Anonymous July 24, 2008 1:06 PM

Act III Peter, I have done it so many times, it isn't even funny. I even got the little bug where if you keep working like the lighter or cream after time, you can keep working. It's just i can get down to the last nest, with a minute or so left, but, i there is just too much poison and if I suck what comes first, then more just come out before I can. I need help.


i'm having trouble with peter act3, i can't beat it even if my life depended on it. I can get inside the stomach but they're 7-8 poisons total and each one takes out 5 heart rate points. I use the cream in the beginning and get him up to 70 heart rate but it doesn't help. I get down to the last nest but I dont have enough time or health to finsh the game. Does anybody have a better strategy to do this?

Tinker Bell July 25, 2008 6:29 PM

i need help with Horrace! Is there any other way you can kill the bugs without zapping them because i keep on zapping his heart and getting frustrated because I can't do it!
Please help!

Bryan R. July 29, 2008 8:11 AM

ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Junk III is imposible. I playerd untill my eyes were bleeding (not literally) and i cant get past the wires. (i know im pathetic). I read the stuff and it says to burn the wires but that doesnt work either.

Billy_Kane July 29, 2008 3:59 PM


You don't burn the wires, you cut them. You have to cut them on the yellow dotted line (there should only be like two dots on each wire).


How the heck do you get past Junk on Act 3?
I cut the wires but then what do you do?
This is so frustrating!!


I LOOOVE this game!
it's so very, very entertaining!

I just started it up only to realize that a lot of my gameplay wasn't saved and so I'm starting out on act 2 when I was on Junk 3!

still a great game!

Anonymous July 31, 2008 1:56 PM

I can not beat Peter!!!!! Please help!!!!


Ive read everything about the Junk level, but i still need help
im stuck on taking his ribcage out (finally) and i took the magnet thing out, and all the other metal things were brought up to the surface, but now im stuck. I cant figure out what to do


I'm at the secret level, but i'm stuck after the car. "Bum" and "Stuporman" are locked, and i've finished all the other files... Anyone who knows how to unlock the rest at Secret level?


Act 3 Peter,can some one Please help!,I start out by useing the cream and get him up to 75hp.I cut and go inside his body.cut one egg at a time.I make the frist cut,burn the cut,then move on to the poison,cut it 3 times and burn it shut,then move to the next.After the poison is exsposed i use the vac and suck it up.Then last use the cream and heal the egg at a time.I open up the stomach and go for the nest frist,exspose it,use the car battery, shock it 3 times.Then hit the big spider once.
then repeat the egg processe.Same for the second nest,I move on to the eggs take out one but at this point peter is low on heath and i'm running low on time."I use the cream and heal him up as much as i can with out running out of time but it dose not help i run out of time or he dies(i like to got for the top left egg last becuse sometimes it puts out one thing of poison.

troublez21 August 6, 2008 11:14 PM

I'm having trouble with the car. When I take the pipes out, I don't get a new one to put in its place. I dont know if it's my computer or the game. I get the new pipes when i take out the rat and collar and that's it. I need help. :(

Anonymous August 12, 2008 7:22 PM

Here is some requested information...

JUNK 3: 1:cut him open. 2. take all the food and debris out. 3. use the etchy sketchy and find out the order of the wires to cut (each wire should have a yellow line through it). 4. pull out the pins. 5. below the clock there are like rectangular things with numbers burn those and you should be done after you fix him.

PETER 3: 1.cut him open. 2. cut the eggs up 1 by one by tending to the wounds before you cut the next egg. 3. when you destroy all the eggs you might want to heal him. (i found a trick with the corkscrew. when you are about to make the corkscrew injection do it RIGHT below the alan's tool bar. if done correctly there should be no cut to tend to so you can heal him faster.) 4. use the etchy sketchy to find a spider home. it is difficult to win peter. the strategy for this part is when you find the spider home cut it up spiders come out and bite to make poison. cut out the poison and suck it up. BEFORE YOU TEND TO THE WOUNDS zap the home first or another spider will come out and make more poison. 5.repeat step 4. 6.the last home (#3) is difficult as heck. because you run low on health and time. and also the last spider home is harder than normal. when you cut the poison out suck it up and zap the home the king spider comes out. (like the normal ones.)when you zap the king this time it lets out more spiders as if you cut another home open. this causes more cuts to be made to get the poison out and that causes the patient to lose more health making this a most difficult level. with a little luck you can beat the level in time. if you beat this level... GIVE YOUR SELF A PAT ON THE BACK.

tip: when you get to a tape the worm level do this. when you see the worm come out you can zap it more that once infact you can kill it the first time it pops out so you dont have so many cuts.


Anonymous August 13, 2008 12:31 PM

Im having troubble with jack on part 1 i take out the liver no problem heal all cuts but its way to shackie to take out both lungs without chainsawing him to death plz help


Hey Norway, this is how you get everyone on the secret file.

B.U.M.-Get 1,000,000 points

Stuporman-Pimp Donny to the max( to do this staple his nipples and the i in pimp on the chestplate.)

DeLirium- Beat Horrace on Act 3


I'm new to this site and this is my first post, hope I get the spoilers right! Illarion's tips were great but I noticed a couple additional things that really help with time...

When using the vacuum, follow the red bar with your cursor, just like on the corkscrew, vacuum is twice as effective.
Also, when healing up the numerous cuts you made to release poisons etc., try to remember which order you made the cuts, they will cauterize and absorb the salve two or three times as quickly if you go in the same order.

Ok, I'm heading back to the game now, good luck all!


*How to unlock secret files!*
Yes, it's possible!
The trick to the game is working fast, no mistakes, rack up combos, and work in order. It's easier to heal the wounds in order rather than at random.
Anyway, what everyone wants to know..

Secret file 1- I have no clue, YET!
Secret file 2- On the Pimp in Act 2, when you put the pimp plate in, staple the "I" and make the word 'Pimp' all pretty! Then, on the outside, Staple his nipples, so he has Pimp-a-licious Nipple rings!! :-D Super!
Secret file 3- Beat the 3rd Act, and you perform surgery on a car. A Delorian actually. Flux-capacitator and all! LMAO!

Have fun all! This game rocks!

AnonymousGal September 1, 2008 11:21 AM

Could someone please tell me how to cut the wires on JUNK in act 3? I've been trying it for days. Please help. :(


I need help with the secret file. I did the car and got a b, but it won't unlock the next one.


Peter Act 3.

Ugh, finally got past him.

heres what I did,

at the begining, after removing the 1st two spider eggs, juice up his health to a hundred. you need to!

Then on in deeper. Remove the eggs and poison one at a time, juice his health more to around 80 if you need to, after that then use the scanner to find the main nest. cut the nest out with the pizza cutter, then use the car battery very slowly on the nest. one shot at a time until the queen spider shows herself, then hit her just once. if you try two times you will just zap peter at the time, and drop his health to 0. After you zap then queen, she will bury herself, more babies will come out, and you will have to deal with the poison again. no problem. Remove the poison, heal the cuts, and find the main nest again. Repeat. You will have to do this three times until you will finally kill the queen at the third time. Just be careful with the car battery and you will be just fine.

Now, does anyone know how to kill the giant leech on Henchman and Boss?

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

anonymouslove September 9, 2008 3:21 AM

okay so i FINALLY beat peter
what i did

is cut him open
and work on one egg at a time

when you cut open the egg there are two poison.. blob things. if you're lucky sometimes there's only one :] cut both those open. you have to cut it three times. and vaccumm at the same time. then heal. and whatever.

rinse and repeat.

when your rate gets too low, use the corkscrew and heal. and get it up

once you get to the inside part you have to use the etchy sketchy. use the pizze cutter and cut the middle part of it. when you do two poison spots come out cut them at the same time and vacuumm at the same time. but DON'T heal it yet.
just make sure all the poison is gone.
try to do this as quick as you can or another little spider comes out and you have another poison spot to take care of.
now use the car baterry and zap that little hole. and just click it like CRAZY until the nasty spider comes out and stop.
that's what i do x]
if you accidently shock him then just use the corkscrew and gel and bring it up to above ten. don't put it too high in case you accidently shock him again. just enough so he doesn't die when you cut him.

now you can heal the cuts.
and then you use the etchy sketch and look for the next one
there are three
then VOILA!
you are done!

i'm sorry if this is really crappy advice and if it doesn't work for you.
and i'm sorry it's so long x]
it's just what i do and it works :]

this game is awesome


Finally I beat horrace/dwayne on act 3. I was stuck on him for probably 2 weeks. The freak kept dying on me. lol. I finished it with 0 time left! I think he was the hardest one on there.


Can anyone help me on bleed please?
I can't put out the last two fires in the second cut and i cant staple the cut together. I've tried sucking the blood up but it's not working.


how do you beat Claude in Patient files 1 in Act1?I just started playing.


Amateur Surgeon how do you beat Meat Sack Jack1?


To beat Karl:

Be quick, but precise to begin with.

Cut him open.

Cut open the 3 poison spots, suck them up, burn and heal with ointment.

Find the 3 coffee bags, cut them out, pull them out and then quickly staple those shut.

Start sucking up the poisons and if another cloud appears quickly cut that open and then continue sucking up the poisons.

After all the poison is gone his heartbeat should be going down and then you can burn, and heal them with ointment.

The rest is easy from there.

It took me about 25 times to figure this out, and everyone else didn't give too much of detailed info of how to get through this.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


I really need help on cletus.

I get all of his wounds closed and burned, w/e I'm fine with that. But with the corkscrew, I can't figure it out. I know you follow the red box, but for me, I follow it and stay in it for like, a minute.

Also, I get his heartbeat up to about 200. What do I do after that? Do I just leave it or what?

Too long; didn't read:
Could I please have a detailed walkthrough for cletus?

fgdfgfgdfg October 21, 2008 5:09 AM

Please help me for Claud!

LiteBrite October 24, 2008 3:30 PM

How do you get his ribcage out? I try cutting but either I don t do it fast enough because I'm trying to be accurate or I don't hit all the yellow dots. Can someone do a complete walkthrough for Junk?


@LiteBrite- you have to use the chainsaw.


I can't get through henchman & boss! I killed the leechies with the lighter but then I just don't know how to heal the wounds... does anyone know how to do it?


Ok so I'm on act 3 and I'm trying to fix trent. First I close up all the larger wounds as well as the smaller ones before I move to the knife blade. I can get the blade out and suck up all the blood, the issue however is with the scorpions that pop out of the wound and cut his body to shreds. How do i get rid of the scorpions when my sister and i have tried everything to kill the little rascals???


So how in the world do you kill the stupid scorpions on Trent in Act 3?


for those who cant get past trent on act three you have to use a chain saw on the scorpions


I am using a laptop and for some reason i cant get the ribs cut with the chainsaw. Everytime i get to one side left and the mouse goes off the page so when i get it back on it says ive missed and ends up killing him...what can i dp?

[Edit: Plug a USB mouse into your laptop. -Jay]


Tata -

For help with henchman & boss:

After killing leeches with lighter, pull leeches out of wound, then pull teeth out of wound. Then staple and burn as usual.


Okay, I have been speeding through this game like there is no tomorrow after school. If you are having trouble with Dr.Bleed in the first act on getting him an A I hear you!!!!

Here's what you do to get an A on Bleed! Its so easy and Wouldn't imagine it if i hadnt heard it from my friend

All you have to do is to very quickly cut the line to get into the rib cage, but stay on it completely, then slowly put them into place....and dont let a piece you dont plan to have where it is in the wrong place....move them on the middle bone to get to its spot, then you'll get an awesome! Good luck winning the rest!


I beat this game AGES ago on the [adultswim] website, and I was so thankful never to have to deal with Horace again.

However, they FINALLY put up act 2 (and 3, even), and I can't play them without rebeating one? It sort of makes logical sense, but after an hour and I half, I just can't beat Horace because

THE BUGS WALK BENEATH THEIR BITES and because of this, you can't always see where they are and zap them fast enough. So far for me he's died from:

blood loss
too many bug bites
burning alive
I killed him (with the battery)

although I'm sure I could find more, the game no longer holds any joy or appeal for me, so I guess I won't EVER get to play Act II. **sigh**


How do I beat Guts in File 3???????
I can't seem to figure it out so please help me

SuperBlah January 3, 2009 3:16 PM

Unlocking secret cases:


Have a grand total of 1000000 (one million) points, not counting other bonus missions.


While pimping out Donny, place exactly one staple in the "i" in "pimp" and in each of his nipples.


Complete File 3.


Ok. Im stuck on the PIMP. Can anyone help? I 've gotten to the part where you are putting in the Pimp plate. I cannot get past that part to save my life! I throw a bunch of staples on it...nothing,.



Hey, I have the iPod touch version of this, which is pretty darn similar, so I was hoping someone might be able to help me out a little... On the pimp named Donny...

Once I've inserted the gold "Pimp" plate, nothing happens, except for Alan saying "What now? Ooh, staples. Shiny, shiny staples." I keep stapling the hell outta that plate until time's up, and NOTHING happens... Anyone know how to help me?

If anyone can help, please email me!


To beat the pimp, you have to keep stapling, even when you think it's too much! When you have done enough staples, the black dots will apear, and you use the lighter!


TaTa- to beat the leeches you have to burn the leech, use the thongs to pull the body of the leech out, then use the thongs to take the teeth out of the wound, then staple the wound closed.......

I dont know how to beat the beating heart with the upside down crown. I tried everything.


I've beaten the game, now I'm going back to get all A's. I cannot get anything higher than a D for Edgar in file 2. I've done the whole surgery with perfection. Never had a miss. What else could I possibly do?


"I dont know how to beat the beating heart with the upside down crown. I tried everything."

You have to burn it with the lighter then remove the leech.


I love this game! But how do you open the access panel to operate on B.U.M.?

Anonymous January 13, 2009 9:47 PM

What do you do after you remove the pistons for the bomb in Junk on Act 3?


I cannot get past cletus. i did everything right, i even can do the corkscrew with the cream, but it won't advance me. i have his heart rate up to 250 and nothing else is happening. is there more to do with him? time keeps running out and i can't figure out what else i'm supposed to do.


Yo i've played this game for about 3 days and i'm stuck on Bleed in Act 3. Everytime i take out the worm the time runs out. does any1 hav any tips. Also i use the corkscrew untill he has 60 health.


It's so easy to figure out to get the secrets. Click help in the game and then click FAQs and go to the question" how do I unlock the secret levels." and it TELLS you exactly what to do. But does anyone know how to beat b.u.m.??


How to beat Bleed in act 3?

Horraci Battle February 23, 2009 12:30 PM

HOw do I beat horraci? I get to the big open artery and the buggs come out and then fires, Panic!! Help anyone!! :0)


How do you beat peter in file 2?
I did it before but now I can't remember?!!


I cant beat bleed for the second time on act three because i run out of time.


I've been playing this on a ipod touch, but i'm stuck on file 3, Junk,
i've learnt to cut the wires at the top but it won't let me cut the second one properly,
anyone had the same problem or have any ideas?


Dr.Bleed ACT 3

The most important thing not to run out of time and health with the tapeworm:

If youre fast enough you might kill him shocking him five times at once and he won't pop out any more. I did exactly so.
Good luck!


act3 Dr.Bleed -
no idea....
the main cut is bleeding onto a fire and it will NOT go out :(
any tips?


Can't get past the pimp! I have no idea what to do, i've put the breastplate thing in and have no idea what to do after that, could someone help me with this?


Hey everyone, I am at the secret file page, and can't seem to get past the car!! I have heard several people are having the same problem. I take out the pipe pieces for the first two, then when I use the saw to get to the third, there isn't a pipe piece to replace it with!!! I am assuming it is a glitch in the game considering, so many are having the same problem?? Any input would help thanks!


how do you beat vince in actII? i try to put out the fire with the vaccum but its not working..he keeps on dying!!!

Alan Probe April 9, 2009 11:19 AM

i found a glith that only hapond once. while i was working on Joe (act 2), i removed the dead tapeworm and it tund into a bad kidney piece! it was wiered!


I'm in guts act 3 I already cut the wires but I don't know how to get the fusiles off

DeathlyBeast April 12, 2009 2:03 AM

I can't pass Horrace.

Help please!


Hey everyone i dont know how to unlock bum exactly but i do have him

-Ive completed act one and in act two i got an A on brutality
I dont know if thats the secret but thats all i have so far and ive unlocked bum
so if your up to brutality at least you can get bum
i think its the on brutality so try there
good luck <3

-message my myspace if you have any questions


i cant beat karl at all..i get everything done and when i go for the staples and try to burn them it says miss and he is there a certain way to do that??


Does anyone know how to get past claude the insurance fraud in act 1 ? I always run out of time while I'm removing the nails from the inside of stomach. Help please ? =]


I can't seem to find any hints for Animal on Act II. I did find someone else with the same problem but the one person who posted to help didn't make much sense.

I cut into his stomach, remove what I'm assuming are the poor pimp's bones... and then what? It doesn't back out for me to close him up, I find nothing on the Etch-A-Sketch... what am I supposed to do here?

Strokend May 17, 2009 8:41 PM

For rank A on Bleed, File 1:

You have to work REALLY fast. First, get used to the hotkeys. Yes, there are buttons that you can press without having to go to the top to click on the tool! Learn the buttons to be pressed by looking at the picture of the tool: it shows the number on it. The important ones are 1 (pizza cutter), 2 (tongs), 5 (stapler), 3 (lighter), and 4 (Pain-B-Gone gel). Learn where the bones go--it may take a few tries to get the fixed ribcage into the combo.

For Claude:

Work swiftly, but be careful when pulling out nails. When Etch-A-Sketch-Scanning, try to remember the locations of more than one 'black spot'- I find it easier to get this all done if I have all the nails revealed before cutting a wound to pull them out, cut the wounds out for all of them, and wait to pull them out until I've uncovered all of them. Then, use the tools to finish closing stuff up. Important hotkeys: 5 (stapler), 3 (lighter), 4 (gel), 0 (etch-a-sketch), 1 (pizza cutter), and 2 (tongs). It's not really as complex as it looks!


Get to his stomach. Pull out bones carefully. Seal wounds. Cut into stomach. For rank A, pull away a few things quickly (no need to worry about being slow here), whip out the chainsaw, cut a bit of the pelvis, pull out a few more things (pelvis bit included), and finish up with the pelvis and skull. NOW, you can back out and seal him up. If you 'healed' him away from the spots where you're supposed to do something, he might have a small cut; be sure to seal it up or you can't back out. Important hotkeys: 1 (pizza cutter), 2 (tongs), 5 (stapler), 3 (lighter), 4 (gel), and 7 (chainsaw).

Strokend May 18, 2009 10:02 PM

I've decided to include a full-depth walkthrough...


When you start the game, you're thrown right into the first surgery, Dr. Bleed.

File 1 Dr. Bleed is basically a tutorial level. He'll guide you through what to do, and you can click on the text at the bottom to advance it quicker (useful if it's in your way). Simply do as he says and you'll be finished in no time.


The game never tells you, but if you look at the pictures of your tools up at the top, you'll notice they have numbers on them.

Those numbers allow you to select those tools without having to move the cursor all the way up to click on them! This is useful for switching straight to the tongs in order to piece together the ribs in order to keep a combo running, which is necessary to get rank A.

Patient 2: Thomas Gracefuls

This guy fell through the window of the storage room he was trying to rob and got a bunch of glass shards stuck in him.

Fortunately, the storage room just happens to have been newly converted into a clinic!
Again, this is another tutorial level, this time to learn extractions. Follow what Dr. Bleed tells you to do and this shouldn't take long to finish at all.


Try to avoid pulling the shards of glass out too quickly, or else you will get a "Miss" for being to quick. This will break your combo, and thusly your chances of getting rank A. Don't worry though, you can always replay this patient. Also, Dr. Bleed forgot to mention that you can't staple small cuts--you just go straight to cauterizing them. You can check the "help" tab and check out procedures page to see what to do in each situation.

Patient 3: Roadkill Cletus

I reckon' this here fella dun got a porcupine on him! Extract the thorns just like you did the glass from Gracefuls. Dr. Bleed also tells you how to ease the patient's pain, so you don't have to worry so much about heart rate going to 0! Sweet!


When healing, be sure to click the corkscrew (or hit 8) THEN be sure to also click the gel (or hit 4), otherwise you'll wind up with a corkscrew screwing into the patients skin without any gel. Ouch. Also, be sure to do it where there's already a cut or yellow lines at, to avoid creating a new small cut (which will happen no matter how well you follow the red bit if you're not near such a point). Finally, keep in mind that healing the patient will break your combo, so it's best to be used right after a miss, after a long 'pause' (inability to get any 'goods' 'greats' or 'awesomes'), or at the start of the surgery.

Patient 4: Insurance Fraud Claude

This guy abuses himself based on what lables don't say, in order to make a fortune by suing hardware companies. His most recent form of abuse was shooting himself with a nail gun and drinking paint, though you're focusing on the nails.

Patch up his wounds, and Dr. Bleed will tell you about using the Etch-a-Sketch. Use it, equip the cutter, keep track of where the black spots were, and cut there. Typical extraction method follows.


In order to keep your combo, when revealing a buried object (the black spots on the etch-a-sketch), hold the mouse button down and move it around until the object is revealed. If it's revealed right away, go ahead and let go of the button.

Patient 5: Trent Coat

This guy has bullets in him and has a bogus story as to how they got there. But hey, he's got a lot of money, so who cares?

This level doesn't introduce anything new, it's just here to see how well you've been learning things so far.

No tips here...

Patient 6: Junkyard Guts

Gus (AKA Guts) works at the junkyard. He's the custodian and, it seems, the food disposal. Something he ate, however, is disagreeing with him...

Once you cut into him, you'll have to get his rib cage out of the way. Follow Dr. Bleed's instructions, making sure to get ALL the yellow lines. Extract any bone shards, seal the wounds, scan for the problem, remove it... What the?! Looks like you've got more things to extract! Afterwards, you'll have to put the rib cage back in--Hey, it acts just like a small wound! Burn it, gel it, good as new! The two parts involving the ribcage might slow you down, but otherwise this level is pretty simple.


When using the chainsaw to cut out the ribcage, you cannot release the button or else it will undo it and count a "Miss" against you. Ouch!

Going too slowly with the chainsaw will cause you to fail due to being "too slow" or something, though I haven't experienced that myself. Going too QUICKLY might cause you to accidently skip some lines, and they're a pain to get back to if you've already reached another side.

UNLIKE the chainsaw part, you can release the mouse button while burning/geling the ribcage.

Patient 7: "Lumbar" Jack Piles

This Lumberjack has back problems... Cut on in and see what's wrong. Dr. Bleed will tell you that those green 'clouds' are poison--Cut them open! Each cloud takes three cuts to burst, and you'll want to use the vacuum right away before the liquid seeps back into the tissue to cause more poison clouds. Don't worry, it won't seep in quicker just because there are cuts there.


Try to get all three cuts on top of eachother. This way, when you're sealing them up, you can just keep moving over the same spot! Like with the black spots on the etch-a-sketch, try holding down the mouse button and moving around a bit if you don't make a cut right away.

Patient 8: Eddy the Dog

This guy's an odd one--was he a dog-human hybrid or something? Anyways, you'll have to get some tracker chips out of him and then remove the collar. First, get the tracking chips. They're buried, so scan away and take Dr. Bleed's instructions. Yikes! Fire! You'll need to vacuum up some blood to squirt it back out onto the fire with the vacuum, so be sure to pull out the shard that appeared so that hole can produce some blood.

Once you've gotten rid of the tracking chips, it's time to cut off that collar. It's pretty durable, so you'll need your chainsaw. Pull away the pieces as you cut them off.


Try to avoid using the vacuum two consecutive times without getting a good/great/awesome. It might ruin your combo if you do.

Patient 9: Meatsack Jack

Is this guy a butcher? He's come across some fresh organs, which he wants you to replace his shoddy ones with. Dr. Bleed will guide you through how this all works.

No tips, these things have already been covered in previous ones.

Patient 10: Horace

This guy is creepy... Anyways, Bleed went outside, so he can't help you here. Alan will mention that the battery can be used to start the heart back up--though that really only works if you stopped it via the battery in the first place.

Cut on in, seal up the wounds... Well, looks like we got ourselves an insect infestation! Shock them buggers! If you accidentally miss, shock Horace again to start his heart again, though only back up to 5 (lower if it was lower when you stopped the heart). The rest of the level plays through this simply, too.


The ants can bite Horace, inflicting a 'burn.' If there are enough burn marks, the ants will begin to start fires when they bite, so be careful!

This is the end of File 1!


Patient 1: Officer Hack Brutality

This guy barges 'in' shouting at Alan and Bleed. Once he learns they're surgeons, he asks for their help, though refuses to say why.

Well, may as well cut him open. Whoa! Gray clouds! These act just like green clouds, so cut 'em thrice and vacuum. After that, seal up the wounds, and scan. ...I don't even know what those things are... Whatever they are, extract them, seal the wounds up, bla bla bla... Once you cut into the stomach, you'll find that he swallowed a pair of handcuffs (what the hell?!), so chainsaw 'em and remove 'em.

No tips.

Patient 2: Vince "Petroleum" Blownapart

This guy siphons out oil from cars. Looks like somebody didn't like that, and attacked him... Well, it seems he only needs some stapling and sealing! Wait... Fire?! Crud, he's covered in oil... It's a straight through operation, though.


Go a bit slowly at first. Get a couple of staples into a big gash for an awesome/great, wait a bit, do that with another... You wanna get some blood to put out the fires!

Patient 3: Valerie

This person is a prostitute who has MS. Looks like it's time to do some brain surgery! Cut up the cranium with your chainsaw, extract the skull shards, seal the wounds, cut out the black brain with your chainsaw, take it off... What the hell are those?! Well, whatever they are, you need to burn them. ...Uh oh, looks like burning them leaves some poison. You know what to do, though, so go for it! The rest is straightforward.


You may want to 'heal' her a few times before you cut her cranium. Incase you forgot, healing is Corkscrew with Gel.

Patient 4: Edgar Stubbington the Third (Esquire)

This guy isn't injured at all, but he is spooked about the fact that somebody's been attacking criminals, and he happens to be a criminal. So, he was steroids in him. Implanting steroids is basically the opposite of extracting things. Straight forward.

No tips necessary.

Patient 5: Donny Debonair (Pimp Extraordinaire)

This guy wants parts of him to be blinged up. Fun stage with a mini-game, which I'll cover below in "Blingatize."

The primary operation is fairly straightforward until the gold bar. After cutting out the ribcage, use your pizza cutter to cut out that rectangle. Put the bar in place and staple the left and right sides--five spread equally (It might just be three per side, just one in each corner and one in the middle of the left and right sides). Then, burn it and gel it.


When you start it up, cut on in. Replace the kidney. When you back out, put a staple in one of his nipples, then staple up the wound, follow up with stapling the other nipple, then seal the wound. Once you reach the gold bar bit, put a staple in the dot of the i, then the five staples mentioned above. The ribcage should fill the bling meter up all the way. This will unlock Stuporman.

Patient 6: Stinkin' Joe Garbage & Ted

Simply seal his wounds up and go into his colon. Follow the wounds as they appear with your cursor while you have the battery selected. After a bit, Ted will pop out. Zap him a few times if possible, if you don't finish him just wait until he pops out again. Once you finish this part, seal up the cuts and back out, finished with this opera--Wait, more cuts?! Looks like Ted didn't die off just yet. Go into the heart after sealing the wounds. Follow the cuts and continue zapping Ted until Bleed tells you you're done. Seal up the wounds, scan, unbury Ted, cut him out, gently pull him out. Seal up, and back out, sealing the cuts as you do so. Fairly quick, eh?


Three zaps will finish off Ted, and you can zap him three times each time he pops out if you're quick enough; however, if you want an A, only zap him once each time he pops out. Make sure to cauterize the wounds right after zapping him once while in the heart--you should be able to cauterize 3 and switch to the battery to zap him again before he pops out.

Patient 7: Bug-eater Peter

This guy had a pet Komodo Dragon named Mr. Caruthers, who he likes to dress up like a person. Anyways, Mr. Caruthers refused to eat his caviar, so Peter ate it to show him it was delicious--but somebody replaced the fish eggs with spider eggs! Now, he's got some spider eggs stuck in him! Simply cut one egg, cut out one poison cloud, vacuum it up, cut the other one, vacuum it up, then seal the cuts. Repeat with the other two eggs.

No tips necessary.

Patient 8: Karl Pachino

Wow this is one hyper dude. Normally, you'd be worried about keeping the heart rate UP--but this time, you wanna keep it DOWN. While there's coffee in him, his heart rate will keep going up, and if it hits 200, he'll crash! He'll even crash if you make one mistake, so make sure you choose the vacuum for the caffeine, NOT the chainsaw.

Cut out the caffeine pockets, vacuum them up, but do NOT seal the wounds--you want them to bleed to keep the heart rate from sky rocketing. Once you finish vacuuming up the third, scan with the etch-a-sketch and unbury the coffee tablets. cut them out, then, one at a time, pull it out and cut and vacuum the caffeine. Once you finish up with the sixth caffeine cloud (the three before the pills and the three after them), you can seal up his wounds. It isn't too hard to get a high score on this patient.

No tips.

Patient 9: Animal the Cannibal

This guy's a nutcase! Why else would he be in a straightjacket?! Well, in any case (be it nut or not), he's eaten something that doesn't agree with him. Cut him open and... Whoa, bones? Pull them out. Seal the holes they made, and cut open his stomach... Yikes! This guy really is a cannibal! Pull out some of the things, they aren't stuck into anything so you can pull them right out, except the skull and pelvic bone, which you have to saw apart to remove.


Pulling out the parts inside his stomach won't count towards your combo, but they won't count against it either. Just be sure you saw a bit of the pelvic bone before the combo timer runs out (and no, as far as I know, there's nowhere for you to see it at) if you want to manage to get rank A.

Patient 10: Eddy the Dog (2)

Hey, it's our old friend Eddy the Dog! Looks like somebody's sicked a real dog onto him--he's hurt, badly. Each half of that large gash is basically a large cut--Just staple, cauterize, and gel. You can either staple up the large cuts first and then go to the poison pockets or visa-versa, as long as you don't let him lose too much health. Once you finish up his outside, go inside and fix around the kidneys--this time, poison pockets first--the rest is straight forward.


Poison clouds/pockets and open cuts will lower health, but poison pockets do so faster than small cuts. I'm not sure which does it quicker out of poison and large cuts, though, but the large chunk of missing skin seems to bleed quickly.

And so ends file 2...


Patient 1: Trent Coat (2)

Looks like the mystery assailant has gotten to Trent. He's got the broken tip of a knife in him, as well as a bunch of cuts and even a poison pocket right where the knife is. Ignore the knife until you finish up with everything (including the poison) besides it and the large cut it's stuck in. When you pull it out... Whoa, scorpions! They've got tough armor, so whip out your chainsaw and chop them three times. Trying to hold it on them won't work for some reason.

On the inside, once you finish up what was already there, scan for the nest. The nest can only be harmed with the chainsaw, so saw away! I personally suggest taking out one of the scorpions that came out with it first and continue sawing the nest until the nest shows Good/Great/Awesome, then suck it up, saw nest, repeat. Once you get the queen out, you can hold the saw on her, but if one of the black scorpions goes under your cursor, it'll make the saw hit that black one and stop hitting the queen until you release the mouse button and click her again.

I don't really know if I could put any tips onto this besides what I've already said...

Patient 2: Bug-eater Peter (2)

Eww, this guy is both green and puking. Something happened to him since the last time you saw him--seems he's got a bigger spider infestation. Maybe you missed some before? Anyways...

Repeat the process for getting rid of the spiders as the first time you operated on him. Eventually, you'll need to scan for the nest--hurt the nest by zapping it, and kill the queen ant by zapping it. It might take a few times to actually kill the queen, and once you zap her without killing her, she'll dissapear and make another nest where you zapped her at. Just make sure you get the poison pockets that spiders make when you open up the nest--no need to seal them until after you zapped the queen though (even if she simply makes a new nest, that's still a good time to seal the wounds).

Again, what's necessary has been said already. No tips.

Patient(s) 3: Ivan Henchman & Crime Boss

That's right, you have to patients in one operation! Well, it's sort of two (each has their own time and health meter), but if you fail the second one you have to start back at the first one, I think.

First, you'll work on Boss. I suggest healing him a few times (to about 40) before you actually start. It's pretty straightforward until you get inside him. Yes, those are leeches. Ignore them for now, they DO prevent bleeding, after all (or atleast they should, I didn't have him dying on me when I ignored them following the healing bit, and if I remove them, I still need that healing bit from before). Fix the two wounds after extracting the stuff, then fix the lungs. After you finish doing that, go ahead and burn the leeches, following that up by using the tongs to remove their dead bodies and then their jaws.

Same goes for Henchman (you shouldn't need to heal him since you aren't going to do any chainsawing), but you'll have to get some leeches on the outside first, and there's a queen leech on his heart--Get her out of the way FIRST, once you take a look at the heart. Then, deal with the already existing cuts and such before dealing with the leeches that spawned off her corpse.

Tips? No, sorry, not here...

Patient 4: Junkyard Guts (2)

Gus is back! Seems that some lady offered him a sandwhich, which he scarfed down quickly, despite the fact that it tasted like metal and came from a total stranger. Take a look inside, and... Whoa! A bomb! There's some food in your way that you'll wanna get rid of. You have to cut the wires in the proper numerological order, you can scan to get the numbers of each wire. Then, gently remove the firing pins (those white things below the wires), after which you want to burn those things that say "3A" on them. Do that, seal up the cut you made, and you're done.

For me, the order of the wires is ALWAYS orange, blue, brown, green, red. It might be so for you, too. The food won't count towards your counter, and doesn't count against it--Be sure to just remove two or three bits, then cut the orange wire quickly before removing more. You HAVE to have removed all the food to pull out the firing pins, but NOT to cut the wires.

Patient 5: Aureola Svelte

The assailant herself, the girl who psychotically (yet understandibly) follows and attacks criminals. Turns out, she was actually looking for that French guy, Horrace (who is actually Dwayne Pipe), not Dr. Bleed. She grabbed the partially defused bomb that had been removed from Guts' guts, not realizing it wasn't fully defused, and it blows up on her.

You might wanna heal her a couple of times to start off with. Pull out the glass shards, get some blood, put out the fire. On her liver there are two hidden bomb shards, which you treat like tracking chips. The whole level pretty much plays like this.


Remember how I told you to go a little slowly with Vince? Well, after you heal Aureola a few times, remove a glass shard, wait a bit (perhaps healing any burn marks from the fireballs shot off from the fire), take out the other one, then vacuum the blood, in order to put out the fire. Put the fire out, suck up blood, staple one wound, wait a bit, cauterize it, wait, gel, vacuum the blood around the other one, then just flat out seal that second one. You'll need the blood now if you want high combos.

Patient 6: Dr. Ignacious Bleed (2)

Looks like Dwayne was the cause of Dr. Bleed's failed surgeries! Now, he's used the poison he used on all those patients back then on Bleed himself! This has caused a LOT of different problems. You'll have to use all the skills you've learned before in order to cure him...

Kidneys: Cut out all four poison pockets, then vacuum up the first that you cut (you can suck both of the top ones up at the same time) and then the rest in order of when you cut them. Afterwards, get some blood, and seal up the wounds.

Lungs: Fire! Use your blood to put out all the fires EXCEPT the two on that red lump sticking out the cut. Once you put the others out, simply pull that red lump out--the fires are on IT, not the tissue. Seal up the wound.

Liver: There are some sharp crystals stuck in his liver. Pull them out and seal the cuts--Then, scan for the remaining two, cut them out, remove, seal cuts.

Heart: There's a parasite in his heart--You'll have to zap it just like you did with Ted. Try zapping it multiple times per time it sticks it's head out. Five zaps will kill it, after which you can seal the cuts, scan for him, remove him, seal that hole.


You'll want to be careful but swift. If you think you need to heal him, you should only need to do it at most once. The buried crystals are always in the same spot in the liver, so once you've memorized their location, you can get to them without scanning.

Patient 7: Horrace

Yes, his name is really Dwayne Pipe, but I don't want you knowing that without opening up any second-layer spoilers. Anyways, Officer Brutality caught him fleeing the scene and has begun brutally beating Dwight--until Dwight complains about his stomach, which something is happening to.

Turns out Alan missed some bugs--namely, a monster centipede thing. When you open up areas of him, you'll notice those small cuts that appear like when there's a parasite--but nothing will pop up under normal conditions. You'll need to use the chainsaw right infront of the most recent cut to appear, hold it down just a bit, so that you break off a chunk and release a bug queen of some sort. Kill off that bug and her lackies, then go to the next part, repeating the process.

Sorry, no tips, really...

End of the primary game! However, you've unlocked DeLirium from this, so you may want to swing over to the secret files...


I'm numbering the patients here based on the order they're shown, but I'm listing them in order of when you can unlock them.

Patient 2: Stuporman

How to unlock: Finish the Blingitize submission with Donny Debonair in File 2.

Look over there! It's a Gourd, it's a Dame, no, it's Stuporman! Faster than a receding mullet, more powerful than... Well, you get the point, he's awesome, or so he says. Go go gadget feet, carry him to some surgeons! This Kraptonian (a person from the planet Krapton) has been poisoned by his nemesis, Les Loser, with Kraptonite. You'll have to remove it.

At first, this works just like the bullets in Trent Coat from file 1, but once you get to the second inside-zone, he'll have gotten tougher, so much so that the pizza cutter won't cut him anymore. You'll have to use the chainsaw as though it were the pizza cutter now! Other than that, it's still the same as before.

No tips necessary at this point.

Patient 1: BUM

How to unlock: Get atleast 100,000 points. I've heard it has to be on non-secret file missions, but I'm not sure on that.

Bio-Utility Mechanoid, or BUM, as people call it based of it's initials, is a robot with some trouble in it's circuiting. First, put something damp onto the red 'button' (in other words, gel it like a burn mark) to open the hatch. There are some battery like capsules, some brown liquid that came from them, and some debris scattered around. The debris acts like burn marks, and you need to vacuum up the brown stuff in order to put it into the capsules. After that, use the lighter on the hole you inserted the liquid through.

Next, the wires of the battery are torn a bit. You'll need to connect them using metal (staples, for example), and then you'll have to give it power-LOTS of power. Zap each of the newly-stapled wires once, then zap the battery in the middle.


Once you've opened the hatch, quickly suck up some of the brown liquid. Switch to the gel, use it on one debris mark, switch to the vacuum, fill up a capsule... Do this with all of them to keep the combo up.

Patient 3: DeLirium

How to unlock: Finish all twenty-seven primary operations.

WARNING: Due to a glitch involving the third pipe, you can only try to fix DeLirium ONCE each time you load the game. In other words, if you wanna try to fix it again, you'll have to refresh the page.

DeLirium, being a car, is made of mostly metal, meaning you'll be using the chainsaw, not the pizza cutter. The hood is like a ribcage, just cut it of, remove... In fact, the whole level is pretty much straight-forward. When moving the empty cylinder to the tray, though, make sure that you got the whole thing on the tray, not just the bottom.

No tips for this.

Bertolt May 20, 2009 11:32 AM

Does anyone know why when I try to use the lighter on the lower of claudes first nails, I always get "wrong area"? With the other one it works perfectly fine, but with this one I have tried every single spot around there, and it always tells me "wrong area"....

Strokend May 22, 2009 5:42 PM

Did you actually remove the nails? Once removed, you've got a hole. Once you've got a hole, you got to staple it. Is that what you're forgetting? Also, the real cursor is a little up-left of the game cursor--I'm not sure which one the game watches for.

Leslie Davis May 23, 2009 8:54 AM

Ok! I have tried to get past Junk III. I have cut the wires, pulled the pins, and burned the 3A batteries. It says "awesome" when I burn the batteries. But that's it! It won't let me do anything else!! What else do I need to do to get out of Junk? Please help!!!


Everything done, but I don't get 100000 score


please some one help me with donny. i dont know what to do with the pimp plate. it says something about staples but i dont know what to do


If anyone here knows how to open BUM the robot, plleeaase tell me!

laceface May 28, 2009 9:38 AM

I have the Iphone version of this which i think is pretty much the same and I CAN'T get past Karl on Act two. I've looked at all the advice on here and I just CANNOT get past. it's driving me mad. i've tried to do it literally like 30 times.


Strokend May 30, 2009 5:24 PM


There are five dark ovals on the plate--one in each corner and one forming the dot on the i. You need a staple in each corner to advance.

@Dan: Have you checked my walkthrough?

You need to use the gel on the red button.

@laceface: Which part of Kyle are you on?

@staff: Could one of you please change donny's walkthrough bit in my walkthrough file 2?:

Rather than just a bunch of staples on the sides, it should say one in each corner.


I found something weird Dwayne (Horrace)

somehow, accidentally zapped him when i was at his lungs(where the queen spider is) the centipede thingy comes out, but i cant't seem to zap it.

Does anyone know why?

Anonymous June 6, 2009 6:32 AM

you don`t need to zap the centipede


Omg, I just can`t beat Edy in act 2. He always loses too much blood before I suck up the poison. Even the corkscrew doesn`t work. :( Anyone have any tips?


to beat eddy slice him up and burn the chips on the green dot

Anonymous June 10, 2009 7:59 PM

How do I disable the bomb in Junk on episode 3?

jeffery June 16, 2009 8:30 PM

I need help. I have over 500,000 points and still can't unlock bum. Please help.


The second part of Claude is impossible. What do I have to do to win? I'm inside, I close up the wounds, and I don't find anything else to do. And I run out of time.


TARZA read the walkthrough. It is thorough and tells you everything you need to know. jeffrey, if playing Itouch, to unlock BUM you need an A in one of the operations and then he will be unlocked.


arghhhhh!!! I can't get past Eddie!!!!! Any hints?

Melanie June 28, 2009 4:19 PM

In act 2 Donny the pimp where do I burn the pimp plate? On the plate, around it or on each staple or so
ething else? Please help!


What's the best way to put out the fires?

Hold the vacuum for a long time or lots of short time periods?

I cannot beat this game and it's killing me!
Help please.


in the finl operation in act 3 wen im on horrace i can kill the queen scorpian. Help?


use the chainsaw

Anonymous July 9, 2009 8:35 AM

to anyone who needs help
to get stuporman

you have to blingatize the pimp guy what you have to do is replace his kidney then bfore you seal upp the cut staple his left nipple then heal the cut and put a staple on the right nipple then after you cut out the ribs and put in the gold block staple up the sides and then staple the i of pimp and then just do the rest of the level to get bum you have to get 100,000 points i think and to get delirium beat the entire game if you need help just telll me


Okay, I'm on Peter (III) and I'm completely stuck. I'm at the part where I've killed all the eggs and am about to cut into the nest for the first time. After I heal the poison the from the ants who come out of the nest, how do I get the Queen to come out? People have said "shock her" but with what? The battery?


Pimp-donny - I can't get past him. I have sapped until my time runs out. Nothing ever happens. Please help!


i see everyone has a problem with brutality? i can help. so u see those blue puss clouds use the pizza cutter and cut it directly 3 times and use the vacuum and suck it up then use fire (burn the wound)then use pain reliever and heal the wound when you get to the handcuffs use the chainsaw then pick up the cuff with tongs the pick up things and pick up and use the chainsaw again on it and use the tongs again if it doesn't work on one part... do the other! and then you know the rest so wala!

Anonymous August 2, 2009 3:49 AM

I downloaded the game for my iPod a couple of week ago. I have almost finished it but I can't figure out which tool is needed to kill the scorpion that comes out of Horrace's heart in the end. Nothing seems to work on it and I still keep losing! :( any tips or spoilers for this?
Thank you.


Any way to cut down on poison clouds in Act 2 Peter? I keep running out of time because there are more clouds than I can seal up before it's up. Add to that trying to keep his heartrate up and there seems to be a lot to do in such a short amount of time.


Fun game, really good idea, some of the levels get tediously repetitive though.


umm... is it just me or did anyone else suspect Meatsack Jack as a John Gacy parody. lol


The walkthrough is fine, in theory... but when it gets to practice...

I am stuck on Trent. I get past his outer skin no problem. Then... i go inside. Saw the scorpions, patch up cuts, all right. Then i uncover the nest. 3 scorpions come out, i saw the nest first as i know it will spawn more scorpions otherwise... ARGH! 8 scorpions in total, plus queen scorpion. I try and saw up them all... i get them all, and they turn into infections. I have to slash up every infection 3 times. Let's say that's about 30 cuts. I start vacuuming... but there's just such a mass of "infection bits" that things go incredibly slowly, and it vacuums everything at once instead of one at a time. Include the massive amount of blood spilling from all those cuts... and everything turns into infections again before i have even vacuumed one. That's the furthest Trent came, already heavily under pressure from the cuts the scorpions made, infections, cuts i made, and several wrong-placed chainsawings.

Seems like i can't leave the scorpions alone and do them one at a time because they all leave their cuts too.

Help would be greatly appreciated.