hey everyone :) i have found the 4 magic plants and i'm playing for decades. can anyone make a screen shot to the nursery with the 6 magic plants to see how the other too looks like, and made them:) please post here:)


I have been loving this game. I've played both Virtual Villagers games, and while I really liked my little villagers, I got impatient with game play and I didn't figure out most of the puzzles on my own.

For me Plant Tycoon has a good balance of being casual and seeing results quickly enough that I don't get frustrated. I haven't felt the need to look at anyone's charts, and I don't want to make one of my own. I'll just wander around in circles until I find something and be very happy doing it.


Okay, I have been trying for two days to get the

aureus scandens and cannot get it. I have followed the charts, and even crossed what other players have said to cross and cannot get it. I bought a seed and it was aureus ridgeball, and I pollinated a scandens plant with it and didn't get it, I have tried hundreds of other things and I still come up with nothing. Please someone help me! I am going insane. THis is the last plant that I need. Someone tell me please, what plants to cross. Does it have to be a specific scandens and aureus plants? I am so confused! Thank you so so much!


kayti, if you tell me how you got the other 5 i can tell you how to get aureus scandens....

but someone havo to put it in spoilers for me then because i dont know how to do that.

ps (just pick one part of the name to cross)


Are there any cheats to get money because i am broke


I got this game a few days ago, and I'm already very addicted to it. Even my brother is hooked. We take turns playing the game: when I'm at work, he plants them, when I'm at home, I do the planting.

I must confess though, that until I looked for a walkthrough to help me find a way to catalogue the plants and seeds, I never thought that there was a system to it. My brother and I just kept planting whatever was available. The discovery of our Magic Plants have been totally accidental.

So how do I breed them? I know now that I have to cross-pollinate particular breeds, but how does that work since all the pollen comes from one area? Does this mean I have to breed pure seeds first (which will be tough because some plants don't breed true)? Or does cross poillination happen if I put two plants beside each other?

Please help!


if you turn your computer clock back or ahead you can make plants grow faster..


I've upgraded ive earned over $1000.00 in money but (There is always a but) I haven't breeded any magic plants which really tees me off because my brother has two of them dont know which ones they are but yeah so if any of you know which 2 plants are needed to make at least 1 or 2 magic plants please. thankyou. :)

Just call me mad


I blew it, I am getting really angry and the worst part is i am now out of money........grrrrrrrr.....REALLY ANGRY........if anyone does know any cheats please tell me......Mainly money cheats i Because i have $81.00 I could buy that infestation liquid but none of my plants need it and all of my plants are 2 to 4 years old and i cant use the time changer on the computer because i have other games that run according to time..............even more.....GRRRR......NEED MONEY....... Me my mum and my brother are totally addicted. i hate getting off the computer for somebody else Because i would be on plant tycoon........ADDICTIVE.

So yeah if anyone knows any cheats please tell me because i am poor


hi there
i haven't been playing for a long time, but found it useful sometimes to put the game on pause and do some boring stuf like watering pots, curing, pollinating and trimming plants, collecting seeds and planting them, and even examening seeds in the seedbin
don't know if this is a spoiler )

Pam Johnson October 3, 2007 10:03 AM

How do I get the seeds restocked in the SUPPLIES area?
They have only replentished once since I started...

I have been playing since the game came out and I am stuck on the last magic plant! I have made over $447,000 - my average plant sells for $213.00 (I have one that sells easily for $498.00)- I have collected 47 of the 48 bugs - I have purchased everything there is for the nursery and have upgraded everything there is yet I just can't get mt last Magic Plant and without a fresh supply of seeds I am going around in circles - HELP!


I have been playing for a bit now. I have 2 of the magic plants. They are

fabled lemonbush and four petal maple.

Could someone please help me to find the others. Let me know what plants to cross pollinate in order to create the magic plants. I looked at the charts mentioned above and even printed them off. I am still not sure which ones to mix to get the magic ones. Thank you for any help you can give me. Marjorie


Hi everyone,

Just want to share with y'all. Here's how to get the Fruit of Life:

Venomous Rare Oak + mutation liquid.
I experimented with the mutation liquid for fun (as now I do not need to worry about money anymore).
At first I thought that mutation liquid change a certain specie into a few range of other species.
Which I just proved wrong right now at this second! Why? While experimenting with it I find my last magical plant which is Magic Tree of Fragrance. YAY! I found it through Fruit of Life; I dropped 16 doses of mutation liquid. :) I guess good karma really exist.
But anyways it's good to know that bamboo types like Fable Bamboo, and/or Mela Maple and such will have a chance to become Magic Tree of Fragrance and Fruit of Life.

Good luck!


Does moving the plants around in the nursery change the sale rate?


Here's a thought, what about a 2nd version of the game where you start with a random assigned seed type, then grow your seeds, enter an online marketplace with other players where you can sell your plants and buy theirs, pre or post pollination for the price you are willing to pay and then build up your nursery and funds that way and then you could have an online league table of most successful growers??


I like the game!
only thing that i don't like, that you can't breed spotted and citrus from anything, and can't breed reptans and ball cactus from other plants...so if you have them, from the shop you must keep them safe for later usage...
do anybody have a breeding table for mutation liquid? or is it random?


Been playing this game for a while now and must admit it is very addictive. Having found all the magic plants I have just been mucking around with mutations and cross pollinations. Due to having limited seed space I only have 3rd and 4th generation seeds left. Has anyone found the unusual flowers - tahitian, lillia & venus? The first two I purchased as seeds for $2k the last one I happened across when cross pollinating plants/flowers - sorry not sure how I did this.
My other challenge is to get all the bugs, so far 45 out of the 46 - the last little bug eludes me.
Bugs so far:

Common - Blue, Mission Blue & Fern
Uncommon - Lapis & Amber
Rare - Golden, Plum and Cherry
Common - Black
Uncommon - Pale & Lemon
Rare - Jet
Common - Cactus, Yellow, Brown & Spotted
Uncommon - Pearly, Limelike, Bamboo and Cricket
Rare - Bumpy, Jade & Tahitian
Common - Shiny Blue Beetle, Ladybug, Brown Bug, Green Beetle
Uncommon - Hiding Beetle, Zebra Beetle, Cockroach & Mystic Scarab
Rare - Ebony Scarab, Fire Scarab, Shiny Flower Beetle & Golden Beetle
Common - Emerald, Blue, Pink and Tiger
Uncommon - Ghost, Glassy, Dart and Fragile
Rare - Fire, Black, Earth and Golden

As I said there is one missing. If any of you have it please let me know, in the meantime I will keep hunting!


Kyri this one is for you. A screen shot showing all the magic plants:

Hopefully that will work.


the spider you are missing is the golden spider

Helen Quaigg October 5, 2007 10:08 AM

How do you cross polinate?


hmms.. i need some help here in getting fabled lemonbush. most of you here hhave gotten it, but i've only gotten rosaceae fern and four petal maple and i dont even know how i got it. ^^|

i tried mixing the pollen of fable _________ with ______ lemonbush. but it doesnt really work? what's the logic to getting it? i'm abit confused.. O_O


I just finally got the last one:

Aureus Scandens.

It took me 2 weeks but I did it. Now, I just need 5 more bugs. YAY !!

green finger m October 6, 2007 4:24 AM

How do you get the tier 4 flower types? i have tried the mutation liquid and tried buying the extinct seeds but nothing seems to work. i only manage to get the tier 4 foliage types. could someone help me out here please!!


i am UTTERLY ADDICTED. the thing that sucks is that i had one of the magic plants in the demo, but now that i'm in the full version, of course i can't remember how i got it. great game!


How does one get the extremely rare tier 4 foliage? I have tried everything, but cannot cross breed those seeds...


I have no idea HOW i did it, but it seems i hit "start over" without realizing it. I finally found 1 magical plant and was doing great financially BUT NAHHHH now i get to do it all over again.
What's really weird is that i have NO IDEA how i hit that or if the game likes to forget sometimes but yeah..it's kinda devastating.

archer306 October 10, 2007 7:48 PM

I found the most expensive one i think sells for $275 each. i made loads of money this way.

Its the fabled rose of Isola. hint serveral of the comman seeds makes this special flower. you need Isola soil.


Hi all, great game and this site has been a great resource. I've been using the m Money Trainer to get free chemicals once you can afford them, just a little cheat :)

Just wondering if anyone would like to share thier game files? I've found 2 of the magic six, but am curious to see some of the results others are getting. With the number of possible combinations, it could be the only way I get to see some of the plants :)

PS. Contrary to the docs, the trainer does work on both versions of PT, just in slightly different ways.


For some money:

go to "/My Documents/LDW/Plant Tycoon" open the "Plant Tycoon1.ldw" (or ....2/3/4.ldw) with your favourite hex-editor go to offset 0x2180 for a fresh game there is written FA 00 00 ... change to FF FF FF and have fun...


Thanks Anonymous, without the problem of money I can now have fun with the breeding, got 3 of the plants so far, and nearly one of every seed case as per the seed catalogue as well LOL

MzBehavin October 12, 2007 3:12 PM

I have now restarted for about the 6th time...never having gotten too far in the game...caught about half the bugs each time...but after this last restart, I haven't seen one single bug. Am I just being impatient, or did the game glitch on me? Been playing for about 2 hrs. real time this round and watching the screen carefully...has this happened to anyone else?


How do you work the money cheat? I cant get it to work. Please help?


Hi J, I thought the above explanation was perfect, what problem are you having? What hex editor are you using?

TENNESSEESHAR56 October 13, 2007 5:42 PM

the fabled lemonbush (blue rose) believe to be just a myth sells for $480 so far! i have tried $505 but the frown on it. and.....the rose of joy sells for up to $138...more they frown!!!!

Amanda M. October 14, 2007 7:57 PM

Hey everyone, Hope all your plants are doing well. I am a licensed horticulture technologist and just wanted to say how much I love this game! I'm on maternity leave at the moment and this gives me something to do all day besides just get fatter. Hahaha! Anyway I have been playing for 249 hors according to the game, didn't know till now that you could mess with the clock. This forum has helped me a lot because even though I'm a real horticulturist The game isn't exactly like "real life" but I love it! Also needed help figuring out the "magic plants" so thanks a lot! Not sure if I can help anyone out but let me know if I can.


Anonymous' money cheat didn't work, when i saved edited + saved and tried to play plant tycoon again it was just as if my game was deleted (luckily i tried with a new account). Any help plz?


Fourpetal Maple

Citrus Ball Cactus and Jalapa Maranta

To make a Jalapa Maranta, cross a Citrus Ball Cactus with a Spotted Reptans or Spotted Ball Cactus with a Citrus Reptans

Rosaceae Fern

Jalapa Maranta and Bluestar Astera

To make a Bluestar Astera, cross a Jalapa Maranta with a Spotted Reptans

Nox Orchid

Spotted Reptans and Rosaceae Fern

Fabled Lemonbush

Jalapa Maranta and Fragrant Maple

To make a Fragrant Maple, cross a Fourpetal Maple and a Jalapa Maple
To make a Jalapa Maple, cross a Citrus Ball Cactus and a Spotted Maranta
To make a Spotted Maranta, cross a Spotted Ball Cactus and a Spotted Reptans

Mela Rare Oak

Citrus Ball Cactus and Venomous Lemonbush

To make a Venomous Lemonbush, cross a Fourpetal Maple and a Citrus Maranta
To make a Citrus Maranta, cross a Citrus Reptans and a Citrus Ball Cactus

Aureus Scandens

Fourpetal Reptans and Venomous Grass

To make a Fourpetal Reptans, cross a Spotted Reptans with a Citrus Reptans to get a Jalapa Reptans, then cross the Jalapa Reptans with the Citrus Reptans
To make a Venomous Grass, cross a Citrus Reptans with a Fourpetal Astera
To make a Fourpetal Astera, cross a Citrus Reptans with a Jalapa Maranta


Ive tried differnt hex editors and followed the instructions but it didnt work? Help please?


wait theres a money cheat? what is it? I've been struggling with less than 100 $ and like 10 infested plants!


Hi, I must say this game is truly addicting! So far I have found the Rosaceae Fern. Im planning to restart my game so that I could cross polinate the right plants.

Billy Hartman October 17, 2007 10:12 AM

I too have tried to use the money cheat and it didnt work for me either I dont know what Im doing wrong but I also have used 6 different hex editors and still nothing. So if anyone can please help with this I would be greatly in your honor

Christine October 17, 2007 4:19 PM

Does anyone know hot to get a spotted ball cactus?


I must say how addicting this game is. Now that I have that out of the way, Has anyone caught all of the bugs?

I have 39 of 48. Could someone help??? Also, thanks to sfrose for all of the helpful charts!!


can any one tell me how i can get the last magic plant i all ready have 5 of them need the next one to full the golden pot


Does anyone have a flower chart? I desperately need to know what to cross polinate to get a Citris Ball Cactus, I have tried everything. Thanks!

Anonymous October 20, 2007 3:31 PM

what is a hex editor and how can I get one?


Alright I have everything thing except for one of the magic plants I need help on how to create it the plant I need help with is

nox orchard

shannon rushing October 22, 2007 1:20 PM

i have been selling my Rosaceae Fern for $100 and my Fable Lemon Bush for $325 and they sell fast.

Anonymous October 22, 2007 2:06 PM


Anyone needing a good cross-polination guide look no further!!!

Full Foliage and Flower Cross-polination guide!!!


Hope this helps :D


I have been at this game for ever and I have only 4 of the plants I have done everything and not getting anywhere. Do I need to keep seeds of every different color of plant that comes from the same family?


how do i make a Spotted Reptans?

Mzbehavin October 25, 2007 7:14 PM

I have found everything in the game except for 1 flower type and two bugs.

The two bugs I'm missing are the jars in the bottom corners.

The flower I'm missing is


Do I need to buy this flower, cross polinate it, or use the mutation liquid?

Does anyone know?

Game Junkie October 26, 2007 10:10 AM

how do i cross pollenate?


I believe in order to cross pollenate you select the plant you want to use the pollen from and drag that pollen to the plant you want pollenated. At least that's how I've been doing it.

Jane Ledgard October 28, 2007 7:10 PM

My daughter and I have been playing the game 500 + hours each, we have all bugs between us, I'm just missing 1 in my game, my daughter 3 in hers. My thought is that you need to develop the correct plants to attract the coresponding insects ie: I am missing the "Shiny Flower beetle" on my game so I have planted a Blue Star Maranta, get my drift? We both got the Rare Tahitian Spider when we got the Tahitian flower.... just a thought.
A little tip: When you first start the game and get a plant that gets unhealthy because you can't afford the good soil, put it in the shaft of sunlight that comes in from the left of your screen and it will improve. At least you might get it to give you seeds that way.


The game is rly fun but ive been breeding lemonbushes halfway across the world and still couldnt get the fabled lemon bush. secondly, i have tons of scadans, wadda i do with them? (all fable) also i have a aururus glable (don t blame me if its spelled wrong) any plant i can breed to make a better plant?

the tree of fragrance is easy to get from the supply store, just buy any maple seeds you see. i got it on the first try ;)


I've been playing the game since it came out and I was able to buy it, and have only found two of the magic plants.

I play under different id's so I can try different things under different id's.

Right now I have my good soil and water and don't get infestions very often. I have about two thirds of the bugs in my collection.

I'd like to know, when you use the mutation liquid, when do you use it? I used it as soon as I planted three of my plants, but before they started coming up, so I don't know if it did any good or not.

I also can't get my plants to sell much higher than they're priced by default, I've tried raising the prices, but can only raise them maybe five or ten dollars.

I purchased one of the endangered seeds, and it has not been replaced in the store. I have just purchased one of the two thousand dollar extinct seeds, I already have breed the others, both endangered and extinct.

I've tried turning the clock forward, and my plants get bug infestation real bad and some of them even die. I've tried turning it forward half an hour and also an hour and the same thing happens. Can anybody tell me why?

Thanks RuthieJo


After the plants I used the mutation liquid on, matured, I couldn't tell if anything had happened to the plants or not. So the next time I planted, I planted several of the same plant and used the mutation liquid after the plants were up some. They are now mature, and I find that nothing at all happened when I used the mutation liquid on three different plants. Those plants look just like the ones I didn't use the liquid on.

It doesn't seem like the mutation liquid is doing any good, and it's just a waste of money.



Is the citrus ball cactus a plant you make or buy? I didn't keep a copy of the seed and now I can't figure out how to get it...


I have a ultimate tip about the cross polination:
- Each plant or flower is a number and if you caculate the average of the plants numbers(and separated for the flower) you'll have the resultant plant (and flower).
- Considering:
Ridgeball = -6 = Tilia
Multiflora = -5 = Baccatus
Weeper = -4 = Lilia
Pitcher = -3 Tahitian
Tigerfern = -2 = Venus
Glaber = -1 = Arthurium
Ball Cactus = 0 = Citrus
Pear Cactus = 1 = Mela
Pipe Cactus = 2 = Venomous
Rare Oak = 3 = Aureus
Maple = 4 = Fourpetal
Bamboo = 5 = Blazing
Lemonbush = 6 = Fragrant
Fanleaf = 7 = Fabled
Maranta = 8 = Jalapa
Ananas = 9 = Viola
Fern = 10 = Rosaceae
Gladiatus = 11 = Mystic
Astera = 12 = Bluestar
Orchid = 13 = Nox
Grass = 14 = Daisy
Scandens = 15 = Painted
Reptans = 16 = Spotted

- I the calculaton isn't an integer number, you use the
smaller. Example: Viola Maple (9,4) and Venus Scandens (-2,19) polination makes (3.5,11.5) so (3,11) or Aureus Mystic.

- You must have the four corners (-6,-6), (-6,16), (16,-6) and (16,16). so every combination is possible. Otherwise mutation are necessary.


Just answering a few questions that havent been answered.

Need to upgrade Water & Clippers? : I have upgraded water once, it pours faster and the plants do not get infested much now. The clipper....I have not upgraded and did perfectly fine. Same with the net. I caught all but one so far.

Do seeds change in the supply store? : yes, they are suppose to change every 24 hours of game play (accrording to the makers) I find that if you buy one seed a day, then you for sure have new seeds the next day.

Catus Ball : You are just going to have to wait for it to show up again in the supply area.

As for the people running out of money....find a plant or two that is expensive and sells, then breed like crazy.


The citrus ball cactus is one you grow, but I bet there's one you can buy too. It was one of the first twelve seeds that I got when I started the game.

I started playing under a new ID, and have been keeping track of every time I plant. I started out planting ten of the original seeds (the other two were duplicates). I planted them numerous times, selling all the seeds but one of each, that way between selling the seeds for $1 each and the plants, I've been able to buy my other two seed flats.

Now I have ten of each individual seed, I'm now cross pollinating each one, with a different seed each time, and keeping track of which seeds were pollinated with which seeds. I use that third row of pots to plant seeds if I make a mistake and self pollinate one instead of cross pollinating it.

I'm saving one entire set of the original set of seeds.

After I've cross pollinated with the original seeds, I'll go back and cross each cross, with an original seed and keep track of them.

Of course the way I'm working now, I won't find any of the magic plants for a good long time. I'm saving right now for the Isola soil and water, I'm going to try to skip the middle soils.

I've also collected 22 of the 48 bugs.



Luiz, I don't understand your number system, can you explain it a little more.

How did you come up with this system?



Nancy, I haven't been able to raise prices more than a dollar or two. When I was playing under the other ID where I've already found two of the magic plants, and have tons of cross bred plants, I find that I can't sell those plants that are default over $100, for more than maybe five dollars over the default price, or they don't sell.

I have found the Fabled Rose of Isola and the Rose of Joy. I've not used any of the spoilers or anything to breed these two, I've just found them by my own cross breeding.



I also don't find that I get any more customers to the nursery with the upgrades I've done. To begin with, you could see that everyone wanted the fountain, I saved and saved and finally got the fountain, after I did a lot of other upgrades, and now it seems that I have fewer customers .

Since I've started the game under a different ID, I haven't kept track of how my plants are selling, but sometimes they'll all sell but one, then there are other times I have two or three that won't sell. I've even dropped the prices and they still don't sell. They're beautiful plants that haven't needed to be pruned at all. In fact the ones that I've pruned that look horribly lopsided to me, seem to sell faster than the ones that don't need pruning.

I've never upgraded my pruners either. So far under this ID, I've caught 22 of the bugs using the cheaper net.

I set my clock ahead and miss most of the bugs though.



i have all 6 magic plants and all bugs but the golden spider anyone know how to get it....and by the way if you get the fabled blue rose when you plant the seed use fertilizer bomb and then the big square bottle of plant food and when it grows you can sell it for 600 and when you get the last flower the wealth one you can sell them for 1000 just keep planting them makes money...good luck all


Thanks for the tips Peg.

I started another new ID this morning, keeping track of everything here too. I'm working with five different ID's now, glad I own the game lol.

I notice every time I start a new game, I get new plants.
I got three different Reptans this go round, first time I've had that many, usually only get one.

Dang it I wish some of these plants were real, I love any of those Bluestar ones.

I also bought one of the endangered seeds for $200, if it's a real good one, I'm going to cross pollinate it with some of the single seeds I have, if not, I'll just use it to sell the plants and seeds.



RuthieJo and everybody else,
The number system is the easier way to undertand the game and was used in the other game, Fish Tycoon. I disovered it there and tried here and it also worked very well!!
The number system eliminate the need of 3 table sheets to keep track of all the cross-polination as some guys explained above.
Some example will help:
1) Cross Jalapa Astera with Spotted Maple. If you look the numbers I presented: Jalapa = 8, Astera = 12, Spotted = 16 and Maple = 4. So Jalapa with Spotted = (8+16)/2 = 12 (Bluestar) and Astera with Maple = (12+4)/2 = 8 (Maranta). So the plant youget is a Bluestar Maranta.
2) Now Aureus Lemonbush (3;6) with Daisy Ananas (14;9) give you: (3+14)/2 = 8.5, in everytime you get a .5 number goes to the smaller - 8 in this case. So you get 8 = Jalapa. And (6+9)/2 = 7.5 => 7 or Fanleaf. So you get Jalapa Fanleaf.

If anybody doesn't believe, just check your polination. I bet with anybody the results in my table.

Important,when you get for example -1,5 you have to consider -2 and not -1. Use always th smallest one.

If you put the 2 set of plants in a crosstable, it will be very easy to see how to get any plant, and to plan how to get to it. I can send it to anyone that need or if somebody explain to me how, I can post here.


Here's a plant that gets you $1000 for each you sell!!!

Fabled Lemonbush

Suzie Holland November 4, 2007 2:48 PM

In order to make the

fabled lemonbush

what plants do you need in the last step?...I already have a

fabled maranta

Suzie Holland November 4, 2007 3:14 PM

How do you make a mela, as in

mela rare oak


This is the easiest way I found to make a Fruit of Life:

Just cross-breed Fourpetal Ballcactus and Fourpetal Maranta.
The breed goes like this:
Fourpetal + Fourpetal = Fourpetal
Ballcactus + Maranta = Maple
There goes your Fourpetal Maple, AKA Fruit of Life.


I can't seem to find any of the Tier 4 seeds. I use the mutation liquid on my plants all the time and they often turn into plants I already have. What am I missing?


I have found after spending much money to build up my cash with the prpagation of the simple seeds and selling them and the plants. I spent money on the nursery-the lower end decorations-and that helped bring more customers. I learned to toss the infested plants, not to invest in plant rescue. I have bought the 2nd tier water and soil and that made a great difference in the health of my plants. I figure once I get enough cash I will purchase the Isola soil and than water and than really go after new plants.
I somehow created one magic plant. Don't know how, didn't get any seeds, nor can I sell it. Any suggestions?


Grrrr I used my last seed for the fabled rose and I sold it!!! I only have 6 bugs to go and I need te Mela Oak but the fabled rose is my money maker, although I've never been able to sell it for 1000k. Help! I forgot how to get it, and I didn't get it the way everyone else on here has, I got it from using the firsat batch of seeds I was given. Also have had no luck getting the citrus ball cactus



here's some help

self pollinate the magic plant you made, and use those seeds to make more, which you will again self pollinate, makin more seeds and more plants and selling them until you think u made enough money to buy stuff and move to your next step.

Check the checkoff list and plant and flower charts prosted by Jason above.



I have just gotten my second magic plant which in this case is the knowledge and wisdom plant. However, for some reason I have a message that keeps coming up in the main screen that says Time Paused. I cannot pollinate with this on and cannot figure out how to turn it off.

Please help.

Ms. Tomato



to turn off the pause go to the main screen and click options and turn it off from there or jut hit your spacebar.


Thanks Frasbo,
The game moved my magic plant to the nursery and I can;t get it back. I didn't know I had one til it told me it had moved it. Wierd. I have now bought the most expensive soil and have some pretty ineresting seeds to grow and sell.


I have a macgic plant that sells for almost $400 it has blue roses, I can't think of the name right now but found it by accident. It is only my second one,but I have alot of the ones that are brought up here going to try them and I'll let you all know how they turn out and what seeds are used.


i akready found two magic plant. That is rose of joy and another one i can't remember the name. Rose of joy look like more to fern especially the leaf. What i do is pollinate different type of rose...idid not remember what type of rose it is...and the second magic plant has fourpatel flower that look like tree..what i mean is tree with fourpatel.i don't remember the name... i sell my rose of joy for 111$ per flower and another grass with black thing on it with 100$...now my target is to by the yellow sand because i already buy all the blue equipment....and also my 3rd box....i just want to know how i can make cactus pipe...i forget how to make it....


Thought I would mention, if you turn the music off and the effects up you can hear them bugs moving about. This game is a riot....I dont think I want it to end... Ive got one plant and two bugs to go.....I enjoy creating all the plants.


Luiz, I still can't figure out your numbering system.
I have Fish Tycoon and never came up with that numbering system.

Right now I keep a list of every time I plant. I just write down the plant as it matures. I tried keeping track of what I pollinated each plant with, but got mixed up, so stopped.

I haven't found any magic plants since I started keeping track of every thing.

I bought the Isola soil, but only the second water, and so far I'm not having any plant problems. Except now that I have the real good soil, I can't set my clock ahead, when I do, all of my plants die. I was setting it ahead 1 hour, that would bring everthing to maturity and I could pollinate. Then I'd set the clock ahead twenty minutes and the seeds would be ready.

Why is it that I can't set the clock back with better soil?



I have the

fabled ananas
fabled gladiatus
fabled fern
fabled fanleaf
fabled pipe cactus

I have the fragrant lemonbush and the venomous lemonbush

I have to try the fourpetal ball cactus and the fourpetal marnata, to get the
fruit of life, I have both of them, and have had them for a long long time,
just didn't know I could get the fruit of life from them

I gave up on the mutation liquid, as it almost always took me back to my original

I had one four tier plant, as the seeds sold for $10, but don't know which one
it was.



When I've found a magic plant (when I've been playing under a different
ID), it doesn't have the same name as the plant. The pop up will appear
saying I have found a magic plant and it's moved to the nursery. I go to the
nursery to find out what the plant looks like, then go back and find the plant
has a different name. Why is that?



Would you believe I just found two magic plants at one time. The Rose of Joy also called the Rosaceae Fern.

Found my second magic plant, called the Fabled Rose of Isola or the Fabled Lemonbush.

Only problem is, I forgot to self pollinate the Fabled Lemon Bush, I did self pollinate the Rosacea Fern though.

So now I'm going to have to go back and look at all the spoilers and find out what plus what makes the Fabled Lemonbush lol



I did it!! I found all the magic plants! I found all by accident or just hit or miss except one. Now I just need 4 more bugs and to figure out how to get the fabled rose back!


For those of you who are in a hurry to "end" this game quickly, this might not be the game for you. This is a game of enjoyment as well as perserverence. Enjoy it as it gives you joy. Allow it to last for as long as it lasts.

If you are a beginner and are short on cash, it just takes a long time in the beginning to build your finances. When you do, you have great freedom in your buying power. Be patient. Perservere. All the best luck to you.

Ms. Tomato


Hey, I found all the magic plants, all bugs and have a lot of money, which is sometimes frustrating... I have every single type of seeds used in the game and for month I've been sitting and mutating them to be sure, that I've found all the types of flowers and all the types of leaves... Is there anything else I can do? Or should I find all possible plants in the game to see, which of them are the most valuable and important??? I'm little lost right now... :)

crushedgrapes November 13, 2007 7:34 AM


hey guys this forum has really helped.
i had a really slow start but once i found my first magic tree of fragrance, (stumbled on to it quite quickly accually) and sold it for $47 i had some money to buy better soil. then again i stumbled on a X-breed which made the fabled rose of isola. and have been reproducing it and selling it for $400. i keep bumping up the price and now it is selling for $465.
The only thing is every time i take my plant to the nursery there are 1 - 3 plants that wont sell. does anyone know why? i even knock down the prices and they still dont sell.
right now i am selling all fabled lemonbush except for one fourpetal maple which i have had around for.... well it is 151years now. i dont know what to do? should i just scrap it?
also i was wondering how to get the first fern so i can get the next magical planty the rosaceae fern. siiiiiiiiiigh okay i think maybe i need to sleep and i'l see what happens tomorrow with new X-breeds....


Your 151 year old tree, isn't going to sell, because it's too old, I'm suprised it hasn't died on you.

Sometimes I have one or two plants that don't sell, I have two $20 ones that aren't selling right now, and they usually are the first things to sell.

I've started the game under another ID again lol, and am not keeping track of anything. I still have the other one saved though.

I love this game, and I've written down some of the cheats, but usually just ignore them.

On this ID, I just accidently found the Magic Tree of Fragrance, I've not found it before, in any of the other ID's I've played under.

I enjoy playing this game, and am glad that it gives you a chance to play under several different ID's. I can go back and forth between them playing, or delete which ever one I want, or start the game under one again.

I just hate haveing to sell all of those cheap plants to get extra money. I can't change thing to get the extra money, because I've purchased my game from Big Fish, and have no way to change things.


Jodie Sue Kelly November 13, 2007 9:45 PM

You CAN sell plants that are 150 years old. I sold some that were much older. I forgot about them. They were nearly dry but I caught them in time and they sold just fine. I have also had plants that didn't sell the first time sit in the tray and go out for sale a second time after a mass planting. They sold. Normally I throw them away but a Lemonbush is worth so much, I just set it out again.

crushedgrapes November 13, 2007 10:45 PM

i hit the stupid restart button. noooooooooooooooooooo..... excuse me while i cry into dry soil.


Worked out it is best to go for the fabled lemonbush (there was already a post on how to get this - but I got mine by cross-polinating along the line, anyway)- I have the rosacae fern and the fourpetal maple but even with as much TLC and chemical enhancement, you'd be lucky to get over $100 for either of those....

However the Fabled Lemonbush readily sells, for me - at $750 each...Providing you chemically grow it with two-three dollops of the blue growth stuff and give it a few squirts of the green growth stuff at the same time.... generally the taller and more flowers it has - the more you can sell them for - I've managed to get $800 for a few of them...

Plus my time is paused - its easier to monitor and control growth (with the blue liquid) while it is paused - plus you can still go to the nursery screen and sell the plants anyway - I've found by keeping the time paused, it stops the plants getting infested and aging anyway - aging only helps naturally in juvenile plants - once they have been pollinated, the only point in keeping any is if they have unusual flowers, for cross-breeding purposes... Plus - it saves being meithered by all the bugs... I have 44 out of 48 of those... And the other 4 can wait until I've managed to get one of each kind of plant/flower along the line...

....then once you've spent a while just repollinating and re-growing the fabled lemonbushes, you'll have plenty of dosh to then think about investing in the more expensive seeds - or upgrades if you don't already have them - just always save 4-5 of the fabled lemonbush seeds in your inventory so these 4 seeds can produce a screen full of new plants - which in turn can produce even more....

I'm now at $83,459 (by selling the fabled lemonbush, over and over again) - a comfortable ammount - with all the upgrades - with a checklist I've done myself to try and breed at least one of each plant - with each flower...I've crossbred about 3/4 of all the plants and all but 4 of the flowers - but needing a citrus ball cactus (to aid with the breeding of one of the other magic plants) - and for the life of me, can I get it???... Ohhh the joys!!!

I guess I could try the mutation stuff - it's worth a shot

I've had 800 yr old plants that still sell perfectly fine...It would depend on their general health - if they're not worth much or don't have a fancy flower from which to cross-polinate - then there is no point keeping them...

And once you have at least £10,000 in your bank - buy at least one extinct seed a day, or more, and play around with that - 24 hrs later you'll get it replaced with something different

Have fun peeps!!!

Jodie Sue Kelly November 14, 2007 9:57 AM

For people who ask what to do after they have all the magic plants and have caught all the bugs and have the nursery upgrades...work on getting every plant and every flower combination. I just did some quick math and there 279,841 possible pollination combinations. Given that you can only plant 15 seeds per tray, it will take 186,560 trays to combine every possible seed with each other and of course this assumes you have all the seeds at hand and don't need to make any or need to plant Lemonbushes for some quick money so you can buy rapid grow solution or mutation fluid. I have one character who has every possible seed in every possible combination but the only way I did that was by downloading a virtual seed tray program that allows me to not have to get rid of any seeds. I store them all and sell none. And even then it is a very complex operation to get the level 4 flowers on level 4 plants. My other 4 characters just cross pollinate at whim with no real plan and buy every seed from the store have been playing for weeks and they have only about 25 percent of the seeds. So unless your stats show that you have well over 500 discoveries, then you don't have all the combinations. I hope that helps for those who play the game for awhile and think they have it beat. I got the magic plants long ago but to me at least, that is just one step and pretty much a first step to playing the game.


I had two of the Fabled Lemonbushes, and tried to sell them for $500 each, they didn't sell, everything else sold though. I dropped their price down to $400 and they're still not selling. I'll keep them and as I have six seeds for them, I'll try again, maybe with eight of them, they'll sell at the $400 each.



Ruthie - there's different aspects to getting the max price out of your fabled lemonbushes - they'll grow best in the best soil with the best water...if you don't have these you can abviously still sell them but possibly for less than a lot of us others have managed...

It also helps if you sell a lot at the same time - I tend to grow 15 at a time and pollinate 4 of them in the process...11 of the best specimens I sell in the nursery (for between £800-750 and they usually all sell within 2-3 minutes) and pollinate the 4 scrawniest ones... - save the seeds - replant them in the empties and then sell the depleted ones for between $500 and $650 -

Sometimes, if you just sell the lot in one go, the scrawnier specimens also sell for the same price, but had you put them up for sale on their own, they won't necessarily sell at the higer mark up....

type virtual seed tray into your search engine - and click on the "last day of work" link - this will take you to their homepage where you can upload a programme (Virtual Seed Tray) that helps you store your seeds to save you having to trash them for next to nothing - There are pros and cons to this so read the small print and make sure you've saved your files and backed them up just to be on the safe side... Plus you cannot run that and the game at the same time as it causes glitches - but as long as you follow the guidelines you should find it works fine...

Keep persevering - you'll get there! Happy planting!


Thanks for the tips Andi.

I've been getting $550 for the FLB's lately. They've been selling pretty good. I have upgraded the nursery as far as it will go, and have the best soil and water now.

I also bought all three of the extinct seeds and planted them once and self pollinated them, plus pollinated each one with one Fabled Lemonbush, I have these, plus a Blazing something or other planted along with the Fabled Lemonbushes this time, because I see that the customers are wanting something with the Blazing flower on it.

This time I used both green bottles and also a fertilizer bomb to see what happens. I've only been using the green bottles, until this time.

I am having one problem though, I noticed that I'm having to prune a lot of dead leaves off of all of my plants when I use both of the green bottles.

I also bought the last bug net, and it says the bugs can't see it coming, well somebody had better look again, because they are flying off just as fast when I come close to them with the $4500 net.

Until this last two plantings, I was growing all 15 FLB's and selling them in just a couple of minutes at $550, that's how I got everything maxed out so quick.

I've got 16 FLB seeds saved. I was keeping 30, but dropped down to 15 or 16.

If I get the virtual seed tray, how do I save seeds to it, if I can't use it and the game at the same time?



Andi, I typed in "virtual seed tray" in my search, clicked on the "last day of work", went to the website, searched the forums. Registered for the forums, and typed the virtual seed tray into their search, and still can't find the virtual seed tray, what am I doing wrong?



Ruthie - will try and add a link for the specific page.... (If I'm allowed to - I hope so!)

And its right near the bottom of the page - highlighted in blue - under the "Attatchments" heading...

Of course once you've done this and got your Virtual Seed tray (or VST) you can save all those seeds you've had no room to keep

Shame I couldnt Pm you with it :D

I don't really bother with the multi flower green formula - I suppose its worth it but I have this system of just relying on the blue n green growth stuff...squirt a new seed twice in one go...wait n see how it is - trim off any bad bits - squirt 2 squirts of the green bottle - and then add a dollop of the blue - but while its "growing" - squirt it twice more, just before it flowers - they can grow really tall if you get the knack right... -

It'll cost you $150-$200 worth of blue formula, per plant - and thats not counting the green stuff's value - but when they sell for £750 each - bob's your uncle - a screen full of these can reap an easy $8,000-$10,000

Keep at it me dear - the virtual seed tray will definatly help - I must have 50 Fabled lemonbush seeds in there and 2 whole strays worth in my storage on the game itself :D

And once you have $50,000 + it's worth then using up spare old duplicate seeds (which you probably dont need otherwise) - and then buying the mutation stuff and playing around with that - I only uploaded the VST last night - but since doing that ans saving my important seeds, I've played around and mutated the spares of my ball cactuses and found 11 of the more rarer plants (assorted tiger ferns and glabers)

...Of which I'll have a dabble with later :D

Have fun - will pop back on here later today to see if you've managed it - and whether or not the link has been allowed - ;)

Best of luck - Andi :D


Ruthie - about the virtual seed tray (VST)...

It runs off a WinZip programme - which if you don't have I think you can have as a free evaluation download anyway and it works the same (I already have the evaluation version - this was the fellas old PC) and it's working fine...

Basically as soon as you've uploaded it - it will create a shortcut on your desktop - which you just need to "run" - but make sure your game itself isn't running at the same time - pause your time on it and quit the game BEFORE you go and open up the VST programme....

Once you're VST opens up - you'll see a screen with the left side totally blank (which is where you store all your seeds) and the right side with the seeds you have in your storage on the game - it will automatically remember each time you stop/pause/quit your proper game, what seeds were in your storage - so you don't have any faffing about to do...

Then just tick the boxes alongside of the seeds you wish to put into the VST and then click the button pointing to the left....

Those will automatically go in there...

You can also then use the tick boxes of the seeds you've put into your VST on the left side - and then move them back onto the right if you want them to still be used for your next gaming session...

You do have to remember to also click the save changes button at the bottom tho - but once you've done this - then that's the job done - exit the VST totally - pop your game back on and you should find your 3 storage boxes devoid of the ones you chose to take out..

And if you're like me and panic - exit the game again - open up the VST again and check they're still there - and they should be :D

Hope that helps :D Happy pollinating!!!!

Ps - I didnt manage to do any better with the upgraded net and to be honest I could have done without upgrading the snips/clippers too...But each to their own lol ;)