mnkeymasta April 14, 2007 7:27 PM

World or something I guess. Try my cheat! Please! I need some people to try it and either prove or disprove that it works!

mnkeymasta April 14, 2007 7:35 PM

Oops, it's just V_V for Virtual Villagers. It Just looks like a W.


VirtualVillagersGameLover April 15, 2007 12:47 AM

Hi, if my villager/s is WEAKENED, How can I make him/her HEALTHY? Mine is WEAKENED and almost near to DIE... :( Please help Me.........


where do you find the algae eating fish?

mnkeymasta April 15, 2007 12:15 PM

To heal a WEAKENED villager.

If you have level 2 of exploration tech.

Go to the wood pile and get the cauldron. Drag a villager onto it 3 times, then you just need to add herbs. Add two purple herbs (located at the graveyard) and one orange herb (located to the west of the mosaic/shallow lake) now you have a healing stew! Simpoly drag the unhealthy villager on it and their health will be completley restored! The stew also takes a very long time to degenerate, so heal all of your villagers!

If you don't have level 2 of exploration tech.

Try dragging the villager to the food pile. After eating a message appears that says "Your villager feels much better after eating" although there is no visual health effect.

And can somebody PLEASE try my cheat? I really need somebody to try it out for me!
Here it is...

Instead of having the camera focused on working villagers, try moving it to an unpopulated area (the grave yard or a fully built house) and see how it affects the villagers determination to do their assigned job. This worked very well for puzzle2, they did not repeatedly go to the research table, or go fishing. Right now i'm repairing the hut near the pile of wood, it seems to be working wonders.


I was wondering if anyone had any good tactics for collectables. i have completed all of the puzzles but i have a lot of collectables to go. i am just picking up a child and dragging them around the entire board until something appears but i am mostly getting duplicates and i don't need the tech ponts since i have completed all of the puzzles. any advice is appreciated.

Anonymous April 15, 2007 7:26 PM

I have a problem for makeing a scarecrow everytime i put the master farmer on the thorns all they do is cut it

Anonymous April 15, 2007 7:36 PM

i keep on trying to make the scarecrow but they just chop the thorns with the cutting tools will my garden never grow?

Anonymous April 15, 2007 9:29 PM

You need to drop them on the "tree roots" to the right of the thorns for the scarecrow.


To Angie here is how you get algae eating fish...

You must have bought level 3 of farming, then drag a villager over by the pond until you see the words on the bottom appear it says something like "villager has spotted an algae eating fish" then they'll bring the fish to the ocean but you have to do it a bunch of time before it will work completely my suggestion is to drag all the villagers over there instead of having just one do it.


Hey mnkeymasta I'm trying your cheat about having the villagers work faster and more efficiently so far seems to be working well... thanks!

Charlotte April 16, 2007 6:51 AM

I have 3 women with babies but they are all stuck on 120 minutes! What can i do? Shall i wait for them to die and use the children as they get older? Help!

Ister Meister April 16, 2007 2:00 PM

How do I get my villagers to open the chest?


to get a master healer you can use the stew... find a stew combo that makes your villagers sick, let them eat it the hve you healer heal them... not very nice i admit but it works...


Ok i am wondering what is happening to my people. I got to farming level 2, and planted a field. I taught them all to harvest. I then put a person on the field to tend to it. They had plenty of food, the fire was going strong and had over 9 hours left. I dragged 2 builders to build a hut, i had a doctor that was trained and could heal. I had a nursing parent, and the rest of my adult people i left to research.
I figured my village was strong enough to leave for the night on it's own and went to bed. When i got up i had 5 people left that were adults and only 3 children. Those who were left except the children were weak and wouldn't heal. How can i prevent this the next time?


ok, I have read all 7 pages....and just really really need to know if it is worth my time to try to find the last 2 rare beattles. I know this will allow me to have 5-10 more people...but what else. is that the end of the game? if that is all I am waiting for I might just quit and be a loser.


brenda, when I finished my first game I kept going to get the max of 50 totems and 50 graves. Just for fun.

I finished my second game with 4 totems and about 30 villagers. No one died in my second game. I did it on easy setting.


Dorothy, sounds like some thing happened while you were gone. I would say pause the game overnight.

Charlotte , if a mother with child dies the baby dies too.

Anonymous April 17, 2007 9:07 PM

do you need a master famer to make scarecrow or master builder?


I was opening my crate and they dropped what was inside. How do I retrieve it. Do I have to start over. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


Anonymous, a master or adept farmer can build the scarecrow.

Shirley, Try pausing the game and quiting. Then come back in and see where the piece is. Sometimes it will be in the gong.

Anonymous April 18, 2007 9:05 AM

I also had the last piece of the gong and they dropped it by the crate and it disappeared. what can i do?


when do you get to making the stew??
and after you build the hut repair the other hut and build the dam what do you have to do next??


nevermind my last comment but how long does it take for the stew to finish?? so you can make another


ok,,, so I guess I get it. just sit around waiting until i find the last two rare bugs. boring.
but, can anyone explain the stats to me? How does the ranking score work?


im done with everything but the collections and ive got over 4 million tech points. the big thing and the whole point was to find out where the parents go. The only thing that gave away anything was the writing on the wall.

Did they go over to the cave in vv1 or what?

I see no point in continuing play unless someone comes up with something.


sounds like we are in the same boat. I hate when a game doesn't have a good ending....
seems pointless.


Pointless? That's arguable.

Do you play a game to "play", or to "end" playing?

With most things in life, brenda, the journey is the reward.


I haven't paid for VV2 yet, but, Jay's got a poignant point there, these games are much like the famous Sims games from EA (maxis). (which if you've played you know what I mean). In those games there literally is no "end game". As long as you have one toon young enough, the game goes on (in some cases, you may have to seduce the mailman, but you can keep the family alive). VV is a little different, in that it has some concrete goals (whereas the Maxis games don't). It's still a similiar style game though, in that there the fact that *is* an ending is not assured. And that's part of what makes them enjoyable.

stefanie April 19, 2007 9:39 AM

if i make a bad stew... how do i get rid of it?

Catherine April 19, 2007 11:56 AM

OK so I am new to all of this... I have read all the pages, got many puzzels. Cludron, a couple of masters working on another master, the dam, farm, and a gong piece, I am currently tearing down the thorns.
Here is my problem I have 4 adult males and 2 adult females and 1 kid female. My 2 adult females have been nursing for 3 days no one is aging. They still say 120 minutes nursing. I only have 9 in population. What do I do? I leave the game on at night..... Also I have never seen a bug.. anything special I should be looking for?

Catherine April 19, 2007 1:02 PM

To get rid of bad stew just quit game and restart it will disappear.. or wait it out and it will go away on its own.



I stand corrected...not boring at all. now I get to kill off tribe members that are living too long with poison stew!! just so I can have babies that can try to catch the non exsistant rare bugs. muuuaahhhhhaaaaahaahaaa

Spydergyrl April 19, 2007 5:30 PM

I think I'm stuck. I got the gong of wonder piece from the Mosaic but one of my villagers picked it up but never hung it up and now I don't have it any more... am I missing something? it was the last one and I think it got lost.... Help me please, I've put over 700 hours into it.


what are the stats for....and who are you supposed to be comparing them to??


spydergyrl to get the gong piece back put the totem there again and it will re-appear

Anonymous April 19, 2007 10:49 PM

I keep getting the same shells, bugs, rocks, and butterflies over and over. I have solved all the puzzles, lack a level 3 science. Any tips???


How do I get the last piece of gong? I have the one from the water, one from the crate and, obviously, the one behind the vines. I realize from what I've read that it is from the mosaic and a totem but what do you have to do and is it a special totem?

Help me...


I also cannot figure out how to get the last gong piece. I put a totem in the middle of the mosaic, but it won't appear. What's happening? Help!

themomof7 April 20, 2007 12:36 PM

I have to tell you all that I love these kinds of games! Never ending is a blast! Well, for me anyway. It is the fun of figuring out the secrets ect. I always start on the easy levels and the go up in scale accordingly. More of a challenge even if you do understand all the game's mechanics. Try that, see if it helps with the monotomy you might be feeling. Give yourself a bit of a challenge here and there and the game becomes a lot more exciting and fun!

BTW THANK YOU ALL for the spoilers! (I'm also a GREAT believer in cheating when necessary ;0) )

Now just one question: How do I type in the cheat codes?? There were cheat codes right?


Ok, I have been playing for several days...I played VV1 so I get it, but I am up to 46 population and just tried to make a villager breed and I got triplets. Has anyone ever had that happen? My population number jumped from 46 to 49, and then she was carrying around 3 funny!

Kim Shipp April 20, 2007 5:07 PM

What herbs do you use to make a stew to get the gong piece?


nikki, Where did you buy your game? Some downloads don't work on the mosaic piece. You have to download a new game from maybe big fish, but you have to start all over again.

[Edit: use the links at the top of this page to get the very latest, fully functional version of the game, for either Mac or PC. -Jay]

Kim, the stew recipe is

O+O+B=Breath Deep/ no need to breath (O is the orange flower at the bottom, B is the black near the falls

Dawn, I have gotten a few triplets.


I have a question about the game. I have completed all the puzzles and fully researched everything, but I can't get my population over 90. It says I have reached the maximum sustainable population. I must be doing something wrong because I had the same problem with VV1. Any suggestions? Thanks.


ok, if you read my posts before, you know I have gotten bored trying to find my last two bugs. so out of boredom I tried something that ended up seeming this is still a theory, but I started throwing every bored, unsure, docter, lazy or really any tribe member I could get my cursor on and threw them on the graves. they all started reflecting and honoring the dead. then I started throwing them on the mosaic and gong. pretty soon it seemed like I was being "bombarded" with butterflies, bugs and shells! most were repeats of course, but I did end up getting one new rare bug!!!!! now only one more to go. I will try this again tomorrow and see if it works again.


Nikki, is your mosaic uncovered? You won't get anything to happen just by putting the totem in the middle unless you have had your villagers uncover the mosaic (like building).

I have done all the puzzles but not completed the collections. I don't see the collections to have much to do with the end of the game. The game doesn't seem to have an ending & I read somewhere that it just keeps going on & on. Does anyone know if this game can end without just letting all the villagers die??? Also, I rang the Gong of Wonder & don't know what happened. It never told me- only said different each time. i can't see anything changed or opened up??? Can anyone help???


I'm a bit disappointed with the game as it is still going but I don't know what to do. I have finished all puzzles and rang the Gong of Wonder... now what??? I have nothing left to 'buy', no reason to get tech points, nothing left to build, far too much food & plenty of villagers & elders. Does this go on forever???

What about the plot??? Do we ever find out what happened to the guy that was originally left behind by the original village adults to watch the kids??? Do we ever find out what happened to those adults??? What's the story???

NovaBlazer April 21, 2007 11:35 AM

I am "Mosiac" bugged. Everything else in this game is done but putting totems on the Mosiac does nothing.

Would someone be kind and just tell me what the Gong of Wonder does so that I can know how this game "finishes"?

C.H.L.O.E April 21, 2007 1:25 PM

two of my villagers feel weaked..what do I do?

C.H.L.O.E April 21, 2007 3:26 PM

can someone please tell me how to get the fish to unpollute the water?


One of my villagers was carrying the gong piece from the crate when the game announced that we were all going to celebrate the elders and the gong piece disappeared. It's not by the crate and it's not in the cave. Anyone have any ideas? Do I have to start all over?


I doesn"t end, there are no answers. you just keep getting more and more food and tech points for no reason. as far as I can tell anyway. quite disappointing.

today when I turned it on, I had a "foul experience" in my village and my over 30 million food got distroyed. yeah. now my tribe has a purpose more.


what are all the stews and how do u make them


I have reached level 3 engineering and level 3 exploration but

my people still aren't doing anything to the ruins. Am i missing something? Please help!


has anyone found a rare bug anywhere other than right around the gong/vines area? I am missing one...and it is driving me crazy!!!!! just wanted to make sure I shouldnt be looking in some other spot as well

Holly-jayne--x April 22, 2007 5:43 AM

Im Really Stuck.. This May Sound Stupid But I Don't Know How To Make Crops?!

I No I Have To Build A Dam.. But Then What's After That?

And Also.. Whats A URL?

Thanks xx


uummmm... Can anyone tell me how to build totems coz its getting really boring if i dont complete the gong.. also can anybody tell me how to get the gong piece in the deep water?

Holly-jayne--x April 22, 2007 7:38 AM

Hya Ignore My Last Comment Ive Found It Out Lol
But Im Stuck Again..
How Long Does It Take For Your Scientists To Become Master.. Because It Wont Work For Me..

They Have All Been Adept For AGES! Im Up To Where I Have A Farm Now And My Resarcher Has Been Reasearching From The Very Begining.. And She Still Isnt Master...

Can You Help Me?



SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I have one master scientist and one master builder...the water is polluted and NOBODY can climb the coconut trees.. WHAT DO I DO!?!!!??


oh yeah and one more thing... i have 0 food! so whomever knows what to do..tell me..because i know there are lots who do!


Hi Chloe,

Please don't put your comments within "" as it causes your comments to not appear on the page properly. I have been having to edit each comment you post to remove the characters. The angle brackets are used in HTML to signify a tag, and putting your entire comment between angle brackets makes it an invalid HTML tag, and most browsers would ignore it completely.

If you are trying to create a spoiler tag, click the [help] link just above the comment input box for an explanation on how to use them properly.

Thank you!


forget my last post, i figured it out but now i need to get the ALGAE EATING FISH...anyone know how?


i have level 2 culture but no stuff to build a cloth hut whats wrong?


Hi, I have a lady with a baby and her minutes say 0, but she won't have the baby... she just keeps carrying it!!
What can i do?

ruffwood April 23, 2007 2:45 AM

if you don't like what the pop up says...i.e.. "a storm just wiped out your food"...etc, do nothing, just (x) the game, closing it down and the bad news won't happen....have fun

linda olsen April 24, 2007 1:00 AM

my people are making only boy-babies.... is that a part of the game?


I keep putting 3 Master Builders beside
the crate but they are all confused and just walk away?
How do I make them open the crate?


Question about stews...

I made all the possible stews - in the statistics section, it shows 18 "your villagers have discovered a new stew" unique stew effects. Question one is sort of trivial - the first time I made all of the stews, the 18 New was ranked number one (seems okay since that's all there are) but on the second go-round, 18 is ranked number there a mystery stew herb or other ingredient, or is this just somebody hacking the statistics?
The second question is more stew-ish: several of the stews give you a "new stew" rating but the effects seem the same as stews already discovered. Here is a list of ingredients and effects that seem duplicated: has anyone been able to tell the differences between the effects?
My herb key is colors, starting in the upper left and going clockwise - green, blue, lilac, violet, pink, orange.
1st duplicate:
Two greens and a blue == green, blue, and violet (noted effect is to make villager get a drink)
2nd duplicate:
violet, pink, and orange, and numerous other "healthy" stews, such as lilac and two pinks. I did note the visual effect the stew threw off was little white stars (like the "affectionate" stew pink+two ornages) but the actual effect seemed to be that of a normal "healthy" stew. I have already noticed that the three-lilac and pink + two lilacs are "super-healthy" in that the lead to full recovery in only two chow-downs, but the violet-pink-orange doesn't seem to be super-healthy either.
Has anyone figured out the differences, or is this just a bug?


Chloe, on the FISH

you need tech level 3 in farming, and either a master scientist or a master farmer - drop them in the pool

Yeah, that zero (and 240 and 120) all last forever; the reason (I believe) is that the game tracks time in year-long segments (a year is 120 minutes), and yet birth can happen anywhere in that segment - but the weaning only takes place when the game year changes - this wreaks havoc with careful record-keeping, but see my last little note at the bottom...
That happened to me, too! I figured out it was because I was letting each couple breed only once in the early game...I got only two girls after eight boys...the first child of each couple tended to be the same gender. If you let the same couple breed again, the second child tends to be of opposite gender.

When you drop a Master Builder on the crate, does he/she kneel down and sort of freeze there? If so, then doing the same thing in succession with three Master Builders should cause them to all kneel in a row and open the box (it takes a little time for them to get it open). I am not aware you need any tech level to accomplish this.

A little comment on the game...The main thing this game requires is patience. I figure the game is over for all intents and purposes when you've done all the puzzles. Completing collections, maxing out totems, all that stuff is just something to do. I see complaints, but hey, this is a cheap game - at $20, considering the hours of play you get out of it, the game is worth it even it if doesn't have perfect play or a slam-dunk closing sequence! I'm only amazed so many people are patient enough to play it out!


Oops, one observation I forgot: Maggie wrote about training up healers using the two methods of Study-This-Flower a jillion times ("I don't care if you want to do a rain dance! Study the darned flower!") and what I call Intern Stew. However, please note that healers will begin to train themselves by going from flower to flower (although they tend to get stuck by the dam) whenever the food supply is low enough to get some villagers "worried about food" (mine triggered at food supply under 300 for pop. 17). Early in the game, carefully controlling farmers to limit the food (without letting'em all starve) is a handy way to get healers to self-train.


Darn, some day I will remember to say everything I thought of...aside from encouraging over-population, so to speak, you can get parenting credit for dropping an adult villager on to a kid or two (I like to mess up their game of tag) - they will either "teach" or "tell a story" and may get parenting skill for that - note the "may" - adepts tend to have better success, as with the other skills.
Okay, time to go see if anyone else wants new clothes!


how do i get tech points. I've just started the game and only have 109 points.

Neltharion- April 24, 2007 5:03 PM

Hmm like many others it seems like i'm stuck geting the last gong pice, the 1 there is suposed to be at the ruin :S i got a totem in the middle and i got it discorverd. is this a bug or am i doing something wrong ?



How do you irrigate the soil?

linda olsen April 24, 2007 7:34 PM

how do i get my people to uncover the mosaic?


Make stew to get gong!


I've completed all levels, still collecting things, all's going fairly well but I can't figure out....
My younger members, when viewed in the detail screen only, show two shadow or ghost figures, a male & a female one on each side of the child, this just started happening I think.... is it supposed to be their parents? Doesn't happen with every kid...

what are these ghost figures?


Susan, the images you see are the parents - if you mouse over them, their names will appear. If the parents are unknown (as with all the original group) then no images appear. Very handy for those of us interested in preventing inbreeding, although as far as I know, there is no penalty in the game for it: has anyone discovered a downside to inbreeding?

Mike, It's difficult to know what a spoiler is sometimes, but rather safe than sorry!

You need to build a dam. If your builders won't build a dam, then you need to go up to level 2 in construction tech as soon as you can afford it. You can tell by dropping a builder on the dam and seeing if he/she is "confused" - that is a key word meaning you need to be at a higher level of tech. Sometimes the phrase "more research is needed" will also come up, which is a dead giveaway, of course!

Cheryl, one of the important elements of this game is dragging and dropping your hapless villagers all over the map. This has two applications to tech points. Since all this info is revealed up front in the game or in the game tips, these are not spoilers! First: you probably have found the place to do research, and that is where the bulk of your tech points come from - assigned "scientists" busily clinking away at the table (by the way, have you noticed that the sound effects indicate that moss, wood, stone, and fruit go "clink"?) At first, you will have very few points because you have very few scientists and they aren't very expert yet. Patience! Second: your under-14 kids are very handy in this game (more so than in the previous V.V.) because of the various things they can collect when they get dropped on them - aside from the ever-popular mushrooms. The first specimen they find of a collectible just gets recorded in your collection book; after that, duplicates award you tech points - based on how rare they are, and your tech level in science, they can be worth from 100 to (I think) 1500 tech points each - a very nice boost! Note - at the start of the game, only shells and butterflies appear - they can show up anywhere on the map.

Pebbles appear in the SE corner - ruins area - once you build a dam; beetles (ick!) appear in the gong-case area after you've cleared the vines.


there seem to be a lot of instructions on that pesky mosaic gong piece already posted above, including a note that non-full installs may not let you ever get it...Have you cleared/restored the ruins area? Did you place a totem in the right spot? Do you have a full version of the game? Did you have the piece, but it seemed to evaporate? All these things are mentioned in earlier posts - I didn't have any problems with it, but a lot of people - as you note - have had one problem or another. If none of those answers above apply to your situation, then you have a real mystery! Bugs usually happen to everyone, which is not the case here, or when someone does something out of the ordinary (that is, not properly taken into account by the software); did you do anything strange to get to the point you're at? The game doesn't allow us to do many strange things, but players can usually find a way if there is one!

Linda, when you drop a villager on the area, does he/she become confused? "Confused" means you need to achieve a higher level of technology in something...

To be precise, you need level three exploration and construction - this is one of the very last things you do in the game. If the area is still underwater, then you need to build a dam, for which you need level two construction tech.


This might be the "casual" game's version of an Easter egg??

See the tiny, pretty flowers that grow on the vine revealed when you have cleared the thorny bushes in fron of the gong casing? Notice how there are three flowers that are close together, and how their colors match some of the herbs? Wonder what a stew of those herbs might provide? Cute!

Brenda, have you found the last bug yet? I'm dying to know! Oh, and your "cheat" doesn't seem to have any effect in my game, if I understand it does seem as though the little guys hare off on other activities more often when I have them selected, but I have not seen a difference between just having the "camera" on them or not.


cat52 last bug yet. but I have a nasty case of back ache from sitting here looking for the darn thing. I want to give up and quit and be a loser...but can't quite bring myself to do it. I do seem to still get more collectibles when I make people honor the dead, reflect, observe the gong, or mosaic. but they are all duplicates. also, since I have been doing that I have noticed my people doing more interesting things on their own--arguing, complaining, teaching, worshipping. not that that has gotten that last bug.
has anyone gotten all the collectibles??

Anonymous April 25, 2007 4:18 AM

what am i supposed to do after building a dam?


I have a helper for all of you that are trying to earn Tech points quickly.
Here it is:

when you see a collectable item pause the game by pushing the space bar and drag as many children to the spot as possible. With luck they will all bend down to collect the item when you unpause the game again. This works especially well when you have a rare item. I picked up nearly 15,000 tech points on one rare beetle.


Brenda, awwwww, I thought you'd have it for sure by now...four days after the fishing guys do all those things you say - plus of course the rain dance, and one farmer who keeps lurching off to tell jokes - I think it's a function of population and them being happy little pixels.

Melinda - how handy! I never thought to do that deliberately, although

I did notice the "ghost" collectible and try to dump a kid on it a couple times - took too long - you certainly don't have a lot of time to do this, because the thing does disappear, even when the game is paused (as I discovered to my horror when a rare butterfly evaporated while the game was paused for me to look for one of the two bra- um - urchins I had available then). Gotta laugh at calling this a spoiler though - Jay, is there a "cheat" tag?


no one has answered my questions about the stats yet??

I wonder if you aren't "allowed" to find that last bug until you have witness a certain number of "island events" or some other stat you need to reach to get to see that last bug?

by the way--I have had 17 sets of triplets!!

Carol Guenther April 25, 2007 11:53 AM

several people posted with same problem, but I never seen the answer. My villager was carring the last gong piece when the people started celerabrating for something else, the piece was dropped. HOW DO I GET IT BACK PLEASE. I have played several times to the end of the game, I was trying to get elders in this game. April 25,2007 11:50 AM


Question, I have completed the building the 1st hut, repaired the 2nd, and built a third.
Can I build anymore without buying the 3rd Engineering?

Also what is a stew reciepe to make them sick?


Brenda - On stats...perhaps it's because nobody knows? I sure don't. Have you been to the game's home site? Maybe there's something there to explain it? I still have that question out about why "18 new stews" is second place when it used to be first place - hey! Maybe you make that 19th stew from the last beetle?!

Carol, the only thing I've seen posted on this is to quit and re-enter the game and the piece may show up placed in the gong casing - by the way, the "last piece" can differ based on the order you do things in - I didn't figure out the crate one until after I'd done the totem one...but your problem doesn't really depend on which piece you're talking frustrating it must be - good luck on recovery!!


Nope, no other buildings - I assume you know your builders can do other things besides buildings - cutting thorny bushes, dam-building? If you've done those as well, then you can't do anything else until you've hit level three in both construction and another tech (culture or medicine) - you might think of re-classing your builders as scientists until for "Intern Stew" there are many recipes for it - but they all involve the violet/dark purple/black herb (all the same herb, people call it different colors). Two of those plus one of any other color should do it; don't try three dark purples, though, the resulting stew is very nasty, but it just does heath damage, it doesn't make them sick.


I cannot find puzzle gong piece # 14 - can someone please help?



Can someone tell me how to get more than 50 totems?
I have villagers who have mastered all 5 skills and are still not considered elders since I reached 50 totems.

Since I am not in first place for the number of elders I have, there must be a way to get more.

Any ideas?



Nevermind, I finally figured it out. Anyone else who is having trouble with #14

after uncovering the mosaic, you have to bring a totum to the center, then have builder pick up the piece


my 13 year old villager has been 13 for 2 days with out getting older how should i make her older

anyone know how


ok, so I am still missing the last rare bug. the one I am missing is the second one from the left on the bottom row. does anyone have that one? if so, what does it look like? maybe if I knew the colors, it might help me spot it easier???


From Sparker

Any way to train out a master doctor fast
because I set a man from 14 year old all the way be doctor but still the day he died he still not master the skill why?


A Complete Walkthrough for all 16 puzzles

  • Puzzle 1 involves building a fire in the fire pit. Drag one of your villagers to the pile of dry wood in the southwest part of the village to gather firewood. After the wood is placed in the fire pit, take a villager to the very dry grass that can be found to the west of the coconut trees. Once the firewood and dry grass have been placed in the fire pit, drag a villager there to light the fire. You will need to replenish the firewood periodically to keep the fire from going out.

  • Puzzle 2 is the construction of a dam that will divert water from the stream to an area that can be used for farming. After you purchase Level 2 of Engineering Tech, drag a villager to the rocks that are in the middle of the lower portion of the stream. You will see a message, "He/she could probably build a dam here."

  • Puzzle 3 is a scarecrow that an adept farmer can construct in order to protect the crops from the birds. Drag an adept or master farmer to the twisted pieces of wood and vines that are located in the northern portion of the village. The scarecrow requires two trips to complete, so make sure that you finish the construction, or your crops will not be protected.

  • Puzzle 4 is the fashioning of special cutting tools that will be needed to cut away vegetation in some parts of the village. After purchasing Level 2 of Exploration Tech, drag a master scientist to the northern part of the village where he will see something among the rocks near the twisted pieces of wood and vines. Your scientist will need to make a second trip to finish the tools, so take him to the twisted wood and vines to get the necessary materials.

  • Puzzle 5 is completed when your villagers learn mastery of six special plants located in various parts of the village. Drag a villager to each of them and watch for the message that each has been mastered. The plants are (beginning in the northwest part of the village and moving clockwise): the odd-looking plant immediately to the left of the very dry grass, the blue flower between the thorns and the rocks, the small lavender flower at the northern edge of the graveyard, the black flowers near the waterfall, the bright reddish flowers south of the dam site, and the large orange-red flower at the south edge of the village.

  • Puzzle 6 is completed when you have sufficiently trained a villager to become master in three skills. That villager will become an Esteemed Elder, and a totem will be created to commemorate their new status in the village.

  • Puzzle 7 is the elimination of the algae in the ocean that was caused by over fishing. After purchasing Level 3 of Farming Tech, take a master farmer or master scientist to the pond, where they will collect algae-eating fish that they can use to repopulate the ocean. Once sufficient fish have been placed in the ocean, the algae will once again be under control and the villagers will have unrestricted fishing.

  • Puzzle 8 is the removal of the vines that cover the wall on the east side of the village. After you purchase Level 3 of Culture Tech and have completed Puzzle 4, drag a villager to the vine-covered wall and they will begin cutting away the vines.

  • Puzzle 9 is the ability to make various stews for your villagers. To make stew, you will need to have purchased Level 2 of Exploration Tech, retrieved the cauldron from the wood pile, mastered at least one of the special plants, and started a fire in the fire pit. The steps to make a stew are: 1) Drop a villager on the cauldron to put the cauldron on the fire 2) Drop a villager on the cauldron again, and he or she will go get water for the stew 3) Drop a villager on any of the mastered plants, and the villager will gather herbs for the stew. Each stew requires a total of 3 herbs, in any combination. 4) Drop a villager on the cauldron again, and he or she will go get food to add to the stew. When the stew is complete, the villager will move the cauldron off the fire. Some stews are good, some are bad, and some make your villagers do interesting things. Experiment and have fun with them. You can also find different "recipe books" that have been created for the game that contain all of the stew combinations.

  • Puzzle 10 requires Level 3 of both Engineering Tech and Culture Tech. Drag a villager to the ancient covered floor in the southeast part of the village and they will begin uncovering the site.

  • Puzzle 11 is the construction of a hospital. After you purchase both Level 3 of Engineering Tech and Medicine Tech, a foundation will appear that your villagers can work on.

  • Puzzle 12 is the construction of a sewing hut, which will allow you to change the clothing that your villagers are wearing. After you purchase Level 2 of Culture Tech, a foundation will appear that your villagers can work on.

  • Puzzles 13-16 are the pieces of the Gong of Wonder. The four pieces can be retrieved in the following ways:

    1. A team of 3 Master Builders can open the crate on the beach, where one of the pieces has been hidden.

    2. After purchasing Level 2 of Exploration, your villagers can clear the thorns blocking access to the gong encasement, which will also reveal a piece of the gong.

    3. Prepare a magic stew that will allow one of your villagers to dive for the sunken gong piece in the pond. The herbs needed for that magic stew are: one of the black flower near the waterfall and two of the red-orange flower on the south side of the village. The pictures of the required herbs can be seen in the drawings on the wall once the vines have been removed.

    4. After finishing Puzzles 6 and 10, drop a totem in the center of the uncovered mosaic to reveal a piece of the gong. Once the gong is assembled you can experiment with the effects that it has on your village. You can bang the gong once every 24 hours.


Yeah, okay, on the stats? There is a leaderboard at the Last Day of Work site. See:

This is for number of babies - but what struck me is how all the populations are over 90...I suspect the forums there might have information on how to go over the maximums and also on your beetle...I was very tempted to try to convince you that last beetle's color is: clear.

Sparker - Doctors will only self-train when food is low. When you have enough food, the only time a doc self-trains is when a villager gets sick. In various posts above, you'll see recipes for stews that make villagers sick (means you have to sit and drop villagers on the stew to get them to eat it)...the only other way is to keep dropping the doctor on plants to study them. It's a lot of work!


brenda , your last bug, second from left on the bottom row, is purple with black spots.


can someone please tell me how to get the last gong piece, ive got the one in the create, the one behind the vines and the one from the bottom of the pond. I have completed all other puzzles and got level 3 in all skills. The only clue i can find on here is to drop a totem in the center of the uncovered floor, but nothing happens, ive tried gettig my elder to look for it but still no joy. any ideas?



cat52-- I would have believed you had you said it was would make it easier on my ego that I hadn't found it yet! thanks for the link I will go look at the stats the way, my population is up to 105, I won't be able to get to 115 until I get that last bug!! ugggh!!


omg! now that I understand the stats, and checked mine with the leader board of top 50 I don't feel so bad...most of the top 50 have racked up over 4000 hrs of playing and I am only at 942. LOL and some have seen over 300 island
I am ranked #43 for oldest villager at 101 years!
wahooo...the stats do make this a bit more fun while I wait to find that "lost clear bug" (inside joke, don't try to look for the "clear bug")


Thank You that was very helpfull.