Broom of System December 21, 2015 6:15 PM replied to sootfish

Do we know where all the secrets are? There are 10 total.

I remember getting:
-The one with the combined long stick and spring
-The one where you go to the very first screen of the game and use the stabilizer
-Use the stabilizer on the fragmented lamppost (I forget where) and follow the path
-Use the telescope head and telescope pole on the empty telescope in the Sub 7 space
-Use the 2 Pearls you got in the Sub 1 basement on 2 different brown containers - one is in the lighthouse and I forget where the other is.
-Use the spoon in the basement apparently

lions December 21, 2015 6:15 PM replied to ColinWalker

the second stick to get under the drill is
the furthest left screen of that zone. click once more left when you're at the device that tells you to activate the whatever before you turn on the drill

tacotardis42 December 21, 2015 6:15 PM

No problem :)

Christoph TSS December 21, 2015 6:16 PM

Anyone know how to find the third portal stabilizers? I found the one in the ram statue and the one inside S.H.I.V.A., but I'm still looking for the third.

ColinWalker December 21, 2015 6:17 PM replied to lions

I think that may be the first one I got. Any clue where the first came from?

tacotardis42 December 21, 2015 6:18 PM replied to Broom of System

There's one more that I know of, and one more that I don't. The other is

At the very right of the sub 9 cave/tomb it is hidden in the red stuff

Still trying to find the last one though.

Dark_Surf December 21, 2015 6:19 PM replied to Yonic

What do I do after I've used the ID card in the ship?


I've put the tiles in the circle, how do I get through the blue door?

Broom of System December 21, 2015 6:19 PM replied to sootfish

In regards to the spoon,

Go to the RED version of the basement and use it on the PINK PILLOW. The small round panel below will open and the secret appears.

Dark_Surf December 21, 2015 6:22 PM replied to Yonic

What do I use the portable light crown for?

tacotardis42 December 21, 2015 6:22 PM replied to James Lewis

You walk through it. I thought the same thing though, it is not a closeup of the door, it is the other side.

Broom of System December 21, 2015 6:22 PM replied to James Lewis

Just walk through it!!

Yonic December 21, 2015 6:23 PM replied to Dark_Surf

Okay, I've got both

the light crown and the crown converter. I know that there was some place that was awaiting for the light crown thing. Where was it? I believe that's where I should use these items.


thank you! :)

tacotardis42 December 21, 2015 6:28 PM replied to James Lewis

Does anybody know which secret I'm missing I have all the ones mentioned by broom

-The one with the combined long stick and spring
-The one where you go to the very first screen of the game and use the stabilizer
-Use the stabilizer on the fragmented lamppost (I forget where) and follow the path
-Use the telescope head and telescope pole on the empty telescope in the Sub 7 space
-Use the 2 Pearls you got in the Sub 1 basement on 2 different brown containers - one is in the lighthouse and I forget where the other is.
-Use the spoon in the basement apparently


The one in the right of the sub 9 tomb

Has anybody found the last one?

Broom of System December 21, 2015 6:28 PM

Oh yeah! There's a secret a LOT of people had trouble with.

The 4 stone blocks you get in the basement. Take them to the Loop (the actual loop that you access through the karma portal) and put them in the empty spaces in the "map", A secret will appear somewhere in the loop.

Broom of System December 21, 2015 6:30 PM replied to tacotardis42

The last one is:

Use the 4 stone blocks from the basement in the "map" in the Loop. (There are 4 empty spaces for you to use them.)

tacotardis42 December 21, 2015 6:33 PM replied to Broom of System

Wait. I got that one too! Counting them all up makes 9! There's one more! Aargh. Has anyone found the last one yet?

Yonic December 21, 2015 6:35 PM replied to Dark_Surf

Still haven't figured out

Where the pieces of the crown go.

I've checked all places I thought where I was most likely able to use them. Any help?


What's the use of the

Explorer's chip?



How do I get all the portal stabilizers?


where's the ram statue??

Yonic December 21, 2015 6:47 PM replied to Dark_Surf

Okay, after reading the notes again I figure they have to be put

At the top of the lighthouse

I won't bother about the secrets for now, so I'm going to finish this once and for all.


9/10 Secrets

1 - 000 Using the stabilizer at the first screen to find a karma portal

2 - 000 Using the spring and the stick combo on the hole above the teleporter

3 - 100 Using the 4 stones found in the lighthouse on the 5x5 grid in the loop

4 - 100 Using the pearl found in the lighthouse on the radio looking object 1 screen up and right from the "submachine arcade game portal"

5 - 110 Using the stabilizer 3 screens right of the teleporter

6 - 110 Using the pearl in the radio looking object next to the cow skull where we get the piece of the portal for 000

7 - 111 hidden in plain sight when we go through the karma portal hidden 2 screens to the right in the red sand

8 - 011 through the karma portal and use the telescope head and telescope tube on the empty stand (then look through the assembled telescope)

9 - 000 use the spoon in the red lighthouse on the pillow

10 - ???


My thoughts on the ending

I was really hoping that the ending would have revealed that we were Kara from covert front, finally escaping the submachine in which we entered to escape the impending danger in the final covert front game. Even if this didn't happen, I feel that merging the two games in some fashion would have been a very smart ending that everyone could have been satisfied with.

I know I'm not the only one who got excited when playing the final covert front and learning that the two games were linked.

Broom of System December 21, 2015 6:56 PM replied to tacotardis42

Nope. Honestly, I'm debating about whether to wait for a walkthrough with all 10 secrets or just finish the game as is. There's so much backtracking in this game that it just gets frustrating after a while.

Yonic December 21, 2015 6:57 PM replied to Dark_Surf

The ending is

Kinda depressing. It doesn't make too much sense. But I'm glad I finally got out of the Submachine after 10 years. I never expected it to end this way, especially because of the encounter with M. & L. since we all thought they were dead by Sub9. I expected L. to be blonde for some reason.
M. waving "hello" at me was the thing that made me move the most.

It's also funny to some point because you could probably get out of the Submachine if you left the lighthouse by breaking the window back in Sub2, instead of going through the karma portal to Sub3... And I say probably because at that point the lighthouse was buried up, though we don't know up to where.

Christoph TSS December 21, 2015 6:58 PM

Okay, so now I have a new problem. I've been wandering around the Loop for the last twenty minutes with no clue what to do. Any ideas on what I should be doing? And where do I get the wheel that should go on that one thing?


Chris I found the last one!! Now I just need to find that ram statue....

there's a karma portal in 111 that'll take you to the sight were Murtaugh and Elizabeth's tombs are, and if you travel up the stairs, there's a place for you to put the coil (like one of the teleporters from sub8) then go to the left and the coil will have opened a door with the stablizer in it!!

tacotardis42 December 21, 2015 7:05 PM replied to Broom of System

I finished the game AND I CANNOT GO BACK TO GET THE SECRET. Sorry about that, just a bit miffed here. Ah well. Maybe in a week I'll feel up to redoing everything to get the secret. Or maybe not. It was an awesome game though. One of, if not, his best.

Christoph TSS December 21, 2015 7:07 PM

Thanks! Now do you know where the wheel you use in the Loop karma portal is? And also how to find your way around in the Loop? And what the fork does?


I don't. I read a comment that said someone found it, but they never clarified. Do you know where the ram statue is? 'cause I'm stuck there :/
I don't have the fork yet...

Christoph TSS December 21, 2015 7:13 PM

The ram statue where you put in the Stone Grapes is directly to the left of the teleporter in 101. The one where you get the portal stabilizer is in 110; go right twice, then down, then through the door, then left, then through the door; the statue is on the left side of the room.


What do I do now? I just got the portable light crown off the top of the ship. I have that, the fuse, the karma stabiliser and the light sphere


Oh jeeze, I actually have that one. I guess I need the one inside SHIVA???

Christoph TSS December 21, 2015 7:19 PM

What are you looking for?


the last portal stabilizer for the portal in 000. I know there's a spot where the purple-y world (101) pops through another place and I /think/ that's what I need to find for the stabilizer, but I cannot remember where that was. Mateusz has done a fantastic job of making this big and confusing haha

spuriousname December 21, 2015 7:22 PM

So here is my current problem:

I have the skull, and I know where the microscope is in 110. I read above that I use the skull on the microscope, but I can't make that work. Am I at the wrong microscope? Is there a step I'm missing? I don't think I can go any farther until I get the chip from the skull...

spuriousname December 21, 2015 7:27 PM


wrong microscope...


here's maybe the solution for you c:

if you go through the door on the first right in 110, go alllllll the way through (forward, forward, left, forward, forward, left) then there'll be a microscope thing on a screen with several other skulls. put the skull from your inventory on that microscope then look through it and you'll get the explorer chip! (which in turn is used in the Lab karmal portal)


Okay guys, this is one enormous game.

so i have the explorer's chip, dont know what to do with that. I have been through a lot already but I haven't gotten to the sub 1 basement yet, how do I get there? I also need to get to the lab in 010, says i still need one more range thingys, where might that be?


Chris I found it, now I just need the wheel for the Loop karma portal puzzle, the fork?? and a fuse for the Sub2 karma portal puzzle


Think the missing secret has something to do with the other radio-like devices, the ones with an oval at the top and rectangle at the bottom? There's one in 110, by the door to the long hallway. There's another in the stone looping traps in 100. Hopefully we didn't miss something there, but I'm not sure how it's possible to get one secret out of two devices.


Where did everyone find the

stone cubes for the secret?

Sylocat December 21, 2015 7:35 PM replied to sootfish

Ring the four bells in the Sub1 basement. It's a reference to the old Sub1 puzzle.

Gabriela December 21, 2015 7:37 PM replied to spuriousname

where did you find the skull?


I thought about that too, but we've used all the items in the game and I don't thing M.S. would put a point of no return for secrets in this game, as in he wouldn't have us use an item on this object before we use that object for it's real purpose and we can't use it again.


Chris!! The fork is for:

the broken bit of wire in the sub2/lighthouse karma portal area. remember in sub2 when you had to use a fork to connect a system to lower down a ladder? it's the same thing!!



where do I find the 3rd portal stabilizer? I found the one in the skull statue and one you use the coil to get, but where is the final one?

Quote December 21, 2015 7:40 PM replied to Ruesiken

Well, he did it before. Remember the ladder rung in Sub9?


upon further inspection it seems that those two items are slightly different. The 5 slots are not the same on both items.
though this could be reaching

Sylocat December 21, 2015 7:44 PM replied to sootfish

Wow. Done.

I knew the ending would be weird, I didn't know it'd be THAT weird. I have a powerful urge to ask MatPat at Game Theory to do a video on this series, as disturbing as I know that prospect would be.

So, as near as I can tell, the "the Submachine is a living organism" just went from subtext to actual text, which was equal parts intriguing and disappointing. I'll have to sleep on the rest, but I hope the secret area contains some more explanations.

Speaking of which...

How do I USE the Secrets? I put the first five into the holes to go deeper into the secret area, then I hit a dead end... no room for more of them. Is it something that only shows up on the second playthrough?

lions December 21, 2015 7:52 PM replied to Sylocat

For the secrets, put one in a hole and the other on top of that platform/podium that appears on the second screen c:

Christoph TSS December 21, 2015 7:53 PM

FINALLY found the wheel. It's in the true Sub1 area past the lighthouse.


Where can you find

all 3 portal stabilizers?


Tiny bit of help please

Where is the karma stabiliser?

And the

Sub1 area?

Have been running in circles for the last hour and I am so stuck now...


I need help finding the

captain's ID

I'm at the end of the game and that's all I need

lions December 21, 2015 8:41 PM replied to Sylocat

anyone know where to find the second plasma coil?

ColinWalker December 21, 2015 8:57 PM

Where is the karma vial?

FioreItaliano December 21, 2015 9:01 PM replied to Broom of System

List of locations of objects, where to use them, various puzzles, and portals, and other misc. information (like notes of the mechanics of various loops). This is not a full walkthrough, but hopefully this will be helpful!


Note: 0 mean button not pressed, 1 means button pressed.

-000 - cherubs - karma portal to sub 2 on R; karma portal to sub 1 on L (other side of door)
-001 - pyramid - karma portal to sub 5
-010 - drill & caves - karma portal to sub 4
-100 - storage facility - karma portal in to sub 3 in 33/2

-32/1 - go multiple directions to find everything
-33/1 - direction doesn't matter
-33/2 - one thing in each direction - karma portal to L
-33/3 - one thing in each direction
-33/4 - direction is complicated; go multiple directions

-011 - S.H.I.V.A. - karma portal to sub 7
-101 - place w/ ladders - karma portal to sub 8
-110 - workshop - karma portal to sub 6
-111 - candles - karma portal to sub 9

End of game note:

top of lighthouse for the end of the game can be reached through the doorway where you place the tiles; go up the ladder after placing plasma coils, go through the karma portal and you'll be in the lighthouse.

Fun fact: if you push the big light bulb before you take the fuse and id car, it'll transport you to the loop in 100.


Note: I missed the location of one of the rune papers, but there's only 4 possibilities, so it's easy to brute-force it if you don't find the last one.

-hieroglyphs - 001, RU; 001, RULU; 111, LLL
-runes - 100, 33/4, DRR; 101, 3rd level; sub 6 to L


-Light Sphere
—Up the first ladder
—sub 8, down the ladder to R - use in sub 8
—sub 5, use in 111
—sub 2, use in sub 2
—sub 1, use for end, atop lighthouse
-Backpack - upstairs to the R (room w/ Docking Schedule)
-Ship ID - up the ladder in ship (ladder 3 from L)
-Bottle Fuse - use Ship ID in vending machine all the way R in building
-Door Valve - on L side of ship
-Ladder Piston - R side of ship, use in 101
-Drill Clamp - 010 to L
-Range Confirmator - use in 010 in caves
—010, to R, then D
—010, in caves, behind air lock to L
-Air Lock Handle - 010 in caves, D then R, to use go L
-Force Field Plasma Canister - sub 4 roof; use in 110 to L
-Ladder Step - use in sub 8
—sub 4, inside lab
—sub 6, R tunnel
—111, to R
-Karma Fuse - use in 100, 32/1
—100, 32/1 - go multiple directions
—100, 33/1 - direction doesn't matter
—100, 33/2 - to R
—100, 33/4 - UL
-Vector Finder - use in 110, behind R door, on karma portal
—100, 32/1 - go multiple directions
—101, 2nd level
—110, behind L door
—110, behind middle door, all the way back, in cabinet desk w/ skulls
—110, behind R door, then R door
-Loop Stabiliser - use in 100, 33/2
—100, 33/1
—100, 33/3, in 33/3 machine, go D
—100, 33/4, in 33/4 machine, go R
—100, 32/1, in karma fuse machine, go multiple directions
-Long Stick - 100, in 33/4, go R x3; use w/ spring in 000
-Plasma Charge - use in sub 6, behind hatch
—011, in SHIVA machine to R
—sub 6, L tunnel
—sub 6, R tunnel
-Coil - sub 8, use in sub 9, upstairs
-AAA battery - 110, behind L door under stairs, use on ship, L of screen needing captain id card
-Blockade Removal Tool - sub 6 in L tunnel, use in R tunnel
-Karma Vial - sub 6, R tunnel, use in 001
-Hatch Valve - sub 6, R tunnel, use in sub 6 to R then U
-Root Path Finder - sub 8, down the ladder to L, use in sub 5 (past another karma portal)
-Insulator Cap - sub 8, to R in sphere, use light transporter; use in 011 to cover bottom light in room under tunnel
-Cog Wheel (small) - use in 001
—sub 8, in sphere on roof
—sub 5, in bathtub
-Cog Wheel (large) - use in 001
—001, from hieroglyphs machine
—011, down through room on R
-Telescope Tube - sub 7
-Telescope Head - sub 7
-Stone Grape - use in 101, animal skull machine
—001 - place karma vial in machine, click 3rd button from top
—sub 7 on machine
-Skull - sub 7, use in 110
-Data Tape - sub 5, use in 101, data tape machine
-Portal Charge - 001
-Explorer's Chip - on skull, use in sub 4 lab
-Meditation Glyph - 111 past light transporter, use in 111 on karma portal
Portal Stabiliser - use in 000
—sub 9, upstairs, after using coil
—110, in animal skull machine
—sub 7, data tape machine
-Fork - 111, rune machine, use in sub 2, past light transporter, by ladder
-Unlock Lever (4) - all in red basement, some behind machines, opens portal to sub 1
-Fuse (4) - sub 1, use in 4 red squares machine
-Cube (4) - sub 1, use in sub 3 for secret
-Valve - sub 1, use in sub 3
-Pearl (2) - sub 1, use in 110 and sub 2 for secret
-Spoon - sub 1, use in red basement for secret
-Plasma Coil - use in room past door where you place the tiles
—sub 3
—sub 7 to R - fix bridge w/ karma stabiliser, portal to coil
-Karma Stabiliser - 000 in 4 squares machine, charge in sub 4
-Tiles - use in first building, downstairs, after fixing w/ karma stabiliser
—A - behind created karma portal L of 1st building
—Tile B - behind created karma portal by the pictures from sub 1 (through the portal at the end of the sub 2 section)
—Tile C - behind created karma portal in 000 to R
—Tile D - behind created karma portal in 110 to L
-Spring - behind created karma portal in 110 to L; use in 000 w/ long stick for secret
-Fuse - top of lighthouse, karma portal behind tile door leads you there - use in sub 6
-ID Card - ditto - use in ship
-Portable Light Crown Converter - place fuse in sub 6 and pick it up - use at top of lighthouse
-Portable Light Crown - above ship after placing id card - use at top of lighthouse


-ladder machine - in the first building, up the stairs to the L
-4 red squares machine - opens in 000 to the L
—100, 33/3, to R
—110, behind middle door, all the way back
—sub 6, L tunnel
—111, L downstairs
-hieroglyphs machine - does NOT make sound when opened/correct - 001, RR; opens in 001, RULL
-33/3 machine
—100, 33/3 - control panel to L; 1st U; 2nd R; 3rd D; panel open D
-33/4 machine
—100, 33/4, go LLU, go RRD; opens R
-karma fuse machine
—100, 32/1, go multiple directions to find it
-animal skull machine - 101, 1st level, opens in 110, behind R door, then L door
-data tape machine, 101, 2nd level, opens in sub 7
-rune machine - does NOT make sound when correct/open - opens in 111, L downstairs
-tile puzzle - place tiles A-D downstairs in that very first building (before you get in the ship), you have to use the stabiliser to fix the stairs, and then the tiles will open a doorway

Secrets (only 9/10)

Note: if you want to access the hub, you must do so before you end the game, otherwise you will have to start over.

To access, place the AAA Battery from 110 in the slot marked -S-3-C- in the middle of the ship. The door to the secret is in sub 6, go right, then up, then right to reach it. Put the secrets in both the slots in the walls AND the pedestals one room over — 2 secrets per screen.

1. 000, in hole in ground by spiral stairs - need long stick + spring to get it
2. 110, behind R door, then L door - use pearl on machine
3. sub 2, past light transporter - use pearl on machine
4. sub 7, 2nd room from L, use telescope tube + head & look in telescope, secret falls out when done
5. sub 9, all the way to R
6. red basement, use spoon on stand w/ pillow
7. sub 3, place 4 cubes in corners of panel, click around till secret shows up
8. first screen behind karma portal
9. 110, go R, use karma stabiliser, secret shows up when fixed

Places to use karma stabilizer

-first screen - karma portal to secret
-left of first light transporter - karma portal to tile A
-downstairs in first building - fixes stairs, go L to place tiles
-to the R in 000 - karma portal to tile C
-sub 4 (just fixes tile)
-110 to L - karma portal to tile d and spring
-110 to R - use karma stabiliser to fix, secret will show up
-sub 7 to R - bridge to karma portal to plasma coil
-pictures from sub 1 - karma portal to tile B

ColinWalker December 21, 2015 9:34 PM replied to FioreItaliano

This was really great! Thank you! Still stuck on a few things, but this helped me get a bit farther.


Submachine 11: The Secret

The infamous epilogue to the series where red dots are proven to be sentient beings designed to tire the patience of their enemies

Seriously, where is this thing?


I found the last secret.

It's in 100, storage loop 32/1, in the wall in one of its many rooms.

Quote December 21, 2015 10:07 PM replied to Peophin

Wow, nice job. That's about as much of a troll as

that one plasma charge.

Looks like I can go watch the ending now.

Broom of System December 21, 2015 10:34 PM


It's in 100, storage loop 32/1, in the wall in one of its many rooms.

The room has a panel with 2 lights on it; 2 stools; a viewing device, and a pipe.

The secret is in the upper right-hand corner, near the top of the entranceway.


The only flaw in an otherwise perfect game is how long and possibly over-confusing it is. Because it is so big, I've no way of telling how far along I actually am. I've done all the sub games, Submachine 9 was a doddle, so I'm no newbie, but I'm now so frustrated to the point of giving up. Is anyone going to be doing a full walkthrough? I usually don't need them, but I think this game is gonna break me otherwise!

Orient_Tiger December 21, 2015 11:18 PM

(full, but not optimized)


- go right until ladder and take note of what is the number of pillar with anchor (3)
- go up the ladder and collect _Light Sphere_ , ladder down leads to empty power socket
- continue to the right and place _Light Sphere_ into the _Light Crown_ (circular thing)
- clicking on it will bring you to the _Control Room_ of sorts
- going right, up the stairs and left you will see four numbered levers controlling that vertical ladder
- there's nothing to see above first and second pillars, so just pull third lever
- going right from there you will find a _Backpack_ to store all the items and a dispencer that needs _Ship ID Number_
- platform downstaris from backpack is brocken, but you will repair it some time later
- now go back to the ladder, up in the ship and grab it's _Ship ID Number_
- in exchange for it dispenser will give you _Bottle Fuse_, which goes to that empty power socket
- after placing the _Bottle Fuse_ push a lever above it and go up into the ship again


- after entering go left, up hte stairsand to the right side of the top room to get _Door Valve_
- after returning to the entrance go right and up to find a room where you need a _Captain's ID Card_ and _Triple A Battery_
- go back down, right, and up to the top to find _Ladder Piston_ to the left and a door without it's _Door Valve_ to the right
- insert the valve, go in and go through the _Karmic Portal_
- in the room below open the lid and lower the ladder in the hole
- below again lift the bar and open the door, but look in the hole in the floor - that's a _Secret_, but you can't get it yet
- go through the door to get to the main room of 0-0-0 zone


- on the left there's a door barren from the other side and a _Cylindrical Machine_ the main one of five of them
- going right there's a familiar teleporter, that one supporting eight zones: 0-0-0, 0-0-1, 0-1-0, 1-0-0, 0-1-1, 1-0-1, 1-1-0 and 1-1-1
- more to the right there's a locker with some kind of robot inside, then some scaffolds and a lamppost
- go down the scaffolds, left, down the ladder, left again to find a _Karmic Portal_ that needs 3 _Portal Stabilisers_ and a _Portal Charge_
- next you can explore other seven zones, walkthrough is written for exploration in rising order of zone numbers


- left of the teleporter is a circular niche missing two _Small Cog Wheels_ and one _Big Cog Wheel_
- down the left ladder there's a head of Anubis that can teleport you to the second head several rooms away and an apparatus with seven lights and a need for _Karma Vial_
- to the right of the teleporter there's a two way ladder and a _Glyph Puzzle_
- down the ladder there's second niche, that one needing only one _Big Cog Wheel_ and second Anubis head
- up the ladder you will find first _Pair of Hieroglyphs_, another ladder up and empty pedestal with same symbol as the _Glyph Puzzle_
- up second ladder you will find another _Pair of Hieroglyphs_
- _Pairs of Hieroglyphs_ are different for each playthrough
- that's all there is to do for now


- going right from the teleporter and down the hole you will find a _Range Confirmator_ and a locked hatch controlling device
- left from the teleporter is a drill that you need to raise, by releasing both clapms
- the handle of the left clamp is on the screen to the far left
- after releasing both clamps throw the lever on left screen and pull the handle beside drill itself
- down the hole and to the right is an example of an inserted _Range Confirmator_
- lower below and to the left is free socket for it and to the right and up before an air lock is another socket
- inside the air lock is a closed hatch and a _Air Lock Handle_
- using the handle open air lock to the left and grab another _Range Confirmator_, going left again you will find a page with a _Rune_
- _Runes_ are different for each playthrough
- after inserting both confirmators go and activate that hatch controlling device
- through the hatch there's another _Karmic Portal_ that brings you to the _Lab_


- going right grab _Force Field Plasma Canister_ and use _Light Sphere_
- on the other side take a note above the ladder and go down
- on the left there's a _Ladder Step_, on the right - a closed grate with a scanner that you can't bypass for now


- going down, right and inside the pipe you will find to force fields and a room with control over them, but to properly use it you will need an _Insulator Cap_
- going over right sphere outside and inside it will bring you to the terminal of S.H.I.V.A. with no access, _Plasma Charge_ on the next screen and other side of a force field on the third screen
- that's it for now


- go down the column and to the left to find Royal storage facility No. 32 and it's unit No. 32/1, going further to the left you will get into temporal loop, but can easely go out of it by going right
- inside _Unit 32/1_ notice to circular things on the floor - that's a way out
- by going around this unit you will find: 1 _Karma Fuse_ (lower right corner), 1 _Vector Finder_ (bottom), a square plaque with four niches (for _Karma Fuses_) and another plaque wich opens after you place all four fuses
- in the same room with the final plaque there's a _Secret_ (1/10) (top right corner in a dark area right of the lamp)
- find an exit and go out and to the right to find Royal storage facility No. 33 and it's units No. 33/1 (ladder down), 33/2 (next screen), 33/3 (next screen again) and 33/4 (above 33/3)
- to the right is another temporal loop
- in _Unit 33/1_ you can find 1 _Karma Fuse_ (half-covered by a box), 1 _Loop Stabilizer_ (behind a radio)
- in _Unit 33/2_ you can find 1 _Karma Fuse_ and a _Karmic Portal_ in need of four _Loop Stabilizers_
- in _Unit 33/3_ you can find a note, several rotating handles with different amounts of dots, a square plaque where ypu can choose different ampunts of dots or a glyph, another square plaque with three red lights and a glyph and a _Cylindrical Machine_ in need of a _Fuse_ (not a Karma one)
- puzzle consists of choosing 1, 2 or 3 dots, finding a handle with same amount and activating it
- after activating all three choose glyph again and go take a _Loop Stabilizer_
- - in _Unit 33/4_ you can find a _Rune_, a _Long Stick_ (same screen), 1 _Karma Fuse_ and a circular plaque with two red lights
- to open it you need to find two triangular groups of dots in the centers of two different screens, go where they point and move a handle
- after moving both handles open that plaque and get another _Loop Stabilizer_
- now you can go to the _Unit 32/1_ and insert all four _Karma Fuses_, turn the handle and get another _Loop Stabilizer_
- now you can go to _Unit 33/1_, insert all four _Loop Stabilizers_ and go through _Karmic Portal_ to get to the _Loop_ zone


- there you can find two loudspeakers on vertical rails with blue energy charges on different levels, two rotating handles with similar loudspeakers, a _Grid_ with four squares missing, a _Valve_ surrounded by four lights and similar lights without a _Valve_, a rectangular plaque with two red lights and a remains of ripped-off panel
- that puzzle is unsolvable without a _Valve_


- to the left from the teleporter is a _Scull Sculpture_ with two missing _Stone Grapes_ and a note on the next screen
- to the right from the teleporter is a piston to lower the ladder
- on the second level there's an empty socet for a _Ladder Piston_, a door into a room with one missing _Data Tape_ and a _Vector Finder_
- on third level there's a _Rune_ and a _Karmic Portal_
- on the other side there's a _Coil_ and an empty _Light Crown_


- on the left there's a room and a socket for the _Force Field Plasma Canister_
- in the room you will find a note (1st floor), a _Triple A Battery_ (2nd floor under the stairs, half-covered by a box) and a _Vector Finder_ (2nd floor by the robot cabinets)
- on the right there's a room, stairs down and a lamppost
- in the room you need to un-barricade a door to find a room, a corridor and another room with familiar red chair
- in the chair room you can find a _Vector Finder_ (right door in the table), a _Magnifying Glass_ on the table on the left and another _Cylindrical Machine_ on the right
- down the stairs on the left from the teleporter you will find a door to three more doors
- left room: a note (before the room itself, on the left), a _Radio w/a Ring_ with an empty socket and another _Scull Sculpture_
- right room: a _Vector Finder_ and a demonstrartion of restorative properties of Karmic energy
- central room - a _Karmic Portal_ missing five _Vector Finders_
- after placing them go through to the _Edge_ zone


- click on that ledge on the left and go to the end to find a _Rune_
- click on both vents on the screen before it to open them
- left vent has a series of connected rooms, containing: a _Plasma Charge_, another _Cylindrical Machine_, working lock with three _Plasma Charges_ and a laser grate
- click on the green circle on the screen to go through the grate and grab _Blockade Removal Tool_ (on the floor)
- in the right vent use _Blockade Removal Tool_ on the central part to remove it's blockade and go up
- on the left is a cabinet with a _Plasma Charge_, on the right is a valve, controlling room below, turn it to point up and to the right
- to the right is a small tunnel: up is another valve, down is a _Ladder Step_
- rotate the valve in right-down position
- down and to the left is a _Karma Vial_ (by a brocken locker), to the right - a _Hatch Valve_
- to the right of the teleporter are two pedestals - one with a _Portable Light Crown Converter_, other one empty
- further right and up is a hatch opened with a _Hatch Valve_
- inside is another lock, missing it's three _Plasma Charges_
- insert them, disable lasers and go left
- activate emergency evacuation protocol on the screen
- next screen is a door to the _Secret Zone_
- nothing else to do for now


- on the left of the teleporter there's an inactive _Karmic Portal_, a ladder down and a _Pair of Hieroglyphs_
- on the right - another ladder down and a _Ladder Step_
- down left ladder and to the left there's a receiving dish with a locked cabinet, to the right - another _Cylindrical Machine_
- down right ladder and to the left is an empty _Light Crown_, to the right is another robot locker
- next will be a repeat of same sequence of zones, and it will be repeating until the eventual completion


- go way back to the _Ship_ and place _Triple A Battery_ into rectangular plaque with -S-3-C written on it


- go to the _Glyph Puzzle_ and enter a sequence of hieroglyphs by connecting three _Pairs of Hieroglyphs_
- take _Big Cog Wheel_ from activated pedestal upstairs from puzzle and place it into a circular niche downstairs from it
- click on it and go down the lowered ladder and through the _Karmic Portal_ to the _Root_ zone


- go right and grab a light sphere, then a _Small Cog Wheel_ in a vat on the next screen, then click three metal sheets and pull the handle on the last screen
- go up the ladder and through another _Karmic Portal_ to find a note and an empty socket for _Root Path Finder_
- go back to the teleporter


- go down the left ladder and to the right and put the _Karma Vial_ in a vertical socket
- click on the third light from the top, point at the center of light circle and click to get a _Stone Grape_


- go up the ladder, through the _Karmic Portal_ and place a _Light Sphere_ to get inside that ship
- inside open a hatch to get an _Insulator Cap_
- go up the stairs on that screen to find a _Small Cog Wheel_
- back outside click on a _Ladder Step_ down and place three missing ones
- go lower and to the right to get a _Light Sphere_ (first screen) and a note (second screen)
- go left to find _Root Path Finder_

0-0-1 - Root

- go to that empty socket and place _Root Path Finder_ to appear a create a ladder down, where you will get a _Data Tape_


- go into the pipe and in the force field control room and place an _Insulator Cap_ on the bottom circle
- turn the connector to disable right field and go to Shiva
- go down the ladder and down the chain and to the right to find a _Big Cog Wheel_
- return to connector room
- turn the connector to disable left field and go into _Karmic Portal_ to the _Core_ zone


- go down and inside
- moving from right to left enter second doorway, go to the second floor and pick up a _Telescope Tube_
- go out and one screen to the left
- look at the brocken machine and take a _Stone Grape_
- enter third doorway and grab the _Scull_
- enter the fifth doorway to get a _Telescope Head_ and open a room with locked niche
- ebter the fourth doorway, place _Telescope Head_ and _Telescope Tube_ and look through to get a _Secret_ (2/10)
- go upstairs to get a note


- place two _Small Cog Wheels_ and a _Big Cog Wheel_ on the screen on the left of the teleporter
- go to the right Anubis head and teleport to the other one
- go down the ladder and grab a _Portal Charge_


- go left and place two _Stone Grapes_ into holes in the _Scull Sculpture_
- go to second level and place _Data Tape_

0-1-1 - Core

- go through the fifth doorway to get a _Portal Stabilizer_


- go through the right room and the corridor to reach the _Magnifying Glass_
- place the _Scull_ and look through the glass to get an _Explorers Chip_
- from the teleporter go down the stairs and into the room on the left to take a _Portal Stabiliser_


- go down the right ladder and to the left to place a _Light Sphere_
- take Meditation Glyph on the other side
- place it into inactive _Karmic Portal_ by the teleporter and go through to the _Tomb_ zone


- go left, up the stairs and left again and place a _Coil_ in the pedestal with orange cable
- go left to the end to get a _Portal Stabilizer_
- on the last screen to the right from the portal there's another _Secret_ (3/10)


- go to the unpowered _Karmic Portal_ downstairs
- put three _Portal Stibilizers_ on the rim and a _Portal Charge_ in the socket on the right
- go through to get to the _Lighthouse_


- go right, down the ladder and left through the arch to get a _Light Sphere_
- go all the way up and to the right and place a _Light Sphere_
- on the other side go down and right to find another _Radio w/a Ring_
- go left to find a transmitting dish and find _Runes_ matching with thoose you found earlier


- go down left ladder and to the left to take a _Fork_

0-0-0 - Lighthouse

- go to the screen right of the transmitting dish, go down and place a _Fork_ to repair brocken connection
- go two screens to the right of the portal and pull down third handle
- go down now lowered ladder
- take a note on the screen on the left and go through the _Karmic Portal_ to the _Basement_ zone


- go all the way to the left, grab a note by the way and enter the elevator
- after elevator dissappears go around collecting an _Unlock Lever_ and _Stone Weight_ and throwing every switch you ecounter
- when two switches are down you can take another _Unlock Lever_ it top right room
- then you need to rotate a disk with letter M in the room on the left from elevator so that another disk with same letter in the room on the right and uo hte stairs was alined with an arrow on it's ridge
- this will free another _Unlock Lever_ in the room two floors lower
- then place a _Stone Weight_ in a postament one room lower that first rotating disk to get another _Unlock Lever_
- place all four _Unlock Levers_ in the room with blocked _Karmic Portal_ and go through
- collect everything there is to collect in this version too: 4 _Fuses_, a _Spoon_, a _Light Sphere_, a _Valve_, 2 _Pearls_ (from the clock) and 4 _Stone Cubes_
- go back to red version and place _Spoon_ on a postament with pink cushion to get another _Secret_ (4/10)
- in normal version use _Karmic Portal_ under the elevator to go back to the 0-0-0 zone

0-0-0 - Lighthouse

- go to the _Radio w/a Ring_, place a _Pearl_ and collect a _Secret_ (5/10)


- go into _Unit 33/3_ and place a _Fuse_ into _Cylindrical Machine_
- go to _Loop_


- place the _Valve_ into free place and you can start with the puzzle
- first you need to determine what direction of the valve corresponds to which level on speaker's rail
- then you need to place both charges on the same level with one of the speakers and find a rotating handle with corresponding letter
- after activating both handles you will get a _Plasma Coil_
- while still in this zone find that _Grid_ and place four _Stone Cubes_ into it, this will open a _Secret_ (6/10) in the screen with ripped-off panel


- go through the right room and the corridor and set a _Fuse_ into _Cylindrical Machine_
- go into the left room downstairs and place a _Pearl_ into _Radio w/a Ring_ to get another Secret (7/10)
- go to _Edge_
- go into left ventilation shaft and place a _Fuse_ into _Cylindrical Machine_


- go down the left ladder and place a _Fuse_ into _Cylindrical Machine_


- take _Empty Karma Stabilizer_ pot of main _Cylindrical Machine_

0-1-0 - Lab

- go to the screen with steel grating and a scanner, move an ashtray, place an _Explorers Chip_ on it and start the scan to go further right to place _Empty Karma Stabilizer_ and fill it to _Karma Stabilizer_


- first game screen - use _Karma Stabilizer_ to create a _Karmic Portal_ to get a _Secret_ (8/10)
- screen on the left of the first _Light Crown_ - use _Karma Stabilizer_ to create a _Karmic Portal_ to get _Tile A_
- _Control Room_ down right flight of stairs - use _Karma Stabilizer_ to create a platform leading to the door missing four _Tiles_
- third screen from teleporter - use _Karma Stabilizer_ to create a _Karmic Portal_ to get _Tile C_


- far left from the teleporter - use _Karma Stabilizer_ to create a _Karmic Portal_ to get _Tile D_ and a _Metal Spring_ (under wires)
- far right from the teleporter - from the teleporter - use _Karma Stabilizer_ to repair the platform ang get a _Secret_ (9/10)

0-1-1 - Core

- after walking through the first doorway go to the screen to the right and use _Karma Stabilizer_ to create a path
- grab a note along the way and go through the _Karmic Portal_ to get a _Plasma Coil_

0-0-0 - Basement

- go left or right from the portal until the chasm
- se _Karma Stabilizer_ to create a _Karmic Portal_ to get _Tile B_


- in the room to the left and upstairs of the teleporter combine _Long Stick_ and a _Metal Spring_
- use that to get a _Secret_ (10/10) out of the hole in the floor
- go to the door with missing tiles and insert them
- through the door and to the left there's a screen with two sockets for _Plasma Coils_ and a note
- insert the coils and activate the ladder
- go up and through the _Karmic Portal_ to get into another part of the _Lighthouse_ and get another note
- go upstairs and collect a _Fuse_ and an _ID Card_,but don't click on the big bulb before taking either of them - it will just teleport you into the _Loop_ zone
- go back out through the _Command Center_ and inth the _Ship_
- go to the central room and use _ID Card_ as _Captain's ID Card_ to get upstairs
- collect a note along the way and a _Portable Light Crown_ on the top

1-1-0 - Edge

- go right from the portal to the two pedestals
- place the _Fuse_ on the right one and take a _Portable Light Crown Converter_ from the left one


- go through the _Command Center_ and the doorway below it back to the top of the Lighthouse
- place a _Portable Light Crown Converter_ on the right pedestal, then _Portable Light Crown_ in it, then a _Light Sphere_
- clicking on that sphere will get you to the end of the game, BUT you wouldn't be able to come back to wander the game since "continue"ing from the main menu will bring you back to the screen after clicking on this last sphere


So happy and sad in 4 hours time. 'Yay, the new Submachine' to 'Oh no, it's over.' Thank you, Mateusz Skutnik! Thank you, from every Submachine fan. Where do you think it will go from here?


I'm doing pretty well, I think, but I'm having trouble finding one location that seems to be needed if I'm to make further progress. Where's the

red basement

several people have mentioned? I gather it's not the same as the

red-walled storage areas in 100,

is it?


Never mind -- found it! POP!

ApersonInNeedofHelp December 22, 2015 1:46 AM

Can someone help me please?

I have both the loop and portal stabilizers and a karma vial. I need to find 1 small cog and 1 large cog, the light sphere, plasma orb ,captains ID, stone grapes, insulator and the last ladder rung.


I thought I was the king of point-and-click after I finished Neutral's Elements without walkthrough... But I nearly puked blood while playing this, and I had to consult a guide only one third through the game... This game is so big and gorgeous and mind-blowing, and it's sad to know this is the end for the submachine main arc.

Little_tornado December 22, 2015 4:27 AM replied to Wyloch

I have one of the two plasma Coils but i don't know where T got it form. can someone please say where they found their two[As we know some people have completed this game.


Wow. This was an incredible experience, and a tiring one. I've spent around 10 hours total trying to complete Submachine 10. I couldn't have ever made it without Orient_Tiger's walkthrough.

I need sleep.

Blund3rbuss December 22, 2015 7:17 AM

I cant find the second Big Cog Wheel in 011. It says that there is a chain you have to go down but I can't find it.

j.e.moeder December 22, 2015 7:50 AM replied to Ikaro Vinhas

have you figured this out yet? i would like a push in the right direction if you have...


Ended the game and...


Samrux December 22, 2015 8:01 AM replied to Blund3rbuss


The chain is below SHIVA, in area 011. To be able to go below SHIVA, you first need to activate the SHIVA evacuation protocol on the 110-Edge area. To be able to do that, you'll need a hatch valve and 3 plasma charges, all of which except one plasma charge are obtainable from that same area. The last plasma charge is carefully hidden inside the SHIVA room itself (back in 011).

But then, after the protocol is activated, to pass SHIVA's shield you now need an insulator cap from the 101-Plan area, which in turn requires a light sphere, which might need of you 3 ladder steps...

This game is fucking enormous.

Blund3rbuss December 22, 2015 8:11 AM replied to Samrux


adventurerus December 22, 2015 8:51 AM

I've put the two plasma coils where they go and nothing happens. I assume the ladder's supposed to drop down one screen to the left? Is there something extra I need to do in order to get it to work or is this a bug that's just destroyed a couple hours of my progress?

Samrux December 22, 2015 9:14 AM replied to adventurerus


A screen with orange text turns on right in front of you after you've placed both plasma coils. On that screen you can then activate the ladder to the left.

adventurerus December 22, 2015 9:19 AM

Well, that didn't happen. I guess the problem is that I accidentally clicked off the screen as soon as I placed the second one, so the orange thing didn't have time to turn on. That sucks.


I have escaped the submachine and found all the secrets.
It's not hard when I realised that I always skipped some scenes.


So I'm totally stuck on the final loop stabilizer in


No one is elaborating on that, so it's probably really easy, but I don't know!


A full video walkthrough guide will be uploaded to my YouTube channel (of same username) in a few hours. In a speedrun and knowing exactly what to do, the game takes around 50 minutes. A 20-minute video of the first quarter of the game is already uploaded there, but it's sloppy and incomplete. I'm making a full video guide to help people like you guys. I hope it's worth my many hours of preparation.


Ok, I really need some help here. How are you supposed to

1) Get into the Sub1 area that everyone's talking about
2) Get the second valve wheel for the main loop puzzle
3) Get the stone cubes?



The 33/4 loop stabilizer is, in my opinion, the most frustrating to get. You have to perform a specific combination of directional movements to arrive in two different secret rooms (as in, hard to find), each with a lever that needs to be activated. Once the two levers are activated, a third secret room will contain an apparatus that is now open with the loop stabilizer inside.

I hope that helps!

Virisenox December 22, 2015 10:21 AM replied to Virisenox


where's the lighthouse portal?



To get into the Basement section, you first need to activate the 000 karma portal (To the right, then downstairs). The portal is incomplete, and before activating it you must find three PORTAL STABILIZERs and the PORTAL CHARGE (if I remember the name correctly). These items are spread throughout the game's and area's interconnected puzzles.

The portal leads to the Lighthouse section, which contains another, final puzzle (the four drawings with runes you've found) before you can finally enter the Basement.

The basement contains both the missing valve and the four cubes for the Loop section.

Braxium December 22, 2015 10:33 AM replied to Mickey Flam

I've pretty much jotted down whatever I need in certain areas, but I still seem to be stuck so here it goes
you don't need to read it all, but I added all details in case you want them
thx D:


karma vial, long stick, airlock handle


missing two portal transmitters, the 4 red square machine? (inserted battery, pulled levers to make horizontal-vertical)

XOO radio-like device 33/1
XOO portal missing a valve?
OXO missing range confirmator (1)
OOX need large and small cogwheels
OOX portal coil may be needed? (used 1)
XXO skull?
XXO portal slots? 1 plasma charge required
XOX skull?
XOX portal (light source thing?) need one ladder rung
XXX need a spherical object

Braxium December 22, 2015 10:38 AM replied to Braxium

update: got the

plasma charge

Samrux December 22, 2015 10:44 AM replied to Braxium

Braxium: The game is so huge that if I tried explaining everything you could do next would take too much time.

Maybe take a break, and come back after a couple hours before trying to continue? Or, as I did several times, restart the game and repeat what you already knew while you try and find new things to do along the way. It worked well for me.

There's also a text guide many comments above ours, if you're really stuck and need some help. I will upload a video guide in a few hours, too.

Braxium December 22, 2015 10:51 AM replied to Samrux

I've figured most of it out actually rn

I only missed out the air lock
and the karma vial

thx anyways


Is there anyone that knows how the

hyrogliphics puzzle works

because i am stuck


Where's that confounded bridge?!


Thanks a lot to those of you above who helped me find the 10:th secret! That one was tricky indeed. I have a question about the structure of the game world specificaly related to the lighthouse

I can't understand why there was a portal on top of the light bulb in the lighthouse leading back to the portal in 100. Was this a part of the story because it didn't feel like there was any purpose going through it. I just had to backtrack to the lighthouse once I had tried it. Did we use it in a previous game?



Congratulations on completing your game.

Yes, we have used the lighthouse portal before: At the end of Submachine 2, we activate the portal and use it. Later, it is revealed in Submachine 3 that we were teleported directly to the Loop, and we were now trapped there. The portal here teleports us to the loop as well, except that we've used the "loop stabilizers" which made it safer to traverse, as well as the presence of one of Murtaugh's karma portals to exit and enter the stabilized loop as we please.



The confounded bridge can be activated with the Force Field Plasma Canister that is found in the 010-Lab section. You use it to the leftmost screen in the 110 section, activating a karma bridge.

Samrux December 22, 2015 11:46 AM replied to FunkyPixie


There are three hints to this puzzle: The three drawings with hieroglyphs, two of which are in that same 001 section and the third on the left in the 111 section. Those 6 symbols hint at the configuration of the hieroglyphs in the tower: You just have to look for the glyphs that match your drawings. Once all the glyphs are correct (essentially a password) the pedestal on the top left reveals a Cog. There is no sound or signal made when the configuration is the right one.


Ah! Thank you for the explanation. That makes sense. I've replayed the earlier games once I think but that was years ago.