NovaPulsar December 4, 2007 6:09 PM

Go back the board and you will find answer to 5 and 13.. just search


Regarding 20:

I managed to work all of it out except for:

How in the world do you get from "hearing choir of" to an equals sign? Yes, that's the only logical place for an equals sign to go (and yes it gives the right answer as a result) but I just don't see an "is" or "goes to" or "equals" or "becomes" anywhere in that phrase.




And wouldn't you know it, now I'm stuck on 22.

Sergentpeper1967 December 4, 2007 6:32 PM

Please someone help on #9, all the other people that have tried to help are either to vague or to cryptic. I don't want another riddle to help me solve a riddle.

I'm guessing this one is really easy, but it's not jumping out at me.


Sergentpeper - 9 spoiler:

  • Every date we two met, I asked if I may kiss her hand. No, she said, not before Great Alexander is gone.

  • It's a date

  • 2

  • May

  • Alexander the Great died in the year 323

  • 2-May-323, or 25323.

Nobody - perhaps because it's on a separate line?

Sergentpeper1967 December 4, 2007 6:49 PM

Thank you!!! I had all of them alright 'til then...


je suis scotché sur le 22 !


22 - still stuck.

i've worked on it a cipher, but can't seem to get anywhere. any hints?


I except ABCDE....
I try for an anagram :
Ren(m)umber thirty pim(n)u !!!


umm i need help on number 4


El Cuervo:

You should be entering in a total of nine numbers.

Still need help? Try

entering the entire middle line of the completed sudoku puzzle.

Help on 16, anyone? I'm getting nowhere.



anagram of first letter of each word


#22- maybe a thought here...:

I see the alphabet cipher, and get the anagram "prime thirty number" but there are two: 31 & 37, and concatenations or additions of those don't solve it.
I'm wondering if there's something to do with the way it was originally scrambled together to take 31 & 37 and somehow scramble them back up, or reuse the alphabet somehow?


:( 11 is making me want to mash my head against something solid.



Got it! I was scrambling the anagram words's not "Thirty prime number" :-D"



You practically have the solution, you are just thinking about that thirty in the wrong way...probably cause your anagram doesn't quite match the message you can read.




Focus on the anagram.. note single, not plural.. you are almost there


thx Giacomo

thirty prime number is great


Could someone explain the reasoning behind the answer to 23?

I got as far as the reveled phrase but and initially tried sec's then went to the actual computer "tick" 860,000,000,000 but when a fellow goon solved it using a brute force method and using divisors got an answer i don't see at all... I mean i get the divsor if its some "tick tock" reference but that aside the actual units make no sense


I don't get what I'm missing on 22.

I get that the text says PRIME NUMBER THIRTY, but I'm not sure what to do with that information. I tried taking the prime factors of 30, 235, and tried all the divisors of 30, 12356101530. Neither worked.


Nevermind, I realized I read the phrase in the wrong way.

Now I'm with Daniel on 23, and have the same questions, without knowing the answer.


Hmmmm Level 8 is getting me, and I don't know why I just can't see it.



IGNORE "day" and start going through the units of a day with "tick tock" in mind


Number 6!!!

i just wanted to try it


I'm stuck on thirteen, do you have to make it a square, because right now it's a big rectangle, does the left section go on top or something?


Still completely lost on 20. Anyone out there with REAL help. Not having any luck wit some of the equations people have posted or with any I've tried myself. Thanks


Hmm - stuck on 23:

I've tried counting out the # of seconds in a day, or halving that (to account for just the "ticks" and not the "tocks", then tried adding a "tick" sound for each minute + each hour's tick -- none of that seems to be working. Am I just missing a permutation of counting out a unit, or is it something else entirely?



On #23, the reasoning is that

you're at 23-30.


I don't even know how to go about starting 23. I obviously need some serious help on this one...


On #23:

Ok, i got it, and i get that the context gives you a little leap to understanding 23 out of 24 for a "day", but I'm crying "foul" on this one... ;)


Does anyone have any idea's on 24? As I think I echo at least a number of us over at SA that we have no idea where to go with it...

And as for 23:

I guess i can see where they got it from but still... It was in no way implied and honestly everyone i know who solved it ended up doing semi-random iterations until it was solved.


#24 - some thoughts:

-the numbers refer to other puzzles? (99 is the exception, but puzzle 4's answer is 99
-puzzle 10 tells you to ignore "and" to find the solution, and it's referenced here
-the "N" refers to the puzzle number we're on (borrowing from 23?)

Snickerdoodle December 5, 2007 2:11 AM

24 has made my brain run and cry in a corner


Paralyzed on #24:

(7 & 10): If the numbers are indeed puzzle numbers (99 aside), maybe the &'s are for rule-applications? So 7 & 10 might mean I should "bin" KEYS IN PI AND A NO

N(99 - 1): I don't think this is correct, but since 99 is the answer to #4, maybe somehow N(99 - 1) is puzzle #3. Should I "bin" SEA OF FIRE, etc.?

(19 - 17): I have tried subtracting the letters in 17 from 19 (and again with the puzzles' intermediate phrases). I have also tried the "bin" strategy. Nothing.

Am I at all on the right track? I'm kind of hoping I'm not, because I have no idea where to go with the insanity above. It doesn't really sound right to me anyway.

Snickerdoodle, save room in the corner for my brain.


24 has just about officially killed me... I'm about to give up, I've been grinding at this on and off all day and can't get anywhere... I need a hint or just a place to start.


Regarding 20 by Nobody:

You are correct about the missing IS. I originally has LISTENING there, but I did not realise it would contain word TEN so I changed it to HEARING and lost the IS... Im sorry, its my mistake


help on number 11


Anybody care giving some additional hint on #23?
So far I (think to) know that:

it's some sort of UNIX time encrypted (I tried assigning numbers to the letters, but it doesn't seem to work)

the current level (23rd of 30) is to be used as well as some sort of key/hint


My thoughts on #24.

The only thing I can come up with, is to use boolean AND, either on the numbers themselves, or on the solutions from the referenced levels.
Either way, I get 0 or 2, which is no good.


OK... 18, again.

I've got these anagrams:
Week Days
Half The Hours
To me that says Number of Days In a Week (7)
Number of Hours in that - 168
Half that - 84
Minutes in that 84*60 = 5040
This is wrong. Trying the same changing the first line to weekdays instead, I get 3600, which is also wrong.
Now I've gone through the previous clues, and can't work out the problem. Help?


In 24:

Code has 3 digits


tonypa, your 20 still works. Here's how I got the equal sign. The 'ees' of the previous word sounds like (by hearing) 'is'.

Anonymous December 5, 2007 9:07 AM

I don't understand the 5!!


stuck on 12. need clue please.


24 is quite easy if you keep it simple...

how maNy?

that should be obvious enough


Okay, I'm honestly lost on number 14.

I know that:

I need to convert to ASCII

But I've tried several things, including:

Running it all together

- No luck

translating by line, then mashing it together

- still no luck

Translating it figure-by-figure... as in 11, then 10, then 11, etc and THEN mashing it all together

- still no luck.
I'm honestly getting fed up with the game. I've checked and double checked all the possibilities I could think of that made sense for that, and I'm getting tired of

punching numbers in to various translators

to check and see if it's right.

Could someone please just tell me precisely what to do? I've already read all the hints.


For 12:
i found

419 wich is ....- ,.----, ----.

please help!!!


Im really stuck on 8! I posted a message earlier but I got no replies, so Im trying again! Please help! If you cant remember then 8 is the

really weird one, it says: The Space has a meaning.
Light Comes From The Stars.
The Planets Orbit in Eternal Circle

Please help me!


Thank you M1ssRJ i was just being an idiot!!


When you translated to ASCII it gives you the numbers to look up....

but if you must know the answer...after you translate the numbers to letters it spells out MULTIPLY TWELVE AND TEN.


Thanks for the tip mb1910.

Now I am on the 25.
I noticed:

6, 7 and 8 are missing, but the combination of these three digits does not work.

and also

I also tried to find a pattern. There is five 2XX number, then two 31XX, then three 2XX, two 31XX and 1 2XX... but I don't know what to do with that... maybe to complicated to lead anywhere


#8 please help?


fom, in 25

you practically solved it already: 2XX is correct but think about 31XX again


#25 question

Tonypa - should we be looking at 311X?


23 ? - i know there has been talk about

"tick" and "tock" and maybe some UNIX time

but i have no idea how to get there - or how to continue once the message has been decoded

any suggestions, especially on how to decode the initial message?


I don't get 24.

I know what you need to do, but after doing that I get (3) & (1 & 1) & (1), so I put in 3111, which doesn't work.


benfunke, in 23

Notice -1. Modify each letter using that. After you get the message, you may wish to look toward HINTS AND SPOILERS


Adam, 3 is exactly like 2, only its 3



Me again, I am also on 24. Don't even know how you got your

3111 Please share

I call foul on 23

nothing points you towards the 23-30 reference - non-intuitive

Having fun even if nearly bald - love the puzzles (except 23)



Level 8:

The spaces really do matter


Need help with 7

Something to do with binary?


#22 I'm really stupid but I read all about this level and can't find how to see the alphabet cypher .. I need some help (french speaking, so please not to hard explantion :-) Thx

Pantherenoire December 5, 2007 1:41 PM

#22 I've found the solution (Thx Giacomo) but i'm really not proud cause I still don't know how to get the text


Still no luck on number 8.



remove alphabet from letters A,B,C - P


start with first letter P and jump every other letter

At end

reverse back to front (should start with B if you do it right


(tip for #14)

look at the decimal values on an ASCII conversion chart


Kathy, thanks for the tip, but I'm still stuck:

I tried multiplying the binary values for I and T, I've also tried multiplying the DECvalues for I and T. I'm lost. Is it really this hard?


25 isn't too bad

Once you see the pattern

Ignore the delimiters

And apply a technique you've used before to convert those numbers into something readable

After that you just have to whip out your calculator or remember some very basic trigonometry (no, I'm not kidding).


still on #24 grrrrrrrrr
91 (1&9) is not 910 nor 728, or 100 or ...


Thx Kathy

now I feel less idiot :) hum.. not sure! I look at 23 and... no comment :)


#23 got it finally! (thanks to tonypa's hint and reading correctly the "hidden" additional information)
Regards from Kubrick's supercomputer from "2001: A Space Odyssey":

It's name was HAL. That's: IBM-1

So, what time is it now?

also read your current "Level-totalLevels" in the lower right corner as a time reference

#24: Thanks tonypa for the digit help and mb1910 for the good question! If you're still stuck, one more advice:

read out loud for yourself the content of the brackets ; don't try to do any fancy arithmetics, just read them as they are and meditate again on mb1910's question

El Cuervo December 5, 2007 3:03 PM

Would anyone like to enlighten me on what number 16 is talking about??


I got 14

use this website and then write all the numbers in one row of the puzzle, using spaces instead of dashes, and then click translate. Do this with each row and you'll find the code


Also can anybody help with 15?


Ugh. So many shenanigans and un-clued necessary information. No idea how some of these would have been solved without brute force or creator hints. Up to 26, thanks to the copious hints here.

24 hints:

N is a function.

& has a completely different meaning depending on if it's inside or outside of the parentheses.

N acts on each argument in parentheses individually, which are then concatenated to get a 3-digit number, per the creator's hint above.

25 hints:

Partitioning is a good thing

There is one partition type for "2" and one for "3", each making surprising sense.

Interpretation of the partitioned numbers sans the 2/3 prefix uses an earlier method.


to everyone who thinks level 13 is living hell,


is the password


Thoughts on 26

The multiple single letter "words" make a simple substitution cypher unlikely. As does the combination of EUU and MMX (even if you read it backwards, you're still stuck with an "eel" somewhere).
Not much in the way of patterns I can detect, but those Ys and Xes are screaming "look at me!".

Beyond that, I'm at a loss.
Anyone have a nudge in the right direction for me?


Breezed through 26--but that's because the solution method was something I'd tried on an earlier level (noted in an earlier comment!).

For those who are, inevitably, stuck: it's not a letter-for-letter substitution. Too many one-letter words, too many weird patterns like MMX.


Each line is a word; each "word" is a letter.


You don't substitute letters for letters, but you do want to substitute something else for the letters.

And if it helps you figure it out:

EUU = O, and MMX = S.

Meanwhile, predictably stuck on 27. I know how I want it to work--but what's that 0 doing in there?


i need help on level 2:


NovaPulsar December 5, 2007 3:42 PM

Can someone help me with level 19 please?


26 Thoughts:
Two things stick out

Worm and MMI. If worm is important, then maybe you need to look at it in a zig-zag manner? If MMI is important, then maybe this is a more complicated Roman Numeral puzzle. I'm leaning towards the latter, since there are lots of Roman Numerals (M,D,C,L,X,V,I), although I'm having trouble finding a way to arrange/combine them, since they break the implicit rule that a subtracter shouldn't be much smaller than the numeral it precedes. I tried taking each word as an isolated Roman numeral, then adding them together to get a wrong answer of 7436, but either my math or my approach is wrong. I also tried interpreting "worm" as taking the alternating sum (adding then subtracting then adding, etc.) to get what I think is 1954, but again it wasn't right.



#14 vs # 7

Sorry Sorry I gave spoiler for 14 instead of 7


I=1 o=0 Binary



For number 2, think of the level asking you about itself. My level is....?

Now, if I could just get some more help with 7. Wow do I feel slow.



Colud someone just please give the solution to 24? The hints are not kicking in. Call me silly...

Would like to know how it was concluded and A BIG KUDOS to you for figuring it out


Nvm about level 7, I always miss the fact that there are multiple pages on these threads.


WORM is a good idea.

Maybe you remember a level where it came up before? :)

El Cuervo December 5, 2007 4:49 PM

I Still need help on 16 please!!

also, Tala

on 15 go back to levels 3 and 4 and add the answers


OK, still needing help on 18.

The in game clue is:
Week Days
Half The Hours

To me that says Number of Days In a Week (7)
Number of Hours in that - 168
Half that - 84
Minutes in that 84*60 = 5040
This is wrong.
Trying the same changing the first line to weekdays instead, I get 3600, which is also wrong.
Now I've gone through the previous clues, and can't work out the problem.



You got it all right, except you just concatenate the three parts of the answer. No multiplication at all.

El Cuervo:

Remember what you did on level 3? Try a similar approach here. This time, that's only the first step, though. You still have to work with what you get after that.


Kathy, re: 24

i doNt thiNk you really waNt us to
spell it out
for you. theN it would ruiN all of your fuN aNd that would be a big miNus
you caN
oN us to protect you from yourself


Can we get a little more help for #25 please?


Thaks El Cuervo, now I can get some sleep


Finally got number 9, and 10 was cheesecake (I'd post help hints but dont know how to invis them)

Now I'm on 11 and my frontal lobe is killing me. I've searched the whole forum for hints and nothing is helping. I can grasp everything that previous posters have said about this one, but I'm not grasping it. P-p-p-please someone help with the answer.



(NiNty-NiNe miNus oNe)&(seveN aNd teN)&(NiNeteeN miNus seveNteeN)


27 is getting me, too.

Obviously it can't be mapped to a telephone keypad.


Level 18 Help!

I know that it's

Week Days (which i took to mean 7 but have tried 5 too), Half the Hours (84 and 60 respectively) and minutes (5040 or 3600)

I've tried everything i can think of

I've added/strung them together/multiplied no luck. what am i missing? i thought it was 7845040 but that isn't working. boo.


James, RE: 25

There are couple of numbers which show up a LOT

Perhaps they're generally used not as numbers, but as delimiters

Something like this:

Ok, now that you've got a sequence of two and three digit numbers, what can you do with them?

Perhaps convert them to characters somehow?

Kinda suspicious that there are no single-digit numbers. Have you tried ASCII codes?

Should spell out a formula for you. Solve it.



Thanks TmA DUH DUH DUH on my part

funny how some seem sooooo easy for me and vice-versa


still on #24 !

ninetynine - one seven & ten nineteen - seventeen
1379 - 2 5 & 3 137-48
1377 53 89

doesn't work what's the problem ?



ThaNks for Not spoiliNg my fuN - Please read previous commeNt to TmA


@ Kathy

for me (French one) I read it, and still stuck !