Tom's missing secret:

Should be in Part 2, between steps 12 and 13

In 0,2 in the room all the way left (where the wheel on the pipe is), click on the part of the floor behind and to the left of the pipe.


Thanks LSN - now I can go to sleep!


Updated! Thanks everyone! :D


Final comment to Anonymous & ThemePark

Clearly it's


Imagine all possible room locations as a graph:

6 Y Y Y Y Y Y -

5 Y Y Y Y Y - Y

4 Y Y Y Y - Y Y

3 Y Y Y - Y Y Y

2 Y Y - Y Y Y Y

1 Y - Y Y Y Y Y

0 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

0 1 2 3 4 5 6


Woohoo!! Out with 3 secrets on the first night... got so excited about finding the end didn't bother to go back for them. Sooo.... Is number 6 ready yet???


I got to the secret location! ^^

I really want to write some walkthrough, but I still can't figure out which event effects which event. But I find it very useful to write down what's in every room, saves a lot of time than trying each room.


The fifth secret is

behind the pipe (click on the left side near the floor) that you turn its wheel to blow out the brick wall


Ryunosuke January 30, 2008 1:37 AM

Walkthrough by Ryunosuke Kikuchi

The game starts in an underground pipe system where you have to turn all the wheels on the pipes. That is when the real game starts…
The lab
Pick up the note paper and pencil on the floor of the living quarters. Now move into the next room and pull down both the levers (the left and right), to be able to open the hatch (top lever). Move down the ladder and enter the computer room on your left. Turn on the computer by pressing the on button (obviously). Then browse through the various information about the wisdom gems, your notes will be filled in as you do this. Now head over to the portal room to your right and open the hatch, go down the ladder where the portal is. The coordinates 747 leads to the machine and the coordinate 552 leads to ‘the root'. Head over to the root by entering the coordinates 552 and pressing the button.
The root
Look behind the portal (left side), your cursor will switch to a hand icon, go down to find secret #1. Go back up, and head to the opening on the right. In the tunnel, where the blue rock wall changes to the red brick wall, look on the floor to find a lead casting. Continue on to the room where there is a smashed metal pillar on the floor. Open up the fuse box (The one with the electrical sign) and unplug the plug from the smashed metal pillar on the floor. You have to undo the clasps on either side of the plug before unplugging. Plug the plug into the 2 slots in the electrical box. All the lights should light up. Go down the ladder on your right, and head all the way to the right, then up the ladder and into the observation room. You will find the wrench on the floor under the chair. Now head back downstairs and into the basement where there is a big metal box on the wall. Unscrew the square bolts with your wrench and retrieve the rusty key. Now go back up to the top floor and into the room with the metal cabinets on the wall, insert the key into the unopened one to retrieve the cipher plate 1. Head downstairs again and find the strange contraption consisting of two slots on the top and a big button in the middle (room left of the ladder leading to the basement). Insert your cipher plate 1 into the first slot (The right slot). Press the button and you teleport. The coordinates are based on the x,y axis. You are now at (0,1) because your cipher plate is 1 and the empty slot is 0. Get it now? Go down the ladder once and into the room on your left to get the cipher plate 2 on the chair. Now go down the ladder three times to reach the bottom. On your right is a room with a charger. On your left is a room with secret #2. It is hidden behind the metal sheet in the left corner. You need your wrench to open the cover. Go all the way up to the x,y teleporter. Now that you have two cipher plates you can access the coordinates: (0,0)(1,0)(0,1)(2,0)(0,2)(1,2)(2,1). Makes sense? Explore the following coordinates to get use to it.
Wisdom gem 1
Ok, head over to (2,0), open the hatch and look round. You have to look around the whole room basically. Increase the water/steam pressure in the pipe by going down each hatch and pressing the top button. You have to increase the pressure on all three controllers. Down the second hatch is a coil, pick it up (You charge the coil with the charger). Look to the very left of the room before you leave. Now head over to (0,2). Go down the ladder and go to the very left of the room, and guess where the pipe goes to (secret #3 is behind the pipe). Spin the wheel and kapow! The pressure overloads and the metal caps fly all over the place in (2,0). Now head back to (2,0) to see what I mean. One of the caps has blown a hole through the brick wall, go through the hole. Pick up the wisdom gem (remember this place from submachine 2?) Go to the left room and up the stairs; look on the chair, secret #4.
Wisdom gem 2
Now head over to (1,2). It's a 3d puzzle. A 3x3 room and you have to make your way through it to the middle room. There are 4 rooms: 3 with the wheels on the wall and one room with the mystery stone table. Go to the mystery stone table room by going through the door on your left twice. Look into each of the holes, write it down somewhere. Your aim is to match the arrows to point to the marker (The thing sticking out). You do this by turning the various wheels in the other rooms. Room 1(where the x,y telepoter is) turns the middle arrow. Room 2 (has a random stand and the light on the wall does not have a cover, take note of this!) turns the left arrow. Room 3 is where the mystery table and box is. Room 4 (only contains the wheel) turns the right arrow. The room number ascends as you go through the door on the right. Now turn those wheels until you get the arrows pointing to the markers. The table thing should have opened. Retrieve the metal box. Head over to (1,0). Go right till you see a white bath containing acid, look at the top. You should now be looking inside the bath. Drop you metal box in. no look out and unscrew the tap at the bottom left of the bath with your wrench. Look inside again and collect your gem.
Wisdom gem 3
Go over to the charger in (0,1). Go down to the charger. Place the coil in the top of the charger. Spin the wheel to charge. Keep spinning until it is fully charged, the remove. Take your charged coil to (0,0) go over to the ladder which leads upstairs and place the coil into the plug hole. Leave it there. Head over to the pipe room (2,0), remember the funny button on the wall, it's a metal box with a button and bulb on the wall. Not the bulb should be green. Press the button. Secret #5. now go back to (0,0) collect your coil. Head over to (1,0) and place your coil into the plug hole. Go to (0,2) and check out the symbols in the rooms. Right, middle and left. Got it all down?
(Skip this if you are in a hurry)
go over to (2,1) go up the ladder and click on the buttons to shift the metal bars (shift the lights in the direction you want to go). Now go downstairs. The bars are now behind you, go right and go down the ladder. The light bulb is missing. Shift the bars back by shifting the lights.
(Continues here)
Remember that light bulb? Go to (1,2) the second room (the one with the random stand). The light bulb does not have the wire mesh in front of it. Grab it. Return to (2,1), shift the bars by going upstairs click on the buttons to shift the metal bars (shift the lights in the direction you want to go). Now go down the ladder. Go to the left and down the other ladder. Place the light bulb in place. Go down and crawl through the hole. There are symbols on the wall. They look familiar (look at your notes). This is very simple to solve. Press the symbols in the right order they should light up. Light up the three symbols and press the button on the bottom. The floor will slide back and the ladder goes down. Go down the ladder. Place your lead casting into the top hole, remove and place in second then third. They are now all floating (lead casing is reusable). Go down the hole to get gem 3.
The corridor
Go back up the ladder, switch the lights into the direction you want to go, this shifts the bars. Go to the x,y teleporter and Go to (0,0). Go up, left, up, left and so on, up the ladders and stuff, all the way back to the portal. Enter the coordinated 747 and teleport to the corridor. Go all the way right and into the machine. Place all three gems into the slots on the wall and pull the lever on the control panel (In front of the seat).
End of walkthrough

Anonymous January 30, 2008 4:36 AM

I don't believe the answer is 42. I believe that the answer would be up in the thousands. I will have to consult my statistics book to work it out


Ok, I've finished the game, but apparently the machine with the four screens and four clickable buttons (see the screenshot at the top of the page) does nothing? Weird.

Architectonic January 30, 2008 5:36 AM

I loved it! Thanks to everyone for their help. That was a nice surprise when I came into work this morning.

vogonviking January 30, 2008 6:13 AM

I adore the submachine series! Please Mr Skutnik could you build in a "Save progress" element as I have to go to work now and I'll have to start all over again when I come home!



there are more and more copmments in JIG that contain more ore less blatant spoilers to the game without bothering to hide them under a spoiler button.

Please, don't do this. Please, use the spoiler tags.

Thank you.



I'm having a weird problem...

When I take a cipher plate out of the transporter, I can't put it back in, in either slot, no matter what I do, I click and click all over the stupid thing but it never goes back in. Is this a glitch? How do I put it back in?


Never mind, I finally got it, though I'm still not sure what area I clicked on that did it.

Anyway, great installment as usual, but after all that we learned in 4 I was hoping for a little more plot advancement at least. Do we have to wait until 6 to find more answers?

castawayboat January 30, 2008 10:27 AM

Well, that's another morning off spent in front of the PC instead of going outside or getting stuff done. In this case, that's a good thing. Very nice.
Finished it and only missed one of the secrets without a walkthrough, although it was pure luck when I found the bulb.
3 questions though:
1) Is the spiky door trap thing just a red herring or can you get through?
2) Does the observation room actually do anything? I'm confused as to why you make a note of it.
3) What does the little grey box with the wires inside (Stage 1, number 17 on the walkthrough) do? Why do you open it?
Just wondering...


Excellent game, I really enjoyed playing this one. And to repeat Bio's request, lets not ruin the game for other people and use the spoiler tags to hide things that would take away from a first time player's experience of the game.


Just thought I'd join in the mathematical debate going on...

the answer to the cipher formula is:
Rooms = n^2 + (n+1)
Where n is the amount of ciphers.
Geek. (6 ciphers is 43, since 0,0 is still a room)



n!/(n-r)! + 1 where n = 7, r = 2.
The reason some of us said 42 though (that's what I've been saying all along...ahem) is because we, well I at least, noticed that Mattheus doesn't count the original 00 room on the secret note. If he did there'd be 7 combinations, but he talks about how many rooms to go to.
So either 43 or 42, depending how you look at it.


The part where

I have to pull out and replug the big power plug at the root

is just unfair. Sad to see Submachine take a trip to the realm of Pixel Hunting - especially with basically underlit screens (which would be no problem)...


Oh look, it's The Pearl.

If I see sentient smoke, I'm outta here ;)


Wow,that was rather disappointing. I expected an epic flash adventure and we just got what is a pixel hunting pile of crap compared to the others.

Anonymous January 30, 2008 4:44 PM

Whoever made this walkthrough gets mixed up with their left and right....



i accidentally clicked on the 'main menu' button in the 'secret location' before i could use any of my 5 secrets!!!

can someone please please PLEASE post in a spoiler or email me what we find out in there?? I finished the whole game with all 5 secrets and i clicked the wrong button :'(


I wouldn't go so far as to say it turned into a pixel hunt especially as you can see where you need to click, yes it didn't elaborate at a few points what needed clicking eg; for the power plugs clips if it had had a small animation of them impeding the plugs removal it would have been fairer. I think the game tends towards showing the mysterious side of the network while at the same time interlinking prior locations into the overall storyline. Also the secrets were well hidden and I found the utilisation and reward for them to be one of the best yet.


Actually, there would be 49 rooms, as the blank also counts in the beginning and at the end.

All of the combinations:

0,0 - 0,1 - 0,2 - 0,3 - 0,4 - 0,5 - 0,6
1,0 - 1,1 - 1,2 - 1,3 - 1,4 - 1,5 - 1,6
2,0 - 2,1 - 2,2 - 2,3 - 2,4 - 2,5 - 2,6
3,0 - 3,1 - 3,2 - 3,3 - 3,4 - 3,5 - 3,6
4,0 - 4,1 - 4,2 - 4,3 - 4,4 - 4,5 - 4,6
5,0 - 5,1 - 5,2 - 5,3 - 5,4 - 5,5 - 5,6
6,0 - 6,1 - 6,2 - 6,3 - 6,4 - 6,5 - 6,6

49 rooms!


I love this stuff. I downloaded it & played some of it full screen. Well, not FULL screen but, you know. I still got a ways to go. The music and sounds are so immersive, even more so than the earlier games.

Anonymous January 30, 2008 6:18 PM

If you're like me you might like a concise list of secrets after you finish the game, to achieve full closure:

In the root (0,0). Look behind the portal (left side), your cursor will switch to a hand icon, go down.
At (0,1). Go down the ladder to the bottom. On your left, behind the metal sheet in the left corner. You need your wrench.
At (0,2). Go down the ladder and go to the very left of the room. Behind the pipe.
At (2,0). Go through the hole through the brick wall. Go to the left room and up the stairs; look on the chair.
Also find the funny button on the wall, it's a metal box with a button and bulb on the wall. With the coil plugged in at (0,0) the bulb should be green. Press the button.

DarkOrion January 30, 2008 8:33 PM

There are a couple things that seem like they MIGHT be worth something, but as far as I can tell never amount to anything.

In the lab, there is a series of scratch marks above the hatch cover.
The number seems to be the same game to game:

20, or possibly 5 5 5 5 4

I finished the game with 5 secrets, but never did anything with this.
Also, in the lab:

the bathroom. A significant amount of interactivity here, but apparently nothing significant

Great game overall. I don't agree with the comment about a pixel hunt, but there were a few things I wish were worked on.
Example: the light bulb

There were many, many, identical lights in this game. I was expecting the one to be removed would have SOME identification. IE, maybe it was not on, but not because it was a broken bulb, but the wire was severed.


can I get a hint as to what I'm supposed to do with the secrets once I'm done?


I haven't even played yet...I'm just going to do a little happy dance first!


You know what I just noticed? All this transporting through weird machines, code combinations, and obscure symbols reminds me a lot of one of my favorite TV shows, Stargate SG-1 :P

There's 43 combinations of 6 cipher plates, E. Brown. All of the doubles except 0,0 don't count (you can't put cipher plate 1 into both slots at the same time).



1) "Is the spiky door trap thing just a red herring or can you get through?"
I think it's a red herring. Though I expected to pick up one of the many panels lying about and wedge the doorway open, as in a previous Submachine...

2) "Does the observation room actually do anything? I'm confused as to why you make a note of it."
Same, I think.

3) "What does the little grey box with the wires inside (Stage 1, number 17 on the walkthrough) do? Why do you open it?"
Being thorough, I tend to interact with as many game features as possible. When the walkthrough was written there was still a Secret left that I couldn't find. Looks like this thing is yet another red herring.


where are all these other cipher plates you speak of?? I only have the two needed to complete the game.

Russell Scott January 30, 2008 9:57 PM

@ E. Brown:
There would only be 43 rooms. We don't have duplicates of the plates.

As for what to do with the secrets, after you win you get the option to go to the secret room, where to the right of each note there is a slot to place a secret.

Also, I got stuck on the location of the light bulb and used the walk through from there, where does the clue for 747 come from?


you guys figuring out the math need to remember that (0,0) is the only double.

this means that there can only be 43 combinations.


Whee. Not bad, though I do agree that The plug (as well as the secret hidden in a bit of furniture--being purposely vague here so as not to be too badly spoiler) were pixel-hunts.

As for the people doing combinatorics--the answer is 43. (not 49, since the *only* key that can be doubled is '0').
A simple explanation that doesn't require stats/combinatorics to understand:

You have 7 'keys' counting 'blank'. This gives you 7 possibilities for one slot. Ignore the fact that blank can be doubled for the moment--this means you have 6 possibilities for the other slot, for a total of 42 possibilities. (0,0) is a special case, since 0 is the only one that doubles--this makes a total of 43 possibilities.

Then again, as someone else pointed out, (0,0) might not be counted as as a 'possibility'.

Of course, this all assumes that each of those hooks was for a *different* key, and not, say, pairs of each of keys 1, 2, and and unseen 3....


I just jumped out of my chair and did a full-on happy dance, chanting "NEW SUBMACHINE NEW SUBMACHINE NEW SUBMACHINE!"

I'm SO happy! I just replayed the entire series less than a week ago. This is, far and away, hands down my favorite casual game series in existence.


Post-game warning/bug!

If you leave your cipher plates in place within a transporter--and not in your inventory--and then click the link to go to the Secrets location, you will lose your cipher plates. I only have four of five secrets, and I've lost my Cipher 2 when I teleported directly from 2,0 to the Secrets area!

Alternately: If I'm just being dense about this, and there's a way to get it back, do please let me know? I've searched all of the areas to which I have access with only my Cipher 1, and I don't think my Cipher 2 respawned anywhere. This game has replay value, but not INSTANT replay value--I didn't plan to play through the whole game again just to see the fifth secret.


Scottique--I guess we will happy dance together!

OK, having finished the game with only 4 of the secrets, I assume I wasn't allowed to go to the special secret room?

@Jay: I went back through the walkthrough looking for secrets and still only found 4--one of the directions had me turning left in a room in which there was no left turn. I believe it is the clue for secret #2.

Starting with #25 in Stage 1, it directs you to room 0,1, then as you work through that room, it sends you to the bottom of the ladder and says "Go left." I clicked for 20 minutes on every pixel to the left of that ladder and never moved nor did I ever get the hand cursor.



You're taken to the secret room after you complete the game, even if you don't have all the secrets.

I'm certain that the walkthrough is accurate and that I know my left from my right. To find the 2nd secret: In (0,1), go to the charger. Now go left again, and you'll be at the bottom of the ladder. If you look carefully, you can see that the wall on the left doesn't go all the way to the wall at the back. You have to click to the right of the vertical edge of the left wall to go left (so, not clicking at the edge of the screen for this one). It's not that obvious unless you noticed that there's an archway above this area.
The walkthrough should be edited a bit here - you have to click on the panel in the corner of the room with the secret, to find the panel with the bolts. Then you use the wrench as in step #28.


Poohy - inventory glitch? I was just in that room that you need a lightbulb, and trying to get the charged coil to be used as a lightbulb (I can't be the only one who tried that...), then I put the coil back into my inventory - on top of the lead casting. It got stuck there. I was clicking randomly, trying to get it out. When it was all over, the lead casting was frozen/stuck - unclickable - in the inventory, although I got the cipher plate and charged coil out - yes, I somehow got the cipher plate stuck too.
Can't drag the lead casting, nothing pops up when my mouse is over it - it's like it doesn't exist anymore! The lead casting is stuck and I can't click it anymore );
Darn! And then i closed the game and gave up. What on earth happened??


Yay, i rule. Mateusz Skutnik said so!


Uhhh... Guys? About the 6 ciphers math debate...

n^2+1 where n is 6 and 1 is room (0,0) equals...
Therefore, there are 37 rooms to explore.

Not that hard, guys...


Great game this one! Unfortunately I couldn't find the bulb by myself... Had to get a spoiler. But that's a very awesome game!! Congratz! Continue to do your job Murtaugh! = ] Cyah later!

ThemePark January 31, 2008 8:29 PM

Eric, you forget to include the possibility of not using a cipher key, i.e. the 0.


I beat the game and the music won't turn off!!!!


Yeah, the total number of rooms exist if there are 6 cipher plates is 43(including 0,0), the formula for this is n(n+2)+1, where n is the number of cipher plates


I disagree with the above.


Wow... I've really got to stop caring about maths...


Gotta love the SubMachine :)

This one was good. The only thing I didn't like was the size of the game play window. The notes were a handy idea but a couple of times I couldn't read my notes cause the writing was too small.

Can't wait for part 6!


Here is a complete spoiler :)


The Lab
pick up notes from the ground.
go left and open the hatch.
go down the ladder and to the left. Turn on the computer. Read onscreen notes (crucial information will be written in notes).
go far right and open door.
enter new area and go right.
open another hatch.
go down the ladder and right.
enter numbers 5-5-2 on the portal. and hit the button.
go right until the opening in the wall.
enter the opening and go right. In the screen where colors change notice an object. Lead Casting. Pick it up.
enter the ROOT location.
open the box on the wall.
notice small locks right next to the big plug. Click them and then click the plug. Click the plug again to power up this location.
go right and down and right again until you find a ladder going up.
go up the ladder, then go far eft and enter the control room.
pick up wrench from the ground.
exit the room and go back to the lower level.
locate ladder going down and go there.
go right and use wrench to unscrew the plate from the wall.
collect rusty key.
go back to the level eith control room, but enter the previous room. The one that you previously passed by going to the control room.
use rusty key on the left panel. Collect cipher plate 1.
go to the level below and locate a device on the wall. It's a transporter, you can use the cipher plate 1 here in two ways. put it to the left slot (which will be later on described as (1, 0) or to the right slot (0, 1).
put the cipher plate 1 to the right slot (0, 1) and hit the button
you're on the ladder. go down. And enter the chamber on the left. Collect cipher plate 2. From now on you can use both cipher plates and their different combinations on that transporter. For your convenience I will describe combinations using numbers, so for example combination (1, 2) means that you have to put plate 1 to the left slot and plate 2 to the right slot.
go back to transporter and enter (2, 0) (explanation: right slot i empty, left slot is occupied by cipher plate 2)
there are 3 hatches here, you have to set the devices inside them so that everyone is facing right. (the middle one is already on the good position. In this hatch you collect empty coil.
go back to the transporter and enter location (0, 1)
go to the bottom and right. use the empty coil on the charger and turn the wheel three times. collect coil.
go back to the transporter and enter location (1, 0)
go down and right and place coil on the pedestal.
go back to the transporter and enter location (0, 2)
go down and far left. on the way you'll notice signs on the wall, they will be written down in the notes.
on the far left turn the valve;
go back to the transporter and enter location (2, 0)
go far left and enter new location through the whole in the wall,
collect wisdom gem 2 there
go back to the transporter and enter location (1, 2)
now it gets tricky. there are 8 rooms surrounding the central one. go to that room and look through three holes in the walls.
the pointer must meet the ornament on the rim, and you turn the pointers using the valves on the outside. Once you place pointers in the right positions, the block in the middle of the central room will open. collect metal box.
as you leave this room, go through the right door and collect light bulb - it's the only one not protected by the wires.
go back to the transporter and enter location (2, 1);
go right and up. set both devices so their lights are on the right side, the crate downstairs will move it's position.
go right and down the ladder. In the dark room use the light bulb on the lamp next to the ladder.
go left and into the ancient room.
on the wall use previously seen symbols (they're written down in the notes) and hit the button on the bottom. go down the ladder and use lead casting on the highest pedestal of the anubis statue.
after it's lifted, collect lead casting from it and repeat that two times until the passage is opened.
go down and collect wisdom gem 3.
go back to the transporter and enter location (1, 0)
go down and right to the acid bath. Zoom in.
put the metal box into the acid.
once the metal box is destroyed zoom out and use wrench to unscrew the pipe and release the acid.
zoom on the bathtub and collect wisdom gem 2
go back to the transporter and enter location (0, 0) (remove the plate from the transporter so it stays empty, and hit the button.
exit the ROOT location and go back to the modern portal.
enter 7-4-7 there and push the button.
The Corridor Location
go far right and open the door.
enter the new room and use all wisdom gems on the wall machine.
switch the lever on the control panel and enjoy the ride.


Catbanshee February 1, 2008 4:20 PM

Awww! it was too short. I demand more submachine!!!!


oops, stupid typo....


Whoooaaa man! Now we have complete walkthroughs posted in the discussion without a spoiler hide????

I second the previous comments about not getting AT ALL specific in our comments without using the spoiler tag, and would STRONGLY urge anyone unfamiliar with the use of the spoiler to do a TEST first! I'd really like a chance to read the comments and play the game without unwanted "tells".

Thanks in advance to everyone and viva Skutnik!


SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! I am over the proverbial moon that there is another Submachine game out. Will there be any more? I was gonna watch sailor moon which I've just bought but I think I can put it off for a bit to play this. :-)



If Cypher Plate 1 is in the first slot, then there are 7 possibilities. (1,0) (1,1) (1,2) (1,3) (1,4) (1,5) (1,6). Now, how many possibilities are there for the first slot? 7. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Ladies and gentlemen...... 49 POSSIBILITIES. 7 times 7! Stop makng it more complex than it has to be! 2 slots! 7 possibilities in each slot. 7x7=49. @_@ Guuhh...

Anyway... yeah. 49.


SORRY. WAIT. NO. I haven't had a lot of sleep, and I must not be thinking straight. x-x I failed to account for the lack of duplicate cypher plates. 43 is correct, and that formula is correct.

@-@ Please pardon my newbishness. I knew not of what I spoke.


I think the appropriate equation would be

(n^2) - (n-1)

where n = 7, because you have to allow for zero as an option. and the (n-1) allows for no duplicates except the 0,0.

just my two cents.

Gloriously simple and fascinating game. i enjoy every second... and then come back for more!!



I agree with the 43 stated above.
Since all of you asked for it: that's the mathematical demostration that uses a bit of combinatorics.
Excluding room 0-0, the problem is the following:
How many ways there are to dispose 7 possible objects (6 possible plates + 1 "slot left empty") in groups of 2 (order matters) without repetitions?
That problem is a "Permutations without repetitions" one (see: here) and the solution is 7!/(7-2)!=7!/5!=7*6=42. Since we have excluded room 0-0, the total possible locations you can reach with 6 plates is 43.
In the more general case of "n" cipher plates we would have: (n+1)!/[(n+1)-2]!=(n+1)*n=n^2+n combinations (0-0 excluded). So, including 0-0, the total rooms we can access with "n" plates is:


Just a little atmospherical note on the above comment. That demonstration is under the hypothesis that the 3 cabinets should contain 6 plates that are all different between each other.
It is possible that the 2 remaining cabinets could simply contain duplicates of "cipher plates 1" and "2".
It could be very plausible that they can put duplicates in room 0-0 as a security measure, since this is the only room that is accessible without any plate.
Another thing to consider is that "cipher plate 1" has only one stub at the end of it and "cipher plate 2" has 2. It seems here isn't any space to have 3 or more stubs at the end of a cipher, so if the series goes on like this, there isn't any additional plate.
If that's the case the only rooms we haven't visited yet are only "room 1-1" and "room 2-2" and we can't say if the cipher holder admits the use of 2 identical keys at the same time (it can be forbidden for one person to have 2 copies of the same cipher).
Since Murtaugh's comment isn't totally clear about this argument, we can't say for sure if there really are other locations accessible with that method.


what are the symbols? been thru that room several times and cant find them.


I didn't know this was out!Waita minute??ITS OUT!?!?!?OMFG


Woah...through the brick wall is a few rooms of -
Submachine 2 : The Lighthouse!
Murtagh made the bricks crash in so we couldn't just go to the lighthouse portal and randomly get teleported


Umm i finished the game so i can answer any questions...

...but I still don't know what the 23 tally marks have to do with anything (you find them very near the beginning).

Goukakyuu February 5, 2008 4:31 AM

I dun see the connection between Submachine 4 and Submachine 5....

Sub 4 said that we can start working from the lab from tomorrow..(???)
Sub 5 , we appeared in a different lab instead of the one in sub 4...I DUN GET IT!!!

Goukakyuu February 5, 2008 5:16 AM

I posted about 3 times ...Just to tell u

Submachine is da most confusing , challenging , twichering (for me anyway , it makes me twich at the puzzles) puzzle game ive


^^ BB


I have finished this, but am wondering what the machine in the control room was for, where

the spanner/wrench was found under the chair and next to the room where the cypher plate was found. It had four buttons and four screens.


Becca, when the comments section tells you to write spoilers like "<spoiler>example</spoiler>," it doesn't mean that you should put the word "example" in between the tags, it means you should put the ACTUAL SPOILER in between the tags.


this game reminds me of the cube series of movies


I really do love the automatic note feature in Submachine V. I really hope Murtaugh adds that feature for all future Submachine games. It is quite convenient and prevents waste of sticky notes or paper in the real world.


help im stuck on the part with the symbols


I am so happy I know whats behind the brick wall in #2


CIPHER PLATE 1!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO WITH IT!!! i read the walk through but i dont understand! im in the room with the grey box with a button and wires coming out of it!! :-(

Alex Kantal February 12, 2008 1:34 AM

I like having that magical notepad thingy around. It saves a lot of trouble typing it all out yourself. I think that this was a very well done game and I can't wait for the next one.

Although the dark atmosphere does creep me out a bit...

that one guy February 12, 2008 2:23 AM

who cares how many cipher combos there. who would honeslty want to explore 49 rooms or how ever many there really are for a light bulb.(P.S. submachine will never end :P


As an epic fan of all the previous subachines, the remixes, the spinoffs and so on, I regret to say that I found this game disappointing. As I've felt about certain other games, I've loved every minute but the minutes run out too quickly. The atmosphere, sound and art were as incredible as ever, but for one thing it (at least seemed) shorter than the Lab, possibly just because of the much more limited exploration possibilities; once you have the two tag keys there are no more areas to discover, no more secrets to find, and the portal machine was hardly used.

Every submachine game since the Lighthouse has extended the submachine mystery, unveiling a little more of its secret, or told us more about the mysterious 'Mur'. This game I felt told us nothing that we didn't already know and completely failed to develop any of the mysteries we found in the Lab; where are the other exploring teams from the lab for instance? And more importantly, what is the submachine, how did we end up in the submachine and what is its relationship to 'the real world' are all mysteries I wanted to see developed here.
Also I felt the concept that we're now working for Mur and the lab removed a fair portion of the atmosphere. We're no longer persuing an answer to the mysteries of the game; we're just doing a job like anyone else. It's as if Neil Armstrong, upon arriving on the moon, had just sat inside the rocket and watched TV until it was time to go again.

Still we are yet to meet Mur or any other living creature; still we know little of the purpose or nature of the submachine. We want to know so much about what it is, how it came about... We've seen a buried lighthouse but have no idea why it was buried, or by who. We know people are investigating the submachine, but where are they? What's with the ruins? The ship? And how are we (the player) inside the submachine? Where did we come from?

It was a good game, but not up to the normal submachine standard, and I felt it failed to develop the plot suitably.



hey lets go authors submachine 6 come my way this one was harder and funner so keep it but dont make it to hard so I have to check a walkthrough just make it a bit harder and you will have one (or 5 if my friends get a chance to play) more visitor/s thanks again for creating a 5th and the secret room was cool if you can add a few more secrets thank you


i can't find the fourth secret.

the walkthrough says to put the coil in room (1,o) then go to room (0,2) and turn the weel. i did that but there wasn't a secret. then i tried puting the coil in room (o,o) but i still couldn't find the secret.

please help.


Hello, its 43 combinations, I am a maths freak and have no possible care for arguments.

By the way here is a simple complete walkthrough
with secrets for those who find things hard.






Watch this people, all the combos

0,0 0,1 0,2 0,3 0,4 0,5 0,6
1,0 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6
2,0 2,1 2,3 2,4 2,5 2,6
3,0 3,1 3,2 3,4 3,5 3,6
4,0 4,1 4,2 4,3 4,5 4,6
5,0 5,1 5,2 5,3 5,4 5,6
6,0 6,1 6,2 6,3 6,4 6,5

hmm i got 37 now hmmmmm.....

HopefulNebula February 23, 2008 10:04 PM

...I'm a bad gamer and didn't search the site before submitting this game just now. Was offline the whole week when it came out. *blush*



You have 7 rows of 6 (plus one on the top row)... 7x6=42...+1 = 43.

I really can't believe people are still arguing that number.

I too, would like to know why there are some seemingly unusable "red herrings"...
Such As:

~the Observation Room
~ the wires you uncover
~ all that stuff in the bunk
...will they perhaps be used in the next Submachine?
I got stuck right off the bat with the plug too. The screen is too dark or needs to be bigger! I can only bump my display down to 800x600!

It cracks me up to no end that someone made "example" their spoiler... I suppose computer logic doesn't come naturally to everyone, right?

I gotta go to bed.

*love to all the people who make these games available to us for FREE!*



There was a room I couldn't get into, at the place with the egyptian theme, there is a doorway with spikes, any ideas on how to get passed it?


Has anyone actually found any more cipher keys than 1 & 2?

I'm also confused about the seeming red herrings

the control room, doorway with spikes, bathroom

but also the other one

the formula on the side of the acid bath - is it meant to help in some way?

So pleased that a new submachine is out. Roll on the next. At least I can get some sleep now I've finished.

Goukakyuur February 26, 2008 7:15 AM

@ Roydaman


The hell

did you get

3,0 ?


Since there are only 5 wires coming from the box with the buttons, there are probably only 6 rooms.


Just signed up for this place O_o


Tigrress should be right. The formula is x!/(x-y)+1 where x=7 and y=2.


I still don't know how you get 3,0 over... I only got 2 Cipher Plates 1 and 2


Jay, how does the TypeKey work?


What are the 3 symbols in room (2,1)? For some reason, there is no signs on the wall in (0,2) so I haven't been able to acquire notes needed.


@ Rankai
If you found 5 secrets and went to the secret location,

you should have caught Murtaugh asking everyone how many possible combinations of rooms there would be with 6 ciphers, since there was room for 6 ciphers in the 3 cabinets that you found cipher 1 in, so we are imagining there are 6 ciphers.
Does that answer your question?


i got the cipher plate 1 and i cant find the teleporter to the 0,1 rooms. where is it?


wow.. how can someone possibly finish that game without the walkthrough??

i love the gameplay, i love the look of it, but sincerely, the first were more enjoyable for me, because i could actually finish them practically alone.. but this one is too complicated!! :P

very good work though.. even if it doesn't suit my little brain.. ;)

Mr. know it all March 8, 2008 3:39 PM

That spike door is from submachine 0.That observatory room has 4 screens anf 4 pictures where in the secret room.That brick wall comes from SUB 2 So many earth there.If i didn't exit that lighthouse with that giant light bulb I was DEAD now.

Anonymous March 11, 2008 11:07 PM

ugh i clicked the main menu button before using all five of my secrets!



i was fast enough to click the spike door. and in got a sixth secret! wooooooooooolo!!!!!!

scorch777 April 12, 2008 8:12 AM

i found that the number of rooms for the cipher things was 50. dont ask how i got that number, cuz i have no idea myself.

F U U N N N !!
F U U N N N !!
FFF U U N N N !!
F U U N N N !!
F U U N N N !!


There are 43 rooms in the game IF the 6 cipher plates were available.

Don't believe me?
00, the root
01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06
10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26
30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36
40, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46
50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56
60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65

Oh, yeah, and Talps, this one shows us the root of the entire story, the first ever submachine, and showing the Submachine as an ancient net. So it tells us something that happened before Submachine 0, which, storywise, happened before Submachine 1.

Hot Sauce Eater April 16, 2008 11:41 PM

I LOVE Submachine. It is TOTTALY my favorite game. I stumbled on Submachine 2 at Arcade Town I think. Off the chart 15 million stars+. Can't wait for Submachine 6. Oh I know what you wnat to say. "Oh how to come to know that Mr. Smarty-Pants. Well try collecting all the secrets in Submachine 5. Remember: ALL THE SECRETS! By the way, if anyone knows the moth and day of the next one please tell me. Thanks.
P.S. Plases do NOT tell me the year, I already know. HA.
P.S.S. Do I talk to much?