i beat satan in 17.4 martian days without cheats ...hehe...what do i do with the satan head...seriousley...i cant find it out...and can anyone tell me the way through the DRILL maze...the third one when you have to digg through pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls plk and hopw do i get skyaniuem? i fly up to 100003 but god keeps saying i have to much time on my hands...what now?


and BTW the Bling bling cheat is spelled blingbling with no spaces =)

Natas stinks August 24, 2007 6:09 PM

Oh and anther thing beating natas is sooo easy with cheats i did it the first time i played :) now im just going to see how much money i can get YAY!!! money!!!!!!! :})


hey anyone who wants to see how high they can get this is what to do:

first: put in the Ntouchable cheat and pause the game.

second: open up your limewire, Itunes, Napster, or whatever you have and play some tunes (my suggestion is to make a long playlist so you dont have to keep pausing and going back to pick a different song). if you dont have any try playing your DS, PSP, GBA, or any game system THATS NOT ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!! THIS WILL MAKE GAME CONTROLS UNRESPONSIVE!!!!

remember to put sound and music all the way down in motherload if you're listening to music or else it sounds wierd

third: unpause motherload and put something heavy (portable phone, cell-phone, ect...) and keep it there until you want to stop if you dont have anything heavy use Scotch tape on up(^) button.

Fourth: Get high[in game not in real life, drugs are evil:(] and play Your music/game until you want to stop.

thank you for flying AIR GREG, we hope to see you again





can someone pls tell me where the blueprints are.

gdsgsfsfg August 25, 2007 6:00 PM

it would take over 19 days of flying straight up to return satans head so dont bother


27 minutes no cheats....beat that

Leeroy Jenkins August 27, 2007 9:38 PM

25 minutes....even better :)...took me forever to do it though lol ...i will definetly look into buying the gold version!

Anonymous August 29, 2007 7:45 PM

haha, took me two hours to complete this game with no cheats, yes i have nothing better to do. With satan one i sit next to him and spam repairs and c4. And i pretty much did that with satan#2 but spammed repair like three times as much.

keith who loved it August 29, 2007 8:06 PM

dude the game is awesome. i think the cheats give it away though


omg 66666 lol devil's number is 666 lolll so funny cant stop laughing!!


1.9 martian days. Beat that! (used cheats though...)

Devilshalo September 3, 2007 5:10 AM

hahaha i dont no why u have to use cheats ive got the multi drill and it can drill through rock and is faster than the old top drill (cant remember name) oh and the idea about delivering satans head is a mystery ive got up 100,000,000 ft and cant do it oh and the angel takes half of the damage of your hull when you get hurt!!!

(complete challenge mode for multidrill (its worth it))


I've beatin Saatan Four times now (both of them) w/ no
cheats, and when I save the game and continue, the screen goes black, I have to restart my computer, and I'm back to my previous save. What gives?


It won't load! Every time I open a link, some weird repeating movie starts playing in which they advertize Motherload, Pillage the village, Stick arena, and Stick RPG. No matter what I do, I just can't get to Motherload!

[Edit: It's XGen's site. They've made changes to it recently that is preventing people from being able to play their games. Check back later once they've fixed it. -Jay]


Hey i have been typing in blingbling on the game i went on the game then went on the options typed it in blingbling but nothing happends do you have to press enter at the end or what?


you know whats funny about the heaven thing is that its only available to purchased version. I wonder if anyone else knew that?


What happens when you get the message that says:


hehe there is a glitch and i died but im still alive and im being followed by my destroyed ship thingie! XD|


Two things i noticed that are kinda funny. 1. If Satan's owning you, you can fly back through the roof to escape. 2. when you get pretty low, you can get so much minerals that you are too heavy to fly up.


I got to the very bottom and I found the entry to the core, but I teleported back to the surface as soon as it said it would attack me. :p I haven't used any cheats. Why does anyone want cheats, wouldn't that make the game less fun? Did anyone else notice that Natas backwards is Satan?


It's weird that the core is -66666 ft, since from the time your altitude meter breaks, that would mean that you descend about 61000 ft faster than you go down the first 5000 ft lol.


This game scares me cuz of Natas's creepy red eyes when he sends a transmission


ill help blingbling is a cheat gets you 100k


please help me I cant use the save thing i the online mode


Do you know how many feet down natural gas pockets start?


I've beaten the game in 3 days without cheat codes and it was pretty simple.
Don't know what everyone's complaining about. You just dig in the left side of the screen straight down until you have some cash to upgrade the fuel container. If you ran into some rocks, just blow it up with dynamite.

Then, when you reach the emeralds and rubys, collect them to upgrade your machine. Be careful after 4800 feet 'cause there are gas pockets. It could be any piece of soil except minerals, lava or rock. The best thing to do is to purchase an energy shield 'cause it can easily take one hit and then you should repair it. When you reach diamonds and amazonite you should just buy a lot of dynamite and plastic explosive to blow up every piece of dirt that could be a gas pocket. When you reach Satan, you should buy A LOT of plastic explosive and A LOT of nanobots to repair your hull.
That's it, have fun!


I can't beat Mr. Natas. It's too hard!


The first time i played it i knew the boss would be satan mr NATAS-SATAN fun game tho.

Anonymous October 7, 2007 3:12 AM

howdo you beat the boss


An easy way to get up is to hold down left mouse button to go up, then right click to bring up the option menu (settings, etc.). You just keep flying until you click again. You can also click away to check other pages etc., but when you go back to the screen, moving your mouse anywhere over the game screen stops it.

On the standard version, I flew up to 10,000 feet and got nothing.

Hope that helps.

miner gold October 11, 2007 5:42 AM

umm... do you need the goldium version to unlock the heaven or anything that exists in the sky???


to nec the angel gives you money when ever you dig


ive completed the goldium ver in 76.7 martian days with 3,462,449,250 as my final score. no cheats and the angel does absolutely nothing. when fighting satan have enough plastic explosives i made it all the way dowmn and killed him on my first try pretty boring if you ask me. although i loved the game itself.:)


How do you get to the core port! Whatever it is


i killed both bosses, then nothing happend, my fuel jsut slowly ran out, so i died


The angels DO DO SOMTHING!!!! heres what

Black Angel: Gives you money for each load of oil you get
White Angel: Cuts all damage you get into half (damage reduction)
Green Angel: Now, I know not many people have found this angel, and its SUPER hard to get but there is one. THERE IS A GREEN ANGEL!!! this one triples the value of all minerals(NOT EASTER EGGS)



Dylan Lynch November 4, 2007 12:10 PM

How do you tell when there is explosive gas so you can use
plastic explosives on it?


The gas is present when you are digging into soil, not gems. Use dynamite when needing to travel through soil. You can travel through the gems without a gas attack.

livingstone December 3, 2007 1:53 PM

Natas is satan backwards..lol thats funny..
i beat the game once and that was enough.
kinda weird game if u think about it..
anyway what is the alien blue prints?!? some kind
of super drill??? and what if u get the angel
and satans head then fly 200000 Ft?? just wodnring


I went down to -5000000 and atomaticly exploded!!

Anonymous December 7, 2007 5:14 AM

i cant get any of the cheats yo work


when does the first boss come at what depth ?

Anonymous December 8, 2007 4:00 PM

how do you type in ther cheats...do you need to buy the goldium version???


ok can someone send me some pictures of angels and\or god at virtual.goose@gmail.com... i just cant do any of it.

those mac users, just press apple+shift+4 to take a screen shot in the selected area.

windows,, cant help ya

i'd appreciate it!


this game was very cool. Only the first time I played it though. It got old after awhile. and realnice I don't have pix sorry. I reccomend people play this only once


OK, I beat Satan, and the game (free on line version)just ends, or saves and resets the score to zero.... How on Earth (or Mars) do you post those outrageously high scores?


ok for all those wondering about gas pockets i have a few tips

1-gaspockets are invisible they usually start appearing around 4500ft-5000ft.They get more frequent the further down you go

2-The only way to defend yourself is to buy a good turbine,a good hull and repair nanites from the repair shop.you could also just blow the ground up if you were feeling lazy.


Every time i get to -6000 feet, the next time i teleport or fly up, an exlamation point appears over me and my tunnel disappears. I dont know what to do and my patience is waning.
i also havent gotten any message from satan or fought anyone.

notgettingit February 16, 2008 12:27 PM

ya i know do u have to buy a version or something i just keep goin n goin and theres nothing i get to the bottom and im blocked by blackness i dont get it


I was killed by Satan and, pretty interesting, became a kind of wreck, but was able to do everything. I still could beat Natas. When I used quantum teleporter I found myself back above like normal. Only thing was that the wreck flew behind me constantly. Really weird. Probably because I used cheats.


does anyone know if the goldium edition saves your tunnels?


Those gas pockets are bummers.


Does something special happen when Mr.Natas/satan sayStop or you will be terminated...er...as in fired

wanties multidrill March 6, 2008 8:19 AM

how many challenges u have to go trought to get the multidrill


What does the oil bird do


hi I really like this game so I like to play it but almost always my cave caves in on me is there anyway that you can stop that or get back down to were I was?????? PLease HELP


Graeme, if I remember right, you have to keep upgrading your hull and stuff to handle the pressure the lower you go.

Just revisited this game for the first time in a couple years (this game is what introduced me to hardcore casual gaming, and this site). Such a classic.

They really need to make a sequel.


Hi, this is intresting,

Mr.dog "dog" backwards= god

Mr.natas "natas" backwards= satan



I was playing the standard version but how do i use the cheats? Is it only available in the purchased version?

jefffffff April 25, 2008 5:17 PM

yea im also wondering if u need to have the goldium edition. i know like all the cheats but havent been able to use them.


For all those who want to enter in cheats: go to the Options screen, then enter in the cheats! P.S. You get something called "CHEATER" and you can't save your game!

Anonymous May 4, 2008 2:14 PM

Hey quick question what do u do with satan's head once u get it and the game restarts.?????


You only need to fly up to 10,000 ft before god gives you the guardian angel.

hotsauceeater May 15, 2008 8:40 PM

An easy way to get down deep, is to go to the left as far as possable and just hold the down arrow. If the screen moves you will have to go right and then left to fix it. Otherwise use a teleporter and go to the fuel station.

Anonymous May 16, 2008 10:49 PM

where to you type in codes?


i got to down to 5000 ft but now every two seconds my pod explodes out of no where. i don't get it. also what is challenge mode and how do you play it???


hey all, i just finished the game in about 87 martian days or something :P

Anyways, for the questions about gas pockets, when you hit the 5000 mark gas pockets start appearing in normal dirt. So thats what causes your pod to spontaniously (not spelt right :P) combust.

To stop this, get a the best hull and the best radiator. With that you only take around half the hull meter of damage :)

And a question, i finished on miniclip and got satans head and all his body parts, then a screen asked me to save and when i clicked yes it reset to the main menu. When i loaded i was a nooby miner but with satans head... what do i do? keep killing him or something?


Hi again all, forgot to mention something. To get to satan in the large chamber, go to the far right of the level and there will be 2 aquares that are open and give you acces to THE UNDERWORLD! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

But you need some explosvies sometimes, but other times you can just mine through the dirt covering the "door". :)


here is how to do cool stuff

to use cheats you nead to be playing on xgen

to get ito satans layer go to the far right

how do you get the core telaporter without cheating


hey what do the engines do? i never figured out


ive only just descovered this but i cant figure out how to use cheats. and yes im on xgen and i still cant figure out how to use the cheats can someone help me?

jackson May 23, 2008 4:54 AM

how do i use cheats im on xgen and i still cant find out how to use them


hey i found out how to use cheats. you just go to options and type in the cheat code and it does a little tune to tell you that you got the code rite.
i found a site with all the good cheats as well.
its got every thing on it!
oh and there is one thing that im havin trouble with
litterally their driven me nuts cause theres just no
way you can detect them!

p.s what do ya do when ya get the devils head


here are some tips:

drill straight down and if you find a mineral, go get that, then drill straight down again, where you were already drilling.

for under saaaay... 2000 feet, bring one or two reserve fuel tanks, and if you have a good hull, bring a quantum teleporter, if you have a bad hull, get a matter transmitter.

please comment on how this works for you

hope this helps!


how do ya get a green angel?

Mater99 June 25, 2008 1:24 AM

What do you do after beating "Natas"? I stilll have his head

hotsauceeater July 2, 2008 2:08 PM

They need a motherload 2 where you can have sandbox mode.


I'm confused... I'm playing the miniclip version and I haven't happened upon ANY OTHER CHARACTERS... OK, that's kind of a lie... I got the weird message thingies but I haven't gotten anywhere since then... What am I doing wrong?


OK, so nevermind that last comment... I just got as far as I can go... I mean, I can't dig anymore... It's where the ground like, just stops... I tried diggin and it won't let me, tried plastic explosives, still won't work...


Anonymous July 9, 2008 11:17 AM

In simple to win the game you have to dig down to 66666ft then go as far right as possible then their is a gap, go down that grap and you will see satan.Kill satan and you complete the game.

You may think 66666ft is crazily far down but getting from 6000ft to 66666ft probably takes as much time as getting from 0ft to 6000ft i promise

also when you start the game i advise you to not try and save up 500000 and then buy one superb part, this is because you will have to collect so many starting rocks (iron, bronze) it would take to much time. if you want the superb parts you need to get to 6000ft and then drill the minerals worth 500000k a piece.

the value of gems rapidly increases as you go down so i would advise you to try and go straight down, although due to the rocks you can't drill through you may not be able to have one single straight path but rather a few

also to kill satan you need loads of cnc explosives and repair bots, seriously you need between 100-200 of each. You may think it will cost a lot but when you get really far down (aka when you are so close to satan) their are tons of minerals worth 500000 so you can easily get enough money to get between 100-200 of each

i would also advise you buy teleporters when you get to like 4000-5000 ft because it means you can use more fuel digging for minerals because you dont have to use petrol flying up, also if you dont use teleporters it can be hard to get to the top because without realising its easier to make a maze of tunnels which have dead ends and stuff

also when you start meeting the gas pockets you need to carry repair bots, trust me you can die so quickly unless you carry repair bots, and to lower the risk of death from gas pockets just try and drill through minerals and blow up rocks

the game is quite easy just requires patience tbh, people who say they win it in like 25mins are just incredibly good or very big liars

also one other tip especially in the early stages relics can be so useful, i found a relic worth 50000 when i was digging up minerals worth a few hundred

Anonymous July 10, 2008 1:06 PM

You reach about -5800 feet then the numbers scramble. After you get down to the boss use a bunch of repair nanobots and plastic explosives.

hotsauceeater July 14, 2008 9:45 PM

how do you deliver satin's head (or mr. natis) to mr. god?! (or mr. dog.) how many feet do you have to fly?!


im playing on the miniclip version and the last transmision ive gotten was from this other miner talking about his wife and kids,ive gone up to 10,000 feet,and no god.any help? do i have the wrong hights? wtf?? p.s.,also havent hit gas pockets or anything so im wondering if miniclip has like an old version or something

aidancostello15 August 1, 2008 4:22 PM

when i tried the cheats and then i saved it said "cheaters can't save"


I dig straight down and eject IRONium and COPPERium because they're worth 50% and 75$.
the element names are dumb. elements should sound more un-earthly.


this games easy i killed satan like 20 times lol


try spelling natas backwards s-a-t-a-n


Listen you need 100 plastic explosives and 100 nanobots if you're good... radiator to stop the gas expolsives from owning you... large hull... keep blowing him up with the plastic explosives when you're preferably behind him or ahead of him.


blingbling adds $100,000

ntouchable max upgrades & 99 of all items and press 0 for transport to 6666 ft

fillerup refill fuel

supersize upgrades cargo bay to the next best cargo bay

digdug upgrades drill to the next best drill

warp9 upgrades engine to the next best engine

guzzle upgrades fuel tank to the next best fuel tank

penetrable upgrades hull to the next best hull

toocool upgrades radiator to the next best radiator


If you have enough fuels, try to travel around 4000feet so that you do not encounter gas pocket. After you upgrade your armour then go further down..

This game is quite addictive. Try to collect more Satan heads, I have 3 already and the game just keep getting more and more difficult..


I almost finished the game, when satan fights you, you have to use plastic and dynamite to weaken and kill him. I died when his health bar went to 100/1000.


The game starts to get funny when you get over a million dollars or more because you can buy just about anything in the game. so you end up buying hundreds of everything because you have too much money! You could practicly give it away!what happens after you beat the bosses? Do you just die in that hole in the middle of Mars, or actually find the motherload? Food for thought.


I hope there'll be a sequel... perhaps the boss would end up being Mr. Reficul or Mr. Lived.
But who knows?

I think, if they do manage a sequel, there should be other mining pods active in the area, and if they get stuck or damaged, you can help them, instead of them having to "self destruct," and vice-versa. It would be interesting.

adfgafgdfgda November 11, 2008 12:12 PM

yeah fun game
very fun
the boss battle at the end is hard and you need a load of explosives.
To get past 5500 ft you must get the maximum hull upgrade otherwise you'll explode from the gas pockets. (it 500000$)
Here are some cheats that might help

Go to options and type these in you will here a sound that notifies that the cheat has worked.
(Note that once you enter a cheat you may not submit scores or save)

*blingbling -------- Additional $100,000
supersize ---------- Bay size +1
digdug ------------- Drill strength +1
warp9 --------------- Engine strength +1
guzzle Fuel ------------- tank size +1
penetrable -------------- Hull strength +1
**ntouchable ------------ Maximize all parts and give access the the core transporter (press 0)
toocool---------------- Radiator strength +1
*fillerup ----------------Refill fuel

* = highly recommended by me

hope you enjoy! :)


Let's get things straight:

-you can only use cheats on the goldium edition or on xgenstudios. miniclips wont work

Beating Satan:
-first of all, you will definitely need at least 30 hull repair nanobots. the minimum for me was around 19, and maximum was 79. so, take your time and get 100 or so.
-you'll need at least 50 plastic explosives (c4) to beat him, in the 2 versions. (dynamite is next to useless here)
-then, you'll need the second best fuel tank (or better) and the second best engine (or better) to make it easier on you.
-you will want around 10 fuel injections just in case
-to beat satan, simply stay at the ground. when he turns towards you, literally charge to him. use the plastic explosives right when your pod sprite lines up with his feet sprite. you'll do around 100-200 damage.
-when you rush to the other side, you both take damage. you have 30 hull repair nanobots. he doesnt. use 1 or two.
-repeat this process and he'll be down in about 2 miuntes (first form) and 3 minutes (second form).

easy money, no cheats:
-dig 3 "straight down" tunneels: one between fuel stop and mineral processing, one below saving bot, one between junkshop and itemshop.
-dig to around 1500 feet maximum. now, make "mine shafts" around.
-pic up the following:
-religious artifact (looks like ankh):$50000
-treasure chest (a chest with gold):$5000
-martian skeleton (bone and skulls):$10000
-dinosaur bones (big bones): $1000
they wont take up cargo space, the money is directly transferred to your account.

after getting all 4 (or at least the ankh symbol), save and qit the game.
load the game at title screen. your money is still there, but the ground is "reset". now you can get that religious artifact for 50 grands again!

hope this helps.


To reduce damage to your hull from lava and explosions, get better cooling systems.

To reduce risk from lava or gas pockets, use explosives liberally.

Also, the easiest way to play the game is to dig straight down, only stopping to build secondary mine shafts if there are particularly valuable resources.


Hehehe...I found a cheap trick/glitch

When I'm drilling a long tunnel, and say i missed a good mineral/ore, and i want to go back and get it. Usually, I don't feel like going up until i find a place where i can drill left/right. Instead, i kind of move along the tunnel, until I find this glitchy thing where my pod stops in midair, without me having to press any arrow keys. Normally, people treat this as an inconvenience, and try to "get out" of being "stuck". I, instead, exploit this by pressing right/left. The pod will begin drilling at a VERY slow pace, but do not give up drilling. about halfway through drilling, you can press in the same direction again and you'll drill through.

There, i made a shaft into the wall where there was nothing to land on :P


Bit of a problem I've run into. I stumbled onto the free game hosted on the X-Gen website (thanks, Jay), had played on and and off over the course of a week (hey, some of us still have jobs...) and was really loving the game, had been using the 'save' option so I could get back in at the level I'd worked up to...And then about a week ago the site started doing something weird--every time I open using the link above, it takes me to the XGen site, then when I click the "Play Now" button for Motherload, it opens the new window as per usual, running ads, giving the usual info below the mini-screen where the game is supposed to load, etc., but the game never loads--the mini-screen just stays black?
Jay--or anybody--have any ideas what's going on? As far as I know, nothing unusual has happened on my laptop. I tried it over several days, figuring they were just doing some site maintenance or something....
A little help please?


Disregard my previous comment--I found a problem with my Active-X/Adobe Flash on my system, and the game is working now. Thanks all...