Second skull in inside the tomb thingy, when you use the clock and hourglass to open it, you will see it there!


Azada is a great game!Is there anymore like it and when does the next Azada come out? I can't wait.


Here is a complete walkthrough for Azada, Chapters 1 through 10.

Chapter 1

At the Desk

  1. Matchbox - on top of desk(left side)

  2. Match - wastebasket on the floor

  3. Paper - underneath desk

  4. Key - inside the box above the desk

  5. Take the match and strike it across the matchbox

  6. Take the lit match and click it onto the paper, the paper will reveal a time

  7. Click on the clock that's on the wall

  8. Turn the hands of the clock to the same time that is written on the paper

  9. Red secret box comes out

  10. Click the key on the red box and grab the glowing scroll

The Living Room

  1. Locker

  2. Yellow tape: paint can on the 2nd shelf

  3. Hammer - red box

  4. Flashlight-2nd shelf

  5. Use the flashlight in the darkened room to locate the light switch

  6. Light is right next to the door, click on it

  7. Take the hammer and hit the vase that's close to the door and the key will appear inside of it.

  8. Click on the locker and then click the key onto it, when the door opens the batteries are inside.

  9. Click on the remote control that is on the chair and insert the batteries.

  10. Use hammer to click on the loose floorboard that is between the two chairs and some wires will appear, use the yellow tape on the wires

  11. Hit the remote control and the TV will come on and produce the scroll

The Bathroom

  1. Bobby pin - inside of bathtub

  2. Red handle - pipe by the door

  3. Pipe - same location as the red handle

  4. Click on the outside of the bathtub and it will show a locked grate

  5. Click the bobby pin on the grate and it will open

  6. Place the red handle inside the grate on the pipes

  7. Place the pipes on the correct location inside the grate

  8. Turn the red handle, it will turn on the faucet in the sink and there will be 2 symbols on the foggy mirror

  9. Press the wooden chest that is on the side of the bathtub and you will see some symbols appear.

  10. Press the symbols that you see on the mirror in the order in which they appear and the scroll will appear.

Chapter 2

The Kitchen

  1. Radio button - is in the pot that is on the stove

  2. Small blowtorch on the counter

  3. Small propane tank - drawer

  4. Click on the radio and put the knob back on.

  5. Open the fridge and it contains a frozen box inside

  6. You have to click the propane tank and the blowtorch together and they blowtorch will turn on

  7. Press the lit blowtorch onto the box that is in the fridge and you will see a date appear. If you see a number 18 appear, you have to go to the calendar on the wall and keep clicking until you find the date May 18. Look at the radio station number that corresponds with that date and then click the radio and tune it to that station and the scroll will appear.

The Science Lab

  1. Chalk - on the blackboard

  2. Click the chalk onto the blackboard and a number will appear

  3. Screwdriver - left side of the cabinet

  4. Microscope - on the desk

  5. Tap on the computer and place the screwdriver on it and a circuit board appears

  6. Paper clip - bottom right desk drawer

  7. Place the paper clip on the computer's circuit board

  8. Keypad will appear, type the number that is on the chalkboard

  9. Grab the lens that is on the top shelf of the cabinet

  10. Click the lens onto the microscope

  11. Click the top left corner and the scroll will appear

Chapter 3

The Attic

  1. Click on the box with the rope around it

  2. Movie projector - right side of the screen

  3. Clock - right side of projector

  4. Lighter - in front of projector

  5. Click on the side of the projector and a candle will appear

  6. Take the lighter and burn the rope that is on the box

  7. Pick up the lens and paper that is inside

  8. Attach the lens to the projector

  9. Place the paper in front of projector and an image will appear on the wall

  10. Press the 3 arrows on the wall to reveal the scroll

Toy Store

  1. Yellow gun - on counter

  2. Take the yellow gun and press it against the window to wash it and it will reveal a number

  3. Click on the cabinet that is next to the doll a numeric keypad will appear. Type in the number that was on the window

  4. Click on the red box and grab the piece of the railroad track

  5. Click on the train that is by the window sill and place the the track and the train there and push the red button.

  6. Take the key and unlock the cash register to receive the scroll

Chapter 4


  1. Pick up the jars that are on the cabinet and place them in inventory, make sure you match the labels on the jars accordingly. Only three jars go in inventory

  2. Click on the boiling pot

  3. Click on the crystal ball

  4. Voodoo doll - left side of the wall

  5. Click on the window

  6. Penny - by the stove

  7. Click the penny on the crystal ball and 3 alternating symbols will appear

  8. Drop the jars in the order in which they appear in the crystal ball into the boiling pot (a page will appear on the table)

  9. Place the page on the boiling pot and a voodoo doll appears, the voodoo doll will highlight certain parts

  10. Click on the false teeth ( they are over by the edge of the cabinet) and the pin cushions will appear

  11. Take the highest needle in the bunch and click it into the voodoo doll

  12. You must click the voodoo doll that's on the wall in the same place that are highlighted on the voodoo doll that is over the boiling pot

  13. You will know that it's correct when you see a glimmer each time you hit the right spots. You should have to do it 3 different times Scroll will appear

The Boat

  1. Telescope - left side of the counter

  2. Flashlight - left side of the counter

  3. Mug - right side of the counter

  4. Click under the cabinet and a numeric keypad will appear

  5. Click on the drain that is on the far right side

  6. Put the mug on the drain and a ticket with a number will appear

  7. Enter the number that appears on the numeric keypad

  8. A book will appear that has a Morse code written on it

  9. Look for the control panel that is on the left side of the counter and reproduce the Morse code that appeared in the book . For example, if you see one solid square and then 2 smaller lines followed by another solid square you need to input it in the following manner:

    1. hold down the large black button-a dark square should appear

    2. hold down the small green button to make the small line appear

    3. hold down the green button again

    4. hold down the black button again and the radar will appear

  10. Press on the steering wheel of the boat and you will see a handle appear on the right side of it, press on the handle to make the engine turn on.

  11. Start turning the wheel as to move the bearing as specified in the instructions and a boat will appear by the window

  12. Grab the telescope and click it onto the boat outside scroll will appear

Chapter 5

In the Garden

  1. Water bucket - by the gnome on the left side

  2. Clippers - left side of the shed

  3. Shovel - by the gnome that is on the right side of the shed

  4. Press the big rock that is by the gnome that is on the left side of the screen, it has a piece of paper attached to it

  5. Use the shovel to dig under the rock

  6. Click on the door handle and then use the clippers to break the chains on the door to the shed. Once the door is open pick up the paper

  7. There's a boot - right side of the shed click on it and it has a piece of gum on the bottom of the boots

  8. Put the gum on the bucket and fill it with water

  9. Take the bucket full of water and and place it on the rock a plant will begin to grow and move the rock. Grab the piece of paper.

Eye Check

  1. Red folder on the desk

  2. Lens - on desk close to chair

  3. Scissors and tape dispenser-bottom drawer

  4. Click on the books that are on the left side of the screen

  5. Click on the paper that is on the wall right next to the eye chart

  6. Click on the drawing next to that one. It looks like a circle full of confetti

  7. Click the scissors onto the red folder

  8. Click the tape on the red folder

  9. Click the red folder onto the confetti circle and a number will appear

  10. A numeric padlock will appear next to the confetti circle

  11. Insert the lens into the machine next to the confetti circle.

  12. Retrieve the lens from the machine (You have to use it twice)

  13. Place the lens onto the blurry paper next to the eye chart and read all 4 numbers that appear on it and type those numbers into the keypad.

Chapter 6

The Laundromat

  1. Click the middle washing machine

  2. Click on the first dryer and pick up the coins

  3. Click on the panel box that's facing the machines

  4. Click on the panel box that's facing the dryers

  5. Pick up a block that's on the floor next to the 1st dryer

  6. Pick up a block that is on the shelf on top of the washers

  7. Click the panel that is next to the dryer and place coins in the slot and press the middle button and a red bar will appear

  8. Deposit the coins again and press the last button and a blue bar will appear

  9. Place both those bars in inventory

  10. Press the middle washer and insert one of the blocks in it and then place a colored bar in as well. Deposit coins into the washer and wait for it to stop. Once the machine stops pick up the colored block and place it into the panel that is facing the washers. Repeat the same steps for the second block

  11. Once the second block is in you can proceed to the next level

The Basement

  1. Press the water pump that is next to leaking faucet

  2. Click the crate that has a letter stuck under it

  3. Grab the duct tape that's next to the broom on the right side of the floor

  4. Click on the newspaper clippings that are on the wall and you will see 3 colored trays. while you're in that bubble pick up the clothespin that is in the top corner

  5. Press the pipe that is next to the crate and the water faucet will appear

  6. Click the duct tape on the faucet

  7. Press the valve on the water pump and the water dries up

  8. Get the corkscrew that is on the steps

  9. Get the bottle that's on the far left side of the floor by the other bottles

  10. Open the bottle with the corkscrew by placing the corkscrew over the bottle

  11. Pour the bottle in the middle tray that is next to the pictures

  12. Hit the switch that's on the wall close to the pictures and the room will turn red

  13. Pick up the picture that is under the crate and dip it into all 3 trays starting with the first one. Then grab the clothespin and hang the picture on the wall on the water pump

Chapter 7

The Private Eye

  1. Ball of yarn - on the floor by the file cabinet

  2. Pick axe - behind the desk up against the wall

  3. Mouse - basket next to file cabinet

  4. Click on the 4th drawer of the file cabinet

  5. Click on the telephone (then the receiver twice in order to pick it up)

  6. Magnifying glass - on top of the desk by the papers

  7. Tape - on the glass by the window

  8. Click your mouse and the ball of yarn together

  9. Click the phone receiver and the mouse together

  10. Click the mouse on the tape (mouse has to go over the tape not the other way around or it will not work)

  11. Place the mouse by the hole in the wall (left side of the screen)

  12. Once the mouse goes in and comes back out you can retrieve the key from it and click it on the file cabinet. A document will appear place,the magnifying glass over it and look at the picture that forms. Look for that spot in the room and use the pick axe over it to get the scroll. The space on the floor is usually between the desk and the file cabinet.

In the Library

  1. Log - bottom of the TV screen

  2. Knob - under the table9 it looks like a pincushion)

  3. Lighter - under the table

  4. Piece of paper - on top 1st bookcase (By the horn)

  5. Belt - above the furnace, by the wood beam

  6. Place log into the furnace and then click the lighter on the furnace to turn it on

  7. Insert paper on the slot next to TV screen it will say "error"

  8. Place the belt under the TV screen and the screen will now read "ready"

  9. Insert the knob into the side of the TV screen and press on the knob, the screen will read "processing" when it stops two letters will appear for example:F and K

  10. Go to the books in the library and click the corresponding letters that you received and two sets of numbers will appear. The number on the left is the number that should appear on the left of the map coordinate that you will be looking for on the map. The number on the right will be for the right coordinate

  11. Click on the table and the map will appear, use your coordinates that appear on the books and look for it on the map.

  12. This one took me a while because I wasn't paying close attention to the coordinates. You have to make sure that the number that appears on the left is either positive or negative. If it has a negative sign make sure that the coordinate on the map says negative or you will be looking for a while. The coordinate on the right make sure if it says North or South. For the longest time I thought the "s" was a number

  13. Once you find the right coordinates move on to the next chapter

Chapter 8

The Tomb

  1. Skull - base of the Sphinx

  2. Hieroglyphics - back of the wall above the sphinx

  3. Click on the vertical tomb that has the 2 scales

  4. Click on the tomb with the mummy lying on top of it

  5. Click on the the mummy's head that's on the coffin

  6. Round wooden piece - in front of the coffin

  7. Place the skull on one of the scales

  8. Click on the end of the coffin and an hourglass will appear

  9. Place the round wooden piece on the wooden apparatus that is located on the side of the coffin and it becomes a dial for the apparatus.

  10. Move the dial so that it points to the first symbol on the wall. Then press the hourglass as many times as is written on the wall, move the dial to the next symbol, move the hourglass again, repeat until the whole code is entered.

  11. Once you finish the code and the skull appears by the mummy's head just place the skull on the other scale

  12. If you're not able to do understand the last part of the instructions there is a way to sort of go around it. Just click the dial on every position until the light shoots to the progress bar for every correct answer. Once you click the dial correctly once it will not penalize your next incorrect attempt. Just keep clicking until you get all the correct codes.

The Device

  1. Click on the easel

  2. Click on the machine that's on the table a green square with symbols will appear

  3. Follow the pattern that is on the easel onto the machine that's on the table

  4. Press the fish tank and buttons with symbols on them will appear

  5. The goal here is to program the machine to pick up the crystal that is on the far end of the tank and drop it into receptacle on the left in order to pick up the crystal. I will give you the solution to my puzzle and also how I arrived at that solution just in case the code changes with every game.

  6. Each button corresponds with an action. From left to right:

    • Button 1 - moves the crank to the right

    • Button 2 - moves the crank down

    • Button 3 - moves the crank left

    • Button 4 - moves the crank back up

    • Button 5 - grabs the crystal

    • Button 6 - releases

  7. You should experiment with the commands and see what they do. Press the first button and then press the green key and see what it does. Repeat that process with every key.

    • Green button on the right executes the commands

    • Red button on the right clears the program

    • You have to enter a total of 14 commands to make it work. The code for the one I did was: 1-1-2-2-2-5-5-3-3-3-3-4-2-6

  8. Once the crystal has been successfully picked up, click on the receptacle that is on the left side of the tank to get the crystal. Place the crystal in the silver candle holder looking thing that is next to the machine. Grab the scroll

Chapter 9


  1. Necklace - on the desk next to the binoculars

  2. Metal stick - next to the box that is on the edge of the desk

  3. Metal stick - far left side of the screen on the floor

  4. Click on the blue hand that is on the wall

  5. Rhere's a machine with a pointed needle located right under the inventory sheet, click on that and place both metal pieces under it. Once you place both pieces hit the lever to activate the machine

  6. Once the metal pieces have been soldered, place it on the yellow and black fuse box that's on the wall. Keep clicking on the stick until the red button turns green.

  7. Take the necklace and drag it on the wall until the noise gets louder and the amulet starts to have orange rays coming out of it.

  8. The second metal piece appears, push it into the fuse box until the other light turns green.

Balancing Act

  1. Click the scale that's on the floor (right side of the screen under the torches)

  2. Click the gold statue that's on the black column

  3. Pick up the stones that are located between the 2 torches on the right side of the screen. The goal here is to place stones that equal the weight of the golden statue. The way you achieve this is placing stones and the scale and trying to figure out if their combined weight equal the weight of the golden statue.

  4. You can only place a maximum of 3 stones on the scale at a time

  5. I can't give you an exact number on this one because I had to do it several times and the answer was different each time. Once I placed 2 stones and the other time I placed 3 stones

  6. The best way to figure it out is to place the idol on scale and watch where the white line falls under the scale, that's you want to strive for. The white line has to fall just under the scale for it to be correct

  7. Return the golden statue to the first black column. Once you weigh the stones keep putting them on the 2nd black column, once its correct the wall will open up and a code will appear.

  8. Once you're finished with that, you have to translate the writing using the dictionary found on the wall, then move the dial according to the translated writing. The code for this one changes as well but I will tell you the one I came up with and maybe that will help someone.

  9. Take the circle and watch the markings, starting from the top being the number one. I landed on these markings. 7- 2- 8- 3

  10. You can do like I explained on "The Tomb" puzzle above and keep clicking until you move the progress bar. Then click the scroll

Chapter 10

Birthday Party

  1. Red balloon - floor next to helium tank

  2. Stick - right side of the fireplace

  3. Tail - left side of the fireplace

  4. Darts - on the table

  5. Pin the tail on the donkey and a number appears

  6. Put red balloon on the helium tank and a number appears

  7. Click the stick on the pinata, candy will fall on the floor along with a piece of paper. Click on the paper and a number will appear

  8. Click the fireplace and a code will appear

  9. Click on the dart board and place darts on the numbered areas that correspond with the letters on the 4 papers that you found. Your goal here is to spell the word ABRACADABRA


  1. Key - on the radiator

  2. Metal stick - by coil that is close to the radiator

  3. Bell - middle of the desk

  4. Bell - by the black statue

  5. Put the key in the music box

  6. Bigger bell goes on the soldiers clock

  7. Combine small bell and silver stick and place that on the music box, a time will appear

  8. Ring the clocks in the order that appear on the paper.

  9. For example if it says:

    • cuckoo

    • wake-up

    • wake-up

    • soldier

  10. You have to ring clocks in that order, the cuckoo clock and the soldier clock by setting the minute hands to 12. Ring the alarm clock by setting the hands to match that alarm time shown on

Last Puzzle: Untitled

  1. Click the paper that is on the right side of the screen

  2. The clue says red twice and green once. Collect the three retorts, a blue, red and yellow and the bowl

  3. Click the red twice on the paper and then combine yellow and blue in the bowl and click the bowl on the paper.

Secret Code for Azada 2:

Magic Book


This is a strategy guide for the mini-games. Most of the mini-puzzles in the game are straightforward and self-explanatory. I will give you tips on the ones that I consider the hardest or just the ones that a few simple tips might help you finish the game faster.


Click on the dots and the machine will do the same. Take your time and watch the steps the computer is doing. If you click the wrong one the computer can get ahead of you by forming many tiles quickly.


This game looks hard at times but if you get in the habit of moving the pieces most of the time at the top or bottom of the screen, it should allow you to move your piece out

Torn Up Image

Just a simple puzzle. Always do the edges first and you should finish quickly.

Connect Three

It's a match 3 game which most of us are familiar with. In this one you have to click the tiles not slide them lie in most match3 games. The pieces don't have to next to each other to click on them, as long as the edges are touching you can match them. If you don't find too many matches just keep hitting refill and it will change the pieces on the board

Round and Round

I've never played this game before even though I had seen versions of it. The main thing to remember if there are pieces that are close together, do the ones that are in the corners and at the bottom first. Move the pieces higher by locking them into the highlighted squares.

The Pipes

Just remember that you can use the small floating pieces to close the ends of the pipes.

The Robot

You should calculate your moves quickly but smartly. Don't forget to program the arrows on the floor on top of the batteries. You can lay down arrows many steps at a time but if you hear beeping and your arrows start to flash, it means that you have to reprogram those buttons because they are about disappear and the robot will hit the wall.

Building Blocks

Main thing to remember is that the bottom tile is always yellow, the 2nd tile is always grey and the 3rd tile is always dark wood. If the picture on the right is a bit confusing then follow the numbered sequence on the bottom left.

The Chemicals

Click on any color and watch the paper on the right, it will have a series of symbols on it. Let's suppose you click on the color red and an x comes on the white page then the color red is not the first color of that code. You then click the color green on the page, now a check-mark appears next to the color green. That means that green is the first color, now you need to find the second color. Click on yellow, if an x appears next to the check-mark then yellow is not the second color. The page will now start on a different line. Click the green first because we have already established that it is the first color. Then click on the color purple, now you have 2 check-marks so you know that green is the first color and purple is the second color. Keep experimenting with colors until you get 4 check-marks. Once that is completed a number will appear on the screen just turn the dial on the lock to match the numbers on the screen.


The best way I found to achieve this one when it asked you to have only two pawns left was to eliminate the corner pieces first and work my way so that most of my pieces end up in the middle


This one gets me most of the time, the best tip I can give you is move the sticks around until one of them falls in the right place by flashing and just work around that piece and pay attention to what the instructions say about what shape it wants and what are the minimum amount of pieces that you have to move.

Hope this helps!


how am I suppose to finish the last puzzle in chapter 3? the one with the circles it will reveal a part of the painting please help


Ahyan, use mouse to drag outside circle until the light color is to the left. When you release it it will lock into place if it is correct. Then go to next one in, alighn with the locked one, all the way to the center. Hope this helps.


Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong in the Birthday Party? I am poutting darts on board in this order: Fireplace, Balloon, Donkey, Pinata.
I am trying to put them in the area below the number, but they don't stay there. I have also tried just clicking the numbers....ANYONE! Please I am on my 4th time around this group. About to get done before I am done am so irritated. Thanks!


FINALLY figured it out!! You don't put the darts in the board, you just pick them up, and click the number with the mouse pointer. Sheeesh! 6 times around to figure that out. Yes, I am tired of Azada!!


This was an awesome Game. Got everything first time around except I ran out of time on one of the chapters. Has anyone heard about the next game? I so want to play it! Phae's explanation is awesome! However the clockwork one was different on mine, so there may be some differences in what people get. But Have fun and don't let the game get to you!


I am going crazy, i can not figure out the last puzzle for chapter 3, the circles, its driving me crazy can anyone help me?


grrr I am having the hardest time with balancing act. i can't seem to find the right combonation of stones to balance the scale I have tried like 20 times and everytime I think it is right where it is supposed to be...nothing happens. Does anyone know the combonation or a trick to the stones???


Thank you azada junkie....I purchased game June 30, 2007 and really have done quite well on all the chapters leading up to Ch8 and the crystal device machine. Your combination is one that I would have never I can continue:)


Thank you Phae! I figured most of the game out on my own, but would have given up if not for your help a couple of times. It was easy to find you with Google. Hope you will be back when the next Azada comes out!

Anonymous March 1, 2008 4:36 PM

I am at the Balancing Act...and frustrated as I have opened the back wall, and found turning device...but where is the 'dictionary'????? I have spent too much time looking for it and cannot translate to finish the puzzle until I find the 'dictionary'


Library: I have the co-ordinates, 102 / 58N but when I get to 100 it then jumps straight to 104. There is no 102! What do I do?


I am on Chapter 3 with the SEQUENCES puzzle(star,circle,cover,triangle,etc..I get down to two or three blank squares and NOTHING works!I have spent waaaaay too long on this one and it is my last one to go on this chapter. PLEASE someone just give me a hint as to why this is happening.THANKS TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME!!!


I meant the SYMBOLS puzzle.The one that has the choice of different shapes.Triangle,circle,star,clover,heart,diamond,spade.


Never mind.Got it. Somtimes it works fine,sometimes not.Darnedest thing!


help please,,I am on the chapter 7's numbers game.... i keep trying different combos to get the number they are asking for and no luck. The numbers lite up and the + or - also ,, the fingers show as i do but no luck,, any hints?? thanks


Same touble with the numers gameOn the last chapters it worke fine,but I am having th same trouble.PLEASE let me know if you have fiured it out yet.THANS!

lavender March 18, 2008 1:59 PM

I am also at the Chapter 7s number game.I don't understand why it sn't doing the same as te other cahpters which was very simple addition and subtraction. Nowit just lights up but does not do anything.If you figured it out PLEASE let m know and I will do the same for you.


Got it. Just read the directions again and you will find out that they have changed. Now it is 3 numbers you have to have to get the eqation.


Where is the Magic Book ? I cant find it !!

Anonymous March 21, 2008 8:58 PM



Balancing act is like a padlock or safe combination # left #right


could someone help me with solution to the towers those rings get me crazy.


I have completed Azada! and was wondering if anyone has found out about the next book that is suposed to be comming out? I only had trouble on a few of the puzzles. the birthday thing was a headache and the tomb. i went in and lost on it several times then decided if i was gona waste the time trying it with out luck to use the clues that take 5 of ur min and i would know what to do when i had to go back and start over. it was kinda lame but worked for me any level you have trouble on ask the computer for help especially if you are going to have to start over any way, that way u start over knowing what to do this time round. if anyone know about the next book i would appreciate it!!!

crazyclaylady April 4, 2008 9:26 PM

Hi, I am in the library and am having some problems. I did everything I needed to, to get the cooresponding letters but when I get the corrdinares and click nothing happens. My son also has this same problem. Is there something we are missing? The first coordinates were D and J. I have read all the discussions on this game but haven't seen an answer to this question. Thanks for any help

skwarepeg April 9, 2008 6:20 PM


Make sure your coordinates are not showing a "-" in front of it. If you are at -50, for example, rather than 50, clicking will not do anything because they are the wrong coordinates.



For anyone having trouble with pawns. This is infinitely helpful. Not the fastest way I'm sure, but the only way I could finish

nimble May 1, 2008 1:58 PM

have almost finished. on clockwork,your hints, last sentence-ring the alarm clock by setting the hands to match that alarm time shown on ? what does this mean?waht clock do you use ?


I've got the Balancing Act!

Hey everyone. So like they all said, it's just like a padlock combination. The code of what you're supposed to enter is right below the dial. Each action will be 2 symbols, the first is a number on the dictionary and the second is the direction (ex. right 2, left 3, right 1, left 2). If you do the correct movements, the decipher code message won't come up! Good Luck Guys!


Thank you Phea for your posting of the guide.
I almost went to BigFish and was goig to use one of my
game codes to purchase the stratey guide !!!

Now I can now get through chapter 8 and that VERRY BORING connect 3 game.........
Can't wait for Azada 2 !!


Help everyone !!! I am only stuck on the Clock game now and can't seem to get the alarm clock to go off no matter what time I set it to and it's driving me crazy !!
I set the cookoo clock at 12 and it goes off, then I
set the soldiers clock to 12, and that goes off,
but ten I try to set the alarm clock off and it says I
must set it at a different time..........
all the clocks say 3 oclock and that doesn't work.......

What am I doing wong?
Thanks so much for all the tips.........


Went back to try it again and I can't seem to get no where......
it is getting verry frustrating and I hope someone can help me !!!!
Thanks :-)


LIBRARY: crazyclaylady or anybody: did u figure it out? I have all positive coord. now but I must be doing something wrong. It says "Protocol B: Go to 156", so I go to 156,0 and click but nothing happens. Then I go to the next coord. "Protocol I: Go to 24S", so I track 24 south and click, nothing happens! Should I instead click at the median b/w the given coordinates or what? I don't get it!
Thanks in advance..


If youre stuck on the clocks- keep in mind there are little clock faces inside the clocks.. it has something to do with those.. hope that helps

I have beat the game but am still wondering about the towers with 6 rings and the matchstick game with the fish- it seems like it should be easy but I cant get the matches to stay where I think they should go- obviously Im not putting them in the right place- if anyone has any tips please post them!

Melissa M Allemang May 30, 2008 11:31 PM

I understand that one has to use the little pipe things, but how? Is there a picture someplace that shows how to set the pipes? Help!

Anonymous May 31, 2008 12:51 AM


All pipes has to be connected, but one direction, a normal pipe, may end in a "little pipe thing".


someone please help us folks who can get out of chapter 3

anonymous June 22, 2008 12:08 PM

okay, so i finished all the pages, and i'm on chapter 6. The thing is is that i can't do the chapter puzzle. it literally won't let me do anything. I did the 60 min free trial thing on yahoo and then after that i get 5 min extension each time i reopen the game. the game closed right when the chapter puzzle was about to start and now it won't continue. i've tried clicking everywhere, going out of the parlor, "practicing" the mini-games but whenever i try and go back, it is still stuck with all the scrolls in place and the puzzle box won't open. can anyone help me?

Holly Tooker July 10, 2008 7:37 PM

I loved Azada and I love puzzles. Upthread someone asked if there were another game to recommend.
I would like to suggest you look at another Big Fish game, namely HIDDEN EXPEDITION: AMAZON.
This is part hidden object and part puzzle and it's lots of fun.
The graphics are great and so is the animation. There's a lot happening here.
What I really liked was a new feature: click on the name of the object sought and a silhoutte of it appears which can be a great help and doesn't waste valuable hints.
Along the way players have to figure out how to use various objects in order to obtain objects that you are seeking.
And then there are various puzzles which require thought and observation, patience and persistence.
I liked it a lot and was sorry when I solved it.


Has anyone figured out what the code (that is given) is meant for after you have beaten the whole game?


I am getting tired of repeating In the Library in Azada as it will not let me get to next part. Wonder if anyone else gave up on that.


I just down loaded this game... and man, was this review way off. Variety? I didn't see a lot of variety. In fact, the puzzles just repeated themselves, with only a marginal increase in complexity.

Don't spent the 99 cents. It's not even worth that much.

[Edit: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I stand by John's assessment, there is a lot of fun packed inside this game. The sheer volume of puzzles mixed with point-and-click games is very appealing and done in a way that supports chipping away at them one at a time, and in short play sessions. But not every game is for everybody. For the casual gamer, however, Azada gets it right where so many others fall short. -Jay]



hmm... I see that different :)
Eleven different minigames and nine chapters, where each is a kind of puzzle itself. In comparing with most of the games, declared as puzzle game, this is a huge variety.



@ Squalky

At which point are you stuck? Did you find the library part you need for the next chapter? If not, let me know at what chapter you are stuck, please.


Kailani7727 August 8, 2008 8:08 PM

Hey i played Azada a while ago and wrote down the the code (that is given) after you have beaten the whole game, but i lost it...and I don't have Azada the game anymore...Does anyonoe have the Code??? I would highly apreciate it THANKS!!!


I thought it was worth $.99, but not too much more. It was diverting for an afternoon, but about 2/3 of the games were more time wasters than anything else - a match-3 game that lets you endlessly reset the board? A subtraction game that amounts to doing the same few equations over and over?

I think the designers are talented, but I feel they need more real games/puzzles and less busywork in their next game.


I am really stuck at one of the puzzles. It's the square where you have to connect them before the magical powers do. Does anyone have an answer to this? I don't want to have to start over if I don't have too. I have used up all my little globes to skip the puzzle.


@ Karo

Don't try to make matches at the beginning.
First make all the lines, so that no one can make a match.
Take your time to have a look at it before you make a move

Greetings, Kayleigh


Oh, I see, it isn't enough that you've gotten me ADDICTED to this site, but now you are making me spend money, too! Well I'm having none of it! *storms off in the direction opposite of BigFish... and later sneaks back over to buy azada*

I love you guys


Does anyone else got a "buggy" version of the game?

I'm not gonna argue that for 99 cents I didn't get my value, but the game is acting up on me in the most frustrating ways. First the pipes level would not recognize I solved it, then the connect-three level reached the end of the bottom level progress bar and refused to acknowledge that I passed it and left me to connect three until I die. What's even worse, connect-three is probably the very worst puzzle of all.

Anyways, any hints how to get unstuck? I don't want to repeat the game from the beginning, yet I wasted all of my skip-orbs on bugs.. >:(



hmm... the best i have is: Have a look if you really have all blocks behind the tiles released. Its not that easy to see the diffrences.
And Im not sure, but some of the puzzles you can reset, mabye this one also?

Greetings, Kayleigh


Oh, and another tip - click on menu and read the rules. They change, so for example with the "maths" stuff, you have to use three numbers instead of two later on.

Or with the pawns, you are only allowed to have three or two left instead of four.

Maybe that is sometimes the problem

Greetings, Kayleigh


I did release all the blocks, and in the pipes I really did solve it so everything is connected. In fact, the bugs happened the second time those puzzles came around.

Also, I cannot find the way to "reset" the games and re-read the rules. I tried getting to the menu and back, but still it just brings me back to the game where I left it.

Oh well, I'll reset and try again. Thanks for the help!


I signed up for the bigfish games pack (chose the casual @ games) unless I cancelled I would be charged a monthly fee even once my 2 games were bought and paid for. Or so I was lead to believe. I ma y be wrong..


Whew... I'd glad I didn't pay more than 99¢ for this. The hidden object puzzles are alright, but the rest is filled with derivative, unoriginal bunk. Towers of Annoy and Suckdoku? Really? And "Memory", "Find the matching pair", and "Simon Says"? What am I, five? The two only passable puzzles, "Sliding blocks" and "Orbloxx", are two of the most cloned ideas on the net, and quite possibly the worst instances I've seen of either.

And on top of all that, while was dreading having to do a 10x10 memory puzzle on the later levels, I need not have worried: the puzzles don't actually get any more difficult as you progress. In fact, you have to solve the exact same 16 pair memory puzzle _four_ times over the course of the game! Same with MasterMind, Suckdoku, Connect the Shapes, Simon Says, Slider and Blocks. Identical puzzles, four times each.

At 99¢, I'm not convinced I got my money's worth.


re peg solitaire solutions
if you just do a search for peg solitaire solutions on google you should come up with loads

ThemePark August 14, 2008 4:57 PM

Turns out Jay was right about the 99 cents price. I just checked and they are in fact working on the next title in the series. ^^

Anonymous August 15, 2008 8:21 PM

Finished this in about 5-6 hours of play...does anyone know how to use the magic code at the end of the game?? It hinted that there was more to solve....


I think Azada is a great game; BUT!!
I cannot help but think there are some bugs in it.
In some puzzles,the computer sometimes does not acknowledge that the correct moves have been made!
Then there is one puzzle in which the computer opponent cheats; specifically, the squares puzzle.
I make my move then the computer makes its move and so it goes, turn and turn about unless a square is created and then the player can create as many as possible.
WELL, many times,when this occurs and I have a few squares to complete, the computer blasts ahead and doesn't let me complete them.
Has any one had this happen?


Merri: That happened to me too, but then again, I realized that it was because I didn't click in the right place. I saw a large chain of squares that were mine, then I rushed ahead and clicked in the wrong spot, which left the computer to say, "Oh, no it ain't, honey..."

A very good download. Some of the puzzles may have been weak in difficulty, but it was still an entertaining venture nonetheless. Even some of the "old chestnut" puzzles had me scratching my head in confusion. I look forward to what may come next!


Just for all, which are curious:

The Magic Code, you are given at the end of the game is not for this game.

You need it for Azada 2

Greetings, Kayleigh


What was the Magic Code at the end of Azada 1? I deleted it from my machine but now I found the need for it in Azada 2. Please help.



Please have a look at the post right above yours

Greetings, Kayleigh


Done everything for Birthday party--Use darts on my first number, but next ones won't work and I know it's correct sequence for spelling the word.

Clockwork--Again, have everything. Can't sett my clocks to correct time (2:00), doing in right order, but says "may need to find a different time".

These 2 have been biggest hangups of the game that I've had. Thanks for any help!


Hi - I have finished Azada 2 and like Veronica need the code from Azada 1 - can someone please tell me what it is?



@ Michelle,

The Code is MAGIC BOOK

Greetings, Kayleigh


@ Kelli

The clocks

The alarmclock does need another time. When you click on it and get a nearby view of the alarmclock, you see inside of it a little display with a number. This is the time for the alarm clock

The darts

You have to click the darts once for every paper you have at the clock. The word you have to spell is ABRACADABRA - make sure, that you really use the numbers in the right order, as some letter-combinations on the dartboard look on first view the same

Greetings, Kayleigh


I found the instructions very difficult to understand in most cases.I only paid the 99 cents offer. I am stuck on robots, squares,pipes, and matchsticks. I don't understand all the instructions.I'm not sure what I did right to pass all the time.I think they sold it for 99 cents and revised it because of flaws.I will be unable to finish it.But it was good for a dollar.


Hi. What is the code at the end of Book of Azada? I finished Azada 2 and CANNOT remember! Thanks!


To JIGuest:

The code from the end of Azada is:

Magic Book


Hello...I just finish the Azada 2 game and I need the code from Azada 1 at the end. I cannot remember. Can anyone help me? Please!

[Edit: The code has already been posted in a spoiler above. -Pam]


Help? I am on the device trying to get the crystal. I followed the code 11/222/3333/55/426. I got the hook to pick up the crystal once and then it dropped it. I have tried to click the crystal while it is being lifted, I clicked the hook, also the pan it is to be dropped in, nothing happens. Thank you for any help.


I just finished Azada 2 and I forgot the code that he gave us. If anyone remembers please send it to me



I posted the secret code three posts above yours.


I've done everything including entering the coordinances on the map.
The coordinances are F/G.
The F book says 54.0
The G book says 20s

Since there is no 20s I'm assuming that it is 20.0

I enter both coodinance but nothing happens. Stuck.

Anyone have an answer?



I can't get the game to save ! I put in my name and at some point, I choose "Save and Exit", and it looks like it is OK, but it always puts me back to the start with no chapters solved.



oh dear i have tried in the library and solve whole except the map i could'nt solve that how to solve this

Anonymous December 4, 2008 4:04 PM

I'm stuck on the sliders. I don't know what I'm supposed to do...can anyone help me? thanks so much :)


You just need to shift the light-coloured piece to the gap on the right. Each piece will only move in the directions indicated by their arrows.


[Edit: Sherry, discussion forums need to stay on topic of the game reviewed. Please visit the Return to Ravenhearst thread to leave your comment.]


I am stuck in the library can somebody please help me? Can not figure out the map!


Help! In the Azada game...what is the cryptogram message? I can't for the life of me figure it out!


Someone said they were having a problem with saving and you haven't addressed it yet. PLEASE help. Did I just got a lemon download or if there is a way of saving your current game :)
I'll be forever in your debt, Elly


In the device room does anyone know the sequence of the buttons to push to drop the crystal in the door? I can pick it up fine, and I think I am dropping it but when I click on the door it says "we may need to do something else first. What else is there to do?


I'm stuck on the Chapter 3 puzzle, Matchsticks.

I know how to make the fish face right, but the game won't let me do it at all. The only thing that I do that the game thinks is "correct" is to place a stick next to its bottom fin. The game won't let me do anything else and I'm running out of time! :( What on earth does it want from me?


Solved it. The game just wanted me to put the pieces in the right spots. :)

Hernking May 9, 2009 1:43 PM

My first comment on any game on here. Just wanted to say this is a great site and has led me to getting this game free. I'm really enjoying it!



Im getting incredibly frustrated, I have connected all the pipes on the pipes puzzle, no open ends,all good, and it wont recognise that ive completed it, i cannot carry on, heeelpppp


ok got to the end of the game and Titus gave me a secret word : "Cellar Door". went back to the parlor and randomly clicking on things led me to click Titus' portrait, it opens up to reveal a safe but I can't enter the secret word cuz some letters are missing...HELP!


Hi there, I need some help with the library puzzle. I know how it's supposed to be done and in fact have managed it a couple of times but my hand is just not steady enough to fix the co-ordinates together. There does not seem to be the opportunity to use an orb and the hint with five minute penalty just tells me what I already know - to fix and then click on the two co-ordinates. It is really becoming most frustrating as I can finish the rest of the chapter with plenty of time to spare.

Anonymous June 7, 2010 2:07 AM

I am stuck on the circle puzzle at the end of Chapter 3. I have tried every position for the outer circle (& the other circles as well) but it will not lock in. Any suggestions?

Anonymous October 1, 2010 2:49 PM

For those stuck in library. Add the coordinates together. Mine were 110 and 20N so I went to 110.20N and it worked!!


For those experiencing save game issues, try to save on the puzzle screen (the one with the puzzle pages) and NOT on the lobby screen (the one with the fireplace).


For the last puzzle, the final one, it is chemicals, sorta, with a recipe

rita5775 March 30, 2011 6:42 PM

For those of you having trouble with the Balancing Room code: don't enter the first number shown. There is a direction after the number. My mistake was that I was trying to go to the first number, then moving on to the next. But read it as 3 left, 5 right, 2 left or whatever the code is. The direction is always after the number. Hope this helps.

Matchsticks: Now can anyone help me? I need to change four triangles into three moving least two matchsticks. I've looked on all the matchstick puzzle sites I can find and don't see this particular setup. I'm stuck on level 9.

jennifer lee November 17, 2011 11:30 PM

I used the code to pick up the crystal, did not work, picks up the crystal, but it does not drop the crystal in the receptacle...playing the Azada on the Ipad, Please help!!! I can't get past the crystal, I'm stuck!!!


I'm also stuck on the crystal - the device. I can pick up the crystal from the fish tank and while I can then get the claw back to the left hand side but it won't say the crystal is dropped! help me please!!!!