RuthlessKelz March 14, 2008 2:18 PM

I cant get past this Karl guy. I get all the coffee/poison up and then when I go to remove his coffee bars he always dies... help!


The way to stop the poison fro spreading is to not heal up the wounds at the same time. After removing the brain, close up one hole, then cut it and suck out hte poison. Then move on to the next one... otherwise you will have a ton of outbreaks on your hand and it'll get way too crazy.

Meanwhile, that damn tapeworm is killing me. I can't seem to keep Joe from bleeding out every time

RuthlessKelz March 14, 2008 3:50 PM

The Joe guy was easy for me..
When you get into the insides.. dont try to fix all the cuts have your zapper machine thing ready.
Your gonna see like 5 cuts show up then the tape-worm hit him as fast as you can.. you only need three hits to get him.. after you get him.. fix the cuts and move on


I think Alan Probe just became impossible, boring and frustrating. It's a pity though since it was a nice and enjoyable game. In level 1 of part 2, the vacuum is working very slowly, making it impossible to suck all the poison without some soaking in and also while trying to deal with the poison, the patient loses blood. I got S ranks for every surgery in Trauma Center: Under the Knife (It was tough) and thought I was good at these games.


Thanks Lizard, I was not using the vacuum correctly, once i did it following the red line brutality was a piece of cake.


Lizard, I guess that was it. But it was confusing because I would do the first three pills just fine and then the fourth one would just fall even though I wasn't moving any faster than before. Strange.


i'm having an impossible time with brutality in act 2. for me, the blood vacuum isnt sucking up the poison AT ALL - it sucks up the blood that comes out but thats it. i'm moving my mouse over the red bar as it moves, and the vacuum is right over the cut i made and the poison. help?


I think my main problem with Alan Probe, is when cuts and/or holes end up too close together and their targets start overlapping. Meaning you think you're closing up one cut while the game only pays attention to another. That's really annoying on levels like Joe (the bum) where you get a lot of tiny cuts. Gah.

Illarion March 14, 2008 5:13 PM

How to Beat Eddy in Act 2

First of all, you need to become an expert at your procedures. By now, closing up wounds, clearing out poison, and the rest should be second-nature to you. However, you need to hone them in to become as efficient as (in)humanly possible. Here's a list of special techniques for your tools:


Odds are, you know that the lighter is the tool to cauterize wounds. However, you may not know why: when wounds are cauterized, they can't leak blood. One of the biggest yet unnoticed hassles of this game is obscured vision due to excess blood. Unless you catch a wound early, the time sucker--I mean, vacuum--will NOT help you in this department. So, whenever you make a cut, memorize its shape, end points, and direction before it gets covered up. Also note that your flame is not produced directly at the tip of your cursor but rather in a cloud-shaped pattern above it. So, when a wound needs to be closed, the cloud itself, not the cursor, controls how quickly it closes. Note also that different wounds have a higher priority, meaning that the lighter will apply its work to a certain scar before the others. Experiment with this, because if you're spending a lot of time on one wound and it's not closing, it's probably because it's looking at your incomplete effort on another wound instead. Before facing Eddy, try tackling one of the very first missions to perfect the timing--it has to spend a certain amount of time on the wound and cover it from tip to tip.

Healing Salve

The salve is a life-saver, quite literally. It slowly returns some of the patient's health--or at least keeps it from dropping quickly--and completes the healing of a wound. It also has a hidden function. Whenever a wound is cauterized, it can spend a certain amount of time before it reopens and starts to bleed again. The salve stops this for good. The salve faces the same problem as the lighter: it produces a cloud-shaped blob above the cursor rather than at the cursor itself. So, adjust your motions accordingly. The same priority applies to the salve as it does to the lighter, so experiment to determine which wounds will heal first. Unlike the lighter, using salve never hurts the patient, so you can hold down the mouse button while dragging the salve over every wound on the board in sequence. Again, practice on Gracefuls or Cletus because you need to spend a certain amount of time and cover the wound from tip to tip.


In order to keep a wound shut, you need to apply staples. Now, round holes usually take one, but other wounds take more. The idea is to get the bare minimum of staples in order to get it closed. Most need to be secured twice: perhaps half an inch near each end, but not too far apart. A third staple might be necessary, but the idea is to use as few as possible lest time be wasted. Finally, when the wound is ready to be cauterized, you'll see an "OK" or similar comment, so watch carefully for it.


This sucks up everything, including time. Generally, for poison, you'll want to suck up all the discolored bits--but it will also suck up stray blood. If you don't get all of the bits within a (very) brief window of time, the poison will leech back into the cut marks and infect again, so act quickly. When dealing with only one poison wound, place the vacuum about 1 to 1.5 inches away from it, on a side that's clear of blood and other wounds. When dealing with two poison wounds, place it somewhere between the two and preferably away from as many other wounds as possible. Make sure to get an "OK" or better before switching out to a different tool--that means you've gotten it all up and it can't spread again. If you need to practice this, try Lumbar, Valerie, and Karl. If you do Karl without too much stress, you'll be golden.


As you know, you need to use this many, many times in order to get a patient back to a steady heartbeat and continue with a surgery. The best advice is to guess how much life you'll need ahead of time and fill 'er up to there. Also, try placing the corkscrew less than an inch below the salve button--at this place, you hardly ever get a cut. Cuts are bad because they take up time, so be careful. Finally, never forget to choose the salve each time; if you need another tool, make sure it's in your hand when you click on it.

Car Battery

At some point when dealing with Eddy, you'll begin to realize that he's not going to make it, usually because you're low on time. Grab the car battery an' give him a jolt to kill him and get back to the beginning faster.

Pizza Cutter and Chainsaw

To tell the difference between a line that requires a pizza cutter and one that needs a chain saw, consider what you're cutting. A chainsaw needs to be called in when you have to cut through bone, metal, and discolored (faulty) organs. The pizza cutter can cut through skin, into the inner chamber of an organ, and into regular flesh (whatever the background may be). However, neither of these are appropriate for the two big red spots on Eddy's stomach because

those are open wounds and need to be stapled shut.

Now then, let's move on to the patient.
Skin Level

Immediately grab the pizza cutter and go to town on the poison marks. Each one should take three whacks to bring the poison to the surface. Get them both open and then put the vacuum cleaner directly between the two. Run your cursor back and forth as you're holding the mouse button town to suck up the mess. Make SURE you see TWO "OK"s or better before grabbing the stapler. Do you see those two huge red marks on Eddy's stomach? Those are bite wounds and need to be stapled shut. It looks like the dog bit the poor guy's kidney, so you'll need to get inside as quickly as possible. Put a staple on each half of the bite to make it shrink down to a manageable scar; finish the wound and hit the others. Clean them all up, and hopefully you'll be at 3:45 or close to it. Now, before slicing in, get his health back up with a few dozen turns of the corkscrew. You need Eddy's health to be between 70 and 90 in order to succeed, so don't skimp on this step! When you're ready, grab the cutter an' dive in.

Phase I

Immediately you'll see more poison growing. Obviously, his damaged kidney will have to wait. Now, this is the hardest part: you need to get all of it up as soon as possible, or else it will spread. Slice open JUST the two on the left. YES, I know that one on the left is tempting. YES, it's getting bigger. NO, don't work on it yet. Open the two on the right and put the vacuum directly between it. Make absolutely sure you remember the positions, end points, and directions of the resulting scars--you'll need to know soon. Once they're both gone, turn your attention to the third. Now, about the time you get it open, you may or may not see a fourth poison. IGNORE IT. Make sure you get all of the third wound up before turning to the fourth. Once you're done, you can turn your attention to the scars.

Phase II

Now, the tricky part is closing up the scars. Odds are, you can't even see them. That's why you memorized where they were, right? ...right?
If not, you'll have to go crazy with the lighter running circles all over them until you get some hits. Remember that some wounds take priority and if you're not closing one, it's probably because another hasn't been fully closed yet. Get them all fixed up an' you can turn your attention to the kidney.

From there, it's insanely straight-forward. You've done the rest on

Meat Sack Jack,

so practice before ye go.

JoeyJoJo March 14, 2008 5:17 PM

With respect to Karl:

Don't be in a hurry to repair the cuts - this will keep his heart rate from increasing too fast. Focus on the first set of "poison spots" and then only heal the rightmost wound as it will be very close to one of the hidden "coffees" and it will make sucking up the poison hard when your vacuum is also sucking up blood.

Anonymous March 14, 2008 5:17 PM

the secret file is open, but how do i play?

RuthlessKelz March 14, 2008 5:35 PM

I beat Karl!!! yay!!! Now.. if I can only beat Eddy..


We just updated it again to fix some of the problems that popped up when we opened Act 2 (the rib cage and Horrace's bugs).

Act 2 does seem more difficult at first, but there's a certain order to everything, and when you find that the levels are easier. :) Keep trying!

Malletman March 14, 2008 7:44 PM

So Act 2, Patient 8 of Amateur Surgeon is really pissing me off... He keep crashing. Has anyone gotten an order down for that level yet?


So has anybody beaten the final eddie level for act 2, because the vacuuming in that is almost impossible.

TheAdmiral March 14, 2008 9:13 PM

I'm mostly curious about the secrets section. It looks like it's open. Or at least as open as locked secrets can be. Which begs the question: how do we (or can we) unlock those secrets? I've been trying to use the itchy sketch to scan patients for imbedded keys, but no luck yet. I've tried all but the last two of act 1, and I tried Animal, considering how much stuff he has in him.

Black Drazon March 14, 2008 9:44 PM

Just so everyone knows, the errors with Part 1 have been fixed as of a few hours ago.

subtlegoat March 14, 2008 9:54 PM

I'm finding patient 7 impossible!
is it my trackpad?
the cut wounds won't cauterise fast enough. :( halp!!!

Black Drazon March 14, 2008 10:08 PM

A few tips for everyone that's having trouble.

Poison (and Coffee) pools (Brutality, Karl, Eddie):

Have you noticed some of the weird traits about the vacuum?

Like how it randomly sucks up blood instead of the stuff you want?

You could clean up the area of blood first...

...but that just gives the stuff time to spread. It's better to start working immediately, so there's less blood to begin with.

But it's still not fast enough! Have you noticed anything else about the vacuum?

It has impeccably long range.

Cut up two nearby pools and drain them both at once.

Don't bother with Valerie or Peter, though, unless you're going for an A.

Joe's Tapeworm

To hurt the tapeworm, you have to shock it with the battery.

It's impossible to clean up all those cuts, isn't it?

If only they weren't there...

This is easier than it seems.

Shock it more than once in one go.

Hitting it three times, all the damage it can take, is easy.

Secret Mission #1 (thanks to the people at the Cartoon Network forums, I never would have got that last clue myself!)

The first version said you had to find a key...

...but you'll notice that message is gone, because there is no physical key! (yet?)

As far as anyone can tell, there's only one so far.

Have you seen any seemingly arbitrary goals that might get you this bonus?

No, it's not getting A's or High Scores (not yet anyways).

Any other abstract goals? Any way to... "measure" your success?

How about the Pimp-o-Meter?

You need to fill it, and randomly throwing staples around won't help you, but you DO need to use the stapler...

You need to add three staples that wouldn't otherwise have been there.

I don't think that Pimp plate looks shiny enough, do you?

Drop a staple on the dot of the "i".

And while you're pimping his insides...

Can you think of anywhere someone might want some bling on the outside?

If you think about it right, isn't a staple in the skin like a (horrible, inefficient, unsanitary) piercing?

Put a staple on each nipple.


darn it!!!

i hate cletus!!!! i keep doing the corkscrew and then he dies for no reason!!! what do you do??


I managed to finish Act 2 without TOO much difficulty (I've S-ranked all three Trauma Center games).

To fix up Eddie on Act 2, scene 8:

Fix the poison first. Cut both sections, then vacuum one at a time. I find that sometimes, it is better to put the vacuum to the side of the poison than directly on top. Your milage may vary.
Next, use the stapler and lighter to fix the big wounds. The big bite mark can be fixed with just staples and a lighter, like a normal wound. When dealing with big piles of cuts (like where he was poisoned) the injuries have to be cauterized and healed in the order they were made. Start with a horizontal motion, then vertical motions to get all the injuries in the stack.
When you get inside him, start with the poison: I find that the best way is to cut up the two spots of poison that are near each other first, and place the vacuum in between them until both are drained. Then cut and drain the last one as normal. Follow the same procedure as above for healing the piles of cuts.
Lastly, perform the kidney transplant. If you need more vitals (you probably do) use the corkscrew + pain killer a few times.

Let me know if anyone manages to unlock the special missions. I have all As for the first act, but I still can't play any of the special mission. Guess I need As on part 2 as well...

RuthlessKelz March 15, 2008 1:49 PM

Ok so I got the secret for doing the pimp over.. and got his pimp status up! Thanx for the tip
But is there a way to open the secret up for level 1??

Anonymous March 15, 2008 8:13 PM

Anyone else having problems w/ the hotkeys on some patients?
For example, on Eddy, I can't press 1,2,3, or 4 to get the pizza cutter, the "tongs", lighter, or salve. But on other patients I can. Is this another glitch or bug?

Also, anyone notice that during the (intro or outro) conversation (I can't remember) between Alan, the Doctor, and Animal...there are two doctors instead of one doctor and one Alan?

This Act has so many problems.

But yeah, the main point: hotkeys. Why aren't those available for some patients?

Veronica March 15, 2008 8:58 PM

I can't get past Peter, the poison spreads too quickly does anyone have any tips?

And thanks for the secret file Black Drazon =]

Anonymous March 15, 2008 10:33 PM

Having the same problem w/ Eddy as I did w/ Brutality. That poison just keeps re-appearing and spreading beneath the cuts that I'm healing from getting to the poison the first time. I'll make three cuts each in the two on the right side. I'll use the vacuum between them and follow the red bar back and forth. Before the poison is even fully sucked up, another blob of poison reappears beneath the cuts w/ one or two smaller poison puddles appearing as well.
I've tried doing them one @ a time. No luck.
I've tried doing them both @ the same time. No luck.
I've tried doing the one on the left first. Really no luck w/ that one.
I've tried cutting the lung (or whatever it is) out first...and then starting on the poison. No luck.

No way I approach it seems to work.

twice a day March 16, 2008 12:40 AM

for some reason edgar is impossible for me to beat. everytime i try to drop the pills into the wounds they automatically fall in the wrong place and he dies.
How do i beat him?


GGRRR!!! Coffee dude is driving me CRAZY!!! Why does this guy keep crashing?! Anything I try doesn't work. Anyone know how to do this?? Thanks!

condorin March 16, 2008 1:24 AM

weird when i played joe i took out the tape worm and when it came out it was a piece of a kidney?

well theres lots of lags/bugs though but its worth it!


I am having trouble with the Brutality too the poison keeps coming back or getting bigger, anyone know how to do it?


the only problem I had with act two was the glass shard/ribcage bug. Maybe it has to do with what version of flash is being used?


I really like this game (I'm halfway through Act 2), even though it's really buggy and inconsistent. A few times I've completed all of the requirements for a level but haven't been able to finish for some arbitrary reason. Reloading a couple of times works.

The worst is when you have to heal overlapping cuts in a certain order before they'll go away. Trying to cauterize in the wrong area can result in damage to the subject.

Sometimes you can restart the heart with the battery, and sometimes "INACCURATE" just flashes on the screen.

Having to reselect the pain medication every time when using the corkscrew results in many accidental stabbings.

bubbyloserpie March 16, 2008 6:32 PM

I'm still stuck on act 1!!! Lumbar er watever hs name is is EVIL! The poison gets to big and spreads!

anonymous March 16, 2008 7:28 PM

can someone plz help me perform this difficult surgery on valerie step by step if possible. i keep trying but her blood level continues to drop rapidly. any logical ideas hints tips or explanations? appreciated if you left them here as soon as possible!!!!

soccerfe March 16, 2008 7:49 PM

I'm stuck on valerie, before i can do anything inside the head she dies. what do i do??

SwimCeej March 16, 2008 9:17 PM

Clumpy wrote:

"A few times I've completed all of the requirements for a level but haven't been able to finish for some arbitrary reason. Reloading a couple of times works."

Can you tell me what you mean? Are you *sure* you did everything you had to? Sometimes when you use the corkscrew + gel it leaves very small cuts. They can be difficult to see on a red background but these often stop you from progressing to the next screen.

Either way, you should not have to reload to progress. If you've found a bug you can email me to tell me about it -- chris.johnston (at-sign)


for valerie:
1st: use the chainsaw to remove the skull
2nd: remove the pieces of glass then close them with the stapler
3rd: use the chainsaw on the dotted yellow line in the center of her head
4th: burn the first black spot, then make 3 cuts and suck the poison out
5th: burn the wounds then apply the cream and move on to the next black spot repeating the same steps
6th: apply the new brain half, burn it, then apply the cream
7th: put the new skull on, burn it and put the cream on.

*you havent finished using the chainsaw til all the yellow dots are gone
*you have not finished burning until all the black dots are gone
*you havent finished appling the cream til all the green dots are gone


someone please help im stuck on karl this crazy coffee guy is driving me do i keep him stable with out his heart rate going to high and dying on me?


for carl
you have to go as quickly as u can before his heart rate reaches 200 because once it hits 200 he dies. also dont make any mistakes because one extra mistake wwill kill him to. the key is to get all the poison before he hit 200bpm, dont worry about cauterizing just get the poison out first, that is the most important thing. then u wont have to worry about his heart rate.


please help me with lumber jack ,
i cant get past him

Anonymous March 17, 2008 9:25 PM

is it me or does the vaccum go extremely slow when you need it the most!?


lol. It's not just you.


Act 2 is freaking hard.


I'm stuck on vince..bugger keeps catching on fire an I can't put it out, inevitably causing him to burn to death. which sucks for me, because I can't just walk away.


I am having trouble with Act 2 - the lighter tool doesn't want to cauterize the cuts I made for excising poison. After I suck the poison, I find it impossible to get rid of the cuts - sometimes it takes as long as 15 seconds each for it to accept it as "cauterized". This is especially irritating when it comes to the last patient considering you have to make at least 18 poison-clearing cuts altogether. I have no trouble with using this tool on any other cuts, but the poisony ones are all but ignored.

Also, the game got kinda repetitive. I hope Act 3 introduces more new stuff and less cuts. Especially the poisony impossible-to-patch-up ones.


I am having trouble with the second guy in act two. Whenever I try to burn the wound he catches on fire. By the time I put them all out, time has run out.

Anonymous March 18, 2008 7:39 PM

I finally beat act 2 so when is act 3 coming out.


need help on peter in act 2. i hit 0 and lose to much blood before i even get to the third egg.


I'm having a problem with Karl...
I keep running out of time, because I have to cauterize so many wounds. Any help on how to go about speeding things up so I don't run out of time? I have it so it isn't dying on me, but I can't get everything complete, because I have to suction up so much blood. Should I just cauterize blindly?


Does anyone know how to get past Cletus in act 1? I use the corkscrew and the pain killer stuff but either you run out of time or get to 200 and he dies.

condorin March 18, 2008 9:52 PM

How do you unlock bum please?

Anonymous March 19, 2008 1:17 AM

Does anyone have any tips to get past Karl. I can't seem to beat him. This is what I have been doing... I cut all three coffee spots and suck up the poision on all three then cauterize and put gel on all of them (the right one first) to heal them. Then I move on to the scanner and cut out all the coffee pots. Then I suck out the coffee spots and staple the hole and start cauterizing. This all seems to go well until I am cauterizing and it kills him. I have tried different orders of doing things but I can't seem to figure it out. Any help?


the second part of Eddy inside is impossible, the vaccuum runs so slow when you put them in between the ones on the right by the time youv'e sucked up both, the poison reappears and you have to start all over again.


what do you do after you get all of the stuff out of animal's stomach?

Anonymous March 19, 2008 5:08 PM

to get the second person unlocked in the secret files, redo Donny the pimp and place a staple on each nipple.. and on the pimp plate, place a staple on the dot of the "i", this will bring the pimp meter up!! and unlock the superzero.. i mean.. well you'll just have to find out!!

Anonymous March 19, 2008 6:55 PM

How do you unlock the first person in the secret file?


How do you unlock the second patient in the secret file?

peter griffin March 20, 2008 2:29 AM

any tips on beating vince in #2 act 2


I hate this. When i am inside eddie, and should fire the cuts, the game don't do that. wait 20seconds, but don't heal it :(

Wonder Bread March 20, 2008 5:17 PM

For any pus problems, just cut all of them open and vacuum, don't heal the cuts till all the pus is gone. You can live with some bleeding as long as you don't has the pus spreading everywhere. Only time this has given me any problems is on Eddy in Act II. Had too much blood and had to vacuum it up, but I was still able to pass it.


This helps for many of the patients near the end of act 2, especially Eddy. You just have to use the car battery (zapper) on the patient when their heart rate reaches zero and the animation shows the stick figure passing out. This gives you an extra 15 seconds or so to keep going and you can use it whenever it shows the stick figure collapse.

A-non-mouse March 21, 2008 2:12 AM

I feel stupid but... can anyone tell me how to use the corkskrew and gel correctly? It doesnt explain well enough and it never works when I try it.


Alright, I'm on the bum in Act 2. I've done everything everyone has suggested on here, but it's not working. I wind up with too much bloodloss and it gets all over areas that need to be fixed so I can't do it fast enough. Any other hints?

Anonymous March 21, 2008 11:53 AM

How do you get an A on the first level - Dr. Bleed?


@A-non-mouse, to use the corkscrew:
1. Click the corkscrew, then click the gel (make sure both are highlighted before going forward).
2. Click and hold anywhere on the patient.
3. Continuing holding the mouse button down while you follow the red area as it moves around the circle. Release the mouse button at the completion of the circle when you get a "good" or "great."
4. You should now notice that the patient's heart rate has increased.
Ok, I'm now ready for Act III; I have managed an A on every patient except Eddy in Act II, where I can't seem to get anything better than a B. I also managed an A on the secret patient.

Total time: 37:28
Total score: 930,554


Hey this game was awesome! but i keep having trouble getting the pimp-o-meter up even though i put staples on his nipples and the dot in the "i"

Any advice!?!

idk i guess i was j.w

Anonymous March 22, 2008 3:36 AM

Honestly i don't know what it's wrong with this game but i can't pass brutality no matter in wich order i try to eliminate the clouds it just won't work. Let me know if they ever get the bug fixed

Anonymous March 22, 2008 9:17 AM

Really need HELP on the Pimp....


I finished the bum level on Act II! I wanna share my tip!

What you need to do is wait until he pops out the first time and shock him with the car battery three times in a row. Try and do it the very first time he pops out. Less bloodloss and time spent. Do it again when you get to the heart. Three times right away.

And on the Pimp:

Put a staple in each nipple and get to work. Use the chainsaw on the kidney, replace with the gold one, cauterize and gel as taught. Chainsaw the ribcage open (you've done this with Gus *Guts* in Act I) remove that and use the pizza cutter on the outline. Place the gold PIMP plate in and put a staple in each corner of it, and on the dot of the eye. Cauterize and gel. Replace ribcage and cauterize and gel. You can handle it from there.



Cut all the poison out ASAP. Make your cuts as close together as possible. On top of each other as you can. You want to let them keep bleeding since his heartrate is skyrocketing and if you hit 200 you crash. Keeping them close together will make it a snap to cauterize and gel when you finish up.
Next, use your itchy-sketch and the reveal the coffee bars. Cut them out, but do not remove yet. You will have to take them out ONE AT A TIME. When you remove the first one, cut and vacuum the poison right away. Don't heal it yet. Remove and cut and suck it up and then get to work cauterizing and gelling. His heartrate will be falling normally now, so work quick, but don't make a mistake.

I'm on Eddy in Act II and I just can't figure out how to cut and clean all the poison. Waiting too long makes too many large spots that will continue to grow. Any hints?


i need big help on peter for act 2. please answer back step by step


I'm also stuck on Peter! gah.



I don't know why so many people on here advise cutting open all of the poison/coffee spots at once. It wouldn't work for me. I got an A on Brutality by cutting each poison spot open individually and vacuuming before moving on to the next. If I open two at once that are close together, of course both will be sucked up, but I get a good instead of a great/awesome and that breaks my point chain.


Once I get into eddie it slows down so much to where I can't finish. The vaacum sucks so slow, but the poison still spreads fast and the timer doesn't run any slower. Its annoying! Is it a bug or a glitch in the game or is that just how it is. I breezed through the first 2 acts in about an hour and a half. When I got to Eddie, I've been on him for 3 days now!!! HELP??


can someone please answer back to me on peter step bt step. i cut open the first egg and poison. then i use vacumm then heal cuts. i go to 20-29 on heart rate. before i heal cuts for second egg i hit 0 on heart rate and die.


RE: Eddy - had a very hard time until I sucked up all the blood on the outside BEFORE opening chest. The vaccuum worked much better this way.


To cure Karl, you must let him bleed.

Anonymous March 24, 2008 1:54 PM

How do you unlock bum on the secret file?


ok, here is the deal:
I got done with everyone in both acts. Now I wanna improve my grades and also unlock the secret patients. But I just can't chainsaw properly... Is there maybe a certain way to do it? Because the game tells me that I'm too slow...Or I don't hit the yellow line completely cuz the body is shacking so hard...
any advises?


FINALLY! Finished Eddy in part two after about fifty tries. It was getting to be an obsession!

The trick was to kick his heart up to around 80 before cutting him open. Then the usual cut-and-suck-the-poison on all wounds, THEN heal all wounds, and finish with the kidney transplant. Finished with almost a minute left. DANG but that was hard!

Does anyone know if getting an "A" score is necessary to unlock any secrets? I have Stuporman, but so far that's all.


I tried the vacuuming the blood before I opened Eddie up at the end of actII and.... IT WORKED!!! I finally beat him!! Now for actIII


I finally managed A's on all patients in both Acts I and II. I can confirm that - at this point - having all As does not open up any additional patients. There is, therefore, only one secret patient available by the end of Act II.


To beat Eddy in file 2, follow the red square closely with your mouse. It'll suck up poison faster. Also, cut and drain one poison spot at a time. Going this way, you'll have to do four total.

He took me forever to beat but it was fun.

help with junk March 25, 2008 4:24 PM

i cant get passed junk on act 1.

i cant cut his ribcage open.
it keeps saying i am too slow.

any tips?



same here I am unable to cut out junks rib cage any tips please help


anny tips on how to beat eddy in act 1

anna Marshall March 25, 2008 10:44 PM

Does anyone know how to beat Jack??

Eddy was really hard, it took me forever to beat it!!! For eddy, try to suck out the poison individually, then heal the cut one or two spots at a time

Anonymous March 26, 2008 3:06 PM

i can't beat karl. every time i take the coffee bags out then try to cut out the posion he dies please help. a step by step response would be best. thanks

Anonymous March 26, 2008 8:59 PM

can`t beat eddy. i`ve tried everything that people have suggested on here & none of it has worked. can someone please give me any other hints?

quiquimm March 26, 2008 9:46 PM

i keep trying to beat horace but i cant i heal the bites then the ants start causing fires and by the time i heal the stuff the ants set a billion fires of him. i kill ants but i never have enough time i cant kill all of the ants in time without the ants biting or setting him on fire then i cantkill the ants without wasting time healing some stuff and everything gets in the way i need help.


All I have to say is Karl is kicking my butt. I can't seem to get past him no matter how hard I try and that is really frustrating. I'll be doing just fine and then in a split second I'm dead. This sucks.


How do you beat Jack? You lose too much life when you saw him!!!!! Please help me!


People Eddy is easy all you have to do is make sure that when you get the flames when those things in his body explode that you get the blood into the vacume quickly!!!!!


HEY! you guys! I just found a video on youtube on how to beat eddy the dog Part 2 :| AHHHHHHHHHHHh this game!!!

RegnigGinger March 27, 2008 4:07 PM

have you guys tried to use you tube!? look it up I finally beat eddy the dog >:[ GRR!


Heyy for all of you who are having trouble with Eddy in the 2nd part when you are vacuming out the poison you keep your mouse on the red line that goes back and forth and it will suck the poison faster!
hope i helped =]~


Does anyone know how to finish Animal?? I clear out his stomach and then nothing happens. I've tried everything! What am I missing??

queen-of-diamonds March 28, 2008 4:51 PM

God, this Horace guy has too many bugs inside, I can't finish them all!!

Jantheman March 29, 2008 10:54 AM

I had SOO much trouble with Peter in act II.... But i finally got through it. Heres what I did:

I hhealed all the cuts before going into the eggs, obviously. Then cut one egg at the bottom open, finish off the poison, finished this with his heart rate at about 25. Corkscrew him up to 30 (or 35 if it takes you along time, and move on to the next egg.
Then i basically just did the same thing for the next one, and the third one was simple. I finished with about 30 seconds left.



Does anybody know anything about the E rank? I got that once, but I don't know if it's good or bad? Also, how do you unlock the first character in the secret file?

queen-of-diamonds March 29, 2008 11:26 PM

I can't fix Karl.

I've tried everything... I can work on the first three 'stains' with no difficulty, but when I extract the first coffee bag and start cauterising his pressure just goes supersonic and dies.

The problem is that we have a device to increase a patient's heartbeats -corkscrew- but there's nothing to bring them down!

So I tried using the battery to stop the heart, then give him back to life and then use the corkscrew to increase the heartbeats a bit more but it's completely useless, he dies too.

Could someone who has finished with Karl post some hints or tips???