Exactly my feelings on the matter.


Gah.. after i went through seans page about his idea for the game (I didn't get to do that earlier, as it was off the web), I too step out of this argument.


I'm not a game developer. I am an artist, a painter, and I can attest to the weird and sometimes "collectively unconscious" nature creativity can exhibit. In school, it was VERY common for people to generate similar approaches to a visual problem, and this wasn't because people were copying each other. I also saw it happen when people were miles apart from each other, but influenced by similar philosophies, other artists, music, literature, etc., that two people on opposite sides of the world could make visually/conceptually similar pieces of art.

It sucks chunks when you see someone showing off what feels/seems like a concept that you held dear, that was uniquely yours (or so you thought), and there it is, in the light of day, with someone else's name all over it.

It sucks, but as a craftsperson, whatever your medium, you get over it and you keep on creating. I can't bitch at someone for painting something that uses the same subject matter as one of my pieces or feels like the root of it is the same, but they get to hang in a gallery and I can't get it showed.

If it's that near and dear to you, maybe don't show it to the world, but keep it close to you until you can do something to bring it to life.

There is a lot of cut-throat competition in this field, just like in many creative fields, and you have to prepare yourself for that reality. If you think everyone should play by a certain set of rules, observe a code of honor, you need to recall that there are many people out there who will do anything to keep their jobs or get ahead. It's a RISK, sharing your innermost ideas.

A question to Jay or anyone that might know, is there a patent or copyright process for game concepts (only the worked-out concept, not actual code) that people like Mr . Howard can use in future if they want to post these things online. Also, a bit confused as to whether his site was meant as a sort of "resume" site for bigger developers, if that was part of the goal for having such a site?

I feel for you as an artist, Sean, but you obviously have talent and vision, and you can have more than this one idea in your creative life, so learn from it if you can, and good luck to you!

asim niseer September 20, 2007 9:23 PM

hi john.... i just recorded the music and reversed it -- i think you are right!

i have posted the reversed muisc



Can someone help me with level 23? I am totally stuck.


I recognize Sean's feeling from something I went though myself. I know my attitude towards it was not good for me, because it blocked my creativity for some time. I hope that doesn't happen to Sean.

Occam's Razor says that the simplest and most obvious explanation is usually right. (emphasis added)

Sean, if it's any consolation, everybody knows you were first, because you published widely - or used to, anyway...

After Three Hundred was linked to by Kotaku, I was contacted by a man from Mtv's New Media division (the one in charge of web games). He wanted to take me to lunch to discuss the 300, and he wanted me to send in my resume (which I didn't). [...]

Sounds like they saw your work and love it. Like everybody else does. BTW my favourite author has a rule: never refuse lunch with a publisher (and they pay).

When I get difficult opportunities, I find it helpful to take a walk in nature, and observe it in detail. There's always more to it than I could see at first.


I've actually had this idea myself, and made an (unsuccessful) attempt or two at making it into a game. It's a cool concept _because_ it is "obvious" - it's simple, visually intuitive; it's likely to occur to anyone who views a screenshot of a monochrome platformer because the naturally arising negative space in a typical platformer level often forms a structure which itself looks rather like a platformer level.

Trying to claim ownership of all game ideas that involve usage of monochromatic negative space ideas is cheeky to say the least. Every game designer, hobbyist or professional, probably has lots of ideas that never develop into a full game for every idea that does. I commend Mr. Howard for choosing to publish his ideas; it's probably a good thing for the game design community as a whole that some people talk about game ideas, even the ideas they've had that never developed beyond that. However, it's disingenuous and dangerous for him to assume that because he's relatively alone in publishing such ideas he's also alone in having them.

There are ideas "everyone" has tried out once--but they never quite worked out, which is why there's not much talk about them. There aren't all that many blogs about completely undeveloped game ideas.

This isn't to say that all such ideas are hopeless and should be abandoned because the invisible and mute masses of game designers who went before have already tried out all the budding game designer's would-be innovations: there might be some brilliant and untested way to make the concepts work, or it may work especially well with something as fuzzy as one designer's particular "touch". By all means, as many budding designers as possible should try their hand at these seemingly unsolved problems of gaming--they just shouldn't assume that because they have this wonderful idea and they don't know of any released game which matches it, then they must be the only person in the history of video games to ever have had the _idea_.

(Oh, and I'll still consider this one an unsolved problem. The Nitrome game, though visually appealing, is sluggish(an implementation flaw) and, to me, fundamentally unfun(a design flaw)--perhaps because the direct interaction between the Yin and the Yang is so limited.)


My last comment on the issue (and thanks, jay, your faith in good faith gives me faith too): wouldn't it be a reasonable compromise if Nitrome linked to the concept after they heard about it? It wouldn't be a gesture in the way of admitting that Squidi was the source of the idea, just an indication like: "We made this game indepentently, but after it was published it came to our attention that there already existed a concept very like our own at www...". You know, 'Great minds think alike', or something like that. Wouldn't everyone be happy?





In the beginning
I didn't know
As time marches on
I still didn't know, I didn't know

But this time, this time
I'm going to try it my way
Gonna live life by my way
But this time, this time
I'm going to try it my way

Well, I didn't know
I just couldn't see
Memories of past failure
Like a shadow haunting me

But this time - [cont]


Now I think that Nitrome didn't steal it for a simple reason. If you read the article on Squidi.net about the black/white idea that in it you will notice that it states that "It must be purely monochromatic". And goes to began to talk about how the designs made of grey would destroy the concept. But in Yin-Yang there is large amounts of gray, and there is even red in their mouths.


I too appreciate the faith of Jay "Dumbledore" Bibby.

Love the youtube video. Don't understand it mind you but love it.


I guess got to let it slide for Nitrome... but if they produce another game with these striking similarities to an existing idea, they are done.


One final thought I had about this. Negative space is probably one of the most basic ideas in games. To support this statement consider: chess, checkers, go.


Perosnally, I believe Mat on this one. His story sounds very plausible. I don't see why I should doubt it.
Next. I don't think I have ever heard of Squidi's blog before, and I have certainly not read it. If I suddenly decided to go crazy and design a game, I would feel insulted if I was accused of stealing an idea from his blog. I would not think that I owed him anything.
I believe that ownership of ideas is a grey area. One cannot claim the exclusive right to a game concept just because one happened to think of it. The game concept EXISTED and was possible before anyone ever conceived the idea. It is merely discovered, and therefore may be easily discovered multiple times by multiple people, and none of them have the right to it over any other.
This is my opinion: If you are "heavily inspired" by another person's work and use it to make your own game, it's nothing but lazy and will probably earn you a bad reputation. However, accusing someone of duplicating an idea is just as bad.


Well said, JonMW. I have lost all respect for sean howard due to this issue. I was previously a follower of his blog, but no longer. Hypocritical and disgraceful.

scoobysnack September 21, 2007 2:17 PM

Fun game if a bit buggy in places ... interesting point -- on level 5, where you have the fat birds going up and down, when you put a black box over their heads they will raise all the way into the box, but you can't push them and trap them -- and they don't hurt you when you touch them.


All this will be forgotten when Skywire 2 comes out. (Go Skywire!)


i need help for lvl 20


danfox posted a resolution for Level 20 about a quarter way down the page.

I too had trouble with this evil level!


Can anyone help with level 23? I'm really having a hard time with that one.


In reply to John D H:

This is a great tune and soulful. Monsieur DJ Shadow is a great man - and loves his vinyl. I remember seeing a great documentary called "Scratch" which he is featured on. He is the user of an old shop which has a basement / an archive of old vinyl and forgotten records or the masses who didn't quite make it into the mainstream for some reason - artists/souls.

Rather like Banksy - the greatest artist on earth. Telling you like it is.

As for Nitrome games, you've saved my sanity as a security guard. Thanks for all the free and mind challenging games. Keep up the great work all!!!

Back to work Monday. :-(

Peace out!


Level 23:

Yin pushes the black box so far to the left that Yang can get through once the gravity reverses, but not too far, because now you want to jump on the box with Yin. Walk Yang onto the keypad, then jump out of the cave with Yin, onto the moving block, over the black sun and onto the black keypad.
Change to Yang. Walk Yang into the hole you deepened with the black box. Yang has to leave the keypad for that, thus opening the way all the way down to the gravity change sign. Trigger the gravity change, and jump/fall back the way you came. Climb up the short ladder and walk left over the white box, avoiding the moving block. While that moving block is on the far left, get off the keypad with Yin. They keystone will reappear and trap the moving block on the left. Now jump down and get into the keystone with Yin, use Yang to pull the white box so far to the left that Yin can jump through to the bottom, then walk your avatars to the finish.

I hope this helped, as these solutions are probably as hard to understand as to write.


Hmmm. After reading the comments both here and on Penny Arcade's site (relating to Squidi's complaints over supposed use of 'his' sprite art)...I'd probably say that *both* sides are probably wrong, and both sound overly defensive in this matter. (In fact, if Nitrome *is*apparently part of MTV, I wouldn't put it outside the realm of possibility of this being a 'Lets poke a hornets nest and get a lot of publicity!' situation, especially given how buggy the final product seems to be. :-/)

BTW, a couple of flaws in the arguments of others here. Regarding Pluto, and similar scientific discoveries--it either ends up being listed as a 'joint' discovery, or where one discoverer is listed, there is mention that someone else made the same discovery at the same time elsewhere/independantly.

And Jay...you sir, are apparently an optimist. 'We might get the wool pulled over our eyes occasionally, but when we believe the best about people, most of the time we are right.'--in my experience, most of the times I've tried doing that, I've found that I was *wrong*, much to my chagrin, or worse. It's much safer to be prepared to (not accuse them of it, mind you, but just be prepared for) deal with the worst in people, and be pleasantly surprised when they're not.

Hmmm. Given that Sean has pointed out there *was* someone among Nitrome's superiors who had seen the listing, if not the Nitrome staff themselves, there's a reasonable doubt on their side of the story. Then again, this isn't the first time I've seen this situation come up--there's quite a few popular authors that either refuse to converse on mailing lists and the like, or at the very least require them to be heavily moderated, just to *avoid* the whole 'Waah! I posted my idea and you used it and didn't give me credit!' routine (And a few have complained about having to *scrap* ideas they'd been working on for just this reason--even though they came up with it before seeing the other person's comment, they didn't want to deal with the hassles and accusation of 'stealing ideas'.)


Thanks for that, so may red herrings in that level!


can i get some help w/ level 13??

danny simons September 22, 2007 10:28 PM

replying to:
hi john.... i just recorded the music and reversed it -- i think you are right!

i have posted the reversed muisc



yeah, defo weird. "lower case" just listenened and sounds great
so crazy the way music can sound reversed. im sure it was not intentional --- its just your imagination dude.

Anne Onimous September 23, 2007 9:55 AM

Please give a guide to level 19. I can make it except for the dragon finding Yin through the box.

CaptainSalvador September 23, 2007 12:19 PM

i like this game so far =]

stuck of level 14 though

can anyone help please?


Marie-Pier N September 23, 2007 11:15 PM

I have some problems with level 17 ! Anyone can help me?


You know how whenever the gravity arrows or when Yin or Yang have different gravities??

I know a cheat to make it go faster when the screen turns,

Open up 2 windows, one of them is Yin Yang the other one can be anything else. Now when the screen turns, switch to that window and go back to YinYang, it will already be at the other side of the screen BUT sometimes it may not work.that s because your going too fast stay at the other window for like 5 sec. if you have tabs just open up another window because it wont work with tabs


I dont get it

At random times The whole site of nitrome resets everything and i dont want to do it again thats the only problem with nitrome!!!


Yeah, the Nitrome site has reset games for me as well- except Hot Air 2. Magic Touch and Giftwrapped are of course quick games, so they're alright.

Wonder why games like Yin Yang aren't loading, all I get is a blank white space.

[Edit: the popularity of Nitrome's games has caused hosting issues for them. Things may be bumpy until they are able to move the site to a new hosting provider. -Jay]


haha i couldnt see the black box in level 1 ^_^ -sweatdrop-
im stuck on level 10
can sombody help please?

the_corruptor September 27, 2007 2:59 PM

I feel I should say my peice before everybody forgets about this issue.

I feel that both sides are overreacting a little bit.

in support of Nitrome:
It is very possible that Nitrome was unconsiously influenced in the creation of Yin-Yang by Sean's work. I feel, however that it is very unlikely that they deliberately 'stole' the idea. It is also plausable that this concept developed from something totally unrelated; likely a bug and only coincedentally became such a similar game.

in support of Sean:
Firstly the game isn't *too* similar to your ideas; or at least the more developed versions. Until the two of them begin to modify the other's area irreversibly (ie the boxes don't count) then I'd say it was a near miss. Secondly, or first and a half-ly, you say yourself that people should give you credit if they feel you deserve it. In a worst case scenario, perhaps they felt their game was diffrent enough to not give you credit.

I have to say that I deeply enjoy all three of here, Nitrome, and Squidi sites, and it would be a pity to have anything happen to any of them.

As a game developer myself, I see this as an opportunity for both of the major players. Nitrome can take a little constructive criticism; some of which has been floating around for some time (ie sluggish gameplay) and Sean can see a way to actually implement his ideas; perhaps the two could work together and create something even better than what exists!


stuck on level 17
is there anyway to get rid of the bee?


aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! first on Jack and Jill the lvl the Yin is frozen and he has no lives
then i right click and press play it restarts the lvl but yin has no lives!!!!!!!
see thats another bug in YinYang


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! i don't know how to get past level 2 -



I dont get Level 24
hOW DO YOU BEAT IT??!?!!??!?!?!!??!!?!!?!?!??


Maybe i'm dumb, but I can't beat lvl 13. Please Help! Spoilers Appreciated.


how do you play level 13


Level 13: Top and Tails? Well-

1. With white guy (Yang) travel down to the moving black box. Jump in it, and wait. You will automatically fall to the bottom of the level. Then, go right and flip gravity arrow thing. Go right, fall in the black bit with yin yang symbol. Then switch to Yin (black guy).
2. With Yin, jump on the slug if you haven't already (he will lose you a life if you leave it too late). Then use the white box as a sort of moving tunnel. (In level 4 you used this skill) Flip gravity arrow thing on other side. After you have fallen, go left. Fall down and flip gravity arrow thing. Push black crate under Yang (white). This will make him fall down to flag. Crush any slugs if necessary. Put Black (Yin) on the flag- that is him finished :).
3. With Yang (white) go right to flag. Yay.


I don't get level 22!! Someone please help me!


can someone help with level 22???


I noticed something weird in Lvl 5 Pen and Ink:

At the end, get Yang(white) to the flag first, then switch to Yin(black)- all white birds would have flipped upside-down- when activating end arrow gravity thing you can actually see the birds rotating round to match your gravity!

Has anyone wondered why I use spoilers whenever I can?
I've recently learned how to use 'em, that's why!

Brendever October 3, 2007 10:19 AM

Help on Level 19


I need help on level 20 please


can someone PLEASE help me with level 18 i cant figure it out!!


I know ho w to make Yin & Yang invicible to worms,birds,suns,and pigs.

First you make Yin & Yang one of them lands on spikes) then when the screnn comes up Yang or Yin has been defeated! right click on the game screenand look for play press it and the level will restart but when you look at who you killed look at their lives and there will be none and the person you killed will only die if :lands on spikes or box crushes you.


I know a glitch too

When you beat a level press next level 3-4 times , then you will skip a few levels but when you quit you will be at the level after you beat the original level you were on


can you help on level 22
i cant get the solution

anonymous October 6, 2007 8:13 PM

I can't push the boxes! I've tried BOTH control keys! Anyone know what's wrong!

Anonymous October 7, 2007 7:57 AM

how do you get past level 18?


does anyone have a full game walkthrough they could post? im sure it would help everyone who is stuck...including me!


how do you get the coin on Yang's left side next to the dinosaur on level 18!?

Brendever October 8, 2007 1:30 PM

Need serious help in lvl.20


I seriously am in need of a walkthrough for level 23. It would help me sooo much (and many others) if someone was kind enough to post one... Please?


Someone was already kind enough to do that - me. On September 22.


Help on Lvl. 20! Please ive been stuck on it for days!PLEASE


can anyone help me with lvl 22 jack and jill, i have been playing it for days and i cant get yang to his goal. thanks in advance.


Hi guys, I really really need help on lvl 10! it's driving me crazy!!!



gaaa im so dumb i cant beat level 2 help!!!

Anonymous October 28, 2007 4:24 PM

help with level 11!!!!

claytonius October 28, 2007 5:54 PM

This is the best game in the world. I am stuck on level 10. Can someone help?


what the heck? how come level 3 won't end?


claytonius- karpad asked the same question in September, and if you look on the first page, 19th September, I posted some help for Level 10.

As I said: Hope this helps :)


I know this is off topic but: you can choose what game to have a sequal! I would of voted for yin and yand but it wasn't there so I voted for skywire


Can someone help with level 10, Hills and Valleys?


Aw, wasn't MY help good enough? *makes sad eyes*
Look, er... TWO posts up, and find MY help.

THEN you may post to say 'I need help'.


Hi. I need help with level 10. Please, somebody, write a walkthrough from level 10 to 15?!


I can't get the white one to the end at level one... do i suck or it's a glitch? i have only one white box





I beat the game so here are all the levels

25 levels

TheCrimson January 2, 2008 4:19 PM

i've decided to write some walkthroughs for levels 1-17, because it seems like some people really want them...

(ps...for those who always get confused, yang is the white one, and yin is the black one)

level 1- bread and butter

1.(yang) Walk off the cliff thing. Collect the coin. Pull the white box (Ctrl-left arrow)until it connects the tunnel.

2.(yin)Jump off, and kill the worm (by jumping on him). If you choose, jump over the hole, and collect a coin on the other side. If you are a bit lazier, jump down the tunnel Yang just made for you.

3.(yin) Okay, so you've went down the tunnel. Pull the black box (on the left) to make a tunnel for Yang, pulling it right under him. Make sure the worm is not under the box, or Yang will lose a life.

4.(yin) Jump off, kill the worm, collect coin, then go to flag. YIN=COMPLETE.

5.(yang)Proceed right, and go to flag. YANG=COMPLETE

Level 2 will be posted later.

TheCrimson January 2, 2008 4:23 PM

Level 2-Chalk and Cheese

1.(yang) Go up the ladder to your right. At the top, you can choose to *Go left...jump on worm, collect coins. Return to ladder and follow next step

2.(yang) Jump on top of the box to get the coin (if you want it). Push the box off the edge. Jump down after it. Pull the box left, until Yin falls into it. Now pull the box to the right, until Yin goes through to the other chunk of white.

3.(yin) Keep walking left, until you bump into the black box. You can pull the box around to retrieve the coins if you like. Then, push the box into the hole. Go to the flag. YIN=COMPLETE

4.(yang) Push the box out of the ladder's way. Go up the ladder, and go to your right. You will see that you can now jump up to the platform with the flag. Be careful, there is a worm lurking around. Kill it if you want, then proceed to the flag. YANG=COMPLETE

Level 3 will be posted soon. I'm hungry, and I need a snack, so it may be a while.


I finnaly got past level 10!!!

If all else fails than read on...

There is a glitch to where if you move he bottom box into the first hole. you may lose a life, but if you do it right you won't die. this will shoot you to the top...don't ask how! jump from there and hop aross without falling. As for the black one just hop him across.


Hey, does anyone have help for level 18, Guns and Roses?

coz i jus can't figure it out!!!!!!

Anonymous January 6, 2008 10:32 AM

level 17 help? the bee keeps on killing me... =[


I love this game, I love playing it, it's fun, it's challenging, and I can play it at work, beause of the pause button and the mutes.

But one thing I am having on un-fun time with is that BEE on lvl 17. What is THAT about?



I need to know one thing. Take a minute of your time to help me plz!

LEVEL 17! i cant beat it. that stupid bee.

but i know something that might help. if the bee is going to hit you, quickly switch to the other person. if you cant see the bee hit ur other guy, u wont lose a life.

but still. plz! someone make a walkthrough for level 17! PLZ!


Hello, I really need help with level 13!!! Its impossible to me!!


lvL 17!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!

Anonymous January 7, 2008 5:08 PM

Help! Level 22.


TheCrimson January 7, 2008 10:05 PM

level 17? here's a tip (it's the one with the bee right??)

die purposefully...i usually take yang and run him over the spikes...when it says "YANG HAS BEEN DEFEATED" or whatever, right click out of that box. select "play"...
now you have restarted the game, but if you look where your "lives" are, they are GONE! so that means you can get stung by the bee as many times as you want, and not lose the game.
a downside to this is that the scoring is not accurate, and if you wanna submit your score, don't try this...
another alternative for level 17 is...
1. stay still. when the bee is VERY near you, jump over it, than switch characters. this will give you a little time, since the bee changes directions very slow
2. when you move a couple of steps, avoid the bee again (by jumping, whatever), switch characters. this is how i beat it, since i didn't learn about the "invincibility" glitch at the time.

if you still don't get it, i'll clarify if you need it. :)

TheCrimson January 7, 2008 10:15 PM

level 22 is mostly about timing, and possibly luck. this took forever...


1. Go to right. When the box turns black, jump down. Now you're at the bottom of this pit thing. A box will come from the left.

2. Get in the box. Get out of box on other side. Jump up and hit the gravity switch.

3. Get in box from left...be careful when you get to the other side. there are spikes...keep pressing the left arrow, and hope you land on the solid, non-moving piece of land.

4. Walk left. Careful, the box changes color! when it's turns white, get in the moving box and go to flag!



1. this may take a few tries...jump up and hit the switch. keep walking left, but DO NOT JUMP! when you flip over, try to fall on the chunk of land.

2. walk right. the boxes change colors, so hop across. When you fall, try to go a little closer to the right...but not along the wall. if you go along the wall, you'll hit the gravity switch, and you'll have to rely on luck to get on the moving box. if you land on solid ground, time is right (this will take long too) and hit the switch. fall on the moving box

3. go on the piece of land to the right. jump over spikes. retrieve coin. when the moving box on the right comes, get on it.

4. this is the hardest (and most frustrating) part. jump and hit the switch, fall on the moving box, then proceed to flag.


TheCrimson January 7, 2008 10:18 PM

ps...to anyone who really wants help, you can make requests. i'll do my best to help. :) i'm currently on level 24 (i know how to beat it, but i keep on DYING!), so anything before that i'll help on. :)

cannedvintage January 7, 2008 10:51 PM

I need serious help on Level 18 (Guns & Roses)!


I need a walkthrough for "Hills and Valleys" (level 10)! I don't understand what to do and I'm very frustrated!


HELP PLEASE LEVE 18 Guns And Roses!


Level 21 doesnt make any sense


i'm stuck on level 17: foot and mouth.

i can't figure out how to not get stung by that stupid bee. anyone else having an issue with that?


level 17 help:

just walk on the spikes at the top of the ladder and when it say youve been dafated right cick on the little pop up and click play ten when it starts again do the same with the other guy and when you go back in bothof hem will be invincible to the bee. NOT THE SPIKES


Can i have help with level 22? I might be able to help you with another level if you help me...just tell me which level.


OMG! Someone please tell me how to jump on the birds. I'm on level 5...


I tried right clicking, like Mel said, and I don't have an option to "play ten". Can anyone else help me with level 17?

As for level 5, you cannot jump over the birds.

Switch to Yin. Climb the ladder to collect coins. Climb back down the ladder and wait. You eventually will be able to run underneath all the black birds. The first box you come to, pull to the left. Pass under the bird and fall down to the lower level. Here you'll pull that box left over the first white bird. The bird will fly up into the box and you'll be able to run under it as Yang. Switch back to Yin and move the black box over the next bird and so forth until you are past that part of the level. The rest should be easy.


Can anyone help on level 18?


I need a spoiler for lvl 14.It is so HARD !!!

Maia Kouymis January 14, 2008 5:42 AM


Level 18:
With yang walk her as far to the left as you can without dying then move Yins dragon up and onto the crate. Move yang further left again then with the dragon move him so hes as far to the right of the box as possible. But BUT DONT LET HIM FALL ON YANG! Then jump him over her.

Then with yang jump her down and walk to the flag.

thats as far as i've got sorry ill write back l8r k

Softasthemoon January 14, 2008 6:03 AM

level 18

Ok well you change onto Yin and walk so you get his dragon on the white crate change to yang and walk her so she is right next to the crate walk as far left as you can. Then walk the dragon so he is standing on the very right of the crate but hasnt fallen off. Then jump over Yang.
Jump over the crate so she fall onto the floor and walk right to the flag :D.
In Yins box of whitness go to the right and change the gravity, for the rest dont worry about his dragon. Then walk to the left and fill in the gap in the floor with black crates so you can jump into that flashing box thing then onto the ladder. Walkto the left but do not fall down. Jump onto the black box so it carrys you over.
Now walk to the flag and do your crazy dance. Oh yeh :D



OMG.. please please please i badly need help with

LEVEL 16!!

HELP WITH LEVEL 16!!!!!!!! iv tried so many times
please please help

from car


im so thick how do you complete LEVEL1