Okay I posted that I needed help with level 11 but after trying forever I finally got it.

Just point your arrow almost straight up and use almost all the power and it should go down the open part. Just keep trying.

Hope this helped some of the people having trouble with this level


i can try to help with level 20:

throw the first dart to hit the balloon right next to you and the two other highest balloons. then hit the two balloons farthest right with one dart. Then, again hit the two balloons to the right with one dart. Finally hit that single balloon.

sorry for any confusion and good luck.

Phil Miller April 20, 2007 2:34 PM

Level 22 help right here...

You have to hit the three way dart and the pacman with your dart then go down and work your way through the balloons up to the brown blocks...the main point is to clear the top row of the brown blocks...then you can shoot the three way the next time and hit what balloons you need

Anonymous April 20, 2007 4:08 PM

I cant do level 17 even with the spoiler I seem to hit 1 too many of the lower bricks before I get to the bomb...any tips thanks


I can't figure out level 41 even with the help provided above. It keeps saying ry again before all the dart balloons have finished popping. Someone please help!

confused April 20, 2007 6:21 PM

ok something's wrong with level 12...it says try again before it's even done popping the bloons. And i got all 23...HELP!!!

for anyone who needs help with 11:

Just shoot basically straight up...but first let the arrow extend all the way past the top screen.

Anonymous April 20, 2007 7:24 PM

anyone for level 8?



Finally!!! 46 IS doable, just look at these results:



i really need help for 47 im like stupid and dont get the spoiler


These games are a lot of fun, I hope Bloons 2 is out soon. :D


i need help with 36 i don't no where to hit the 2nd dart....if i hit it on the bouncy tiles it doesn't go high enough if it hit it between the gap of the two grey tiles it doesn't hit the pink bloon....i've been stuck 4 ever so please help

Noah Martin April 20, 2007 9:34 PM

anyone have 36 for me please??!!!


Level 48

Start by shooting through the first row under the mine (orange) balloons making sure hit the red bomb on the right side and no other bombs. Then shoot the mine balloon furthest right. The last shot should leave youwih3 to get so just hit the pink balloon right above you.


Level 36

First shot: angle the dart of the black rubber and hit the top mine or pink balloon. 2nd shot: lob the dart off the far black rubber and bounce it up to hit the pink balloon in the middle of the cluster.


I don't know what is happening with this level 41, i've got enough ballons do pass the level in two different ways, but i just keep getting the message to try again over and over!


I'm stuck on level 23 called Oh No! Any help please!?


Ready for a bloons 3, beat both bloons quite a few times ;)

bloonsaddict April 21, 2007 2:06 AM

help on level 30!!!! (zig)

bloonsaddict April 21, 2007 2:12 AM

nevermind i got 30

Anonymous April 21, 2007 2:19 AM

Oh gosh. I just can't get 47 at all.

xrockangelx April 21, 2007 2:37 AM

If someone would please help me with level 30, I'd very much appreciate it. I've figured out how to break down the brown barrier, but I just can't seem to find where to shoot my second dart so that it'll bounce over to the bloons.

Trace, to finish level 23

all you have to do is shoot the around the center of the rubber wall that's directly behind you. You've got to play around with the strength of your shot, but in a few tries you should get your dart to bounce just right so that it'll get you enough bloons to pass the level. Good luck! ;)

bloonsaddict April 21, 2007 2:50 AM

someone please help me with 45


Do you still need a hand on 47?

Are you sure its 30 that you're on?

What's your strategy so far?

xrockangelx April 21, 2007 3:26 AM

Yeah, I'm sure it's 30. The one called Zig.


level 25 is impossible!!! i have tried for ages to get the arrow balloons and its driving me crazy!!!!!


If you take bomerang and start shooting. release mouse away from game view. so you get bomerang to normal arrow


can someone help with lvl 25 its drivin me crazy !!


arghh please help on 47!


Stuck on 17


please help with lvl 36

I can get rid of all the mines .. but i cant bounce my 2nd dart on the black thing !

any tips ?


Im stuck on level 35 :(


I can't beat level 41. I have also tried it several different ways and keep getting "Try Again". I tried the explanation above and it didn't help. Does anyone else have any advice so I can move on with my life???


that was an awesome 50 levels of insane monkey popping bonanza


35 anyone???? please help

Anonymous April 21, 2007 10:14 AM

Can you do a better spoiler for lvl 29 "Nope" thanx

Anonymous April 21, 2007 10:36 AM

Can someone please help with Level 29...


can anyone tell me how to do thirty?

Anonymous April 21, 2007 10:47 AM

30 anyone! I can't make the second shot.


help on 47


gahhhh anyone know how to beat lvl 9(safe cracker)?!


i keep getting all the ballons on lvl 12 but it tells me to try again, has this happened to anyone else?

Anonymous April 21, 2007 11:39 AM

help on 47!!


help on 35

Anonymous April 21, 2007 12:23 PM

Level 44 anyone?

phunkoftheloom April 21, 2007 12:28 PM

26 is easier a different way than shown before

take out the first 2 or 3 ice balloons (depending on your mood). This'll freeze up the normal balloons above but not the ones reachable by the tack. The second dart can bounce along the rubber and the frozen balloons to hit the tack balloon, which'll take out another 20. and you're set.

Anonymous April 21, 2007 12:31 PM



any one know whats up with lvl 12, i get 23 ballons and it still says try again


I need help on 35!

Anonymous April 21, 2007 1:26 PM

alright for those of you stuck on 35, heres what you do.

there are the four mine balloons, try to hit the first one, not the second one, and the third or fourth (hit 1,3 or 1,4) then blow up the bomb balloon that the first mine balloon revealed.(you will have to hit a brown block first, and then the bomb) THEN you pop the second mine balloon and whichever other (3 or 4) you didnt pop,and then just hit the remaining mine balloons.

wrestler fan April 21, 2007 1:45 PM

i cant wait for Bloons 2.

padfootandprongs April 21, 2007 1:55 PM

level 50 in one dart

hit one of the wooden blocks out, and then proceed to hit the orange mine balloon nearest to you. foolproof

jigglebutt16 April 21, 2007 2:11 PM

umm can there be a different one for 13 because no matter the tiny angle adjustments it's not working for me..... it just bounces off the ice balloon


Hey I need Help on 17
please give me a spoiler

xlittleonex April 21, 2007 2:40 PM

for 30:

you have to get the spiky ones to get all the browns blocks out. from there, you point the arrow at the first or second rubber block on the bottom and hit it as hard as you can and it should go.

xrockangelx April 21, 2007 3:01 PM

Thank you so so much xlittleonex!

For level 17

aim for the spike bloon in the upper left-hand corner. Break all the blocks inbetween -it'll be helpful to aim so that you have to break as few as possible. When there's a clear path to it, you're going to have to aim to hit it really hard so that the dart will reach. When you pop it, it should set off a chain reaction big enough to get you the bloons you need to win. It might take a few tries. Good luck! ;)

Anonymous April 21, 2007 3:41 PM

xlittleonex that level 30 walkthrough really wasnt helpful
how do you get the pikey ones without hitting the ice balloons?


i need 37! Please show me a spoiler


help with lvl 47



Bounce off the left rubber blocks and onto the left pink balloons. This will also destroy the brown blocks. Now you have a gap to shoot through.



Shoot the 3 mines then bounce off the bottom right-hand rubber blocks.


Oops. just shoot really high and hard.


On level 12 (Bingo) keep on shoting the blue baloon under the monkey, and hit the other blue ballon bottum right of it. It says "Try Again" but in this level it will randomly choose when you can move on.


Please someone help with lvl 24????

Anonymous April 21, 2007 7:35 PM

Can Anyone help me with 38?

Tytanium April 21, 2007 7:36 PM

ok 41 is impossible, I can pop all 20 balloons but right before i get the 19th one it tells me to try again, and then while the words are going across the screen i pop the last 2.

how can anyone get past 41?


Level 47 Spoiler Info

Ok first thing you do is shoot the bomb balloon directly in front of you. Then your next shot should get the dart balloon closest to you and also hit the middle bomb balloon. The third shot is a tricky one, its at a near horizontal maybe a few degrees downwards and close to full power. What you basically do is skim the top of the middle dart balloon bursting it, and you ricchochet off of the rubber bursting the 3rd bomb balloon. Then you only get one chance at the last one and i suggest arching it upwards thru the 3-4 baloons on the upper right hand part of the screen and landing onto the dart balloon on the farside. The F'in dart balloons are so unpredictable and this may take several tries as you'll probably get 40 or 36 quite a few times due to the inconsistentcy of the dart baloon. This is how it can be done though.

Jackielyn April 21, 2007 7:51 PM

I belive I've figured out why everyone is having issues with 41.

41 help

If you take out the bomb in the middle of the screen, the level ends and it makes you try again. Try shooting your dart over the bomb balloon in the center of the screen and aim for the mine balloon to the right and slightly above it you should be able to take out everything else before that bomb, thus winning the level.


how do u do 46?



for 24 - only take out one boomerang balloon each time you shoot.


For 38 - take out the bottom pacman balloon, without taking out the bomb below it, then eat your way up to the other pacman, drop the mine, then eat the bottom row.

The same thing happens when using Windows 95. Works fine on my mac ;o)


I mean really...level 15???? I've been on it for 2 days....there must be something more you can tell me. I am going crazy


help for level 43?



You have to shoot the top-left tac balloon and also the one to the left of the metal blocks with the one dart.



Shoot the boomerang balloon and take out a brown block next to the gap in the wall, then, fire your boomerang through the gap.


how do you beat lvl 34



Bounce the first shot off the left rubber wall so that you hit any mine. Then, bounce another shot off the rubber wall at the bottom so that you hit a pink tac bloon.



13 is like...impossible!!!! help!

xlittleonex April 22, 2007 3:07 AM

for the rest of 30 for those who didn't get it

for the spikey balloons, you have to shoot sort of straight up, don't bounce it off of the rubber ones on the top. make it arc over so that it comes down and hits the spikey ones. then once you get those, the brown blocks disappear and then you just shoot down towards the first or second rubber block and hit it with a large power. it will bounce up and hit them.

hope that helps

xrockangelx April 22, 2007 3:39 AM

On level 36, are you supposed to aim your second dart directly at the lower bumper wall to get it to bounce up to the balloons... Or are you supposed to shoot your dart up in an arc to bounce off that lower bumper wall and up to the balloons?

Anonymous April 22, 2007 4:27 AM


Chris Drost April 22, 2007 6:02 AM

More Bloons Complete Walkthrough

Level 01: "The bells, the bells"

  • Shoot the triple-dart first, then fire the three darts at the pin balloon. This keeps you from risking the uncertainty of the triple-dart on the ice balloon at the bottom. Fire your remaining darts at the bottom of the bell, taking care not to hit the ice balloon. No problem.

Level 02: "Use the Force"

  • Shoot each of the lightsabers.

Level 03: "Waffle"

  • Shoot at the top-right pin balloon in the waffle, and you should get them all in one shot. The other ones may not set off the full effect.

Level 04: "Ghost"

  • Fire a straight full-power shot at each of the pin-balloons, and you should destroy more than 45 of the balloons, with two shots left. One of your shots should be the straight line of balloons in front of you; your last shot is irrelevant.

Level 05: "Triangle"

  • Attempt to hit the bomb right in front of you with an arc shot that flies into the pin-ballloons. That will get rid of three of the bombs and most of the balloons with only one shot, and you'll have no less than 50 with 3 darts left to collect 15 points. Of course, you could do these in two separate shots, but that makes the rest of the shots harder, and plus, where's the style in *that*?

Level 06: "Bouncy Castle"

  • Your first shot, of course, is aimed at the black bumper, attempting to hit the nearest pin-balloon. However, it is important that you don't hit the wooden block *with your dart*. The pin-balloon will take care of that block, so you want your dart to keep sailing right by, collecting even more balloons. The exact angle is difficult, but not impossible, so keep at it. If you can make that first shot, then the third shot becomes *much* easier. For your second shot, hit a low-powered shot that, by its own gravity, curve down into the second rubber bumper, into the second pin-balloon. Again, you want it to continue after that; but this is pretty much a given. Then, your third shot is a lazy affair across the middle of the carnage; it will give you the extra points you need to win this one.

Level 07: "Fire and Ice"

  • Your first shot needs to arc over the first ice balloon, and hit either of the topmost bombs -- it doesn't matter which one, exactly. Your second shot hits the remaining bomb. Keep your angle higher than you think it should be -- the minimum power of a shot is too much for straight shots at this close range. Fire your third shot at the group of balloons in the bottom right corner.

Level 08: "Mirror"

  • The other levels before this have been tricky, but not particularly difficult. This one's both. There are two mission-critical shots here, that will make it a lot easier to get 80 points. One is to aim high on the mirror, and get the mine balloon AND the extra dart together. The second is to get both the light saber AND the triple-dart balloon. If you make both of those shots, you are well-equipped for dealing out severe balloon carnage. Your triple dart shot should be a not-too-powerful affair that just barely clears the metal blocks with all three darts. You may aim directly at the bottommost pin balloon, so don't waste time going through the mirror. The balloons right underneath you are *very* handy if you have exactly one dart left and exactly two points to go, so don't forgeth them.

Level 09: "Safe Cracker"

  • Difficult but not very tricky. Don't aim for the topmost rubber block; aim for the second-from top. It's harder to hit, but the angle is almost guaranteed to hit that pin balloon.

Level 10: "Landing Bay"

  • Shoot straight through the ice balloons, into the wooden block. Then shoot a simple shot that will skim along the ice until it hits the light sabers. Light sabers can cut through ice, which opens up almost the entire board. Aim your last two darts at the three remaining ice balloons for extra points.

Level 11: "Death Star"

  • There is no strategy here. Aim a very high-angle, very high-power shot into the heavens, and try to get it to drop through the center shaft. If you miss, try again.

Level 12: "Bingo"

  • Aim at top-left light saber. You don't need to hit it so long as you hit the one in its way.

Level 13: "In The Clouds"

  • There are two balloons which are both below you and to the right of you. Aim between them. If you don't hit either, then about half the time, you'll eliminate the entire bottom, except for one frozen mine balloon to your left. The remaining 8 balloons come from just picking off the ice balloons -- because remember, ice balloons don't freeze other ice balloons.

Level 14: "Lions Share"

  • A perfect first shot on this one will hit both the triple-dart and the pin behind it -- but you can win even without a perfect first shot. Use your triple-shot to clear out the relatively sparse body, then mine the head and back for points. Simple.

Level 15: "Soup"

  • I got this my first try. A light shot aimed at the pin-balloon above you can arc nicely into the other two pin-balloons, eliminating all of them.

Level 16: "Minefield"

  • High-powered shot going between the bombs in front of you, to hit the pins. The pins will explode the bombs. Also simple.

Level 17: "Filing Cabinet"

  • The row of wooden blocks right above you has 15 blocks total. (Which means I'm not counting the block that's on its own as part of the row.) Now, in that row, you do *not* need to touch the leftmost block -- if you hit the pin balloon, it will take care of that. If you're *really* good, then you will use your dart to hit both the pin balloon and the block directly above it, so that the pin sets off the mine for you. But if you're just a normal kind of good, you'll hit the pin and then you'll take another shot to hit the mine. Either one works -- you set off the chain reaction below you, and you have at least one shot left with which to collect the remaining points.

Level 18: "Tumbledown"

  • Just arc a shot through the middle. If you play it right, you'll hit none of the ice balloons and set off the pin beneath; and any further points can be gotten by just taking out the ice balloons themselves. The most I've ever gotten was 19.

Level 19: "Shockwave"

  • Hit the mine, hit the mirror to hit the pins. Simple.

Level 20: "Sniper"

  • You have 8 balloons to pop and only 4 darts--so you either need to eliminate them in couples, or you need to eliminate three in one shot. There are many ways to do this puzzle, but I'm fond of the ways where you eliminate three in one shot. You can shoot a delicate, strong shot that goes through the top edge of the balloon right in front of you, the bottom edge of the balloon after that, and arcs into the balloon at top right. (You then have two arc shots and your single is reserved for the balloon below you.) Or you can shoot a strong straight shot that goes through balloon in front of you, through the top edge of the balloon after that, and through the bottom edge of the balloon at middle right. (You then need to get the two balloons left in the center with a strong and very high shot.)

Level 21: "E"

  • Shoot straight at the mine, and let your dart bounce around wildly. You might just hit the "Reset level" button if it bounces straight into the steel. When you get a run where your dart starts popping tons of balloons after it hits the mine, you should have no problem finishing off the rest of the balloons.

Level 22: "Can o Beans"

  • The first shot isn't so hard, and if you've got your non-mouse hand on the arrow keys, you should be able to get Pac-man to eat away the wooden blocks. You should have him eat some of the balloons on the end too; every little bit helps on this level. The second shot is the real devil; it needs to be relatively high and powerful, so that the two of your darts separate; but not so high and powerful that they each get four apeice. Keep at it; you'll get it eventually.

Level 23: "Oh No!"

  • Aim a shot behind your head, so that it bounces into the rubber wall and hits both the other balloon groups. You should be able to take out three of the group by the wall, and, if the bounces are right, all four in the other groups, for 11 total. I don't think you can get all 12.

Level 24: "Boomerangutan"

  • Hit the boomerang above you, then the other two in clockwise order. You want to set up your first shot so that you can point the boomerang straight up and get all the points that you need. It will take a couple tries.

Level 25: "To Bounce Or?"

  • If there is a hellish level, it is this one. The basketball shot you're forced to start with is bad enough; but the remaining points are real hell. You want to arc all of your remaining shots just barely over each ice balloon, and you should be able, with a lot of retrying, to get ~88 points or so.

Level 26: "Nope"

  • There are two ways to do this. First, you could nick the first two or three ice balloons, then send a dart above to bounce to the pin balloons. It's highly unpredictable how far you'll get; but if you can manage it, it works. Another is to fire a shallow shot at the first ice balloon, just so that it falls onto the rubber ground below. The bounce back up can hit the pin balloons, too. The second way gets you 26 points if done perfectly, and I think that's the absolute maximum.

Level 27: "Equalizer"

  • Aerially bombard the lightsabers, triggering them all; then fire straight through the horizontal ice balloons to pass. Bonus points if you aerially bombard the remaining ice balloons to get 100%. It take a lot of effort, but that doesn't make it impossible.

Level 28: "Tick Tock Toe"

  • Shoot strong and straight through the triple-dart and the upper mine balloon. Then, fire your triple into the upper channel, and hopefully you'll eliminate all of them (or all but one of them).

Level 29: "Dagobah"

  • You can only truly command the Force well if you can think outside the box, and this is a good example of why. Shoot OVER the rubber bumpers that lie to either side, to hit the mine ballons. Then, fire powerful and almost-vertical shots, which will go column by column, eliminating the ice. Which is good, because Hoth was the ice planet, IIRC.

Level 30: "Zig"

  • Straightforward. Fire straight up at the barest angle, to take out the topmost mine balloon. Then fire into the zig-zag. It worked pretty well when I fired a full-power shot at the center of the surface of the second floor block closest to me -- the dart almost went too far, but it nicked the pin just right.

Level 31: "3 way"

  • Hit the triple and the top mine in one shot, then fire the triple-dart into the middle of the top two layers. They'll both eliminate. Your last dart will eliminate the bottom layer.

Level 32: "Crafty Devil"

  • Get the triple and fire it straight into the gap, and hope.

Level 33: "2Tempting"

  • Arc a shot beautifully over the steel blocks and into the J. If it has a shallow enough angle, it will hit the pins.

Level 34: "Bunkabusta"

  • The first shot here is surprisingly not so hard -- hit the triple, ricochet and hit the mine. The next shot is tougher; you want two of the triple pieces to hit the rubber and one to pass through, so that you get them bouncing in to hit a maximum number of balloons. You do get, however, two more shots to try to clear out more -- as tough as that may be.

Level 35: "Mining"

  • You can theoretically do this with one dart left over, so don't feel bad if you have to waste a dart somewhere. There are 4 mine-balloons floating in the sky, and four bombs below them. Hit both mine 1 and either 3 or 4, doesn't matter which one -- but do *not* hit mine 2. . Now you need to fire straight at the nearest bomb. You can do it in one, but it is difficult, so feel free to use your spare dart here. Now, take out the other two mines in one shot. Relatively-straight shots can now be used to blow up the other two bombs in order.

Level 36: "Brimstone"

  • This, again, is relatively straightforward. Fire a powerful shot into the nearby rubber wall, and it will eliminate the blocks in front of you. Then make a shot with a good arc to it, so that it lands on the rubber platform in the dead center with some good angle on it. It should bounce right up into the pin. I got it on my second try.

Level 37: "Eliminator"

  • Can be done in two. Use the left-hand rubber wall as a mirror to arc a shot into the pins, which opens up a wall. Now, bounce off the rubber beneath you, and if you aim it right, the shot should just arc into the pins. The first shot takes all the effort.

Level 38: "Broken Lollipop"

  • Welcome to another Pac-Man level. Shoot a long and strong shot at the lower Pac-Man, then, when you transform, navigate to the upper one, eating all the balloons along the right. When you hit the upper one, it will extend your time -- immediately make a beeline for the remaining balloons on the left and the balloons beneath you. You should be able to get all of them.

Level 39: "Pipe"

  • Nick the left side of the triple with a full-force shot, and the dart should take care of the very nearest balloons on the left. Fire the triple into the left as well, and you should have almost all of those balloons -- at least 25. Fire your last two shots over the other side to get the remaining 15.

Level 40: "Flower Pot"

  • Hit the mines first, of course. Then bounce off the nearest iced balloon to get the remaining points. Easy peasy, though the bounce is a little unpredictable.

Level 41: "Mouse Trap"

  • There is only one *sure win*, and there are a lot of things which might work with some chance. For example, firing straight at the bomb *might* work, and it might not, depending on what those pins do. The way that always works is to arc a shot through the light saber above you and into the bomb in the middle.

Level 42: "Pinata"

  • Arc a shot through the topmost pin and the rightmost pin, and almost all of the pinata should vanish without being frozen. Now, fire a straight shot through the bottom of the remaining pins, and use your last two shots to improve your score. The highest I've managed was a 79.

Level 43: "Peek a Boo"

  • Looks impossible, right? Arc your boomerang shot so that it widens the gap by hitting either of the blocks next to the present hole. You can get the boomerang through either way, and it's real hard to aim, so just try to get it in the right vicinity. The boomerang throw will require several tries.

Level 44: "Hare vs Tortoise"

  • You need to arc your dart very carefully. It should go just over the mine, just barely touch the pin, and then immediately start racing down to the pins below. If it hits the pins before the mine hits the bombs, you've won. Otherwise, try again.

Level 45: "Well, well"

  • You want a single shot that hits the mine, which hita a bomb, and then you want your shot to hit the other bomb. After that, it's just a matter of sending a simple bouncing dart in to hit the pins.

Level 46: "Tin Box"

  • The strategy which you see is, in fact, the only strategy. You may prefer to hit the lightsaber with one dart, and then the boomerang with another -- ricocheting off the rubber so that you get some balloons. But it really comes down to a very, *very* precise throw of that boomerang. I have, after long effort, succeeded in getting a 100%, but *man* it was hard. The point is that it's possible, though, so people who think they're hot stuff with the boomerang should definitely try for 100% on this one.

Level 47: "Unsure"

  • Fire straight at the bomb in front of you. Then fire a nice, arcing shot at the middle bomb -- your first intuition might be to shoot through the pin, but it's much easier later on if you attempt to shoot through the top row of balloons. If you miss the middle one on that row, that's fine -- but the pins won't usually reach the other four.
    Now, this next shot is *extremely* tricky. You aren't aiming to hit the middle pin -- but you'll end up hitting it anyway if this works. You're aiming to hit the left side of the right bumper, in such a way that you bounce against the rubber floor, then the right side of the left bumper, and then fly into the bomb. This is because if you *don't* do it that way, there will be two balloons left over down there, and they're absolutely mission-critical. It is the craziest shot in the game, but when it works it feels SOOOO good. Best shot in the game. Bar none.
    Your last shot intersects both pins. Again, a routine shot.

Level 48: "Bait and Switch"

  • There is a line of balloons which you can shoot through, arcing into the bomb on the right hand side. That's shot one. Shot 2 is a straight, full power shot at the right mine. (It's narrow, but doable.) Shot three hits either of the pins up top. If you cut your first shot low enough, and arc your third shot so that it hits one of the balloons bottom-left, you can manage a 68. Even without those, though, this strategy will win.

Level 49: "Throwaway"

  • Your first shot is a careful arc that goes through the triple and then the light saber on the far right side. Now, if you look at what remains, it's clear that you want to hit that light saber, preferably going through both balloons between -- that's precision work. And you also need to get rid of that bomb. Hence the name "throwaway" -- the whole purpose of getting the triple was to fire a power shot at the bomb, just so that you have the shot free to hit that light saber. So, do the throwaway as your second shot, then angle a steep curving shot into the light saber. It is possible to pop 41 of the 42 balloons if you angle your first shot a little higher than you'd want to, leaving only an ice balloon.

Level 50: "On the Clock"

  • Shoot through one of the wooden blocks, then angle a shot through the mine, so that it also hits one of the pins behind the mine. The block needs to go so that the mine triggers the bomb. With that done, the chain reaction falls into place.


level 36 please!!!!!!!

Anonymous April 22, 2007 6:41 AM

Again "shoot 3 mines" isnt helpful!

Anonymous April 22, 2007 7:38 AM

Level 46 please...!

Anonymous April 22, 2007 9:22 AM

Better spoiler for lvl 30 please....


been stuck on 47 for so long i can't be bothered carrying on with the game. any easier spoilers than "it's a tough shot"?

Anonymous April 22, 2007 11:28 AM

I'm still really clueless with number 47. is there anyway you could create images to explain, or use the window recorder thing, if you have it.


41 is stil not working out for me even with that complete walkthrough and all the other comments on it since it keeps saying try again even wen i got all of them. Please i need help!!

Anonymous April 22, 2007 1:48 PM

anyone have any spoilers for 46 besides "be very precise with the boomerang"?

kristopher April 22, 2007 2:18 PM

Done! Finally! w/ Little or no spoilers!!!!

xlittleonex April 22, 2007 2:28 PM

Chris, for 47, are you sure that crazy shot with the three way bounce even works? i've been trying it for ages now and it won't happen....

Anonymous April 22, 2007 3:20 PM

number 35 is really hard, dont understand how to do it

anonymous April 22, 2007 4:07 PM

help with 46
i dont know how to throw the boomarang

seaboss9 April 22, 2007 5:05 PM

i need massive help on 46! how do i shoot the boomerang??



Shoot the boomerang so that it just clears the wall.


help on 47 spoiler did not work

it's impossible that crazy shot doesn't work


xlittleonex and anyone else having trouble with level 47:

Aim at the top left corner of the right-most solid brick (aim means put your cursor there). This should eliminate one of the variables, where to shoot, and it is up to you to figure out the amount of power. After you eliminate the two left-most bombs, you will have two darts left with which to practice the bounce shot. Just keep repeating the process until you've mastered it, then complete the level with a arc to hit the other two pin balloons.
Hope this helps!


nice guys

betharooni April 22, 2007 7:35 PM

I've been trying for 2 days to beat level 41. I'm having the same issue as everyone else. I have tried it every way listed and even though I pop 19 or even all 20 bloons I still get the "Try Again."

What's up with that?


hey I really need help on 11 and 46


It happens to me too when I'm using Windows 98. Its just too slow for the game.