TheEternalFire April 10, 2008 8:47 PM

Dang, nevermind, of course I try for 10 minutes and finally get it right after posting...


I am currently stuck at stone castle's boss

the one that

throws small little rocks at me while having a bigger rock fly around

i heard that to kill it u haf to

jump on it while it's falling down

but it's not working because

It falls faster than i can fall and I would usually end up taking damage.

any help here?


jinzo, about the first StoneCastle boss:

You do have to jump on it, but you can wait until it hits the ground. It'll stay down for a moment so that you can hit it.


I need help please.

I'm stuck in the Curtain, in the screen that has the ghost looking enemy (2 screens up from the first save point in the Curtain). I can't jump high enough to stick to the ceiling. Any tip on how to reach it? Do I have to jump into the ghost? I've been trying for days now and can`t figure it out.

Thank you.




You need to ceiling stick, then jump around the corner to the next higher level. Just make sure you settle after each jump, this way your double jump will be charged for the next 'round the corner' manuver. I shot the ghost to the far left of the screen so he'd leave me alone.

If anybody can help me out, I'm stuck in The Curtain where the

five moving platforms are directly underneath where The Curtain's boss is located

Also, in Cloudrun

how do you get past those little blue energy things? I jumped on them, but got no boost. What am I missing? Rrr...

This game is mad hard..! In fact, it's SO hard that if I had bought it, I'd be steamed..! >:|



Thank you so much. I made it finally, thanks to your advice.

Still suffering in the Curtain though.

Very nice game.

Indrevield April 11, 2008 7:39 PM


You have to shoot the blue sparkles with fire to turn them into platforms that you can jump onto.

I am stuck on the cloud run boss myself, I can't even damage it. Any help?


Thanks Indrevield!

Here's a good 'guide', although it only gives the bare essentials:

Warning: Spoilers on all boss fights, heart locations, etc. Kind of thin on getting past obstacles IMO.

If anyone can tell me how to get through to the boss in The Curtain, I'm still stuck where

the five moving platforms are directly underneath where The Curtain's boss is located

Might have to give up on this one. Doesn't look like it's going to get easier from here out... Talk about re-defining Mad Hard.

Indrevield April 11, 2008 9:33 PM

Oh I got the cloudrun boss

you can jump on the missiles

now, what do you do with the ten gold orbs?

Banana Man April 11, 2008 11:16 PM

Okay so I am stuck in cloudrun,

One screen to the right of the second save point. I'm on easy. And this seems impossible. I have every powerup except for one, and I'm pretty sure it's a "you feel tougher" one.

Any help?


Dave and Maya,

The Curtain has some pretty nasty jumping sections. Once you know about ceilings and double-jumping, getting through is basically a matter of skill. That said, I have a bit of advice:

The floating cannon can be destroyed with a well-timed ice shot. Whether you want to do that or just rush up the ledges is up to you, but once you reach the top, pound a suspicious piece of ground for a Heart.
The two screens with floating platforms are tough, especially the second one. I'm most successful when I keep moving instead of stopping to try to knock away ghosts with fire. Get up those platforms and off the screen as quickly as possible! (On the second screen, I generally jump off the bottom ledge as soon as the platforms reverse direction and start moving away. If I move fast enough, I usually end up in the right spot to reach the ledge on the screen above.)
Also note that leaving the screen and coming back, even for a fleeting moment, resets the platforms, energy clusters, and ghosts. This can be useful if the ghosts are breathing down your neck.

If all else fails, clearing The Curtain is not necessary on Simple or Normal. However, you'll miss ten or so Hearts and two entire areas, so discretion is advised.
Banana Man:

As you might've guessed, you'll ride the platforms down, then jump onto the next one. I generally jump when there's a three-tile vertical gap between my platform and the bottom of the next barrier. You'll still be able to board the next platform, and it'll be easier to keep from hitting your head.

Also, clearing CloudRun is not necessary on Simple. (Or Normal or Difficult.) You'll only miss a couple of items (and no upgrades), which isn't a terrible thing unless you're aiming for 100%.


Thanks Oddity,


I still can't figure out what I'm supposed to do after I reach the top of the second set of platforms at The Curtain. I jump to the top, but then what? Jump left? Try and nudge the platforms right to get to the ceiling? (pretty sure that's a bug though).

Sorry to ask for specifics, but it's way too much work reaching that point w/o being able to save w/o even a clue as to what to do next...

Fuzzyevil April 12, 2008 10:31 AM


After reaching the top of the moving platforms, wait until they are far to the right, and jump up into the next screen wile going right. There should be a ledge to stand on. Now just (carefully) make your way across the ceiling, and you're home free, until you get to the boss.



If you've got all the orbs, return to LongBeach. Speak to the bird there if you haven't yet, then go back to the left. The way forward should present itself.


The controlled falling turned out to be easier than the parts with the rotating arrows. Instead of turning the right amount, you have to jump, and sometimes double-jump at exactly the right time, which is different for each rotating arrow. As tricky as they are, it's a good thing they happen right near save points. I'm glad it only comes up in optional areas.

Though the minimum number of yellow orbs is seven, is there anything special for when you get all ten?



No. Gathering more than the required number (5, 7, 9, or 10 depending on difficulty) merely contributes to your completion percentage.


Thanks Fuzzyevil!

...This game would be awesome if it had MORE SAVE POINTS... RRrr...


For the life of me, I can't get to Cloudrun. I have all the necessary upgrades/abilities but can't manage to get to the second, requisite balloon at the access point in Farfall. What's the trick?


Getting to Cloudrun:

If you have Stick Slide and all jump upgrades, you can get to CloudRun. After you Stick Slide under the ceiling and jump up the balloons, hold Right as you fall. You'll bounce off an invisible barrier for a while but will eventually fall into CloudRun.

Jikkuryuu April 14, 2008 6:53 PM

This is for interested parties and anyone having trouble with energy cluster jumps. It's just what I picked up from playing but here you go.
When you bounce, the amount of lift you get is basically the amount of your base jump minus your downward momentum.
This means two things: The more jump upgrades you have the higher you will bounce, and that the best way to approach energy clusters is from below, while heading upwards.
The best example for this is in the Fire Cage.

Kind of a

: After the save point, in the room where you need to ride the ceiling conveyors, bounce off the enemy and 3 red energy clusters. The middle and bottom clusters are closer together than the top and middle clusters, and if you try to skip the bottom one and bounce directly off the middle one you will always fall short. The trick is to aim for the bottom one to stop your fall, then travel up through the middle one for a big enough boost to reach the top.

If you have been playing for a while you probably already figured it out, but it is still handy to know.


I'm unable to reach the boss of the curtain. I've passed all the moving platforms and am at the two screens where one must alternate between sticking to the ceiling and hitting the yellow jump boosters. For whatever reason, however, the final boost (and my subsequent double jump) is never enough to get me up onto the platform. Do I need to hit the final yellow thing with speed or what? If only I didn't have to traverse multiple screens just to get to this one spot. Grrr.


I'm having trouble in Stonecastle at the part with

the maze containing all those tall, pacing columns. How do I get past them?



Ignore my question, I'm being ridiculous.

Fuzzyevil April 15, 2008 4:00 PM


Are you holding up as you touch the boost? Do you have all jump upgrades? If yes to both, than you should be able to do it. Remember to wait until you are at the peak of your first jump do do the second one.


Do you know of a place called the bottom??? i mean, come on. isn't this where I was supposed to find cloudrun???

Please help


You need to stick slide over to a balloon to get to the Bottom, and do further stick-sliding to get to Cloud Run.

Was I just cryptic enough not to warrant spoiler tags?



CloudRun is one screen above and to the right of The Bottom. Keep holding right as you descend from FarFall.


after the first save point in the curtain. I can't jump up the first cealing...

what's the trick???


Ceilings in The Curtain:

Use the yellow cluster to the left to reach the ceiling. Slide to the right, then slide off the ceiling. As you start falling, double-jump onto the platform above. You'll need to use this technique a few more times up ahead.

Billy_Kane April 17, 2008 8:40 PM

For the cloudrun boss:

There are some clues in the Library


Oh, so many questions! Where do I find the stick slide ability?

How do I get through the fire wall in skysand?

how do I bounce off the blue enemies with spikes and wings (and is this how I get to dark grotto?)

Thanks for the help; the comments have gotten me past a bunch of stuck points already.


hi there,
can anybody tell me how to beat that boss in dark grotto? didn't figure out how to hurt him... thx a lot


Andreas- how did you GET to dark grotto? Thanks!



Gwen and Andrea

To get top the dark grotto:

it's 2 screens to the right and 2 screens up from the first Grotto. To get there you'll have to use your shoot ice ability to freeze the blue spiky enemy and use it as a platform

Mad llama April 30, 2008 11:48 AM

Can someone please give me some tips for MountSide? I'm going out of my skull!

I can get the first two screens ok, but just can't seem to time the ones with two yellow orbs? Are they in synch or out of synch (I can't tell) and no matter how hard i try, if the first one launches me in the right direction, then the second seems perfectly timed to shoot me down, not up !?!

Please help to keep the hair on my head ('cause otherwise I'm gonna tear it all out).

The llama


Poor Mad Llama... Fortunately, MountSide, if I remember correctly, is optional. Then again, it is on Medium difficulty.

Those rotating bouncy arrow circles are hard to time correctly, but it's always a rule of thumb to jump before whatever you're jumping at is in position; the faster the arrow circle rotates, the farther away the arrow has to point before you jump.

If one of those launches you at another, but the second one always faces the wrong way, that's where double-jumping comes in handy. Either tap up or hold it, but the important thing to remember is that if you're experimenting with the timing, it doesn't matter how often you die... mainly because you're gonna.

LazyFaceKai May 21, 2008 6:32 PM

I don't know what to do after

getting the ability to bounce on yellow sparks

Help please?


How do you unlock the last 6 heist stages?


If you mean getting out of FireCage, then there is a hidden gap in the wall to escape from. If you've gotton out of firecage and wondering what to do next, theres a couple of options. You could go to climb highlands for example.

LazyFaceKai May 23, 2008 11:19 PM

I'm at the Black Castle now, from the Longbeach warp thing. Any tips.?


You need to collect a certain amount of gold orbs to get in there properly which I think the amount depends on difficulty. These are scattered throughout the game world usually after bosses such as in skysand, cloudrun and icecastle, theres also one for sale in the skytown shop. If you've gotten past the goldorb thing, its mainly about personal jumping skills.


wat do i do after the stonehead?!


I can't get past the screen with the first save point of the curtain... I try to slide on the wall and then double jump up, but I just fall back down.


each time i try to load the menu, it comes up with an error message saying 'trying to draw a non-existing background' how do i stop this? ignoring it doesn't work.


no-one, you're getting that message because the game's looking for its maps and it can't find them.

You need to make sure that the "BGs" folder that came with the game is in the same folder as the game application is.


But there is nothing in the BGs folder!
the file size says it is 11MB, but everything inside it is either not there or invisible

Sacador June 11, 2008 5:15 AM

I love this game a lot but since firecage it became frustrating. By luck I killed the fire laser boss but now I can't beat the eye boss in stone castle since nearly all of my life points are gone because of the -100 spikes. I have a total of 360 life points. Do I need more? Is the heart in the second save point in firecage reachable? Is there a way to get to the boss without getting hit by the spikes like the narrow entry with spikes at the bottom? I think the only way to pass it is to stick to the ceiling but it doesn't work. Thank you

Sacador June 11, 2008 4:08 PM

Nevermind my previous post! I beat that purple eye with only 70 life points (without getting hit)-again by luck to understand that the prize was only a yellow orb. I was seriously thinking to play the game at the easiest mode but then I would feel weak and beaten so with my stubbornness. Thanks for your attention.


How Can I get To DeepDive For the ice shoot??


how do you save? i go to the save spots and press x or whatever and nothing happens.


how do i use yellow energy?

also, how do i get past this room in skysand? direct link below:

Jacob X891 June 19, 2008 5:19 PM

you need to get a certain powerup, which will allow you to walk left and right while sticking to a ceiling.


I am having trouble reaching NightClimb. I tried jumping from the edge of NightWalk, but I can't seem to make it. I have three jump upgrades and two double-jump upgrades. What am I doing wrong?


thanks JacobX891, i know that i have to get stick slide, which i believe is in skysand.....but where? Another guide said: *Stick Slide: Skysand
Right next to the first save point in Skysand. To access this save point, first visit the screen, then go to another save point and teleport there.

But where is that? please help!




This will explain everything:

(Hope you can shoot fire!!!)


Jacob X891 June 20, 2008 4:42 PM


Here is a picture which may help you.
you just have to go to that screen, and, if you have the warping ability, it will appear on your map and you can teleport there from another save. then you just have to grab the ability! (that is, if you have the 'grab red clusters' ability)


Thanks Ruby. I have a new challenge now.

Londonbrig0 June 22, 2008 1:25 AM

don't know what constitutes a spoiler, so I'll just ask my question under a spoiler tag

If I wasted all my money on the blue powerups and hearts in the first store instead of the yellow thing, am I stuck until I can scrounge up 400 crystals?



You aren't least not yet.

you will eventually make your way to BlackCastle and have to cough up a few gold orbs to pass.

But until then, your safe!



what is the BGs folder for? What do you do for it and with it?



The BGs folder is full to the brim with hidden pictures! You don't do anything with it, the game uses it every time you play. Inside the BGs folder, there are backgrounds, which are the screens that you walk on, basicly, the gameplay screens. You can't edit them or do anything with them. When the game starts up, it says to itself, "Oh! I need the game's backgrounds!" and it automatically knows from when you installed it that they are in the BGs folder, so it goes there and gets them for the game to run. If the BGs folder is moved from the main folder, the game doesn't know where you've put them and freaks out, meaning it doesn't run!

wow long explaination.



Just to correct: heu, sry but, Flail isn't at all, but seriously, AT ALL harder than the jumpers games Oo


Can anbody help me with the treasure chest puzzle one square above the coldkeep boss?


Wait I did that. Where can I find cloudrun and darkgrotto and how do i get past the first screen of the curtain?



Firstly, have all jump upgrades, second, stickslide to the yellow star, then single jump back to the roof, allowing you to jump over the ledge.


How do I pass the curtain screen after youve clinbed for a while then you ceiling stick along and there are some dents in the ceiling?


Can somebody PLEASE tell me how to get to StoneCastle??

strayerrrr January 6, 2009 7:29 PM

wow. no one's posted here in a while so there's no telling when i'll get a response. =/ but i'm very stuck when i'm getting through NightClimb.

after i pass the first screen with the save point, i'm brought to the second screen where i then pass the maze of cannons. and then i can't seem to get past there. like, i can't reach the ledge even after jumping on the blue flying thing.

gosh. i hope someone looks at this soon.


Strayerrrr: You need to go right before you can go left. you should fight a boss and get a double jump upgrade before trying to go to the left.

Hope that helps :D


(This message has been brought to you by the JayisGames Helpsquad. Also the letter Z)

strayerrrr January 7, 2009 7:49 PM

I got it now.

Well.. I had it, but then the game went nuts on me and said there was an error. So it closed. When I opened it back up using WinRar, my file was gone! So now I have to start all over again.


Hmm....apparently I have found something wrong with the game.
I tried to load a game, but I went back to the beginning (all the way back to the nest)however, upon first finding the game I see;
Sky Town
Health: 150
If I did overwrite the file, the message most probably would not still be there.


Ah. I made a new game and can now play that one insted :)
But I have a new problem: The dark grotto is completly black. Waaaay to dark to see by. Anyone else getting this or just me?

Frustrated January 23, 2009 8:19 AM


that's why it's called the *Dark* grotto. But you have fire, which will help up to a point

Now, can anyone help me? There's a heart

one screen to the right of the very first boss, in the room with the cave paintings which you see as you dive down from the Grotto

Allegedly you can reach this one via a secret passage and double-jumping, but it's just out of reach. How do I get to it? I've got a full set of abilities (barring one irrelevant one).


How do you get to Blancland?


I love this game! It's like a longer, downloadable version of Pieces!

Now, to the point. I'm not *that* far into the game, I've just about defeated the second boss in Grotto,

I have 1-3 jump upgrades, energy jump 1, double jump 1-2, Ducking, Sticking, dive bomb, shoot fire and long shots, hatch and shoot ice.

Now, I'm not sure where to go, I've just been exploring recently, I found the

lava area, underwater area, and just got into skysand,

so I'm kinda stumped.
Any tips?



Veloxio: Exploring any of those areas will let you make progress. You might also look back at some of the earlier areas to see if your abilities will let you find anything new. My advice is to

try and beat the lava area next, but defeating the water boss or the Skysand boss will also open up new places.


If anyone else is struggling through masterful, I "heartily" recommend getting the, uh, hearts. Any that are available you should have. The difference between taking 3 and 4 hits is amazing.

Currently working on Deepdive boss, but I expect him to drop soon as I get my patented


timing down.

Great fun so far. I've put 16 hours in, 74% done. Totally plan on finishing through this (or doing everything but Cloud Run...jeez).


How do I get past the flamethrower thing in the place above the bird village? (Sorry, I'm not good with names >_>)


How exactly is the bird supposed to get the heart in BlancLand? It is on the bottom left of the area. The red energy would appear to be useful, but I do not see how they are supposed to help.


noctis skytower-

use your ice shoot to freeze the triangle enemies.


I have 950 health and i am using oracle to get the rest. One hint is to find the king's tomb and then go to the left. Plz help.

Darc Discordia May 25, 2009 9:02 PM

Anybody have any tips for getting the Ghostly Flower by the Longbeach save point? I can't seem to get it.

Reply June 2, 2009 10:46 AM

Well, I finished it and now I can say this is my favorite game of the last ten years, and maybe more.


I'm a bit disapointed that the most important upgrades come very soon in the game and the caracter will hardly improve during half of the game. I love games where you get an ultimate upgrade/weapon at the end to beat the final boss. Here I would have really enjoyed finishing the game with the ability to fly :)

The game is now freeware, so I made a donation. I'm looking forward to new adventures games from Matt.

Youpla (excuse my english)


I am currently stuck on 'the Curtain'. I am stuck at the bit where there is the ledge you have to jump to the top of, where the boss fight is directly above you. (Sorry I'm not that good at explaining)and you have to get to the top via the yellow energy clusters. Unfourtunatly, I cannot reach the last due to the fact the last yellow energy cluster does not get me far enough with my double jump. Am I missing something? A jump upgrade? I have all upgrades exept for one, and have been to all places, I think, ( including cloudrun and the castle place) and finished. Am I supposed to jump underneath the clusters to get an extra boost? Please help me. Thank you so much.


Sorry! I got it after I posted.
Can anyone tell me where to get the last upgrade?
Also I have picked up a couple of bugs...

1. In the curtain, at the top where the four torches are, this place is reffered to a 'boss fight' on the map. When you pass this room, it informs you that you have killed the boss. There is no boss fight here.

2. In the Grotto, it is repeatedly to dark to see. By this, I mean that it is completly dark, no light is formed around the bird, and none is shed via fire upgrade. When I loaded the game again it came back on but it is recurring.

Vwarcraft August 1, 2009 11:18 PM

Strategies for cloudrun boss

First part- bullets

Basic projectile dodge

Second part- fall

fake one way then when you come down jump the other way

third part- missiles

Jump on each one then jump to the next one up like a staircase to get to the yellow flashing

alextfish August 8, 2009 2:48 PM

Hello! This is an awesome game! I'm going to make a donation, though I haven't yet.

Can anyone give me tips on how to beat the boss in Dark Grotto?

I can damage him for the first 3 points, using a well-timed ice shot. But when he's on his last hit point, even when I immediately repel his fireball he instantly shoots fire to turn it back at me.

Also, I've got every powerup except Toughness 1. (At 58% :/) Can anyone suggest where I should look for that one?


I beat Simple, and I'm on 70-something percent for it. I've got all the yellow orbs, and I'm using the

crystal ball

to help me get the leftover hearts.

I skipped the Curtain boss. Here's how:

Beat the boss at the end of Blackcastle, at the start of Finalclimb. You can't do this on Difficult or Masterful, though, as you need the Curtain orb before getting into Blackcastle.

Also what in the world are the

Ghostly Flowers?

I can't seem to find any of them...

Anyways, I've started a game on Normal too, and I'm up to DeepDive :)


JDGA the

gostly flowers are scattered around the game. after you talk to the ghost at the end of the place above nightwalk and the stair case you can see the flowers. if you get the right amount the ghost will give you stuff (money and hearts)


how do you get into cloud run?
i completed the game with 57% but I want MORE!!

Anonymous June 28, 2010 12:03 PM


i cant find the 5th golden orb. Someone help me please?


93% on Difficult, really trying to beat the final boss but no luck.


I need to grind for a costume,
any ideas where I should?


if youre having trouble with the savepoint in skysand i was too... go to the screen where the savepoint is and go to another save point and press x to warp to that save point -.- it was tricky. didnt have any help either :)


Oh my God. I ABSOLUTELY *HATE* THE CURTAIN. My right ring finger is so sore from pressing the right directional key. I was so frustrated, quitted the game, went here, and discovered that...

The Curtain is optional. SERIOUSLY?

Founded1992 December 9, 2010 2:23 PM

I love this game...

i have a nice little place in the under thing... i got a few pieces of furniture...

i gamble too much :/ i only won once...

anyhoo, great game :)

(i have 270 life)


What does it mean when the scary as hell pink ghosts come? Please feature this in a vault.


@E5: The curtain is optional, but you'll be missing a lot of stuff, and scouring the areas before it to get the stuff you need will probably be more work than beating the Curtain. What are you having trouble on?

@Ganondorfchampion: When the ghosts show up, leave the screen as quickly as you can! The places where they're scripted to show up should have already put a healthy fear of them into you. When you come back, they'll be gone. It's random when they appear, so just keep this in mind.


I just PWNT the final boss and won the game.

You never do find out why you started in a tree outside of sky town. Maybe I will learn something if I return there.

pianokitty June 20, 2011 10:07 PM

Can somebody help me? I'm stuck in a certain part of firecage.

I'm at the part where you meet the other adventurer bird who tells you to dive-bomb onto him so that you can reach a certain button that opens the door necessary to progress. I tried dive-bombing him, but I can't gain enough height to reach the button. I tried pressing the jump button right as I'm hitting him as he advises, but I always end up just double jumping right after I hit him, which doesn't help any. I have the jump upgrades 1, 2, and 3, and the double jump upgrades 1 and 2 already. Is there something I'm not doing right or is it a matter of jumping ability?

pianokitty July 3, 2011 5:19 PM

Never mind, I got through that part. It turns out that it was a matter of timing.