Help! 132 Is Another One Of Those Really Difficult Ones (Or Im Just Being Stupid?)! Ive Been Stuck For 2 Days Now =[ Help Anyone?

Dancer5678 August 2, 2007 2:56 PM

have you fixed level 105-108?

airuhkuh August 2, 2007 3:31 PM

I've had to look at the cheats quite a bit (I don't think I have the patience some of you do! haha). But I was just wondering if there is a method to the madness or it's just trial and error for figuring this out? I was lucky on one level early on because I realized only a few pieces would even be able to move below this huge piece..but now it's not so easy.


Dancer - don't those links work for you? I just checked and they opened the pictures for me.

Emz - 132?? You're going to have to wait for the rest of us to catch up it seems. I'm only on 116 although since 107 it's been pretty easy. I just putz with it once in a while now since I've gotten a little burned out on it all.

Airuhkuh - it's pretty much hit and miss. Just start sticking the pieces together and see what you get. On really hard levels I try starting in different areas of the board. Try building at the top then work down - you look at the pieces differently. Lately I've been building in the middle of the board and working on all sides which seems to move along pretty well. Just have all the pieces strewn all over the place then start fitting together the bigger pieces in the middle. This has the advantage of being able to move the whole thing in any direction if you decide you want to add a layer to this or that edge. Know what I mean?

Maybe I'll make a slideshow to show what I mean.

Maybe we're taking this way too seriously.

Maybe it's just me. :P


They Are Much Easier After Level 107 Though, So Im Sure You'll Get To Level 132 Soon (Hopefully =]) I Dont Think Were Taking It To Seriously Cos Its Fun Lol... Maybe Thats Just Me?

moonbeam August 4, 2007 1:36 PM

Why I Am A Phit Phreak

by Moonbeam

Phit is pretty. Phit is phun.
Phit is good for everyone.
Phit gives your brain a zing
And makes your carpal tunnel ping.
Phit is good to play all the time,
Tho' it doesn't do much for my rhyme.

Sorry about that. Got a little giddy. I just made it to level 100!



You see Emz? It obviously ain't just me

Poor moonbeam there has fallen out of his tree

starlight August 5, 2007 8:23 AM

A run of fairly easy ones after 132. But now I've hit another real stinker at 146. I'm up to 2258 moves already :( Has anybody else got this one?


Good Grief people, how do you get so far ahead? Don't you have lives or anything??

Sheesh... I'm still playing with 137

Emz did you ever get 132? I have pics to post as a walkthrough as soon as I get 'em uploaded to Photobucket.


Yeah, 146 is a real roadblock ain't it?

Ever get anywhere with it Starlight?

starlight August 5, 2007 6:52 PM

Nope. I eventually abandoned it and moved on to 147, but that's nearly as bad, although I've not been at it long.

It's strange that they vary so much, as I breezed through from 132 (which held me up for a little while) and got most of them at the first try.


can anyone help me with 114 yet??


Moving right along we have levels 109 through 145 here






































starlight August 6, 2007 1:41 PM

Yay! Fresh eyes this morning FINALLY got me 146! I was beginning to think it was impossible.

Up to Level 155 now.


HEY Starlight! You can't do that!

Where's the picture or diagram of 146????

Good GRIEF! ! !

starlight August 6, 2007 3:14 PM

Sorry! Forgive me, I wasn't sure what to do.

I only have screencaps of 146 & 147, because they were so hard. Am I supposed to be keeping pics of all of them?



I hope I've done that right. I'm new here :)



Nah Starlight, you don't need to keep pics of all the levels. It would be helpful if you'd keep a shot of the really tough levels you finish but you don't "owe" anyone here anything.

I started putting together lists of the finished levels just to organize it for myself but eventually found I'd inadvertently volunteered for the job. In case you hadn't noticed I've become obsessed with this dang game so I keep going with the cheat pictures. Well, that and now that I have the list saved as a word file it's pretty easy to just add more levels to the thing.

Thanks a million for the shot of 146! Good LORD was I getting frustrated with that thing!

starlight August 6, 2007 7:09 PM

Glad to help, AaronzDad. I know just what you mean!

I struggled along alone until 79, 86 and 89 had me stumped and I nearly gave up. In desparation I looked around for help and found this place, and your pics were a lifesaver and inspired me to carry on. Now I'm determined to finish..... and yes, I'm spending way too much time on it! My times are a bit misleading though as I just leave it running and dip in and out of it, but my moves over 3 separate goes on 146 were 3,500+ !

Another niggly one at 155:


Yeah Starlight that's the way I am too. I have to FINISH the game or I feel somehow beaten by it. Then again this game reportedly has 9999 levels so maybe we're in over our heads? I've played level 999 after which it rolls around to what it says is "Level 100" however it is NOT like the level 100 we've already done so I'm assuming it's an oversight on the part of the creator and the last digit of the four won't show up in the headline of the game.

It's funny how some of the other regular posters here have fallen by the wayside. It seems Carl, Stuart, Leah, and even Dancer apparently have decided that 100 levels is enough.

I had two or three sessions with 146 too adding up to more than 4000 moves and God knows how many hours. What IS wrong with us??

Well JIG here is starting yet another game design challenge so maybe we'll find a new obsession soon huh?

In the meantime I'm stuck on 154 - how'd you get past that so easily to 155??

starlight August 7, 2007 7:37 AM

Yikes - 9999 Levels! I don't know that I'll get that far. I thought 200 was the end. For now, I think I'll go to 200 and then do them more occasionally.

I hadn't kept 154 as it didn't give me too much trouble, but I've done it again - just for you :D Voila!

Level 154

From 157 onwards (currently 163) I'm keeping them all, so just let me know if you need any.


nah, i'm still here.

only on 111, but been a bit busy recently, so not much time to play it.

i also played 999, really quite simple. i guess it does roll over to 1000, but doesn't show the 4th digit

moonbeam August 7, 2007 8:59 AM

AaronzDad, how did you get as far as 146??? I haven't even had time to get to 101 yet! But thank you and all others who post the cheats! I couldn't have done 89 without it.

Did I apologize for that wretched poem? Hope so. I was just soooo glad to get to level 100.

Well, today's my day off work, so let's see how far I get. You may be seeing a plea for help before long...


I thought the poem was funny moonbeam! :)

And Sorry Starlight! I should have written again before I went to bed last night. I got past 154 finally and I'm on 161 now I think. Terribly decent of you to actually re-do a level for me though. Thanks!

Welcome back to the circus Carl. And here I thought you were the saner of the bunch... I know what you mean abut busy. I find myself taking more time than usual when I stop for lunch and I know I'm wasting waaaay too much time with this thing in the evenings.

Maybe I'll write to the game's creator to let him know about that fourth-digit thing. No doubt we'll be needing that shortly... . .

God help us.... . . .


Level 162

The easiest level since... level 4?

What gives with this game anyway

starlight August 7, 2007 3:37 PM

Yeah, it's weird. We're on a string of easy ones again - I've just done Level 173 in 2 mins, 35 moves and not a single correction.

starlight August 7, 2007 3:51 PM

..... and no sooner have I opened my big mouth, than up pops 174, which is NOT an easy one!


Hey thanks for the help Aaronzdad, it was funny how after I complained on here about not being able to do level 132, I did it really quick! And then I got stuck on 137 lol never mind! Thanks so much, much appreciated! Your cheats are coming along well...

starlight August 7, 2007 8:03 PM

OK. I officially declare 174 to be the new nightmare. There just are not enough horizontals. 3000 moves later, I'm no further forward. Forlornly waits for AaronzDad to get there to help.


Who are you kidding??

I'm waiting for YOU to finish the dang thing and post a cheat!!

Three or four times I've gotten down to just a single two piece block but the one I had free was vertical and the opening was horizontal.

I've started taking pictures of it when I get there. I'll post some of them so maybe someone else can see the move or moves I'm missing and we can get past this cursed level.


Up to almost 5000 moves on level 174 and still no dice.

Here's the close calls I've had so far

Anyone else get close with the dang thing??

Dancer5678 August 8, 2007 9:42 PM

nah, i havent quit on this game yet Aaronzdad. i havent written for a while though. im stuck on level 107. I used to around the same level as everyone else and now im so far behind. ive just been so busy.

if anyone has the cheat for 107, that would be greatly appreciated. =) thanks.


Hey Dancer 107 is posted up there with the group 101 - 108

Just scroll up a little ways and you'll see a list of spoiler buttons up there. Posted July 31 at 5:14pm if that helps you find it on the page.

Over 6000 moves on level 174 and I'm still no closer to solving the damn thing than I was when I started.

Don't worry Dancer, I think we'll all still be here when you catch up. This thing is a killer.


Hey all does anyone have the cheat for 163?? I think I'm just being really dumb because no one else was stuck on it =[[


Lol that always happens, just after I post a help message I always do it! So don't worry and thanks!

starlight August 9, 2007 12:38 PM

AaronzDad, I sent a post yesterday, not long before your "Up to 5000 moves" which included pics of a selection of my efforts on 174, but it hasn't appeared. I'm not sure if it was rejected, is still waiting for approval, or just got lost, (although I received the usual acknowledgement) but as there are later posts, I'm assuming the latter. If you want me to send it again, just let me know.

Like you, I have been very close a few times, but can get no further, and am beginning to wonder if there might be a mistake in it. Would this be possible? Although, looking at your pics none of them are the same as mine, so there are obviously numerous possibilities, but we just don't seem to have the right pieces. It seems strange that this one is SO difficult, as I've just sailed to 200 without any trouble. I'm unsure whether to perservere with 174 or write it off as impossible.


Emz you were thinking too hard. :) They're all pretty easy until you get to level 174. As you can see from the comments here 174 is radioactive.

Yeah Startlight try reposting the link to the pics of your attempts at 174. Did you put it in a spoiler button? I don't know why we're doing that since you can't see the picture without clicking the link but maybe Jay has it set up so that's the only way a link can be posted. I'll recreate your close calls and see if perhaps I can finesse 'em around some. Maybe you could do the same with the ones I posted.

I can't imagine any level is impossible since they're all computer generated. Anything can happen though right?

I had over 6000 moves and more than 30 hours on the dang level when a java script in a different browser window froze up my computer and I had to reboot. Oh well. :)

starlight August 9, 2007 3:40 PM

OK, here they are again. Yes they were under a spoiler button, but were all separate and now I have cropped them more like yours.

The 2nd one of mine is probably my best, with only 2 spare.

I have played around with yours quite a bit (in particular the 2nd, 4th and 5th) but still can't get them to fit.

Still continuing with it for the mo, 7000 now, it is SO frustrating!


Well Starlight I've worked with some of your close calls and managed to wrangle 'em around to a few more close calls...

but still no dice.

I've written to Jeff Wofford in hopes of learning there's a bug in level 174 but we all know that ain't gonna happen.

I'll give it a break for now and attack it again later this evening.

Something is going to give soon. Maybe my brain

starlight August 9, 2007 9:29 PM

Another close one:

I am rather hopeful of this one, as if you leave the lefthand side alone, there is lots of jiggling that can be done between the middle and the right, but I am too tired now. I have thought I had it several times, but there is always a niggly one left. So near and yet so far!


Yea probably am thinking too hard cos I wanted to catch up with you guys! Just reached 174 and I see already that its a massive problem! I think I might come back to it later, God its annoying when theres no single pieces to fill in gaps =[


Skipped to 174 to see what I could do with it. So far, I'm coming up empty...


HALLELUIAH !!! !! !! ! ! !

Thank GOD Jeff wrote me back and INCLUDED the solution for that abomination we call level 174!


Hey Starlight - here's some of the close calls I got from working with yours

If you study our close calls and then reflect on the final solution you'll see...

we never even got close did we?


Here's some of the other technical data Jeff imparted to me in his letter:

**Begin Quote**

Never Doubt The Phit! I am 99.9999% certain that all Phit levels are solvable. They are generated by computer, and here's how it works.

The computer begins by creating a random "tray" of pieces. This is the solution--or at least one possible solution.

Next, the computer shuffles the pieces over many iterations--200 to 4000 depending on how high the level is. Actually, all levels after 100 are the same difficulty numbers--the actual difficulty is just a matter of chance.

Shuffling a piece means picking a random direction and a random distance and moving the piece that way until it hits another piece or the edge of the "board".

Once the computer is finished shuffling, it makes sure that all of the pieces are out of the tray. If not, the computer starts over with a new tray.

That's why you can have Phaith in The Phit. Levels are created by a mechanical process that starts with a solution and proceeds outward toward the problem through simple steps in which pieces may never pass through or over each other. I only say I have 0.0001% uncertainty about the Phit because I've been programming too long to ever say I'm 100% certain of anything.

Incidentally, the first 100 levels are pre-calculated on my computer, saved, and then quickly loaded on your computer. That's so you never have to watch the "Devising" message if you're a normal, decent person who can get over your Phit addiction after the first 100 (One Hundred!) levels. All levels after 100 are not pre-calculated, so your computer has to generate the level from scratch--hence the "Devising."

**End Quote**

Now I just have to write to him again and let him know we're going to need to be able to see the fourth digit in the level number once we get past level 999

...which I'm sure is JUST around the corner . . .


If anyone really needs any of these levels they really shouldn't be playing this game in the first place...

But just to keep consistence here...

Levels 146 through 173





























starlight August 10, 2007 3:58 PM

Oh WOW! That's amazing! Thanks for putting us out of our misery, and no, we weren't close at all, which seems incredible really considering the time two completely different brains spent on it (plus others, no doubt). Just shows how many possible combinations there are. However, some of your efforts with mine were really good and got pretty close - thanks for trying. We just weren't working with the right thing in the first place.

I must admit, once you said it was possible after all, I resisted looking and thought I would carry on working on it. Needless to say, after about 6 more fruitless attempts I caved in.
Having now recreated it, it seems so easy, but I guess, like anything, it is when you know the answer. My failing is probably to not put the little ones on the edges, which I will bear in mind for the future.

The other info he gave about how they are generated is very interesting. I had guessed it started as a full grid and assumed it just "threw them up in the air", but not that such a complicated process was involved. At least it gives us faith that they should all work, and I think I'm inspired to go to 300 now :)

In a way I enjoy the hard ones better, as they present a real challenge, and I'm finding the easy ones a bit boring. Just don't want them QUITE as hard as darn 174!


i finally got one :P


Carl ya big goober :P
How did YOU fare with level 174? We didn't hear from you while we were struggling with that blasted thing.

Y'know Starlight I tried just glancing at the solution Jeff emailed me then using a general idea of where some of the more odd-shaped pieces went to solve it myself.

I failed miserably.

The challenge on these super easy levels is to try to finish 'em in under a minute. So far I've broken the two-minute mark several times but haven't gotten close to the one-minute target.


WE'RE DOOMED ! ! ! !

The game has conquered. All hopes are dashed.

I have seen the end of the world - and IT NEVER ENDS!!

I played level 9999

But then IT WENT ON TO LEVEL 10,000 ! !

(yes I tweaked the pictures a little for accuracy's sake)
I finished level 10,001 then quit
LOOK at the menu screen that comes up!

Who is the union steward here? I want to file a grievance.

starlight August 11, 2007 7:16 AM

ROFL, AaronzDad, you had me there, for a few seconds!

And breaking the minute barrier would require some good going. Unfortunately, it also requires sitting watching the devising, to catch it the moment it starts, whereas I usually leave it loading and do something else. My best so far, (since I started saving at 146) is 2.07 in 35 moves on 173 - ironically immediately before the dreaded 174 loomed up!

I'm up to 210 but I think I'm going to ease up now and just do a few each day - I feel my addiction waning :)


Aaronzdad, I got some post-100 levels in a minute, but so far it's exactly one minute. Not even 59 seconds. I don't know if you can get a level in under 60 seconds, unless you're super-fast with a mouse.

I have to say, 174 didn't turn out as hard as I thought it would, because I got so frustrated after about an hour I started using a new "corner" piece after I'd reset. Not a bad strategy, tho' time-consuming.


Moonbeam ya lost me there. What "corner piece" are you talking about? Did you finish 174 without looking at the cheat picture??

And Starlight I swear to you those pictures are NOT fake! Yes, I doctored up the level number on 'em but those really ARE levels 9999 and 10,000. Check for yourself - just go to the menu screen and click "Skip to level" then enter 9999. You'll see I ain't kiddin'. The final picture of the menu screen isn't changed one pixel. You see where the "2" is kind of cut in half there? Yep, it wants to know if I'd like to resume level 10,002.

I've gotten under two minutes several times but I'm not so excited about getting under one minute that I sit and wait for the game to come up every level. I putz around in other windows while it's devising. Of course now that we've talked about it some.... :)


Hey wel ldone Aaronzdad of level 174, that was great and everyone is outta there misery now! I'm now struggling on level 190 =] Lets keep our heads high and carry on together!


174 was the worst so far, took ages to get it. a good 2000 moves at least


Sorry, Aaronzdad, I didn't make myself clear! What I meant was, I decided to work each Phit level from the left bottom corner out. So that left bottom corner became my "corner". Say there's a giant L-shaped piece. I'd put it into the lower left corner, and if I couldn't solve the level with that L-shaped piece in the "corner", I tried a different shape in the "corner".

Sounds utterly dorky, and takes lots and lots of time... But I had to get a system of some kind, and the "gee, those look like they should be together" system totally failed. Especially after level 63 or so.

That said, yes, I got 174 without cheats, but it took me about 11 hours, and six of those were in a row!

Anonymous August 12, 2007 10:47 PM

Oh. My. God... It never ends, does it?


Anyone working on 246?

Maybe I'm just getting brain fried from doing this dang game.

starlight August 14, 2007 8:32 AM

Yep, me! Another tricky one.

This is probably my closest so far:

starlight August 14, 2007 10:16 AM

Success! I've got 246. The hardest for a little while.

Level 246


Sorry Starlight! No one replied to my query about 246 so I just moved along. I finished it shortly after posting that comment (typical magic-of-posting effect there) and now I'm in the 260's.

259 was interesting for a few minutes too as I recall. I'm taking pictures of the ones that offer any resistance but I've stopped taking shots of EVERY level.

I think 300 may be the end of the line for me with this game. Then again I haven't found a new one to take over the obsession...

starlight August 14, 2007 7:52 PM

Right, I've reached Level 260 and I think that might be the end for me. I'm now beginning to get bored and find them tedious.

There seems to be no happy medium between the insanely easy, which are becoming mind-numbing, and the odd one which is incredibly hard. I think it's a shame that they are not graded in order of difficulty, as then they would continue to present an every-increasing challenge.

Personally, I enjoyed 1-100 better than anything since, and I certainly don't think I'd want to go to 10,000. The thought of it boggles my mind!

I'll probably do an odd one now and again, but for now I think I've had my fill. I've greatly enjoyed looking in here though, and particularly the interaction with you, AaronzDad, and I may look around the site for something else to play.


Hey Starlight, try DiceWars or Pacxon and tell me what you think.

No wait! Try Bubble Tanks! You'll figure out how to win every time eventually so it'll get boring but until then it's a terrific game.

Have you - or anyone else here - tried the winner of the JIG competition #3? "Gimme Friction Baby" is the name of the game.

I thought it sucked canal water myself but then obviously I'm in a minority there. :)

starlight August 17, 2007 7:37 AM

Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I'll certainly look into them.

bikesavage August 18, 2007 2:09 AM

I'm on level 300, stumped! Anyone have a clue how to solve?

starlight August 18, 2007 6:52 AM

I've had a look at Level 300, and didn't find it too bad. Here is the solve, if you want to look:
Level 300


Hey all, what level you guys up to? Im trying to catch up as i've just been to germany for a few days... and will be going to madeira for a week! Please don't go too far lol!


We're still here Emz, just getting a little burned out on it is all.

Into the 300's are some interesting levels I've found. 310 - 315 haven't been as stupidly easy as earlier levels. They're not killers but at least they're more fun to work on.

Has anyone played the new Bloons TD game yet? I'm such a sucker for a great TD game. I spent most of the rainy day yesterday beating it.

Just what I needed, another &*!#ing game to obsess over.


level 189 anyone?? i'm stuck!!


I had done level 33 a different way than the one shown in the picture.


Here Cecily, level 189 for you.

If anyone is interested you can use that same URL and just type in any level # at the end there and it'll work - all the way up to 210. I have several others in the 200's there as well but I didn't save every single one. It'll be hit-and-miss after level 210.

Yes I'm working on a new "Complete Walkthrough". I've been too busy playing BloonsTD and the new Pillage the Village games.

L.E.M.A. you can do almost all levels several different ways. The pictures provided here are simply one solution.

Although I'd be VERY interested in seeing an alternate solution to level 174. :)


thank you sooo much!! i've been stuck for days!!


Hey Starlight, Moonbeam, Carl, and any others still checking in here occasionally... try the levels in the 300's. Nothing TOO tough yet but they're more fun than the slap-together stuff through the 200's. Some pretty funky shapes too.

It's still a decent escape sometimes while I munch on lunch.


Well I found another Buster. Level 404 (appropriately enough) is in the same vein as 25, 64, 79, and 89. Not to the level of 174 of course. :)

In case there's anyone still listening here... . . .


OK, forget 404...

480 might be another 174 I'm thinking.

What a pain in the @$$ ! !


Heylooo all im back from holiday and ready to get on with the other levels! God you guys are in the 400's? Im in the 300's still =[


No Emz, I think I'm the only nut still playing this thing. I putz with it now and then while I'm eating lunch or yapping on the phone. The levels are mostly super easy and take less than two minutes each to complete. Every now and then in the 300's there's a fun one.

For now I'm still stuck on 480. At first glance it looks like it should be an easy one to complete but it has me pulling out what little hair I have left.

Once I get to 500 I'm going to post a new walkthrough.


FINALLY I got it! ! The magic of posting works again. Of course it took two posts to get there but the dang thing fell together as I was only halfway messing with it while watching a movie.

Go figure.



It should be noted that while I've solved almost all of these levels on my own (except for 5 or so exceptionally obstinate ones) I have used other postings here in creating this compilation. A nod of thanks to: Carl, Stuart, Leah, Jae113, Dancer5678, mekoveya, portcalvin, kor3an, Emz, starlight, moonbeam, and others I'm sure I've missed.

I'll start with level 8 here but if you can't make it to at least 12 or 15 on your own you really should find an easier puzzle to solve. This one will eventually induce seizures.

Levels 8 - 29


















25 - this one is the first real clinker in the bunch





Levels 30 thru 39 are brought to you courtesy Leah - I used her cheats to recreate these levels.

Levels 40 through 45 are brought to you courtesy Circejohnson - I used His/Her(?) cheats to recreate these levels

And now carrying on - Levels 46 - 63

64 - take some aspirin or have a stiff drink handy before tackling this level

Levels 65 - 78

79 - work on this level too long by yourself and you'll end up in a rubber room

Levels 80 - 88

89 - the picture says it all…

And finally Levels 90 - 100

From here on out the game gets a little goofy. There's a tough nut to crack once in a while but the majority of the levels now are super easy.
Levels 101 - 110

Levels 111 - 120

Levels 121 - 130

Levels 131 - 140

Levels 141 - 150

Levels 151 - 160

Levels 161 - 170

Levels 171 - 180

Levels 181 - 190

Levels 191 - 200

Levels 201 - 210

Since the pattern doesn't seem to change past the first 100 levels I'll only post pictures of the levels that offer any resistance from here on out. These aren't all "difficult" levels by any means but are simply ones that didn't fall together on the first attempt at a solution.
Levels 211 to 250

Levels 251 to 300

Levels 301 to 350

Levels 351 to 400

And finally the 400's


















480 - THIS is the one you came for isn't it? Yeah, it took me three days of tinkering off and on. It doesn't look so tough when you first start does it?




And at last -

So there you have it. Phit levels complete into the 200's and select levels from there all the way to 500. No, there will never be a literally "complete" walkthrough for this game.
Why? Here is why

Now you're on your own. If you do however find yourself needing help on levels after 500 please contact me.

I'll recommend a good psychiatrist.


I got to lv 999 but its HARD please post a spoiler for it shortly!!!


No daniel, level 999 is not difficult.

However if you will send me your zip code I'll get a list of competent professionals in your area who may be able to counsel you about your gaming problem.



Arrrr brilliant Aaronzdad! I still haven't quite got the nack of knowing how to post spoilers yet as I am using addictinggames to play this game. Thanks a lot the cheats will come in handy =]


Thanks Emz

Didja like the write-up I gave level 174?

I think I'm cured of my Phit addiction. I haven't played in several days now.

That new Pillage the Village game though... that's a different story...


Haha yea it was great, i'm still in the 300's lol =] trying to get through without your wonderful cheats for now but i'm sure i will have a peek sooner or later =] i think we are both making a break through as i haven't played on it since i left the last comment =] woop woop x whats pillage the village then?

[Edit: read the Pillage the Village review and find out. ;) -Jay]


Until someone can recommend a good psychiatrist, can someone give me a spoiler for 540? Then if you know of a good medication as well, I will be all set!


As requested - level 540

Now Pam, go seek help. No, I mean for your gaming problem - not for the next level.


Reply do you get these done so quickly?

In my defense, I listen to books on CD while I play...currently going through the Harry Potter series. I am on 546 (another spoiler? it is getting late!) and I am just starting book 7...perhaps when I am done listening to that book, I will be done with the game!


Pam would you please define "done with the game" for us?

Go look at the walkthrough at the top of this discussion list. Open the very last spoiler and look at the picture the link sends you to.

Does that change your definition of "done with the game" any?


I know...the game is eternal...what I am *hoping* is that once I am done listening to the books on my computer, I won't be tempted to play this infernal game. However, I am also *hoping* to win the I guess we will see.

Is there some sort of 12 step program for this game?


Thanks for the link Jay =] Its great and I have found that I love that game too, so compliments to Aaronzdad and you =]


hey everyone im new, anyways does anyone know how to do game "9999" yep thats right "9999" you know the 4 nines ok let me know if you can thanx.bye


Well jay(2) - you have to be #2 since this is Jay(1)'s site. :)

Well if you're interested in seeing the solution for 9999 just scroll up a little ways. The post dated August 11, 2007 1:17 AM made by me. I posted pics of both 9999 and 10,000 - But after that you're on your own.

And I thought *I* was obsessive about this stupid game. Yikes!


hey jay waz up can you do level 10,0000


Izzy you need to double check your number there. Are you asking for level 10,000 or 100,000? You either have too many zeros or your comma is misplaced.

Level 10,000's solution is up in the same posting as 9999's. Level 100,000 is impossible to get to except by playing all 99,999 levels before it since you can only type in four digits in the "Skip To Level" window.

You'd better pack your lunch.

needlessnoodles September 15, 2007 11:06 PM

I quit after 999. It started taking to long 'devising.'


I find it amazing that when I finish a level, I check out the screen shot from this walk through and I never have the same solution. Makes me wonder how many solutions each level has... Hmmm.


Probably dozens regnilarf.

Be sure to let us all know what you come up with for level 174. Post a picture or a diagram of your solution.


I know it's wrong... . . . .


I'll see what I come up with... X-P
I bet I can get an alternate solution!


Just wait regnilarf... Trust me, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

There were a BUNCH of us on here working that level for days. We didn't even get close. Go back and read through the comments on here.

It would be TOO funny if you did come up with another solution. Here's hoping some of the other old regulars are checking back from time to time to see it.


haha, I found an alternate solution for 47 =O


Blimey I just remebered that i hadnt been on here in ages and thought id pop along to give a helping hand =] Lol im still in the 300s cos i kinda forgot madly one day but i think i will carry on now seens as i came soooo far =] missed you all x


I'm stuck on 442!
Can anyone gimme a hand?