying around but you can't do anything with them. I try picking up dynamite almost every time I see it somewhere but the only way to get it is to buy from a general store (I can't really remember but I think someone just gave it to you at first in Westward I) If anybody CAN pick up dynamite please let us know because then we have a bug.

**To FREEMOMMY: What is your people to food ratio when you are having this problem?? like 12 people/ 40 food storage etc. If you are still having the problem with people leaving due to hunger and no one to work at your farms. Let them leave at first because as long as you have houses more people will return. Have one of your people (or your hero if you don't need him and he is all that is left) go and fish in the rivers/ponds etc. Find fish and click on them with a character selected just as if they were a berry bush or anything else and the character will go and fish. Then when your people return have them work at the farm first, and then build a windmill (if you can) as soon as possible because it speeds food production at your farms. ***Even if you have like 2-3 farms one windmill will work on all of them*** Also click on your farms to get the stats of that farm and sometimes they will say "Needs water" in a little box and you will need to build another well or 2, because that will slow down production.

**To FRAN: Can you please explain which mystery badge you are talking about and where/ how it can be found?

****TO EVERYBODY*** I finished the game all the way through a few days ago but there are a few things I missed. If you have any questions I am happy to help. I am replaying all the way through to get things I missed at first so please help me too!


To "argh" & "help me" on invincible & immoveable heroes:
I had this problem, caused by saving the game when my hero was "dead." He returned to life but couldn't be moved, killed, etc. I couldn't find any solution and had to return to a (much earlier) version of my game.

So all, don't save your game in the middle of a gunbattle when your hero is fallen, and also use two alternating backups for your current game, in case you get in trouble like this...


Erin - RE: Cross the River
If you don't have enough experience for a lumbermill yet or have run out of wood for a bridge , and you have completed all the other quests, I believe you will have to back up or restart the game. At least I did - no other quests ever come.


I read on the sandlot games forum that the game makers are aware of the problem and are apparently working on a fix.

Here is a link to the thread about getting the newest version of the game: 84/7232.html?1208304749



Thank you for the "Three Amigos" help...that was one I was missing.

The other is a 2 part(gunslingers gultch)I got the part with the hidden key for the cave but I can't seem to get the other half of the puzzle..when I opened the cave my "hero" said something about finding plans for pipes or pipelines and thought maybe fountains...this had me building fountains all over the place but nothing... I think maybe my blond hair has reached my I even thought maybe it had something to do with outhouses so I build so many that it caused multiple earthquakes...had like 6 earthquakes in a row...until all the outhouses were gone. Then the earthquakes me to have as many outhouses as people. So this is where I'm stuck.
Do you have a hint as to where the other half starts...did I miss something earliers in the game or is there still hope on finding the other hidden treasure?
Thanks for your help


To All, RE: General Gameplay Stategy/Tornado Alley

I found during the course of playing the full game that the best strategy overall (and in many of the quests) is to KEEP YOUR POPULATION TO A MINIMUM. When I first started, I was trying to grow and expand my town too fast (with 20-30 people in early part of the game). I could never get happiness over about 60-80. I wasted experience points on luxury buildings to try to hold on - points that I later struggled to replace when I needed them for more important buildings. I couldn't defend my buildings and wasted lots of resources on repairing and replacing damaged/detroyed structures. As your population increases, your people grow more and more unhappy. However it is possible to have a functional town of only 8 people, or a very prosperous town of only 12-14. Not only is is MUCH easier to keep people happy and fed, but you are less likely to play out your mines or run out of trees if you are not building a ton of houses and luxury buildings.

One of the easiest ways to boost your happiness relatively early in the game is to add food variety to your peoples' lives. Expand your farms and ranches - without adding people to work them. What I mean is: build a farm, staff it. When resources allow (and other food types can be unlocked), build a second farm. But instead of adding four more people to your town (requiring homes and probably lowering your happiness 5 or more points), just move 1-2 of your farm workers to the new farm or ranch. Food production & consumption stay the same, but happiness goes up 5. Build a ranch and move one farm worker to it. Bingo, another +5. Honey is another great food source that adds up to +6 happiness and requires no labor.

How to get honey:

Build 10 flower pots. This will unlock the bee hives, which are cheap to build. Bee hives bring a bear (not a bad thing). Each hive produces +2 food every few seconds, much like fishing, only without labor. Each hive (honey variety) also increases town happiness by 2 points. The honey will appear on your general store shelves, but the store does not have to be staffed to get the happiness or food benefit.

Later, when you DO want to expand your population or need/want more food resources (say, to sell at your trading post), you have open spots and jobs waiting without having to build anything but houses or a hotel. It's also nice to have a place to put people when you suddenly play out a mine and have four unemployed workers on your hands.

Once your town is well-established, with trade routes open and extra resources & experience points to use on luxury buildings, you can easily build to get your happiness levels in the 100-120s or higher. Two gazebos will give you a big boost. (Also, saloons, barber shops, etc don't have to be staffed to give a happiness boost.) Then you can add population without affecting your happiness much.

This strategy got me through the entire game without too much difficulty or aggravation. [In fact, after getting stuck without enough points to unlock the lumbermill the first time I tried to play, I got so nervous about spending my experience points, I ended up finishing the game with 220 points leftover and only half the buildings unlocked!]

The only downside is that smaller population slows resource collection and therefore gameplay. Waiting for your town to have enough gold or wood to start a quest or build a building can get tedious at times - but not any more than having to restart the whole game because of critical errors early on.

If you already have a town that is too large, I think you might be able to drive some of your population off by destroying their housing. (Don't fire them, though, or you will end up with a bunch of drunks!) They will of course quit working after that, so it is imperative that you are prepared for this rather drastic action. I haven't tried this myself so no promises...!

A Note on the Tornado Alley scenario:
It is almost impossible to make a big town here and maintain it. You will not be able to collect resources fast enough to make repairs, especially once you run out of wood. This is where the "minimal population" strategy worked well. Build a mine, a lumber shack, a farm, and a few houses. Put 1-2 workers at each and then be patient while you stockpile resources! Keep your population to 8 people. Use your people to repair things while your hero stands guard. When you can, build a trading post and a sheriff's office. Make sure you have enough lumber at all times to replace your trading post if need be (or save often!) so that you don't get stuck without access to wood. Don't build buildings RIGHT next to each other - a little space between will prevent fires from spreading and minimize the possibility of one tornado taking out EVERYTHING. Also make sure you have ample wells spread around for fighting fires and in case of drought. Build only small buildings for luxury if you need them (a gazebo or some flower pots make small targets for a tornado!). Use your townspeople to make repairs or build new wells, etc. Use deputies, your hero, and/or a bear to guard the gate (to the east) and build everything but your one wood shack inside the gated area. (If you keep your population small, you can complete the scenario without touching the two large gold deposits to the north and east of the compound.) Once you have about 1000 gold and 1000 wood saved up (or traded for), then go on a building spree and build as quickly as possible to meet the quest goals. It's a boring way to win, but it works!


To Fady -
Some of the luxury items don't count as buildings - maybe that is the problem?


RE: General Town Defense Strategies

Once your hero has the townspeople housed and put to work growing food, he/she can go out looking for bandits. (You do run a risk if you are leaving town undefended). Any bandits that are not outside the outskirts of the map markers can be permanently dispatched BEFORE they become a threat to your town (or sometimes even before there IS a town!). Since the hero regenerates, he/she can take on a handful of bandits and win... eventually!! (5 or 6 deaths later). Maybe not "fairplay" but one strategy.... When I do use a band of gunslingers, I always put my hero in the forefront to draw enemy fire.

Check the screen boundaries at the start of a new quest/town. Often you will see one or two groups of bandits waiting. Any bandits outside the boundaries will keep generating and can never be eliminated. Posting a couple gunlingers or deputies near the border in their way allows you to catch the bandits when they do cross over before they get near your buildings. Keep your hero and gunmen a little ways back from the border, though, or you will have constant battle!

Some other uses for "border bandits":

If you are really hard up for gold, you can send your hero in and eventually collect a little gold from fallen bandits (without lowering their numbers).
If you feel your town is well-defended and need to get rid of a mean sheriff or gunslinger to raise town happiness, an easy way to kill them off.
If you are trying to get the "3 Amigos" and need to kill off some regular gunslingers to get the nice ones...

Your hero won't fight if he is busy building. If attacks are frequent or imminent, use your townspeople to build/repair things. They don't mind as long as they are "employed" somewhere. I use saloon keepers, shopkeepers, mayors and such as my builders since they don't really seem to do anything! In their "spare time" I make them fish, pan for gold, and chop fallen logs!
What to do with a bear:

When the bear shows up (not the one in the Animal Roundup Quest), it can be controlled as a character. Use it as a guard. It will attack bandits and maul them. It can be killed and I don't know if another one will show up or not. I always post the bear well behind a deputy or gunslinger. They will draw off the bandit's gunfire and then the bear charges into the fray and mauls people without taking any damage (unless the gunslinger/deputy is killed). Good bear!

How to get more than 3 deputies:

Hire a sheriff and three deputies. Tear down your sheriff's office. Build a new one. You can hire more people. I discovered this by accident; it may have been an error in my game but I don't think so. I don't remember if you can hire a second sheriff or not. You do have to destroy the sheriff's office, not just build a second one.



Wow! I guess I missed a lot the first time I played the game. I kind of rushed through, and i'm replaying it now. But i have no idea what you are talking about. Hidden key for cave?? Is that the rusty door that you can't dynamite in I forget which level? I have restarted from the beginning because the first time I played I missed alot of stuff, but I had no idea I missed that much. Earthquakes! LOL!

I still think there must be something else like the beehives where there are hidden buildings you have to figure out, because the spots for them wouldn't be greyed out otherwise right? Wouldn't they just be brown/background color?



Yes there is a rusty key you can find (gunslingers gultch..last place you build)

There are 3 cow skulls in a ditch..put a well there you will find a key to a cabin on the south east will need to build a bridge to get to it..also fight a couple of gunslinger too (I think)at the cabin you will find another key (and a miners hat) to the rusty door cave to the west (just to the north west of the run down trading post(you need to build another bridge to get to's all alone on it's own island)opening up the door gets you gold and wood and leads you to another part of the quest...sorry haven't found that yet.

I too think there is something else like the honey but I haven't found that yet either. I was thinking maybe wool from the sheep but haven't seen anything show up and I got the sheep ranch.
Thanks for the help...happy hunting


can someone please tell me how to build a bridge so i can get over to the other forest so i can build lumber camps or a lumber mill.. ty please post an answer asap.. grace


Sorry if this has been answered in another thread but I couldn't find the answer.

Everyone complains about irrigation and 'crops not growing...too dusty...' but I have plenty of food and water and the crops seem to be growing fine.

How do I fix this? Is it a glitch? Also, I finished the rusty key quest and received 'plans' of some kind but have no idea how to access the plans if they are for irrigation.

Please help!


Thanks Fran!! I will try that when I get back to that level (forgot how long the first town was!)

***To grace:
You have to have a lumber mill in order to build a bridge.
What town are you in? When you get the lumber mill in the first town and build one, it will make you go on a bridge quest where it will teach you how to build one. It sound like you are in the first town, build a lumber mill just anywhere, and it should give you a box with an okay button to go to this quest about bridges. Also, the wood hut has to be near trees to work but the lumber mill can go without trees near it, so if you are out of trees on that side of the river, just build a lumber mill there anyway, staff someone at it and it should pop up with this quest thing.

Boomtopia April 21, 2008 7:42 PM

If you have trouble with the OUTPOST*

There is a glitch in the game- if you click on the broken outpost and there is no button to fix it then you have to restart your game (I had to- it wasted a lot of time, but it's the only way I found around it). The next time I got to that part it worked fine.


Thank you Jay for editing my explanation and actually telling me why and what I should do!!! I love this site, I'm so glad I found it!!


You're welcome, Aurabella.ella.

I'm glad you found us, too. ^_^


How do I round up animals in animal round up? I can get them into the pen, but I can't close the doors or build a fence on the back.

Kristen Loughry April 21, 2008 9:56 PM

I'm working on developing the Mining Outpost and I've already put up 3 mines and I have a farm and lumber mill and all that stuff and it says that the last part of my task is to establish an alternative mining source, I thought I completed the whole task but it won't let me go back to my main town. Im not sure what else I need to do now.


Amanda -

You have to put the animals in the pens in the order that they appear on the list or the gates won't close. Oh and make sure you run FAST through there. I got two of my helpers locked in with the bear!

Other stuff
Food help - if your farms aren't producing, rotate your crops and increase your happiness by building a flower pot or outhouse. If your happiness dips below 60ish, food production slows way down. Also, make sure you have 2 wells for each farm or ranch. When fully staffed, they use 10 units of water but each well only produces 5. I build my wells as close to the farm as I can on the back side and since doing that I don't have dips in production.
Someone mentioned deleting housing to get rid of your population. I did this to reduce my population to get the 200 happiness goal. Make sure you have a sheriff and deputies because when you make them homeless, the people will become drunks. Just sober them up and they will leave. You have to have at least 20 people to get the 200 happiness goal, I did it with 21 but I did it after I finished everything else so I was able to keep my stuff going until then.
The 1st shelf in the general store holds pumpkin pie. You need 3 pumpkin producing farms to get it. At least I think that's how I got it. After I built my 3rd pumpkin farm it showed up.

Tornado Alley - build your buildings close to the cliff walls to minimize damage. I did this and had a huge town and only got hit once by a tornado.

Great game and lots of fun. If you want other areas, hit sandlot's website and they have a whole bunch of add on areas, now, for the Sandlot.


at the mining outpost, have you already collected the designated amount of gold, or have you already fixed up the station?

Kristen Loughry April 21, 2008 11:12 PM

I've fixed up the outpost. but it doesn't say how much money I need to collect? There are some messages on the game that won't show up for some reason?


To anyone having trouble with the "additional sorce" in the outpost quests.
The answer is simple either put in an "extra" whatever it is your working on
Ex: lumber build another hut. Gold build another mine. food build another farm.
Or you can use a trading post instead of any of these because it creates a sorce of food, lumber and gold (this also raises happyness).
Also if you have got "honey" in your general store, this can be built as a sorce of both food and gold.

Hope this helps


Kristen Loughry:

In (I think) all outposts you need to collect 500 of whatever it is you're your case 500 more gold...don't forget to put someone IN your outpost and to click on what your "sorce" is in that outpost. In your case that would be gold.

There is another glitch in the game that lets you leave the outpost empty in which case you're not shipping anything! You will still get the credit for building the outpost.
I found out the hard way that it's best if you build AND employ someone at the outpost BEFORE you build the "additional sorce" or reach the additional amount (500) of whatever the outpost requires.

This way you original town outpost will recieve the resorce by clicking on the icon at the town outpost.
I hope you understand what I mean. lol I'm blond and don't mean to confuss you.

Hope this helps


Leslie -
Thanks for the pumpkin pie tip!
I built my Tornado Alley town against the cliff walls and it got hit by tornadoes about once a minute! The tornadoes also didn't veer off any of the walls or rocks - maybe you just got lucky? Or did something else clever that warded off the storms?

Suzanne -
I found that my people often commented on the low water/dusty conditions when there was a drought or in some quests like Tornado Alley, even when my water production was fine. Their comments seem to be connected to the external game conditions, not your actual gameplay. I never had any low water problems.

Also, it really didn't seem to matter where the wells were (or windmills, smokehouses, etc), except with regards to accessibility to firefighting. The first few wells you build don't produce very reliably. The more you build, the less each well fluctuates in production. Or maybe it has to do with the water towers - anyway, this was only a problem for me very early in the game and I built wells scattered all over, often not near my farms at all.

Someone mentioned, I think, not being able to build an unlocked sheriff's office. I read on another board hints that you had to build a ranch first (though this seems like a rather stupid connection to me!).

Please, if anyone knows what to do with the "pipe" blueprints.... And thanks everyone for all the great info!


hello everybody,

i am stuck in decontaminating wells stage can some body help me



Pumpkin Pie

Leslie is right about the three pumpkin farms, but you also need a wheat farm AND a corn farm as well. The farms have to be staffed with at least one person each.


Wool Yarn

Build three sheep ranches. They have to be staffed with at least one person each. You do not need to have any additional items as far as I can tell.

Thanks to Leslie for pointing me in the right direction!


Anyone got hidden tresure quest badge?
i finish the a well-tresure blah blah
where is the next one?



here is the answer to the contaminated wells

junk well gets netting, rotten egg well gets black gravel, salty well gets dried sap pine resin, iron well gets baking soda

does anyone know what the second treasure is?


so i'm stuck at the bandit quest i cant destroy my bridge to get to the river to get the key what do i do?



I am not sure if this will help but on one of the earlier quests I found a hidden treasure

on the quest where you go to find out why your gold mine's are not bringing up as much money, there is a sack of money (near the people who stole the horse) and when you go near it there is a message about a treasure. Go East of the general store and dynamite a fence, read the gravestone and it tells you to go to the rock west of there. Dynamite that rock and there is a hidden mine, once you dynamite it, there is another message about what you found.

I hope this is what you were looking for.


thank you everybody who is helping with this new version of westward 2.. i appreciate all the help and answers i am receiving.. now that i said that i have another problem.. i am in the first town my mine died and now i have tried to build other ones and the game won't let me.. says site is obstructed even though it isn't.. so how do i build a new mine so i can get gold again. thanks in advance for your help and i also love this site.. everyone is so helpful.. grace


Thank you so much SamanthaCNM you are the only person who explained how to find the second key correctly!!! Yeah!


Grace -
Some of the gold deposits in the game have to be dynamited before they can be mined. If the construction site is clear and that's the message you are getting, it's the (large) size of rock vein itself that is the problem. I believe that's the case in the first town - don't remember exactly but maybe there is a deposit to the slight southwest tht is too big for the mine? Buy some dynamite from the store if you can or look around for other deposits. Extra gold can be earned by trading, from small deposits (including some in wadeable rivers), from killing bandits, from completing quests, and sometimes from knocking down excess buildings. If you are completely out of gold and can't build or unlock the store or trading post, you will probably have to start over/reload.

In one level, I know you have to clear trees before you can place the mine, but I guess that's not your problem. For future reference, dynamite also works on trees and tree stumps if you need to clear just a small spot.


Grace: is the mine you are trying to build surrounded by trees? you have to cut down the trees first with a woodshack before it will let you mine. Or is it smaller than the first mine - that you can have drag a person to and have them collect without building a mine - and then there are the mines that you have to use dynamite on before they can be mined. Hope this helps!


I am having trouble with the Dead Mine quest. As soon as I finish fighting the bad guys, my hero wants to talk to but only says OK. Same with the guy in the general store. I can't buy any more dynamite from him. Is this a fault or have I done something wrong?


Grace: Where are you trying to build the new mine? Without knowing where you are talking about exactly, here are a few things to consider. Are your characters able to get to the mine? Does the gold vein have barrels or anything near it that might be in the way? Also sometimes if there are bandits in the area of the mine (I can't remember which town this happens in) it will not let you build until you take over that part of town because it's "the bandits" mine or whatever. Does it look exactly like the other gold veins? It might be the kind that you have to dynamite in order to actually mine it. I remember in the first town there are like 3 or 4 mines if you explore the whole landscape but some of them you have to dynamite open to use. I am going through and playing the whole thing a 2nd time to get things I missed and I used that town to get the 8000 gold badge because there were so many available mines and just had them going all at once.


**JJ: Are you talking about pipe plans that you get from the secret treasure/ rusty door with the secret treasure in gunslinger gulch??
For people who haven't found this yet:

The thing where you build the well in between 4 cow skulls and get a key, then go across the river and find the run down cabin, find another key there, and then build a bridge to a rusty door in the side of rocks near a run down trade post.

The "pipe plans" or whatever unlock the fountain luxury item, if you already had unlocked the fountain yourself with experience points at the point in the game where you got them then they aren't for anything. I just am re-doing that part and that is what it gave me because I haven't unlocked any of the luxury items yet and now I have fountains.

**I still think there are other secret buildings of some kind though so if anyone is up for trying to build ten fountains or ten of everything just to find out please let us know what you try! I will try whatever I can once I have accumulated enough resources. (Too bad for me I have to do Cakey Makey and that @#$% tornado town again first :( )


Lots of spoilers:

To find the key parts

You need to first go to the easily accessable watering hole on the "bandit's side" of the town. just walk up to it and your hero will say "i found 1/2 of the key" then TADA you have the first 1/2. get the second 1/2 you need to destroy the bridge linking the bandaits side of town to the rest of the town, make sure that there is at least one person on either side of the bridge or it wont let you destory it... have the person on the "bandit's side of town" go to the top left hand corner of the bandits side and there's a drop off into the water where they can wade in the water, have the person wade in the water, all the way down to the bottom right hand side of the "bandits side of town" at this point there's a ramp going up and you can walk up to the watering hole and TADA, there's the second 1/2 of the key


First, empoly all the people that are already there. There is a mine at the bottom right hand corner, empoly some of them there and some of them at the farm. Then make a lumber shack and employ someone there...while doing this take your hero to the top left hand corner of the screen and kill the two bandits standing in the entrance way. When you get enough money and lumber create a cabin and another mill at the mine behind the entrance. In the meantime have your hero get money from the little mines (just drag him onto there when your curser changes to a hand holding a bag he will start picking at the little mines giving you a bit of money at a time. Someone in another thread (or maybe it was this one i don't remember) suggested that you only buy shacks. I dissagree with this. Buy cabins and a LOT of wells. The reason you should buy cabins is this brings in two people instead of one, so you can employ more people thereby increasing your money much more quickly. When he buys a cabin, don't make two more, just quickly make one to replace the one he bought. Make sure you always have enough money and wood to buy another farm because when you least expect it he may buy your farm, then people leave in a huff when they don't have food...Also when you are close to getting the money MAKE SURE that your hero is AT THE MINE, because two bandits begin to attack it. Have him kill the bandits, AND have someone fixing the mine AS THEY ATTACK IT. if they destory the mine you are screwed and have to start over.


you need to wait until the horse shows up in your town (this is at the final level). The hero says something like "he looks thirsty". Take the horse to the well, the horse will drink (although it looks more like it's just standing there) its owner will thank you, and then you will be lead to another task which will be explained below (it's called the animal roundup task)


if you don't know how to get to that task read the spoiler above...once you get to that task, you need to get each animal (one of them looks like bigfoot) into seperate pins. Sometimes the gate doesn't close right away and they end up chasing you in and out of the pins, just make sure you go in the pin and out the oppisite way you came in. ALSO keep your people moving, otherwise they will shoot and kill the animal and you will have to go back and get it.


build 10 flower pots in one town to get the bees, Then click on a townsperson to create beehives (this is under the Build 3 menu (it magically appears)) this will produce a bear which is like a gun slinger, basically it fights bandits, it has no other purpose to my knowledge


IMMEDIATLY create a ranch...employ both people at the ranch. Take your hero and have him create a wood hut and a cabin, and employ one person at the wood hut and the other person back at the ranch. Create as many graneries as possible and have your hero roam around looking for food. Also don't bother buidling a mine, just get money from the small mines that anyone can get money out of just drag them on top of the mine when your curser turns to a hand with a bag over it (just like it does when you pick up food) the person will start hacking at it. Just a tip the "mines" in the water produce more gold then the mines on land. Also have your hero fish AND BE SURE not to produce more food than you can hold because it's a waste. The MINUTE you get enough money buy another graniery. When the three new people arrive in town, only build a log cabin, and employ both at the ranch if the ranch still needs people, if not employ one at the wood shack. The person who has no home and no job will leave eventually, but it's expenesive to try to hold all of them. Make sure that you have your hero fish it's an excellent source of food...if i remember correctly eventually you need 55 sacks of food WHICH MEANS that you need at least 60 storage. Because it wont take you down to zero.


yes this one was ROUGH. First and formost, try to buy as many luxary items/buildings BEFORE you get to this level as you can. Look at the tiny map on the left hand corner of your screen. There's a portion of the map that looks like a bowl almost, it's shaded light, while the outside rim of it is darker...ONLY BUILD ON THE OUTSIDE RIM OF THIS BOWL. The reason is that the tornado rips through the bowl CONSTANTLY and if you build in the middle it will take you FOREVER to catch up. Build a ranch first, and a wood hut. (OBVIOUSLY BUILD A HOUSE FOR THE PEOPLE FIRST). Your next priority needs to be a mine, and then at some point very quickly you need to make sure that you build a saloon or a sheriff's office because BANDITS DO ATTACK. Build lots of luxary items, keep an eye on your buildings because if you build on the outside rim while tornadoes don't hit often, the DO HIT and you need to fix them before it starts to piss people off. DON'T buy the mean sherrif. The nice one really helps.


create 3 farms that produce pumpkins

~thegiveramw AKA giver AKA rose


I'm kind of peeved here, it seems like there are a lot of things it will only let you do at certain points in the game. I finally got sheep, which you can't do until Gunslinger gulch, but it won't let me have the honey pots now, I can build as many flower pots as I want (10+) and the honey isn't available anymore. Also I have the necessary things for pumpkin pie and wool or whatever and its not letting me do it.

I am also thinking there might be a way to get a horse and maybe a deer the way you can get the bear but I'm probably just expecting too much.


aura.. thanks for all your help .. i am in the first town still.. haven't made it out of their yet.. when my mine died i couldnt build another mine anywhere and get the gold so i had to start over again.. i dont see any obstructions in the way.. so i dont know what the problem is.. if you can figure it out can you please let me know or someone else.. i have tried the little mines and the other big one.. no luck building.. also i am trying to unlock my sheriff's house since i have a quest to build one yet i dont know how to unlock it.. i have more than enough buildings in my town so again i dont know what i am doing wrong.. please help yet again.. thank you all so much.. grace


you all have been very helpful to me with this game.. i find it so much harder than the first one and i appreciate all the help i am getting and i wish i could advise people also.. i probably will be able to once i get out of the first town.. does happiness level affect what you can build or not build.. if not what does.. because i am looking to build my sheriffs office and it is locked.. grr.. lol..


grace: do you have a ranch? I believe you need a ranch to build a sheriff's office.
I am trying to build train tracks. I unlocked the upgrade but when I click on station I just get the picture on righ box with choices. Thanksfor the help everyone. JJ I found your advice on town people not starving very helpful. Thank you.


**Grace: You might already know about this, but it sounds like you might not so I will explain how it works in Westward II, it is very different from the first one. In this game you have to "buy" the buildings with experience points to unlock them, in the first one you just kind of were given them after completing certain things. In the first game there were prerequisite buildings like you had to have something before you could build something else but in this one the only prerequisite (I think?) is that you have to have a lumber mill before you can build certain things (bridges and hotels etc.)
To unlock the sheriff's office or any other building that the game doesn't give you:
How many experience points do you have?? Go to the button at the top of the game screen marked STORE. There are other buttons next to it. (Clicking Town will give you your town stats including how many of each building and how the different buildings and other factors affect your town happiness.) In the store menu, and on your main game screen there is a picture of a brown book, next to that is a number, that is how many experience points you have. You use experience points to buy buildings, upgrades (dynamite or other ranch animals etc.) and luxuries (things that increase town happiness but aren't really necessary until later in the game like the barber shop and fountains) You will need to use this to unlock the sheriff's office, it will say how many experience points each thing costs and it usually will cost you some amount of gold or wood as well.

I hope this has helped and hasn't just reiterated something you already knew, but it was confusing for me in the beginning too.

As for your mine situation, the only thing I can think of is to make sure you can walk a character right up to the gold vein you are trying to mine because it could be that people can't get to it.

Somebody refresh my memory, I could be worng here but I can't remember if the first town was the town with the rickety bridge no one would go across? If so then you will need to dynamite the rocks that are blocking the way of the one gold vein that is on the NW corner of your landscape by like a fishing pond and some other stuff. You can buy dynamite at the general store but you will need to unlock the dynamite and the general store in the Store menu as well. I don't know what is up with the rickety bridge but I THINK that happens in the first town.


Here i am again!

Ok so I finally figured it out, the things that other people have said were helpful, but didn't work for me.
These items are just secret things that you can unlock, you cannot purchase them or really do anything with them (as far as I can tell)
To get other items in your general store:

Sheep's wool

You must have 5 RANCHES- 1 Pig, 1 Cattle, 1 Chicken and *2* Sheep. There might be other combinations that work for other people, but this was the only thing that worked for me.

Pumpkin Pie

I think 5 FARMS would probably work as well but I built 6 FARMS to get this item. You need *2* Wheat and *3* Pumpkin Farms to get this item, I also had 1 corn farm but I don't know if it was necessary I just built an extra pumpkin farm because having at least one of each type of crop ups your happiness level for food variety. Try it with 2 wheat, 3 pumpkin first and if that doesn't work add a corn farm.


The Beehive Bear badge has been explained many times in this forum, (Build 10 flower pots, and your character will say something about honey, it will magically appear in your build menu) but I think to get honey you have to have at least one beehive, maybe 3. 3 is the maximum number of beehives you can have, which ups your happiness level so you might as well build 3.

**GRACE: Please let me if you figure out whats the problem with your mine.


RE: Sandbox Disaster Award
If you are trying for the Disaster Award, you MUST have 14 people in your town before you reach "Level 3." (You must keep 14 people in your town at all times through the end of Level 6). If you don't, the Disaster "Quest" will continue to play, but you will no longer be able to earn the Disaster Award. The game just grays out the award listing but doesn't really explain very well or warn you that you missed something... If you are not paying attention (guilty!), you could successfully finish the game through Level 6 and still not get the Award. And have to start over. Fortunately, I realized this in the middle of Level 4. Thought I would spare someone else the aggravation....! ;)


I am in the quest where you are trying to build the train track. The lady who needed flour showed up earlier, but when I didn't make the goal, my game froze up. When I restarted she never showed up again. Is there some thing that triggers her to show up, or is it random. Also I only have 55 experience points and need 80 to upgrade to tracks. Any great hints at getting ex points.



I think to trigger the "cake lady" you need your hero to be near the crossroads in the southwest. Also if you unlocked anything but have not built it, build 1 this gives you some exp. points, but it also depends on how many more you need to upgrade to train tracks. I found that out the hard way(I didn't have enough exp. points to do the upgrade and had to restart)no other quests were coming up.
Have you got sheep? If not check above for the spoiler and do that quest.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the fountain info...that was my problem...I unlocked the fountain before I got into the "rusty key" mine..the game does not give you credit for the other half of the quest if you bought the fountains already. Lol.. I can tell you first hand that having over 10 fountains,wells or outhouses doesn't trigger any other items. Except outhouses which if you have more than 10 seem to trigger earthquakes. I had 12 and had 3 earthquakes in a row..only thing that stopped them was the outhouses fell.(I was working on repairing my building and not the OUTHOUSES.)

Also to get the pumpkin pies:
I had to have 2 wheat farms, and 3 pumpkin. (spoiler)

When building your farms make sure they are within your town signpost or it will not work. I had 1 one the wrong side of the "post" and ended having to build another.
Good luck all and YEEEE HAWWWW.


hi aura.. you and everybody else has been more than helpful to me and again i say a big big thank you for taking time out to explain things to me.. i did get the mine situation under hand.. i got my sheriff's office and even a general store.. woo hoo.. i am starting to get the hang of this game..


For Pumpkin Pie you DON'T need 3 pumpkin-farms.
All you need is:

2 pumkin-farms and another 2 wheat-farms with at least one farmer in.

After long tries I got all badges except the "Mystery badge". Can someone help me where to find the second half of the treasure? (I don't mean the "two keys"-quest)
There must be another quest after solving this 3 skulls-thing.


Shopaholic Amy April 24, 2008 10:02 PM

Hello to all. I must say I love this game, but due to the bugs in it, I'd seriously prefer the first one. =( I now have a problem with the game (I've already restarted the game twice, I'm not about to wish that third time's the charm).

In the 2nd town where you have to destroy the bandit base, I dragged my hero to the top-right corner of the map where the bandits all wait as to shoot at them first - so I wouldn't be caught by surprise if say, one or two of them were to stroll into town. It's a fun way to make gold too - although the music does get annoying after a tad.

After a while I noticed that my hero seemed "stuck" at that very place - I couldn't move her, though I could click on her. I noticed that she couldn't build or repair anything as well. The plus side is, her lifeline doesn't go down and she cant shoot at the bandits without falling down in combat, as they say.

Now I wouldn't mind if she wanted to stay there to keep away the pesky bandits, but the problem arose when I tried to open the gate to the bandit base. You see, it has to be the hero who sticks the key into the gate. I've tried moving ALL of the citizens and ALL of the shooters to the gate, but no go. The gate needed the hero's touch.

Does anyone else has the problem of the "Unmovable" hero, and did you manage to solve it? Please do share. I'm about to get rid of the game from my PC soon-ish.

Thanks for any help given in advance.


I really need help. I am on the 'Investigate the mining camp across the river'. Do they mean the gold rock that I can build a gold mine thing on that is across the river to the northwest? It's right across the river surrounded by trees....I have cut down the trees and build a mining camp on there but that quest has no been fulfilled. Is that the mining camp that i need to investigate to pass the quest? If not....where is it at?

Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!! Thank you again!!! :)



No, they are not talking about the one right across the river.

If you go near the outpost on that piece of land, the guy there should talk to you. He tells you to blow the big boulders to get the outpost working again. Once you blow the two boulders, (if you can't find the boulders, just follow the dirt path to the northeast) a couple will give you a task of building them a new house away from the path for the outpost. Past them there are like 3 bad guys and a cave. You have to defeat the bad guys and build a house for those two people, then, go near the door to the cave, a message should appear saying do you want to investigate or something like that. Say yes and you will go to the investigate the dead mine quest. I think that once you kill the three bad guys outside the cave and get the message near the door, the investigate the mining camp across the river quest will be complete.

I hope this helps and if you need more info, feel free to ask.


Does anyone know how to get more experience points? I need to get the Town Hall and the Train tracks but don't have enough for both.


it says that i finished the game, but i havent reach to the sand disaster award part.

i cant get the pumpkin pie - yes, i tried 3 pumpkin farms plus 2 wheat and 1 corn. still doesnt appear.

where can i get the sheep? all i see in my ranch is chicken, pig and cattle. is cattle = sheep ??

there is this rusty door near the trading post? how do i unlock it?

i hv not encounter the animal roundup task quest.


I had the same thing, go a head and buy the town hall, another mission will come up or something to get the train tracks, that was the very last thing i got.
if you didnt buy the fountain yet when you do the first treasue when you place the fountain after it unlocks did that complete the badge for you. is placing the fountain the second treasue?


Wow, here goes:


You may have missed the first part of the treasure mystery badge which is in the first town.


In the first town, you have to have your hero fish in a fishing hole that is attached to the northern part of the river right next to one of those rock arch things. It will say something that you found a piece of paper in the fish's mouth after a while. Then you have to walk around to all of the dead cow's skulls that are scattered over the playing field. You have to have your character move right to the skulls and each one has part of a clue. After the last cow skull I believe, I could be remembering this wrong, that you have to go to this big oak tree, which is fairly close to the last skull that i found, which I think was the one that had a headstone right by it, and was found down in a bandit camp at the southmost part of the town. When you have the character move to the huge tree you will find the treasure and get the 1st 1/2 of the badge.

**GRACE: I'm glad you figured it out, was it the rickety bridge part where the people just wouldn't walk over there?
**SHOPAHOLIC AMY: Scroll up to a past post I wrote here, it is titled something like **STUCK HEROES** this is a common problem that the game company knows about that happens more often with the girl hero for some reason. Go to the link I posted, you have to erase the space in it between the numbers. It should explain what to do.
**SHIKIN: The sand disaster award is something that you can get if you play the game in Sandbox mode, which is available in the main game menu there is a button that says Sandbox.
The sheep is a reward you get for doing the animal round up quest, I tried to get it in previous towns, but the quest will only come up in Gunslinger Gulch:

I believe to get to the animal round up quest you have to build one of each kind of ranch in Gunslinger Gulch, 1 pig, 1 chicken, 1 cattle. (thats what i did, because I missed this this first time I played) Then eventually a message will come up about a guy looking for his horse. You have to find the horse and then lead it to your closest well and he will ask you to go on a quest (animal round up) when you complete the quest the guy will give you sheep and they will be in your ranch menu. Other people have already posted spoilers about successfully completing the animal round up task if you need help.

The rusty door is a part of a mystery badge/secret treasure. In order to get the badge you have to complete both parts of the secret treasure, read the other spoilers I have posted in this message to other people to find out what they are.
**NEIL: No, the second part of the treasure is found in Gunslinger Gulch, I'm not sure if anyone else has posted a spoiler of this exactly yet:

In Gunslinger Gulch (the second big town you go to) there is a place like a big square ditch in the ground and there are four cow skulls in this square, one in each corner. You need to build a well in this square and it will give you a key, and hints about the second treasure. I think the first hint is to find a shelter across the river or something like that. The shelter is a run down cabin in the South east part of the landscape. Go to the cabin. You may have to wait awhile to get the lumber mill so you can build a bridge. It will give you another clue and another key. The other key goes to a rusty door that cannot be opened any other way. The door is located across the river from a run down trade post that has a person by it. This is located on the South West part of the landscape about in the middle of the circle. You will need to build a bridge over to the West side of the river and go through the bandits to get to it and then you will need to build another bridge to get to the part that has the little door.

I hope all of these are explained clearly enough because I just woke up LOL.


So if you missed the first part of the treasure, is it too late to go back? Do you have to start the game again?


HOw do you capture or defeat the mad russian after you get into their camp and destroy it? He keeps on coming back to life!


**KERI: You may have to go back and replay only the first town if you are hoping to get all the secret badges. I do not know if you can get the second part of the treasure first and then play the game from the beginning again and have it unlock it but that might be a possibility. There is no way that I know of of getting back to the first town once you are in Gunslinger Gulch.

**SRNM: It sounds like you might have a bug or glitch in the game. This spoiler is about what happens in the end of the game so *other people* please do not read it if you do not want to know part of the ending:

You are not supposed to kill the Mad Russian, you use him in one of the last levels as a playable character, he is like the hero, once he is shot down he will regenerate. Once you get to him and all the other bandits are defeated it should pop up with a screen saying he will help you do something. I can't remember specifically what it is but there is a last level where you are working to capture someone else and it lets you use him as sort of a gunslinger type character. If you are having trouble getting it to do this, try having your gunslingers or hero go and try to destroy all of the bandit owned buildings in the area. Do this by clicking on one of them and clicking the gun button in their menu and then clicking on the building. They will shoot the building down usually, but some buildings they refuse to do. If that doesn't work it could be a glitch because it is supposed to take him somewhere else with you. Like I said, I can't remember exactly what it will say. I am replaying the game for a second time and am almost to this point, I will let you know when I know exactle what should happen at this point.


**SRNM: Ok I just finished the part I think you're on and I was right. Is it:

The part in Gunslinger Gulch where you have to get the key fixed by some blacksmith in another town in order to get through the bandit gate, and then when you get through the bandit gate you fight off the bandits. The Mad Russian come out and he looks like some weird guy with a cape. A message SHOULD pop up that says something like: My name is Kevin Mr. White and Mr. Wong told me to wear this. and then you click OK and your hero will say something, and then Mad russian will say Mr. White and Mr. Wong have a trail, I'll show you it. And there should be a button in his message that says Accept, so you can go on the quest.
If this is not happening for you, do what I said before and make sure you shoot down all of the bandit buildings including the watchtower. More bandits will come out when you shoot them down so be prepared to fight. If it still doesn't come up then you might have a glitch.


About the STUCK HEROES bug:

The latest version (1.002) is available from Casual Gameplay...

If you already downloaded the game from there, just download it again and reinstall the game. Your saved games will be preserved.


RE: Hidden Treasure Badge
To All -
DON't Leave the first town without the the first Hidden Treasure if you want to complete all the badges!!

To Aurabella -
Thanks for posting on the two-part Hidden Treasure Badge. I wrote a post with spoilers on both treasures a couple days ago but for unknown reason it never showed up on the board. So you have saved me from having to re-write it! And hopefully saved some others who are still in the first town from having to replay the whole game because they never went fishing in that exact spot (such a stupid trick - how were we to guess that?!) :)

To Keri -
There is no way to get back to the first town from Gunslinger's Gulch. You cannot find the second treasure and then go back for the first by starting a new game - they have to be earned in the same game to get the badge. Very frustrating! I am now on my second time through but losing patience; this is the only badge I am missing. I assume I won't actually have to complete all of the game this time, though, just get myself as far as Gunslinger's Gulch. But I forgot how long that first town is...


I'm stuck on the tornado valley quest!
I've had a happiness of 127 for more than 30 minutes AND I've got 30 buildings. Did the game freeze? How long am I supposed to "maintain happinness" for?


Trying to do "crossing the river" quest, but I can't find a place to get across the river. Can't find any ramps or anything. I'm out off wood and need to get to the other forest. Help me please!!!


to cross the river you need a lumber mill to build a bridge. If you are out of wood tare down some buildings, collect the lumber from them, build a trading post and buy the rest of the wood you need to build your bridge. In the future use multiple saves so if you get stuck you dont have to start over or tare a bunch of stuff down.

Anonymous April 25, 2008 11:18 PM

can anyone tell me how to get to the cow skull in the river


I'm italian so I'm sorry for my english.
I'm blocked in snake valley, can you help me please?
Thank you.


RE: Pumpkin Pie

Shikin, in order to get the pumpkin pie

you need 2 pumpkin farms plus 2 wheat and 1 of something that sounds like your name. Remember, you can't make a pie without eggs

BTW about the sasquatch

after I won the game I played again and started off with the sasquatch as part of my cartel


Thanks aurabella and Fitz.

i finished the game already! and im on to other games.

p.s. lmao @ Fitz. its spose to be pronounced as sheekeen. haha.


hi it is me again.. i am stuck in the dead mine quest.. i found the horse.. bought a keg of dynamite now i cant find the dead mine.. seems i looked all over the map several times.. is it hidden.. also i am getting the same problem that someone else did earlier on.. the man that is selling the dynamite wont met me buy anyone.. it wont let me accept.. please help yet again.. ty grace


hi everyone please disregard the comment i left about the dead mine quest... i finally after many many trys found the mine... finished the quest.. ty if you were going to help me... grace


What is the unknown badge on the last page after beaver badge?


Hi everyone,

Does anybody have anymore ideas about secret items?
I've found the items for the general store (pie, honey, wool), but there are two more greyed out squares in the second build menu. And the hero (and other characters) can carry dynamite, health kits and.......?

Thanks for all the spoilers, some were quite helpful!

How to sober up the drunk people:

Have your sheriff walk over to them, then they will show a sign overhead that looks like a bottle and handcuffs, and walk to the jail automatically, a few moment later they will emerge sober. At first I just destroyed my saloon but that didn't work.
I had the tough sheriff, I don't know if the nice one gets the job done...

ebailey1218 April 27, 2008 12:55 PM

I have a basic question . . . how do you open the barrels and crates you can not just walk up to an open.


hi ebailey i can answer that for you .. lol.. cant answer to many questions but i can answer that one about the crates and barrels.. move any citizen, hero, or gunslinger etc etc to the item and they will pick it up... grace

i am having a serious problem crossing the bridge to get to my bandit in the escort mission.. i know where the sheriff is and all that but my hero and gunslingers will not cross the bridge to get to him.. is there a reason for that.. am i doing something wrong.. do i need more experience points.. my happiness level is way up in the high 80's so i know it isnt that.. please help.. ty grace

ebailey1218 April 27, 2008 3:41 PM

Grace - thanks for the help. I am still confused. There are square boxes that you can walk up to and collect the items. . . . but there are barrels and rectangle boxes that when you walk up to them nothing happens. It looks like there is water, dynamite and other things in these boxes.


ebailey there are alot of boxes crates etc etc that you can not touch... the people can not open..

cansecofan April 27, 2008 4:09 PM

I just started the game, and as a EoE fan, I really like it. I am trying to complete one of the side challenges where you have to build 3 gold mines, and find another gold resource. I can't seem to get this. Can anyone help? This is in the very first world.


"find another gold source" is the title of the mission, ignore that. build the 3 mines, click on the abandon outpost, rebuild it, save up 500 gold and then it takes you back to your town.


i am having a serious problem crossing the bridge to get to my bandit in the escort mission.. i know where the sheriff is and all that but my hero and gunslingers will not cross the bridge to get to him.. is there a reason for that.. am i doing something wrong.. do i need more experience points.. my happiness level is way up in the high 80's so i know it isnt that.. please help.. ty grace

please help me asap since i can not move on in the game until i get this info..ty so much grace


I am SUPER confused!! I am in Tornado Alley, and can't get ANY experience points to buy stuff to build. Can anyone help??????? Also, how am I supposed to get the towns happiness up?

Thanks a bunch!!!



you have to keep the townspeople happy the buildings maintained and have less people in your town.. i keep my town at about 12-14 people.. also make sure you have enough water and food.. hope this helps.. grace


PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME SOMEBODY am having a serious problem crossing the bridge to get to my bandit in the escort mission.. i know where the sheriff is and all that but my hero and gunslingers will not cross the bridge to get to him.. is there a reason for that.. am i doing something wrong.. do i need more experience points..I ONLY HAVE 6 PTS my happiness level is way up in the high 80's so i know it isnt that.. please help.. ty grace

please help me asap since i can not move on in the game until i get this info..ty so much grace



heelp am stuck, went to get the badge for the Sandbox disaster, I said I wanted the hard one , only don't think it gave me the 14 people one but the first one..
can't find the the final source of gold.. have dug for it, been in the water for it, got 4 mines, blew up one vain gold source, am lost.. also how do you get the drunks to sobber up in yr main town? because I can't get 200 happy people either,plus can you shoot yr gunslingers ? seems that isn't helping and no bandits around :-(
thanks chezza, great game even though sometimes quite frustrating. can't wait for 3 :-)


Grace: If you select them they should just go. Otherwise you might have some kind of bug in the game. Are you talking about the one where you have to take the guy to safety so he will give you information? Are you on the first bridge? Are you able to move anyone? Have you tried restarting the quest?

To sober drunks, it is the same as the first game except in the first game I think you had to have a church. You must have a sheriff's office to sober people. Drag your sheriff or deputy to them and it will give a handcuffs symbol and they will go and get the drunk person. A handcuffs symbol with a bottle will appear over the drunks head and he/she will walk to your sheriff's office and go in and then after a moment you will have a notice on the side that he/she has sobered up. You need to get them housing or a job or whatever they need right away or they will just be drunk again.

Why do you want to shoot your gunslingers? Do you have tough gunslingers that are bringing down your happiness??

I haven't played the sandbox thing yet so sorry, I can't help you there.


Ive done the escort mission twice and never had that problem, I think your bugged.

EXTRA SOURCE OF GOLD for everyone with a problem with this mission plz read.
There is a outpost you build (by the wagon tracks) that give you 3 missions. One for gold, wood and food. The mission for gold says somthing like this right?
"Create an extra source of gold" THIS IS THE TITLE OF THE MISSION stop looking for it. to complete this mission build 3 gold mines, then your hero will ask you to rebuild the outpost after that save up 500 gold and your done.


Hi guys, i'm loving this game but am unable to find the 2nd part of the key to the bandits camp even though i've looked at all of your posts! I've searched all the water holes, found the 2 rusty keys and found the big stash of gold and wood but just can't find the 2nd part of the key to the gate to the bandits camp!!

Is anyone able to explain it to me like a 3 yr old??!!

Many thanks


yes it is the one where the guy gives you the information for his safety and yes i have tried restarting the quest and they still wont go over the bridge.. so you think i have a bug in the game.. grrr.. so does that mean i got to start from the beginning all over again... please say no.. lol and thank you for your responses aura and neil


i have tried to restart the escort mission over and over and i still can not get my hero or gunslingers to cross the bridge to get to the man.. so what should i do.. will i eventually get another quest or will i be stuck and have to start from the beginning again.. thank you for any info anyone can provide.. grace

George40 April 28, 2008 5:09 PM

Gate keeper

I'm have problems with founding two half of key. I managed to find one half of key but spend over three days for finding another half and without result. By quest it should be nearby swim holes. I try all of them. No result. Can anybody help me. PLEASE!!!!