I was reading about "Cloverfield" at movieweb.com and I noticed that an insider had commented that the monster was being referred to as "The Parasite" If you have ever read the HALO (microsoft video game) books, the Parasite is actually another name for the Flood... who can lay dormant for thousands of years until they have a host or hosts to to feed on or infect. The Parasite are involuntarily guided by what is called the "Gravemind" who is massive in size and is extremely smart. We all know that the Halo movie was proposed, perhaps it will make its way to the big screen sooner than we thought??....Doubtful! Having said that, a REAL Halo fan would agree and find a way to contradict this theory, but there are some similarities.....Im SURE it is completely unrelated but anyone with insight please respond.

ALSO---- Take some time to dissect the 1-18-08 trailer, and take a look at the graffiti on the roof scene and the street scene on the back of one of the street signs
at the end........


has anyone spelled out the combination in the first puzzle

Randall July 13, 2007 1:20 PM


Just in case you're all still interested on the Sekhmet idea- there's a huge asteroid named after her.

chicagorob July 13, 2007 1:23 PM

I just had a thought. What if this was all for Lost only? The show's 4th season starts in January.
I find it hard to believe that Abrams could keep a movie like this so quiet, without *any* leaks.
The Lost Experience last year showed us what could be done with some well designed and marketed internet sites and advertisements.
Why not make a wild monster movie seem just as real? To be honest, who are these actors starring in the movie, and why are there only four?
It just seems strange that this movie pops up out of nowhere and becomes the biggest, well-known secret this summer.

anonymous July 13, 2007 5:05 PM

can someone help me on puzzle 2? I don't get it.

can someone show me the letters?


Well I know many of you say that in the trailer the guy says "its alive, its huge" but why he would say its alive, I think it would be more logic if he says its a lion its huge or its a light ts huge or another hing but... alive????
And I really don't think its a cthulhu movie, just visit the site www.cthulhuthemovie.com


We just found www.slushozoom.com

Someone trying to get $$...?


So far the HALO makes the most sense to me based on the clues given.


he says "its alive, its huge" - as in implying that they recognize whatever this is, and recognize that it should be dead... as in godzilla dies at the end... or did he?
or maybe its even martiner than that ... dundundun...
Power Rangers!

Michael July 13, 2007 6:46 PM

New pic on 1-18-08.com


alright, so i went to ethanhaaswasright.com and all it is is a blueish circle with lights around it (not completely all the way around but close), is this a puzzle, cuz if so i dont understand, i cant click on anything, and it says Ethan Haas Was Right underneath it

does anybody know wat to do? cuz i have no idea....any suggestions? please help out


We all remember at the end of the last Godzilla when the egg hatches and the baby comes roaring out towards the screen as it cuts to black and the end credits......Maybe this is finally the sequel.... I personally would be disappointed if this is the case, after all the hype and excitement, I am hoping for something unique whether it be something we've never heard of, or the first live action movie of a character we all know and love....

Fredmeister July 14, 2007 7:47 AM

"I'm giving you guys a hint. This is the only place it is as of right now, it will probably spread. This is the hint...

go here: http://www.faruniverse.com" -Anonymous
I think it is a monkey with bongo drums.



New blog, one of the weird comments on that blog links to http://www.nzgamer.com/news-all-1810 this page.

Just paste it into word to see what it says.

It's going on about ragnarok, though.

Also, at one point it mentions that coordinates are off, and suggests shifting poitns by 73 degrees.

Lovecraft said that R'lyeh is located at 47°9′S, 126°43′W in the southern Pacific Ocean.[4] August Derleth, however, placed R'lyeh at 49°51′S, 128°34′W

Incidentally, there's also these co-ordinates:

According to NOAA, the readings yield a general location of the sound's source "near 50° S 100° W". The sound was given the name "Bloop".

Can anyone throw any light on this, that's all the co-ordinates information we can yield over here, but we're nto even sure the sites are official or not, it's doubtful, but worth a look.

hitmanxv3 July 14, 2007 2:40 PM
joaquin July 14, 2007 4:15 PM

has anyone emailed the address listed under customer feedback on slusho.jp???
maybe more hints will come if you do so???
i don't know but i am going to try anyways


I keep trying to go to the puzzle but all it does is show the screen where theres like a roung thing in the middle with blue lights aroung it. wat????

busymomma July 14, 2007 6:16 PM

This was in the source code

..war came, no longer from the elemental nor from the star's rain of fire. The world was again remade, and the glow was as the coming of the sun upon the Earth. The children of the gods were again too few, scattered and divided and among them walked the ancients and those whose thoughts were not as to the towers and the marvels, but to the End and the destruction of the Earth and to the fires from which nothing could escape


I've tried and tried with the fifth puzzle and even though I know what the solution is, it still will not work. I've tried refreshing the page and starting again and I've zoomed in to make sure I've spelt everything correctly but it's still not working. Please, if someone would be so kind as to tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd be very appreciative!

Michael July 14, 2007 6:45 PM

After checking some links, check out this.

I found this after searching for Noriko Yoshida, from the Slusho website. Happy Hunting.


a couple people mentioned that Ethan Haas was a character in the show The Class, well Lizzy Caplan, one of the actresses listed to be in Cloverfield, played Kat Warbler on the show The Class, a character who is good friends with Ethan Haas, and has romantic feelings for him, maybe they are connected or maybe i'm just bored

Randall July 14, 2007 8:38 PM

So if anyone's been on the Ethan Haas was right blog, you'll se there was a picture with some writing in it.

That writing uses IAST transliteration scheme (that's what the characters are, I guessed since the picture's name was san.gif)

Either way, I translated the IAST to sanskrit, sicne it'll probably be easier to translate was sanskrit. Maybe not, but it was something to do.

ल��...��-न��...सऋषटइक��...तइ��-रइव��... || ब��...ददह��...दऋषतइर ��...दह��"नमउख��...ं |
क��...षटएन��...लइखइत��... शआसतर��...ं य��...तएन��... प��...रइपआल��...यएत || ल
त��...ऐलआद ऋकषए ज��...ल��...द ऋकषए|द ऋकषए शइथइल��...ब��...ंध��...नआत

You can find the picture on here:

and it's from this blog:

Here's my IAST source:

If you find any faults, correct ti and email me, since I'm working on translating the sanskrit, so I'd like ti as accurate as possible.

busymomma July 14, 2007 9:45 PM

My take is that it is for the game Alpha Omega (the end is the beginning). It really fits and will be ready for a showing in August. I read a bit about it on http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=336739.

On the Mind Storm site it says:
Players find themselves in a richly detailed, post-apocalyptic Earth where mankind stands on the brink of extinction. Our planet is about to become the battleground for otherworldly creatures of incredible power as they wage an ancient war. The End of Times seems to have arrived. Are angels and demons walking among us, or is there a larger chain of events unfolding? All is not lost... Alliances are forming and mankind is learning to evolve and unlock its hidden potential... Heroes are emerging... heroes like you.

Seems like a fit.


They said the CLUE is the sound it makes. That is either a lion or dinosaur. I fyou go to Google and serach for "slushozoom", the meta tag displayed says
"Extinct does not always mean dead. The meek shall not inherit the earth."
DINOSAUR people!

Discovery news says:
Ancient Whale Was T-Rex of the Sea
Neil Sands, AFP

Aug. 16, 2006 - Scientists in Australia have discovered a fossilized ancient relative of the blue whale with a fearsome razor-toothed appearance that has seen it dubbed "the T-rex of the oceans".

The 25-million-year-old whale fossil has forced scientists to rethink the evolution of baleen whales, the placid giants which feed by using fine hair-like fibres in their mouths to filter plankton from the sea.


Michael July 15, 2007 4:29 PM

It's Lovecraft. All the clues fit in with his mythos. He wrote stories about a town that was given food from sea monsters that turned them in to odd creatures. According to the Slusho site, the crew finds a rare recipe in the ocean. Also with Slusho, you learn about a son who looks to continue his mother's mysterious work. Also from a Lovecraft story. Lovecraft paid a lot of attention to space, the ocean, and the artic as the most mysterious and menacing places. Two of those places have been highlighted in the clues (I expect something about Antartica to come out soon). The roar in the preview is also a reference to an otherworldly sound Lovecraft's beasts often make. Giants are also an important part of the Cthulu mythos, like in the Dunwich Horror, where a huge beast is summoned and raised by a mother and then her son. I also believe the Ethan Haas websites to be a part of the project. Abrams was definately trying to throw people off, since we're not supposed believe and trust Ethan's prophecies. And why can't we see the guy's face? It might seem cheesy, but I think it's because he has been deformed by the secret ingredient from Slusho, just like the town in Lovecraft's stories. Lovecraft fans will notice even more connections. It can't be a coincidence.


I think they made the slusho drink. There are primitive dinosaur remains in the drink. Upon drinking your 7th (you can't drink just 6) the remains are able to grow inside you as a parasite and dinosaurs are reborn on earth.


I just had my browser at http://www.1-18-08.com/ an after a set time it changed to http://www.betweenthestars.com/1-18-08.html .

No clue how long it took to change.


Ain't it cool news says: "To be clear, all the Ethan Haas sites are interesting and well-coordinated, but none of them have anything to do with CLOVERFIELD. Instead, they are marketing for an upcoming game called ALPHA OMEGA by Mindstorm Labs. "

Isn't this confusing! xD

hitmanxv3 July 15, 2007 10:29 PM

slushozoom is a gamejack from what I was told.

matthew Scott July 15, 2007 10:34 PM

Check this out... Now tell me this Ethan Haas stuff isn't related to Abrams...



I am trying to employ deductive reasoning, so these are a few things that I thought of:
Ok, you can figure that if the links are coming from a movie studio, they will have their own sites and will not be using geocities or yahoo, check the source codes.
We keep seeing things about Lovecraft and sea creatures, does the sound in the trailer sound like a sea creature? I snagged the trailer and put it in the audio editor, cleaned up a bit it does sound like a whale, but the spikes look more like an elephant. Slowed down, the guy is saying, I've seen it, it's alive, and it's huge! I am comparing the sounds to canned sounds from an effects program and not live animals so take that for whatever it is worth.
If the creature is Cthulhu, then this is very very loosely based on Lovecraft. In Lovecraft's version Cthulhu didn't stomp on New York City.
The other thing about Cthulhu is that they are already making a movie about it, so says Imdb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0478126/ It is supposed to come out this fall. That is why I don't think they would use it again.
That is all I have so far, it may help, it may not.

Side note, Alan Moore used the Cthulhu mythos of a giant, telepathic, squid creature from outer space exploding in New York City, in the Watchmen. Nothing to do with this, just cool!

Anonymous July 15, 2007 11:21 PM

just some lame guy trying to be funny but he looks stupid!


How in the heck do you guys see letters in the second puzzle? It all looks chinese to me!


the letters in the second go in alphabetacle order, i cant see my self finishing the third one, nor can i see myself reading through everything said here, not that i dont want to. so, what is this all about? i saw a trailer in the movies and posted something about it since i saw no name, somebody replied by giving me a link to the site, is this an official site? is it something to do with the movie? is this real? im so confused, well ill keep trying but i suck at peg games.


http://www.bloopwatch.org/thebloop.html The sound on there (slower version) has a vague resembalence to it, but not much of one. Worth persuing or not?


FYI everyone. Ethan Haas was a character on "The Class" (Jason Riter's character to be exact).

Lizzy Caplan was also on that show...she's in this flick.


Abrams has nothing to do with the show...

[Edit: Steve - this has been mentioned several times before. -Jay]

intheknow July 17, 2007 12:03 PM

1-18-07.com and slusho.jp are the only two sites confirmed by badrobot as being official.


There is a similarity in the graphics used inside the flash movies in the haaswasright.com and chutulu.com sites. After decompiling them I see that there are two cloud/smoke symbols (in the begining) that are alike. Could just mean the same company made them OR they are linked in some other way or just luck they used the same symbol in the same way (which is possible).



looks like a big ape with long hair on its head
but what the symmetrical shapes r i dunno.

is that red arounf them blood?
is it another monster attacking a giant king kong ape thing?


in the site i posted above

the background image name is 5Leo1.jpg

leo=lion! ahhh hahah
this is so ridiculous!


PS why would we be afraid of a sea squid... just stay out of the water...

yeah the sound sorta sounded like a grizzly bear to me



ALSO, theres a demon in the girls hair on 1-18-08.com and if you watch the trailer, as they run in the door on the roof, theres a brief flash and to the right of the door it clearly says ZOOM ACE

on slusho.jp, if you point the mouse at the very left bubble the horse says "SLUSHO ZOOOOM!"

and since slusho is CONFIRMED related to the movie (aside from the fact that the kid on 1-18-08.com pooring the shot in robs mouth is ALSO wearing a slusho shirt) and both have the same thing, i can only assume its a clue



save the BG image (its even labelled 5Leo3.gif), open in photoshop (apply filter: chalk and charcoal) it will reveal a lion in that picture. if you dont have pshop email me and ill send you the result.



the image of the girls IS indeed "ONE" picture of a girl, not two... sliced in half. reassemble the image to see in photoshop. email if you want the image.

MArie-PIerre July 17, 2007 7:39 PM

Heres the Cloverfield trailer...


The image between the two girls photo is a lion, from hindu mythology a LION FACED GOD called narsimha is there.. may be this movie is pointing to that. Its just my opinion

more on project cloverfield

projectcloverfield July 17, 2007 10:37 PM

the image between the two girls is a LION for sure.. and according to hindu mythology there is a mention of a HINDU GOD who is HALF LION and HALF HUMAN who killed a demon king.

google please.

project cloverfield


i dont know if we stopped talking about 1-18-08... but i just worked out ethan haas is an anagram of he has satan, maybe that could be what the 'monster' is? would certainly fuel the repetition of six, and the devil in the girls hair theories, and he can rain down fire


if you google the mezin it comes up with a richard peck book and ethan haas is a prophet who knows about some war coming in august. it's weird.

Heretic July 18, 2007 4:36 PM

Can someone give me a walkthrough for the third puzzle? I SUCK at that game.


there are two girls in the picture. not one girl sliced in half. one of them is black. hellooooooo? stop making things up to make this seem more mysterious.

DuesExMachina July 18, 2007 6:58 PM

Can anybody tell me how the Ethan Haas link was made in the first place to Cloverfield?


it's an image of ONE girl. i spliced them together it's that easy silly. do it an you will see. geeze.

puzzle 3 is trial and error, like checkers just jump the dots until only ONE is left... took me only one shot the 1st time, but now i can barely finish it!

chuckster July 19, 2007 12:33 PM

Has anyone tried doing the puzzles (once they have all been completed) in a 54312 order?


Was just told maybe its about the Rampage video game
after you drink six drinks you turn into a large creature.

Michael July 19, 2007 8:58 PM

Hey everyone, check out this site.

Read the press release.

Michael July 19, 2007 9:21 PM

This site will tell you what to do with the Triton website.

Just to let you guys know, I didn't find this on my own, I just stumbled across this on the internet.


Just wanted to point out that the hexidecimal code for the background color of www.1-18-08.com/ is #161616. Another tasty dish of sixes.


a couple of random things i have noticed while following this saga.

1. just so everyone knows the spoiler pattern for the 4th puzzle given on this page, and many others out there, does not work. try it. you tell me if you get that sequence to work....

2. the number 6 reference discussed does not necessarily have anything to do with Satan or the devil. revelations was an apocryphal book written by the apostle John while imprisoned on a remote island by the romans. at the time each apostle had their own church or following and they wrote letters regularly to encourage their followers. because of his imprisonment John was not able to get information off to his followers without it being filtered by the romans. so he wrote in code. the romans thinking he had gone insane could care less what he sent out. the more crazy writings John produced the more he would lose credibility. the "number of the beast" or "666" has nothing to do with the dark under lord. it stands for anything incomplete. if "777" is God's number or the number of completion than anything not God is incomplete, including us. we are not perfect like God therefore incomplete. so if the number 6 has anything to do with this movie it can be as simple as referring to ourselves. perhaps we destroy the world not some beast.

3 the picture of the two women on the 1-18-08 website has an interesting flaw. look at the eyes. the women on the right has two light sources showing in her eye, while the women on the left has only one. they are not looking at the same thing. or at least not in the same direction. do not make the mistake of thinking the two are terrified of the same thing...


id like to amend my first comment. the spoiler pattern does in fact work. i found my own way but tried it again just to be sure and that pattern works as well.....


I just finished all the puzzles and it took me forever. I wonder whats goin down on Agust 1st?


So I got to http://www.279fh7691.com/ but couldn't read that, could anyone help? (It's in English I think)

hitmanxv3 July 23, 2007 11:10 PM

Just went to a local shop with movie posters and found and interesting one. It was one with the sol head cut off and new york all in smoke. The title on the poster said "Monstrous". Can this be the title of the 1-18-08 movie?


with regards to http://www.279fh7691.com/

it says:

June 2, 1?49 (second digit for the year too illegible)

I awake - the dream was of a flaming ring falling to its center turning as(?) water. All round(?) it were (?) of fire and energy as the heat of the flame twists the world around it.

I felt no(?) fear(?). The ring turned around me and I saw (?) beneath (?) the surface were(?) many(?) rings, balls of fire and of light, turning to no end and I know now that the creation and oblivion were its purpose.

The cycle.

The beginning and the end.


I don't have any thoughts about this, it just seems redundant... but this website just strikes me as odd as when I checked its source, the only thing within the HTML, and the main page itself, was this image which is also in the root of the directory.

Might someone try to get info about the domain name and such, instead?

Anonymous July 24, 2007 1:50 PM

I cant get the 4th one any help?!?!?!?

Anonymous July 24, 2007 4:42 PM

ok I'm totally unfamiliar with this stuff. I understand that ethan haas was a character on the class but what does he have to do with this stuff I'm totally confused?

[Edit: I would recommend that you just forget The Class reference that people have brought up, as I am fairly certain there it has nothing to do with this Ethan Haas. -Jay]

Anonymous July 24, 2007 4:54 PM

i still dont get all these different sites and stuff talk about games and different movies all i know is that i watched the trailer for it on quicktime and it looks pretty good but anyways the web page with the old letter is "schedar" and one of the cassiopeia stars is "schedir"


I think the line yelled in the trailer is not "It's alive, it's huge!" but rather is "it's a LION, it's huge." One of the first theories on 1-18-08 I heard was that it's a Voltron movie. Has that been debunked?

spectre July 24, 2007 9:44 PM

all i can say is they have gone to pretty good lengths to keep any info on this going out. in the trailer for the movie the guy does say "it's a lion i seen it it's huge" but how do we explain the explosion? is it possible this is 2 seperate events? that have been linked to a trailer to keep us all guessing?

looking at what we have been given so far:-

1) for those who have went to the ethan hass site and completed it without giving too much away i'd say it's maybe something to do with the appocolypse?

2) at the end of the puzzle were told august 1st and asked if we want to set a reminder going by the site so far i think were info ore puzzles and no answers.

3) I've done 5 whois checks on the domain ethanhaas.org everyone of them comes back as the same. no registrant name just pointed to a blank server address however on virtualnames.co.uk we do get an address in arizona but nothing else if you take another domain like this one we get details and an address.

all i can say is JJ Abrams has gone to good lengths to keep this hush hush and i'll end with

roll on august 1st

Anonymous July 25, 2007 11:48 AM

Its already been said by JJ Abrams he doesnt have nothing to do with ethan haas! Also it has been proven that the guy doesnt yell "Its a lion!" He yells "Its alive, Its Huge!"

Tom Foster July 25, 2007 2:38 PM

Ethan Hass is from a film called D-War, about Dragons and such forth fighting it out.

I have put the trailer on some of my space:


and the IMDB Profile can be found here:


(still cant beat that pesky 4th puzzle, cant get anything to move)


I'm doubting the connection with DWar, too. That seems too much like a cheesy monster B-movie. The Ethan Haas mystery seems out of character for a movie of that type.

Tom Foster July 25, 2007 3:28 PM

Yeah, i realised after that its not anything to do with D-war, just both have a main character called Ethan, and a city being torn apart...

sorry about that, but appears to be alot of similar films, board games or whatever coming out.


I uncovered the coded words on ethanhaaswaswrong.blogspot.com

Go to ethanhaasuncovered.blogspot.com to see the uncoded words.


I went over to http://library.thinkquest.org/C006353/engl.html and took a look around. I'm still not sure if that site's legit, but I'm wondering if anyone else thinks that the symbol on the "Life-Giving" page looks an awful lot like the Rambaldi symbol from ALIAS. Possible connection or more coincidence?


I went on that slusho website and did anyone else notice there are 6 flavors of slusho as well?

Mitsui-Senpai July 28, 2007 5:57 PM

I just want to repeat one thing that many people keep typing: Ethan Haas has nothing to do with Project Cloverfield, but I believe that it is viral marketing for a game and the game might be coming out on August 1st. This info is just a mix of all I found out about Ethan Haas AND Project Cloverfield.

Anonymous July 30, 2007 2:36 AM

ok i dont know know if anyone has noticed but on the slusho site one thing it says is "slusho is people" OK now does anyone remember -Try Soylent Green- Soylent green is people!!!!!


I found something hidden in the puzzle. After you beat the 5th puzzle you have the option to scroll through the other puzzles. Just click the last one on the list and it will close and open again. When it closes for a brief second there is a hidden line of text titled "CKROX" I have a screenshot of it here


1-18-08 USA (promotional title)
Clover USA (fake working title)
Cloverfield USA (fake working title)
Slusho USA (fake working title)


As you can see Slusho, Clover usa, and Cloverfield are all fake working titles. The promotional title is 1-18-08. I am not sure what kind of movie we are dealing here with but I know for sure its not Godzilla (a thing not owned by paramount) Voltron (It would been obvious.) In the trailer the guy says "I saw it! It's alive! It's huge!" not "It's a lion!" If its alive then its not a robot it has to be an organic form. The picture of the two girls on the 1-18-08 official website are LOOKING UP if something was behind them then they would of been looking more frantic and looking straight ahead running. Also there are also times on the the pictures and it says 12:36 AM which leads me to believe that these girls have NOT seen the monster yet. Right now the only logical reason the monster could possibly be Cthulhu even though this also hasn'tt been proven yet. I think all we can do is wait until the movie comes out or wait until more pictures show up on the http://www.1-18-08.com/ (the official movie site)

Randall July 31, 2007 7:33 PM

Wtf, yo!

I just went back on the site, and it's Technically August 1st over here, so it was in vain hope that something would be up, but instead it just decided it was a good idea to unset all the puzzles I'd completed. Luckily I've made so many people do them it only took a short while to redo i, but still. What an irk.


i disagree with Fenrir's statement that the "thing" has to be organic. by the people in the crowd acknowledging the creature being alive and huge they seem amazed and surprised by not only the size but the fact that it is indeed alive. if i saw a lion or a bear or the million other suggestions on what it could be, regardless of its size, i would never remark "its alive".... this leads to the only logical conclusion, what ever "it" is it was not supposed to be living. robotic is one reasonable answer, but in no way the only one.

Anonymous August 1, 2007 1:27 AM

when exactly on August 1st (today) is something suppose to happen


Well, I just re-re-re-re-rewatched the matrix trilogy and the animatrix, and the background looks nearly exactly like it does in one of the films. I think it's either the matrix or animatrix. It's prob just a coincidence.


What happens August 1st?



Whoa! check this site out!



Check these out too!

http://417stjneh.com/ and www.6ld9102.com


I think that the alpha omega game, slusho site, and the cloverfield stuff is all just a bounch of fake stuff that goes with the movie but was made to throw everyone off. If you read the description about alpha omega it sounds alot like the site which i am almost positive had to do with the movie.

luckysevenink August 1, 2007 10:37 AM

Okay, I went to ethanhaaswasright.com this morning (8/1/07), and nothing has changed! When are we supposed to get our promised revelation?


This message from Van...

Time is running out!

If this is the first message you have received from me do not give up hope! There are others that have gone before you, the way has been found, you only need to search and you will find the answers you seek. We will all have a role to play. We are getting stronger, our voices will be heard!

I have more of Haas's writings, I found a secure way to transmit them but I cannot make it easy to find them. There are others who would destroy them if they could.

know the stars of Cassiopeia and you will know when you've reached your destination.

The more I read the more I realize Haas was right………



If you checkout www.1-18-08.com they have added more pix


If you listen to the trailer close enough the man does says "It's a lion. It's huge". It doesn't make sense to say "It's alive". Of course its gonna be alive. It just ripped the Statue of Liberty's head off. lol


Does any one know what's spose to happen now? it's 10:35 here any still nothing what now?


it actually says its alive its huge! not its a lion its huge

doesnotcomputer August 1, 2007 1:46 PM

It's 18:43 here in Ireland, and nothing's happened yet, I googled to see if JJ Abrams released a press statement, but there's nothing fresh on the internet! However, when I visited the site www.ethanhaaswasright.com , I just get the logo, it doesn't load the game. weird. I'll check the other sites associated with the movie later tonight.


ok i just went on to the 1-18-08 site and did anyone notice that you can flip the photos over? i shook them vigoressly and they turn over they have a few messages if you use this in a video please give credit Tyler Griswold


well its noon time on aug 1st and nohting has happend on the ethanhaaswasright.com right


DId anyone Notice on the Cloverfield Trailer any of the subtle things such as:

The 'Mystery Street' sign in the apartment? That has something to do with New Orleans, perhaps alluding to Lovecraft
The White Circle on the back of one of the guys shirts as they run out of the apartment into the streets?

Confused as hell.


i just googled Cassiopeia, it's a constellation, and the weird part, the stars that make up cassiopeia have the same names as some of the urls for ethan's journal pages...