hey cool, there's a new upload feature :)

This guy ha55ii is making this game better all the time :)

I don't know whether he reads the comments over here but one thing he really needs to do IMO is to increase the particle (or dots as he labelled it) limit. I know 40,000 is alot, but the limit should be made larger.


Heh. I managed to make a very efficient, classic "fuse" bomb. But I can't upload it.
I click UPLOAD but it says "It is not possible to upload it." Hmm... And I see others' works, too....


you probably haven't registered. which is what the instructions on the bottom say for uploading.


Doh! Thanks, I can't believe I overlooked that...
Speaking of which, some of the uploads are awesome.


Fun with fire:

Fuse one

Make clone in a line (however you like) then set one end on fire.

Fuse two

Make a line of C-4, its worse than clone though because it doesnt move the same way

Fuse three

Make one out of powder. Down side is that it doesnt hang in free air.


So Sorry for the double post.

Fireworks are fun

You can use different powders and things to make volcanoes more intresting.


oh cool, theres a new 'stone' addition! :) plus he did something to the start/stop function, haven't checked it out yet.


Drop stones in watter, it's coool!


for those volcao lovers, who started with sand, then superball,then fireworks, comes a totally final touch you cant refuse.


Just substute that in for any of the materals, or as a bonus, put it as a fireworks explosion :)

Basicly liquid fire, you dont need to ignite gunpowder.

Look soon for my volcano on the posts of levels (name is ninjaz)


i love the magma addition. Its fun dropping fighters into it and it multiplies when it eats stone. i freeze time then make a castle out of stone so it holds up when i unfreeze then drop a tiny bit it magma on the top and watch it crumble. You can also make flame thrower machines by pressurizing a room then filling it with magma and opening a hole its really cool i used it on my castle.


We crashed the server. :( *cries*


Oh noes!!

The unreinJavalackingnessnessocityness horror!!!

_ *_
/ \/ \

(Sad person)


i want to play it so bad i want it now... help...


by god this was one of the greatest games ever! and look what we did to it!!!!
we soiled its server!
soiled it!


why cant it connect?!


what happend to the powder game?


me wanty powder game but powder game not worky! boohoo, i have an amazing idea i want to try aswell. Who knows when it will worky again?


Yesterday i came on, and i couldn't connect, but now i can. Methinks the server has beeen fixed?


good news is the powder site is back in action... but still no updates from it :)


this deserves at least two whole pages of w00ts
but I can't.

Sigh... and yay


Yay drag!!!
Drag racing! <very bad pun intended>
im cheezballz from powder game. i upload "save the fighters" type things. try them out plz.

No bloc allowed
No drag allowed
No putting out fires directly
No moving the fighters

Another rule for people who like the powder game:




Drag-n-drop. Gonna be fun!



all my hard work thrown in the trash...

cheezballz October 1, 2007 6:42 PM

Chill. Relax.
Its only temporary.


powder game is so awsome. i played for 5 hours with out breaks. ;) Now i wear glasses :). %) $) X).




try making antigravity its easy


I found a way to have tons and tons of particles under drag.

1- Make a small clone and clone the particle you want to have alot under drag.
2- Now put Drag under the left and right clicks.
3- Left Click some drag, then move it away, and quickly right click. You should have gotten more particles under drag.
4- Now release right click, and all particles should stay under drag if you continue to hold left click. Right click particles not under drag again, and they should be under drag.
Repeat this process until you have desired amount.


how do you find the game? I've looked everywhere! How do you download Java too?!? :( HELP :)


How do you make fire works that explode superball and other stuff?


How do u make c4 stuf that wen anything touches it it turns into water???


how do you change ur right click?


How can you make fireworks explode in diferent materials??


To change your right click, simply right click any element on the screen.

You are obviously not using C4, you are using ice, witch turns to snow, then water. Make sure you are using the correct element, C4 and Ice look alot alike.

To add different elements to your fireworks, left click fireworks, right click what ever element you desire. With the fireworks on left click, and (say magma,but it is not the only element you can use) magma is on the other click, add fireworks to the screen, and watch the magic (after setting it off of course :P) I hope that this answered any and all questions so far.


woohoo!!! first to report on virus.
what virus does:
watever it touches it while turn to in about 5 seconds, but since thier is still virus the virus overwellms it and creates this cool ripple effect where the element goes through in waves eventually winning and the whole thing turns to the element very fun. good time waster. have fun.


whoops sorry bout the grammer. hehe :)


this is a correction of the slack language i used before.
woohoo!!! first to report on virus.
what virus does:
watever it touches will turn into it in about 5 seconds, but since their is still virus, the virus overwellms it and creates this cool ripple effect where the element goes through in waves eventually winning and the whole thing turns to the element very fun. good time waster. have fun.

fatalanth November 9, 2007 4:32 PM

Some elements can "kill" virus faster, like magma and ice. I don't know if this is on purpose or just a coincidence.


box is out!


this is so cool , i always wanted solid elements larger than 1 pixel


Awesome! Magma kills box, but you can't contain water in box. Box isn't exactly solid because fighters can pass right through it. Here's an idea-
1. Make two boxes
2. Drag one next to the other
3. Stop time
4. Fill one box with gunpowder
5. Fill other box with magma
6. Add C-4 in a line on top of boxes
7. Start


Any suggestion for next elements? I want explosive gas and burning gas, also automatic snow =D

PS: Sorry my english o/


a slow burning fuse
a solid rock(same as stone but one big chunk)


make a bullet

step 1
make a bullet shape of block
step 2 fill up with exploding stuff
step 3 start on fire and it will become green
step 4 erase part of the bullet and boom


Jay, you should consider re-reviewing this game. It is completely different from when it first was put on JiG.

It would have a lot of new people using and uploading.(and voting :P)

Fireworks December 5, 2007 2:47 PM

To make exploding fireworks, right click on gunpowder then left click on fireworks and make some then light the fireworks with fire then watch the exploding fire works!!



Copy-n-paste: make a box which doesn't copy bloc.
Get/Set (save): gives you a code which you can copy and paste in the box. Get gives the code and set loads the code.
Pen size change: 0 is now only 1 dot, and cannot make bloc, while the others are shrunk (ex. 1 is now 0, 2 is now 1...)


Fill most of the screen with water or stuff, any element but virus. Then drop some virus on top, and watch!

Hmm hm hm... *Starts sing "Calling All Cops" by Motion City Soundtrack*

flagalstan December 8, 2007 1:06 PM

make a fighting sea:
make a volcano with 1 by 1 hole on the bottom left and bottom tight and at the top. Now stop time and put a lot of magma in then some gun powder then a bit of fireworks at the top and a small amount of c4 the put a little bit of virus right by the exit. then unstop time and the magma sea and the purple sea will fight.

Anonymous December 9, 2007 7:40 AM

Right Click super ball then left click fire works make a stack of fire works then set on fire, and voila! insta-superballs!



10x more effective as Gunpowder!

Plus, another shade of green for those pixel freaks like myself.


Nitro explodes under 2 conditions:
-Extreme air presure


yeah, nitro explodes when touched with fire or magma, when hit with superballs or possibly other particles when they're moving fast enough, when dragged in larger than... i think size 3 or 4 amounts, when under a lot of air pressure, when C4 explodes near it (due to the sudden air pressure change) and... let me think... that might be all... hmm... to the lab! --a note or two: this means that C4 can finally be used as a fuse. and when nitro explodes, it sets off other nitro close to it, and if there's a big enough pool of nitro, for my computer at least, the game lags momentarily and then KABOOM!! too. much. fun. by the way, jay, you should really consider re-reviewing this. there's so much more to it now. i remember seeing it when it was first reviewed, shrugging it off as a world of sand clone, and leaving it, only to come back later and absolutely love it. please re-review it.


something else: nitro is more dense than water, and is a liquid, so if you put nitro on top of water, it'll sink. but oil stays on the top. this could lead to some interesting things...


Also, sometimes nitro explodes with wind exposure for long enough for the low and high pressure to meet at the nitro.

LazyFaceKai December 21, 2007 9:02 PM

it's been updated, i suggest updating the picture. thats all


Neat. The added boxes (all the fun of powder, now in a box! Great gift for the little ones (aka, fighter stick figures)), virus, nitro (all the fun of dinomite, now in a powder!). Great game, if i could rate it, it would be a 5/5. Its so fun to put some fireworks kind of action at the bottom of the screen (magma and then cloning nitro...), a block arena with stick figure and boxes on top, and just watch them get kicked into the lava below! Muahahha! Oh, and did you know that you can take magma, then have virus take over it - but then put magma on top of THAT, and the magma will take over the virus? Odd. Maybe it was fire ...


I have just finished a box experiment...

-fill the screen with water (DOT S)
-clear 10 dots exactly
-make a bloc box and place a box in it (create it near the top with the water at the bottom)
-pause (stop)
-place 10 dots of magma inside of the box inside of the bloc box and start

the result is this:
if there are no dots to spare when a box is destroyed by magma, it will not go up in flames like it would with dots to spare.


May already been posted but just to show you how cool this game is:

Firework Banza:

Make a bubble stop time make a circle of fireworks okay make a sort of Pit from blocs on the grounde i recement the ize of the bubble en fill it with magma so

have fun


ooo! two different tipes of fire works

- nitro fireworks:

right clic nitro for fireworks that actually explode!!!!!

almost perpetual fireworks:

right click magma and fill the screen about 1/4

thanks jay!!!


NEW 3.8!

Background aurora! The view changes with the wind (like when put some ice it's like it get elongated towards the wind) !!
It's well good. Try it out !!!!!!


Im using the Powder Game with the BG aura filter, but I dont notice any difference. Can someone please explain if I have to do something?


aura works when there is a disturbance the air like fire or wind it makes a tail of aura around all of the present elements. hope that helps!!


How do you make your creation appear in the save data section?!?

It's confusing.


To make your creation appear in the save data section, simply press the 'upload' button (near save and load) and name it.

If you get the message that says "It is not possible to upload." then there is one or two of two problems:

100 people have uploaded a creation. To fix, wait until the next hour and retry. If it does not work, just wait until the next day.


You have uploaded a creation in the last 24 hours and must wait until either the next day or 24 hours after your last upload.

Sorry if it I confusing, but I hope it helps anyone with a problem in uploading.

I'm sure that Ha55ii knew that alot of people uploading would crash the sight, so he put a limiter to make it fair for everyone and to keep the sight regulated.

By the way, if you do not make it into the top 50 pages of the vote, your creation will be taken off the site after 4 months.


Air pressurize the whole place:
1.Make a big box out of block.
2.Fill bottom half with nitro.
3.Stop time.
4.Put a line of fan touching nitro.
5.Fill in the rest with nitro(all the way)
6.Start.Wait 10 seconds then stop.
7.Create passage at top 1 pixle wide.

Inside the box is green,outside is blue.



Vote Powder game for best webtoy '07!!!

Do it or I'll imagine that all of the fighters I kill are you... lol!

LazyFaceKai January 1, 2008 2:33 PM

Vote Powder Game for Best of '07 Webtoy!

Woah-a-Turtle January 1, 2008 11:50 PM

how do you plant seeds?


To plant seeds, get some powder, and put seed on top of it, putting more seed on makes it grow.


Hi, I found that when you have nitro-fireworks below magma in a container that has an opening at the top it becomes a Coke and Mentos thing! It's cool.


i made a really good thing i was signed in and it would not let me upload it pls help!!!!!


OMG if you drag stone it turns into powder!Also if you blow up something near stone it(stone) turns into powder and burns away!



new addition...
\o/ -3.9- \o/

ants... do ant things...

and they (as far as I can tell) transform... into either ice or C-4 (more testing required) when placed ontop and catch on fire.

further testing required.


after more looking into it...

`need solid objects (c-4, ice, clone)
`move at 45* angles and along borders.
`turn clear to thier element, and anything else to clear.


Dang, powder game only got third place...

oh well.


some how i got ants to build main areas and tunnles

TheKitchenSink January 22, 2008 1:39 AM

Actually the ants are quite peculiar relating to c4 and ice (I only tested with ice, maybe none of this applies to c4).

They seem to both transform and tunnel. Somehow, the ice grows madly when having ants rained upon it, and it appears that the ants are now all ice; however, there is still a lot of movement inside the ice...like, one-pixel random swirling. It looks like the ice is doing this on its own, but if you look very closely you can see that very few one-pixel ants are doing the work, tunneling. However this leaves a lot of things unanswered; namely, "wtf?"


i was watching a scence where magma was making magma out of stone! isn't that cool!

Anonymous January 24, 2008 5:47 PM

oh, and i think the magma option is just a automatic melted stone pile because stone turns to magma if touched by magma and magma turns to stone if touch by water.


I made a certain particle go rock solid and i accidentally made a big watermill.

Trouble is i did it by accident, but what i did to build it up was;

Drop seed, powder, gunpowder and water a bit, leave enough 'dots' for the next bit.

Then use Wind to blow part of the water off of the undersea Gunpowder, blow it up with fire and then continue blowing the rest up as the water flies around.

Now go to the top of the screen and continuously use air for a while, when it calms down, you should get solidifying particles.

Like this;



Just discovered a neat trick.

First make a sea of Magma, leaving bout 2000 dots left.

Make a small ball of Clone just above the Magma.

Drop a bit of Virus on the Clone.

When the 'Virused' Clone hits the magma it will do a purple wave and the Magma turns into a sea of Clone.

So basically, whatever Virus touches first, will turn the second thing it touches into the first.



Jay, now is the best time to rereview this game.

new format...

all elements at the bottom, all upload/save junk on the right...



creates a high preasure of air on left click and low preasure on right click.

so left spits out
right is like a loose drag

it get stronger with pen size (0 does almost nothing, 0 is massive!)


that guy off of tv o_O January 26, 2008 7:50 PM

heres how to plant trees put Powder then seed then ants to make it grow faster and put it in this excact order or it won't work


YES ON REREVIEW!!! COME ON!!!! WOOOOO!!! come on everyone, we need like a petition or something... i mean, it's not like everyone's forgotten about this game... the rating thingy says 38 votes as of 4:35 pm pacific time, 1-28-08, and they just reviewed irritation stickman, which is by the same author... or is it developer? i can't remember... ... oooh... i feel all giddy using html tags... especially what now are apparently new standard ones.... i used em instead of i for italics... anyways... i agree with ninjaz... this game is too awesome now to go unnoticed by most of the jayisgames community... i mean, come on! it updates with something new like once every one or two weeks! and now is v4.0! with new format! there is so much more to it now, it would be insanely popular... i even like it more than world of sand/sand sand sand... but yeah. jay. or anyone else who reviews games. this. game. needs. rereview. you can't review v1.6 of irritation stickman, but not 4.0 of powder game... it's on my favorite list, and it needs to be on everyone elses... well. that's it for my rereview rant. as many people as possible need to submit this game for rereview using the thingy at the top of the screen that says "submit a game" please people. save the powder game.

wow that was a long post...


by the way, i just suggested it for review. you all must do the same... please?


It's coming shortly. :)

You guys are awesome!



GO Jay!!

make sure to make it look nice with a new shot.

I have an awesome radio I haven't had a chance to upload.

I will try to get a pic and send it to you if you want.


Sorry for the double post but here is the radio

Jay, you can use it for the image if you like.


W00T!!!!! HOORAY!!! We got powder game rereviewed... we got powder game rereviewed... Either that or they noticed irritation stickman, reviewed it, then realized that the powder game had updated like 5 gajzillion times since what, like June? Yeah, it was June. Then they went, "Waitaminnut... this game is so much more worth playing now!" and now it'll be front paged again, making it oh-so-much more popular! Yay! \o/ and Ninjaz, I am greatly impressed by your radio. i really wish i had the concentration and attention span to make something like that. Most of the time I just put explosive stuff in then make it go boom, laughing maniacally... and keep doing it for hours on end... keheheh... anyways, thanks for reviewing it again, Jay! I love your site! And... uhhh... umm... oh yeah, I've been visiting for a long time, and asked for help occasionally on the point-and-clickers, and that one html riddle game... I can't remember its name right now... but never actually posted as I have for this... oh, and I'm sorry for the repeated loooong posts... I just can't resist... and thanks for the compliment, Jay.


when i play powder game icant make solid stone???
what is this all about??


everything in powder game is dots.

If you want a solid foundation, try bloc (right hand side)

ty Waycooler for the radio complement
I am going to try to upload it shortly, but I keep getting blocked out. If you see it, Vote!


Bitter sweet moment...

NEW 4.1!!!!
Format reset to original (bitter)
Grid addition (sweet)

try it out...

grid is not the best thing that they could have included... but it sure is cool...


Sorry for the double post... but there is a shortcut key addition...

- Shortcut key -

[PEN-S] : [0]-[9]key
[SAVE] : [S]key
[LOAD] : [L]key
[GRID] : [G]key
[BG] : [B]key
[DOT] : [D]key
[RESET] : [R]key


Its a happy game


Does anyone have a workaround for single-button mice? Control-clicking usually works for right-click, but in Firefox I'm just getting a contextual menu popup.



Time to leave this page behind and start a new one over on the new comment page... gonna be sad though...


this game rules!