very nice game. Really hope chapter 3 will be here soon.
The cave gave me a headache, but i managed.


try line 3 of the scroll.
That worked. Line 11 got me confused, ha


There is one slight error in the walkthrough:

You CAN type in Channel 8 instead of pressing the up button six times - you just have to type "008". :)


Also dial 123-4567.


I just wanted to bug Jay since he has nothing better to do...;-).
Really, my posts aren't showing up. Is this a personal thing, Jay? Is it my breath? Because I stood you up 12 yrs. ago?
Have posted the last 2 nights, but neither have shown. I don't know if this one will, either, but wanted to give it a shot.
Jay, we DO appreciate you, ya know (and the rest of you), along with posters and walkthrougher's. Thank you each for the time you take to make it easier for some of us!
This is a test...this is only a test. If this were an actual threat, your computer would explode immediately. This note will self-destruct in....well, let's see if it shows up at all. Thanks! ;-)


LOL. Hey Jude! It worked! \o/

Sorry you're having issues submitting a comment. It always seems to work for me. =/

You should allow the page to load entirely before clicking the "Post" button.

I hope that helps. :)


All of the other phone numbers are random. Any number will get you the man, answering machiene, little girl, or Japanise lessons. Try it. My number was the lessons O.o


Well, you'd think at my age (24...and that's a roflmao) I'd have figured out that I need to wait for the confirmation page. Sorry about that!
I can't remember where it was that I had previously posted a comment about wanting to support your site. I just want to send you some bucks for all the work you do. I think you mentioned another site that you promote or something along that line (?). Or, if there's a way for you to e mail me, I'd love to send you some cash, whichever works best for you. Thanks for everything.
p.s. Your 'LOL' wasn't your way of laughing at my comment about standing you up years ago, like it never happened, was it? I've gone on with my life and hope you have too. ;-) ROF


I love those little easter eggs in the game :D

Although those japanese lessons are a little rip-off -.- i would never subscribe to those lessons xD

Anyways - a very simple yet original plot/storyline, cool game-art , great music and sfx & very clever (intuitive too) logic-puzzles. I'm waiting for chapter 3 :)


Please can someone help me with inputting the 105 and 40. I've read the walkthrough, but still can't do it, sorry.


I can't find the wooden box...
do you know where is it?
tell me...


for some reason when i go to use the phone it doesn't show me the full phone,i only get #s 1-6 how do i type in the # to move on?

Maria Ines January 11, 2008 10:05 PM

at the home scene, you're meant to follow the automated instructions but i dont understand the very last word he says... 'please type in the channel number you wish to activate then press ????' i've tried the # and the * but it doesn't work?

allimarie January 16, 2008 8:25 PM

This game rocks. My boyfriend also commented that it reminded him of Myst, though we both hope it will have a better ending. Speaking of endings, I like how at the end it asks for donations -- perhaps this is why it's titled "Tipping Point?" ;) (Jokes aside, it does seem to be a game well worth a donation).

Reply I have gotten as far as the key in the panel in the ship but nothing has happened...I'm determined NOT to use spoilers but I don't know what to do from here..I'm sure I need to set fire to the dead palm frond but how?


alrighty . . now i have had to reload and I cant get to the doesn't show at all..any suggestions? jay, karmen,...anyone???


k...typical...everything is fine now.. got my box back & i'm good to go!

little_geoff March 23, 2008 3:29 PM

Now my roman numerals arent great, so after getting lost with the arrows on line number 11. I used the arrows on live number 9. (10-1)oddly this seemed to work fine. so if you are having trouble with the faces, try that option. (either that or i just got lucky) Shame the game is far to short...and whats with the cranes!?


Hey everybody, CH. 3 is out, and figures that I'm stuck!

I have

a glass shard, a pink and black cassette, the feild guide, and the start button and keypad for my strange device. I got the ATARI working, but I can't move anything. I havn't figured out the cqassette player or the spoke and spelled. I typed in help for the spoke and spelled, and it came up with "not helping". As for the Simarouba cocktail, I have everything but the fruit by the parrot. I can't get it down.


you get the fruit by shining the glass at the parrot. how do i get the keypad????


Can someone post the chapter codes, please?


Ok, I found the chapter codes:

Chapter 2:


Chapter 3:



Get ready for a Tipping Point Chapter 3 walkthrough!


So, you come up the stairs in the middle of a jungle huh? wonder what's going on. Try going left.

What's This?

Hey, look, a ladder! Might be useful. Better take it. Now let's take a look at that stump.

Something's Buggy...

Is that a bettle? Looks like he's scared of the mouse. maybe we could lead him somewhere, like a leaf perhaps? After you get the timing jus right, grab the bettle from the spider web and move back to the right.

A Treehouse?

Our parrot friend is still there. Maybe if we go right this time... Woah, a treehouse! If only we had some sort of ladder... shame...

It's Rather Windy

Let's have a look around, shall we? there seems to be a glass shard we can take on that windchime. Let's try moving to the left by that curtin.

A fallen Comrad

Diddn't see that coming... We gotta help tommy. Ohhhhhh, a feild guide and a shinny button! Open your feild guide. Looks like we're making a cocktail!

Making a Cocktail

Move to the right and click on the table in fromt of you with the bowl.It would seem that first we need some hot watter. Better flip the switch on the bottom of the kettle. There, now pour some in. We also need some wine viniger, which is on the right hand side of the table. Hey! We're in luck! We happen to have one golden tree bettle!

Where's the Fruit?

But what about our fruit? Remember it by the parrot? Let's retrace our steps. There's no way we can reach it, but the parrot can. What if we reflected the sun off of some glass shard so that the parrot would follow it to some friut and knock it down for us? Just wondering.

Looks Tastey.

Let's add the fruit and turn it into a paste to finish our cocktail. Yummy. Let's hope Tommy likes it better. Hey, is that a cassette on the shelf above the viniger? Better take it.

Orgazinational Problems

Looks like Tommy needs his rest. Wait. Is that another cassette swinging above his head? Take that one too. There might be a cassette player or something. Lets go to the table to the right of the cooking counter.

The Device

Woh, what a mess!It looks like we can take that circuitboard in the back. Hey, it's even labled. Why don't we put the start button on. Hey, it's a start! Now, let's look at that Merman.

My Mermin

You can turn it on by the switch on the right hand side. Let's try a pattern. How about having every light but the center light up? Hey, it worked! Let's pull the keypad off and attach it to our circuit. Now, about that Atatri...

Look, an Atari!

Firts, let's turn the TV on, with the button on the bottom right. After hearing about our snake venom, lets push the button on the top-right of the Atari keyboard. It turned on, but we can't do much else now. Why not have a look at that cassette player?

Play that Music

Hey, it's sort of funny on the pink tape how it says "2 can" because it sounds like "Tucan". Haha. Lets play it. They play button it the left button on the right side.

Poor Tucan

Woah, he sure can bust a move. We should go back ouside and see what happened. Leave the treehouse. Click on the Tucan. He's OK! and what's that on the tree? it looks like a... lion? Now would be a good time to check that black tape. Walking the lion? Wow. Let's go back to our cassette player.

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle...

Eject the pink cassette. *Busted* Let's put the black one in and play it. Anything happen to the lion? Now those eyes are creeeepy. There must be a combonation, Right? Remember those stickers in the cassette? They weren't there for no reason. Blue and red eyes... Wait. Can we click on his mouth?

Math... Ugh.

Hey, a keypad! if only the black cassette had one more clue... wait. It does say one more thing. "Twelve squared plus twelve". That makes even less sense. That's 156, right? Try putting it in the keypad and pressing enter. Cool. Take the stop button, the sunglasses, and the battery.

Sweet Shades

You can put the Button and the battery on the circuit board now. All we need was the LED. Remember where we found the bettle and the ladder? Put your sunglasses on there. Teleport up? I'd love to. Why don't we go back to the treehouse.

Spoke and Spelled

Hey, is that a spoke and spelled on the desk? Neat! And it has a LED! But how do we get it? First turn it on. *Easter Egg: type in help and the screen says "Not Helping"* Why not type in teleport and press enter for the heck of it? Pick me up. Haha, that's funny. Add the screen to the circuit board. It's complete!

I love Video Games

Hey, did you notice that the cable from the Atari fits perfectly into the side of our device? Oh, I see. It's a controller. Move your little man around, after pressing start of course. You can attack by pressing the center button and then the direction you want to shoot in. Move to the left, and defeat the enemy for your first gold. Move up and do the same, then move all the way to the right. One more enemy. Take him out, and you should have over 1000 gold. Into the castle!


Move up and to the left. Talk to the man, who will add the software you need to the *device*. Detach it and go see Tommy. He's awake!

Our Final Encounter

Wow, the story goes deeper than I thought. That dang parrot again! Let's pay him one last visit. Let's move him back to the center of the branch. A clearing! Let's go!

You have now finished Chapter Three of Tipping point! Congratz to you!


BOO-yeah! I wasn't this excited to click on a game here back from Submachine 4! I'm just crossing my fingers that the game's ambiguous plot gets advanced in this chapter, which makes it kina hrd to trype.


A very good game.

Anonymous March 25, 2008 11:32 PM

how do i get the beetle i need help plz


i am an idiot how do

open the cassette player


nevermind i got it.



Wow, having such a hard time with

trying to get the random movements of a beetle to go to the right side of the stump, when it seems determined to move left no matter where I put my mouse.

Anyone have any helpful suggestions?


I can't open the cassette player...can someone enlighten me?



You have to have a cassette and hover it over the cassette opening. The cassette will turn yellow when you can put a tape in.


Thanks, Malach. Why did they have to make it so hard. I couldn't find the sweetspot a lot of the time.

This game is freaking intense. Pretty unique in all the point and clicks I've played (mostly found from here).

Dr. Pepsi March 26, 2008 2:55 AM

Fun, but some clues were impossibly tough. Using the merman and speak n' say are where I needed help.

Otherwise very enjoyable.
Looking forward to Chapter 4!

Architectonic March 26, 2008 5:56 AM

Oh, I'm unbelievably excited that the third part of this game is out. A little stuck already, but that's no great surprise.

I did manage to

make the toucan fall off his perch from dancing too much!


Chapter 4 for reference:


Architectonic March 26, 2008 6:27 AM

Whee, I'm out.

Malach, did you get the beetle yet?

You need to get it onto the fern fronds on the right.


All you who had the cassette player problems, that was my biggest problem, too.As for the mermin, I had to click randomly my first time. On my second run through for the walkthrough, it took me for ever to figure out the pattern.

ThemePark March 26, 2008 9:09 AM

The very first thing I have to do, is to control a crazy, uncontrollable beetle.

Sorry, but this chapter is a no-go.


ThemePark, you can continue the chapter and come back to the bettle later. It doesn't matter in what order you make the cure or the device in. I just happened to finish the cure first.


The toucan does not fall when I play the pink tape. Did I forget something or does it take very long ?


I need help with this freaking merman ;) please!!


SOmebody get to me on this. So I used the detector on the ground, and it screams, right? Well, the thing is I've tried clicking everywhere on the area with the shovel, and nothing happens! It's so frustrating!


and it didn't glow yellow either


Nevermind. Turns out the cursor was too big, so I thought it's the area the detector was pointing at, not the area behind it.

ThemePark March 26, 2008 10:24 AM

Thanks rkr7, I noticed that in the walkthrough as well. But at some point I'd have to go back to the beetle, and I spent 10-15 mins trying to control it just a little bit, to no avail.


Sorry, mates... the bloody cucaracha is impossible to lead into the leaves...


I really liked this one! The story seems like a

more explicit version of the "Submachine" series, but that's just based on "teleportation network to everywhere" angle.

The only thing I had trouble with was

the cassette player. I kept trying to open it before inserting the cassettes, which wasn't possible.

Overall, I thought the logic was pretty internally coherent (if fantastical), though your mileage may vary. Everything did take a second thought (as in there always seems to be an extra step added to the blatantly straightforward approach, e.g., Chapter 3's stump). There's a lot of potential for this series, and I can't wait for the next chapter!


I, too, gave up after 5 minutes of trying

to get the bird to eat the chip.

I tried clicking everywhere and nothing would work. So I opened the game again, skipped to Chapter 2, entered the hut and couldn't do anything; not even leave the hut. I feel this game is very poorly designed, which is a shame because I would have loved to play it.


Thank you for the walkthrough rkr7, I was going nuts trying to figure out how to do the Atari game:)


Mepster, I was franticly trying to figure out how to attacy, lol! Of course, it was by accident that I figured it out. I don't know why, but writing things like that give me a kick. It was the fact that I beat it myself without a walkthrough. *Never happens*


In the first chapter, on channel 3 on the TV, there's some content that could be considered PG-13.


Chapter 3: How do I open the cassette player to put a cassette in?


Oh, finally I got it. You don't open it at all-you just find the exact right pixel and it lights up that you can put it in.


Peter! How do you get one thing to interact with another?

You move the inventory item over the thing it can be used on until the inventory item glows with a golden halo; just move the cassette over the right area of the player.

I found a few points of Chapter 3 to be slightly more obtuse than in the first two chapters, but the rest of the game made up for it. I greatly enjoyed Tipping Point's whole fusion of uninhabited wilderness with futuristic technology, but it just made me wonder what the active ingredients were in that beetle...

Koniferus March 26, 2008 4:27 PM

found an easter egg...literally. lol.

When playing the atari, go into the castle and to the right side there is a hole in the wall blocked by some water. push the bottom button on the controller and a bridge will fall. cross the bridge and kill alien space invader guy for an egg. not sure what it does though!


Beautiful just Beautiful! I started from the beginning and enjoyed chapters 1 and 2 again.

However, I don't think I can finish #3 because...


Also, I really needed the walk through on this one. It wasn't quite as much fun as chapters 1 and 2 but that's just me. I look forward to chapter 4!


in the atari game...

What Castle???? All I see are black spaces, green spaces, gray spaces, and tiny little mean monsters that get me and then all I see is "Game Over".


For help with the beetle:

This may be a case of so obvious it not worth mentioning, but it took me about ten minutes to realize that YOU CAN MOVE THE LEAF. It is NOT a matter of getting the beetle to some ambiguous hot spot on the right of the trunk at the exact moment that the tip of the leaf comes down - oh no. All you have to do is get the beetle heading in the general direction of the right (little fast sweeps across its behind work best, rather than keeping the mouse on it) then click on the leaf to lower it. The beetle will hop right on once just past the midway of the trunk.


ThemePark March 26, 2008 7:07 PM

Kassandra, THANK YOU!


lol Themepark.

Anyway,4red3s, it's simple.

Go all the way to the left. At the first enemy, go up to the second. Keep moving up to the rocks, and move right. move down a bit to the third enemy. Go all the way down from that point to the water, where you will see a small castle. walk up to the front center of the castle and walk up to go inside. To defeat the enemies, predd the center button and then the direction you want to fire in. collect what they drop, for you will need it later.


About the "Easter Egg"

First off, killing the alien gives you like 4000 gold. Anyway, you can pot your egg in the cure for his desiese. Just put it in the bowl and Tommy will make a comment.

gamesnoob March 26, 2008 8:42 PM

help!! How do I get the mermin apart to get the keypad? I have all lights but the center lit,and can't figure out how to take it apart. Love the game but totally running out of patience after 45 mins of trying to take it apart. I'm sure its just something i'm missing and i'll feel stupid when i find out. :)


it is all just a dream, induced by the nature channel. i know it sounds like wtf but when you turn the tv on, it says that the meercat got bit by the snake, giving him a disease. snake=dad, meercat=tommy, cure= you. i think some of the nature channel will be heard throughout the series when you turn a tv on.


I LOVE you, lilly7590. I had been trying so hard to dig in the right place, and couldn't. Then I read your hint, and got it on the first try! Thank you!

fattywads March 26, 2008 9:30 PM

supposedly the mermin has to have every light on except the middle one. It doesnt work with every light on. Next time you write a walkthrough, don't be so damned cryptic. Its not like you're trying to tell people how to beat the game or anything.


scrath that last comment, i just realized the developer was going for a more halo 3 type feel

fattywads March 26, 2008 9:55 PM

more mermin help

push some of the side buttons until the two side buttons and the one in the middle are lit, basically all three across the middle should be lit. Then push the middle button, which should turn it off as well as turn off any top or bottom lights, which is good. Then press the middle of the top and bottom rows, which should turn all the lights on in each row. when you complete it the face just falls off... sorry if thats complex, but it doesn't really lend itself to explanation...


Geeze, I'm sorry. I was only trying to help. If you don't like it, then why don't you go ahead and write your own?

More description on the Mermin

When I said the middle light, I meant the one in the dead center. If it were a keypad, it would be the number five. So the eight lights around it would be lit.

For anybody who needs more help

Imagine the Mermin as a Keypad as I mentioned before. We will only be woring with the 3 by 3 grid in the center of the Mermin. The other two similar buttons on the top and bottom of the grid will not be used. Here is the key for my solution.
Where 1 is the top left corner, as shown. Your goal is to light the numbers 1,2,3,4,6,7,8, and 9 while having 5 unlit. Here is the solution:

5, 7, 3, 1, 3, 7, 9, 2, 4, 8, 6

For each number, press the cooresponding button on the Mermin once. This SHOULD make the center keyboard fall off, allowing you to grab it.

I apologize for not being descriptive enough, but there's no reason to get mad at me. I'm sorry for any confusion I have caused. If anybody has a problem, ask me about it instead of just yelling. I'd be glad to help. After all, that's why I wrote the walkthrough in the first place.

ThemePark March 26, 2008 10:13 PM

It worked just fine for me when I lit all but the center lights.

I don't know if the start configuration changes from game to game, in my case it was 3 diagonal lights going from upper right to lower left. But just in case it does, here's a link to solve the puzzle.
Set the left grid the way the solution should be, i.e. all but the center grid should be 0s. Then put a check mark in hint, put in the configuration you have in the game on the right grid, then uncheck hint. The buttons that now have a 1 on them on the right grid, are the ones you need to press in the game.

gamesnoob March 26, 2008 10:15 PM

thank you fattywads!!!


Here, I've compiled a "troubleshooting" Section to go along with the Mermin help above. I'll try to target a few problems here.

Help, I can't get the mermin to work!

See post above.

Help, I can't insert the cassettes into the player!

Inserting a cassette is very simple. Click on the cassette in your invintory after zooming in on the cassette player. Move the cassette itself to that the bottomm of the cassette and the bottom of the player are level. There should be a yellow glow aroung the cassette. Simply click while it has this glow, and it will be inserted into the player.
There are three clickable buttons on the top of the player. Button number one is on the top left, and Button numbers two and three are on the top right hand side of the player, touching each other. Button one ejects the tape currently in the player. Button two is a play button, playing what ever cassette is in the player. Button three is a stop button that stops whatever song is in the player.
NOTE: During the part with the loin head, the song on the black cassette must be playing in the backround for the loin to work.

Help, I can't pick up the bettle!

Taken straight from Kassandra (Hope you don't mind):
"For help with the beetle:
This may be a case of so obvious it not worth mentioning, but it took me about ten minutes to realize that YOU CAN MOVE THE LEAF. It is NOT a matter of getting the beetle to some ambiguous hot spot on the right of the trunk at the exact moment that the tip of the leaf comes down - oh no. All you have to do is get the beetle heading in the general direction of the right (little fast sweeps across its behind work best, rather than keeping the mouse on it) then click on the leaf to lower it. The beetle will hop right on once just past the midway of the trunk. "

Help, I'm having trouble with the Atari game!

OK, lets use the keypad with the number set up as before.
These are numbers representing the buttons on the Mermin's keypad. to move up, down, left, or right, press the 2, 4, 6, and 8 keys. To move in a diagonal, press the 1, 3, 7, and 9 keys.
Your quest is to get 1000 gold. Gold is recieved by defeating enemies. To attack, press the 5 key, and then press any of the other number keys in the direction you want to fire in. After you hit an enemy with your attack, walk over the spot in which they fell to recieve the gold. There are three enemies overall (not counting the easter egg) on the way to the castle.
From your starting point, move left to your first enemy. Take him out. Now, from your current position, move up. You will see your second enemy. After you take him out, move as far up as possible. Now move rightm, through a narrow space between two surrounding rocks. move in a diagonal Down-Rigt pattern by pressing the 9 key. You will find your third enemy. After you defeat him, move as far down as possible. Now move to the right untill you see a building like structure. move under it, in front of the small black rectangular door. Move up.
Now, follow the hallway up to the watter with the satellite in the middle. Move to the left until you see a man. Walk up to him to speak to him. If you have 100 gold, he will give you the nessecary software for your device. You may now detatch the device and go see Tommy.

Any more problems, ask me.


I apologize, in my Atari help, it says 100 gold, when it should say 1000.

Andy, I think both are great predictions for how the game will end out. Your first post was very interesting, especially the character comparisons.

gamesnoob March 26, 2008 10:49 PM

rkr7-- thank you sooo much for your walkthrough. some things you just have to draw me a picture for.

gamesnoob March 26, 2008 10:53 PM

okay, noob strikes again. i've been clicking on the lions mouth forever and the eyes change colors (had 2 variations of red and blue several times) but nothing happens. i have the cassette playing, is there something else i need to do first???



For the lon to work, you must have:
1. The black cassette playing in the treehouse
2. The left eye should be blue
3. The right eye should be red
4. You click on the bottom rock that would be the lion's chin
His mouth should open and reveal a keypad, for the next step.


still cant move the leaf!! :(



For some reason, during one of my walkthrough ch. 3 runthroughs, I did the bettle later and the leaf wouldn't move for me. I clicked, and nothing happened. I had to restart. You may have the same problem I did.

gamesnoob March 26, 2008 11:22 PM

rkr7: thanks, that's what i thought and have now clicked on it for 10 more minutes without getting that combo. it looks like i may have to start over. i've been clicking so long that the tape ended and started again! yipe

fattywads March 27, 2008 12:59 AM

sorry for sounding angry, thanks for the walkthrough and all that....


Gamesnoob, theres only one more thing I can think of.

You're sure that you have the DARK blue and the red, not the pink and/or light blue? There are two shades of each, you need the two dark ones. Ohter than that, you may have a glitch like I did with the bettle before.


A sequel that is meeting the expectations. A very good game with a very good sequel.

Still love this one.


OK, I've got one more idea. Seeing everybody complain about how they can't find an item "hotspot" I've taken screenshots of some situations. Once your item has a yellow glow around it, you can click on it to preform the action.

Ch. 1

The Chip

Ch. 2
The Box

Note: the box is in the left room of the Pirate ship.

The Shovel

Ch. 3
The Cassette Player

The Mermin

Here is how the mermin looks when it is completed.
The Numbers coorespond to the buttons pressed for my solution.

5, 7, 3, 1, 3, 7, 9, 2, 4, 8, 6

The Loin

The Parrot

The Atari Game Set Up

On a side note, Did anybody notice

The name on the magnafying glass in Ch. 2?


For those interested, the song on ch. 3 is Ghosts by Japan. The full video-->

I kinda liked the whole new wavey fetish.

Sparkles March 27, 2008 7:46 PM

Awesome game! I love that David Bowie poster. The Man Who Fell To Earth is a pretty...interesting movie! :)


Thanks everyone who helped with the beetle problem! I was tearing my hair out!

Skull Face72 March 28, 2008 8:58 PM

Code for chapter 4 (when it's out) is:



I'm pretty sure that's Ultima 1 on the Atari 800!

Was there a clue anywhere for the Merman (actually an old Merlin) pattern?

I'm getting old...


Loved it!! I played the first 2 chapters a while back and I was thoroughly excited to see they added another chapter. This is good fun! I can't wait for the next chapters. I loved it so much, I made a donation!! :) The music and the feel of the game was just great!

Voldemort March 30, 2008 4:47 PM

My game wont let me turn on! Help!

ScottieC March 31, 2008 3:36 PM

Thanks for the assist rkr7, but even copying your picture EXACTLY, I still can't get the chip to work at the very beginning. I'm going to write the game off at this point, but thanks for trying.


please help! after the crane is fed the chip, i try to call to subscribe to the channel but it never connects..the call that is... what am i doing wrong?

Anonymous April 3, 2008 7:39 AM

I can't get the tucan to fall off his perch. He's dancing like mad but won't fall off and I can't leave the room unless I stop playing music.

Anonymous April 4, 2008 3:32 AM

Love all the (figurative and literal) easter eggs in these games.

Spoke and Spelled knows other 4-letter words besides "help". ;-)


"Shame on you!"

Those words shall forever dwell ni my mind, Anonymous.


if you type any cuss words into the speak and spell,
it says "Shame on You"

mynameisnoodle June 6, 2008 1:52 PM

dude, the merman is freakin' impossible. I cant get it to break apart!!! help!

mynameisnoodle June 6, 2008 1:59 PM

yeah, um can someone please help me with the merman? I cant get the cover to come off. and the idea of the number pad by rkr7 was really smart but i keep trying it and it doesnt work!


Awesome game, I got through !:)

The hardest thing in this game was just the Merman in 3rd chapter! It caused me some grey hair :D

Anonymous July 10, 2008 6:01 AM

how do you get the keypad from the lion's mouth i don't get it??? do you have to change the stickers or something???


Get the lions eyes to blue and red, like on the cassette. Then hit the mouth. When the keypad comes out, hit 156 and then enter.


Some of these actions are really hard to figure out. I would have never figured out that you're supposed to get the fruit by reflecting light off of you wind chime piece so that the bird would follow it if i hadn't read the walkthrough. I didn't even realize we can get a piece of glass from the windchime even though I've scrolled over it a dozen times. It just didn't work. This game is really confusing and if it wasn't for the walkthroughs I would never figure it out.