I beat it but I didn't get a score or see a high score list. Makes me think some of you guys were lying...


My best is 30 and I am currently listed at 87 for all time high score. I really don't see how people are doing better than this! then again, two days ago I couldn't even get past level 8, I was making all kinds of crazy contraptions, but then at some point I learned how to simplify the shapes so less are needed.

I can do all levels with 1 share, except the following:

Level 6 : 2
Level 8 : 3
Level 14 : 2

Level 8 is bothering me the most.. however, I spent about 4 hours tonight getting it down from 5 to 3.. At first going from 5 to 4 took me about 2 hours and then from 4 to 3 took another 3 hours.. wow, I am so addicted to this.. each time making just the most minute, subtle adjustments, it's a lot of fun.

Level 14 hint for 2 shapes

drop a circle of max diameter down the middle to flip down the hinge.. you should be able to figure out the rest..

I tried another couple of hours to get 14 down to one shape, but it just wasn't happening..
I got pretty close on level 6 down to one shape, using a glitch trick, but it still wouldn't wiggle in the right ways..

what I mean by glitch is to draw one really big shape all around the landscape and connected to the red circle, different shapes have different behaviors and usually will go through the landscape in unexpected ways although you can somewhat control which way it will move with fine adjustments, but this is extremely tedious work and very repetitive, also nerve wracking because sometimes you get soooo close, like a millimeter off and then it doesn't happen, and then you can try again for 20 minutes, over a hundred tries later and then it's not even nearly that close again.


This has got to be the freaking greatest game I've ever played in my whole life, all categories, and I've played some great games in my life!!!


I still can't get past 17... help anyone? :)

ianis dueñas April 12, 2008 11:52 PM

mis felcitaiones parael creado de este juego, mis respetos, esta fenomenal!

Horas de etretenida diversion!!


(My regards and respect to the creator of this game, it is phenomenal! Many hours of enjoyment! Thank you)


so you guys are stuck on levels 12 and 8, well i'm a retard cos i can't even do level 3!! its insane!!!!

Jack Defossez April 13, 2008 10:08 PM

Im stuck on level 26.

Dubai Vol April 14, 2008 2:18 AM

So what's the lowest score anyone has gotten without exploits? I'm at 60, and that's with 3 on level 11, and 3 on level 13. Yes, there are bugs that let you do those in one, but ignoring that type of thing, 60 looks pretty good. A couple more are possible from manual dexterity, clicking the erase at just the right instant, but that's not my style either. So here are what I think are the best scores per without cheating or doing acrobatics with the eraser:

And I'll admit that I only got 26 in 1 by seeing it done, otherwise 2. Level 11 reqires 3 and that took a bit of luck, otherwise 4, and getting level 8 in only 5 took a lot of luck as well.

But most of all PLEASE someone tell me how you do 26 levels in 24 shapes, as the high scores claim?!?!?!

Dubai Vol April 14, 2008 2:38 AM

OK, got level 21 in 3, WITHOUT erasing the chains (an obvious exploit)

Another Q: if I want to start fresh, and make the game forget my score, how do I do that? I already tried deleting my cookies with no joy. Obviously I am computer challenged....

ps; WHAT A GREAT GAME! more levels please :)


my bests are:

Some of these might be lower than they should be b/c you can sort of wall hack and pin the ball then warp it through things.

The high scores on the website are obviously borked, people have negative scores today.


I got 26 in three shapes!

You draw a long line just right of your box, to the flag. The you hinge the bottom right side of it, and hold the mouse in the middle of the hinge to make a wheel. If it starts to move, wait until it stops to do the other side.


Using pure physics within the design parameters of the game I believe the theoretical best score is 50.

I can prove 51
I'm sure level 25 in 2 is do-able but I can't prove it

Levels in 1

Levels in 2

Levels in 3

Levels in 4
8 (my nemesis)



I can now prove level 25 in 2 so 50 is the best score I can achieve without tricks.

For the record My best with using tricks is still 31.

The only levels I can't beet in one are still:
Level 6 in 2
Level 8 in 4
Level 14 in 2

Anyone who can help? (without hacking)


Oh happy day!

Level 8 in 3 Finally! (Standard Physics no tricks)

Lowest now 49 using standard Physics

Dubai Vol April 16, 2008 6:58 AM

Hi kevin, yeah i've found a few more strokes too, but level 8 in 3? DO I have to wait for the ball to move itself by brownian motion or sometheing? I got down to 4 by massive luck; it might take a dozen tries to reproduce it, or a hundred! Can do it all day in 5 now. And level 6, done in 3 but sure can't see a way to get lower.

Know any way to reset the score so I can go through again and get a legit score without exploits? I hit a couple by accident, along with the infamous level 11. Got that in 3 legit. Official score says 44, but proabably more like 49. Some levels legit but finicky timing moves: levels 4 and 16 in 1 now but would not like to do it again. Level 9 in 1 works consistently but it's kinda gimmicky:

hit the ball just right and it rebounds off the front of the elevated platform, which is enough to get the top flag


How do you save the game if you have gotten to a certain level but have to shut the computer down?? I have started from level 1 five times times already & I have been past level 13!


i got 29 shapes !!!!!

every level in 1 shape except:

level 6: 2 shapes
level 8: 3 shapes

can't imagine to do this in 1 ....

that would be 26 shapes xD neva...but iam trying



the game is not working for me.. I click play and the game starts quickly looping and jumping from page to page in a rapid cycle. is there anyway to fix this?


Yes there is: Update your Flash Player.


Dubai, nice to see someone else interested in the No Tricks method.

My level 9 solution is the same as yours. Not my favorite but it meets the requirement.

8 in 3 will take many tries but the setup is relatively easy, The issue is getting the ball moving fast enough.

Here is my solution.

first draw a narrow ramp from the left side of the middle shelf up to the right and thru the flag. Next draw a fairly level ramp resting on the first starting about even with the right side of the middle ramp and to the left thru the left flag. Now for the hard part. Figure out a shape to get the ball moving right - fast. I draw a shape starting at the left side of the shelf with the ball up to the top over above the near side of the ball down halfway and let go. The ball will get the first two flags easily. you need to delete the right side ramp at the appropriate time to increase the ramp on the left and stop the ball going off the edge. the hardest part is getting the timing of the ball coming back down the 2nd ramp. delete it when the ball has enough speed and angle to miss the middle shelf and hit the bottom shelf (close is good enough as in level 9)



I'd be interested in your solution to level 14 if you can describe it.

I have 2 working theories but I can't make them work.

Came close once but...


No tricks method now provable in 48

Level 14 can be done in 2 without tricks

Levels in 1

Levels in 2

Levels in 3


No tricks, level 24 in 2 Total 47

Levels in 1

Levels in 2

Levels in 3

NITROMEFAN123 April 17, 2008 12:49 AM

how do you beat level 5?

i like spoilers


Dubai Vol April 17, 2008 5:16 AM

Hi NITRO, believe it or not you can do 5 in one shape, legit, by the laws of physics, but two is good, three is easy:

first a couple of ramps so the ball will roll up the steps, then a pendulum hinged from the orange block. Draw it so when you finish it swings down and whacks the ball like a golf club and the ball will roll up the ramps to the flag. And no, I ain't telling you how to do it in one, that would spoil the fun!


NITROMEFAN123 April 17, 2008 1:27 PM

Dubai Vol, When I hinge it, it doesnt hit the red ball hard enough

Anonymous April 17, 2008 5:44 PM

How do you beat level 21?


Nitro, It takes some practice. It helps to draw the object above the hinge and let it fall further to gaing power.

For the user stuck on 21

Just build a ramp to the hanging things, knock the square off onto the ramp and roll balls behind it bumping it forward

I have a method for doing it in 2 shapes but try to discover for yourself how that might be done.


Level 16. The second flag, up at the top. How do I do it?



Level 16

Level 16 requires the use of a hinge in the orange box with the X on it. connect a bar from the hinge to the ball and then counterweight the works to raise the ball.
The whole thing can be done in 1, but I'll leave figuring out how to you.


Not happy with level 21 in one, but...

Pure physics "repeatable" solutions in 43

Levels in 1

Levels in 2

Levels in 3

Dubai Vol April 18, 2008 8:56 AM

Very impressive, kevin, you certainly have more perseverance than me. Frr instance I see how level 6 could be done in 2, but after a couple of dozen tries without getting close, I really can't be bothered. I have done all the same levels as you in one shape....

Looking forward to more levels or even a level editor; I suspect ths one will come out eventually as a commercial title. That's fine with me I'l be first in line to buy!

Cheers from Dubai



Level 6 in 2 I can repeat almost every time.

If you can do 7 in one then you can bridge the gap in 1 with the same method. The rest should be obvious.

Anonymous April 19, 2008 12:19 AM

Beat the game with 29 shapes total. used 2 on level 6, 3 on level 8, and 1 for the rest.

OOOOOHYEA! April 19, 2008 11:43 AM

OOOOOOOOOH!!!!! beat game with Alltime score of 34!! Not cheating, no tricks, or anything. Here's the lvl scores.

1: 1
2: 1
3: 1
4: 1
5: 1
6: 2
7: 1
8: 3
9: 1
10: 1
11: 1
12: 1
13: 2
14: 2
15: 1
16: 1
17: 2
18: 1
19: 2
20: 1
21: 1
22: 2
23: 1
24: 1
25: 1
26: 1

If you have any questions, please contact me VIA this thread.


how do you beat lvl 12???


24? Pretty hard.

I've done all of them (I think), except 13. Forget 13.

How do I solve 24? Pretty weird.



34 is respectable but to solve level 10 and 11 in 1 requires large shapes to pull the ball thru objects.

This is a trick.

Using these methods most of us are down to 29 with levels 6(2) and 8(3) being the only levels not solved in 1.

Using pure physics my PB is 43.

Keep trying, you'll get there



Level 12

Level 12 requires that you put a hinge in the square and a hinge in the center box. Draw a bar joining the hinges and a counterweight to lift the square

jerry Level 13

I've posted the 1 shape solution earlier. the pure physics solution is 2. Put a hinge at the top the rectangle but behind the ball. Draw a bar from the base up thru the hinge and beyond but more below the hinge than above. Drop a ball to hit a corner of a shelf and bounce left and voila.

Jerry Level 24

In 1 - put a pin on the square and draw a circle around everything. Watch your crayon meter.
In 2 - pure physics, pin the square and join a bar leaning against the top. Put a pin at the point they touch and draw a counterweight to the right.


I just beat level 25 in 2


I also beat level 24 in 1


I don't know how to open up a game on www.BubbleBox.com


How do you beat 16in 1? there are a lot of others i am trying to figure out.


Level 16 in 1

Pint the ball, hinge on the box, With more weight on right side, erase contraption as ball reaches top flag and ball will fly thru both flags.


I dont see a ball on number 12? is it glitching or am i just a stupid blindman?


What makes you think it has to be a ball?


Level 25 in one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With hack

U draw a hinge on the block.... draw from the block over the platform on top and down towards the cliff.....
the bug will cause the big one to drag the block and ur ball will be rolled out a bit but once the block falls..
it hits ur ball back and wala... in ONE

MWALKERZZ April 21, 2008 9:14 PM

i dont have a ball that shows up for level 12?? is it supposed to be on the page? did any one else have this problem?


How do you beat 18?

Anonymous April 22, 2008 12:20 PM

Level 25 is one of the easiest - just get rid of the rectangle or lift it high enough for your ball to go through!


This games takes a lot of time to perfect!

1. 1
2. 1
3. 1
4. 1
5. 1
6. 2 (does anyone know how to beat this in 1 shape?)
7. 1
8. 3 (does anyone know how to beat this in 1 shape?)
9. 1
10. 1
11. 1
12. 1
13. 1
14. 1
15. 1
16. 1
17. 1
18. 1
19. 1
20. 1
21. 1
22. 1
23. 1
24. 1
25. 1
26. 1

29 shapes total..


Joseph, Now that you beat it using tricks, if your still interested, try using pure physics.

No erasing pins or Hinges (Erasing shapes ok)
No Shapes with lines drawn thru objects
No shapes that exceed Crayon Meter.
No shapes that suck object thru other objects.
No shapes that squeeze object into motion.

Solutions must be repeatable. (No flukes)

My PB is 43 (i originally thought 50 was as good as it gets so 43 is probably beatable)


Are there more levels?
I love this game!
Or is there at least an editor?


can someone plz help me with level 10 i tried the one shape thing that kevin wrote but it is not working for me can someone maybe give a better description no offense to kevin or anything


There are some good YouTube videos of various solutions.

Level 10 is one of the more difficult, I usually need 5-10 tries before getting it in 1


I use this program with students with physical impairments and very poor motor control who intellectually understand and could compete with the "fewest objects used" people out there, but can't be independent due to their impairments complicated by an all MAC school. Can this be addressed so my students can be independent? Thanks, D

squirrelman May 1, 2008 8:10 AM

i need help with 8, 13, 17
my score right now is 38 and all the other levels have been beaten in one shape (with the exception of 14 and 6)

amazing game by the way,
if only there were more levels...?

random. May 2, 2008 4:38 AM

One thing i didnt notice was that the chains of boxes hanging down in level 21 are deletable.



Thats my total I cant belive how somone can have 27 shapes i have 28 its only 6 and 8 i have 2 shapes on is it possible to make one of this with one shape?


for those who're looking for solutions, here is one for a total of 29 shapes, http://youtube.com/watch?v=tYqmVA1lkZY
and this one shows how to beat level 8 in 2 shapes, for a total of 28 shapes: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xmc-wxABqcs
some of those levels are with bugging, (the level 8 in 2 shapes is not!) Good luck!

Mark S. May 17, 2008 3:42 AM

My kudos to Alejandro Guillen... This is a great game. Made it through, but dang, I used a lot of shapes...


I wish that the web page showing this game did not have the scantily clad young miss on the left side--I wanted to use this game with students but can't be showing them the game with that illustration next to it. Can it be moved??

[Edit: Yes, Mrs. D. I have added that advertiser to the blacklist. The ad should no longer appear within a couple of hours (it takes a little time for the ad filter to work it's magic). Thanks for letting me know about that ad. -Jay]


how do i pass level 25



I got lvl 19 and 20 in one without cheats. Repeatable.


Level 25 in 2 shapes without cheats.

Put a hinge on lower left side of ball. Put a hinge in the top left side of the box.
Hit the ball with 1 shape (Another ball or whatever.)
Start drawing from the hinge in the box to where the ball will end up.
Before the ball hits the box, capture it with shape two. It should continue to swing through the box and hit the flag.


WooHoo. Level 7 in 1 shape without cheats!!!! It was hard but I can definitely do it again.


I need to go to bed. But just got #11 in two! Of course no cheats.


Im stuckon level 16. Help


its doesn't work for me. i cant do hinges or anything HELP ME

Magic Pen Rules my life May 25, 2008 11:01 PM

Magic Pen contains all the good things a great game needs: blocks, flags, a destination, romance, a sweet tune, murder, and of course lots of hard levels. Magic Pen has saved my life more than once you know, like when it dragged me out of that burning building. Anyway, this game rocks my socks.


Level 16 in one.

Draw a hinge on the ball and the square to the right. Draw a large triangle extending from the ball through the square and almost to the flag on the right of the screen. If drawn correctly, the ball will lift to the top flag. When the ball gets near the flag, delete the triangle. The ball will continue to fly through both flags.



Draw a shape. Hold down the D key and click in your shape. Then draw another shape on top of your first shape.


Level 13 in One without cheats!!! Yes its true.


My Scores without Cheats.

Pure physics "repeatable" solutions in 35!!!!

Levels in 1

Levels in 2

Levels in 3

crystal June 3, 2008 6:15 PM

The page opens but nothing happens. What do you need to run the game? I have java and flash 9.


how do u do level 11? im stuck!!


I did 26 in 1 piece here's how.

Put a hinge in the square, then make a line to the square going all the way to the flag then let go you will see the block go to the flag. May take a few times. Hope it works.

Anonymous June 22, 2008 12:20 AM

i cant beat level 20 at all how in the world did you do it in 1


The http://www.miniclip.com/games/magic-pen/en/

version is slightly different, there's an added level select button for one thing.

And the curtains in level 21 are permanent.


how do you do level 4???


where is the ball ? level 12????

the ball is.... a box June 22, 2008 4:51 PM

The ball is actually a red box. Try attaching objects to it as part of your solution.


i suck at this game sooo much!! i didnt even get passed level 5!!! help wanted!


i cant beat level 5.

starrynte June 25, 2008 2:58 PM

lol for 15

after drawing the hinge + trebuchet thingy it wouldn't complete reach the flag so i just deleted the trebuchet and it fell on the flag...


Level 25 in 2 shapes....


draw a hinge just above the "x" in the block....
then draw a medium oblong shape from the hinge to the left....
the weight of the shape will raise the block....
then push the red ball with a circle under the block to flag....

YO YO128 June 26, 2008 11:18 PM

i dont get level 13!!!!!!!!!!!


How do you do level 20?



ok, how do you do level 18?

Anonymous June 30, 2008 4:38 AM

I dont want to sound stupid or anything but...
how the hell do you start the game??
coz i cant for the life of me find a start button!

woot woot! July 13, 2008 10:57 AM

wooohoooo! only 6 more levels!

some levels are easier than others so skip around.

i still have to do 11, 12, 13 & 23, 24, 25


It won't work.
I've reloaded the page and everything. It's just not working. What am i doing wrong?

x cara x July 15, 2008 1:20 PM

Ok .. I Love This Game And all .. It's Great ..

But For me.. It Takes ages to Load .. & I Hate Waiting :L x

And It's So Hard Sometimes ..
and i don't get the little boxes .. what are they for? you put X or hinges there or something?


I really can't do level 4!!! some body help, i dont know whether to use another ball or a hinge! i can't get up the steps!!!! thanks xx

no name mouse July 20, 2008 10:20 AM

i am SOOOO stuck on level 5!
Some body help!
tell me how! I need to carry on!

sad little person July 21, 2008 12:18 AM

hi, like some people who have commented the game loads but when i click "play" it just goes to a blank pale blue screen where the game should be.

i have played on a different pc but want to play here.

all my shockwave, flash and java players are up to date. please can someone help me?

i really am busting to play.

Anonymous July 24, 2008 2:27 PM

Does anyone know the name of the song and the artist? I feel like i've heard this before.


level 19 in 1 hour its good for a 14 yr old lol


OMG...I actually finished! great game!


Level 11?