16 hint:

Tuesday means the same thing it did last time.

17 hint:

The fox doesn't just jump over, it jumps around and around.


geniusadvice - no, it's not related.

This site comes in handy...


What I'm finding is that, for a whole lot of these, there's a right thing to do but also a lot of things that are wrong but equally reasonable. For instance, in Level 6:

I added all the Roman numerals in the words--M, M, VII, ...--rather than just the initial ones.

Or similarly, on Level 12, as I noted above, even if you're thinking Samuel, there are a lot of ways things could be interpreted.

Now, on level 18, I know...well, I know what the first and last lines mean, but there are a lot of ways these things can be interpreted. I've made a number of perfectly reasonable guesses, but clearly just because it was reasonable doesn't mean it was right.

I'm only vaguely OKish at most games, but puzzles I know, and this particular problem--that a lot of things are equally reasonable--is one of the most frustrating that a puzzle can have.


Does anybody want to tell me the answer to 13? I managed to get through the rest thanks to my knowledge and the comments, but I am horrible at sudoku... and I don't want to bother trying to do it. Please and thank you.

stationary_jew December 4, 2007 1:16 AM


There are online solvers for that kind of thing.



weekends-the half hours-minutes

the code???


18 hints:
To start -

Scramble for time.

To finish -

Each line gives a number. There is no big picture; just concatenate the three numbers.


Anyone care to offer another hint for 16? I'm honestly stumped here.


Tiberius - the solution can be found in a straightforward manner. The link I posted for geniusadvice a little ways up should be all you need to find the answer (and you may not even need that).

AFairComparison December 4, 2007 3:16 AM

Level 19 is some fun.

Observations I deem potentially important:

1. Pattern of syllables: 23132.
2. Period at the end of the fourth line.
3. Frequency of certain letters.

This somewhat-organized list of words is not communicating anything syntactically. What's beneath it?


ARGHHH LVL 7 zomg hw u do it???


Hey, maybe 19 needs a little hint

Notice the dot

The dot separates actual message and instruction

Alexander December 4, 2007 4:24 AM

I feel this puzzle falls down because, as people have mentioned before, for any puzzle there are several equally valid paths. For instance, in the one that talks about how great alexander is, I could think of half a dozen numbers that could be the answer as justifiably as the real one. The puzzles are good but they need more to define why the answer is the correct one.


a hint for 20 would be nice


i don't understand the hints for 16 please help me...

Some1else December 4, 2007 7:25 AM

Any help for 17 I am completely stumped!!

shilaroud December 4, 2007 8:47 AM

any more help for 17 out there?


Here are some hints for 20 if you are stuck:

It has parts, separated by dot. First 2 lines form one single part, it just did not fit into one line.

Two lines = two unknown variables.

Look at text to form equations. Solve the equation

NovaPulsar December 4, 2007 10:02 AM

Can someone give some help on number 17 plz?


Could someone please give another hint for 17? I don't get it at all.


can i get some help on level 6?

NovaPulsar December 4, 2007 10:35 AM

Solution For #17:

Firstthreeofpi :)


Uhm... I dun get a thing for Code 20. Meanwhile I start chasing ghosts: do I have to count the edges of a box in as well? Seriously, you owe me my sleep tonight!


Code 6:

Ever heard of Caesar? What nation did he represent?

Just watch the letters which are ancient Roman numbers and transfer them to our Arabian numbers.


hey Max, see if this helps on 20

variables are x and y


Level 19?

I removed the letters BUMP from the message but I just got gibberish. Am I on the right track?

CyberTractor December 4, 2007 11:48 AM

So, what's the answer to 14?

I don't know ASCII or what to do to even get the answer.


CyberTractor - Google is your friend

Jack - you sure are on the right track. Have you tried keeping each line separate, and working it out that way?

If clues appear on multiple lines, then that usually means you need to consider them separately.

BiblioNinja December 4, 2007 12:13 PM

I'm still having trouble with 12:

There are 6 I's and 9 .'s - I've tried adding, multiplying and concatenating the numbers to no avail. Am I even on the right track?

geniusadvice December 4, 2007 12:18 PM

i am still stuck on level 16... =/


level 3 ( im a bit slow lol ;])


BiblioNinja -

SOS is the clue, as it's not really like the others.

That should lead you to the information on this page (or similar).


Great game!
I manage to go through the 20 first level with the hints, and now I am stuck on number 21.

I was looking for skyscrappers like the Burj Dubai. But nothing seems to work.


21 is killing me...

long, small and dozen are hints for a clock (i think) - long arm facing up and small arm facing east so it should be 3:00...


PLEASE help with 16 - Hints are not sinking in...


does anyone have level 3?


mb1910 - you're on the right track!

Kathy - Here's another hint that's really a spoiler, so use as a last resort:

acronym jumble


#16 is killing me, i've tried anagrams and i am still not getting it. even the spoiler didn't help me. can some one please spell it out


I finally got 16:

Treat the word Tuesday the same as in #5 and all the words also - Then anagram


I need some help on 18.

I got Weekdays, The half hours, Minutes, which gives me 7 for Weekdays, 60 for Minutes, but then The half hours could be 30, 2, or 48, none of which work. What am I doing wrong here?


ThemePark - your understanding of the 2nd clue is out of order.

BiblioNinja December 4, 2007 1:24 PM

Ah-hah! Thanks Jay...now, can I finish 13 before lunch is over?


First and third lines are straightforward, but what the heck is

the half hours?

I've tried the obvious

2 (in an hour), 48 (in a day), 24 (if you don't count "on the hour"), even 48*5 and 24*5 to get half hours in the weekdays mentioned earlier

But at this point I feel like I'm just resorting to essentially guessing randomly. There must be some sort of logical answer I'm missing.

Perhaps the "THE" at the beginning carries some significance I'm not seeing?


Nobody - see my response to ThemePark, as you've made the same assumption that is leading you astray.



Perhaps "The Half Hours" is not the correct anagram.



So far I have

"fewest number of" when anagramming - am I on the right path? I have taken out the 'BUMP' but the rest of the letters can make so many choices so I want to verify my actions

Thanks so much, this is fun. Kathy


what is level 3 talking about? Please help! Its so frustrating! If you cant remember which one level 3 was then it was

a poem:
Sea of Fire
Eating the Moon
Voices Humming
End is Near
Number is in


I do believe that there's a typo in 4

Am I right in thinking that it says "DERDNUHAHTSSELENO" instead of "DERDNUHNAHTSSELENO"?


Kathy - you are very close! Try treating each line separately.

Lukex115 - when displayed the way you've included it, the answer should jump right out at you(!). :)


Oops, my mistake, I can't read


Crab - no, I don't think so. There is no typo that I see.


21 will be the end of me x_x

any hints on the nezod/dozen part?


oh yeah ;P I see it well now!


Oh, man! I must be really thick, but I'm still stuck on 11! I'v been staring at the letters and at

Roman numeral charts

and I'm stil stumped!!! Help?


lmao, Im not very good at this! Now im stuck on 5!

The Holy Goal is Equality
Subdivide every Month into Tuesday
xbox in steroids




BIN is for Binarie

Have you seens how much I and O there is?


if you put all I and O : 1010011 (i.e. 83)


Oh, silly, silly me! Never mind. :D


Level 7:

Convert the line to binary code using an online convertor (capitals necessary), then add the ones up and you get: 83


lolz, I need to ask for help on no 5, see my previous comment, I really suck at this sort of game!

omgitsgir December 4, 2007 2:32 PM

I'm stuck on 13. I know what to do, and I'm pretty sure I got the right answer. Unless, of course, the Sudoku doesn't read the same way I read it.

Reading the numbers and putting them in left to right, top to bottom, I got

479294, which were the numbers in the blanks

. Like I said, I'm probably reading the puzzle in the wrong way.


Lukex115 - use a similar method to the way you solved the previous puzzle. :)


Wow, you have to think more than I thought youd have to to in this game! Thanks, Jay!


Well, 6 was easy

Thank God, I know the Roman Numerals!


In 21:

Why is dozen spelled backwards...


Well, this is going downhill fast. Now I need help on 19.

I've tried using the hint with treating each line seperately, and if I do so and remove the BUMP, I get





I can get WAS from line 3, ER TWO or RE TWO from line 2, but the rest makes gibberish. Especially with so many anagramming possibilities


ThemePark - the answer is staring you in the face. xD


Made it to Level 9 without help

Now I is stuck :(

Any tips?


omgitsgir - don't forget the given clue: "middle row". It has meaning that will lead you to the correct solution.

Jesse - "date" is an important clue. One of 4 provided, in fact.


Jesse The Space Cowboy:

Why isn't it "every time"?

Two thirds of the answer are in the words, and the rest you have to look up.


#19 is easiest for a Parisian like me ;-)


Level 8 is driving me mad! What am I not seeing? :|


For level 3...

I had to look at it a couple of times to get it.

Look at it up and down... there is only one number


Anonymous December 4, 2007 3:10 PM

Level 9 is pretty confusing to me, I must be missing something pretty obvious. Anybody have any hints?


Hehe, great, Im stuck on 8 now! As you can speak, ive spent a lot of time trying to figure this one!

The Space has a Meaning.
Light comes from The Stars.
The Planets oribt in Eternal Circle

Ive tried doing what Jay said for the other ones that Ive been stuck on, but I cant find anything! I did manage to find something in the first line though!

The Space has a Meaning: when I do what I did in five, I get the word MASH! YUMMY MASH!


Ah well, I got to go now. Thanks for your help Jay, your website rocks!


stuck in 18!! nothing works with THE HALF HOURS... 2,48,30
someone help please! The upper spoilers don't help me :(


I call foul on 18.
And here I was agonizing over the second number.
I realized I needed to

rearrange the word order of the anagram

but that didn't help because the FIRST number was wrong.

The number of weekdays is 7??? It isn't. There are 5 weekdays and 2 weekend days.


airman - That's because

THE HALF HOURS is incorrect. Try rearranging it a bit.

Nobody - I think your assumption is at fault:

  • If you arrived at multiple words for the 2nd line, then why can't the 1st line contain multiple words, too?

  • I think WEEKDAYS has a different meaning from WEEK DAYS


The answer may be staring me in the face, but I can't seem to find my riddle glasses anywhere.


ThemePark: Treat each line as one word. Use an anagram solver if you must.


i dont get 13! how do we know which numbers go where in the squares!

El Cuervo December 4, 2007 3:42 PM

I am stuck on 13

i tried the sudoku puzzle and got the missing numbers but i don't know what order they are supposed to be in or what to do with the numbers?? so please help??


I am very much stuck on 21. Does anyone have any insights?

I have wore this clock angle out in just about every way i can think, including running the whole thing backward and using 24hr time.


Ah, you're absolutely right, Jay!
Mea culpa.

(Blast those pesky spaces!)


i tried and it didnt work!


Wow, that really was staring me in the face, I just never connected the dots.

And the downfall continues. Stuck on 20.

The equations I get are either 3X-9=20Y or 3X-9Y=20

There are only 3 numbers in the lines. And I'm not sure what the third line is for. Nor where to find the variables. I just go with using all the x's and y's in the first 2 lines.

Any help?


Need Big Time help on #20

Not so cryptic either

Sergentpeper1967 December 4, 2007 4:20 PM

Can someone help me with #9
I get that

the date line, may/hand, and the bit about Alexander the Great

are important, but I cant connect it to get the answer.

I tried the date of his death, and tried other dates




could boxes be squares? 3 squared? 12


20 - i haven't gotten there yet, but this should help

first phrase: 3x - 9y = 27 [or maybe 3x^2 or (3x)^2]
i think the second phrase: y is nine


20 - i thought the sqared idea by kathy was a good idea,

but, ....
using the equation with 27 and no squared function should get you there


PlEaSe HeLp Me WiTh 13!!!!!

NovaPulsar December 4, 2007 4:45 PM

I still dont get level 19 :S


Ah, I got it now.

You are also told what Y equals.


Level 5??

Does any one have an idea?


OK for all of you stuck at 21!
It's really simple... amazing what a cup of coffee can do

so you've figured out the clock thingy

well dozen is spelled backwards, so maybe you should consider making things go counterclockwise


go back 144 minutes from 3:00 and you're done

i'm on 23 right now... yay


and 21?


Please just tell me the equation to #20...

ThemePark... Be nicer to me lol


NEED HELP!!!!!!! #5

El Cuervo December 4, 2007 5:49 PM

NO!! I still need number 13!!! someone please help!!