At the very last puzzle, think all the pics are oriented correctly, marbles in place correctly, but clicking on the red marble in the human head doesn't do anything. I see someone else (sillybuttons) had a similar problem, but s/he didn't have the red marble there, I do. Yet nothing.

I'm almost positive the orientations are correct, but I guess a diagram of that final puzzle would help. Thanks.


Never mind! Just kept clicking to change the orientations on the glyphs, and though I ended up with exactly to my eye what I had originally, it worked, and I got through.

Great game, which I define as one in which the solutions are actually findable with only a hint or two. I know that purists hate walkthroughs, but for many of us, having that one or two hints at a really bad stuck point makes all the difference between walking away in frustration and enjoying the game. They're implemented well on this site!


Apropos of my last post, that the best games to me are those that don't rely on some far-out esoteric combination of clicks to get a clue but allow for some logical thinking (and maybe a bit of luck), I thought it would be fun to point out in the comments after each game if there are any "far-out" steps that even a bright gamer would probably miss without a hint.

For this game, there was just one for me: the way to get the number for the hexagon

that you have to push the lever again, go to the roof and watch the windmill to find the number

. Even the walkthrough had it wrong :).

I think one out of so many clues is pretty darn good work on the designer's part!


i cant go past step 35. i cant put the blue or green gems into the clock socket


I just can't open the second metal door, up the ladder :(


plz i really need help with that puppet use the form from the book and then say wut parts i must click to get it to input after u get 2nd piece of thing behind painting u can also add my msn and explain it on there


Definitely the best point-and-click I've ever played. And Pineapple- thanks so much for the hint-through. I only needed a couple of points in the right direction, and you provided the option to get just what I needed and no more.


I can't put the green gem in the clock either.


For those of you trying to put the "green gem" in the clock:

In the hint-through, I referred to the different colored spherical stones as "marbles," and the round stone with the gold trim from the box top as the "green gem", in order to distinguish the two. But some folks have referred to the round glass pieces as "gems," so we might have confused you.
If you are trying to put a round marble-like sphere into the clock, you're using the wrong item. You need the green gem with a gold bezel, which is on the lid of the box under the desk.
In the Hint-Through, Part 3, make sure you've worked through the "Seashell Picture Puzzle" and the "The Green Key Puzzle," or you aren't ready to solve the frog/eyebeam/clock part.


@Babs, barbara, carolyn, hazel, Justin, ginger: thanks so much for the kind words. Happy to help!


Yeah, baby!! We should ALWAYS have a hint through! I get interrupted so often, it's nice to know where I am without being told "do this, do that." SO NICE!!! Thanks, pineapple!

This was one of the best ever. I loved that

there was still another puzzle after the elevator ride!

That just made my day.


Also, if no one answered skoodge and jazmine:

Turn your diagram so that the arrow is pointing in the same direction as the hand of the clock


Well cant figure out this.

My code for the second box outside is 96149 but it will not "compute!" the box will not open. HELP



The code for the box on the balcony is different for every player; you can't follow a walk-through on the numbers. So we have to assume that if you say your code is to be 96149, you're right. So, make double sure that all your digits are correct, and that you've got them in the order that the marble tells you:

which is, Blade-Hexagon-Gear-HalfCircle-Blade.
And, make sure you're entering the digits right. The keypad isn't laid out like the ten-key on your phone or computer keyboard. It orients differently, as shown in the sketchbook.

So, if you put the digits in numerical order on the keypad, beginning in the top left and moving clockwise, you should see which way to input the code.

And since the 9 appears twice, you have to "unpush" it.

So, make sure you've accounted for all that:

  • Collected the right Roman numerals.

  • converted them properly to regular numbers

  • Matched them properly to the code as shown in the marble

  • Input them correctly on the keypad

  • Unpushed the last button

Also, there's no obvious sign that you've unlocked it successfully, you have to just back up and try the handle.
If you did all that, and still no luck, it sounds like you are collecting the numbers from the wrong place or that you aren't matching them to the code.


Awesome awesome awesome...! LOVED this one!! Perfectly logical, beautifully designed, and not too hard for an idiot like me. Agree with dsrtrosy... LOVED that the game didn't end with getting out of the room! Ah, the afterglow...


Do you know how detailed this game is? The Wine bottle is the classic shape of a German/Alsace region wine, the wine glass with it's characteristic lip matches!



Also, the hexagon is not 6. It's the number that you see when you climb up the ladder and look up to the windmill. It's the number on the rotating "hexagon". Wait for it and it'll appear.
Hope that helps; it took me quite a while to figure it out =)



ok so what you are missing is that, in the box that says where the fish is supposed to be there is a pearl on the bottom right!
now do the same as b4 and you are done with that :D


just completed it, my favorite escape game sofar :D
very well done.
plz make a nr 2


I just wanted to say I really like the "Hint-through" idea. I love point and click games but can rarely figure them out without having to get help from a walkthrough. The Hint-through for this game let me solve more of it on my own, and I needed less help. That's a great idea, and I hope you great point-and-clickers can keep posting Hint-throughs for future games like this.

Great job!!


Another nifty touch is the Venus flytrap plant. The two small traps each require two clicks to close. This is because real Venus flytraps have six trigger hairs, and to prevent false triggerings by non-living things (like falling leaves, which would waste the plant's energy without providing nutrients), two different hairs must be triggered, or a single hair triggered twice, in quick succession.

Outstanding puzzles in this one. The interconnectedness is brilliant.


Best one yet. I love these... I can never do them without hints... but I keep coming back...way to go.


It's probably too late to post this, but I will anyway.

Basically, look at this if you're stuck, but only want a little push.

Miscellaneous Hints for Vision

Q: I found a screwdriver handle, but no head!
A: Find something in the room that resembles a screwdriver head, then figure out how to get it.
Q: This drawer has no handle, just a keyhole. And I don't have a key.
A: Actually, the handle is the key. Find a handle, and it may be in the least expected of places.
Q: This drawer is locked but there's no keyhole or combination lock!
A: Maybe the lock is a little more well-hidden than a keyhole.
Q: I found this doll and I can pose it, but what do I do with it?
A: You'll soon find the solution to this problem. Just keep looking.
Q: I found a book with ZO written on a page, but the rest of it is torn off.
A: Find what was torn off and put it back in - it's got to be around here somewhere.
Q: I can't seem to open the box with a fish skeleton on it.
A: The code to this box will show up soon enough - just be patient, and don't focus exclusively on it.
Q: I can't seem to open the circular box in the drawer.
A: There are two components in the room that will help. One is the code, the other is the code key.
Q: I got a bottle of wine, but can't open it.
A: You'd better find a bottle opener, then.
Q: What's this marble do?
A: There's clearly something special about the marble - but to discover what, you'll need to put it in its proper place.
Q: I found some numbers written inside shapes, but what are they for?
A: When you find out what they're for, you'll know you've found it out, so just record the numbers and move on.
Q: What on earth does this box do?
A: You'll probably notice you can look through the lens, but it's empty. You need to find something to put in the box and look at.
Q: I can't find all the numbers!
A: There are three. None of them are in plain sight but are not in excessively uncommon places, either. Look behind, to the side, and inside of things.
Q: Okay, I got a four digit number and put it in the combination lock, but I still can't open the drawer!
A: Remember the Order of Operations.
Q: What on Earth is the Venus Flytrap for?
A: The plant itself isn't of importance...yet.
Q: I pushed the right buttons on the clock but nothing happened!
A: Then you didn't push the right buttons. Double-check your figures.
Q: What is that odd-shaped chunk of metal?
A: It's vital - but not for a while yet. Don't worry about it for now.
Q: I have a complete screwdriver now - but what can I screw up - I mean, unscrew?
A: Screws, obviously. Look around for some.
Q: What am I supposed to do with this frog? I can spin it, but that doesn't seem to do anything.
A: Something on that frog is out of place. Take it.
Q: Whoa, what's this weird thing in the wall for?
A: It's your passage to the outdoors - though not to freedom. Find all the metal pieces to unlock it.
Q: I got the painting off the wall, now I'm stuck!
A: Remember how you found the code for the clock?
Q: I put the orange marble into the seer box, but what does it represent?
A: The eye symbol is a massive clue to the whole thing. This is one of the hardest puzzles in the game, so I won't spoil it.
Q: I'm pretty sure I figured out what the orange marble is telling me to do, and I did it, but nothing happened.
A: You'll need to use the orange marble to help, then.
Q: The light beam is only pointing at the clock - there's nothing I can do to the clock!
A: You need something to deflect it.
Q: But I can't find anything to deflect the light beam!
A: Start by finding something round and reflective, then find a way to get it.
Q: I found the second metal piece, now I'm stuck.
A: Pull away the platform the piece was on.
Q: I don't have anything to go in those holes!
A: You had best find something, then - or you may already have it.
Q: Uh, I found a shell collection of some sort - what do I do with it?
A: It happens to be a code - and you already have the key. Also grab the yellow marble from it.
Q: What does the stuff in the sketchbook mean?
A: The last drawing is the most important. The other two are also important, but less so.
Q: Hey, I have all the metal pieces in and it rotated a bit and game me the key, but there's still something missing.
A: That something is in your inventory - although you'll need to find a new part to replace what you pulled off of it earlier.
Q: Wow, I'm outside. But what do I do?
A: Observe the sketchbook, which should give you an idea of what to try next.
Q: Hey, I took the gear out and now I'm locked outside!
A: To get back in, you just have to put the gear back in. Of course, now it's at the top, so you must open that panel.
Q: I pressed the buttons on the panel according to the sketchbook - how come nothing happened?
A: The sketchbook doesn't provide the code.
Q: Then what does it provide?
A: The key.
Q: I finally opened the panel, put the gear in, got the key, went inside, got the rest of the broken gear, took the regular gear out, and put the broken gear pieces in - but now what?
A: Put the unbroken gear on its mounting inside (keep in mind that the windmill has to be off).
Q: I'm underground and I found the puzzle and rotated all the pieces to make a set of complete shapes, but still nothing has happened.
A: The center one has a marble in it, but the rest don't. Fix that problem.
Q: Um, I have the marbles in and still nothing is happening.
A: Make sure they're in the right places.

cutie_nica February 15, 2008 8:40 AM

the nicest game i played;)


I can't seem to get back up to the code box on the windmill. I turn it on & off and still can't get back up. Can someone help me. I have all the marbles.
This is a great game

pinkjaguar12 February 17, 2008 2:16 PM

To ANYONE who cis having trouble with the fish box!!!


I am pretty sure that the "viewer box" is a trigger to the fish box. I didn't look in it and clicked the fish about 100 times and nothing. Then I realized that I had a new marble and I hadn't looked into it! Then I looked into it, tried again, and VOILA!!! The box opened immediatly!!!

Hope This Helps!!!

romanpeach February 18, 2008 4:27 PM

Help! I can't seem to get past the shell picture. I have the directions: left, up, down, left, right, but they don't seem to work.


the best point and click game I have played in months.. the 3 colourful dots at the end were an especially nice touch.


That was a great game! Thank you pineapple for the Hint-Through. It makes playing the game much more fun than a straight walk-through.


Man, this was the first one I've ever solved without any help. Insofar as that goes, this is totally the best one I've played. haha


This is stupid, I know, but having solved the puzzle to get the

second piece of metal from under the floor

I can't find the

handle to put into the holes


I can't get the pegs in the right position to get the wrench for the couch.


for some reason i cant get the

green gem to go into the clock



what is an "order of operation? because i did everything in order and when i got to the combination thing it didnt work! i calculated everything right and it still didnt open!!!



i cant either but i found out that ur not suppose to use the marble. te thing ur supposed to use is the green gem on the lid of the box where u got the key from the back of the picture frame... but i cant seem how to remove it. it just keeps on opening and closing.


What amazes me most about this is how many people don't know basic arithmetic.

Order of operations: (1) parentheticals; (2) exponents; (3) multiplication/division; (4) addition/subtraction.


Wow, I'd had this saved in my RSS reader for a while, waiting until I had some spare time to play it... I am so glad I did! The environment was so beautiful, and the puzzles were great; tricky, but they all made sense.


I'm stuck at the "Hidden Compartment" section, or step 36 from the complete walkthrough.

I used the handcrank on the floor to open the hidden compartment. It gave me the second piece of the puzzle which I know when it goes. Now there are three holes that I'm supposed to use a "wierd peg tool" to open it. I don't have a "wierd peg tool"? The closest thing I have is the doll??

Rick Weinberger February 26, 2008 5:31 PM

The hidden compartment puzzle seems to me like it must be solved through the peg doll, but the following doll configuration matches the holes with a handle to spare and doesn't work. All directions are relative to the doll, so his right is your left if you're looking at him face-on. Order is hip-knee-ankle or shoulder-elbow-wrist, as appropriate.
Right arm: rru
Right leg: ruu
Left arm: llu
Left leg: ddd

Any tips or pointers?


This is a test post, as I have now twice over had a comment eaten for no obvious reason.

[Edit: Without a site account to comment with, your comments are held for moderation by us. We screen anonymous comments carefully for inappropriate content. If you create a site account, your comments will appear immediately. Thanks! -Jay]


I am having a problem getting the green marble into the illuminated 5:00 hole in the clock. I have checked the walk-through and have done all the steps correctly. The green marble just will not go in the above-mentioned hole, and I have clicked all over the place! Any suggestions?


Im having trouble with the WHOLE game...


I still got problems..


everything was falling into place nicely until the secret compartment, aaaargh.

the one thing which i need a walkthrough on and it only suggests using something which i figured already, but wont work.

back to pulling out hair i guess...


Actually, scratch my last comment turns out im just an idiot, ha ha. nevermind.


the crank wont turn/open/do anything, and it's driving me insane. is there any special trick besides just clicking? I checked and I've done everything in the walk-through up to this point (after the frog).


One of the best point and click games I've played in a while.

Havoc Master/Chaos Master March 1, 2008 12:29 PM

This is the best point and click ever!

Hooray for the hint-through! A hint-through is much better than a walk-through since in a hint-through you can just check when you're stuck and then with a little nudge in the right direction it gets you back to another 10 minutes of solving it yourself! Then you're stuck and another little nudge gets you going for so long you finish it without using the hint-through for the last part of it, since you have all the puzzles worked out!

Farraman March 1, 2008 1:25 PM

I am stuck, I've followed the walkthrough, but it won't let me put the green gem in the 5:00 spot. Any suggestions?


Something strange...

I seem to have only one comment here though I can quite clearly remember submitting more. I don't see why they would have been moderated, they were saying this is a truly remarkable game, nothing negative or anything that would trigger moderation.

Jay, any ideas where those comments went? Not as if it was that important just curious.


S: I remember seeing them in the comments section, so they got thru - but disappeared later.

FunnyMan March 1, 2008 6:51 PM

bioLarzen: I'm seeing several by you on the earlier pages of comments.


i did it!!! woop woop! tip for you ppl, read everythin on this page! notjust the walkthrough but also the tips and the comments! trust me! it helps!!!! woop!!!! its soo beautiful, the graphics!!!!!

Cass_Lovely March 2, 2008 9:57 PM

I love the point and click games. My 11 year old daughter and I come her eoften to find them. It is something we can do together. Imagine that? Something that we can ENJOY together!

melanie March 3, 2008 3:05 AM

I discovered the game yesterday, finished it with a little help of the wonderful "hint-through" (Thank you so much for it) and immediately sent a message to the ultra talented japanese girl who created it to congratulate and thank her.

Her name is Mya and her email is [email protected] or you can find it on her website.

Just in case someone else felt like showing her some apreciation.

poboxchrissy March 4, 2008 12:42 AM

OMG, please help. I am outside at the second metal box. I have gone over the code 50 million times and I can't get the box open. When I push the buttons do I leave them pushed in? or do I click on them and make them unpushed? When i go up the ladder to look at the code on the windmill is that the code for the windmill or the darn hexagon? cause I'm sure my code is 76397, but it wont work! HELP!!

Charasaur March 4, 2008 6:08 PM

I can't get the 2nd keypad up on the screen what do I do wrong

Anonymous March 4, 2008 7:44 PM

help! i can't find the panel in the corridor


This is a great game, I had a lot of fun doing it. Just a note that the hand crank only worked for me the FOURTH time going through the whole game, exactly the same way. So if you are SURE you are doing the right thing, I can only suggest restarting...


I have the bottle, bottle opener, and the wine glass, but can't seem to open it. Help would be greatly appreciated.


For the clock puzzle:

You need to align the pattern on the bottom of the venus flytrap so the arrow points the same was as the clock hand. Then press the buttons clockwise from the clock hand.


Please help......I have the wooden head knob key in my inventory, yet I cannot open anything with it....does it go anywhere special?....i would appreciate the help. Thanks

allimarie March 9, 2008 3:06 AM

Loved it! Why can't all escape-the-room games be this intuitive and fun?

csifan14 March 9, 2008 9:06 AM

i have just opened the hidden compartment and moved the base to reveal three holes. can anyoe tell me what goes in the holes and if it is the little wooden man how does it need to be arranged because i am really stuck. if anyone can help it would be great

allimarie March 9, 2008 11:18 AM


Have you checked all the drawers?


Have you found a weird piece of metal with five prongs that you can push in?

csifan14 March 9, 2008 3:07 PM

thanx! but no i havent found i weird piece of metal that can be pushed in, where do you find it?

allimarie March 9, 2008 7:04 PM

I think

it's on top of the (dark wood) shelf. When you click above the shelf it will show you a view of the top, and it should be sitting there. Once you examine it, you'll probably know what to do.

Sorry I didn't reply until now! Hope this helped.

csifan14 March 10, 2008 1:32 PM

thanx alot i have found it and u really helped:)


This was a gorgeous, nicely layered, and very accessible game. I did need to resort to hints from time to time, but for once it didn't feel like that was because of a silly pixel hunt issue or some logic leap that came out of left field (it was just 'cause I'm slow sometimes :p). I dug the puzzles as much as the graphics. 5 stars! *****


hey i have opened the panel in the wall where the second chunk of metal is but there is no wrench of any kind?


GARRG! Why can't it save automatically, I axidently clicked the close button instead of minimise,and now all my hard work has gone!


Marbles the Cat March 15, 2008 6:40 PM

Can someone help me with the screwdriver? I have the handle and the blade but I can't figure out how to create it! I've clicked all over both with the other, but they still won't join!


I really liked the last puzzle.

It was a great take on Netwalk, but with nicely designed symbols, combined with a great use/reuse of the pretty pictures in the code/marbles.

A great example of how a puzzle doesn't need to be horrible difficult in order to be immensely satisfying.


Marbles the Cat:

You closely examine the handle with the magnifying glass icon and then use the blade on the hole in the handle.


I have a serious problem with the part "magnifier"...why cant I put the green marble in the hole?? It s just not I'm stucked there...please help!! Id like to get to the end

diodavid March 19, 2008 7:20 AM

I cannot find the screws on the frog, somebody help me!


The screws are under the frog

And I cant find the number for the combination locked cabinate...I found the numbers 52, 49 and 23 can someone help me


I am having a problem getting the green marble into the illuminated 5:00 hole in the clock. I have checked the walk-through and have done all the steps correctly. The green marble just will not go in the above-mentioned hole, and I have clicked all over the place! Any suggestions?

pls help me


Absolutely stunning game - and a fantastic walk-through (thank you pineapple) with just the right level of 'hint' and give-away. Really enjoyed this. Superb 10/10


I finally finished!!! I can still be happy even if i did use the hint-through. Thanks Pineapple it was awesome!


My new favorite excape game...great hint-through! I wish every game had something like that!


For those having trouble with the metal box outside:

Go up the ladder and then look up to get your correct number for the windmill. Mine looked different until I went up to have a look

Hope that helps!


The hexagon in the windmill equation isn't always the number six:

There is a shape out here that matches that hexagon.

The sketchbook shows the hexagon as well.

Did you look up?

You'll need to make sure the windmill is spinning when you go up the ladder for a closer look.

Waaaaaiiiiit for it...

It's different in every game. When I went through, my hexagon number was five.

Anonymous March 24, 2008 7:45 AM


plz help the guys that cant put in the green marble in the 5 o'clock spot.

I read the help and one was actually trying to help but stop trying to be tricky and just tell us lol.

This game is amazing but its as easy frustrating if you cant do as told if you are stuck.



I'm with JoeP: I've got the metal head in the puppet but can't put him back into the drawer unlocked by lifting the fruit. Where does it go?

And thanks for the hint-through. Reminds me of the old UHS. And it's great!!


Ok, LISTEN UP. to all the people having problems with the clock:

You're not supposed to put the green marble in the clock, try something else

It's under the desk

Take the green gem out of the box using the screw-driver and put that in the clock.

Obviously there's a lot of confusion here.


what is the code for the first time you do the metal box?


Vision has got to be the best Neutral game yet. Certainly a step above all the other escape room games. Logical, theme based and each unique in the way it is laid out. I spent three hours working through the inside and after I took a lunch break, finished the outside back in. I just stumbled on the hallway when I was about to give up and go to a walkthrough. What a game. Amazing bit of quality work. My complements and thanks to our gracious host for giving us yet another jem of a game. Thank you.



I cannot get the wine bottle to open. I have all three components, but I cannot get it to open. What am I not doing?


ok, I have put the metal head on the doll, but i dont know what to do with it from here, or where to put it. help?


The wine bottle:

Open the corkscrew

Zoom in on the bottle, click on the corkscrew and then on the zoomed in bottle to get an opened bottle

Zoom in on the glass, click on the opened bottle and the then the glass to pour the wine in.


This is an awesome game. Just beautifully done. Thanks so much for the hint-through, pineapple!


Very nice game, even if I needed hints . Congratulationa Mya !


Thank you, Dylan! To all of you who are stuck...remember to open the corkscrew twice ;)


Sorry guys, but I can't seem to put my screwdriver together...I've got the handle and the drillbit but when I mozz them on each other they don't work?


Like most people, I was stumped on the windmill puzzle for aaages, and no one seemed to address the issue of that number the windmill blade image itself represented, so I found a different way of looking at it which 100% works, with only minimal effort...

Basically, the hexagon on the code represents the number on the central part of the windmill, the cog represents the number on the cog, and the semicircle the base of the lever. In my game this generated 6 4 3. What was stumping me was what the windmill blade itself represented. So once you're armed with the 3 digits in the middle, the windmill basically represents the fact that the first and last digits will be the same. So try (again using my numbers as an example) 16431, 26432 sheer coincidence my code DID end up being 16431, which is nice :). Anyway hope this helps and wasn't too glaringly obvious.


I am having problems with the walk through #30...I can't figure out which box I am supposed to click twice to box will open. Please help.


Oh silly me...nevermind.

anonymous March 31, 2008 5:25 PM

im so confused with the 3 holes after the second metal thing. isnt the wooden doll thing the key? how is it supposed to be positioned?




ohww yea.. lurve it! =)

in_dubio April 5, 2008 9:40 AM

Fantastic game! Best room escape I played in some time. And pineapple, your hint-through is a great concept. Thanks for all the effort you put into it!