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I'm incredible at this game now!


Complete Bloons Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Note: This game gets quite difficult towards the end, so you may well need to use the 'reset level' button quite often in later levels.
In brackets next to each level is the number of balloons required.

This guide refers to various objects in the game in a uniform manner. They are:

  • Ice balloons - light blue balloons with a white frosting on top. These freeze nearby balloons when hit.

  • Frozen balloons - balloons that have been frozen by ice balloons. These have a faded version of their original colour, and a frosting on top.

  • Pin balloons - pink balloons containing pins. Upon being hit, these send out pins, exploding many nearby balloons, and often setting up chain reactions.

  • Dart balloons - purple balloons containing a dart. When hit, you receive an extra dart.

  • Triple-dart balloons - light blue balloons containing three darts. When hit, you will have a bonus dart that is actually three darts at once in your next shot.

  • Bomb balloons - red balloons containing a bomb. When hit, these explode and destroy many of the surrounding things.

  • Mine balloons - yellow/orange balloons containing a mine. When hit, the mine will drop down, destroying anything in its path.

  • Pac-Man balloons - green balloons containing a Pac-Man. When hit, you control the Pac-Man with the arrow keys, and can eat all types of balloons, as well as brown wall pieces.

  • Boomerang balloons - green balloons containing a boomerang. When hit, you get a bonus 'dart' that is a boomerang.

Wall pieces:

  • Brown - these can be destroyed with a dart, or by being eaten by a Pac-Man.

  • Metal - these cannot be destroyed.

  • Rubber (black) - these cannot be destroyed, but darts bounce of them, making them useful in getting to hard-to-reach places.

Level 1 - Pop Me (32)

This is very easy. Just aim at the remaining balloons each time.

Level 2 - Pop Me 2 (70)

Again, quite easy. Do arcs inside the mass of balloons to hit the most each shot. Vary their height so that you get more, and spend less time in the gaps.

Level 3 - Surprise (55)

In the first shot hit one of the Pin balloons to get rid of most of the balloons. In the remaining two, get as many of the remaining ones as you can.

Level 4 - Triangles (35)

Try to do an arc involving the left, top, and right triangles. After that, simply try to get as many more as you can, using the arc for maximum efficiency if required.

Level 5 - Starburst (70)

In your first shot hit any of the Pin balloons to get rid of all but one balloon. In your second shot, try to get the remaining balloon, although it isn't necessary.

Level 6 - The Iron Curtain (29)

Arc over the metal barrier, with slightly varying heights and angles to hit the most. This can be a bit tricky, but you can always retry the level if you don't manage it at first.

Level 7 - Dart from above (85)

With your first shot get the Triple-dart, along with a few other balloons. Then, go through the pack with your three darts, making sure to hit the other triple dart with one of them. With your remaining shots, try and clear up as much as you can.

Level 8 - Holy Moley! (14)

Hit any of the brown pieces to destroy it, and then hit the visible Pin balloon to burst all of them.

Level 9 - Boing (29)

Fire through the top pack to hit the rubber wall, bouncing off it to hit some of the bottom pack. If you got enough from the bottom, you can now use your remaining darts to get as many of the top darts as you can. If you didn't get enough from the bottom, you can go for a few more by bouncing of the wall, and then get as many as you can from the top.

Level 10 - Parallel (18)

Fire straight up through the line nearest to you with a fair amount of power, such that the dart will bounce off the wall and hit as many of the other ones as possible. If there are some left, go for them either in a direct hit, or, for more of them, by bouncing off the rubber again.

Level 11 - Tack-tile (32)

The aim here is to bounce off the horizontal piece of rubber near you, into the wall of rubber furthest from you, and then to hit a pin in the pack. Try various shots until you find what works for you, and then try and clear up with your remaining darts.

Level 12 - Arc (32)

Do large arcs in the path of the balloons to hit as many as you can, whilst avoiding the Ice balloons.

Level 13 - Reservoir (25)

Arc into either the furthest hole, or the 2nd part of the middle hole, to hit one of the Pin balloons. Replay until you can do this within your first 2 shots. With your remaining shots, try and get as many balloons as you can through the nearest, largest hole, although this isn't necessary.

Level 14 - Maze (60)

Fire into the pack, trying to bounce off the far wall to go down a level. Make sure that you get the Dart balloon for a bonus dart before finishing, and repeat until you have used all off your darts.

Level 15 - One in a hundred (70)

With your first dart, get the Boomerang balloon, trying to get as many other balloons as you can, using an arc through the main pack if you wish. With your boomerang shot, send it flying to the top-center of the pack, very hard.

Level 16 - Boomer (28)

Get the Boomerang balloon, whilst also popping as many balloons from the same pack as you can. With the boomerang, aim hard at a little beyond the middle pack.

Level 17 - Shapes (98)

All you have to do in this is hit at least one Pin balloon from each pack, exploding them all. As you have one fewer darts than packs, you will have to get at least two in one of the shots.

Level 18 - Chain Reaction (105)

The idea here is to first of all get rid of one of the brown wall pieces, and then get the Pin balloon above it. This will set of a chain reaction exploding all of the balloons. It is much easier if you try to go for the one a little to the left of directly above your head.

Level 19 - Light the Fuse (65)

Here, you just need to hit one of the pins, and everything will go!

Level 20 - Loopy (22)

Do an arc between all three packs, trying to hit the Pin balloon in each.

Level 21 - Throwback (13)

Hit the Pac-Man, and then move him around the metal wall and then through the gap to eat all of the balloons.

Level 22 - Round-a-bout (68)

Get the Boomerang balloon with your first shot. Swing the boomerang around the Ice balloons, avoiding them, starting on the left with a fairly powerful shot, and then get as many more as you can with your final dart.

Level 23 - Ouchie (35)

This one's fairly tough. The easiest way to do it is to try and arc through the layer of balloons between the Mine balloons and the Ice balloons and then bouncing off the rubber wall into the Pin balloons. If you don't hit the Mine or Ice balloons at all, but you do get the Pins, you'll get a good enough score, and even if you hit a few of the Mine balloons it's not too hard to bounce into the Pin balloons and still pass. If you hit one of the Ice balloons, however, it is unlikely that you will get very many balloons.

Level 24 - Monsta (32)

With your first shot, try to get the Pin balloon and Triple-dart balloon above you, along with a few other balloons. Next, try and bounce off the top left platform into the area on the left with the Pin balloon, getting the triple-dart if you are lucky. If you didn't get the triple-dart on the left, go for it now. With the triple-dart shot, replicate what you did on the left on the right, bouncing off the platform, hopefully getting the Triple-dart balloon. If you have any shots left, use them to get any more balloons you can.

Level 25 - Demolition (65)

In your first few shots, do long arcs through the top row of Mine balloons. After getting all of the mine balloons, try and get a few of the available balloons near the bottom if you have any darts left.

Level 26 - 2 Paths (63)

With your one shot, aim almost straight at one of the side walls in order to bounce back and get most of the balloons at the top. Hopefully, your dart will fall down one of the sides and set of a chain reaction, getting as many balloons as possible. This comes down to a little bit of luck, but if you don't succeed, you should be able to after a few replays.

Level 27 - Bouncy (15)

In your first shot, get all of the Ice balloons in one long shot. In your second shot, bounce off the frozen balloons to get the big block of balloons, where, hopefully, your dart will find enough balloons.

Level 28 - Big Ball (89)

This is another tricky one. The easiest way to do this is to do an arc each shot, always missing the Ice balloons, each one either slightly higher or lower than the previous, wherever the balloons still lie. Don't forget to get the balloons under the Ice ones!

Level 29 - Air Raid (40)

This is much easier! With each shot, hit one of the bombs. Make sure you don't forget to aim slightly higher for the further away ones, as the dart will fall.

Level 30 - Ice Bounce (28)

In your first shot, hit the top Ice balloon, whilst also getting a few balloons below it. The easiest way to do this without bouncing back off the rubber is to aim about half-way down on the right of the Ice balloon, with quite high power. Make sure that after the shot there is at least one frozen balloon to bounce off next. If not, reset the level. To bounce off the frozen balloon you will have to try various shots, most of which work best with a medium-low power, but once you do it right, you'll bounce into the bombs, exploding the pack of balloons. If you end up with not enough balloons, it is because you did not explode enough whilst going for the tope Ice balloon.

Level 31 - The Cell (100)

Try and get to the bomb second from the right. You will need to break five brown wall pieces to do this, in an S shape. Once you have hit the bomb, on your sixth shot, hit one of the pins to explode many balloons. Finally, do an arc to get the extra few balloons you need.

Level 32 - Backwards Glance (43)

Get as many of the balloons as you can without hitting any of the ice balloons. Make sure you get the 2 extra darts! On your last shot, fire straight left at the ice balloons. You may need to angle your dart the tiniest bit up. The dart will go straight through 7 balloons (6 of them ice) here, so you need to have at least 36 before this, which is very possible.

Level 33 - Danger! (30)

This level looks simple, but due to the Ice balloons it isn't. In the first of your three shots, go for the block on the right. Arc over the Ice balloon, getting a few balloons and hitting the Pin balloon on the right. You should aim to have about 10 balloons by now. For the top-right block, try to hit the Pin balloon on the right, getting other balloons on your way to it. You should aim to have more than 20 balloons by now. For the top-left block, hit the Pin balloon on the right. Get other balloons on your way to it, as you should be able to get about 10 balloons from this block.

Level 34 - Igloos (58)

This one is a nice and simple break from the others. First of all, get rid of the bottom block by exploding the Bomb balloon (you can aim straight at it). If you received a boomerang from the bottom block, waste it by throwing it away somewhere. In this shot, hit the bomb in the top block, just like you did before. It is important that you go for the bottom block first, because the top block would freeze some of its balloons otherwise, which would obstruct you from the bomb.

Level 35 - Fuggetaboudit (11)

With your first shot, get the Boomerang balloon and the Bomb balloon in the same arc. The bomb will get rid of the Ice balloons. With your boomerang shot, try and get as many of the balloons as you can, and then use your last shot to get more if you need to.

Level 36 - Chalice (37)

With your first shot, hit both of the Mine balloons, getting 14 more balloons, including 2 extra Dart balloons. With your next two shots, break one of the brown wall pieces and hit the Pin balloon beneath it to set off another chain reaction. The easiest ones to try are the second and third blocks from the right.

Level 37 - Pacatak (53)

With your first shot, do a low arc to get the available Pac-Man balloon. Get to the top-left Pac-Man balloon with him, and then eat that. Continue right, eating all of the balloons, turning down when you have finished the row. Get the next Pac-Man, above the pack of balloons, and eat as many of them as you can before getting the next Pac-Man. Move up, get the remaining balloons from where the pack of 4 was, and move on to the next Pac-Man on the right. With him, eat both columns of balloons at the same time, by positioning yourself in the middle. You will have to be quick to get enough balloons with each Pac-Man. If there are any balloons left over that you can try and reach with your remaining darts, do so.

Level 38 - Bouncebomb (16)

The aim here is to explode the Pin balloon. you can do this by making a long arc over the rubber, or by bouncing on the rubber, which you may find easier. After that, use your remaining darts to try and get any left-over balloons, including unexploded Ice balloons, if they are not near normal ones.

Level 39 - Lockdown (20)

This level comes down to luck more often than not. The best way to get as many balloons as possible is to aim your darts up at the vertical rubber wall, so that you will lightly touch the right side of it. If you set your power high enough, the small change in movement will have a big effect by the time it comes back down, and the dart will bounce all over the place. One shot where you can nearly always get 5 or 6 darts is shooting right and a very, very small bit down, at the block of six balloons near the bottom.

Level 40 - Ice Cave (26)

This level is a bit of a trick one, as the way to beat this level is to get the Ice balloons. Start with a shot getting lots of Ice balloons at the top. If you don't make it too powerful, it'll drop down the back, bounce up and get a few more balloons. Don't let it be too weak, though, as then it will bounce off the frozen balloons and not get very many. In the next shot, focus on the lower Ice balloons, Trying to get the long top row first, and bounce back to get some of the bottom row.

Level 41 - Myriad (50)

There are various ways to beat this level, so feel free to experiment. If you get stuck, you can read this. First of all, get the Triple-arrow balloon, and also destroy the bottom-left corner brown wall piece. Fire the triple-arrow to the right, going through the large pack and into the Pin balloon, which will trigger the Mine balloon, triggering the Pac-Man balloon. Eat as much of the enclosure's balloons as you can before time runs out. With your next dart, destroy the middle-right piece of the wall, and then explode the bombs. Get the Boomerang balloon with your next shot, and use it to get the triangle of balloons at the top-left of the screen. Use any remaining darts to get stray balloons.

Level 42 - Chilly Chips (42)

With your first shot, try and get balloons in the central segment, without hitting any of the Ice balloons on the left. If you hit ones on the right, it is not so important. Get as many of the Triple-dart balloons as possible, along with the Ice balloon to their right, and as many of the normal balloons to their left as you can. With the triple-dart shot, get as many of the balloons in the leftmost segment as you can without hitting any Ice balloons. Finally, go straight for the line of Ice balloons to get a maximum of 6 more balloons.

Level 43 - D in the D (32)

Try and do a long arc with your dart to hit as many of the top row of Mine balloons as you can. Next, bounce a dart down the rubber-walled enclosure to get as many of the balloons there as you can. Do another small arc to try and get all of the balloons above the Ice balloons, and then go straight through all four Ice balloons in your final go. If you have very many Mine balloons remaining, instead of getting the balloons above the Ice ones first, freeze them with the Ice balloons and bounce off them to get to the Mine balloons more easily.

Level 44 - Showertime (42)

With all your darts here, the aim is to bounce them off of the far rubber wall into the nearer one, and then into the Mine balloons. To bounce them off the far wall, you have to aim straight at the wall and a little bit up, to avoid the near wall. The same tactic can be used for any balloons that aren't covered by brown wall pieces.

Level 45 - Not So Hot (20)

You can achieve the 20 balloons needed to pass this level without breaking any walls by getting all three Dart balloons and the Pac-Man balloon. With the Pac-Man balloon, head straight right through the brown wall pieces and then up as soon as possible. Position yourself quickly between the two columns of balloons nearest to the right, and move up, eating both columns. You can eat 18 balloons here, if you turn left when you have finished the columns, and added to the 4 outside, you have passed. With your remaining darts try to get balloons by breaking through the wall.

Level 46 - Ears (25)

With your first shot, do a very small arc over the leftmost Ice balloon, getting at least 8 or 9 balloons. Do another arc over the center, coming down between the wall pieces and the Ice balloon. Finally, go for the largest block of balloons, which is likely to be at the bottom.

Level 47 - Bloon of Damacles (58)

With your first shot, destroy the single brown piece, along with a few surrounding balloons. With your next, hit the bomb to destroy a few more balloons, and then hit the Ice balloon. Bounce your dart off the frozen balloons into the Mine balloon, which will fall onto a Pin balloon, and destroy the remaining balloons.
It is possible to hit the Bomb balloon in one shot without destroying the block, or to not hit the Bomb balloon at all, but it is easier if you do. Feel free to try out other methods!

Level 48 - The Matrix (105)

This level is quite simple, but very fun. Get the Pac-Man nearest to you with your shot. Proceed to munch up all of the top Mine balloons, until you get transported down as you burst another Pac-Man balloon. With this one, eat the next Pac-Man, along with a few balloons if you wish, and go back to the top to finish eating the top row of Mine balloons. When you eat the last one, you will hit a lower-down Pac-Man, and be able to eat all of the balloons at the bottom.

Level 49 - Wrong Side (70)

With your first shot, hit the top Ice balloon such that you carry on going, and hit into a Pin balloon. This will explode the top section of balloons, and if you are lucky, the bottom will also be hit and explode. If not, bounce a dart off the frozen balloons at the top, and it will, if aimed correctly, hit into the Pin balloons at the bottom. Use any remaining shots to finish off any balloons that you might have let out.

Level 50 - The End (50)

Do you really need a guide for this? No!!!
Congratulations on completing Bloons!


Hello, me again!! Ignore my question on Lvl 21, i realised what to do!!
I really need help on lvl 30!!
I can get the majority by bouncing off the ice but how do you get 3 more or something??
Thank Q

fatnickc April 16, 2007 3:53 PM

Knowmad - if you haven't already, try the walkthrough. If you're off by about three at the end, I assume you're exploding the bottom Ice balloon, so try the top one. The resulting bounce may be more difficult, but at least you'll get enough balloons.


for all you dudes and dudettes who are still asking questions about levels, look around. there are like 3 complete walkthroughs on this page already. smart ones.

humanalastic101 April 18, 2007 9:50 AM

i beat the game!!!!! oh yeah!
i rock!
who rox?
i rock


woot woot


43 on the new version = impossible. The one with the boomerang and one arrow, and a wall of brown blocks blocking the balloons. It is impossible. HELP

brrraappp April 18, 2007 2:27 PM

i dont get lv. 5o??????.....jks. this game is fun


can someone please help me with level 35 on the new version?

[Please post questions about the new version on the review page for More Bloons. Thank you! -Jay]

Anonymous April 18, 2007 9:51 PM

have any of you played the game "more bloons" at ninjakiwi, i need help with 1 of the levels

[Go to the More Bloons page, please. -Jay]

Caroline April 19, 2007 7:21 PM

on level 43 all you need to do is hit the ice ballons and then bounce a dart on them to break the pointy balloons

Alex greene April 19, 2007 7:43 PM

i need a lot of help with level 26

Anonymous April 19, 2007 8:07 PM

how do you eat 2 rows at a time?

Bon Scott 085 April 20, 2007 12:11 AM

Level 13

lob the dart at the first and highest pink balloon. make sure the dart falls and hits a pink dart on the bottom row

fatnickc April 20, 2007 1:10 PM

@Anonymous: "how do you eat 2 rows at a time?"
Position yourself so that you are in the center of the two rows/columns. When you move you'll eat two rows/columns at once.

Anonymous April 20, 2007 7:38 PM

level 33 is testing my patience


how do you beat lvl 50 i almost beat it in 7hour in one day haha plz help with 50

Racetrack April 21, 2007 9:12 AM

Hey, can you help me on level 17? I can't seem to win it.


Bloons 100% Strategy Guide

I have posted a more thorough walkthrough and strategy guide for those players trying to get 100% on every level. Leave feedback about it here, please.


for number 42. all you have to do is avoid the ice bloons:

1st thing you do; shoot the line of balloons that are just above the mine baloon, and just below the highest dart balloon. make the dart arc so that it hits the mine baloon and the rightmost dart balloon.

2nd thing; hit the highest most dart balloon making a chain reaction.

3rd thing; just hit the remaining balloons you need at the bottom.

from; enzo v.


This is how I beat level 33, for those of you who kept e-mailing me!

Ok, so at first you have 3 shots. With your first shot,shoot over the gray blocks in the middle so that you hit the bloons that are right on top. You should have popped around 13.With your 2 shot,shoot the 2 extra dart bloons. With your 3 shot, shoot straight through the bottom layer of ice bloons, hitting seven. Use your remaining shots to shoot any bloons to raise your score.


hey i have a new way to complete lvl 49.

if you point the arrow up and aim it properly at the to brown boxes then get the pin bloon and set off everything under, you should have one arrow to burst the other pin bloons and complete it

evilmasterer April 22, 2007 6:14 PM

i got 65.3%/47 on 32. backwards glance!!!!
i did it by using my last shot on the ice bloons.
i got a pic of it, if anyone can tell me how to upload it here ill upload^^

[Edit: there is presently no way to upload images. You would have to use an image hosting service and include the URL of the image in a comment here. Hopefully we'll have image uploading soon. -Jay]


I'm stuck in 39 !!! Help!!!


Congrats on #32, evilmasterer!
A day after putting up my detailed walkthrough and best scores (where I had a 62.5% / 45), I managed to get a 63.9% / 46. (Which I suspected was possible, but I didn't guess that it was possible to pop *two* more bloons.)
I'll put this on my own challenge list and try to match it myself.



Its pretty much just shoot and hope :o) Shoot at the little group to the right, the group above and left, and, also as high and right as you can to try and get the top-middle bit and maybe a bit of the top-right.

I'm not much help I'm afraid, however, that does work for me.

Anonymous April 24, 2007 7:42 PM

need help with lvl 50... how do you beat it!?!?


lvl 20!!!


i think i am a natural. took me 50minutes to complete moore ballons


Please help me with level 7..
Okai.. Its imposible.. So I don't understand how you got to level 40-50 :S



Does the walkthrough near the top of this page help at all?

level 49 April 26, 2007 1:47 PM

i am still having trouble with level 49. help


level 49

Shoot the ice-bloon then bounce your next shot across the now-frozen normal bloons so the you drop down onto a tac-bloon.


hey i've been working on level 12 i think it is - the arc. and i think that 43 is the highest possible number of bloons to get. however, there is another strategy that i discovered by acceident which might get all 44. you get the higher row at the top of the arc while getting as many as possible bloons below. try to get the whole left side minus the tack bloon. then, shoot through the tack bloon and through the top ice bloon so that the dart comes down through the right side of the screen and takes out any remaining bloons. on the last shot - take out the last ice bloon. i havent tried this all the way but with a little luck and some skill i think someone can work it out.


ahhhh im stuck on level 29 ... anyone have any clue how to get through its driving me crazy!!


Bloons 29 Air Raid?
Shoot all four bombs.


level 30 anyone? Please I'm stuck and i don't know why, because i am capabel of coming to level 38 (but on another pc)

Please. (A)


Thank you for this great guide! Helped me beat it :)



Shoot high and strong at the top ice-bloon then bounce your second shot off the now-frozen remaining bloons. Sometimes you may even bounce off the bottom rubber wall and take out the left bloons first.


Level 30: Ice Bounce (an easier way)

Aim at full power at the iron block to right, on it's left side. If you hit the right spot, the bombs will explode, and then you can shoot the remaining balloons.


can anyone give me some info on how to beat 36


46 on more balloons anyone???

[Edit: You might have better luck checking the More Bloons review page. -Jay]


i beat it nice guide ty :)



Shoot the two mines with the one dart. This will get you two more darts. Shoot through the brown wall then a tac bloon.

Sweetness April 30, 2007 12:27 PM

I am truly stuck on 34 - PLEASE HELP!



Take out the bottom bomb then the top bomb.


level 36 anyone? i'm stuck. -.-



Please refer to my post "ownage".


how the heck do you get past level the iron wall thinggy?


Help me on 47! i dunno where to shoot :( someone show me a spoiler plz

something more friendly xD May 2, 2007 10:45 AM

i don't understand the guide for level 45 "Not So Hot". Is it possibel to get all the 20 bloons only by eating them with the pacman? or do you have to do something els to?

i keep on getting only 18 bloons -.-


something more friendly xD
Are you eating 2 bloons at once?

Anonymous May 4, 2007 2:26 AM

45 spoiler:

hit the extra dart and pacman and then have the pacman eat the BROWN BOXES that enclose the bloons. then shoot with your extra darts to get the rest of the bloons.

hoped it helped.


hey can someone please help me out? i get to number 25, but it is some weird one called "to bounce or?". did this happen to anyone else? anyone got tips?


josh willsey

Are you asking about the title of level 25 or help with completing the level?

Nicole May 5, 2007 1:31 PM

hey brotha, how do u do 47??


how do you beat level 47??


I need help on getting the mine bomb thing at the top on level 47. The metal things are blocking it on the side, so you must have to bounce to get it, but how do you get it!!?

Anonymous May 5, 2007 7:11 PM

help me with lvl 20 plz!!

khalilia May 5, 2007 11:47 PM

i need help for #30!!

timmy boy May 6, 2007 1:21 AM

Someone please tell me how to do 44, it's hard


I have played all 100 levels:D


For those wanting help on levels 20. 30, 44, 47 etc -

I suggest you check out the very good walkthrough near the top of this page that was posted by fatnickc. Also, there are 3 pages of comments. The same questions have been asked, and answered, many times over. :o)


how do you beat 44?


To complete level 44, use a max-powered shot to the 2 most far bomb bloons. Because of small bug, the dart will go through the wall and hits so many bomb bloons. I completed it this way.


i need help on level 50.... please


help!! level 28 is driving me mad!

vanessaaa May 11, 2007 5:50 PM

yayyy! i finished the whole game! now im moving onto more bloons!


I've finished the first bloons and nearly the more bloons. Who ever said they can't get past 53 there isn't a 53 lol and level 50 is jus simple shoot the needles and it all goes with it...


Level 42. Help me !


i need so much help on number #49

if you know any chaets tell me!!!!



Shoot the ice-bloon. This will freeze the top five normal bloons. Shoot up and onto, then across, these now-frozen bloons so that your shot drops down onto a tac-bloon. You need to hit one down the bottom. This should get you 87/70.

bubbles May 16, 2007 8:48 AM

sorry but i can not get thru 47, the orange bloon on the right does not destroy the pink needle bloons. help???!!!! i am gettin verrrrrrry nrrrvsssss ;o)


The best strategy to level 28: Big Ball is here. I've nearly gotten 97 bloons with this, but last dart was too low and just missed many bloons.

About ice bloons: nearest bloon is 1, the one between others is 2 and the rightmost bloons is 3.
Dart 1: A max-powered shot that will pop the row under ice bloons and perhaps some bloons of the row under it, with a total of 9-13 bloons.
Dart 2: A very high but low-powered shot, that pops most of the bloons left to ice bloon 1.
Dart 3: A low, low-powered shot, that drops between ice bloons 1 and 3.
Dart 4: Same as Dart 3, but drops down between ice bloons 2 and 3.
Dart 5: A medium-high, medium-powered shot, that drops down behind ice bloon 3.
After these five darts you will have a score around 60. If not, try again, until you get it.
Darts 6&7: Pretty high, high-powered shots that will clear the upper-right corner of Big Ball.
Dart 8: Check out if there is any bloon groups left and shoot the last to it. It must clear most of the group, if not all.

Best score is at least 97 bloons.

missmuffet May 19, 2007 6:28 PM

ahhhh! i can't beat level 32!! help!

Nat26han May 20, 2007 5:05 AM

i need a diagram or video to help me on 28 i don't understand how to do it!

Anonymous May 20, 2007 9:55 PM

i need help with 50!


I really hate level 42 i need some help i really do im going insane

Anonymous May 25, 2007 11:27 AM

HELP! I'm doing everything right on 47...often exceeding the goal of 58, yet it still keeps telling me to "Try Again"! GRRRRRR!


cheeky way to do 38,
there is glitch that if you aim between 2nd and 3rd bouncy blocks, full power, t goes through to the ballon


How do i get past level 25 'To Bonce or?' its driving me completely mad its impossible!!


I need help with level 11. I know this sounds kinda stupid, but I'm kinda stuck.



Anonymous May 30, 2007 9:26 PM

AHHH! I've been trying 45 for 3 hours, and I can't get it. I get the extra dart bloons and the blocks behind them in 2 shots, then the pacman in a total of 3 shots, and I open up all the brown ones and get 5 or 6 extra as pacman. I can't get the darts to go into the stupid well! I've done it before, but I can never do it. Please help!

Melanie May 31, 2007 3:05 PM

I can't do number 42! It's making me crazy.

My friend and I are both at this level and it just ain't happening.

I read the cheat... didn't help.

I need a real dummy cheat.


Yeah Melanie i got past level 35 but deff. need help w/ 45 and a dummy cheat!!! :P


nevermind i got it!!! :D


Ok... i have done everything that the cheat said for the showertime one... and either my dart goes through the black stuff (which is so lame) or over it (which is also lame) or hits that stupid grey stuff!!! UUGG!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!! ??:(


42 is impossible...I can't even do it with the cheat!

~Sqwiggle~ June 3, 2007 2:30 PM

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Level 32 Hints~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- If you dont get both darts in one turn, restart
- Go for the ice bloons with FULL power
-If you are desparate, go to websites like these to cheat

Tolley1990 June 6, 2007 8:49 AM

i need help with level 21 I can shoot the pac-man baloon I just can't move him anywhere! Anyone else got this problem?

How do I stop it?


Use the arrows on your keyboard to move the pacman.


help me on level 15 plz!


I beat the game so if you need help I can help you walkthrough

Anonymous June 8, 2007 5:55 PM

I need help on number 31, THE CELL! its driving me insane!


OMG i figured out 33! Okay, heres spoiler for it


Using your first dart, shoot in an arc for the top left cluster. You are trying to miss the first pink balloon, and get the second. I had 14 by then. Then you shoot for the top right cluster in a WIDE arc, meaning pointing the arrow close to straight up. Trying do do the same for the other cluster, by missing the first pink pin balloon and hitting the second, you may be lucky enough for it to come down and hit the second pink balloon in the bottome right cluster.(happened to me). If not, you shoot in a SHALLOW arc over the bottom right to get the far pink pin balloon there. And your done! :D


lvl. 35: on your first dart try to hit the boomerang balloon and the bomb balloon in one shot. (after that the ice balloons will be gone)

on the second dart you'll be throwing a boomerang: throw it with full power just above the metal wall so it should come back behind the metal wall and knock out a lot of the balloons.

you should have one more dart left: throw it at a slight angle to hit any left over balloons.

thanx for all of you guy's help and can someone post any help for lvl. 36?

41: hit the pink balloon on the right half of you screen and its all downhill from there

help on 42?


i cant figure out 36 chalice on bloons?
its been takin me forever
can i have the spoiler for it


Have you checked out the walkthrough near the top of this page? It should help you with 36.

my name June 17, 2007 2:13 PM

its really easy to do all of them. just click on the "unlimited darts mode" thing in the right hand corner of the page after you click new game