Tor (Windmill hexagon number)

The number for the hexagon is on the cylinder that the windmill blades are attached to. Climb up to the top of the latter end then look up while the windmill is turning... you should see the number rotate by.



You also need the number off the windmill blade. Stop the windmill and then look at the blade that is just off the balcony.


So I've finished it, but it is possible to get stuck and not able to finish

if you're in the bottom room and don't have all 4 marbles

but that was a really clever game! the last puzzle was the most enjoyable too.


It's getting more and more strange...

I opened it under IE but got the same page that says:

"Escape game [ VISION ] You are in secret room with no exit... Solve mystery of this room and escape. "

This way exactly, the game name in brackets and not a link. Not even text formatting. Firefox and IE alike.

So it seems I'm gonna live my life without this one.

[Edit: Keep trying to reload the page. The Neutral servers are getting hammered by the traffic for this game, which could be the cause of the difficulty you're seeing. After a few reloads, the game finally came up for me as well as for others who reported their experience early on in the comments. -Jay]

ThemePark February 6, 2008 3:29 PM

Thanks muddgirl, that never occured to me.

Now I got up to and back from the windmill with the two halfs of the old rusty gear, and I know where to use it. But I guess I have to stop it from turning first, or glue the gear together, either of which I don't have a clue about.



Thanks for the help but I already got that number.
I thought that was one of the windmill numbers because I have two, the one on the back of the blade when stopped and the one you have to wait for.

I thought there were two because the marble has two on it.

I still can't get the code T_T



i'm playing the game with firefox.
i had to wait a minute or two with this withe-screen...


oh my f ing god...

i didnt know you had to press the same number twice!



I think i'm stuck the same way

the code i have is 47254?


Ok do you find the venus fly trap before or after the triangle and if so...where do I find them??? Im loosing my mind clicking!



You use that number twice. so you click the square "on" the first time and then click it "off" the second. Also be sure to look at the sketchbook to figure out which squares go with each number


Thanks Tor



you need the triangle to open the cabinet with the venus fly trap in it. The triangle is on the wall to the right of the light colored desk.


Okay, I made it through :)
End is easy.

End: Change the not-rusty gear with rusty one.
Stop the windmill.
Go inside and place the gear.
Go outside, turn the windmill on.

Go inside, take the key from the right gear.
Go half outside, notice the small plate on the wall.
Open it, use the key.

click the plate, some lines will appear.
Order them (will be some forms (snake, bird, human, and two other animals)
Place the marbels

Put a marbel in the watch-a-marbel-thing and notice the background...

Congrats :)


Thanks so much Kendarus...apparently Im not a very good clicker!

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 3:41 PM


I have that number too but I guess I am just not smart enough to know how to use it.

the marble says (windmill, hexagon, gear, half circle, windmill) as the order, but how do you use the windmill number twice???


Very Cool


I cant find a cork screw to open the champagne bottle. Can anyone help me?


I was so happy to get to the end without help, but then I got stuck on (what appears to be) the last puzzle... Came back for spoiler & andam disappointed to read that maybe it's simply a bug in the game.

For those who have solved it:

I'm missing 1 marble, probably the one for the snake? And now I'm trapped downstairs. What was I supposed to do?



You use that number twice. so you click the square "on" the first time and then click it "off" the second.


Any hints, anyone?

Here's what I've got:


marble-viewing box
wooden guy with metal head/key
venus flytrap
gold, blue, green marbles

Stuff of note around room:

The only locked thing, I believe, is the drawer to the left of the Go game.
I have revealed the motionless gear and turning knob under the plants.
Above the couch, I've fitted three pieces of metal into the circle, leaving a space with a diamond-shape at the top and little "legs" to the right.

I am stuck like a stuck thing.


Need help with the fish box... Rrr...

I guess it's in the drawer under the frog, but I can't find the key to open it...


Question to this fish-puzzle:

In one post far above Xixen wrote:
"look for the sea shells that match those on the picture from the wall and note their posit
What or where is this shell box?


svoight or others:

Where did you get the third piece for the metal puzzle? I have only two, the one at the bottom and the one on the upper right. Can anyone else give hints to solve the "metal puzzle"?


Nipsy, I am seriously not sure at this point, but it may have been

behind the couch? Use the wrench (I think) to undo the bolts.


Verbal Kint, I just got out

The snake marble is the one in the desert, the sea horse is the one under water, the bird one matches with the birds, and the snail marble is the plants. The last thing I needed to do was tweak the birds body a bit, then the key appeared and I got out.


WHERE is the fly trap, and how do you get the picture off the wall


doesn't work


Doh, should have got that. OK, I'm almost up to where you are.

I think the doll fits into the metal puzzle (i.e., "legs")

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 3:57 PM


Thank you for your help! I figured out what my problem was.

I was entering in the blade # twice like you said but it wasn't working still. It wasn't working because I didn't have the right hexagon number. I didn't realize you could see it when you climbed the ladder. It's a heck of a lot clearer/easier to see from up there!

Sorry! And thanks again for being so helpful!

Miff_Otter February 6, 2008 3:59 PM

Where is the

key to the cabinet with the venus fly trap?



metal puzzle:

the remaining piece looks like it has legs!

make the arms and hands a diamond above his head and match the legs



the shell display box is in the top draw of the set in the shelving unit where you find the frog statue. If you haven't found the shells in a drawer, you can't solve the puzzle


Nipsy: oh! You're right, I'd not realized I could

make the arms a diamond




the solution to getting the picture off the wall is in one of the marbles - a number of arrows along the bottom tell you which buttons to push. N.e.w.s.e.n.s.e is for the little round compass box you find in a drawer



you don't need a key

you should hunt for numbers...




OK, where do you *get* this wooden man?

ThemePark February 6, 2008 4:09 PM

Finally completed it and I have to say, this is better than their other two games combined. Very impressive.

Miff_Otter February 6, 2008 4:10 PM

Okay I have the

numbers for the triangle, square, and circle

but what now?


I cant get the game to work..:( Anyone have a better link?


I'm almost out.

I've got all 4 marbles, the sketchbook, marble-viewer, and the gear key. I have no idea where the key goes - I haven't found any more locks, but I suspect that's all I have left.


Nevermind... I found something more to do...

Note to self: Look everywhere before bugging the comment board!


It's a very comfy-looking room; I don't mind having to spend a while getting out. I'd probably want to sip a glass of wine or something while I sit on that couch and contemplate those number puzzles, or at least fiddle with the doll to make it do the macarena.

I haven't gotten the frog statue out yet, but I forsee problems with it: I'm as bad with curses as I am with card games... stupid logo.


Sorry-just found it in an earlier comment.


This is the greatest escape game I have ever played. Perfect difficulty level, and extensive puzzles.



did you found the green marble?
you should take a closer look, but with something out of your inventory.
and simsalabim...
there is the instruction hidden.


Could someone please tell me where to find the key to the drawer under the frog and above the cabinet where the fly-trap was? I can't find it anywhere, it has been like four hours!


OK - Out, finally. That was a good one.

wildhalcyon February 6, 2008 4:22 PM


That panel was obtusely difficult to find. I was pixel-hunting everywhere.

Miff_Otter February 6, 2008 4:25 PM

Okay, I have

fly trap
headless doll
some sort of crank with a square thing on the end
some sort of piece of metal sort of semi-circular with peices cut out
the marble viewer
the frog statue (with the marble removed)
the blue marble
the green marble

I've put the

code from the green marble

into the


but nothing happened.


Where is this Venus fly-trap you all keep referring to?

frigginacky February 6, 2008 4:29 PM

I'm soooo close to being out, but I can't find the

fourth marble (the one that goes in the snake in the final puzzle).

Any help? Please?


Is anyone else working on a walkthrough? I'll do one (if the game every loads grumble grumble), but I don't want to duplicate work.


I'll give a try at making a walkthrough now

Miff_Otter February 6, 2008 4:37 PM

Okay, I know this has been asked a million times, but I have the

frog shining light on the clock

and I don't know what to do now.



it was in the Venus fly-trap which opened up on the sunny balcony.

Silent Shadow February 6, 2008 4:38 PM

I have a piece of a rusted gear, but do I need another one to complete the "replacment". If so, where can I find it?



did you insert something reflecting into the clock?

use the marble-thing from the box under the desk with the map

frigginacky February 6, 2008 4:45 PM


I think I've got that one...

I have the green one with flowers (from the champagne), the underwater one that shows you how to get the picture off the wall (from the frog, I think), and the blue one with birds (from the flytrap)

I don't know which one I'm missing, but I swear I've clicked just about everywhere.


Silent Shadow

did you found a new key outside?

use it on the last drawer, which is not opend jet


Silent Shadow:

if you've solved the outside puzzle you should have got a key when you opened the top box. Go back inside and use the key (I think it fits one of the drawers) to find another broken piece of gear wheel, thus making a feasible replacement.



i think, you missed the desert marble


frigginacky, oh, that one:

it was in the drawer with all the shells and such.

Silent Shadow February 6, 2008 4:50 PM


Thank you!

frigginacky February 6, 2008 4:52 PM

Aha! Got it! Thanks svoight & paranoid!


i loved this one.
but this fish-puzzle was hard

, untill i noticed, that i had to push this damn sofa aside...


I'm stuck and could use a little help...

I'm on the balcony, I have the marble from the flytrap, the gear, the rusted gear, all the marbles except the one in frog's eye, and climbed up the ladder to the 9 squars puzzle. I'm just stuck trying to figure out what buttons to push :(

Can anyone help?


this was loads of fun. I liked that not every puzzle had to be solved perfectly sequentially (well, other than

that you have to have all the marbles to go downstairs

but other than that), because I tend to just jump around poking and clicking till things start to fall into place.

Big thanks to the commenters who post hints instead of outright answers... I like a nudge to try and solve it myself rather than a direct cheat, so the gentle assistance is very appreciated!


whoa i'm so behind,
i have the

green marble, box you can look at the marble with, doll (headless, hand crank to unscrew something, and screwdriver handle sans the part that's in the clock

i know i need other marbles and to find a triangle with a number but i've been clikcin everywhere.


How do you get the desert marble out of the frogs eye?


Okay I'm stuck. I think I'm missing something.

I have the second piece for the metal plate. I looked behind the metal thing in the cube and saw the 3 holes behind it. But I have no idea what to do next.

I have a headless doll, the painting over the couch, the venus fly trap, the wooden box thing for the marbles, a green marble and a blue marble.


I can't even find

the box for the marble! and I've only got the green one, where does the blue one come from?



Do you have the tool with the pegs on it from on top of the dark shelving unit? If not, grab that now then set it up so the pegs match the holes in that cubby hole where you got the last plate piece from. When it opens, grab the wrench and free the bolts on either side of the sofa then slide it to the side... voila!

Now, if only I could

get back in from the balcony...


finally! i just couldn't find the triangle. darn couch!


Spanky McPipebomb



No problem Amarei. Glad I could help!

Dan Someone February 6, 2008 5:28 PM


I can't find the key to the middle drawer under the fruit bowl. I also can't find the marble that tells me what to do with the Roman numerals. I suspect the two are connected.

I've been out on the balcony, but if I take the gear from there, I get locked out from going back into the room.

Thoughts? Hints? Thanks.


can someone tell me where the marble box is, please?


Finished it!

That was the best Gotmail game yet. 5 stars!


It's a game by Neutral, not Gotmail. The reference to Gotmail in the review is because of the similar use of 3D pre-rendered models.


I cant get the marble out of the frog, It wont let me even click on it. I need it to finish the game, but it just wont come out. I tried it with the lights off but it still wont work.


Just to let everyone know, I'm on step 35 of a walkthrough and I've only just solved the frog bit, so give me a little bit longer to finish

Russell Scott February 6, 2008 5:44 PM

The game wont load for me, it doesn't go any farther after I click the play button. It worked fine on the Ferrum College computers, I got as far as

placing the frog on the light

before I had to leave for home.


Russell - If at first you don't succeed: reload, reload again. ;)

MrSnuffle February 6, 2008 6:16 PM

man, the server is down.....i was really psyched to play this and server quest..

[Edit: All it takes is a few reloads of the page to get it to load. -Jay]


Wow. Finally finished! The difficulty was spot on for what I like with point-and-click adventure games. Definitely will be on the lookout for more games from them in the future.


This was a great way to spend the snowy afternoon... i got stuck in the middle a couple of times, but all the puzzels are logical, very little pixel hunting. Unfortunatly i "put the cart befor the horse"a few times, but this is a great example of an escape game.


er... point-and-click ESCAPE games even. :)


Okay, I could use a little help here... If some of you guys can, of course.

I already have

two strange blades

a doll wihtout a head

an odd plant

the strange metal thing with pins

the picture that once was on the wall

two marbles (blue and green)and

a box to look at the marbles

Any tips of what should I do now? Please?


somebody take pity and tell me where the marble viewing box is, please!


octochan, wish I could help. I'm completely stuck, too.



Have you used the doll's head/key on the right desk drawer? When you open the drawer, you get the marble box. That one took me forever. :)


Vision Walkthrough

  1. click on the wineglass twice to grab it then go back

  2. click on the left drawer twice and get the screwdriver handle then go back

  3. click the trashcan and make note of the circle number then go back

  4. click the blank area to the right on the desk near the floor and make note of the triangle number

  5. click the paper in the middle of the desk and make note of the compass rose then go back

  6. go one screen right and lift the left couch cushion to get the hand crank

  7. go one screen right and click the lower left area of the desk then between the desk and the wall to get a piece of paper then go back

  8. click the top left of the desk, then the top area of the shelves, get the metal handle, then go back

  9. click the stool and make note of the square number, then go back

  10. click the right area of the desk, then the bowl, then the top drawer to get the wooden man, then go back

  11. click the books, then the big red book on the end, then open it to get the corkscrew, then go back to the books

  12. click the book with the bookmark, open it, and add your piece of paper to it to see the full image

  13. examine your doll, then arrange it's limbs like in the image, once done click the head to get the drawer handle, then go back

  14. go left or right twice, click on the right drawer and put your handle in, then open it to get the seer box, then go back

  15. go one screen left, click the left end of the plant box, then the outline in the wall and hit the switch to turn off the lights, then go back

  16. click between the fifth and sixth plant, then grab the piece of paper, then go back

  17. go one screen left, then the right part of the desk, then the bottom drawer, and zoom in of the device, and notice how it looks like the compass rose

  18. look at the piece of paper, and notice the spelling, type this word into the compass device (up is n, right is e, down is s, left is w) and get the key then go back to where you are focused on the right part of the desk

  19. use the key on the cabinet, then open to get a bottle of wine then go back and click the lower left of the desk, then the gold combination area

  20. examine the cork screw and click the grey area, then the actual screw to open it fully, then examine the wine and use the corkscrew on it, then examine the wine glass and pour the wine into it, then click the green orb to get it

  21. examine the seer box, click just below the centre to open it up, then put the green orb into it, then close it and click the green part in the middle to look into it

  22. notice the formula on the bottom, and with a calculator multiply your circle number by your square number, then add your triangle, and put this number into the combolock

  23. zoom out so you are looking at the bottom left of the desk, and click the handles of the bottom cabinet to get metal part 1 and the fly trap then go back

  24. zoom in of the clock, then examine the bottom of the pot of the fly trap, this is the order in which you have to push the clock buttons (dark means pushes, white not), with the arrow representing the head of the screwdriver, so work your way around the clock pushing the buttons (ending up with 1, 4, 5, 7, and 10 pushed), then go back

  25. click the right of the desk the get the screwdriver top and combine the two to get a full screwdriver, then go back

  26. click the lower of the shelves on the left side, then the underside of the top right shelf, unscrew the screws, then get the frog on the top right shelf, then go back

  27. go left once, zoom in on the picture, then examine the frog and spin the top so he's looking at you, then click the blue eye to get the blue gem

  28. swap the blue gem for the green gem in the seer box and look into it, the arrows on the bottom are the sequence for the arrows on the picture

  29. hit the arrows in order on the picture (right,up,down,right,left) to get the picture, then put metal piece in the lock where the picture was, then go back

  30. go one screen back, then click twice on the box in the cabinet underneath the desk, then examine the picture, and look on the back of it for a key, take the key

  31. use the key on the box to get the gold gem, then unscrew the screw in the top of the box, close the box and get the green and gold crystal, then go back

  32. go left once the put the new gold gem in the seer box and look in. The image shows you where you need to put the frog in the plant box, and which way it faces. Before you put the frog there put the gold gem from the seer box into the frogs empty eye

  33. the frog then goes between the fourth and fifth plant, facing left, then zoom out and click the far left and the hidden panel to turn the lights back on, then zoom out

  34. Look at the beam coming from the frog and how it hits the clock. Go left and zoom in on the clock, and put the green and gold gem in the 5 o'clock spot where the frog light is shining, then go back and go right

  35. click the spot in the floor where the light is shining, then click the light spot. Then put the hand crank in the hole in the floor and click the top handle to crank it, then zoom out.

  36. click the new area in the wall to get metal piece 2, then click the bit that was holding the metal piece to move it, and notice the holes in the wall. Examine the metal handle and spin it to look at the other side, and click the second and third pegs in the row of five to recess them. Then use the handle on the holes in the wall, and grab the wrench, then zoom out

  37. go left of right twice then click on either end of the couch and take out the bolts with the wrench, then zoom out and click the couch to move it and grab the third metal piece

  38. zoom in on the metal lock and put pieces 2 and 3 in, and take the key, then zoom out

  39. go right once and click the bottom left, then use the key on the drawer, then look at the box in the drawer and take the yellow gem

  40. examine your picture and take note where the shells shown in the picture are in the 4x4 grid, then go back

  41. go left or right twice and click the grey box on the top shelf twice, then hit the buttons the represent where the shells were in the 4x4 grid (top line none, second line middle 2, third line button on the right, fourth second from the left, the click the fish button till the box opens, and take the book and the doll head, then zoom out

  42. go right once, the zoom in on the metal lock. Examine your doll and add the metal doll head. Then move the dolls limbs so it will fit in the open spot in the metal lock (arms in a diamond above his head and legs off to the side like it's jumping for joy) and put it into the metal lock, then go outside

  43. go left and get rusted gear = 1 (careful here, the code may be different each time), then go left again and click on the grey box twice and get the gold gear, then go back

  44. go left and notice how the semicircle of the lever = 4 (code may be different), then pull the lever and go left

  45. go forward and notice how windmill blades = 9 (code may be different), then go back and left twice then up the ladder and click on the second metal door

  46. examine the fly trap and take the dark blue gem, then examine the gold gear and flip it around to notice how gear = 1 (code may be different) then examine the third page of the sketchbook and notice how the 3x3 grid is numbered in a clockwise spiral

  47. put the dark blue gem in the seer box and look at the code, windmill, hexagon, gear, semi, windmill and hit those buttons on the second metal door (the hexagon = 6 because it has 6 sides so the code becomes 96149 -- yours might be different) and pull it open and take the key and put the gold gear in then go down and off the ladder and back inside

  48. once inside turn left and the right of the desk, then use the key on the drawer and get the other part of the rusted gear, then go back outside

  49. once outside go left and take out the gold gear, then zoom out and go up the ladder to the second metal door and open it. Then put the two rusted gear parts into the gear impression, then go back down and back inside

  50. now zoom in on the exposed gears in front of you, and put the gold gear in place, then back outside to throw the lever, then back in here to look at the gears again

  51. Now watch the right grey gears as it turns it will reveal a key, take it and then zoom out

  52. now go left/right twice and into the corridor between outside and in, look on the left to see a panel, click it then use the gear key, and open the panel and hit the button, and enjoy the ride

  53. turn around then approach the altar in the middle and click on it, then click the centre gem

  54. now look at the first page of the sketchbook, notice the seahorse design, then copy this design in the lower right side of the altar, then rotate the other pieces until you are able to make an image of a snail in the lower left, a person in the bottom centre, a bird in the top right and a snake along the left side

  55. now look at each of the crystals in the seer box and notice the background images, this images correspond to the habitat of the animal, dark blue is sky, gold is dessert, light blue underwater and green dewy plants, now put each of the gems into the correct animal(snake=gold, dark blue = bird, green = snail, and light blue = seahorse)

  56. now click the red human gem to get the human key and zoom out, then click the door and use the key to escape to your habitat.

The End


:( I am so completely stuck on

the box up the ladder outside.


best one yet.


Looks like we've overloaded their bandwidth. Yet another server gets JiGged to death.


Like, I get the code to put it, and that the keypad is numbered like in the book, but I don't understand how to put in the first and last numbers, because they are the same.


Yeah, the game isn't loading at this time. Sucks too, cause it looks cool!!

[Edit: All it takes is a few reloads of the page to get it to load. -Jay]


augh, I have the dolls head key, I just didn't realize that was a keyhole. I was expecting to look for a drawer knob. :P


What a lovely game. Longer than you'd expect, and much more logical than most room escape puzzles. I wouldn't even say that there's any real pixel-hunting, since all the hidden things are in places one might physically look for stuff.

The only improvement I'd like to see in the next game is for some of the objects to be hidden randomly, so it's harder to spoil the game with a walk-through. Mixing up the codes each time is already an excellent step in the right direction.