I made it to the room with the dog, shot the bee hive, and had the dog run off. I followed him, and shot the crystal, and got it. I put it into the crystal stand and opened the door. I crossed the gap next to the apple helment, and got into the ant room. I got the save coin and got out. However, I can't find anything else to do or where to go next. Is there a way to get above the dog onto that platform where the save coin is?


how do you get past the bit with the ant


Just keep shooting the orb thing, after like five or six shots it'll open the door back up.



you missed something in the room with the ant


Im now stuck in the room were there is 3 coloured squares, green, blue and pink what do i need to do?


I'm stuck inte room with the ant and need help


Im At The Bit Where Theres A Cats Face On The Ground And U Have To Get The Ord By Bouncing It Of The Wall Which Spikes Keep Coming Out Of. Its Right After The Teleporter Bit But How Do I Do It?

[Edit: Does anyone else find this writing style terribly difficult to read? -Jay]


Tip for anyone having trouble with the boss:

When you shoot him it stuns him for a moment, so if you manage to hit him when he's really close to you then you can rapid-fire the gun at him for eight or nine hits in a row!


aah where is the dog bone or what do you do in the stung dogs room (one with the dog bowl)??????


how do you get out of the ant room? i don't understand that bit! :-)


never mind i got it
thanks anyway though!!!


Well, it took me a few hours but i have finally broke the 5 min barrier. If anyone wants a complete walkthrough let us know and i will post.

Great game, one of the best i have played well done to all involved in the design and gameplay.

Are there any more games like this from these people?


Love love love this game!!

Ok, I really need help with the teleporter part of the game, I am beyond frustration with it! That said, I am totally besotted with this game it's just lushness!! I also love the fact that the dog is bigger than the wee man and the ant is bigger than the dog and they all live togther in this strange land! So much love for this game! Just someone please help me past the teleporter bit. Thanks :)



The teleporter takes a bit of time but this way works for me.

Go to top teleporter and stand just to the left of it, send the ball towards grey sphere and as soon as you have fired go back into teleporter once grey sphere appears at bottom send your ball to hit it, dont wait till the ball has hit move immediatly back to the teleporter and the grey sphere will appear above you be ready and be on the left of the top teleporter so you can hit it.

it does work so good luck.


at the start when you leave the house the third platform before you enter the stump, stand there for a few minutes, you will turn grey, complete the game as the while still grey and when you are on your way home there is a whole bunch of grey people waiting to meet you.

I have no idea if this is an in joke or what i means but there must be some reason, if anyone knows it please tell.


It amazes me that people can beat the game in five minutes. It's been two days and I'm still lost.

This is one incredible game -- very few hold my attention span for this long.


How do I kill the flying "wizard" guy?


@scott, I just tested your grey people find, very strange. I wonder what its purpose is.

I love this game. Easter Eggs always make a game replayable.


I MADE IT!!! But I only found 4 hats :(


I reallly need helpp getting thru the rooom with the ant in


I've finished this game and moved on but came back today to see the latest and greatest comments. For some reason it seems that some folks have a hard time hitting the spoiler tags in here, all the questions I'm seeing have already been answered.

Ant room

Grab the bone while you're in there, put it in the dog bowl.

Teleporter room

You only have to shoot the orb twice, once up top and once down below. When it appears back over the teleporter up top just jump up to it, no need to shoot it.

DeathSaga October 8, 2007 2:27 PM

Definetly my favorite submission by far. The simplistic adventure just fills the game with joy!

carsonogin October 10, 2007 11:28 AM

Someone should create a Tall Stump speed run video for YouTube.

Saturn500 October 12, 2007 4:17 PM

Just on problem though...
Otherwise, it's good.


This game is still probably my favorite from the whole competition. It's a lot of fun, and I love all the hidden extras.

I just have one problem: why in the world does hitting the alt key make me quit to the menu?!? I keep hitting it by accident, and then I have to start back from my last saved point, and I can't get a high score. It's really frustrating.


what do i do when or should i say i hurt the dog? or how do i get up to that saving coin?


Phew, managed to crack the 4 minute barrier. 3.50, and that was about as good as I think I can get it. I missed one jump that would have gained me about 5 seconds, but I was lucky at the end and got the boss very quickly :)

If you can beat that, then fair play. Time for bed now methings


I feel like i've gotten pretty far into the game, but I still feel so far away from the win. I'm at the place with the giant guy and the pitchfork and all. I have no more save tokens. Can anyone help?
Oh yeah, and some spoilers (=

Paper hat: Exit the house. (Make sure to get the potted plant before you exit the house!)

Wizard hat: When you get to the place with the 2 diamond thing, go left. Once you've gotten up, stand at the middle step (second step) and shoot the wall on the right. At a certain angle you shoot, the ball should bounce back and in and hit the light thing. Jump up and get the wizerds outfit.

Apple hat: After you've gotton the diamond from the dog and all, place the diamond on the diamond... thing. Get over the pit (it hard )=) shoot the apple. When you go back over the pit, get it.

Black Wig: When you get the the area with the teleporters, place the potted plant you got from the house between the other plants. The glass case should open, then you can go down and get the wig.

Brown Wig: When you get the place with the clock, go to the right. When you get past everything (and hit all the lights), you should end up at the end. DON'T STOP THERE! Shoot the pink guy. The door should open. Go in, and get the brown wig on the desk.


i'm stuck in the ant room, because the door closed.
how do i get out?


help please! im at a place where i've got a green square head thing
in the next room there is box asking for a gem but i dont have a gem help!!!

Frustrated October 15, 2007 3:44 AM

I'm stuck in the two rooms after the teleport room. How am i supposed to hit the switch in the room with the cut yellow guinea pig thing!!


This is the kind of platformer that I would love to go back to when I'm not really doing much of anything. The art style is simple yet perfect, and the ball physics based puzzles are intuitive and engaging.

The only thing I can think of that I would provide in way of criticism is that with all the hats, I think much more can be done with that. Should you do a sequel, I would think about incorporating the hats more into game play, such as giving the player different attributes based on the hat being worn.

Other than that, even though I'm not much of a flash platformer, this is definitely the kind of platformer I like.

Sidd Finch October 15, 2007 9:55 PM

This doesn't exactly fit into the "ball physics" theme. not sure how it made the finalists.


what are you supposed to do with the green box next to the clock? it rocks when I shoot at it, but otherwise it doesn't do anything else.


Wow, great game! I finished it at last and will certainly go back to it since i didn't find all the hats. Not too easy but not to hard either. Just perfect
But why on earth are you turning grey and all these grey people appear when you stand on that platform in the third (?) scene for a little while?!?!


Where can I find the diamond that is needed to open the doorway leading to the rat?


Im really stuck on the room with the Apple Hat - any Tips ???
I need them desperatly


Okay seriously people. READ the spoilers, all the new questions have already been asked and answered in this thread.


i cant cross the pit! any help?

Anonymous October 22, 2007 6:18 AM

hey didn't anyone notice the viking hat at all? on the room where you have to gt the diamond, stand close to the dog bowl and shoot up


Please! If you make a longer version I would definitely buy it! This game is awesome! Reminds me of the kind of games (like Prince of Persia) I would play on my Mac Performa, back when macs were REALLY easier to use than pcs. Keep up the good work! I have never played a game from start to finish more than three times, and this one? I played this one 9 times. No Joke. AWESOME!


No one has answered the two people that can't get past the room with the yellow cathead/guinea pig thing. I am stuck there too. Help!


I feel dumb but I'm stuck in the second room in the stump with the steps and the blue thing moving up and down... Lost!


Man o man

Ok i got by the yellow cat thing. But it was VERY frustrating. I had to go back to the same spot 40 or 50 times. The ball would bounce along under the trigger spot and not set it off. Eventually, I just sat shooting without making any changes and for some reason one ball set off the trap. That just doesn't make sense.

Now I am stuck at the rat. I know I am supposed to feed it. but I can't get anything to feed it. I went back as far as i physically could, but I could find any green squares. The yellow box by the clock does move, but I can't do anything with it.

Help please. Can someone post a full runthrough!


Oh my god

the yellow cats are trampolines.....AHHHHHH!

Ok so I missed that one completely and I have solved my rat problem too.

leximonasbestos October 23, 2007 1:22 AM


Stand on the moving blue thing, and when it's at the top, jump.


how do you pick up the cactus, i press down and everything but nothing seems to work, someone please help me


This was kind of a fun game until the transporter room.

Whose idea was that anyway?

Action games... who likes 'em anyway? Gimme a good puzzler.


I think the game is very frustrating, though I respect others' ability to the positives. I found that the save feature can be misleading - I fed a couple of coins to a save machine just to see what happens. Well, I ran out of coins. I think a better idea would be to have a machine accept 1 coin maximum to prevent such a thing.

I have a lot of issues with some of the timing skills required. I did like figuring out how to use some things, like cats, but a timing puzzle like the teleporter room is frustrating. I think part of the reason is that not all positions for the first shot make the second shot possible. I think the time allowed for the second shot should start the moment you teleport, not the moment you make the first shot. I made the first shot from by the save machine then practiced the second in futility, as no matter what angle I tried I'd fail.

I understand that part of the puzzle is getting all the steps right, but expect some casual gamers to be alienated by a very difficult task in a game that offers no progress unless a puzzle is solved. I would have liked to see the task get easier over time. This makes the game more approachable, while still offering a challenge for those who want to do timed runs, for example.

Another frustration to me is the lack of clarity on solid footing, but that might just be my lack of experience with platformers in general.

As a person who is really bad at platformers, I'd like to see a mode where nothing is lethal, but your missteps are simply counted, with the option to return to the room entrance or last save state if you get boxed in a pit or something. This would allow for the enjoyment of the game without being frustrated by the inability to make a timed jump. You can call it "super easy baby mode" for all that matters, as long as it lets inepts like myself to see the ending of the game. As it is, after 20 minutes of playing I am tired of repeatedly dying in the same fashion and I'd just rather play a different game.

I do appreciate the amount of effort that went into the game, and I am glad that it was recognized. I hope my comments will be helpful, and not distracting from continuing to produce future games.

Matt Weiner October 23, 2007 3:58 PM

sum1 -- have you jumped on top of the dresser?


Jan you're dead-on about the transporter room. What fun is a game that relies on lucky timing alone? The only skill involved is figuring out what kind of luck you need. If you get in EXACTLY the right spot and shoot at EXACTLY the right angle you can get another chance to do the same dang thing all over again but this time you only have a split second to get everything EXACTLY right which then allows you yet ANOTHER chance to move to EXACTLY the right spot, spin around, and raise the gun FAST because again you have only a split second to fire the shot.

Whose idea of fun is this?? Josef Mengele?

Oh, and Jay... Hanoj steered you wrong. A whole is comprised of it's parts. A group of parts comprises a whole - although "comprises" is actually rarely used. Mostly the word "comprise" is used in the passive sense "comprised". i.e. "The USA is comprised of the 50 individual states."

End of grammar lesson.


You know what else is like the Nazis? Bunnies! Also, rainbows.

Matt Weiner October 23, 2007 7:45 PM

At first I was on Jan's side -- some of this seemed to be on the wrong side of the line between challenging and sadistic -- but the game hooked me, and I actually finished. So, good job team MAW. (Though I'm not sure I want to try the teleporter room again! However, it is a little easier if you use the up arrow while you're aiming your second shot, so it goes faster. Also, you can use the arrow to turn around while you're aiming -- this might help with the third shot.)

Can you do anything with the pitchfork hanging by the giant rat?

Also, Ms. 45, if you're still reading this, you can reach the moving platform, but you have to run over right away. And (this fooled me for a while) in the next screen you have to jump off the top once you're at the top of the elevator.


Thanks Jan for your comments.

With the save machines, we put in a couple extra coins at the start for those who would experiment with multiple coins, it is the sort of mistake you only make once, and it is not too long before you get another coin and the opportunity to save. We didn't prevent multiple saves at the one machine, because there is a lot of backtracking where players may want to re-save at the same machine after completing more of the game. That said, in the next game, I will disable the save machines after the first coin until the player makes some further progress.

On the overall difficulty, I admit that I like hard games, and I like to make games that are hard. In the old days, you got three lives for a quarter, so dying really mattered. These days, and especially with casual games, players expect unlimited lives, and to be able to complete the game on the first sitting. To combine that with something that holds the players hand and baby's them through the game, you'd end up with something that has absolutely no replay value, for me at least.

So, the task as a designer becomes making the game challenging enough that players feel a sense of accomplishment when they beat the game. Almost every puzzle that can potentially kill you in Tall Stump has a "fast but dangerous" solution, as well as a slower, safer one.

To be honest, I'm a little surprised that so many people have difficulty with the teleporter room. I think people get into the platformer mindset, and lose sight that Tall Stump is really a puzzle game, disguised as a platformer.

If you attack the teleporter room with a platformer mentality where reflex and timing are everything, it is a lot more difficult than if you stop and think about the problem you are facing. The first two shots can easily be made while standing one step away from the teleporter (you don't need to use the up arrow at all!) then there are multiple solutions to the final switch, simply jumping up to touch it, or banking a shot off the right side wall from inside the teleporter.

Generally the people who are frustrated by that puzzle are banging their heads against the hard way, without looking for a smarter solution. Perhaps if the timing was made even harder, it would become more obvious that "the hard way" is not how it is meant to be solved. The puzzle would still be quite possible given half the time to do it.

Matt: no the pitchfork is there as a visual clue that the puzzle involves food.

Matt Weiner October 24, 2007 12:10 PM

Thanks! Can you post the clever solution for the teleporter under a spoiler? I tried shooting one step away from the teleporters, and I still found the timing very hard (but I'm not a big action gamer, so my timing is pretty bad).


I have read all the spoilers, and have not found how to solve the room with the spinning blades. I am in the wizard outfit, and have jumped on to the red-head-square, but can't hit the light.

Do I hit the light while on the grey square then jump superfast on the red square then up to the right? If so that is really hard, because I have died at least 20 times trying to do that...


Matt Weiner October 24, 2007 4:09 PM


Yes, I think you have to shoot from the grey square and jump quickly. My best luck with this was shooting as the third blade went past the red block on the way down -- so when your shot hits, the blade is below the red block. Then once you get to the red block, you can jump over the third blade without worrying about timing.
This way you still have to jump to the red block pretty much right after you shoot, and you have to make sure not to jump into the second blade, so it's still not easy!
Also, when you're on the grey block, just hold the space bar till your gun is at top elevation pointing to the left; then you can release it when the blades are in the right place, and your shot will hit the switch. It took me some time to work out when to shoot (and I still die pretty often when I'm doing this).

Good luck! I'm not great at these, but I beat it eventually, so it can be done.


I'm pretty disappointed that I can't play this game. I get past the loadening screen, but then all I see is a large mouth with a ring on the tooth. It won't go anywhere from there. Any suggestions?


agoogle - it sounds like either a Flash Player versioning issue, or perhaps a proxy server you're visiting through that may be messing with the URL protection this game is encoded with.

Try accessing the game through this link instead:

If that doesn't work, try updating your Flash Player.


agoogle, the game will sit at the MAW logo screen until it has loaded everything it needs to start. Either your internet connection is very slow and you just have to wait longer, or if you can no longer see the loadening bar at all (it fades out at the end) then the download may have been interrupted somehow at the last moment, and you should try to reload it. If only the top half of the load bar progresses, then it is likely to be the proxy / URL protection Jay mentioned above.


Matt after reading through Slight's posting I thought the same thing: I was missing some simple solution to the teleporter room. So sucker that I am I went back and tried again.

What he's saying is you don't have to walk all the way over to the sensor pad thing to shoot at it.

Big #*(%ing deal. We already knew that.

You still need a miracle of timing three shots in a row to get past that screen. The biggest problem I have with it is you have to release the shot at EXACTLY the right millisecond to hit the sensors. If you wait too long the gun is pointed too high and your shot bounces off the ceiling; not long enough and you're shooting "bricks" in baskeball lingo.

Reflex and Timing ARE everything in that room - which wouldn't be so bad if there were some way to measure the shot and hone in the aim. But the way the game is now you're just hoping for stupid luck three shots in a row.

Obviously I'm in a minority in my distaste for this game.


no aaronzdad, you dont need to make 3 amazing shots to get past the teleporter, you just need to make 1.

the first shot is easy, you have all the time in the word.
the second shot, is the only difficult one. but isn't hard if you take your first shot from a step outside the teleporter and your second shot as soon as the first hits.
the third shot, isn't a shot at all. just go back through the teleporter, then jump into the marker. no shot required.


Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhh - stand as close as possible to upper teleport - aim - fire - into teleport - out below - wait - don't click the space bar yet - damn missed first target - back to upper teleport - repeat several times - until - YES - hit the target - now - go for the space bar - quickly - quickly - fire - back to teleport - out of upper teleport - race across and turn around quickly - wait - damn - missed second target - repeat from the top - many many times over - until - finally - hit second target - then go for the third and final (at least I hope it's the final target becasue I haven't managed to hit the damn thing yet!!!!!!)
Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! lol
Why oh why do I keep trying?????


AaronzDad, sorry to hear you are still finding that room frustrating. Here is a complete spoiler for the teleporter room.

Shooting at the third switch is extremely difficult, completely unnecessary, and absolutely the wrong solution to the puzzle.
You only need two shots in the teleporter room, and careful aiming is only required on the first shot.
There is a vine hanging from the roof in an appropriate position to assist you in honing your aim for that shot. Stand very close the teleporter, aim at the top of the vine, fire, then step immediately through the teleporter.
If you wait around to see if the first shot is going to land before going back through the teleporter then you will have difficulty making the second shot in time, so start walking as soon as you release the shot. If you have a problem with timing here, it should be that you accidentally turn to the right before firing.
You should make it about halfway across the bottom platform by the time the second switch appears. Start aiming as soon as it appears (if you start aiming before it appears, you will abort the first shot)
Aim high.
Bouncing off the ceiling will still hit the second switch in most cases, and shooting over the top of it will bounce off the back wall and still hit it. Because this shot is timed, and accuracy is not important at all, using the up arrow to aim faster here will help, but you don't need it.
Once again, as soon as you release the shot, start running back to the teleporter. Don't bother watching to see if it will hit - if you miss, you'll need to be back on the top level anyway.
Once you go back through the teleporter to the top level, STOP. Remember the first two switch orbs you encountered, back when you didn't have the gun?
You have about a second here, ample time to put away the gun or dance a little jig if you want to, then simply jump up and tap the switch that is right above your head to open the door.

The teleporter room is there as a safe place to train a skill that will come in handy in the boss fight, where you may need to move immediately after you shoot, or die.

Matt Weiner October 25, 2007 4:43 PM

Maybe this depends on the computer you're using, but I'm trying this and the timing is still very difficult.

I don't get nearly as far across the bottom platform as you say, so bouncing off the ceiling doesn't work. And the third orb really isn't there for that long after I get through the teleporter, since I'm starting from farther across the platform; one time I walked through the platform, failed to release the left arrow before jumping, and so missed the orb and *poof* it was gone before I hit the ground. Also, I occasionally get stuck in a loop between the teleporters which is annoying.

Not that I'm complaining -- I have beaten this a few times. But I think if your reflexes aren't honed by a lot of gaming then there's still a lot of timing involved in the room; it's not easy to beat just by following those instructions.

Matt Weiner October 25, 2007 4:45 PM

Oh, and

you have to get clear of the teleporter before you jump, which also crosses me up, because I don't seem to have a full second to wait.

toastandham October 25, 2007 8:36 PM

how do you get past the wizard guy?



You wrote, "A whole is comprised of it's parts. A group of parts comprises a whole - although 'comprises' is actually rarely used. Mostly the word 'comprise' is used in the passive sense 'comprised'. i.e. 'The USA is comprised of the 50 individual states.'"

While the colloquial usage you describe is common, it is not technically correct. "Comprise" is a synonym for "include" or "contain" (as a glance at dictionary.com will verify), so "The USA is comprised of the 50 individual states" is equivalent to "The USA is included of the 50 individual states" or "The USA is contained of the 50 individual states", which I hope you'll agree both sound terrible. "Comprise" can also mean "consist of", but that already has an "of" built in, so you'd get "The USA is consisted of of the 50 individual states," which is even worse. What you want is "The USA comprises the 50 individual states" - you can tidily replace it with "includes", "contains", or "consists of" - or "The USA is composed of the 50 individual states".

toastandham October 26, 2007 4:04 AM

Boss spoiler

one way to mess with the boss is to stand under the gateway until a bubble comes your way, then retreat into the room with the save machine. On your second return to the boss room, stand on the left hand tower thingy and let the boss get close. He doesn't like you standing on this thing and will come close to try to pick you up or push you around, but this position seems to be the best for luring him in for a few rapid shots, makes it easier to dodge the bubbles, and puts you in a good position to pop him in the head a few times.
Also, if you hit his bubble, it becomes harmless to you and if it hits the boss it really rings his clock, he even tips his hat when you clock him with his own bubble.


I love this game, and it definitely deserves the number 1 spot.

I enjoyed most of it - although the boss fight ticked me off a little. I felt it should have been perhaps more puzzle and less luck-based, but ok.

Also, kudos for making a "hardish" game with that nice retro "challenging" feel. It feels nice to see some challenge back in computer games. I know it's been two decades now since I kept dying in level 8 of Manic Miner, but it was also quite special to remember that era when you had play and replay a single game for months until you FINALLY beat it. OK, the Tall Stump is still far far easier then those oldies, but still it is much more unforgiving then a majority of todays puzzle platformers, and I find this approach really cool and fresh. After all, if you need a hundred checkpoints in your game and require babysitting approach on every screen, then it's not a game at all, it's merely a prolonged tutorial.

Oh, and when can we expect Tall Stump 2?

P.S. For all you kids out there who have never heard of Manic Miner, check out the flash remake here. And good luck with level 8... :)


baba, we are in the pre-pre-planning stage of the sequel, just deciding things that we would like to include, and refining our development process.

Tall Stump was a little rushed with the competition deadline for me, and a sequel would be less rushed, more ambitious, and less focused on the ball physics aspect. We're thinking about swordfights, Tarzan vines, deeper interactions for the puzzles, scrolling levels, that sort of thing.

I could not possibly set a date at this point, but hopefully some time next year.


Well Slight I owe you an apology. No, you don't need to make three miraculous shots at the teleporter screen - just one as you said. Although I'd argue the first shot is almost as frustrating since you can't stay in one place to see if you made it. I never got anywhere close to hitting the third pad (I only got it to appear once) so I didn't know you could just jump up and tap it.

After trying your suggestions I was finally able to make it past the teleporter room but I still would argue the second shot is on the unreasonably hard side. (Then again I don't like platformers or action games because I'm no good at 'em - for this very reason. So my opinion is really worth diddly.)

Jere7my I didn't get into the old vs. new language thing since my postings are usually too dang long anyway. Yes, you are technically correct (and dictionary.com goes into the colloquialisms thing a bit more) but common usage has changed the meaning of "comprise". While I'm a fighter for tradition and proper grammar there comes a time when you have to go with the flow. No one uses "thee" and "thine" anymore either. OK Ok ok, that's a little older than "comprised" but you get the idea.

So really you can use "comprise" in almost any manner you choose and argue it's propriety.

Either way I still don't like action games much. :D


please i need help for where the dog is standing with bee stings on him please what do i do all i have is the cactus, ball shooter and 2 save tokens


OH! I found the viking hat in the dog room!

shoot up at the ceiling in the area of the grey box. There's a faint light there. :)


I don't know, jay, the puzzle's seemed really obvious and linear to me- working them out wasn't hard at all.

Executing them seemed harder- more relying on luck and precise timing than anything else, rather than rewarding lateral thinking or clever platform action. The game was really short as well. I know you judged the games by strict criteria, but I can't help but feel this game falls short of impressive.

I found it frustrating that the save box boxes were featured on the entrance of a new puzzle, when it would have made more sense to feature them after a puzzle was completed.

I'm in agreeance with jan and aronzdad, I didn't find this game deserving of first place. Not to be rude.

The biggest thing to me, I guess, was that the 'ball' aspect to the game seemed really minimal.

Maybe I'm just being too hard. I did like the graphics in the game and how the boxes all turned into people in the end. I just don't think it was the replay value or longetivity to keep me anticipating a sequel.


How many times do you have to shot the boss???

Scoobysnack October 26, 2007 3:16 PM

Fun game. There are a few difficult parts that have to be timed exactly right, but overall great....because I could actually finish it.

Hint on how to quickly and easily defeat the flying boss:

Stand in the doorway so the door doesn't close, and shoot at him. If he lobs a green ball at you shoot that - and it will bounce away. If it bounces back and hits him it takes away more hit points. I didn't even have to move, and it only took about 30 secondes.

Anonymous October 26, 2007 4:29 PM

when you get to the big blue bullet thing dont jump go in that little pit thing, go left, and press down (to get the hat

kassandra October 26, 2007 7:48 PM

Phew! No wonder a walkthrough hasn't been posted yet. Well, it took forever, but I did it! Makes you wonder how the guys at Maw got it all programed in time. What a game!

The Tall Stump Walkthrough

Screen One:

  • Captured in a bubble, you can only watch in horror as an evil magician turns your girlfriend into a pink cube. After he sails off and the bubble pops, hop onto the dresser and pick up the cactus. Run after him, brandishing the cactus if you wish (it will come in handy at some point).

Screen Two:

  • Put on the newspaper hat. Continue to chase the magician.

Screen Three:

  • Admire the mushroom houses, practice your jumping, then continue on your way.

Screen Four:

  • Enter the cave…

Screen Five:

  • Jump onto the cube with the straw hat (Another hat! Too bad it got stuck when the person was turned into a cube…) then over the ledge and down.

Screen Six:

  • Jump to the left, off the grey cube, and onto the switch (the round ball). A ledge will emerge from the right wall. Quickly jump back over to it, and use it to jump onto the platform with the coin (it only moves out once, so if you don't get there in time you'll have to reactivate the switch). Pick up you first coin, then move on.

Screen Seven:

  • Jump straight down, then walk into the wall with a hole in it. Hit the space bar and come out wearing a red cap. Jump back up to the ledge, onto the first and second grey cube, then onto the moving blue platform. As it nears the ceiling, jump to your left, and pick up your second coin. Drop back down onto the platform, then jump up as it nears the ceiling again, this time to your right (this is easier to do if you jump before it reaches the very top).

Screen Eight:

  • Jump onto the platform (notice how when you walk over the switch the red cube moves up?) and pick up the green thing. Now, how to activate that switch from a distance… Oh, isn't that a gun you just picked up? And hey, it shoots balls! (Note: While holding the spacebar to shoot, pushing the up arrow/W moves the gun up faster and the down arrow/S slowly brings it down. Also, once you've released the spacebar to shoot a ball, as soon you push it again the ball will pop.) Quickly jump directly onto the red cube, then onto the platform and over. Drop back down to screen 7, and make your way back to screen 6.

Screen Six (Take 2):

  • Use your gun to shoot the switch - the one you activated before by walking over it. This time, a fish hat will fall from the ceiling. Put it on, then reactivate the switch and return to screen 7.

Screen Seven (Take 2):

  • Jump onto the higher grey cube, then aim the gun up and shoot a ball through the gap in the wall. It'll drop down and activate the switch. Drop through the hole that opens in the floor, before it re-closes, to screen 9.

Screen Nine:

  • From the right, shoot the wall to the left of the poor hanging green thing to make it drop the third coin, and pick it up. Don't save yet - there's no risk of dying here. Go right, to screen 10.

Screen Ten:

  • Hop onto the blue moving platform, then onto the ledge at top left. Aim and shoot balls through the hole in the wall to your right until one bounces off a blue square and onto the switch, instead of popping on the wall. Jump down and get your first crystal, then go back to screen 9.

Screen Nine (Take 2):

  • Jump onto one of the diamond platforms and push the spacebar to drop the diamond into place. Now, go to your left, to screen 11. If you're not too good at jumping accurately, you might want to save first - while holding a coin, push the spacebar while standing in front of the save machine. (Note: if you do use the coins to save, you will not be eligible for one of the last bonus hats and will also waste bonus time points for each coin spent.)

Screen Eleven:

  • Stand at the very left edge of the red cube in the ground and aim the gun all the way down. It should bounce over the spikes and activate the bottom switch, making the red cube rise up. Jump onto the steps and get the diamond, then jump back down one step. Aim and shoot the gun at the very bottom edge of the leaves at top right. The ball should bounce back and activate the top switch, opening the door. Jump up and get the wizard costume. Jump back down and return to screen 9. Careful - If you hit the ceiling as you jump you will rebound down onto the spikes and die (it helps to drop down onto the little ledge first, and jump from there).

Screen Nine (Take 3):

  • Jump onto the second diamond platform and deposit the diamond. Drop down through the hole that opens in the floor.

Screen Twelve:

  • Pick up the fourth coin. Now would be a good time to save. Walk to your right to screen 13.

Screen Thirteen:

  • Here's where it starts to get tricky. Wait until the first ninja star is either at the top or bottom of the screen, then jump onto the grey cube. Aim the gun at the top left corner and wait, keeping the gun cocked. You'll have to shoot to activate the switch to raise the red platform, then use it to jump straight onto the ledge, avoiding both the second and third ninja stars (Note: it's better to do this pretty fast, or the ninja stars will move closer together, making the jump more difficult. If this does happen, you can either wait for ages till they cycle back, or step out of the room for a second and return. The cycle will have resumed from the beginning. This comes in handy in later rooms as well). A good way to suceed is to shoot when the second one is almost at the top of the room and the third almost at the bottom, then make a run for it. Once you've made it, breathe a sight of relief and head for screen 14.

Screen Fourteen:

  • Beware dog! Don't worry, its bark is worse than its bite. Walk as close to it as it'll let you, then aim up and shoot the gun at the moving blue platform so that the ball rebounds back into the beehive, stirring up the bees which will chase it away. Once it's run off with its tail between its legs, head on to screen 15.

Screen Fifteen:

  • Jump onto the grey block, then up to hit the ceiling above the smudge on the wall. A light will come on and a viking helmet will fall from the ceiling (alternatively, just shoot the ceiling). Aim up and shoot the diamond, then jump down and pick up the diamond and helmet, stopping to laugh at the cowering dog. No, unfortunately you can't jump up on the ledge and get the coin yet. Go back through screen 14, keep your fingers crossed that you'll make it through screen 13 alive (you don't actually need to activate the switch this time, though it may help you get onto the red platform), and return to screen 12.

Screen Twelve (Take 2):

  • Deposit the diamond on the platform. If you're feeling cowardly, save again (any sane person would). Walk left to screen 16.

Screen Sixteen:

  • Oh no! More shurikens! Again, moving as soon as you enter the room works best. The first shuriken should move up to the top of the screen, and then down, reaching the bottom at the same time as the grey cube. Wait for it to move back up a bit, then jump onto the cube. It should be smooth sailing across. Pick up the fifth coin, then aim all the way up at the apple and shoot it down for when you come back. Move on to screen 17.

Screen Seventeen:

  • Wow, what a big an- oh no! The door's closed! You're trapped! Before you panic, pick up the sixth coin and the ominously femur-like bone, then go and stand on the ant's head. Aim and shoot the switch five times as it moves around the room, then exit before the door slams back down (once you learn the pattern, this is not all that hard - all are direct shots except for the third, where you have to bounce the ball off the right wall).

Screen Sixteen (Take 2):

  • Jump back across the gap, deftly avoiding the shurikens (Note: this time it helps to wait a bit before jumping - let the left shuriken go up and down three times, then jump immediately after it meets with the grey cube, as you did on the way in). Stop to pick up the apple mask, then head back through screens 12 and 13 (stop whining, you should be a pro by now - but if you're really not sure you can make it in one go, stop at 12 and save again first), then 14 and all the way back to 15 with the dog.

Screen Fifteen (Take 2):

  • Deposit the bone in the dog bowl (nice doggie!) then jump onto its head to get to the ledge. Pick up the seventh coin, then it's on to new challenges!

Screen Eighteen:

  • Drop right down and go into the part of the wall to the left that's camouflaged. Pick up the Sherlock Holmes hat. You know the drill by now: grey cube, blue moving platform, then shoot the ball from the platform through the gap in the wall to activate the switch. A sure bet is to aim all the way up and shoot through the top gap (from below) as soon as you're close enough to clear the edge. Bullseye! Quickly drop down and go through the newly-opened door before it slams shut again. Jump onto the ledge, onto the blue platform, then onto the ledge near the ceiling. It's just a short hop to the left to screen 19.

Screen Nineteen:

  • Is that - could it be… Elvis? Never mind him for now. Focus on those two transporters that take you between the first and second floors. Walk into the bottom one and quickly get out to the left at the second floor so you don't go bouncing back and forth annoyingly, but stay as close the edge of the transporter as you can without getting beamed back. Aim at the hanging vine, and release the ball. Don't bother waiting to see if you've hit the switch - head right back into the transporter, and pop out on the first floor, again staying just outside its perimeter. Aim up and quickly shoot the switch. Just as quickly, hop back in the transporter. Exit to the left and jump up to activate the switch in its third and last position. You did it! Now, about that cactus… use the spacebar to drop it in the crack between the other potted plants on the upper floor to release Elvis from his glass cryo tube. Go back down and put on the Elvis Hair. Head back up and save if you wish (recommended) before moving on to screen 20.

Screen Twenty:

  • Right. As soon as you enter the room, walk to the very edge of the ledge, shoot the switch, jump directly onto the second platform and on to the opposite ledge. Keep right on going ‘till you reach the far left (Note: if you fall straight down without hitting any shurikens here, you'll end up back at the dog, alive and well). Phew! You're safe! Now, if you're suicidal, jump back to the right ledge and pick up the ninja costume, then come back across a third time and onwards.

Screen Twenty-one:

  • Bounce off the cute kitty's head until you go high enough to jump onto the grey cube. Aim roughly at the centre of the wall with the blades, and shoot as they are retracted so the ball rebounds off and activates the switch. Move through the door and pick up the eighth coin, then jump onto the toothy blue platform. When it reaches the ceiling, jump to you right.

Screen Twenty-two:

  • Carefully jump over the blades and on.

Screen Twenty-three:

  • Don't bother saving yet; just keep going.

Screen Twenty-four:

  • Stand just to the left of the hanging vine, aim the gun up and try to shoot the ball directly under the right edge of the cube, so it bounces up between the wall and the cube. If done correctly, the ball should bounce up to the switch. Go through the door and do the same for the second switch. Pick up the diamond. Shoot the left side of the pink cube so that the ball rebounds onto the blue one. Go through the secret door.

Screen Twenty-five:

  • In the boudoir, put on the brown wig and shoot the girl-cube. She jiggles like jelly! Go back through screen 24 to screen 23, and either head back the way you came over the blades to screen 22 or, just after the save machine, jump up to the stairs with the clock, over the unhappy green cube, onto the grey cube and down to the diamond platform.

Screen Twenty-two (Take 2):

  • Place the diamond on the platform. Jump back over the blades, up the steps at screen 23 (now you can save), and back to the upper floor of screen 22. Jump onto the now mobile grey cube and let it carry you across the gap.

Screen Twenty-six:

  • Jump down onto the red cube. Aim the gun all the way down and shoot the top of the small moving cubes. The ball should bounce off and activate the switch. Rise up and jump to the left ledge. You probably don't need to bother saving here. Jump onto the blue platform and, when it reaches the ceiling, up and right.

Screen Twenty-seven:

  • Jump onto the blue toothy platform, and onto the ledge over the big blue rat. Keep going straight.

Screen Twenty-Eight:

  • Jump over the sliding blades. Bounce on the kitty's head and, once you go high enough, jump to the left.

Screen Twenty-Nine:

  • Stand on the red cube and shoot at the left wall to the side of the switch, timing it so the ball rebounds off the right wall when the blades aren't visible to activate the switch. Wait till you rise up, then jump off onto the right platform. Pick up the ill-fated green cube (once a mommy-bird, it seems). Return through screen 28 to screen 27.

Screen Twenty-seven (Take 2):

  • Face the blue rat and use the spacebar to feed it the green cube (and observe a moment's silence for the cube's selfless sacrifice). Follow the rat across the first floor of screen 28 (pick up the ninth coin) and on to screen 30.

Screen Thirty:

  • Pick up the diamond. Standing at the entrance of the room, in front of the green stuff, aim all the way up and shoot a ball over the rat's head so it hits its tail. Pick up the chef's hat the rat coughs up. Return through screen 28 to screen 27, use the toothy platform to get back on the ledge, go back across the blades on the upper floor of screen 28, bounce back up to screen 29 and go on to screen 31.

Screen Thirty-one:

  • Place the diamond on the special white platform. Go through the door that opens.

Screen Thirty-two:

  • Pick up the tenth and last coin and save. You'll be glad you did. Look around for ways to open the next door. Finding none, head back to screen 31.

Screen Thirty-one (Take 2):

  • Stand just inside the room, right up against the door so it can't close. Hey! There's that evil magician again! And he's shooting at you! Do not try to reset by going back to screen 32; the magician will pick you up and place you in the centre of the room, the better to shoot you. Stand at the door and shoot the magician as often as possible. You're more likely to hit him when he's close by. To pack a bigger punch, try to shoot the green balls he throws at you; they will do a lot of damage if they bounce back and hit him (he will also then tip his hat to you!). Every now and then the magician will succeed in shooting a ball into your corner. Make sure you shoot these before they reach you. Keep going until you vanquish him. It will happen eventually, then woo hoo! Take his hat, and it's off to find your girl. Go back through screen 32 (wave to the happy grateful people!) and on.

Screen Thirty-three:

  • Jump off the ledge. Yup, just like the arrow says. Wheeeeee! Hey - wait a minute. This looks familiar. Isn't it…

Screen Three (Take 2):

  • Head to your right, through screen 4 and back into the mouth of the cave.

Screen Five (Take 2):

  • Remember that straw hat? You can take it now (that top hat just wasn't your style…). Go back through screen 4, 3 and 2, until at last you reach home sweet home. Enter and…

Screen One (Take 2):

  • Bask in your girlfriend's loving admiration and gratitude. You did it! You will get a bonus hat for getting all 13 in-game hats, and another for not using any of your ten coins to save.


kassandra ,...thank you,.thank you for walk thru!!!sheww. \o/ ::clink:: :::sMILEs:::


Great job on the walkthrough Kassandra, thanks!

A couple of small extra tips:

The First Dropdown (screens 5 & 6 in the walkthrough) Speed Tip:

Drop down on the right side, as you fall, push and hold right at just the right moment to drift over and land directly on the ledge with the coin, skipping the switch completely. Don't press too early, or you will bounce off the top wall and not make it.

Screen 10 Speed Tip:

Stand left of center on the moving platform, and start aiming while it is about 3/4 of the way to the top, shoot once you are lined up with the gap, you can get a direct shot without bouncing off the other platforms or using the high ledge on the left.

Boss Fight Tips:

The boss may seem to fly around at random, but how he moves and shoots depends entirely on how you play it. His shots are all gentle lobs that are easy to avoid, BUT, if he is moving quickly when he fires, then the green bubble will come out moving quickly as well, and that is when things get deadly. So, how do you stop him moving quickly? Well, he only picks up speed when dodging your bullets. So if you start shooting wildly, so will he. Slow down, aim carefully, shoot after he does. If you miss, wait, and he will have slowed down a bit by the time he shoots again. And always, ALWAYS, aim for the green bubble, not for him. If you hit the green ball and turn it orange, the boss will concentrate on avoiding that ball only, even if it is nowhere near him (it is 10 times as damaging to him) this will usually let you get a few cheap shots in while he can't dodge or return fire. Don't over abuse this, since as soon as the orange ball pops he will come out dodging and charging a shot, so if he was about to get hit by your last cheap shot when the bubble pops, you might be in trouble.


I just descovered a glitch- Theres a room where theres a cat head, a bubble-switch thing and a floaty blue thing. In this room you bounce your ball to hit the switch and it opens a wall (I think) where the blue guy is. He goes up and down. He takes you to the room with the fork. The glitch is, if you bounce your ball right in the corner near the switch, it sinks right in- as opposed to bouncing or bursting- strange.


Hats off (or on, as the case may be) to the MAW team... a very worthy winner! The only (very slight) criticisms I have is that the left-right motion was a touch over sensitive at times and, on one screen, I came out of the save point already running to the left. But it was not enough of a problem to spoil what I think is probably the best competition entry game I've ever played on this site.

Oh and I think some of the comments above are ridiculously harsh - clearly made by people who haven't taken the time to think about how to solve a particular problem. The teleporter room was, in my opinion, not that difficult to work out if-

-you took notice early on (with the very first grey ball encountered) that you can activate the switch just by touching it. i.e. no need to shoot it!

I think the hardest part was getting the Ninja suit. username's explanation of how to do this helped enormously; although I think I found a simpler way of getting to the "ready to return" stage-

. -after first jumping onto the upper platform, simply wait for the upper star to move far enough to the left and then jump through the switch. This simultaneously reveals the suit and traps the lower star on the bottom right.

Overall, a very impressive entry and I, for one, can't wait for the sequel promised by slight.


Istvan it's certainly not up to me to say which game deserves first place. I voted right along with the other 259 donors so I had my say. Tall Stump got the most votes so there's no arguing the fact they deserve first place. (Unless you want to keep counting Florida's vote count until you get a tally you approve of :D )

There is no game (or anything else for that matter) that will appeal to everyone. Side-scroller, platform, and action games are an anathema to me. Sometimes one will hook me but mostly I like something that makes me puzzle out the answer rather than hit the right button at the right second.

I do have to acknowledge the incredible depth of this game though. The whole changing hat thing is BRILLIANT. Whoever thunk up that idea should get a bonus check with many many zeros on it. The multiple rooms with different solutions required is incredible considering the time frame they had to design and build the thing. The plethora of devices and objects to interact with certainly never gets boring. Overall it's an ingenious entry in the competition even if it's not everyone's cup of tea.


For the boss I found an easy way to beat him.

At the start of the fight, run and jump as fast as you can to the diamond stand (so you are on top of it) for some reason this triggers his A.I. to hover over to the right of you in the bottom right corner of the room. With proper timing of shots you can just pummel him into submission without him being able to fire or escape.


Help! I can't pick up the cactus, after finishing that teleporting-shooting-at-the-white-ball-thingy. I pressed space bar and control by standing to the right of the cactus and the left of the cactus and on the cactus. Anybody help? PLEASE! I really want to finnish this game.


Sorry, but why is changing hats ingenious? It's purely an aesthetic complement and adds very little to the gameplay. It just makes me think of the Simpson's episode with the new Malibu Stacy doll- "But she's got a new hat!"

You're right though, not everything will please everyone. I'm not really concerned with the votes I just want to voice my opinion. I really want to be able to give positive feedback on every game I play, but I just couldn't find much here to praise. I guess polar opposite opinions do exist. And mine is no more valid than yours.

But that's all it is, an opinion. Have fun playing it, those who do enjoy the Tall Stump.


Collecting hats in this game is a similar gameplay element to collecting coins and finding secrets in a Mario game. There may not be nearly as many hats as coins, but you'll have to go out of your way and brave more near death situations to collect them all. Some are even hidden quite well, too. :)

I believe the ingenuity of including this complementary element to the game serves to increase the game's replay value, which adds precious points to the bottom line in a competition where the scoring was very close due to some exceptionally well-made games.


Nice point, Jay. However the coins had a very obvious reward attached to them- get a hundred and win a life.

Whilst there may be some rewards (I read about wearing the clock hat at the end to recieve a time bonus?), I don't think it warrants the title 'ingenius.'

Thats the funny thing though, I normally really enjoy exploration games. So I do see exploration as a valid reward.

Anyway, this is not a vendetta. I should also say that I love Jay is Games for always providing reviews on diverse and fun casual games.


Ramen,.you pick up the cactus in the very begining of the game,.in the house where stump bursts out his bubble.its on the dresser.i started over just to get get it,.so i can have the elvis hat.lol.read Kassanras walkthru.


finished!!! "hats off" literally,.,. to the MAW's. i missed 3 hats. but, very nice game. (couldnt figure out what the diamonds are for tho. yeah,). got frustrated. (but the posting's & walkthrough God's help) .I'd LOVE to see this game, or similar to it, like a RPG or even a multiplayer game. If MAW can create THIS game, a RPG, or MMORPG (free, praying) will be piece of (your fav,) cake to make. lol. although some other entries for this comp. were very good. Stump is very refreshing, fun!. Good luck on your new adventures!! :::sMILEs::


Omg I can't get past jumping on the blue cube to the right. I fall down and spend an hour trying to jump back on the grey cube even. At this rate I will be here like the joke (skull and bones) I love it but going nuts and I haven't gone where all of you have so far. What is the secret to a jump? Aghhhhhhh Anxiety setting in.


This is one of the kind of great games that deserve a (or more) video walkthrough. Does anybody know of one already existing somewhere around the web? It would be really helpful if some puzzles can be demonstrated in a visualized solution.


Attempting to explain the whimsical arbitrariness of the hats thing is kind of like trying to describe the appeal of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you don't get it it can't really be shown to you.

Think about it too much and it becomes an interesting study in human behavior. Why DO we all need to find the hidden items that don't really exist at all because they're just electrons on a glass screen reflecting images. Why DO we have such determination to get to the end of the game even though it means absolutely nothing in real terms of life and living? And why DO we keep coming back for more?

Yeesh. Now my head hurts.



HELP! I Need to know HOW to get past the ant!!!!!



I finished!!! A major accomplishment, since I cannot run and jump at the same time, in real life or in games. Then I went and forgot to list the cookie as an exception before the latest computer cleanup, so had to face those silly ninja blades AGAIN. Loved the drawings, the hats, and the puzzles. Could have done without running and jumping, but that's just me. Thanks for a wonderful game!


wow, great game. Not good time, but 10 hats. paper, wizard, cowboy, apple, elvis, brown hair, viking, cilinder, sherlock, ninja. I wonder where are additional hats...


Too much fun. I can't think of the last game where I really wanted to see all the bonuses. I finished it by myself and now am trying to enjoy the walkthrough (if I could just keep from dying!).


A hat I didn't see listed:

When you feed the really big purple square and it goes back to its lair... shoot a ball behind it, and it spits out a chef's hat.

rowan graham November 17, 2007 9:43 PM

i love te game but its hard to kill the wizard at the end got any tips on how to kll him guys?