Please someone help me with 42 :(


Have you figured out what the end result will look like?


Rachie Rach
Are you having trouble with getting the blue blocks into the big pink block or with what to do with the blue blocks once they are inside?




Go R5, D1, L3, U6, D6, L9, U1, R8, U9, D6, R1, U1, L7. Voila.

There are several different ways of completing this level I think.


can someone help me with 115?

is there no way through it?


i don't think there is. You lose part of the blocks out the left-hand side of the screen. Bummer, eh?

Rachie Rach August 10, 2007 1:28 AM

Both Jan Jan Both!!!!They keep sticking together when i don't want them to!!!


help on 42 god so confused!! HELP ME!! plzz


i'm stuck on 65 :/


i cant pass number 19 i am stuck will someone plz help me!?!




Try starting with d1, r2, u4, d6.




Start off with

U3, L7 then shift everything else over to the right.




Start off with U1, R3, D3, L1, D1, L5.


i cant past level 53.
i've been working on it for 3 days!!

please help!


You can

start off by attaching 2 of the small blue blocks to the bottom-left of the big blue block.


i cant figure out level 63 and i really need a hint or something because i've been stuck on it for 2 days and even my sister tried it and we both couldn't figure it out. i'm so stuck on it.......we need someone to help us get it through it like a hint, or a telling on how to get through it, like step by step..........
Help please!!!!




Try L3, U2, L1, D4, R11, L1, U2, L6, R2, D4, L6, U11, D2, R4, U1 and then finish it off.


i have got all the green and blue ones together and it still didnt work HELP!!! LEVEL 35




R1, U4, R6, L1, D3, R1, D5, L4, U3, L4, D3, R1, U7. I'm sure you can take it from there :o)


can anyone help me with 67???


scratch that, i need help with 72



Start off by stacking the blue blocks on top of each other, then, shift the L-shaped pink block into the bottom blue one then the reverse L into the top one.


Can someone please help me with 36..? It's driving me insane


i really really really can't get past level 46.. help please?

Anonymous August 20, 2007 5:58 PM

i need help with level 75 could you tell me how to beat it

nonegiven August 21, 2007 11:02 AM

Help with level 32, please?


how do you do level 32?! i'm stuck!!


The problem with the youtube video walkthrough is that it goes way too fast. I did a couple of levels my clicking the start/pause button between every move but that is for patient people and im defenately not one of them >.<

Level 63 seems impossible.


i need help on level 30
can someone please help me??



This level I play differently each time. What usually works for me is just to keep pushing the arrows quitefast (and randomly) until most blocks are stuck together then just clean up the mess. This is another one of those levels where it pays to use the KISS principle, in other words, try to not over-complicate it.



Try L3, U2, L1, D4, R11, L1, U2, L6, R2, D4, L6, U11, D2, R4, U1 and then finish it off.



Shift the small pink block from the right all the way to the left. The greens and blues shouldn't be too hard to finish with after that.


81 is so confusing i need help

neeeeeedhelp August 22, 2007 1:28 PM

need help with 53 BADLY!!!!

anonymous August 22, 2007 4:05 PM

level 53 someone? please??



Use the little blue blocks to get the big blue block stuck in the gap.


Start with R2, U3, L2, D3, R6...


Thanks "janjan" for the help with 63!
Even though i already passed it :]
Now im on 67
cant doit


can someone help me with 87
pretty pretty please


i was stuck on 53

attach two blue blocks horizontaly on the upper left of the side of the big blue square. get the third tiny square wedged up in the upper right hand corner (where the black blocks make a U type thing) slide the blue block into the gap, and move the third tiny block down, to creat a sideways L. then you can shift the pink blocks.

anonymous August 23, 2007 6:00 AM

thanks jan jan =]

level 60 please someone??


You guys might want to check out the 2 pages of comments on here before asking for help - spoilers have already been posted for many levels, sometimes several times over :o)


was posted on August 17.


help on lvl 91?



Start with D1, L2, R5, D8, R1, U7, R2, U1, R1, U1, L4, U4, D5, R12, U1, L5, U3, R1, U1, L1, then...


Beat the game.
Got up to level 115



redbirdballer40 August 26, 2007 4:16 PM

i need help on 36. any help will help!



D1, R1, U3, R4, U3, L1, D1, L2, U1, L1, U1, L1, R4, U1, R1, U1, L1, U1, L1, U3, R1, U1, D14, U3, L5.


I am stuck on 89. HELP!


omg please help with level 89.. ive been on it for 2 days now.. its impossible



D4, L8, U10, R7,D6, L5, D4, R2, U15, R2, D11, R2, U5, L3, D5, R4, U8, L11, U1.

collR_than_U August 28, 2007 5:24 PM

I Just started, so im at level 4 but im stuck on it! HELP!


I tried the spoiler for level 89 and it doesnt work. I have been on this for 2 days as well. It seems impossible.




Shift the little pink block up 2 and left 1 so that it is pretty much stuck for now. Then, shift all of the blue blocks way over to the left, then shift the little pink one again.


Do you mean my spoiler from earlier today? You might want to try it again. I just tried it directly from the spoiler and it worked. :D


19 ?!



Stop the tall pink block from moving up and down by attaching the small pink block to it. 4th from the top would be a good place.

Anonymous August 29, 2007 12:59 AM

i really really need 38!!!!!!!


Start off with

L1, D3, L3, U9, R6, U9, D2, R4, L1, U1, R2.

David McCain August 29, 2007 11:56 AM

Woah! This is a total clone of Denki blocks on the GBA that came out in 2001. Even a lot of the levels are the same. I've no problem with cloning, but at least give the guys at Denki the credit they deserve. Try the original version on the Dneki site:

Click on TOYS and follow the Denki Blocks link. There's a java demo you can play.


I probably sound idiotic right now, but its my first time playing. how do you beat level 9?

Bryan Hayes August 29, 2007 2:55 PM

need help with 63



Solution was posted on August 17 :D



Up 2, right 1.


Jelly Blocks Walkthrough

L = [left] arrow key
R = [right] arrow key
U = [up] arrow key
D = [down] arrow key

Levels 1...10

  • Level 1

    L8, U3.

  • Level 2

    R5, U1.

  • Level 3

    D1, L1, U2, R1, D1.

  • Level 4

    U2, L1, D8, L5, U11, L5, R1, D13, L3.

  • Level 5

    D5, L6, U7, L2, D1.

  • Level 6

    L5, U5, D3, R1, U6, D2, R11, D12, L12.

  • Level 7

    L4, U8, L2, U8.

  • Level 8

    U4, L2, R2, D4, L1, D3.

  • Level 9

    U2, R1.

  • Level 10

    R2, L2, U3, D3, U2, L3, U3, L2, R5, D2.

Levels 11...20

  • Level 11

    L4, D1, R12, U11, D3, R1, U1.

  • Level 12

    D1, R8, U4, L4, U2.

  • Level 13

    U4, D5.

  • Level 14

    R2, D1, R2, U3.

  • Level 15

    D5, R13, U4, L3, D6, R12, U6, L3, D8, R12, U9, L3.

  • Level 16

    U2, R3, D4, L5, U6, R4.

  • Level 17

    U4, R9, U6, L2, D2, R1, D13, R11, U1, L3, D2, R3, D1, L3, D1, R3, D1, L2, D8, R9, U2, R1.

  • Level 18

    R5, U11, D7, L14, U7, R7, U6, L4.

  • Level 19

    U3, L7, R5, D10, R3, D4, R5, L6, U5, L7.

  • Level 20

    R2, D2, L6, U4, L2, R3, D10, R7, U7, L2.

Levels 21...30

  • Level 21

    U1, R4, D3, R1, D4, L1, D3, L1, D7, R7, U1, R2, D2, R2.

  • Level 22

    R7, U14, L7, D4, L4, U5.

  • Level 23

    D5, R5, D6, L1.

  • Level 24

    D7, R8, D2, L11, U9, R5, D4, L2, U1, R3, D2, L6, D3, R1, U2, L1, U1, R3, U2, L2, U6, R3, U2, L1, D4, R1, D1, L3, D3, R1, U4, L6, D1, R3, U7.

  • Level 25

    R5, D1, L3, U6, D6, L9, U1, R8, U9, D6, R1, U1, L7.

  • Level 26

    U4, L1, U1, L2, U4, L2.

  • Level 27

    R1, D2, R1, D1, R6, L1, D2, R4, D3.

  • Level 28

    U6, R5, D8, L1, U8, R1, U1, L9, D8, R2, U8, L2, U1, R7, L4, D11.

  • Level 29

    U1, L3, D3, U1, R4, D1, R1, D5, L1, U5, L3, U7, R3, L3, D2, L2, D3, L1, R3, U2, L2, D1, L4, U5.

  • Level 30

    R1, U5, L4, R4, D6, R1, D3, L4, U1, R4, U10, D3, R1, D4, L4, U1, R9, U6, D3, L4, U4, L1, U1, R2, U5.

Levels 31...40

  • Level 31

    U6, R5, U1, R2, D1, R5, L4, D6, R4, D4, L3, D1, U1, L2, U5, R6, D4, R7, D4, U1, R1, U6.

  • Level 32

    U2, L2, U8, L2, D2, L2, D5, L3, U7, R1, U5, D2, L4, D7, R3, U9, R3, U3, R2, D4, R1, D7, R3, U4, L3, U7.

  • Level 33

    U8, L15, U1, L2, D13, R5, U9, L10, D15, R10, L8, U4, L2, D3, L1, U6, R1, D11, R1, U4, L1, D4, L11.

  • Level 34

    D7, L2, D3, R10, L2, U1, L3, U11, L1.

  • U2,

  • Level 35

    R4, D1, U3, R3, U3, D1, L7, D4, L2, D1, U10, R5.

  • Level 36

    D1, R1, U3, R4, U3, L1, D1, L2, U1, L1, U1, L1, R4, U1, R1, U1, L1, U1, L1, U3, R1, U1, D14, U3, L5.

  • Level 37

    U1, R9, D1, R11, D1, R11, U2, R1, D2, R9, U3, R1, D2, R9, D1, R1, U2, R9, D3, R1, U2, R8, U2, R1, D1, R8, D4, R1, U2, R8, U3, R1, D3, R7, U4, R1, D3, R7, U4, R1, D3, R7, D3, R1, U3, R6, D4, R1, U3, R6, D4, R1, U3, R6.

  • Level 38

    L1, D3, L3, U9, R6, U9, D2, R4, L1, U1, R2, U12, D5, U5, L1, U1, R2.

  • Level 39

    L3, D6, R1, U2, R1, D2, R10, L4, U6, R1, D2, R1, U2, R10.

  • Level 40

    U5, L5, R4, L3, D4, R3, U13, L5, D2, U2, L1, U8, R4, D2, L3, U12, R5, D2.

Levels 41...50

  • Level 41

    U10, L3, U2, R2, U12, R1, L1, U2, L2, U2, L2, D2, R2.

  • Level 42

    D1, R2, U4, D6, L9, R4, U6, D1, L10, D3, U1, L1, U1, D1, R6, U8, D1, L8, D2, R1, U7, L4, D1.

  • Level 43

    D6, R3, U3, L4, D2, R6, U6, L6, D1, L1, R4, D6, L6, U11, R11, U1, L3, D14, R6.

  • Level 44

    D3, L7, U2, L4, R3, D7, L9, U4, D3, L8, U2, D5, L4, U1, R2, D2, R2, D3, L4, D3, L2.

  • Level 45

    L2, U3, L4, U2, L3, U1, R4, U1, R1, U2, L4, D4, L1, U4, L3, R1, D2.

  • Level 46

    L9, D4, R5, D8, R1, U1, L2, U7, L6, D1, L1, U2, R1, D2, R6, D6, L3, U3, L1, D1, L7, U4, L7, R5, D10, R2.

  • Level 47

    U2, R3, U2, D2, R2, U2, R2, L4, D3, R3, U1, R4, L1, U1, R1, U4.

  • Level 48

    D1, L1, U1, L1, D4, R4, D2, R6, U8, L5, U2, L6.

  • Level 49

    L10, U5, D5, L3, U2, L2.

  • Level 50

    R2, U3, L11, D6, R2, D8, R2, U3, L11, R6, D10, R5, L1, D8, U4, R8, U4, R8, D8, L3, U6, R9, L5, U6, R6, D4, R1.

Levels 51...60

  • Level 51

    D9, L1, U3, L5, D3, L1, U1, L1, U2, L2, D3, L1, U1, L1, R3, L2, D1, R1, D4, U3, L4.

  • Level 52

    R1, U3, L8, U5, R1, U5, R6, L1, U2, L3, R2, U4, D5, L5, U1, L1, U1, L3, U1, D1, R1, D1, R3, U1, R1, U1, R1, U2, L2, U1, L1, U1, L1, U2, R2, D5, L4, U1, L1, U1, L1.

  • Level 53

    L1, U6, R3, D6, L4, R7, U1, R4, L5, D2, R7, U2, L2, D4, U2, L2, D2, L1, D2, R1, D7.

  • Level 54

    L1, U3, R4, D1, R2, U1, L5, D2, L2, D2, L1, U3, L2, D3, U2, R5, D2, R1, U2, R2, D2.

  • Level 55

    U5, L3, U3, R2, U2, L2.

  • Level 56

    U2, R3, D6, L12, U6, D2, L4, D6, R11, U6, L4, R1, D3, L10, U9, D3, R3, U2, D5, L1, D1.

  • Level 57

    U4, R9, U1, L2, U5, D3, L3, U3.

  • Level 58

    L4, U7, D5, R2, D4, R6, D1, R1, L1, U13, R1, U6, L8, D13, U3, L6, D6, R1, D1, R5, U1, L2, U10, R9, L8, D1, L1, D1, R5, U1, R1, D7, L11, U2.

  • Level 59

    R4, D8, L7, U3, R1, U3, L1, U7, D1, R1, D5, L4, U3, R2, D5.

  • Level 60

    R1, U4, R6, L1, D3, R1, D5, L4, U3, L4, D3, R1, U7, L2, D6, L3, D5.

Levels 61...70

  • Level 61

    L4, D1, L3, U1, L1, D1, R5, U1, R1, U3, D1, L2, U1.

  • Level 62

    R4, D3, U7, R3, D4, U4, R1, D4, R5, U4, R2, D1.

  • Level 63

    L3, U2, L1, D4, R11, L1, U2, L6, R2, D4, L6, U11, D2, R4, U1, L3, U6.

  • Level 64

    D4, L1, D3, L2, R3, U3, R6, L6, U1, R5, D9, U7, R1.

  • Level 65

    D8, L1, U13, R7, D11, L2, U10, R1, U2, R7, D10, L4, U13, R7, D10, L5, U12, R7, D10, L6, U13, R6, D10, L7, D1, U10, R3, U3, R5, D10, L8, U11, R4, U2, R4, D10, L9, D1, U10, R2, U3, D10, L3, U11, R2, U2, D10, L3, D1, U10, R2, U3, D10, L3, U11, R2, U2, D10, L3, D1, U10, R2, U3, D10, L3, U11, R2, U2.

  • Level 66

    R6, D3, L3, U6, L3, R2, D1, R2, D6, R5.

  • Level 67

    U1, R3, D3, L5, D1, L1, R1, U7, L4, R1, D3, U10, L6, D3, U1, R13, D5, R1.

  • Level 68

    D2, R1, D1, R3, D5, R1, U6, D1, R4, U5, R1, D3, R3, D8, U5, R5, D3, L4, U5, L5, D8, L1, U3, R4, U8, L7, D5, L4, R6, U8, L7, D5, L3, U3, R7, D7, L6, R4, U1, R1, D3, L6.

  • Level 69

    D2, L10, D4, U1, R1, U1, R2, U2, L1, D3, R1, D2, R4, U2, D1, R3, D1, L5, R5, D1, L5, R2, U6, R5, D3, R1, U1, R1, D1, L4, U4, L5, R3, D1, R2, D2, R3.

  • Level 70

    D5, L4, R1, D5, R4, D5, L3, D4, R5, U6, R1, U5, D3, L4, R4, L3, U1, R3, U1, L1, U1, L1, R3, U6, D1, L7, D5, U2, R3, D1, R6, D2.

Levels 71...80

  • Level 71

    R8, D7, L5, D7, L1, U8, R1, U12, L4, U4, R1, D5, R1, D1, R10, L1, D11, R9.

  • Level 72

    R10, U1, R1, U4, L7, D8, R1, U5, L2, D4, R1, U1, R9, L10, U7, R6, L9, U2, R3, U6, R6, L2, D11, L9, U9, R7.

  • Level 73

    D4, R5, D5, U2, R4, D4, R9, L2, U4, R5, D3, R2, D6.

  • Level 74

    L2, U5, L7, U2, R11, D14.

  • Level 75

    U2, R1, U2, R1, U3, L1, D1, R5, U1, R1, D2, R2, U1, R4, L1, U3, L1, U1, R2, D2, R4, D3, R1, L1, U4, R1, D4, R1, D3, R3, L4, U2, L1, U3, R1, D3, R1, D2, R1, U3, R1, U3, L6, D5, L1, U3, R1, U3, L2, U4, R1, D5, R1, D3, R1, U4, R4, D4, R1, D2, U5.

  • Level 76

    L14, U13, D1, R13, D6, L13, U1, R1, D2, R1, D3, L4, D1, U4, L1, D1, R1, D4, L1, U4, R1, U1, R6, D6, U4, L1, D1, L13, U11, L12.

  • Level 77

    L1, U9, L2, U1, R3, L1, D8, R9, D3, L9, U4, R2, U2, L4, U1, R4, D4, R6, L1, U8, D5, R1, D2, L3, D5, R1, U4, R3.

  • Level 78

    D5, R8, U1, L5, U2, L1, U2, D1, L5, R1, U1, R3, D4, R6, L1, U8, L6, D10, R10, U5.

  • Level 79

    D6, R7, U11, L2, D3, L3, U5, D4, R3, D1, R1, D7, R1, U3, L11, D1, R8, U5, L1, D7, R7, D1.

  • Level 80

    U14, L13, R2, D11, L3, D1, U1, R3, U1, R1, U1, R1, U1, R1, U6, L11, D6, U2, R11, D7, L2.

Levels 81...90

  • Level 81

    R2, U3, L2, D3, R6, D2.

  • Level 82

    U1, L1, D6, L3, R4, D3.

  • Level 83

    U9, L6, R10, L3, D3, R9, U6.

  • Level 84

    D5, R4, U10, R2, L6, R1, U1, R6, U6, R2, U6, D2, R2, U1, R1, D7, R7, L8, U1, R2, U8, R2, D6, R2, D1, L4, U3, D2, R1, U3, L7, D7, R5, U5, L2, U2, R5, D6.

  • Level 85

    U4, L6, U2, L2, D3, L5, U1, R2, U1, R6, D1, R5, D3, L5, D5, R2, U3, R1, D2, R3, L3, U5, L2, U3, R5, U4, R3, D2, L2, D6, L2, U5, R5, D2, R2, L7, D5, L1, R7, D3, U6, R1, U3, L8, U2.

  • Level 86

    U1, D4, R4, D2, R3, U1, L5, U6, R4, L9, D1, L1, U7, R5, U1, R2, D1, R3, D3, L5, D6, R2.

  • Level 87

    D2, R2, D3, L4, D1, L3, U5, D1, R2, U1, R3, D3, R2, D2, R4, D3, U1, L1, D1, L2, D1, L2, D6, R1, U1, R2, D3, L12, U4, R3, U2, R3, U1, R6, D1, R4, U3, L2, U2, L2.

  • Level 88

    U3, L5, R12, D9, R6, U1, L2, U3, L12, R6, U4, R5, U1, L3, R1, D4, L1, D1, L4, U6, R5, D5, R5, U1, L1, U5, L1, D5, U5, R8, U3.

  • Level 89

    D4, L8, U10, R7, D6, L5, D4, R2, U15, R2, D11, R2, U5, L3, D5, R4, U8, L11, U1.

  • Level 90

    U1, R1, U2, R6, D9, R1, D4, R8, U4, D10, L1.

Levels 91...100

  • Level 91

    D1, L2, R5, D8, R1, U7, R2, U1, R1, L4, U4, D5, R12, U1, L5, U3, R1, U1, L1, D2, R4, D1, U1, R6.

  • Level 92

    U6, R10, L1, D7, R1, L7, U3, R8, D6, R3, D11, L4, R3, U7, R9, U8, R1, L3, U6, L4, U4, R10, U4, L6, U4, R10, D3, U3, L6, U4, R9, U4.

  • Level 93

    U1, L1, D1, R3, U6, L4, D8, R4, D6, U2, R4, L1, U4, R3, U3, D7.

  • Level 94

    D7, R8, U6, L2, U6, R4, L9, D2, L3, U4, R6, D10, R4, D8, U5, L1, D6, L6, D1.

  • Level 95

    R8, U2, L2, U6, D5, L7, D4, L5, R1, U4, R13, L1, D1, L5, U2, L5, U5, L2, D7, L3, U11, R11, D14, L1, U3, L5, D7, L5, U3, R1, U2, L1, U4, R9, U1, R1, D14, L4, U1, L1, D2, L6, U3, R1, U2, L1, U4, L1, U1, R15, D14, U1, L5, D2, L6, U9, R7, U2, D7, L7, D8, U1, L1, D1, R11, U9.

  • Level 96

    U1, R1, D2, R6, U4, L1, D1, L1, U1, L6, D1, R2, D3, R7, D4, L9, U3.

  • Level 97

    R4, U4, L6, D13, R5, D5, U8, D1, L2, U6, R11, D11, L2, U8, L6, U2, L2, D12, L6.

  • Level 98

    D3, L4, U2, L5, D1, L2, U1, D6, U3, R10, D1, L1, D1, R2, U9, L6, U1, D2, R4, D4, L6, U4.

  • Level 99

    U2, L4, U1, R3, U2, L2, D4, L2, D7, U3, L4, D6, R12, U8, D1, L9, D3, R11, L9, U12, R4, D6, R3, U3, L3, U5, R1, D3, R2, D5, R3, U1, L3, U7, R1, D8, L9, U12, R4, D7, R3, U1, L3, U5, L6, U10, R4, D9, R3, U2, L3, U3, D3, R2, D8, L12, R1, U3, R2, U1, L1, U2, R2, U2, R1, D2, R2, L1, U4, L1, R1, D1, R1, U1, R2, D8, R3, U2, L3, U4.

  • Level 100

    R3, D5, L12, U1, L1, U1, R1, U5, R11, D7, R2, D5, L1, U2, L6, U2, R5, D4, L6, U2, L7, U1, R7, U1, L6, U1, R7, U5, L12, D1, L1, D6, R14, U5, L7, R7, D4, R1, U7, L4, U2, L7, U1, R7, U1, L6, U1, R7, D5, L12, R9, D5, L10.


can anybody tell me how to beat level 87

[Edit: doesn't the walkthrough above tell you how to beat all the levels? I think 87 is included in there. ;) -Jay]


need a spoiler for 37.... asap.. thanks



You might like to read the comments just above yours ;o)


lvl 36 please



Heather Jo September 2, 2007 6:53 PM

OMG TY Jan.jan....i was stuck on 91 forever...

<3♥HeAtHeR jO


lvl 115 is impossible cause the stuff just gets sucked out the side


i need help on 36.


Did you try the walkthrough?


level 46?





I am using the walkthrough, but I can't seem to win 42. Is the walkthrough wrong, or am I just doing it wrong?


I just tried it again and it works for me. Try again maybe?


How do you beat level 42? it is hard!

[Edit: Have you tried looking at the walkthrough? -Jay]


i can't find the walkthrough

[Edit: Click the word "walkthrough" in the comment just above. Then click on the "show spoiler" button to reveal the walkthrough. You will need javascript enabled. -Jay]


the levels have changed i belive


What does 42 look like now then?


I'm stuck on Level 75, and the walkthrough won't work. Any help??


Just did 75 using the walkthrough and it works for me. Try again maybe?


wow...great game, pity there's no beating it :D


What do you mean "pity there's no beating it"?


level 115 is not impossible, level 215 may well be though. Kinda stupid that it just keeps on going with the glitch.

To pass level 115 (and a few more down the line) you have to reverse the glitch. Just press up + down + up + down over and over again for about 45 seconds. Having done so keep taping u (undo) over and over until the glitched part of the screen disappears, then all the normal blocks will come back and you can finish the level. Couple of screen shots of some harder levels: Level 211, Level 215, They just seem to keep on adding a bigger black wall everytime you complete all the levels, which means it probably never ends, hmff. I can't be bothered anymore, 215 is far enough.

Eillek esiuol October 2, 2007 2:07 AM

Hey if you are stuck on level 115

start moving the pieces around then keep hittinf 'u' on the keyboard the page should move causing the other half to appear. it worked twice on mine


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Level 75.
Level 75 who?
Level 75 i need help

Anonymous October 30, 2007 5:52 PM

65? please my dear :o))


Hi, where can I play level 101 --> 215 and more?


Tony,I'm on 75,your on 91,so help me with 75

omg sp pre


I am looking for Jelly-Blocks beyond level 100.... can anyone help me?


To "Someone", if you're still on 75, the idea on this one is to get the blue's together at the top, gradually wedging the green top bar down into the center space. Hope this helps.

Specter Of Everlasting Chaos November 22, 2007 2:44 PM

to get lvls 101 and beyond after u beat lvl 100 it will say thank you for playing or something like that but if u look closely at it u will see the next lvl button behind it


Your walkthrough thing for level 36 doesnt work


Hm. Just tried it again myself. Worked fine for me. Try again maybe?


need help with level 30 please


Am I the only one for whom the walkthrough for 59 doesn't work? I've tried it a dozen times, and it doesn't even get me close. Can anyone help?