Anonymous August 8, 2007 2:04 AM

I can't get the G to light up... I have all other letters now thanks to you guys, but "other palaces in the site" doesn't seem to show this banner...


What a brilliant and unique idea! I'll have to play it!


Whoo! Finished it! Um, I did need help with the G, though. Thanks, everybody, for the hints on that one.

I loved every minute of it. I have to admit, I haven't ever really played the Hapland games. I'm not the biggest point-and-click fan in the world. But I'll have to go back and take a look at them now. This was fantastic. I keep peeling back layers, and the game/banner just keeps rewarding me for it. Exactly how a good environment puzzle game should be.


I really loved the banner, and thought it was really good fun! I had to have help on quite a few of them, especially the "l" in casual, even though i was doing it right. But i've finally completed it (took just under a hour)

I really like these kind of games, its hapland, but WITHOUT the death/restarting/repeatitive-ness.

Highly enjoyed this and made a great bday treat =p

Great thanks to Rob and Jay (and his team) for a great website and banner.


Sorry to post again, but just to confuse things some more, the banner worked 100% fine in IE6.


I'm having exactly the same problem as K. Engels. I'm running the same version of Flash, also on Linux. I also tried a newer beta release of Flash where more menu entries appeared, but they were Flash-related things and the jaytrix entry still didn't show up.

Monty Zoomer August 8, 2007 6:02 AM

This is great: at the moment I have 4 Jay windows open, 2 for Trapped 5 and 2 for Banner game. I should be working :-/

LonePaladin August 8, 2007 6:16 AM

For those who've gotten totally lost in the Jaytrix maze, here's the layout. I don't recall where it starts, and I'm not sure if the location of the star changes.


Anonymous August 8, 2007 7:23 AM

Uhm, I can't get the frog to turn into a guy. I click and click with the wand but nothing happens.


Now I was being very patient and had half of the letters when I clicked a new window so I could read some hints and when I came back I had lost it all. What is up with that? This is almost worse than you April Fool's game, which by the way I still cannot remove from my computer.

[Edit: Sooze, the game saves your progress as you go. In fact, it has to for you to be able to solve each letter. I have not yet heard from anyone that it does not save properly. Are you sure a reload doesn't correct the problem? -Jay]

FunnyMan August 8, 2007 8:59 AM

Jay, I hate to burst your bubble, but I still can't reach the Jaytris. I'm still seeing exactly what K. Engels posted earlier, even after clearing the cache. Even if I just pull up the .swf itself, I get no Jaytris menu item, and the "jay is MOST DEFINITELY games" still does nothing.

I think I'll go "Wine" a little and see if that works.


Wow, click on the tag and then click the jaytrix has you


when ever i right click, the only option i get is "do a jig" when this happens the color gets inverted and everything flips around and blocks apear but no switch, only very occasionally a switch appears but it doesnt let me click on anything, is this normal?


I having real trouble trying to get the guy catch anything on the lilypad--any help?


so how do i know when the little fishing guy has caught something? am i fishing in the wrong bit of the lake?? which is the right bit?


Aha! Success!

Grab the Windows version of Firefox from here and install it under Wine (0.9.42 here, though any recent one should be fine). Run it and just download the plugin normally. You'll now get "the jaytrix has you" instead of "jay is MOST DEFINITELY games", and it will work as expected.

This also works for the Shockwave games that show up on occasion. (Important, since there is no Shockwave for Linux.)

Oh, and Jay, you got me to sign up for a TypeKey account. I figured I was posting enough, I needed one. :)


yes, Finnally completed it!
i am just glad that this thing is finnaly over, it was driving me crazy



do you see anything on the water? how do you normally see where the fish are when you're in a boat (and I don't mean looking over the side and into the water)

look where the ripples are, and then scoot your little guy over there and drop the line down and then reel it in, and you should get a "fish"


There are two other mazes in the Jaytrix:

The position you begin seems random, as the position of the star.


aagh i only need the

L in gameplay from the rocket, but i'm horrible at avoidance games, and I end up moving my mouse too quickly and it loses the rocket which ends up not moving at all and I crash.

this is very frustrating.


NEVERMIND i finished it :)
very cute!
does anyone know if there are any easter eggs (other than clicking the little banner of lights that come down)


I don't really understand what was wrong with my comment, the preview was ok...


I'm also using the latest version of flash on linux (firefox), and I only get "Forget my progress" and "jay is MOST DEFINITELY games", without the option to enter the jaytrix. On IE under wine it works, but it runs too slowly for me to actually be able to play.

Is there any chance this could be fixed? I'd really like to be able to get those last two letters.


juve - Trouble is, I'm not sure *what* to fix. The issue some were experiencing before has been resolved. It was due to a "menu=false" attribute in the embed code, which is now long gone.

Now it seems to work on most everyone's computer, and I have tested it on both Windows and Mac. I do not have a Linux box to test on, but according to Adobe, custom context menus are supported in the Linux Flash Player.

Have you tried emptying your browser cache and reloading? While seemingly farfetched, it might do the trick.


I have tried everything, including updating my flash version again. Nothing works.

Perhaps another way of reaching the jaytrix? Some hidden button or something, to allow those of us who only use linux?

Thanks anyway for the response.


So two questions:

Do the eyes in the trees do anything?


After finishing, I got the lights in the tree. I turned them all off (I don't know why, just because), and then dragged the Wizard wand to the middle/blue one on the right side. it dinged and made a fizzle spark noise. But that hasn't happened again on any of them. ?


Oops, wait, now I got it to do it once on the left side (I think I dragged and dropped it on the middle one again), while the lights were out. But now nothing else. Even with the lights turned back on.


Oh hmm...nevermind. The colors of the lights, like the order of the lily pads, are chosen randomly.


I HATE that



Simply brilliant. Thanks Jay and Rob Allen for the spiffy banner, which by the way is taking up too much of my afternoon.
I still can't hit those targets D=


@Jacob: I think that sound you get when you use the wand on the coloured lamps ist just a "leftover" because the other (bigger, yellow) lamps used to hang ther and the hotspot is still active, although the lamps are invisible.

Apart from that: GREAT game! I needed lots of help but still it was fun to play.


So, when is EyezMaze going to do a banner for JIG?

FatBraff August 8, 2007 1:12 PM

For the spaceship part, right at the beginning move the ship as low as you can on the screen... This will get you through the first section with ease, the rest of this mini-game is much easier.
I hope that helps anyone still having trouble with this part.

Ezrabbit August 8, 2007 1:14 PM

Cool stuff!
Only complaint is the spaceship.
You need to e able to move quickly, but move too quickly and the cursor goes off the game and the ship doesn't catch up in time.
There's too much of a discrepancy between the precision needed to keep control of the ship and the speed needed to navigate through the obstacles.

Other than that, good fun!

Fainaent August 8, 2007 1:37 PM

I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but I thought it funny.

After finishing, get the wand to drop, then place your man on the left. Activate the jaytrix and use the wand to flip your guy up into the water... the cutscene is upside down, but when it got to the bottom I couldn't see/move my man. I'm guessing the gravity was still the same so he was at the 'bottom' with nothing to jump off of.

Fainaent August 8, 2007 1:42 PM

Also -

After your air runs out, you will return to the shore, but the banner is upside down and colored differently


cant get the rocket game to start....used the


on it but nothin!


New look to the site.

Haven't tried the banner game yet... but it looks good so far.

He he. gonna do a walkthrough thing for this, once everyone finds everything?

K. Engels August 8, 2007 1:58 PM

The problem under linux is that we seem to have a menu item labeled "jay is MOST DEFINITELY games" instead of "the jaytrix has you". Their might be a bug in Flash for Linux that is causing the wrong menu item to be displayed, but I'm just guessing. Without seeing the source code I have no idea how, or even if, "jay is MOST DEFINITELY games" and "the jaytrix has you" are related.


I can't get the spaceship to show up

Anonymous August 8, 2007 2:13 PM

How do I open this game?


Ah, Groogokk, perhaps that's it. I didn't pay much attention to the sound of the dropping lanterns. :)

AND to K. Engels,
I don't know if you've gotten it to work or not yet, but I hope everyone's figured out by now that each operating system has a different message.

The "normal" Windows/IE message seems to be "The Jaytrix Has You."
Linux must have "Jay is MOST DEFINITELY Games."
and I, on my MacBook with Safari, have "Do a JIG."

Very cute added touch. I'm assuming each message has the same effect, leading to the same maze game, but perhaps I've put pieces of comments together incorrectly.

Any found Easter Eggs yet?


How do I get that wand?!?! What does it mean 'light the L'? Do I press the button on it? And the wizard does not pop out when

I go over the weeds!



*Jacob* -- No, the "Jay is MOST DEFINITELY Games" menu item just does nothing at all when selected.


I still haven't seen the spaceship. Am I doing something wrong. I have Casual Gamep_a_.

K. Engels August 8, 2007 2:55 PM

If the text on the menu is platform specific, maybe there is a bug in the block of code for Linux (or all platforms that aren't Windows or Mac, depending on how the platform check is coded) that causes the menu item to not be active.

For example:

if platform = Win do{
blah blah blah
else if platform = Mac do{
blah blah blah
else do {
blah bleh bluh


There is a block of platform specific code, but all that it does is change what text appears as the menu item: the jaytrix has you (Windows), do a jig (Mac), or jay is most definitely games (Linux) -- as Jacob previously mentioned.

Selecting the menu item is the same code executed, regardless of platform.

There is a workaround for Linux users in the works. Please be patient, and sorry you're having trouble with it. It is most likely due to a bug in the Linux Flash Player.


:OMG! I was three letters away from finishing and I clicked the most evil words ever..."Forget my Progress"!!!!

I thought that was just in the jaytrix. Waaaaa.

golden_cow2 August 8, 2007 3:14 PM

Hey, I beat it. Here is a clear and specific walkthrough.

Banner Game Walktrough:

Note: The letters are presented here in order for clarity. The letters cannot be lit in the exact order in which they appear in the words, but many of them can be lit in any order. Try to find as many as you can before resorting to this guide.


Get the wand, and use it one your man while he's on the left side of the lake. He'll be flung into the lake and a mini-game will start. The man will follow your mouse pointer, and jump when you click. Grab all the letters and avoid the crab before the meter at the bottom runs out. Success will light up the C.


Use the wand on the left lantern.


Enter the Jaytrix (if you don't know what this is, see "Secrets") and some circles will show up. The circles represent a 3x3 section of a maze. The big circles are walls and the little circles are pathways. Click the little circles to move in the maze. When you find a star, make sure your screen is centered on it and click. You may or may not have to get the "a" in "Gameplay" first.


After using the wand on both lanterns, a target will appear. Click it, then try to hit as many targets as possible. For the moving targets, I find that it's easiest to get them at the bottom of the screen. You need to hit at least 12 to win.


Use the wand on the right lantern.


Before getting the previous letter (refresh if you already did, you're progress is safe), move the man to the right side of the lake, near the fire. Click the fire to get a torch. Move the man to the left side of the lake and turn the right lantern on if it isn't already. When your torch burns out, the fireflies following you will move to the lantern. Press the button inside the l, then quickly turn of the lantern.


Are you signed into JIG to leave a comment? You will need to be to get this letter. If you're already signed in, then you already have this letter!


In the Jaytrix, there is a switch on a tree. Flip it.


Click on the hole in the tree on the very left side of the banner. Three red bugs will come out. When they are below the m, press the red button on said m.


Turn the volume on for this. In the sky, there are 5 stars that are slightly bigger than the rest and light up when you rollover them. Click the stars to play notes from lowest to highest.


At the top of the banner, there are some brown leaves. Click them. Go get a torch (move the guy to the fire and click the fire then come back) and click the pile of leaves below the p.


After lighting the second letter a in "Gameplay," reload the banner (your progress is safe). There should be a rocket ship. Go get the frog but do NOT click on him. Zap him with the wand to turn him into a real boy. Click him now to make him go in the ship and start a mini-game. Avoid the alien eyeballs until you reach the end. A word of advice, when you come to the moving blue eyes, don't stay near the top or you'll get a nasty surprise.


Get the frog and click on him to make him hop onto a lily pad. Now zap him with the wand to turn him into a human. Click the man to make him fish. If you look closely at the lake, you'll see a ripple come out of where the man is fishing, and another spot on the lake. Use your mouse to push the guy over to that spot and click him after the ripple.


Get the frog (don't know how? See "Secrets") and click on him to make him go on a lilly pad. Push him over to the other side of the lake and click on him until he hops onto the "a". Now click the hole in the leftmost tree to make some bugs come out. when they reach the "e" in "gameplay," click the frog. Click him again after the green bug comes out to eat it (though it's worth watching what happens if you fail first).



After you light the "l" in "Casual," click your man to move him to the right side of the screen, then roll your mouse over both sets of reeds. A wizard will pop out from a tree. Click him while he's flying to get him to drop a magic wand.

The Jaytrix / do a jig / jay is MOST DEFINITELY games:

Assuming you're using an up-to-date browser and the latest copy of flash player, when you right click on the banner there should be an option called either: 1) "the jaytrix has you", 2) "do a jig", or 3) "jay is MOST DEFINITELY games". Click it and you'll be sucked into the Jaytrix.

The Frog:

Drag and drop the rocks to destroy them. Click the tree above where the rocks were to make new rocks. Eventually, a big rock will fall. Drag away this rock to find the frog.

flipmarc August 8, 2007 3:17 PM

Great awesome game! Finally finished it. Thanks!


I had to do the water game over again, but the spaceship appeared after!


I can't even get the "l" in casual lit. What's my problem?


Part of the walkthrough is incorrect:

getting the frog: first destroy the left hand rock, then click the tree twice. The big rock falls to the left.


Nice job, but I did notice one minor problem-

If you are


and then attempt to enter the jaytrix, it freezes. Nothing that can't be fixed by refreshing, but still.


The wizard isn't showing up! Gah!


I finished, but can anyone tell me if there is something about the lily pads or the string lights that I missed.

I did change the color of the pads and clicked on and off the string lights


this was awesome jay

make more stuff like this!


This is way cool, took me awhile but I finally got it.

Only did about 50% of it without help.


This is very special - and I have now completed it with a couple of (ahem) hints. It is highly original with a very stylish and coherent design throughout and innovative use of the banner space.

The P'n'C genre can sometimes feel very contrived, particularly the usual 'escape-the-room' variety but this seemed to have its own slightly surreal logic which made it a pleasure to explore and investigate.

Cheers to Rob Allen for robbing me of my afternoon and providing a great game!

Arganthar August 8, 2007 5:23 PM

Amazing Banner Game!!! Was hooked! Good job


"I can't even get the "l" in casual lit. What's my problem?"

You are not the only one. Anybody want to explain this one?


Ditto on the stupid L. It just flashes on for a second and then goes off. Frustrating.


i just dont know what to do with the S from casual...i dont know what to do with the 9 circles...


I wonder what kind of a bug it is in the Linux flash player, since resetting progress does work, so obviously the player is capable of handling custom menus...
Anyway, thanks for the upcoming workaround!

iceninexp August 8, 2007 5:55 PM

Easter Eggs:
After completing the letters, you can go back in the lake and get a different underwater scene and a new exclamation point to grab.

There's also something to be done with the colored lights...using the wand on the 2 lights in the center of each string makes a noise..not sure what it does though..


ARGH! I ---hate--- this underwater mini-game. It's killing all the fun. First off, if the maximum jump is 250 mm from the surface, put the @#$% target at 240, not 250. Second, kill the 'momentum' jumps. And third, make it like 8 targets or something... I've got a life I'd like to get back to at some point. >:[ (end rant)

Otherwise, very cool idea, kudos all around!



Creed - the underwater game nearly killed me too.

So I gave up and went into the Jaytrix (which on Mac Safari says "do a jig" when you right click).

When I had done that and returned, somehow my underwater light got turned on as well.

I still tried the underwater puzzle again, and - perhaps because the pressure was off - I managed to do it. There are so many symbols, it's crazy!

However you know how there are two different scenes? I believe the one where the crab is on the right is far far easier. No big jumps except to get to the tall box, which you can do by walking along the right hand smaller box, and jumping at the end. Plus the crab is way more confined.


helpful tip on the under water mini-game:

The mini-game is really very easy once you realize that the farther away from the little stick person you click, the faster it moves and the higher it jumps.


I had mentioned the light noises earlier, and, I forgot how his name was spelled (Sorry) said it was most likely left over from the noises of the dropping lamps while completing the probably not a secret anything. Sounded plausible to me. Sorry--keep looking!


@iceninexp Easter Eggs after completion

new version of the underwater mini-game. To get there, you first need to:

  1. turn off the middle fairy lights (where the lanterns formerly were)

  2. hit them with the wand

Otherwise, you go to the old mini-game. (this is how it seems, anyway)

jacs#101 August 8, 2007 8:42 PM

how do you restart


jacs#101 - to restart from the beginning: right-click -> Forget my progress


Well Jay, I have been working (playing) on this all day and no matter how many different ways people try to explain the Jaytrix as a maze with walls and paths and XXXXXXX.....XXX.....XXXX (which makes even less sense) I have no idea how to solve it. Yes, I did have to start over - for some reason the game did not save my progress, but I have only the C and the s left to light. At least I understand the underwater game although I have yet to master it. Can you pretty pleeeaaassseee explain the jaytrix in human terms (baby step by step terms) for us spatially challenged individuals? With a lot of help, it turned out to be a lot of fun, even if frustrating at times. You got a big reaction at any I said comparable to the April Fool's game. Keep up the great job! Thanks, Sooze


Just for you Sooze: ^_^

The jaytrix is... are you sure you want to know?

  • Yes, it's actually a maze and when you change your perspective to view the rings as walls, it makes it somewhat easy to get through.

  • Your view is but a small window into the maze, and your position is always on the center dot—you don't move, the maze moves around you.

  • You can only move N, E, S or W from that center position—so don't try clicking on any of the 4 corners, for example—and movement is possible only if there is no wall present in that direction.

  • If you just keep these things in mind and continue moving around the maze, you will find the exit in short measure.


Can we get some clarification on lighting the "l" and the wizard and the wand thingy? It ain't workin' for me and a few others.

Fun game otherwise!


Yeah!!! Help on the "l" please. I have s,a,m,p lit, but can't get anywhere without the wand from the wizard that you can't get until the "l" is lit. Grrrr.


For anyone who is having trouble with the wizard based on the walkthrough, you must scroll down to the 3rd to last spoiler and follow those instructions to light the 'l' in Casual then you can follow the first spoiler's directions to get the wand.

golden_cow2, you may want to re-order those steps so no one else gets confused.


Oops, it's the 8th spoiler down... not the 3rd to last. Too many l's :(


This is why I love Firefox. It's like everything works the first time trying. There's no second guessing or wondering. And it's not just FireFox, it's FireFox and Microsoft. FireFox has turded IE7 and Mac and Ubuntu and Linux. And I think MS knows this. It's like when nVidea and directX came running to MS for support. And they did well. But FireFox is an upstart that made it in forbidden territory. I'm sticking with FireFox.

And I gotta say, I think there's more to the ending of this game than meets the eye. I can magic wand certain Christmas lights with a sound. The guy who creates Hapland is always surprising.


Thank you Jay, I got it now.....that made so much more sense


To the person who wrote the walkthrough, I would seriously consider changing the order of things. Especially the G and L because following things your way, well you get rid of the lanterns before you can get the L, and dammit by clicking on the circled star I get a new game opening up and my old game disappearing (unless that's a glitch in which case I'd still change the order) G should be first, and the L well before the lanterns. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to start all over again, and this when I was halfway through.

Btw, I'm not caring for this limey green. Hard on the eyes.


This is the coolest banner ever!

So much fun. I loved the Hapland games, so this is just another slice of heaven!

golden_cow2 August 9, 2007 12:14 AM

I wanted to do them in the order they appear in the words, in order to avoid confusion.

I explicitly stated that you need to light up another letter before the wizard appears, and I (hopefully) warned about the rest of the ones that require previous steps.


*hands tremble*


I can't believe I beat it all by myself.

Well, I mean, by myself and.. a few tips from the walkthrough. Like, 3.

But I DIDN'T need to look at it for the Jaytrix. BUT MAN it took a long time for me to figure it out.

And the rocketship level took me one try. I was lucky. Very lucky. Don't make me swallow my pride.

This is probably the best banner ever. Scratch that, the best GAME ever.


Well I hated that avoidance game with the rocket, and I couldn't figure out where the rocket was till I realized I needed to fish first. But I did it, and I don't want to do it again. LOL

Always love your site Jay, even though I sometimes leave frustrated. :D


Jay -

I see a customized menu under Linux, it's just that the custom item (jay is MOST DEFINITELY games) does nothing. "Forget my Progress" does work, though.

As a working hypothesis, I'd say that the flash chooses a different message for the right-click menu based on some factor (OS, flash version, something like that), and that while "the jaytrix has you" is working right, "jay is MOST DEFINITELY games" does not, and possibly others don't either.

I'm guessing that it's a bug in the flash, but that since Rob's testing machine(s) don't get the broken menu option(s), he hasn't noticed it. Would you please ask him to look over it for us? It seems to be occurring on a variety of machines, and since "Forget my Progress" works for me, it seems unlikely that it's a problem with Flash and the right-click menu.


Thanks Funnyman, we'll have a fix for this soon. K.Engels reported that it may be due to the separator added to the menu, which is causing the function after it to be ignored.

Hang tight. Hopefully first thing in the morning I'll have an update to upload.

Also included will be a fix for the aforementioned freeze if the jaytrix menu option is selected while under water.


I've gotten all letters except 'e'. I know it's the stars but I'm almost completely tone deaf. Will someone help me out please? Thanks


it's not giving me a link to the game


The game appears on the main page of this site:

If you don't see a game in the top most header, you may want to (re)install the latest Flash Player.

Or, if you do have the latest Flash Player installed, try emptying your browser cache and reload the page.


I found a bug in the game. It's located

when you're trying to get the 'c'. If you're on the one where's the boat and the crab is more confined, if you fly too far to the left you might can't get out either.

BobJones August 9, 2007 4:23 AM

This was one of the best Point and Clicks I've played in ages. I had to use a few hints, and the Jaytrix was too hard without Jay's help, but the rest was great!


Casual Gameplay! Very cool I love Rob's stuff. Keep it up.


I can't

managed to turn the frog into a boy for the rocket ship thing

It's the only letter I'm missing, and I'd like to know if I'm doing it wrong or what.


@Altered: I'm afraid that nobody will be able to help you with the stars, because someone said they're arranged in a different order every time the game is launched.

@Jacob: I hereby forgive you for misspelling my alias. ;-)


I saw this on an earlier post and noone seems to have seen it: When is Eyezmaze going to do a banner game? I think it would be a great idea. Eyezmaze's games were actually what made me find jayisgames, and im happy i did.


grr someone took my typekey name... oh well i finally got it done


Why is it that when i click on the 'Older' link, the only thing that changes is the font the comments are written in?



What OS and browser are you using, dragon23?

The font should not be changing. Can you provide me with a couple of screenshots of what you see before and after?


I just uploaded a new version with a couple of changes:

  • Context menu separator disabled for Linux users.

  • Jaytrix disabled while under water.

Linux users, please confirm for us that the issue noted above is now fixed. Cheers!