That's not actually a white marble in there...

Try opening that little flap


So you've got the frog to light up the night?

where else have you seen something sort of round and marble shaped?

perhaps on a box?

Also, check the back of the picture for a key, that would help.
Now, where could that marble thing fit?


a bit of help please?

i'm on the balcony and i pulled the lever.

i have a piece of rusty gear, a gear

with the number II on it

the 4 marbles, sketch book and box

what to do next?


Xixen, thanks for the solution on the fish puzzle- I missed your oh so helpful hints!


AHA! Thank you so much!


the balcony is defeating me slightly. I've opened the flytrap, found the marble and viewed it, worked out nearly all the numbers that correspond to the shapes and thus the buttons that need to be pressed on the little keypad (I think, using the sketchbook) but what the hell is the hexagon? This game is fun, but brain funky.


well i got the:

sketch book with the pictures
and i put the new key head on the puppet, but what now? im stuck :(


also stuck outside

got the marble and looked at the code/key/sequence but no idea what a few stand for


OK so...

I have the frog lighting up the clock... now what?



ok. i'm stuck with the code. i got

the formula from the green marble: key = triangle + square x circle and my numbers are circle=71, square=36, triangle=23, I get 4189 for the answer. can't get that code to open the dark wood cabinet though.

I still haven't gotten the frog to do anything and i can't get the screwdriver head. please help!


Hey, What is this peg thing some people are talking about?

I'm pretty far without help, but this little hint will help greatly.

Anonymous February 6, 2008 2:17 PM

How do you get the frog? I've clikced on it about a million times and can't get it. Sorry if a noob question.


To those posting comments without accounts:

Please consider creating one. Your comment will appear immediately, and I won't have to sit here all day approving each one you post. Thank you! :)

ThemePark February 6, 2008 2:19 PM

Again, thanks bluebird.

But is it possible to have blonde moments when you're not blonde? Because I seem to get stuck, then get help, only to discover how obvious it was.

I got that weird disc and a Venus Flytrap. I figure I have to place it somewhere, which I can't, or it corresponds to the metal rod, telling me which cylinders to keep out and which to keep in, which didn't work either, from either side. So I'm sorry to say but I'm in need of another gentle nudge.



I think the only number that I'm missing is the hexagon


My code isn't working
Triangle + Square * Circle = Key...




Examine the flytrap some more. Pay special attention to the pot.



Check your math. [37 + (40x41)]



make sure to use your order of operations

meaning multiply first and then add


Just remember to check the top of the cabinets. That really delayed my game cause I forgot to do that.


Xixen I'm stuck exactly where you are. I can't get that symbol either.

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 2:26 PM


Your math's wrong. That's all!

It should be 2579. You have to multiply befor you add.


There is HOPE!!! thanks folks


Can someone give me a hint please

I'm guessing that I need another eye for the frog but I can't find one. I've tried the marbles I've got (blue, green and multicoloured, but got nowhere



the hexagon is the middle bolt of the windmill. turn it on, get as close as you can, and watch :)

as for me, I am stuck right near the end, and I'm really worried it's a bug. probably just my buggy brain, BUT

I think I'm missing a marble. i'm in the underground room, and i know that i have to

turn the pieces to make animals corresponding to the environments of the marble

but I'm missing one.

the one that goes on the snake

to be precise. I can't get back up into the main room! is it around me or have I found a glitch? i doubt i have coz it's Gotmail... but help!!!!!


how to open fish box, can you give more details please?


Where is that stupid peg thing?



There's outside on the balcony shaped like a hexagon. It may be a little hard to see from where you are standing.

Brandinat0r February 6, 2008 2:31 PM

I can't figure out what to do now [Frog]

He is shining the light at a point in the clock, now what?
And also how do you solve the Fish puzzle?

Someone should write a walkthrough :p


Can anyone help me? I've

put the gear in the recess to light up the hallway, and I can see the panel, but I don't have any sort of key that will fit there.

Reply, you are another wonderful sanity saver. How could I have missed that? *Head, meet desk*


I am still in the same place as I was hours ago except a hint helped me:

use two pieces of paper found in two different places that show how to position the arms and legs of the little wooden doll

Here is what I have so far:

A screw driver handle

Some kind of oblong thing with rounded ends that has a peg on the right end and when you click it, it has 5 more pegs on the other side. (I found that you can click on the pegs and they go in and when you press the peg on the end it resets the 5 pegs out again.

A wine goblet used with the champagne bottle which was used with the cork screw to get the... green marble.

A thing with a square end and a handle that can be turned, like something a carpenter would use? It is like some kind of cranking type tool.

A little wooden doll whose arms and legs can be re-positioned (I have found the 2 pieces of paper that tell how to put the arms and legs)

I see the clock on the wall and...

see the screwdriver metal part and see where you can mash the buttons but have no clue yet as to how to extract the screwdriver part.

Now I am still wandering around a beautiful room. Which isn't so nice anymore.
I do not know ...

Where to "put" this wooden doll that matches the positions of the 2 pieces of paper. The place I am thinking right now is not so nice.

What to use the "thing" that has the 5 pegs on. I have c-l-i-c-k-e-d all over everything until my wrist went numb and nothing happens.

Someone mentioned above about looking at the picture on the wall and that gives the answer on the "fish" puzzle. Which I assume is the box thing on the shelf that has a dead fish button and a bunch of other buttons above it. I have looked at that p-i-c-t-u-r-e on the wall so long that now I hate seafood. What in the world kind of clue is 4 pieces of seafood in a painting to do with a box that has a bunch of buttons???

I am very sad right now because I didn't know that I was stewpid until I came here.

Could it be true? Ignorance is bliss?


Great game. Took me a while to

replace the new gear with the two broken ones outside

It was smooth sailing from there.


Im sorry to bring that question up again, but how works this fish-puzzle?
I'm not able to open this box, even after i read Xixens' hints.





i got out side opened the fly trap i have the book to show me how to do things and a thin gold key worked out the code:

the windmill (on the bit of the windwill you can veiw when its stoped)
the hexagon (when stoped go to top of the ladder and look up)
the gear (turn round the gold gear)
the seim circle (the leaver)
and the mill again

i got the rusty gear opened the top door (with code) and now im stuck help please

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 2:35 PM

Darn it! I had lunch and came back and I've been left in the dust. I'm still stuck where I was. What do you do

after the frogs light is on the clock? I can't figure out what to do to the clock.

This is frustrating! I think I might cry!



You shouldn't put the doll anywhere. Position him first, then click around him a bit. Something should happen.
You're a long way away from being able to solve either the fish puzzle or from using the clicky thingy. Start with the doll.



Try to use the marble from the box under the desk with the map

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. Please use them next time. Thanks! -Jay]


I don't know if this was intentional or not (I sure hope not!), but all of you who think you suck at math check this out:

There are missing parenthesis for the formula for the code for me it was triangle + (square x circle).



hotpinkparks, I got stuck exactly where you are too.

Have you seen something that looks kinda like a marble?

That box that had a key in it...

go ahead and open it and use your screwdriver on it and put the marble on the clock.



You need to find something a bit reflective to put in the clock. Not a marble, though. Look for something you can remove with the screwdriver.

I would write up a walkthrough, but I'm stuck too!

ThemePark February 6, 2008 2:38 PM

Thanks again again bluebird. And once again obvious struck me.

But this time it doesn't seem so obvious.

For you see, I got the screwdriver put together. Which would be great if there were any screws to unscrew. But there isn't, at least I have looked everywhere, and there isn't.


Dave, did you never learn Order of Operations?

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (in other words, multiply before you add!)



use spoiler tags please


you don't need the parenthesis...

order of operations



Take the head off the doll. It is a key for the other drawer which is missing knob. To solve the fish puzzle you need to open the drawer under it, which you use the picture to help. To get the screwdriver, you need to get the venus fly trap and look under the pot for the order to push the clock buttons with the hand of the clock lining up with the arrow. You must get the frog then by the fish puzzle, unscrew it. Get its eye and view it with the viewer. Replace the orange marble into the frog and place it how it shows in the marble by the red plant


theres nothing missing the rules of maths are you do brackets first then muliply and divide then add and subtract


every one has that stupid 5 peg 1 peg reset oblong thing!

...except me...


ThemePark there are places.

Start by checking the dark wooden desk, especially the cubes...


I've seen this order of operations discussion before.... I think it may have been one of the Submachine games. Not sure though.



Some more detailed fish box instructions. First, make sure you have the seashell picture from the wall (not sure if you have to have removed it or not, but make sure you've looked at it) and the marble which, when viewed, shows you a desert scene and a fish skeleton. The marble is found in the top drawer of the frog cabinet in a grid type box of seashells.

You may have noticed that there are the same number of compartments containing shells as there are buttons on the fish box, and some of the shells are the same as the ones from the picture

find the same seashells that are in the picture from the wall in the box grid. Note their positions. Note also the original position of the marble (it should be an empty compartment.)

Now, go to the grey fish puzzle box and press down the buttons in the same places as the shells and the marbles and press the fish button till it's facing the same way as it is in the marble view (draw a picture if it helps, that's what I did) Eh voila, the box should open. Hope that helps. If not, then my explaining skills suck.



use screwdriver to unscrew frog statue by fish puzzle and marble thingy you open with blue key (under desk I think)

schneckentreiber February 6, 2008 2:44 PM

In order to solve the Fish-Puzzle

Take a look at the picture you took from the wall. note the 4 fish - sponge, starfish, shell etc.
now have a look at the drawer containing the maritime things. note that they are on a 4x4 grid - like the fish-puzzle.
note down the positions of the 4 maritime things from the picture on the grid.
have a look at the marble to know which way the fishbone shall point.

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 2:45 PM

Thank you bluebird and muddgirl!



I found the peg thing with random clicking!

man I'm stupid


Awwww I've got to go to my mates for the England match soon so thank the point and click gods theres a save button but before I go can someone please help me with...

the frogs other eye



How did you get the equation for the circle/square/triangle numbers?


I still need help near the end-game, after the lil trip outdoors:

I've got a panel in a hallway with no key, and I've looked a lot of places for it.


So how do you pick up the frog?



use the marble you took out of it's eye in the first place, I think that's what I did.

Now, does anyone know what on earth to do with the

gear key?



Its one of the marbles that is the same color as its other eye (red-orange?). It also shows how to place the frog in the viewer


I'm stuck at what I presume is..

the end itself. In the basement, with the puzzle with the man, seahorse, bird, snake and snail and that has holes for the marbles.
I managed to get the puzzle to look right and I'm pretty sure that the marbles are in the right places but nothing's happening.

Any Ideas?


muddgirl, you're ahead of me.

How'd you find it? Mine is still completely dark.

Thanks!! :D


Oh never mind, muddgirl solved the problem for me

the key for the hallway hatch is attached to one of the gears in the panel under the plant shelf. Use the broken gear pieces to replace the nice shiny gear from outside and make sure the windmill is off. Then put the gear on the empty sprocket, turn windmill back on and the key shoud come rotating round


Peter Hosey

look at the shelf below



Peter Hosey:

The frog is attached down pretty good. You might need to

remove some screws...



I cant find it.


Rachel, have you found

the wooden box and a green marble yet? Try using them together



After replacing the new gear outside with the two broken ones, turn off the windmill. Replace the new gear inside the opening you see coming from outside. Then go turn the windmill back on. The gear key will be on one of the gears that is spinning


My mistake: neutral, not Gotmail, is the developer :)


have you put the new cog on the crank inside? you'll need to stop it first. After that, just enjoy the mechanics for a few seconds...


Can't get the screwdriver off the 'clock'... Rrr... Checked the

bottom of the Venus Flytrap pot, tried all combinations on the clock based on that... All I could think of anyway w/o getting aggrevated

But still no joy.


Verbal Knit:

check that you make animals from the puzzle and use the marbles corrosponding to the nature of the animals. look in the scratch book to see a sample of the puzzle.


I third the request for help at the end.

I could swear all the marbles and the pictures are in the right places.


Hahaha. Oops. I made it out.

Turns out I mistakenly had one of the tiles backwards.

Awesome game! :D



Notice how there's an arrow on the pot? And there's an arrow on the clock? Try lining those up. In other words, rotate the pattern so that the two hands line up. If that doesn't make sense let me know and I'll try explaining it differently



You need to get some gears spinning inside the room, in that panel under the area with all the plants. But you can't just use any old broken gear...



have you made sure that you've paid attention to the position of the hand in relation to the dots on the bottom of the flowerpot? That was my initial mistake.


crkone: Thanks!



The arrow is a kind of indicator


Verbal Kint,

How many marbles did you have when you went downstairs?


And I'm out! That was fun. Thanks to everyone for their help and puzzle solving skills, it would have been a long trip without it.


Thanks muddgirl!



Thanks, I thought I had done it correctly, but I had gotten all sideways on it >} )


I'm out! Woot! Thanks everyone for your help!! :D


Great game and exactly the right difficulty - I needed help twice, but once was because I'm sort of ditzy...


I'm missing a

marble for the final puzzle!

Please help!
So close!

ThemePark February 6, 2008 3:10 PM

Hmm, well I finally made a bit of leeway. I got up to and solved the fish puzzle.

Only problem now is that I have a spherical key, and the only lock that's left, the drawer beneath the Go board, won't accept the key. And I can't see any other keyholes that haven't already been used.


I think ya'll think I'm further than I am! I have champagne (unopened), a glass, half a screwdriver, a crank-looking thing, the little man and instructions on how to position him, that's it!

I just started playing these escape games, so don't judge my ignorance! :)



There's one other place that needs a key, but it's not a drawer.

You've removed a spherical key from something in your inventory, haven't you?

Use the spherical key to make a head for your puppet


Nevermind! Got it!

It's very evil of it not to let you back up in the elevator if you've missed an item!

Good stuff!
Thanks everyone for the hints!



where was the last marble?



How did you solve this fish-puzzle?
I don't get it....


Power of Posting! I found it...

DO NOT go down the elevator with less than four marbles.


Must be Firefox again... If i open the link in Firefox there's nothing on the page that can be clicked - probably something is filtered. And I cannot seem to open it under IE at all.


I can't figure out the puzzle outside and up the ladder...

I have the numbers 2 3 7 and 9 and the marble that tells me some sort of order but....... I cant figure out what the hexagon means on the marble code.
Is it six?

DeaconMortis February 6, 2008 3:21 PM

ok, call me dumb but I can't find this venus fly trap you all seem to find so easy. I've clicked on every plant I can see but no fly trap.

hotpinkparks February 6, 2008 3:22 PM

I can't figure out how to get into

the safe at the top of the stairs when you're outside. I think I have all of the numbers (the hexagon, gear, and half circle) but it's not working on the safe.

Any help?



Its not that obviously

Its in one of the cupboards

DeaconMortis February 6, 2008 3:24 PM

never mind, i am dumb figured it out