Black Hawk July 14, 2007 7:21 AM

Hmm - I really don't get why some people says it's that easy... Yeah you can pwn them to the stone age in the first about 100 waves - but thats just to get your money up to build towers - and if you haven't used the money properly you're screwed... I've played the game lots of times, but just can't get more than 300.000.000 points - usually plays the Classic with towers in the center at the crossing doing as many combos as they can...


man, i got to wave 141, then my internet froze, then shut down, because of the number of rockets on screen


Wow I died at wave: 119
points: 59955876
spent: 57429
shot 3199
I thought it was cool. I had 3 combos and 1 up-grade from 4 combos I had (in order) black hole, lazer rocket, and landmine. What I hate is that I was 1500 coins from a bfg (I had 796 coins) oh and krazy, I beat you ha ha ha.


To all of you asking why you can only get one combo, it's probably due to the range of one of your turrets. The combos are based on the turret who's range picks up a target first. My advice is to vary them. Always keep your rate and damage levels to a max on all turrets, but adjust the range so that the one you choose will have the widest range. Try making three clusters of the cannon, rocket, and laser turrets. On the first one, keep the cannon's range the widest. On the second, the rocket. On the third, the laser. Also, I suggest strategically placing the tazers throughout the map, it will help you greatly!


At lvl 140 and later, it's insane...
Not even nukers are killing them... :S
i got to lvl 143 with 3 nuke combos, and then it was impossible...
135mio. points xD

Benjamin Wills + Chris Rowton July 19, 2007 5:22 PM

this will show you how to get to wave 143 with also a weapon combo only press spoiler if you do want help.

well i got to wave 143 i know its not much but all i did it with was 5 wepons :
2 rockets ( full maxed , no range )
2 turrets ( full maxed , one with no range )
1 lazer ( fully maxed , no range )
if you do that you get the "Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine Combo" its awsome you should try it i suggest goin only 1 wave at a time after wave 100 otherwise your gonna die lol. so theres how i did i thanks for reading.. but make sure all of the weapons combo with only one turret an make sure that turret is alway first to tire or it will not work.

from benjamin wills + chris rowton.


Wave 146
1411 Kills
Score of 141400543

@.@ I'm getting a little better each time I play this now but after about level 100 the difficulty REALLY ramps up. Well placed Tazers can save your butt as well as using the mine placing combo.


You guys aren't total noobs but, if you go to forums ppl me included have gotten past wave 400, getting to wave 200 and under is too easy, so nukes? yah they suck, green chains work btter, find out waht they are buy urself

halohunter July 21, 2007 8:16 PM

My score was 96655140 without combos.

GIRLSFROMDABLOCK July 22, 2007 6:43 PM

I liked this game. Very fun & interesting.

If you upgrade one of the missiel shooting weapons{if it's' strong enough}the missiels will become red seeking missiels.

In the near end of the game I upgrated everysingle one of my weapons, they were really powerful but I ended up losing.


Im on wave 302 at the moment, thats right THREE HUNDRED AND TWO, ill tell you how to really get there..

all you have to do is firstly:
build the red tower and two blues, or one, i forgot how many you can on the first round, anyways then make the combo of 1 red and 2 blues
anyways slowly upgrade them to max so they make the nuke combo, make another one of those combos, now aim to make 1 of the black hole combos, then save money for a while and you can build like 2 /3 of the black hole combs, then sell both nuke combos to fund for a last black hole combo...
oo looky here by the time i finished writing this i was on wave 314 lol, dont believe me? ill send you a screenie !!

rodgers July 24, 2007 5:51 PM

Im interested in seeing a screen shot for the level 314


have none of you heard of the laser chains you can get at least 200+ with these if you have linked them correctly. just make sure the last laser is maxed out in power.

Anonymous July 25, 2007 9:44 PM

black hole trick is too easy


258852980 points on wave 183 baby and all you guys said this game was hard on the waves after 100. thats weak. all you do is make a map where the path overlaps its self like a million times then make a whole bunch of tazers and nukes. this is my second time playing and it was easy

Cromwell July 26, 2007 7:02 AM

Where can I get a LEAGUE ID ?


you don't get points or money with the black holes.

Anonymous July 27, 2007 7:26 PM

Rockets have the best stats and are way cheaper than tasers.
Other person on the computer: Rockets pwn all!!!


Oh, this is so great! I love this game, I've played it all day in a week now! It is the best game ever!
But I'm not so good to make combos. I've only made 3.
1: A big explosion, that slows creeps.
2: A missile that shoots a straight lazer.
3: A missile that shoots like the Tazer.
Can you help me learning some more combos? :)
In Danish og English please :)


Score 1,077,733,176 wave 400 something, you're all talking about combos and useless blackholes but does anyone know anything about higher level combos using the snipier or the fusser?

Jason chan July 31, 2007 12:18 PM

wave 667... haha and didn't really use a black hole impooooooosible

how can you post a screen shot? i need a host site

Jason Chan July 31, 2007 12:22 PM

and those two new weapons aren't as useful as they should be at those levels... =(


I got 1,236,348,276. I was on wave 297. I had so many combos and weapons all at the same time my decent computer started to lag. pretty intense.


Wow, that was fun, got to level 158 using the rocket bfg and big laser cluster bomb landmine, maxed out the damages first and then everything else. My score was 189,686,500.


What is the highest level yall have gotten to, I managed level 1500 with 3 black holes ( I used nukes till level 150 and then converted to 3 black hole tower sets and left for work)



The sniper is fun.


This is my Personal Best. W:392 2.4 billions points


Wave: 378
Points: 909108162
Kills: 2603
Shots: 148259
Spend: 349254

bobman64 August 1, 2007 4:11 PM

no joke

i have got to wave 300 and have found some cool new towers
a sniper tower
a fusion tower


Awesome addicting game.

Orchibob August 2, 2007 7:46 AM

Map: Inspired
Kills: 2357
Spend: $282086
Score: 664, 876, 702
Wave: 340 (had 2 black holes)

Had: 4 nukes,
2x Snipers
2x Fusion
1x Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine
3x Big cluster bomb
2x Tazer rockets
1x Poison gas rockets
2x Black holes
1x Tazer BFG
2x Sparks Landmine
1x Rocket BFG

classic player August 2, 2007 11:59 AM

Got bored so I tried to see how many waves I could handle at once. I lost at level 351 after sending 8 waves through at once. (one black hole failed to launch) I played classic BTW

DeadmanWalking August 2, 2007 6:49 PM

Hi guys,

Does anyone know until how many levels are here???
what a long game this is....


thespudisback August 3, 2007 12:46 PM

I'm curently on level 250 and I'm still winning with ease, get the fusion tower and loads of towers and fully upgrade them all, I'm on the pentagon level and I just built each tower (attacking ones) in turn whereever I could and then gave them all a big power up or two; This gives me all the combos (every tower is fully upgraded) that I could possibley need and I am still getting through 5 waves at a time..

sylviane August 4, 2007 8:25 PM

I don't think this game ever ends. It's the best by far I've played a few months and beaten it. I'm currently at wave 1155 Yes it's true. The last 3 turrets never unlocked still going. It took all day, all I need to do now is wait. Is there an end!! I found a flaw.


I made a cheat map where the enemy goes up and down 100 times before they reach the base - I'm on wave 178 and still counting.
I'm using a few combos and I want to unlock EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!


I'm still going with ,my cheat map - I left it on for 2 hours and it's currently on wave 2066!

still no last 3 buildings


Sorry, I meant wave 872

but I'm getting no cash - the black hole is my only saviour!

Anonymous August 7, 2007 12:44 PM

Wave 207!


Laser Chains

A rather simple trick, lasers within the firing range other lasers fire into the other laser when the other laser fires, increasing the power. This can result in a chain of lasers, with one super hyper powerful laser killing the enemys at 900% damage of a standard laser.

black ninga August 8, 2007 9:19 AM

wave: 229
5xbig damage

black ninga August 8, 2007 4:34 PM

6x laser tower
3xbig damage
1xbig damage exchange
1x black hole
1x lazer rocker
1xtazer rocket


I have gotten to like level 270 something on classic using this method:

-build a rocket, cannon, and laser to start
-upgrade damage to max, upgrade range and rate to whatever you like, you don't have to max out until later
-build another system of towers, i like the rocket bfg or tazer bfg, anything you like
-max out range and rate of everything
-build modifier turrets like crazy
-after a while, start saving money for a fusion, upgrade everything in order of cheapness
-do whatever you want, you could start building black holes or nukes or whatever
-you don't have to, but i like to upgrade laser towers before cannons, and cannons before rockets (seems to take less time)


426116682, wave 208 on the pentagon


Wave 284 here ... totaly impossible for me from here. The bowser has seemed to almost completely lock up.

1 Sniper bout half way up on both damage and rate. at 25k a pop I decided to make another grp of four weapons.

1 Fusion Maxed

I used grps of all four weapons and made sure that I had the major damage, rate and range increase covering two groups ... I had 5 grps of all four weapons maxed

Put a Tazer and rocket with fussion.
Died when building my sixth grp of 4 which was taking forever to upgrade because of lag.

Uncommonman August 11, 2007 4:48 AM

Map: Looping
Wave: 277
Kills: 2741
Shots: 71547
Spend: 368250
Score: 1009373250
Combos: 1520 (all Cluster)

I just cant get other Combos than Cluster to work properly...


Managed wave 366!


I got to wave 192. Laser Rockets Rule!!!



Why the heck dont i get the black holes to work everytime? it only works about every third game i play, what can i be doing wrong? please help me with this.. i play the same map, (starmap) and try to place them in the same place but still no action from them..


Map: Looping
Wave: 576
Kills: 3170
Shots: 250204
Spend: 515140
Score: 1632993800


i got too wave 259 i forgot my score i got 2 secret weapon 1 is a sniper which cost 12000 and does a HUGE ammount of damage but its slow and i got a mixer that the more laser weapon you have the stronger it is


how do you make combos?


map: pentagram
level 374
kills: 3650
shots: 89307
spend: 655257
score: 2,391,688,050

didn't lost a single life until 374, but they had stacked up so much that there's no way anything would've worked


Wave 1587

mitchel halverson August 14, 2007 4:33 AM

i got to leval 320.... i made a custom map and just made a box where they walk along each line about 5 times. coveing everything in tazers and rockets as well as big damage, and rate upgraders. the last turret i got to build was a fusion one though, and i couldnt figure out how to use it right, not to mention it costs 12000, and the upgrades are around tripple it... the snipers seem usefull packing 36 million damage ish, when full upgraded but are still slow, and not improved by rate towers.... anyone know what the last turrets are? it looks like there is room for three more past fusion

I dont know anymore... August 15, 2007 5:48 AM

I made it to wave: 288
I only used 1 combo -- The one whit Tazers and a Red Turret in the middle of them. I also did build 13 big damage+ upgrades. (And, I builded 2 snipers and 1 fusion
--(all max damage and rate)).


HAHAHAHA! I got to wave 623 without breaking a sweat.
I didn't even use any black holes. too bad my comp. froze on me . . . Nukes aren't the only thing. Al use shockwave. PS. You can use a tower for a multiple combo use. For example. A red tower can be connected to a yellow and green for both a taser rocket and laser rocket combo. Nukes are okay. I lost because it froze, but my stragy. Make a lot of sparky mines. Then build Shockwave, nukes, more mines. Rocket BFGs. Whatever. On;y if computer wouldn't freeze.


i seen someone get past wave 400. my brother used lots of combos and went on the same waypoints over and over.


hey i got at level 325 with nukes and this weird looking thing i used 2 rockets, 1 turett and 1 tazer try it it looks cool lol.


To all:

You do NOT need laser chains to get 400+, I literally have a game running in the background right now as I type this post, on wave 424, with more money than I know what to do with, or have space for (98,000$).

I'm playing the Lyne level, although any level is possible to achieve 400+, as I've done it on Classic, and a few others. My strategy? Simple, someone above stated it already: Nuke combos.

To achieve the nuke combo, make 1 Rocket, 2 Guns, cluster them together so they are within atleast 1 turret range of each other. Make sure you upgrade the range on the rocket, and not the guns, so that the rocket ALWAYS fires first, this is imperative to achieving the combo. Now, you have your first nuke, it is possible to build this combo before the 100th wave, and just keep stacking from there. Currently, on wave 431 (yes I advanced 7 waves since I've typed this), I have 10x nukes, a 15 laser chain, stacked with BigDamage+ (8500$) all around (about 12), 2x shockwave combo, 1x blackhole (at the very end for defense, haven't even used it yet).

Also, here is the link for the combo information incase anyone is interested, hope this helps!

Joe Hynes August 16, 2007 2:55 PM

Can anyone tell me if there are any good combos to use with either the sniper or fusion??? I've gotten up to the 400's with nukes and shockwaves, but I would like to see what other combos are out there. I know the shockwave wasn't added to the list of combos until just recently, so I know there might be some others out there not on the list that I just don't know about.


2301 Kills
658500180 Score


The 2 cannon and 1 rocket combo with tasers to slow them down is awesome. I got up to wave 502 with this


Wave 265
Kills: 2585
Score: 788174255

At wave 259 the library computer I was using (dial-up at home, sucks) started lagging so i couldn't click anywhere. Once they plowed through my minefield, I was helpless, anyway. I don't like black holes because they suck up mines, which I had countless. A lone tazer rocket killed all the creeps untill somewhere around wave 200, while I built a huge minefield. Sometime after wave 200 I tried experimenting with lazerchains, but didnt work


All of you I got
5178 kills
spent 1,333,772
score 6,906,271,416
on sinus level


As I type I'm on wave 312, its a darn good game


ive got a full maxed out one going, but ive really go no clue what it does

Grupin's sins August 20, 2007 9:20 PM

i got to wave 541 before but sadly i didnt realy kill them all

i had many combos and over like 70 big damage+s and a fully upgraded sniper go here to see the screen shot


Level: 247

Kills: 2447
Shoys: 82157
Spend: 292668
Score: 716158596

Nice try for a first timer.


Im playing as i post this right now i am at 340 and climbing i have 12 or so different combos and copies of a lot of them 4 black holes and so many accumulated mines next to my base that even if they did get there they'd be dead in half a second if anyone can tell me how to do a proper black hole combo id like to know thx


had to go in to work this afternoon, so I let my game go around level 300. no black holes, no cheats
map: lyne
kills: 5438
shots: 159906
spend: 1001495
score: 5,446,129,810

and because I wasn't here, I have $479849 left over, which adds up to a lot more damage. I've had no luck with laser changes, I just used good old fashioned nukes and damage bonuses. I don't have office, but I saved the screen shot in wordperfect for proof... email if you want it


The highest scores in the game are achieved through laser chains but if you don't want to spend hours setting up those delicate things here's how you can get to 400 or 500 fairly easily without black holes.

Black holes are absolutely useless because you do not get a score while they are destroying the enemy. I've gotten past level 4000 (and could have easily gotten higher) using them but not with a very good score. 4000+ levels

But you can get a good score if you use nukes. 7.6+ billion, Wave 554

Start out with rockets then get laser missiles. Then put tazers at the beginning. You will only need a few but upgrade them. Add more tazers if you notice the nukes aren't hitting the enemy in one shot. There are probably better ways of setting up your nukes but the easiest is probably just to place your two gun turrets just outside and parallel to the road. Then place your rocket turret right behind it. Max damage out and (and range for nukes) and repeat along the road.

I don't know if the big damage modifier helps nukes but I'll try to find out.


Thats a darn great game.

Wave: 347
Kills: 3363
Shots: 95158
Spend: 485083
Score: 1 631 334 129
remaining cash: 87602

My computer lagged a lot so I left it go on by itself, otherwise I probably would have more.

If you don't believe me I've got a screenshot.
Does anybody knows something about the last weapons??? I just had the fusion- and the sniper-tower but there were still empty boxes.


im at wave 2381, and still going! to get this high:

put a black hole right beside where the aliens come out, and then put another black hole a little farther away, so it gets all of them. recommended for waves 400+. i know they dont give points, but they will save you.

GrubbWorm August 29, 2007 9:52 PM

level 1004...this is no sure you are thinking this is a lie...if god where standing beside tell you the same thing...level 1004...i had 5 black holes...i could have kept on going but i accidently pressed a tag on the side of the screen and it took me to some website...but hey..i dont kno if very many people have made it that far...i got pics on my phone..but i dont kno how to put it on here so yall can believe me...

Anonymous2 August 30, 2007 2:16 PM

Note: Fusion towers collect in power from surrounding lasers and tazers in it's range, I managed to store 1bn (1,000,000,000) damage in one before it let it out.
Snipers have a huge range and a huge damage but c***py RoF (Rate of Fire). There are new ones coming out in the next edition hopefully...

Made a custom map and got to wave 720 with no black holes, used like 30 nukes tho :D


haha, wave 680, rediculous score, impossible without black holes, last 3 towers are impossible to get as well


dont use fusion, it sucks

Anonymous August 31, 2007 10:56 AM

kills: 2253
wave: 231

and still goin :P


what is a holding pattern?

Anonymous August 31, 2007 7:34 PM

Wave 530, 13 railguns, 1 fuser, 1 sniper, lots of BIG damage supporter, and 432423421 money. LOL

just make a custom map that zigzags and overlaps each other and play till you think you had enough. LOL I'm playing still and my frames per second says NoN and its using 99% of my casche

onslaught guy September 1, 2007 5:15 AM

hey, im at wave 180 or something, that railgun, sniper and fusion are crazy! DANG powerfull.. ok, how to get here without problems: read this.

ok, buld first 1 turret 1 rocket 1 laser, and 1 tazer. max them, then build that again. wait untill u can bild the sniper, build it if you can NO upgrades. then build 2 rockets, 1 laser 2 turrets max the damage. wait untill u can build the railgun and upgrade the damage 2 or 3 times. u must be at wave 180/200


i don't know the last 2 towers, but i do know the tower after fusion. It's a railgun. It's VERY strong and if you upgrade the rate it will fire quite quickly too. I got it after building a sniper and a fusion and wave 200 or something. For the people who doesn't know what fusion does: build some tazers next to it (make sure they can't hit enemies) and you'll know.


Level 233... Been on for an hour lol.... I'll make a step by step soon... maybe...


Hey guys, I got to level 310 before my computer started to lag like crazy and it wouldn't let me move turrets and stuff so I quit. Any ways I used two mines. I big landmine. A cluster bomb. A sparky Land mine 3 snipers fully upgraded on everything and 2 rail guns fully upgraded. One Tip: USE LAND MINES AND THEY WILL NOT GET PAST YOU. TRUST ME.Im going to look up what the last two weapons are. Then I will tell you guys.


Ok I decided to make a step by step guide. If you want to get this far

(I quit and got rid of lots of my towers, wanted to make the guide), with a lot of points and no black holes, then follow on...

First choose that map. Now build a Blue gun (Turret) and a Red gun (Missile) below the first loop. Look on the picture for the AAA. Then max out the damage on both, then max out the rest (Missile first).


look for the B!!!! B!!!! And build them, max them out.

Now you

build a Tazer and a laser and the 4 and 5... upgrade to max.... Now isn't that a pretty sight? Everything is being killed before it reaches the firt loop!

Now it's time to

save up some cash! When you can get a sniper put it EXACTLY where the 1 is otherwise it won't work and you will have to use the M button to make them for $500. UPGRADE DAMAGE TO MAX!!!

Ahh, it's still so easy... well now you

buy a fusion, put it where the 2 is, then buy a Railgun and put it where the C is. Max it out.

Welp, this is nearly the end... now all you have to do is

Put the Missile and the 2 Turrets at the DDDDDD. Max them out. Next buy everything where the EEE EE's are, max them out.

Finally you...

Buy the Dmgup bigs where the 3s are. Upgrade to the max!!!

Well now your all done, sit back and watch it all... oh and don't forget to spend you cash on upgrading the fusion and sniper towers! And buying new ones too!

Good luck, and post your scores!



Got to wave 379, didnt use a single black hole.
Score: 2633254920

Spend: 701640

Shots: 50484

Kills: 3753

Wave: 379

Keileweg-ethicus September 5, 2007 4:41 PM

Great game! I reached wave 348 without any use of black holes. In fact, at wave 297 I got bored and walked away of the computer, letting the game run on. My defense survived 50 more waves :D

I think the secret of this round is:

1) building nukes as early as possible
2) slowing enemies down with tazers, so they are more easily nukeable
3) building more, more and more combo's
4) using Rate+, Range+ and BigDamage+ a lot and upgrading them to a larger range

A few screenshots:
Wave 297
The End: Wave 348
1,343,842,850 points
3442 kills
wave 348


i got to wave 624, and a score of 1,516,389,994. it got so laggy though, i could barely see anything.


how do you play this game.

Nermal the Cat September 7, 2007 6:07 PM

What are the last 2 weapons? I got to wave 478 with just a ton of railguns. A TON of railguns.

nick guthrie September 8, 2007 5:29 AM

wave 500+
I didn't use a single black hole. Check this out if you want to know how to maximize your nukes.

use a couple beefed up yellow turrents with a range upgrade and a rate upgrade next to your nuke stations. It slows down the waves and bunches all of the targets together so your nukes will hit more targets at once. Set up as many of these as you can and start throwing a bunch of railguns when they become available.


I use tazers to slow enemy down and nukes and snipers and railguns... the result is wave 501 and more than 4800 kills with NO black holes
.... by the way: I once used 3 black holes to reach wave 2000+


kills - 6221
shots - 126748
Spend - 623485
score - 1674580025
wave - 627

anyone else beat this, without cheating?


Spent- 681,407
Score- 2,519,161,679
Wave- 379

I got the railgun and (3rd to last gun) but the other two never unlocked. I think that the last 4 weapons unlock because of other combos and not because of the wave you are on so try different stuff once you are up at wave 250+.


I got up to wave 499
rr so close i forgot my score but i had no black holes or laser chains and no sniper rifles. i was on the sinus map.

started with a taser bfg lol it sucks


level 751
6,201,470,275 points

2 tazers
1 machine gun
1 laser gun
in shockwave combo
7 big damages around the combo
1 fusion near the 2 tazers
28 railguns

everything fully upgraded


Kills: 2,703
Shots: 63,865
Spent: 353,422
Score: 955,299,666


haha im doing wave 2590, still going with 14 black hole combo's. i can handle 45 waves @ 1 time :D but does anyone know when i get my last 2 guns?


Wave: 498
Kills: 4397
Shots: 210759
Spent: 99889
Score: 4,392,128,194
Check it out! Just copy the lind in to your address bar because it keeps cuting the picture out.


Going on level 429 and I got bored... I just sent through 10 waves and killed them all.

Sending 20 on level 475


4189767120 points