Mystery Dude August 8, 2007 12:14 PM

Awesome game


I can't find bird 4, in the 1st floor of the liberary. Where is it?


I Can't Find The Egg!
We Looked On The Pedastool, But There Was No Egg :(!


Oops Found The Egg :)


can't find the last bird. help me..


I cant find the 5th bird on Book House Floor -1.

No matter how many times I check the bottom right hand side of the book shelf, nothing clickable ever appears.


I hate the little creepy things that disappear when you click on them. And does anybody know what the yawning face is for?


For finding the bird, Jack

just slowly hover across the books - the book has a little dot on the binding

Anonymous August 11, 2007 3:14 PM

i did everything in the first walkthrough
but two dots on the pedestal where the egg should be isnt there. so the egg isnt there. what did i miss??

frustrated August 11, 2007 7:20 PM

I cannot get the stupid rock to land on the paper. How come? I have tried over and over, but it will not break it open. I click the rock to get it to lift, then quickly (hopefully) grab the paper and try to place it under the rock. Nothing happens. I have been trying this for over thirty minutes and it is driving me mad. Any help?


do you know how i get the string and hook for the sink?

Walkthrough August 12, 2007 3:42 PM

Complete Walkthrough

  1. Click on the well

  2. Click on coin located on the left ledge of the well

  3. Just to the left of the well and very small is a hook

  4. Click back to the main screen

  5. Click on the sky

  6. Click to the right lower half of the chimney, see 1st bird

  7. Click on the stone down right of the well

  8. Left and a little up from the stone is some string

  9. Click to the right of the stone, but still on it and you go behind the stone

  10. Take key

  11. Go back to main screen

  12. Click on the left most building's ledge, see 2nd bird

  13. Go back to main screen and go to Amory

  14. Click on door and look at base of staircase at small cabinet door

  15. Open doors and get screwdriver

  16. Click on sad clown looking man

  17. Notice the position of the packman like buttons

  18. Go up stairs and look to the right of the column and get cloth

  19. Go downstairs then click on office area to the right

  20. Click on area to the right of the window where it looks like the wallpaper is rolling down

  21. Click in the light part of the chimney area to see 3rd bird

  22. Click back to original screen

  23. Click on Book House

  24. Just to the right is an opening, click it

  25. Get lighter

  26. Go in Book House into elevator

  27. Go to floor 1

  28. Click on house picture

  29. Click to the right to see something behind picture

  30. Take scroll

  31. Click back to close up of picture

  32. Click to the right of the chimney where it looks like a string is there

  33. See 4th Bird

  34. Click back to larger view of floor

  35. Click to the right and collect book

  36. Go to floor -3

  37. Turn around

  38. Go towards black passage

  39. Collect round pie shaped piece

  40. Go back in elevator to floor -2

  41. Click to the right of the damaged light switch to get puzzle

  42. Put packman looking pieces in same order as clown picture in armory

  43. Collect triangle piece

  44. Go to the right where the scissor and rock are

  45. Click on rock and put scroll under it

  46. Rock breaks to reveal square piece

  47. Go back to elevator and go to floor -1

  48. Click to the right where the bookshelves are

  49. Click on book with the small dot fourth shelf down quarter over from right

  50. See 5th bird

  51. Take elevator back to 0 floor and go to main screen

  52. Combine screwdriver and cloth

  53. Combine string and hook

  54. Click on sewer grate above the well

  55. Use hook/string in sewer,

  56. Get round piece

  57. Click back to main screen

  58. Click on passage

  59. Click passage again and see hole branching from grate

  60. Put screwdriver with cloth in hole

  61. Light with lighter

  62. Give coin to man

  63. He gives you Square holed piece and takes torch

  64. Click back to main screen

  65. Click on Armory

  66. Click close up on missing round piece to left of door

  67. Place round piece in slot

  68. Click in Armory and go to top floor revealing an L shaped piece

  69. Go downstairs

  70. Go through door to basement

  71. Go to the left of the hooks revealing a sink and a scary bearded man

  72. Give the book to the man and he starts to read and a reverse L shape falls out

  73. Click on sink and use hook and string to fetch key

  74. Click back to main screen

  75. Click on city hall

  76. Go in and click on back most left door

  77. Click top right to view long chimney type area

  78. Click on nest to see 6th bird

  79. Click back to hallway with all doors

  80. Click above wooden plank at top

  81. Click to the right part between wood planks in the middle to reveal 7th bird

  82. Go back to main hallway

  83. Click on second door on right

  84. Click on box to right of the desk on the floor

  85. Use key to open box

  86. Get U shaped piece

  87. Go back to hallway

  88. Click on middle of screen by railing

  89. Go to the left

  90. Go downstairs

  91. Go downstairs again

  92. Click on top of circle

  93. Click on right circle

  94. See 8th bird

  95. Click back to circle

  96. Go right see machine

  97. Click on left part of banister

  98. See 9th bird

  99. Go back to front of city hall

  100. Go left

  101. Go upstairs twice

  102. Open door with key

  103. See chained man

  104. Look out window middle top left in tree

  105. See 10th bird

  106. Go downstairs facing bottom of staircase

  107. Go left and left again

  108. Take golden egg from pedestal

  109. Go back up stairs

  110. Give egg to chained man

  111. He disappears

  112. Go back to city hall

  113. Go down the hallway to the right and place pieces and push buttons

  114. Go back up and to the left and place remaining pieces and push buttons

  115. Go downstairs to big machine

  116. Pull handle

  117. Click on handrail at top of staircase


Anonymous August 12, 2007 7:56 PM

i need 1 more bird, do you know how to find bird 2? it says....


you can find it in the sky is you look up in the yard, but i cant find it =[


best game I've played in a long time, brill.

sissychrissy1 August 16, 2007 7:31 PM


On the table with the rock and the scissors...

I know that I need to place the paper under the rock to make it shatter but I can't seem to figure out how/where exactly to place the paper.


Lift the rock and put the paper underneath


Augh,I can't put the paper under the rock!

brenda!!! August 26, 2007 6:09 PM

done..............very scary game and weird! i still don't get it! lol!


oh myyy wow.
im paranoid now.


The paper under the rock seems to be near impossible with a laptop... I think I would have had it first try with a mouse! Am I correct? Anyone else have these troubles?

Jenngrrl27 September 9, 2007 1:36 PM

i am at the point where there is supposed to be an egg on the pedestal and there is no egg??? where is the egg, i made it this far without using the walkthrough but now I am stuck help!


the guy in the torture room scared me so much i stoped playing


Need a Solution for the Rock/Paper Problem

I know HOW to get the rock/paper thing to work, but after trying over and over and over again, it simply wont work. Jac: I am using a laptop, so I plugged in my portable mouse and there was no difference. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem? Other than that I am done!

Anonymous November 9, 2007 7:37 AM

The whole finding the birds thing is stupid. I can't find half of them, even with a guide. If i wanted mental torture, i'd have done math.


i like this game~


When Mateusz Skutnik wants to make a really, REALLY hard puzzle game, he doesn't kid around. I am not afraid to admit to everyone that I needed a walkthrough in a big way on this one, and I both pity and envy the people who had to figure it all out on their own in order to actually write that walkthrough. Good work, guys!

The amazing thing is how clear the drawings were in spite of their simplicity. The only problem is

The birds were kind of badly drawn and it took me a while to figure out what they were.

Other than that it was really incredibly good-looking.
I had hoped that

after the puzzles were solved we would have gotten a better idea of what the heck was going on in the town,

but you'd think I'd know better than to expect that of Mur! It's still a fantastic game.


Great! One of my favorite point and click games to date. The art work sets it apart from others. You get the feeling you're exploring an old European village(and not confined to a room, like most p&c's). Even though I only found 9 out of the 10 birds I was still able to finish the game. That's a plus too.

And MUCH thanks to Clemz for contributing the walkthrough.

JIG is THE best!


I always end up resorting to a walkthrough almost immediately. I'm not patient enough for these games.
Anyway, a few comments about the walkthrough by clemz:
thanks a ton, but a few things confused me and I wanted to help others:

for bird 2, click the sky from the main screen and then the corner of the roof and CHIMNEY. I spent alot of time trying to figure out what a "chiment" was.


if you haven't seen all the birds, there will be no egg on the pedestal. There are 10 dots on the pedestal symbolizing the birds. However many black dots there are, that's how many birds you've seen. The white dots indicate how many birds remain to be seen. I would have benefited from that information since I originally assumed that the birds were unimportant and I wasn't sure how many I had seen and how many I had missed.

thanks again clemz!


so what was the deal with those little black things running away? what was that?




How come I have 8 puzzle holes to fill??
The machine doesn't work!!


I'm usually not a fan of point and click games like this, but this managed to hold my attention a little longer, but in the end was a bit of a disappointment. Once I did everything I could think of on my own, I checked the walkthrough, and found that a lot of what I missed was just because of the art style (the hook and the string, for example, just look like other squiggles). The game just encourages pixel hunting or the TAB cheat, which isn't fun and doesn't increase a game's difficulty, just its tediousness. Plus,

the bird thing was annoying

, if I could have gone back to finish it, I would have, but I had to restart the game. Meh. Started strong, but left me dissappointed.


I can't find the book...Nice game tho, but my hand hurts from clicking all over the room looking for the book...Help me please...

Tyrona McCrack'n February 8, 2008 4:12 AM

SERIOUSLY, what the heck did the tribal man that burped/yawned have to do with anything!?!?!?!?!


When you look at

the picture of the house

there is another picture next to it and if you click it it tells you that

the little dude running around is the librarian


6th bird....
You are in main on the third door of the left side, if you are in office,click on top right..there is a small black thing,,,thats the 6th bird :)))

downeastcajun March 29, 2008 2:14 AM

I've found all the birds, I've found all the pieces ... BUT I CAN NOT get

the rock to break open the paper thingie


any hints? No, I'm not on a laptop.

...Daymare? March 29, 2008 6:23 PM

Hey,I have a question. And yes,I am new.
What the heck is with the furry little people???
Other than that,it was good.


i can't find the 7th bird. D:

the walkthrough says

Click to the right part between wood planks in the middle to reveal 7th bird

???? makes no sense -___-

help please!


For downeastcajun: click on the rock so it lifts and then place piece of paper quickly (as low as possible).
For D: Wood planks are in the city hall, above the hallway. Click area is very small, keep searching.
I am proud to say I finished the game without walkthrough (didn't know it existed until now), but it took me 2 days and I almost gave up :-).
This is just my kind of game.


Thanks for the walkthrough...
I would make one addition to the walkthrough... regarding the one in the reading room picture... perhaps spell it out a bit more... I couldn't tell that squiggle was a bird... missed it 3 or 4 times.
I really like the comments regarding regarding pixel hunting... I agree not being able to find something because your mouse is crap or whatever is no fun. I think a puzzle game should be about the puzzles not how good your vision or co-ordination is.
I hadn't found the egg but the contraption still lowered the bridge for me. I don't know whether I would have been able to win without finding the last bird or not, didn't try.
With the people who thought the combinations weren't logical... I disagree a bit.. if you can find the parts you give everything a whirl, as long as only the things that are meant to combine do...
take Care all, and thanks for this wonderful site


hi there all,
You actually don't need to worry about the whole bird thing... you can complete the game without it. I actually find that a real disappointment...
From Penny

Anonymous April 8, 2008 6:24 PM

You do not need to find all birds or the egg to win the game.


I can't put the paper under the rock its impossible!!!!Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good game... My eyes hurt from staring at the screen so long but good game :)


The rock paper does not work with a laptop, I've tried every way. I would have liked to finish. This needs to be fixed.

Little-Me May 2, 2008 5:54 PM

I can't get the string thing near the well.
Where is it??
Pls help.

Little-Me May 2, 2008 5:55 PM

Found it ;)


What do the birds even do? I see everyone is havign trouble finding them.. but i found them and i have no clue what to do with them.. i have tryed to click on them but nothing happens so yeah. just wondering what the point of the birds are..


The ending was rather.. um... interesting. Somewhat funny i guess. Not what i expected.

What's the poith the egg at the end, if the person just disappears?

Barbara Cooper May 17, 2008 8:25 PM

help plzzz! I cant find string even w/ walkthrough some1 help!

Anonymous May 19, 2008 5:01 PM

i cannot find the last puzzle piece, the one for the right handed things, 2nd one from the right, i have been over the walkthrough completely twice, and i'm fixin to give up on it, been playing for over 5 hours! any suggestions?


ooh i did everyting only when you go left in the city hall
The 2e puzzle is still missing, but i dit al the 7 thins to get them , that weard.


this is sooooo frustrating. the paper/rock thing does not work. i hate having to quit in the middle of a game... i really was enjoying this game until then.

TIFFANY May 26, 2008 1:57 AM

The rock paper part was really hard but it have to put it right above the shadow and in the very middle...and from the comment before, this does work on a laptop computer without a mouse...I just did it and got very frustrated til i actually got it


Devastatingly, I can not get the rock/paper thing to work either. This was a great game, but that part is literally unplayable. Give up.


I have gone through the game 2/3 times. Much more to figure out then the 1st game. I've also have had a different number of coins left. My highest that I've found is 26 coins at then end of the game, it's a little hard to keep track of all the coins along in using for items that you may need also. I can't wait for the next game!


awesome game! creepy, but awesome!


I got every step but the last one, i cant click on the hand rail.

nycechique June 7, 2008 7:16 AM

what's the use of the birds?


This really helped me a lot...But what's the point of the birds?


very good game.. a little spooky but really good.


at the end, you have to click on the handrail... it won't work, how do you do it


I completed the game. i found all the pieces and birds. but what do the birds and eggs do? and what does that face yawning has to do with the game??? Nice game btw

Anonymous June 27, 2008 2:35 AM

fun game.......and thank you for the walkthrough.


cant go upstairs twice after getting all the pieces. the city hall thing doesnt make sense

sararules July 15, 2008 12:39 PM

good game but many scary parts
i was using the walk through and when i got to the part that says
"Enter the recess, ignore the little man for now"
i thought it would be a little man like an inch high!
I almost peed my pants!!!

Anonymous July 28, 2008 5:07 PM

very difficult! i had to cheat :S

Roseate Spoonbill July 31, 2008 9:06 PM


sorry. Daymare town was a great game, my favourite of the escape point-and-click persuasion. The birds were almost impossible to find. It's pretty hard, but in relation to most point-and-click games, there was not very many moments were I was totally stuck, just wandering from room to room. Can't wait to play the second one.



1. Yard: Click on the corner of the building closest to your left

2. Ontop of the building with the wierd ornament, click between the chimney and window, then behind the chimney

3. Armory: Where you first see that black thing, click in the upper right corner

4. Book House: Click on the book on the 4th shelf with a dot on it (it's a picture of a bird)

5. Book House (were de elevator is at) 1st floor, click on the 2nd picture, click on the bird
(By the way, the piece of paper you put underneath the rock is behind the picture frame)

6. City Hall: Click directly above you, the bird is underneath 2 crossing planks.(between 2 parallel plank things standing on the left side)

7. In the furthest door on the left click 2 the right of the window (de corner)

8. Quayside,the left side: Where the circle thing is click above it, the bird is inside the very right window

9. At the bridge contraption: Click beside the wall

10. Entrance of City Hall: click left and go up the stairs you'll need the key 2 get in (key is behind stone near well, click behind it)then click the window,the bird is in the upper left part of the tree, there's a oval were it's at

Hope this helps.


about the piece of paper...

I know what i'm supposed to do but i can't do it fast enough! i must have tried 80 times and the rock always lands before i can get the paper down. where exactly does the paper have to go? (on the table under the rock, under the rock in the air?) anyone else have this problem and know how to solve it? thanks



On the table under the rock. It's a bit tricky to time it... click the rock, drag the paper, then click the paper to place it in the shadow under the rock.


For the Rock Paper scissors, you may have too many items in your equipment list... you need to get rid of some items. That's what was buggering up my game for a while. And I was using a laptop.


For the rock and paper..

Make sure you are not trying to use the cloth! You need to find the scroll. That is the paper.

I was doing this for 10 minutes till I figured out it was the scroll I had to use.


I see everyone having trouble with the rock and paper, thats because you don't use the need the stick broken, I can't find all the birds


I had to use the walk through.
There are things I never would have found,
Good Game and will try the 2 series to this game.


It's a very good game, we gave it a strong 4.

Its strong points:
- logical puzzles (unlike too many similar games that expect some really weird solutions for the puzzles)
- not difficult what is a good thing for a game that can't be saved and thus should be solved in one sitting. I think, its level of dificulty is 2,5/5
- interesting graphics, simple and cute

Its weaker points:
- absence of music and/or sounds (personally I missed it)
- too many birds :) Five would be fine!

All in all, we enjoyed playing it and now are moving to the sequel.


I am stuck. I can't get the stone to crush the paper. I've been trying for like 10 minutes straight but even when the paper's under the rock before it hits the table, it still doesn't crush it. Any suggestions?


Is there a Daymare Town 3??????? If so tell me the link!!!!!


Okay I've tried all the previous suggestions in regards to the rock paper thing, still cannot break it, I've managed to place the paper under the shadow of the rock but it still doesn't work!! Any other suggestions ???


I don't know where the golden egg is. Please, anyone help me.


My friend says theres a key on the right of the stone I dont know if thats up close or in the yard just right of it. can someone please please tell me?


alas, the link is broken!!

[Edit: Thanks for letting us know, We fixed the link. Greetings, Kayleigh]


omg.. this is so hard. -o-!! i missed like half the things that needed to be clicked.

and LOL @ tonypa's comment!!! you lil rascal you, using the Tab button. WHY COULDN'T I THINK OF THAT!? XD

Anonymous June 5, 2009 5:49 AM

oh my god..dis is the craziest game i've ever played..without the guide,i'm sure don't know,wat the purpose of finding the bird if we cannot grab it...haha..
i like it soooo much!!

Jessica Remer July 5, 2009 4:26 AM

Ok. For those that were extremely frustrated like myself while trying to break the rock with the paper, I would like to share the solution.

You can't simply drag the paper underneath the rock. You actually must click on the rock, drag the paper underneath the rock (actually on top of the shadow), and then click the paper.

Click rock
Drag paper
Click paper

I hope that helps.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

IloveHenryTownshend November 1, 2009 1:34 PM

Okay, I know where three of the birds are, but I can't pick up any of them!Any suggestions?


Thank you soo much. This helped tremendously.


I've done everything but for the life of me I can't get the rock to break the piece of paper for the last puzzle piece. Is there a trick to this?


No matter what I do.. dragging clicking clicking some more, I can't get the rock to break the paper. :-(


This is just a personal theory, so I don't think I need a spoiler.

Was I the only one who got the impression that you were a bird while playing this game? Realistically the objects would have been impossible to find/combine/use if you were a bird, but the change inbetween screens sometimes seemed like you had flown from one area to another.

I really liked this game, but was a little disapointed with it's lack of explination. I loved the atmosphere of susspense the game created, and was really hoping for some sort of big reveal, horrible truth or shocking end...I guess I've been playing too many bloody/disturbing point and click mysteries. But still very good.


You CAN do the rock and paper thing. the game just generates a certain number of trials for you to attempt to open the rock, and then it finally works. When the paper stands up straight, the rock opens on top of it. Trust me, it works.


This amount of approval amazes me, because I find myself utterly frustrated and infuriated by this revolting pixel hunting. Great thing that some can enjoy even something like this, though.

Anonymous March 15, 2010 4:36 PM

the last part should say go 2 city hall and enter it 2 go 2 the contraption not go into the armory


How pointlessly, stupidly frustrating:

I was playing along happily, really enjoying it, until I got to

trying to put the paper under the rock

My mousepad and I can't do it. Completely can't. I must have tried 50 times.

I had to quit the game. Makes me want to throw things.

echilda May 19, 2010 8:02 AM

good game, nice quirky graphics and story to solve, little bit too presise on click to findm had to use the walkthrough in the end as I was 2birds short so wasnt getting the egg! otherwise good,of to try the two sequels now!


Wonderful, quirky, memorable game, but I've tried a couple of hundred times (really) to get the paper positioned properly under the rock and can't do it. It's driving me out of my mind! As the TAB cheat doesn't work, is there ANY way to make this step easier -- not just easier, but possible? Save my sanity!!

Anonymous June 18, 2010 10:39 PM

rock, paper, scissors :)


Ugh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is being driven crazy by the rock/paper thing. I'm on a laptop and miss a lot of the time, but I know

I've clicked the paper in the shadow of the rock several times

and it hasn't worked. I'm about to give up even though I really want to finish the game!


Regarding the rock and the paper. I have found an answer for myself with either laptop or desktop. When you lift the rock make sure that when you pick up the paper, it is perfectly (vertical) straight up and down and it will split the rock and give you the puzzle piece.