K. Engels August 9, 2007 1:33 PM

The context menu now works under Linux.


Thank you. ^_^


I don't really understand why i can't get the dang wand. I think my main problem is that the "l" won't stay lit in "casual" and no matter how many times i roll over all the reeds, no wizard will pop out. and my flash players are all up to date. someone please help me out here?


i have the same problem as serras. i am up to date as well on flash. the l doesnt stay lit and no wizard. please give us a hand.


Hints for the 'l' in "casual"

  • Have you played with the fireflies at all?

  • Have you noticed how they are attracted to light?

  • If only there was a way to get them over closer to the "l"

  • There is! Light the stick and walk it over and watch what happens.


Yay, it works beautifully under Linux now!

Thanks so much for the fix, Jay! And the game itself is excellent ;-)

GameKitty August 9, 2007 4:08 PM

I tried to light the L and failed. I tried to use Jay's hints (just above my post) but the flies won't pay attention to the L. :(


Well, I didn't actually tell you how to do it, I just provided a couple of hints to move you in the right direction. You'll have to be creative and solve the rest yourself. :D

Phil Smith August 9, 2007 4:13 PM

I am wondering if I am missing something in the underwater game. I keep getting the various targets, pretty much until I screw up enough times and die. Is it just a matter of getting enough targets, or am I missing something?


Phil - Notice while underwater the 'oxygen bar' just beneath ground level that slowly moves to the left if you don't collect more air bubbles.

So, yes, it is a matter of getting enough targets, but you must also do it quickly enough to fill up the oxygen bar completely.


The farther away from the stick figure that you click the faster it moves and the higher it jumps. Use that to your advantage to move quickly from one bubble to the next, and soon you will have achieved success. :)


YESSS! I got the L lit up~!~!~! THANK YOU!

slackjob August 9, 2007 6:00 PM

I too am having problems with the wizard. Despite having lit the "l" and read the walkthrough about the


, he still won't come out from the tree for me. Is this a bug or am I just really missing something?

slackjob August 9, 2007 6:01 PM

Never mind. Anyone having trouble,

make sure your JIG man is on the right



I just cant do the rocket :-(


fuzzgrid hope this is the answer to your problem (note this is also my first spoiler too so im gonna try not to show it)

You need to lit up the Y first, after that reload the banner then get the frog again and just use the wand on the frog while its not on the lilies. After that frog turns into a man, click on him then you will launch into space

Hope this helps.



I'm not sure if this is an Easter Egg, but I am counting it as one.

After you finish lighting up all the letters, you can

change the color of the lily pads by hitting the wizard's wand on them.


I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu Linux, and the game is now solvable for me. Thanks!


Hi Jay! Long time no bug-go, lol. You've done it again. Please forgive me for asking this, because I think you explained it above, but I'm the village idiot. Would you mind posting how one can save one's progress? I'm confused, though I really have been reading. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.


Hey Jude! :D

The game automatically saves your progress, there's nothing you have to do.

If it is not saving your progress, then you might want to check your settings (right-click -> Settings). Be sure that you are allowing Jayisgames.com to store data. I believe it defaults to 100KB, but perhaps you have the slider down to zero? That's the only way I know of that might prevent your progress being saved.


JAY! Next time could you please respond a bit quicker? ;-)
Thanks so much for your quick response, seriously; I was afraid to go to bed until I knew it was saved (because I don't know how I did what I've done so far, lol). I just checked my settings, so I should be ok. This is SO much fun and I think you're exactly right about not looking at the walkthrough immediately. I'm having a really good time just 'playing'. Thanks for all the hard work you do for all of us who love you, come here and the games you provide for us. You and team ARE very appreciated. Thanks again!


Best game I've played in a long time. Thank you so much for some enjoyable, well, hours I'm afraid.


This is sort of off topic, but does the "Prefs" button work? It won't for me. And if I change style sheets, would it still save?



I did it! I did it! I finally did it!!!!!!! Thanks, Jay! Thanks, Rob! Took me a while, but I had quite a good time.

secret_player August 10, 2007 3:27 AM

no,sorry what I just cant to is the space arcade game, I lighted all other letters.


What an innovative idea, this banner game! Very clever puzzles, great design. I think that people who solved all Hapland games have a little advantage here, figuring out the solutions. ;-)

I got all of 'em except that elusive second "L" and it will stay that way, I guess. I just can't stand those one-mistake-and-it's-all-over type of games.

Nevertheless, it's a refreshing idea that makes JIG all the more interesting place to stay at! Great job, Allen and Jay! :)


i have all letters expect l in gameplay,the rocket game is a little bit hard,i failed at yellow and grey and little red eyeball one part


Kudos Really nice idea of flashgame!

To the "G" thing, I mean okay I'm not going to make friends with that post, I this is just exactly this that hurts all the puzzle scene.

After puzzling for hours thinking about stuff, you give up and look at the solution on it, and then it says "well you need to browse to another side, and click a hidden button there".

I mean, that is the moment where you think to yourself to the designer of that idea, <censored>. And discourages you to puzzle on yourself the next game until you look at the walkthrough.

Of course people will say, yes but nobody ever said that game is limited to the banner you see, yeah yeah, but there is just so the custom that for a puzzle when there are "hidden" solution, its not a puzzle. THIS IS NOT THINKING OUT OF THE BOX. This just pleh IMHO.

It could be as well be, go to the review of the haplanf game 2006, there you will see a huge button is post #27, press this and you get another letter.


OMG! This game so cool!


@fuzzy: I don't exactly think the solution there was hidden "outside the puzzle". Sure you aren't going to light up 'G' without leaving the main page, but eventually you *are* going to look at a subpage on the site. Every other time I've visited this site the banner was the same on every page, so (when I finally left the main page) I noticed that the game wasn't playable there (so I thought).

Noticing then that it reflected which letters I had lit up on the main page though, it was not a leap at all to think that there might be something hidden there. Just when I thought I'd take a break from the puzzle look at something else, I discovered a whole new aspect of it to investigate, and I was delighted to find that there was really something there.

I do empathize with the f-you moment you describe in many puzzle games (sometimes I'm forced to say it aloud), but in this case I think the puzzle perfectly and cleverly fit the spirit of the idea, the puzzle itself being part of the banner of the site.


i cannot seem to have the rocket yet. my missing letters are only L and Y in gameplay. is this going on a definite order to see the rocket or what is the prob with me? :P lol


Gamze - the rocket appears only after a certain condition has been met. Don't force it, just go with the flow. =)

Bryan - well said. I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the idea and of the experience. The game was designed to complement the site, and to integrate well within it -- it was not designed to be consumed all at once; that is certainly possible, though.

Bob Jones - the prefs button does work, but you'll need Javascript enabled for it. What OS, version and browser are you using?

Also, changing the stylesheet will change the banner that appears at the top. The game is available with the current stylesheet only.


I CANNOT get the C lit!

my little guy has now spent more time in the water than not!


okay I lied. I FINALLY got it! Great Game Jay!


I'm using Windows XP. I realized I'd been putting off downloading Firefox on this Computer, I'll try that.


Don't know if this has been posted yet, but an easy way to get the C:

Get the wizard to drop the wand and put your little guy in position on the left. Enter the Jaytrix. Use the wand on your little guy and wait until he drowns. When you get back, enter the Jaytrix again and solve the puzzle. When it loads after the Jaytrix, viola, you get the C as well.


OMG! That's cheating! xD

(We must find a way to prevent that from happening.)


Haha, I found it by accident, and sadly I only found it after I had gotten the C without cheating.

Amazing game. I love the Hapland series and this site, so a mix of the two couldn't make me happier.

GameKitty August 10, 2007 4:00 PM

Thanks Jay, this game is really great. I am left with the second "l" and I think I missed my opportunity to get it.

I already went fishing and caught the "fish" and now, no rocketship to be found anywhere!

Unstoppable1 August 10, 2007 4:37 PM

Is it just me or are there more eyes in the forest after beating it? I am fairly certain there are more easter eggs than just the new mini game to be found. Possibly light the string lights a certain way before playing the mini game, I dunno.

BIGG POPPA August 10, 2007 5:11 PM

how do i start the game! if been click around for a while and i cant even find where to play it

[Edit: It's on the site's main page, in the banner. The banner IS the game. -Jay]

BIGG POPPA August 10, 2007 5:56 PM

thanx jay! i'm stuck on g. i have all of casual but now i'm stuck on g! helppp

BIGG POPPA August 10, 2007 5:58 PM

nevermind i got it

BIGG POPPA August 10, 2007 6:05 PM

once again STUCK! theres no rocket ship

Anonymous August 10, 2007 6:38 PM

i cant find the game

Have you read my comment above? Have you read the note above? The game is on the main JIG page IN THE BANNER. -Jay]

Unstoppable1 August 10, 2007 8:42 PM

It appears that after you beat the game...

...the underwater mini-game alternates between the original and extra version each time you go in.

Also, I experienced the bug in the underwater mini-game that has been talked about before. I ran full speed into the rock wall on the far left and went straight though. Could not escape and I just ran out of oxygen and died.


Jay, since people are having such a hard time finding it, you might want to consider creating a special page for the game, with the note that the game is also on the main page of the site.

Oh, and another voice to the choir saying that jaytrix (or should that be "MOST DEFINITELY"?) works under Linux. Looks like the separator must have been the problem. Glad it got found, bugs can be a royal pain to discover.


easter egg

after completing the second version of the underwater mini-game, you throw something into the C of Casual - but it was already lit, so there seems to be no difference. Has anyone found if there is a difference?


FunnyMan - excellent idea, thanks for the suggestion. :)


For those who can't figure out exactly what it is you're supposed to do in the Jaytrix or how you're supposed to keep with where you've been:

I used Excel to follow my progress through the Jaytrix as in this image:

The green cells are the big circles and the yellow cells are the small circles. Don't get exited this is not a map, as the Jaytrix changes everytime. You can also use graph paper, etc if you get really stuck. This is just to show people who may not 'get' what you're supposed to do.


I cant get

the second a in gameplay lit

what am i missing ? :(


Wow. I never in a million years would have gotten G without help. Outside the box, indeed!

This game is better than 80% of the games that are actually posted to this site. Not to say you guys post crap, but that this is a great game!


If you enjoyed this game, please help us spread the word by Digging it. There are presently only 24 diggs, which is extremely disappointing. Come on folks, please help us out!!


@keelin84 -- for that second a:

read on if you have the frog

A magical moment is sometimes made magical only by where you are.

The frog can be in only two places (it's an anphibian)

oh, ok, you already knew that much... so you've got him fishing... just fish then.

Cast the line, wait for the splash to happen then reel it in.

Really, that's it, just keep trying.


I've never dugg before... I'm old and it confuses me and scares me... but I signed up for a digg account just to digg this. I hope I did it correctly.


PS jay, javascript: alert() is so 1990's...


Alas, alack, I guess I'll never be able to get that last letter I need lit up simply because I have no


Very discouraging indeed! D:


Thank you Bryan! :D

And about the javascript alert, you wouldn't believe how many times the "post" button is double-clicked, which leads to a double comment posting. That alert is like a speed bump and has virtually put an end to them for us. :D

Jihiro - you don't really need sound, but it does help.

It's just the sequence you have to get right.


Hi y'all...well, I'm way stuck. I have a few questions, please. If I do things out of order, does that affect the outcome (eg. my ability to finish)? Do I need to follow the walkthrough as it is exactly (and thank you so much for that, golden_cow2; very, very thoughtful of you to post that). Are those rocks that fall out of the tree and do they have any purpose? While underwater, am I suppose to be going for the symbols in the 'bubbles'? I STILL don't get the matrix 'thing' with the little circles. Sorry for all the requested help. I'm having a hoot with this game, but am stuck at 7 letters lit and 7 unlit. SO MUCH FUN, JAY! Thanks to everyone who's provided help for others here.


Sorry....doggone it, I forgot to ask this especially. Is there ANY way to get around having to shoot 12 targets? I bet I've spent at least an hour's time in trying to hit that many, but I don't see it happening, lol. No way around that? Ok, I'm through, I promise. ;-)
Thank you!


Great game, jay! I can't work the rocket though. Nothing happens when I zap the frog with the wand and I've tried it about 10 times! Any help?

Marcinella August 11, 2007 11:46 PM

Is there some sort of bug with the G, or am I just incredibly unlucky?

I have clicked the circle with the star in it umpteen times, and the G won't light up on my side! On the mirror page, however, where the star/circle is, it says I'm missing 3 letters (e, l, and the second a) that I HAVE gotten on my side. Help?!

Marcinella August 11, 2007 11:54 PM

Amend to my last post (which is still being held for approval :p) :

OK, I decided "Hey, maybe if I reload the page the G will show up!" So I reloaded. Stupid me. Yes, I got my G. But now the three letters I DID have on my side have gone away, and I have to play the eyeball game again, which I was really bad at the first times (yes, timeS -- it took me 10 tries to complete it)

:( WAAAAHHHHHHHH... *sniff sniff*

Oh well, I'll start again tomorrow.


I have finished collecting all the letters. That part is done.
But no matter how many times I jump in the water and do the underwater game, I can't find the new version. I have won both versions of the mini underwater game. Nothing new has happened.
Help please. :)


I think all the "easter eggs" are just hotspots that Mr. Allen neglected to obscure after completion.

For example, if you're in an insane mood (or really, really stuck like I was), you can do the underwater game upside down and in jaytrix-vision. Just get the wand on the ground and the main stick figure guy in his original position away from the fire, then enter the jaytrix, grab the wand and zap the guy. It's pretty funny but hardly an easter egg.

Alfabites August 12, 2007 5:20 AM

BEST GAME EVER! Never played a better game. Are you gonna keep it Jay, or after a few months remove it? You should make a special page for it, or somthing... Brilliant game!!!!! PS. I got the bonus lake game before I got all the letters! Much easier than the other 1... (It gave me both versions... First time I couldn't do it, so I tried again, and I got the easy version! The easter egg one!!)

Alfabites August 12, 2007 5:27 AM

BUG! I was doing the lake minigame thingy... When I ran relly fast to the left to grab a letter. I got the letter, the Stickman flew through the air and went through the rocks, offscreen. Does Rob Allen know about this bug? No way to get out, when your behind the wall either...


@heyjude: I've done this now on two computers, at home and at work, (shame on me).

You can do them in any order, except some things you cannot do until you've figured out some previous stuff.

The rocks that fall out of the tree are crucial. Maybe if they seem trivial to you, try throwing them away?

When underwater,

uhg... I sucked at that also. You need to keep collecting them and eventually... (It will seem like years later) a special one shows up, grab it and win.

For the targets, sorry I think you just need to hit enough, but you know where they are going to appear.

As for the "matrix thing"... hmm... have you read previous posts here? I'm not sure what else to say without drawing a map and ruining the puzzle for you.


@jay: I don't know what framework you are using. but "double posting" can usually be detected and ignored by the code on your server. It should be built in, but it's not that hard to implement if it's not. I understand the problem, but the javascript alerts just seem silly to me.



Easy letters C,s, and a!!!

3 letters in one!! Light the letter L in casual, and get the wand on the ground and move to your normal possition. Enter the "Jaytrix" and hit the switch on the tree. Then zap yourself into the lake. (you fall up?...) and just wait for the oxygen to run out. You will return, upsidedown and inverted, so enter the jaytrix again. solve the S puzzle and you get the letters C, A, and S. You dont do ANY work for C cept starting the game. Its really easy and worked for me!


Thanks Byran!

I also didn't realize

that I has to be very specific with the wand zapping. It would just disappear without having an effect if i didn't get it just right


Can someone give me tips about moving the lilly pads? I've been moving them so far by mousing over them and it works sooo slowly, I've been trying to move the fishing guy for about five minutes now and he keeps going back to the edge of the pond.

GuyFandango August 13, 2007 1:51 AM

Is anyone else having trouble hitting the targets. I get most of them until they start dropping, either I am very slow or you have to be really, REALLY precise in clicking them. Any tips?


Erica- with the lily pads,

try moving your mouse back and forth near the edge of the pad. Think of it as if you are swirling the water to push the lily pad along.


Guy - the targets. Ahhhh, the point of frustration for me, too. I finally got them, though. You do have to be precise and try to practice where you know they're going to be popping up; also try to get them at the bottom, which is tricky. Believe me, I feel your pain. ;-)
Bryan - thank you SO MUCH for your help and feedback. I'm up to 9 letters lit and just stay stuck at this point. Yeah, I read what Jay posted about the maze, but for some reason, I can't wrap my mind around what to do. When the little man appears, is he supposed to do something in the maze? Perhaps I don't have it in the correct position which is why he just disappears when I click on him(?). And the rocks...I'm really lost on that one 'cause I do throw them, but in no particular place.
Thanks so much for your help, Bryan. I think it's fine that you did this at work (brain-break ;-).


I'm probably not the first to find this (it may even have been mentioned before) but I've found a very small easter egg:

If you use the wand on the man when he is standing on the right he gets slammed into a tree. I don't know if this is letter-dependant. I had all of them but the l of Gameplay at this point.


i figured how you beat the under-water game easily, all you have to do is fill up the air meter all the way then the red bubble will appear. the faster you do it the better.


For the targets you only have to hit 11.


For those having trouble with the G in Gameplay:

I tried to reload on the main page where I was working the banner on, and no matter what, the G wouldn't light after multiple tries with lighting the G on the comments page. What finally got it to work was, on the comments page, click the star with the circle around it so that it becomes a lit G, then CLICK THROUGH the banner on the comments page to get to the main JIG page. Then, it will be lit.


In response to Debster about

changing the colours of the lily pads:

You don't have to be done all the letters to change the colours. If you have the wand, you can change the lily pad colours. It threw me off for awhile while I tried to get something to happen by changing the different colours.

Also, the 2nd water game:

You don't have to have all the letters to play it. I don't remeber exctly how many I had lit, but I played it while I still had at least G, a, e, l, and a still dark

Anonymous August 14, 2007 2:12 AM

Well, I'm never going to get the rocket or the targets on my mouseless laptop, so I'll never see the end of this game; still, it is pretty darn brilliant. Color me impressed.


Is the game solvable in the jaytrix?
I bet there would be a BIG easter egg.
But i don't gamble.


heyjude, anyone else still confused in the jaytrix:

Ignore the guy, he's not important here. All that matters is the 3x3 grid of circles on the right hand side (it takes a few seconds to form when you open the jaytrix). They're a tiny view into a maze, with you in the center circle. You can only move up, down, left, and right, but you can also see on the diagonals. Small circles are floor, large circles are walls. The star is the ending space. Wall-following works decently, but be aware that the maze sometimes has disjoint pieces, meaning that you might have to switch walls one or more times.


Anyone worried about losing progress while trying to (or not being able to) get

the G:

If you do it this way, you should have no trouble:

  1. Close all jayisgames pages.

  2. Open any page with the small banner.

  3. Click the circle.

  4. Return to the main page.

The problem is this:

If you open the page with the small banner and then do more on the main banner, the small banner doesn't re-check the save file to update itself. When you click the circle, one of two things happens:

  1. It does not update the save file, so the G does not light.

  2. It updates the save file, destroying any progress since you opened its page, but lighting the G.

There are two things happening at the same time: the main banner and the small banner. This is an issue that programmers call "concurrency", and by-and-large, they hate it. There are pre-made solutions to it, but many programmers don't know them (and therefore create their own, faulty solutions, if they consider it at all) and more who don't want to deal with them, for one reason or another. By following the procedure above, you ensure that there is no concurrency, and so the problem does not exist.

Jay, if the author's interested in fixing this (and I wouldn't blame him if he's not), one way to do it would be this (assuming it's possible in flash):

It's safe to assume that the user is only in one place at a time, so whenever a new letter gets lit, reload the save file, update it (and light any new letters), and save it. That should keep the user from losing any progress, no matter what they do (short of saying Forget My Progress, of course.).


When I enter the Jaytrix my screen changes his colour and I can only see the dots. But not the guy. Don't know how to beat it. Is it my flashplayer?


Just mailed about the jaytrix. Took me awhile ro figure out how it works. Then it was easy. Nice game. Thanx


i need help
i have the the L,M,P lighted
the wand i had it and then i clicked somewhere and it dissappered and not thw wizard dont seem to b anywhere
what do i do?


the little stick guy wont fall into the water
what do i do?


The Jaytrix is hard for me...after sitting here for ten minutes waiting for the mystical circles to appear, i finally had to reload. How do I get the circle to move? I'm very frustrated. But all in all a great game! *giggle*


SHRIEK! I can't get passed the flipping green circles on Jaytrix....about to give up. **SOB!**


Don't give up, MedicGal! It's not that difficult when you change your perspective with it. Did you view my jaytrix spoiler above? You'll have to page back through the older comments, but look for one from me with the date and time: 2007-08-08 21:46:40.


I can't get the G to light up!!! What am I doing wrong? I looked at the walkthrough and I couldn't see any star in a circle.


Will, try browsing around the site a bit, don't keep yourself confined to one location. :)

annesall235 August 14, 2007 6:48 PM

can anyone tell me what to do specificly when i am in the jaytrix

Canadian Enchantress August 14, 2007 7:49 PM

Re: Walkthrough

Awesome job, golden_cow2!
Someone posted earlier, that the best sequence of solving the puzzles isn't necessarily in the order of the acutal spelling of the two words - even though the walkthrough is posted in exact spelling order of 'casual gameplay'.

I was able to play through, thanks to the walkthrough and other tips posted by y'all - but just thought, in case someone still needs help, I'm posting the numerical order I utilized the walkthrough in, and it flowed really well.

This corresponds to the 'official' walkthrough posted.

The numbers in (paranthesis) are the steps-(numbered 1-14) that seem to work best to win the game!

c - (1)
a - (7)
s - (12) - graph paper and some 'magic markers are excellent tool!
u - (8)
a - (6)
l - (2)
g - (14)
a - (11)
m - (3)
e - (4)
p - (5)
l - (13)
a - (10)
y - (9)

jim lefevre August 15, 2007 4:33 AM

Not just a brilliant game but the fact that it's so subtly popped at the top of the JIG page reinforces what this community is about. The joy of dropping by JIG and seeing it there at the top and then thinking "hang on a moment, this looks familiar, I wonder if I clicked on..." cut to two hours later with a buzzing attention span and a giggling joy in my head and a double thumbs up up to foon and JIG for continually making this place so worthwhile.

Oh and I recommend Rob's Blackshift if you've a few hours to kill (as with, obviously all the other Haplands)


FunnyMan, thanks so much for helping me. I STILL can't seem to grasp it, but the way you explained it helped quite a bit. I've not once seen the star everyone is talking about. I also wonder if I'm suppose to 'enter' a certain way and if I have to work my way out of it at a certain point (?). I've only been clicking on the NWSE 'circles' (in the middle, never the corners), but after a few minutes, I want to put my fist through my monitor. ;-) Thanks again for your time and help!

Jaytrixed August 15, 2007 1:52 PM

Someone please help me with the Jaytrix maze! I have worked on it for hours and I'm not getting anywhere.

Canadian Enchantress August 15, 2007 2:45 PM

heyjude, awwww . . . don't put your fist through the monitor ;)
Re: A step-by-step suggestion to solving the jaytrix puzzle

Like you, I was overwhelmed at first.
Tip 1 - Review walkthrough tips for letter "s" in 'Casual'. Reminder: big circles are walls and the little circles are the floor.
Tip 2 - google 'graph paper' - choose a link - print free graph paper (unless you already have some on hand).
Tip 3 - Gather some other supplies. I rustled up a pencil, a black marker, a red marker and a set of crayola highlighters.
Tip 4 - Pre-assign two main colors. (Example) I chose RED - for walls, BLACK - for floor.
Tip 5 - Enter the jaytrix.
Tip 6 - The moment you see the first 3x3 section of the maze, mark it, exactly as you see it displayed, in the middle'ish are of your graph paper.
Again, RED=Walls, BLACK=Floor.
It helps if you also draw two different sizes.
Big RED 'donut-like' circles for Walls,
little BLACK dots for floors.
(If you wish, you may also mark your graph paper outermost edges: North, South, West, East).
Tip 7 - Choose another color (I used an orange highlighter) to make a perfect square around your first 9 squares/(3x3) area starting position.
Tip 8 - Use a pencil/pen/another differently colored writing instrument to track your progress; every click you make, make a little circle around your little black floor dot.
Tip 8 - I decided to simply begin heading north.
When you make that first click, all you're adding is 3 more black dots/red donut circles to your graph paper.
(Example) My first opening 3x3 sequence was 8 black floor circles, 1 Red donut circle - on my graph paper. I visualized myself in the middle - and to my right was a wall/big circle. I clicked on the most northerly, middle floor dot, the wall jumped down one spot and was now in the bottom right corner, and in front of me were 3 more black floor spots - on my graph paper. Bear in mind, all you ever see in the jaytrix is a 3x3 section - but if you mark it on the graph paper you begin to see the pattern emerging.
Again, just think of each 'step'/click as being presented with 3 new choices in front of you.
Always mark your path and before you know it, you'll find that star!
In my case, I continued North until I ran into 3 Big Circles/3 big RED circles on my graph paper - a 'deadend' wall.
Than I tried West - again - deadend wall.
Than I tried East and clicked and tracked my progress with little black and big red circles till, again, I hit a deadend wall. Than I backtracked a bit, went south, at a previous option I had ignored and after several clicks - I found the star, east and south of where I began.
I hope that helps?

Re: The mystery position of the star in the circle for the letter "g" - ultimately, best saved for last, me thinks.

The 'star in the circle' doesn't appear in the sky in the banner game - it appears on the top of this comment page, exactly the way the walkthrough describes:..."Halfway on the right side, there is a circle with a star in the center." - in the little banner.
I saved "g" for last,(maybe you have to? not sure) than after I got through the jaytrix maze - once I made it through the maze - I refreshed this comments page - put my nose right up to the screen - scanned the very top minnie banner and there it was - a dotted line circle with a star in the middle of it. One click lights up the "g" - click again, and you're transported to the game and get to watch the ending. :)
(Note:I played with 2 windows open - 1 for the game - 1 to refresh this comment page each time I got another letter, just to track my progress. If you do click the comment page banner and watch the game ending - you can arrow back, and return to the comment page. You can refresh your game banner page and watch the ending again!


Once you do find all the letters - every new visit to jayisgames.com greets you with the completed banner! - still playable - in the sense that you can bring back the frog again and again, re-conjure the wizard to steal his wand - zap lily pads, etc. lol!

heyjude, hope this helps?

Canadian Enchantress August 15, 2007 2:49 PM

Jaytrixed - try my 'step-by-step suggestion to solving the jaytrix puzzle'. ;)


This is the best idea I have seen in a long, long time. I had to use the walkthrough for a couple of letters, but for the most part, trial and error conquered all (as in the Hapland series).

Absolutely wonderful! Thanks!!!