Are there three little animals? It seems like there should be and I can only find one.

BuenoCabra June 20, 2007 4:01 PM

Ha ha, okay, I'm going through again for the second exit.

For the life of me, I can't find the green coin this time. What in the world am I missing?

I have these coins:

I got the one on the clock, the easel, the tissue box, and the couch. Which one am I overlooking? You'd think since I already beat the game once, I wouldn't have this problem.


I still can't figure out the box!!!

I tried

red square, red triangle, orange circle


blue square, orange triangle, green circle

and I can't get it. Help please!!!

Anonymous June 20, 2007 4:03 PM

how do you get the third doll?


I think I'm being a bit dense today.

I've got as far as having and inserting all four coins, I have two dolls, I have lit up the door lock and removed the doll heads.

I'm guessing what I need is behind the door, not the exit but more stuff, I haven't the slightest idea what all the green lights relate to. Each has four colors, but how does that work? I haven't seen anything with 14 letters in it so far for a letter/color code.


Gah! Never mind.


Megan - one of those is correct(!)

Anonymous June 20, 2007 4:20 PM

how do i find the 5th coin

Username June 20, 2007 4:20 PM

It must be a specific pixel click or something.
I've done as much as I can with what I can find, and I don't know how to find anymore.
I've opened the box and gotten the little coin diagram and bottle opener, I've gotten 4 of the 5 coins, I can remove the head on the doll but can only find one doll, I have the screwdriver where it's supposed to be so I can get my coins back, but now I'm stumped.
I assume there's more stuff behind the locked doors, but I can't find a key anywhere.
Any new hints?


Jay, I keep trying them, but do I have to do something after I enter the code? I push the gray button, but it just resets the box. Arrrgh!

firelizard June 20, 2007 4:23 PM

I can't find the 6 digit code, where is that? I have all the coins and am looking for the second exit...


im amazed for there being 108 comments before 18 hours!


i have

4 coins, opened the box, took the head off the doll, and watered the plant, and used the srewdriver as the handle

and i am lost

Anonymous June 20, 2007 4:28 PM

Alright, I put all the coins into the machine in the right order, and pulled the lever and they're not coming back.

I took the head off of the first doll that was on the red shelf with the tissue box. All I have is the head, body, and the note for the slot machine.

What next?


I totally give up on the box. Can someone just post the solution and how you got it? Also

The colors on the box look like: yellow, orange, blue and green to me so there isn't even a way to input red as far as I can tell.

CrayzeeGrl June 20, 2007 4:29 PM

where is the key at? and how you you open the right side of the cabinet?

i have the red, yellow, silver and brown coins. I have the screwdriver as the lever. and 1 doll with it's head removed. now i'm stumped


jay - I think what Megan's calling "orange", others are calling "red".

Songwind June 20, 2007 4:33 PM

Nevermind, realized I had

put the coins in the slot backwards


where is the key at? and how you you open the right side of the cabinet?

i have the red, yellow, silver and brown coins. I have the screwdriver as the lever. and 1 doll with it's head removed. now i'm stumped


I can't get the eyes to light up on the dolls. Is there a specific combination? There's man head, cat head, and frog head, and man body, cat body, and frog body. . . do you make them what they're supposed to be? Help please. . .


So I think I'm stuck...

I've opened the box, watered the plant, have the make-shift handle in place, and wrote down the circle colors that are in the box. I'm guessing they correspond to either the coins or the numbers on the coins or both. So I've got those four coins (red, gray, yellow, and brown) and the one left doll on its footstand, but don't know what else I can interact with to change anything. Should I be messing with the coin inserter with different combinations, or is it something else entirely that will get me going?
Additionally, the easel still has me scratching my head... Is that more likely to make sense later?

CyberTractor June 20, 2007 4:41 PM

Alright. I put the 4 coins into the machine, and now they don't come out when I pull the lever.

I have one doll which I have taken the head off of, and I have the note (which makes 3 items in my inventory). I have seen the new message which appears, but do not know what to do with it.

Any help?


Oh lord....I got it....I must be totally dyslexic. I switched the letters in the code for the I feel stupid. :-)


Hi, great game BIG SPOILER !

I found 4 coins and decapitated the little fellow


opended the box, put the four coins in the slot b........ according to the paper in the box

and that made the pic fall and reveled more text but there

I am completely lost err

purple ?


is there another code for the box


and where do you get the key to change the sopols on the grey thingy on the door ??


hello?!?! any body, how do you get the second doll?!


Megan- Its

RED B = Is in the word Bee and B is ...what symbol Do the same with the RED O and the YELLOW X. And so you get three symbols and that is the code =


where is the key at? and how you you open the right side of the cabinet?

i have the red, yellow, silver and brown coins. I have the screwdriver as the lever. and 1 doll with it's head removed. now i'm stumped


I can't find the

second and third dolls

and it's driving me insane. Help please?


so far the game has been endlessly clever but..i really can't

find the second or third dolls....nor can i figure out how to get any door open.

Oh and as for the peple who are trying to get the heads off the have to click by their feet after you do the combination thats on the canvas.


if you want to know the way you put the coins in the machine here it is

did you get that paper in the box? put them in backwords of what it says on the paper


please help

i already have the monkey decapitated, the screwdriver, and instructions, and have put the four coins in the slot, can anyone help


Finally got the box open. How do you get the code for the first door colors?


Never mind. I didn't realize you had to push the button again too. . .


please help

i already have the monkey decapitated, the screwdriver, and instructions, and have put the four coins in the slot, can anyone help



Just got the I love box thing,


Can any one tell me how to find the second and third dolls?

Ihave the one that was on the red shelf


Megan, what jay means is you are close. Those codes are not correct. AND I DON'T THINK WE SHOULD GIVE THE CODE AS A SPOILER (I figured it out).


I put the four coins in the slot in the order indicated on the paper and pulled the lever. I hear a CURCLUNK but then nothing!!! I thought for sure something would come out like a key maybe? Any suggestions?


I'm stuck at the second exit:

tried juggling heads a few times, got "I love box 752" - tried those 3 coins, should I have seen a 6 coin code?


I need help. I got four coins, the monkey doll, I can operate the coin thing, I got the box open, but there's a locked drawer. Where's the key for that, and where could I find the other two dolls?


I thought when Megan said "orange" she meant yellow. My bad.

Just got back from the store to find 50 messages waiting approval. Those without TypeKey accounts, PLEASE GET ONE. xD


Help on code for the right door(first exit???)I can't get out the left one either!

I got the key in & lights up!

I wonder if I'm gonna get this after I post this....

And I have the painting, is there something else you can do with it?

I'm surely probably gonna get that one....


After the successful coin lever combo cachunk sound I think you have to

look on the floor to the left of the couch - I think a picture falls and reveals a key


benetnash June 20, 2007 5:57 PM

Sweet!!! The first room escape I've ever gotten completely on my own!!!


I had a typekey account.... Sorry Jay....

Sarella June 20, 2007 6:00 PM

Just a little hint for the dolls.

you have to change the heads

for the order: there are special heads and special feet!



i have the key in the door and the lights on, but i DON'T get the i love box thing. :(

any hints?


Phew, done with second exit. The 5th coin is tricky


That was pretty good, but most of the puzzles were pretty ordinary. Can the second ending actually be found? I'm trying to figure out what's the deal with the numbers on the coins.


Phew, got second exit. The 5th coin is tricky...


No worries, Zace. I'm not angry but frustrated that all those comments had to sit there while everyone was struggling with this game. It's games like this that really need comments to be published right away, and TypeKey will enable that for you.


K, right after I posted I found second doll, still cant find the third!!


OH! I got it ^^


Help !

I got the key behind the right picture and i was trying to open the closet door and it disappeared and I still can't open the door


hey i cant get the coin on the back of the frame..


They may love box, but I hate it. I'm so lost. I only have 3 items, and there's nothing left to interact with except for the never-ending tissue box. I really need help. All I have is the

Coin drawing, the first doll head, and the body.


Yey I won

When you find all the three dolls you must think,first take all the heads off with the instructions from the canvas and then look at the feet, one feet are paws and the other ones are ...., so you have three heads as well and one head is human an the other ones are ..... So just put the right head and feet together and put in the brown thing with the feet prints and press the button :)


Would somebody please create a walkthrough for this game?


Complete RGB Walkthrough

Are you sure?

I dont think you are.

Try really hard to beat it first.

alright. From start...

  1. turn right

  2. open left door

  3. grab bottle

  4. back up

  5. click the cabinet to left

  6. grab monkey

  7. zoom on monkey

  8. click on right, left, left, right, left, right, bottom button (code on easel)

  9. take head

  10. go back, click tissue till coin comes

  11. go back

  12. grab coin on ground

  13. go back, click on clock

  14. grab coin (9'o'clock)

  15. go back

  16. go right twice

  17. click middle painting threee times

  18. notice color, letter, and shape at: behind flowering plant, right side of couch, left side of big plant, and under tissue box

  19. write them down

  20. turn off light switch

  21. turn left

  22. notice box's colors and letters

  23. figure code for box on couch accordingly

  24. code for box on couch:

    blue square, yellow triangle, green circle

  25. grab bottle opener and instructions

  26. use opener on bottle

  27. pour water on plant to the left of couch

  28. go back, that click the plant again

  29. grab screwdriver on left of plant

  30. click right side of couch

  31. click top right of carpet

  32. grab knife

  33. go back, click ground under the right side of the couch

  34. use knife on circle of cushion

  35. go back, click on easel

  36. grab coin

  37. see instructions

  38. enter coins accordingly (look counterclockwise as instructions are turned)

  39. order of coins


  40. use screwdriver on switch to right

  41. click screwdriver

  42. go right

  43. click left of couch

  44. grab key

  45. turn right twice

  46. use key on right door

  47. grab frog and pliers

  48. take off head in the same manner

  49. put frog head on webbed feet body

  50. turn right twice

  51. use pliers on right picture's metal clips

  52. grab picture

  53. zoom on picture, click on it

  54. grab key

  55. go right

  56. turn off light

  57. turn left and write down color of each letter

  58. turn light back on

  59. enter key (and turn key) and each color on lock on right door

  60. refer to the middle painting, now behind couch

  61. note the location of the yellow rectangle

  62. go back to right door and open

  63. click tissue on tissue box according to location of yellow rectangle (from the middle painting on the wall)

  64. grab fox

  65. go back, remove head in same manor

  66. put fox head on padded feet body

  67. put monkey head on last body

  68. put 3 statues on pedestal on desk according to body

  69. click button and grab key

  70. unlock left door

  71. enter door

    • Bad exit

      1. go into light

    • Good exit

      1. turn around

      2. grab coin

      3. go through door NOT INTO THE LIGHT

      4. go to coin slot

      5. enter last coin, and kit screwdriver

      6. grab coins

      7. turn off lights

      8. go to couch

      9. note the 6 digit combo

      10. enter coins into slot according to 6 digit code

      11. order of coins:

        X III VII V II

      12. hit screwdriver

      13. go into the light

you're welcome



please sare withme the secret to the second jsut so stuck..i have three coins and the doll...thats it!!...i've been playing since 7:00 am!!!


Ok. I'm a little further. I'm still stuck but at least I progressed. Not to find the third doll.


also...does the clock have anything to do with the game?... or is it smoke and mirrors?



Got the "true end"...


Third Doll...

You have to get the door on the right opened with a key and the code that you find under the paintings. Then look at the middle painting on the wall and compare it to what you find behind the door to find the doll.

Aida, hope that helps......
Also, the clock is needed.


Ok. Last post, for now. Just saying that I actually beat the game. Both endings. I feel very proud of myself now.


I found the first exit but how do I get the other one? I have all the coins back from the machine but don't know what to do with the colors & numbers.


I'm so stuck! I can't find the red coin! I think I must have missed something because it looks like everyone else has found it, but I've looked and looked.

I've got the first doll, the other 3 coins, I've unlocked the box, and I've got the screwdriver level attached. What did I miss??


and the key? how do i get the key for the opening of the cabinet for obtaining of the doll?!

Panella June 20, 2007 6:46 PM

What do you use the clippers on?


Woo Hoo!!!! Got it!!!!!!


i am exactly where alex26 is.


Can someone

please explain how to get the right colors for the box's code? I think I get the shapes, it's just I can't see how the green and blue get thrown in there, and don't just tell me to use the four codes, I want an exact logic breakdown of how this goes (in lamen's terms, please) (Is that how you spell "lamen's", btw?)



Aida, to get the key....

Did you get the wire cutters with the second doll? Do you remember seeing any place that you might use them? Maybe there is some wire that you can cut to help you get something that is hanging up?


i haven't gotten the second oll...but im working on it!!!

lizardling June 20, 2007 7:10 PM

jay -- I note that the developer's website has a note under the game which requests that no walkthroughs be published until August... Just wanted to point that out.

Finished June 20, 2007 7:13 PM

Okay, finished the second exit, then went back to my saved game and did the first exit. Very fun and clever, but I honestly think that some of the puzzles were not very intuitive. Thanks for all the help on this forum, without it I would probably never have opened the first box.


Wow, August came quick.

Too bad I didn't finish on my own until the walkthrough was published. Nobody will believe me. <:(

SmoothSailor June 20, 2007 7:36 PM

OMG!!! I did it..i finished..after i found the fourth coin

on the clock at 9

everything was smooth sailing!..and i got the true ending!


ho my god.... okok I get it.

you enter into the light, into the corridor leading to it, but you don't click the finale click on the light itself.
you turn around, you're still in that corridor.
you close the door behind you, and you reveal.........

another coin.

Dr_Pangloss June 20, 2007 9:43 PM

I can't get the monkey's head off...I tried to follow the walkthrough and it doesn't come off. :(


TY Spyke now I can Finally Play other RPG Games In Peace!


I don't speak english...
I'm from Chile...

where is the green rectangle ??

before open the door...

I don't understand; "click tissue on tissue box according to location of green rectangle "

I don't know where it is ...

sorry.. for my english...

[Edit: according to the yellow rectangle, not green. It refers to the middle painting on the wall. -Jay]

***N.J. E$HA*** June 21, 2007 1:07 AM

This game is frustrating. I tried and tried and then looked at the walkthrough, it still didn't. Those cabinets are really annoying they don't open!!!

***N.J. E$HA*** June 21, 2007 1:10 AM

I give up.

erzulie June 21, 2007 1:33 AM

I don't understand;

62. go back to right door and open
63. click tissue on tissue box according to location of green rectangle
64. grab fox
65. go back, remove head in same manor
66. put fox head on padded feet body

I don't find n°63


This P&C was great! Got both endings with a little help from here. Most things were logical to me, but maybe I was just in a logic kind of mood.


There was an error in spyke's walkthrough. I've fixed it. You should look at the middle painting for the clue about the kleenex boxes. You will notice it's a yellow rectangle, not a green one.


..Well, I had no idea that thing was there: I had to head partway through the walkthrough to find out about it.

The knife, which you had to click on the corner of the carpet at the "Red DOG" side of the couch to get, took me completely by surprise.

Fortunately, that seems to be the only place I'm stuck on.


Gar - that item's location is revealed in the painting on the right.


There's another error--that's a *cat*, not a fox. :-) The three dolls are a frog, a cat, and a monkey...

That is one seriously weird wall, though, the way it keeps changing...


Aren't we supposed to refrain from walkthroughs until August....


I managed to complete the game on my own, and though the author requested that no walkthroughs be published until August, I wrote up a walkthrough anyway. If the moderators want, of course they can hide this message until then. All the information to complete the game appears to occur in these comments already, so I figured that it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I put a good deal of effort into making it nice and nesting the spoilers so that not too much gets revealed all at once, so I hope you enjoy it. The structure reveals the way that I thought about things as I went through the game (tidied up a bit, of course), though in hindsight, there are other ways to think about parts of it.

The numbering scheme reflects the hierarchical nature of the thought process, but the spoiler tags are more deeply nested in places to allow for some things to be revealed sequentially.

Part I: Escape

1. Open the box on the couch and take its contents.

1.1. Look at the box on the couch. Notice the colours and shapes of the buttons on it.
1.2. Find equations around the room relating the coloured letters of words to buttons on the box.

1.2.1. Click the small orange flowers, and write down the equation you see.
1.2.2. Click to the right of the couch to zoom in and get a second equation.
1.2.3. Click on the pot of the large green plant to get a third equation.
1.2.4. Click on the tissue box (the box itself, not the paper) to get a fourth. Notice that the letters are yellow.

1.3. Find the target word for opening the box.

1.3.1. Remove the middle painting from the wall. Burn the pattern into your mind, and then click it a few times to take it down.

1.3.2. Press the lightswitch to turn off the lights, and look in the place where you took down the picture. Make sure to notice both the word and the colours of letters used. Turn the lights back on.

1.4. Use your equations to work out the buttons to press to open the box.

1.4.1. If you have any trouble with this, make sure that you've found all the equations, and that you've paid attention to the colours of the letters involved. Blue square, yellow triangle, green circle.

1.5. Get the bottle opener and diagram.

2. Use the machine on the wall.

2.1. Collect four coins from around the room.

2.1.1. A copper coin labelled with V is sitting on top of the painting on the easel.
2.1.2. Look closely at the clock to find a gold coin labelled VII. Nine o'clock.

2.1.3. A silver coin labelled with II is hiding in the couch. Click underneath the right hand part of the couch and look closely at the fabric to notice the faint outline of a coin. Zoom back out and examine the right hand painting closely to determine the location of a secret. It is a diagram of the room. Relate each of the shapes in it with some feature of the room. In particular, notice the black triangle in the corner. Click to the right of the couch, and click the corner of the carpet to lift it up and reveal a knife. Use the knife to cut the coin out of the couch and take it.

2.1.4. A red coin is hiding in the box of tissues. You can pull tissues out of the box by clicking on them. Pull out 5 tissues. The coin has fallen on the floor behind the shelf, zoom out and click on the shelf to find it.

2.2. Find the screwdriver.

2.2.1. The plant on the left hand side of the couch is looking droopy.

2.2.2. We should water it.

2.2.3. Open the left hand side of the cabinet to reveal a bottle of water.

2.2.4. Open the bottle with the bottle opener.

2.2.5. Pour it on the plant, step back and then click to the left of the couch again to reveal that the plant has stood up.

2.2.6. What's that in with the plant? It's a screwdriver, take it.

2.3. The screwdriver isn't used for screws.

2.3.1. Look closely at your diagram and at the machine on the wall. What's missing from the machine on the wall?

2.3.2. That's right, its handle is broken.

2.3.3. Attach the screwdriver to the machine for use as a handle.

2.4. Put the coins into the machine and pull the handle.

2.4.1. Notice the order of the coins on the diagram.

2.4.2. Don't read them left to right -- the diagram is sideways, so that means you'd be reading them bottom to top. Read them right to left.

2.4.3. Copper (V), gold (VII), silver (II), red (III).

2.5. The left painting is gone!

2.5.1. It has fallen down, take a look to the left of the couch.

2.5.2. Pick up the small key.

2.5.3. The key opens the right side of the cabinet.

3. Remove the right painting from the wall and examine it carefully.

3.1. It looks like it's held on by small wires.

3.2. So we need something to cut them.

3.3. There is a pair of wire snips in the right portion of the cabinet. If you can't open that yet, see section 2.

3.4. Cut the painting down using the wire snips on each corner.

3.5. Look at the back of the painting to find a key.

3.6. The key goes into the device on the right hand door and turns it on.

4. Open the right hand door.

4.1. Assuming that you've already turned on the device on the door, you see a row of green dots on it. (If you haven't turned it on yet, you need a key from section 3.)

4.1.1. Notice that one of them is shaped like a heart.
4.1.2. Click on them and notice that they change colours: green, blue, red, yellow, purple.

4.2. If you've been following along, we've now taken down all the paintings on the wall. The first one revealed a password to us...

4.3. Turn the lights off to see that we've revealed a declaration of love!

4.4. Note that the letters are coloured, and the v is heart shaped.

4.4.1. This is the code to the locking device on the right hand door. Copy the sequence of colours into the device. P BBBP RRY GGGYGG.

4.5. Open the door to reveal a bewildering array of tissue boxes.

5. Find three statues and use them to get a key.

5.1. One with blue eyes is on the shelf, you probably found it already.
5.2. One with green eyes is in the cabinet. You also probably found it already.
5.3. The tissue boxes in the closet have a secret.

5.3.1. Notice the overall shape of the boxes. Have you seen this shape before?

5.3.2. The middle painting.

5.3.3. Note that the middle painting has a golden box in it, second column from the left, third row from the bottom.

5.3.4. Look at the corresponding box of tissues. Click the top of the box to pull up a sheet. Remove seven tissues. Click the top again to reveal a statue with red eyes.

5.4. Look closely at the statues, and at the box with indentations on top of the cabinet.

5.4.1. Different feet for different places.

5.4.2. Set the statues in the box.

5.4.3. Press the button to get a key.

5.4.4. The key opens the left hand door! You can escape, but if you want to do that, save the game first.

Part II: Escape Again

1. The eyes have it.

1.1. Play with the box with the three statues.

1.2. With the three statues still in the box, press the button a few times to see that the eyes light up and turn off.

1.3. What might they illuminate?

1.3.1. Turn the lights off. The message on the wall now has red, green and blue dots in its background, corresponding to the blue, green and red eyes of the statues.
1.3.2. Notice that the message is written in colours that contrast the lights.
1.3.3. It would be nice to swap the lights around to see how much we can obscure. The left part of the message is written with mostly blues, the middle with mostly reds, and the right with mostly greens. The lights on the wall should shine blue, red, green. To get that, the statues' eyes will have to be green, red, and blue from left to right.

1.4. Swap the statues around to reveal a new message.

1.4.1. What's that, you can't put them in other places, because the feet are the wrong shape? Maybe the heads will have to come off.

1.4.2. Perhaps we've ignored that painting sitting on the easel for too long. Have a look at it. Two joined circles at the top, then a sequence of triangles, then two detached circles at the bottom. Perhaps the triangles are arrows? They're directions for removing the heads of the statues. Left and right pointing triangles mean to turn the head one step in that direction. The downward triangle, well, what's on the bottom of each statue? It means to push the button.

1.4.3. Detach all the heads, and put them back on the right bodies. Remember that the eyes go green, red, blue. That is, the green eyes on the frog head go with the webbed feet, the red eyes on the cat head with the paws, and the blue eyes on the monkey head with the with the monkey feet.

1.4.4. Put the statues back, make sure the eyes are lit up, and turn the lights off.

2. Supposing that went well, you should have six digits.

2.1. What could they mean? Well, the 3, 7, 5, and 2 should be familiar.

2.2. Those are the numbers that were on the four coins in Roman numerals.

3. Find another coin.

3.1. Hmm, what's the only place that you couldn't have looked so far?

3.2. Well, you opened the door, but it just exits the game... or does it?

3.3. Step into the doorway, but don't go all the way in. Click the arrow at the bottom of the screen to turn around and see back into the room.

3.4. Close the door.

3.5. That's not a peephole, it's a new coin, labelled with an X.

4. Use the coin to find the hidden exit.

4.1. Put the new coin into the machine and pull the lever. All the coins will pop out.

4.2. X is the Roman numeral for ten.

4.3. Put the coins into the machine in the sequence given by the obscured message.

4.3.1. 10, 3, 7, 5, 2

4.3.2. X, III, VII, V, II

4.3.3. Blue, red, gold, copper, silver.

4.4. Pull the lever to reveal the true exit! Nothing hidden in the door frame this time.


Love the game.

Not many pixel hunts (if any), and the picture clues are spot on. The only thing I didn't like was bad exit/good exit, and only because I didn't save once and had to play all over to search for the "other" door.

This is a prime example of what a true enjoyable escape-the-room game should be.


I would wish it didn't employ custom cursors.

I love the Mac OSX cursor.

BigFatBob June 21, 2007 8:49 AM

This is a top notch game!
-Great graphics
-No Bugs
-Easy to Navigate
-No Micropixel hunting
-Easy to use items
-High level of difficulty

Everything you can ask for in the best P-n-C games!


You know, the developer did ask that no one post a complete walkthrough until August. I find it a little disrespectful that there's one posted here. It seems to go against the spirit of the game, even though, technically, by sorting through all these comments, you could probably piece together a walkthrough yourself.


i hope there'll be more games like this, nice clean graphics, easy to navigate, with in-game hints that actually make sense haha. but I thought the game maker doesn't want walkthroughs until August...


Well, you're right, annepin, it is a bit disrespectful to the developer, and that's not something I'm very comfortable with.

From my experience with this site, without a walkthrough people continue to post the same questions over, and over again without wading through the comments to see if their question has been asked already. That causes more work on me having to approve those comments and it degrades the usefulness of this forum by having so many of the same comments posted.

Furthermore, it's extremely difficult to control what's on the Web. If we didn't post a walkthrough here for our visitors, they would simply find one someplace else, because you can bet there will be one out there, if not already. That's doing our visitors a disservice.

So, as a compromise, I've removed the announcement above about the walkthrough, and removed it from our special "Walkthrough" section. But I won't be removing the comments containing them for reasons I have just stated. My apologies to the developer, but I feel it is an unreasonable request.

tenkuchima June 21, 2007 1:39 PM

i finally figured out what my problem with the box is, and possibly other peoples problem, i kept getting yellow and orange mixed up, try switching orange and yellow in your box code if your having difficulty


Actually, there was one bug that I encountered:

When I got the key for the right-side of the closet with the tissues, I clicked on the left side first to see if the key fits - and the key disappeared from my inventory. I checked, it was not in the lock of the door on the right, and neither did it appear on the back of the painting again.

Luckily, I had a save close enough to that point, so it didn't really spoil my experience.

But as a whole, it's a really great game. I want moar :D