Yeah I found a way to basically go afk for a bit then later on found out I was slowly losing... haha I put up a fight though

Kills - 3908
Shots - 145475
Spent - 764820
Score - 2988916560

Smoked! :D I didnt get to see the last 2 guns but there is a Sniper, Fusion, and Railgun.


wave 380
score 2.662.521.939
shots 65580
kill 3763



Map: Pentax
Kills: 4431
Shots: 189179
Spend: 973221
Score: 4.312.342.251


Do i have to say more? ;)

Aliens seems to be unbeatable after ~ Wave 440


i got to level 511! lol no lie
my points were 62,503,016,250
wut do u get after the rail gun? i waited 200 waves n no new gun wtf?


wave 400 right now still going good :P


blehhhhh wave 458

score 3463778430


419th wave
start with a nuke, you can save up from there and pimp this thing.... it starts getting ridiculous around 350


kills 2916
shots 25546
spend 424684
score 1238378544


If anyone wanna tell me plz do..

How do i make black hole combo and what tower should be with full range.
How do i make shockwave combo and what tower should be full range?


wave 677
kills 5347

No B holes.


Boring game now ( i only think so cause i found the srategy behind it). playing on wave 4357 is getting really boring..... but very good game


What are the last 2 guns ??


can you tell me a cheat how to get the snipier and the fussion please


over level 700 no blackholes then i got bored lol i left my comp for 4 hours came back and it was still going so i just shut it down lol off to beat the next tower defense :P

Scott Mason September 29, 2007 3:31 AM

How are people getting past 7 billion on the map classic? I can get up to level 560 with no black holes but no more then that. Any help?

onslaught king October 1, 2007 2:04 AM

lol im on my cutom map made like an arrow head going back and forth for a while im currently on wave 521 just under 4500 kills. i have 1 black hole near my area 51 so i dont lose any lives (none lost yet) i used tons!!! of combos lots of nukes and lazer combos also landmines help tons! i got this far by use3 tazers of the begining pretty much there rates and damager all maxed then after that i began combos then upgrade towers. o ya and dont try to upgrade the rail gun or the sniper and neither the fusion u cant upgrade them ocording to player uk(onslaught makers) im still trying to find out what the last too weapons are wish me luck o soz i dont have screen shot i dont know how to but the game is so laggy rite now lol


Map: Puzzle
Wave: 388
Kills: 3446
Shots: 147132
Spend: 561637
Score: 1935401102


I received level 3 tower by level 125... I think it was due how fast I was kiling the incming creeps. I set up a big laser cluster bomb and it went through about 75 levels killing them as soon as the entered the map... I changed my timing for the creeps to enter to 10 as well... good luck


Wave: 664
kills: 6402
score: 11.64 billion

New personal best. No black holes. Probably could have gone farther but computer kept me from building quick enough. I had money and room to spend.


Great game

Wave 474
Kills 4,358
Points 6,067,041,996

kyle and toby October 4, 2007 1:04 PM

hi what level do you get the second from last weapon as me and my mate got to level 383 and it still didnt unlock?


30000 is the wave im on and i can handal 100 waves at once :D and only 1 black hole :D


i'm on wave 415 currently...
classic map
10 railguns [:
i wonder how much i'm gonna last

Anonymous October 6, 2007 1:43 AM

has anyone ever actually unlocked everything i cant seem to get the last 2 items if you have please tell me what they are


Hmm this game is nice, but in the end too simple. Just kill the first 300 and after that just build blackholes. And there is no end at all 0.o
You were right this game is nice but in the end just always the same ^^

Hf with the game Momo


I went with Roth's build on the map that is in the shape of the star, started with one nuke tower which i kept till level 350(after that it is useless), after you have the one nuke you should just go stright for the black holes , i had 5 in total at the end. The key to making black holes function properly is not to clutter them with other useless towers. So when you build them make sure you build them in the correct fireing order.


Wave 315 Kills 3151 currently. No Black Holes And The Aliens Have Not Passed The First Segment Of The Octagon In The Pentagon Map.


wawe 237
shots 59160
Spend 230175
Score 493955550

try to beat that. oh and i havent got two last buildings. Now after 2 days of playing this game...

well shucks


The 3 to last gun

First it sniper, the fusion, the railgun im not sure but i got 1881 kills, im on lvl 210 on not sure when i got it cuz i was taking a shower when it was running.


btw all, level is not important, best judge by kills, 10 per lvl. for instance i was on lvl 500 ish and kills was on 4910, so i had only won lvl 491.
also, the next 2 towers will probs come out in the next edition, the maker probs just wants to keep us on our toes. (Either that or its a cheat he added but no-one has found it yet)

Anonymous October 21, 2007 9:06 AM

wave 484
could have gone on alot longer but i got bored and sent about 220 waves in at once XD


2xnuke flower
1xbig laser cluster bomb land mine
1x tazer bfg
7xbig damage
4xbigrange up


WAVE 366
KILLS 3622
SHOTS 56196
SPENT 652920
SCORE 2,364,876,240

Using Mostly Damage Modifiers and Cluster-Nuke Combos.

Here's the screen cap: WAVE 366



WAVE 401
KILLS 3726
SHOTS 94283
SPENT 695896
SCORE 2,592,908,496



Used Black Hole Combos as well as additional RAIL GUNS
along with Nuke Combos, Cluster Bombs and Landmines.


This game is beatable, in spite of being a tower defense game with unlimited levels. Save up a ton of money using amped up nuke tower combos with taser towers to slow everything down. You'll get to the point where you can leave the computer and let things run for a while. Do that and save money even higher.

Then sell basically everything. Put a bunch of taser towers in, and a line of black hole combos. The tasers slow the enemies, the black holes kill them.

At this point, you can basically go to bed for a week, and you'll still be alive when you get back. Black holes are auto kills, and you can set things so that the enemies will hit multiple black holes per entrance onto the field. The only way you can lose is to hit "next wave" so many times that the tasers can't slow the enemies to let the black holes do their job.

This game would be cooler if it had a final level, like Desktop Tower Defense. That way there'd be some reason to use combos other than nukes, plus tasers, and eventually black holes.

Dan Stinson October 24, 2007 3:25 PM

501 on classic mode. So..all you noobs talking about making your own maps and cheating where they go up and down 100 times..well, i had three turns and that was it. I owned everyone with 10 maxed rail guns and 4 tasers. 4.5 billion points. So if you feel up to beating that, then by all means, waste a day trying, and cry in your bed because you will not be able to.


WAVE 418
KILLS 3654
SHOTS 108029
SPENT 677490
SCORE 2,475,548,460

SCREEN: Latest

This time I used no rail guns and just kept adding damage modifiers to the basic combos.



first off, how do you sell stuff?

Also, simple way to win:
Make a nuke (rocket and 2 cannons) to start off. just save up money, because this will get you very far before you need to add more. when you want to, add a black hole at the beginning of the course, and fill the rate of all the tazers to maximum, causing them to freakout often, and making the creeps barely move, untl hit by a black hole or rocket. from there, just build a few landmines, and then you can do watever you want to and you still will not lose. I did this andnever lost a life, until my computer froze up.


I'm on wave 1069 at the moment, and I just clicked next level about 150 times in a row. :) Black holes do the trick, it could go on forever, except the my Firefox window with it ate around 800Mb of RAM already. :)


this game is easy i got to wave 689
10 nukes
1 black hole
50 big damges

5THnderlord October 26, 2007 4:01 PM

Kills: 4050
Shots: 182629
Send: 802235
Score: 354824951
Wave: 442
Cash $20754

sqwrly wrath October 28, 2007 11:50 AM

kills 5159
shots fired 47766
spent money 1156637


friggin computer. got all the way to wave 372 and it got lagged down so much my comp crashed.....

cash 73007
kill 3684
wave 372

9xrailgun o(^_^)-o


wave 1500 passed... how long this continues?


Level 818 before sending 50 or so waves in. *chuckles*
score: 2073333342
kills: 4006
shots: 213031

Eric Bloedow November 1, 2007 12:01 AM

ok, new update added a weird new tower called "combonly". anyone know what it does?

BTW, "holding pattern" applies only to missle towers: missiles that have no target will loop around in circles instead of flying off the screen. upgrade missile rate to unlock it. if you also upgrade range, the towers will shoot between waves, so 4 (or 6?) missiles are already on the map before the next wave appears!

combined with the "laser cluster" or "big laser cluster" combo, the holding trick allows you to wipe out multiple waves with just 1 combo shot!


Wave 532
Kills 4540
Shots 173626
Spend 1037065
Score 4708275100

Came a point when I had to rely on Black Holes to survive...But used mostly Nukes, lots of mines, tazers in front.


Wave: 1322
Kills: 4396
Shots: 310,829
Spend: 964,965
Score: 4241986140..Booyah!

13 Railguns
4 BlackHoles

That game gets boring so i left it on while i went to bed so i probibly could have gotten higher.

Anonymous November 4, 2007 1:57 AM

i have a question i am trying to do the naplam rocket combo on hammer lvl and it nvr works, the rockets are firing first all the time and yet it still doesnt work, sometimes it does but only fires 1 every 10-20 waves. I got itto work once on anoter lvl and i got up to wave 403 ne adive to wut i am doing wrong?


The second to last weapon is called the COMBONLY as far as I know it does nothing,has max on everything,and is unlocked after about 300-350 or because of a combo I don't know I was gone when I got it but I had the Nuke,Laser Rockets,&Sparky Landmines.


kills : 4891
shots : 202713
spend : 1024248
score : 5009596968
wave : 499


The Combonly turret is an interesting turret. When placed next to group of turrets that is currently creating a combo, you press Combonly when it glows blue and it will absorb those other turrets, turning Combonly into a single turret performing that combo. I tried it once, absorbing two blues to create a mine throwing turret. It will be interesting to see what can be done with it.

My Best To Date:
Classic Map

Kills: 4,313
Shots: 71,229
Spend: 423,683
Score: 1,827,344,779
Wave: 436
Cash: 509,682


ive gotten to lvl 500 somtin without any specific combos but all my turrets are in combos there mostly laser rockets tho oh and ive made a map it goes around in a circle 34 times then reverses anoth 20 then finally goes back to the base lol im not done yet but i wouldve gone alot farther if my comp didnt freeze

asdsadadasd November 9, 2007 5:10 PM

i have saw a lot of people has ask what combonly turret does ok this turret does:
*transform to other turrets randomly tazer rocket etc
*this only happens when at least a max turret with at least max damage and rate not neccessary range
*the percentage of a combonly transforming to another turret is 20% every 45 seconds
*the combos repeat rate for combonly turrets is only 3 secs
*the combo made by combonlies include:black holes nukes,posion gas rockets,bfg(all turrets),shockwave etc except 3 that I had not found yet
*the damage of combonlies is random depending on how strong the turret thats next to it


wave 489
kills: 4795
spend: 1,041,608
score: 4,994,510,360

what the hell is that last weapon. ive been playing this game for awhile now and nobody knows what it is. WTF!!!

Otherwise it is a pretty fun game.


i got to 10022999994494949 wave without combos


Right now, I am currently running on wave 630 and they have not even got past my first turn. I am sitting at more than one million cash with 6000 kills. I am wondering though, what is the final turret afer the combonly. I still do have it and I wonder if I will ever get it. By the way, one black hole that has not been used yet and a ton of shockwaves and dmg mods. My computer is lagging and I have no idea how long it will last. Last time I made level 850 before my computer froze.

Nick Stiles November 23, 2007 2:12 AM

ok rick, tell like what order u do that in cuz wut i do is i make a nuke in the beginning, make a shockwave in front of that, then make a black hole in the back, and i only could make it to wave 120 while making a second nuke...... could u tell what order and like if u upgraded more than just the damage on certain ones and stuff cuz im doing wut the other ppl r doing, yet im not making it nearly as far.


I got to level 600 on one of the new maps but quit because my computer was getting really slow. I hadn't lost any lives either.

Nick Stiles November 23, 2007 12:49 PM

somebody give me a step by step!!!! plz!!!!


currently on wave 330
2 questions:
1:what does the combonly(2 to last weapon)do?
2:WHAT IS THE LAST WEAPON?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!

Turbine2k5 November 25, 2007 5:27 PM

Ok...someone explain each of the combos, what combines to get them, and what the combo does...


Got to...

Wave: 455
Shots: 198,539
Spend: 988,401
Score: 4,404,314,856

Reply i got to wave 432 and then just pressed the next wave button a lot i just had a row of black holes (10) as back up but i got to the point were i couldnt kill anything really so i wasnt making too much money
and i still dnt know how to get the last 2 weapons


how do you do nukes


460 without blackholes
1006 final when i gave up on it and spawned 10 waves

I want nukes December 1, 2007 2:28 PM

how the heck do you get nukes!!!!

Anonymous December 2, 2007 1:04 AM

i have gotten one of the last weapons and its not that great. all it does is make weapons combo more efficiently. its really not that great....but i still have yet to get the very last one.

my highest wave is over 11000 so good luck with that...


wave 487
no black holes no nukes


i got to wave 3029 using just lasers and damage up + 100% lol


Wave 461...After the railgun comes a "combonly", i dont know what it actually did for me. damage. As for the LAST weapon, i didnt manage to get it. Anyone know what it is?


Here are the last guns:

So, there isn't a last gun...
you get sniper, fusion, railgun, combonly, nothing
there is an empty space and the combonly works!
wher you have a combo, you build a combonly tower in the combo range en you click the combonly and then your combo towers are sucked into your combonly and you have 1 combo tower instead of your 2-3-4 towers
pretty useful :p.


This is how far i got,

Wave 363
Kills 3596
Shots 35836
Spend 555505 ( weird number i know =/ )
Score 1997595980

Has anyone managed to find out what the final tower is? Or is it just a blank space to keep you guessing.



a combonly will combine and existing combo. so, if there is a rocket and a tazer next to each other (whitch makes the tazer rockets), the combonly (if set no more than a turrets range, REALLY CLOSE) will "pull in" the rocket and tazer and the combonly will now become the tazer and the rocket. this basicly just saves room if you'd ask me.


Got to wave 410.Used 8 rialguns.
highest ive ever got!

ryukageninja December 11, 2007 1:08 AM

289943-Cash Leftover

I had like 6 Combonly's
Only 1 Fusion, and 1 Snipe
I had 11 Bigdmg boosts.
And a ton o' combo makin' turrets
I had Nukes, Tons of mines, Napalm, Shockwave,
and other stuffs.


got to wave 367 with not very many guns, how can i post my screen shot onto the site to show you all ?


Wave 429
10 railguns
17 tazers
7 lasers
9 missile launchers
5 cannons
2 fusions
1 sniper
4156 kills
and a very laggy pc



cool. simple strategy:
-maxed rate&damage tazers at entrance
-Nuke(1rocket+2cannons) at a distance surrounded by Big Damage... Make sure you give rocket(but not cannons) enough range to be able to attack at the entrance

conclusion: tazers will slow down all enemies severly. while you fire an extremely supped-up Nuke at them. destroying all of them in one big blast
(p.s. because of simplicity, money will pile like crazy which can be used for harder lvls later on)[note: I have 200K on lvl 275... would have a lot more but i didn't design the strategy til half-way through]


hey um how do i get sandbox mode

Kory O'Brien December 18, 2007 6:35 PM

My computer started lagging too bad and wouldn't let me spend anymore money.


Wave 943 at 3 fps, no black holes, 9336 kills, 126485934592 points, just spammed loads of tasers, had a few gauss rifles, cluster bombs and sparky mine thingies. Had 2 fusion guns with lasers spamming them power.


how do you get the last 2 thigs and what are black holes and nukes

going good wave 260

Manning Dwyer December 26, 2007 6:27 AM

Hey guys, one of the last weapons is called "combo only".

P.S. Im pretty new to this version of td so dont get angry if its a normal weapon u unlock at the end of the game. =D


hey jay, there is a new version, it has a sandbox mode, more difficulties, and a challenge mode, the sandbox & extreeme modes have to be unlocked, however.


i have discovered the last gun! i dont know how i got it because i was playing pingpong with my brother. (unlocked all at it is the ubercannon or something, it sucks but when you fully upgrade it, its instant kill and is almost constant fire!


bludgeon holdout is practicly impossible. you have to survive 15 minutes while facing waves of 1 enemy witha metric buttload of hp. you only get 30$ at the start, and at the last 2 minutes, they start killing off your guys, and you dont kill any so no more cash, and there is always like 10 seconds left! has anyone beat it yet?


Kills = 5143

Shots = 276491

Spend = 1236601

Score = 6616988943

Wave = 552

Anonymous January 10, 2008 5:22 PM

Wave - 646
Kills - 5806
Spent - 1,552,805
Score - 9,015,585,830



after wave 4791 i got bored... how to do a screen of this game??

Anonymous January 12, 2008 4:03 AM

Doesn't anyone use laser rockets + very long laser chain anymore?

According to the discussion in the old version, someone got to wave 600+ using laser rockets only... And I saw the screenshot too.


The only way to get a really high score is with a lazer chain, and the reason no one can get the last turret is because it hasn't been put in the game yet.


This is the list to every combo in the game that i know

Red Turret Combos
Where a red turret is the first to fire
red,green = Laser Rockets
red,yellow = Tazer Rockets
red,green,blue = Poison Gas Rockets
red,blue,blue = Nuke
red,red,blue,yellow = Napalm Rocket
Green Turret Combos
Where a green turret is the first to fire
green,red,blue = BFG
green,red,red,blue = Rocket BFG
Blue Turret Combos
Where a blue turret is the first to fire
blue,blue = Land Mine
blue,red = Cluster bomb
blue,red,yellow = Sparky Cluster bomb
blue,blue,red = Big Landmine
blue,blue,yellow = Sparky Landmine
blue,red,red = Big Cluster Bomb
blue,green,red = Laser Cluster Bomb
blue,green,red,red = Big Laser Cluster Bomb
blue,blue,red,red = Big Cluster Bomb Landmine
blue,blue,red,red = Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine
Yellow Turret Combos
Where a yellow turret is the first to fire
yellow,red,blue = Tazer BFG
yellow,yellow,green = Black Hole
yellow,yellow,blue,green = Shockwave

SpaZaSauraS February 1, 2008 5:56 PM

Kills- 4544
Score- 4,764,179,520

WAVE- 489


I didnt get to see the last gun :(




5 snipers
3 railguns
1 fusion (+3 tazers and 1 laser)


is there a link to this sand box thing???? it is driving me crazy!!!!!! :@ :@ :@


Curiously, my system became much less effective once I expanded my combo from tazer rockets to napalm rockets. The taser can hover off to the side of the path and zap enemies forever, but napalm rockets just explode once and the explosion sometimes misses the enemies. It would be nice if more expensive combos were actually more effective.


im on wave 477 atm with 3541 kills becus I got 4 blackholes..

railguns are completely useless at about wave 400 and up.. since damage, range and rate towers dont affect them... I still got 6 left though dont ask me why.. then havent killed anything since like wave 350..

in case anyone didnt know, when you kill an alien with a black hole you do NOT get money and it do not count as a kill. and you need 3 tazers and 1 laser near each other to get the black hole combo..


A little help please ..
On wave 45 , have 1 nuke. What is a better option other than Black Hole? After wave 75 I just go all the way black holes and my score is very very very low..


The last gun is the UbberCannon. Like andy said, the ubbercannon is very pathetic at the starting but gets better as you upgrade it. The downside of it is it costs a TON of money , about 50000 gold, and the upgrades are also very expensive..