I have a two year old running around as an esteemed elder. What the...?


Laurie, isn't that a good thing? ;) Did he/she get a totem? :/


I have solved all the puzzles, and have been playing for days and still cannot complete the collections.

I still need 1 each of the butterflies, beetles, and shells, and 3 stones.

Has anyone actually gotten ALL of the collections?

How long am I gonna have to play this to see the completion? Does anything happen once all puzzles are solved and collections are full? THANKS!

Kim C.


please.. puzzle 3 how do i figure this ?
the birds always eat my food and dont leave any food
i need your help please...


I have all the Tech, all the Collections 70 people 6 Esteemed Elders, with Totems. Completed all the puzzles. Does anyone know how to make the raft come. My curiosity really has me. Thanks for any help.


Kim C., I completed all the collections. You get more population. I had 117 villagers.I just kept picking up all the collectibles I saw.

asaf , Drag an adept farmer to the root looking stuff left of the cemetery.Not the thorny patch. He will built a scare crow. It takes 2 trips.


someone: yes, he came with a totem. ;)Just is wierd is all.

Sue E: raft? what raft? This is news to me. Of course, I still have 4 things to collect yet.


I don't understand a few things:

How to change clothes
How to get the potions to be actually eaten
How to keep food supply up

I can't get many tech points, and every time I see a collectable I pause the game and try to gather up all the children, but then they collectable is no longer there :( Is this a glitch or normal? And also, I don't know how to make the spears and what is that bird puzzle?

redbeardnc March 17, 2007 1:23 AM

Adena: To change clothes you need to have your builders build a sewing hut, they do that at the bottom of the screen once you reach Level 2 Culture I believe.

To eat the potions, just drop a villager onto the stew. Remember, you need the herbs PLUS water PLUS food in the stew.

To keep up food supply, you just have to raise as many farmers as everything else. It's helpful to get level 3 farming before you really spend tech points on much else (except enough engineering to build the dam). Once you have level 3 farming, consider setting skill levels for your new children in this order:
First 6 kids: F,F,F,B,B,R.
Next 6 kids: F,F,R,R,H,P.
Next 6 kids: F,F,F,B,B,R. Etc. Then you always have enough farmers.

Use your number pad to scan the areas quickly to get tech points, then you don't have to worry about them disappearing before you get a kid to them. I still have one stone and 4 beetles to get in my first game, so I am always hitting 8-3-8-3 looking for when they pop up.

Spears: You need a certain level of exploration tech then take a master (farmer or scientist, I can't remember) to the wood and rocks to the right of the gong. Drag them around slowly till the text says "s/he sees something" - it's sharp rocks. Drop them there and they'll start the tools. Take them back a second time to the woody area for appropriate flexible wood and they'll finish the tools. Now villagers can use the "spears" to fish and cut away the thorny brush.

The birds - that's the scarecrow puzzle. You need a master (farmer or scientist - again I forget which) to explore the wood and vines at the top of the screen "twisted wood and vines" - they need to be dragged here twice to finish their "scarecrow" which scares the birds away from the crops.


Janie Digh, thx for your stews very much. This stew thing is very unfair I think becouse there are 216 different stews to experiment (3 ingredients/stew, 6 herbs - 6*6*6)! That would be a hell of time to try all!


Can someone please Tell me how to get rid of the algae, PLEASE!


Erin, you need farming level 3 to get rid of the algae. Drop a master farmer/scientist(I don't remember which)in the pond. They will catch an algae eating fish. It takes a few trips to clear the ocean.


Laurie, well aren't you lucky! It takes me forever to get an elder! :D

erin, level 3 in farming, a master farmer and a few trips to the pond. :)


Erin, you need all three levels of farming to so this, then you can get the special fish from the pond for the ocean.


hi guys...
i'm just a newbie and i dunno how to
make a fire...
it tells me to find a dry grass but where are
the dry grasses???


To Erin and all other newcomers: there are 5 pages here, read them trough, all the questions have been answered here at least 3 times! Instead of whining that "please, PLEASE tell me!" read a bit damn it!
And there is a wlaktrough on the virtualvillagers.com too, wich was told also several times here!


I almost forgot the reason I came here: I wanted to share some interesting experience with you. I wrote that my previous tribe extincted (after about 150 hours since the start, near the half of the milestones...). I started it over, now could you imagine more unlucky start: 2 of my villagers dislikes running (so they are only good as scinetist, becouse they are about 10 times slower than a retired snail with a break), and another one dislikes work, so she also isn't too effective, becouse she goes always to the pond or to eat or other thing instead of work. The first child was born also dislikes running. I'ts funny that when I try someone embarcing with these people when they "running away" they are still slower than a normal villagers walking speed.

I experienced a strange event: a wild boy scrathes his back with an important scientist stuff, and I have to choose between chase him away or bait him with some food. I chose the latter, and I lost 500 food, but I got a new village member: a 13 year old boy. Doesn't it worth 500 food?

From time to time there is an event when a villager finds some strange liquid. Never pour that out! It might makes the villager sick, but it can also teach a new skill!


Joska weren't you ever a beginner?? If so take a dip in the pond and cool off this is only a game!


I have really black shadows under my villiagers, does anyone else have this?


Sully: that happens when you have several villagers in one spot.

Joska: Pretty interesting stuff! I had some that were very slow too. Like a kid who was playing tag was so slow the game was over before she started! :) "a wild boy scrathes his back with an important scientist stuff, and I have to choose between chase him away or bait him with some food." this is news to me, never had that happen. I do though have a 2 year old that is an esteemed elder!

Patrick: the upper left corner has a purple bush, there is dry grass there.


Joska, yes, but I don't thnk people want to read all of the 5 pages here. I know I wouldn't! :)


I started a second game. I sure got the perfect builder, he likes to run. He is building faster than 5 regular villagers could. I wish they all would run, LOL. I am getting almost all my tech points from kids picking up collectibles. I only have 10 villagers but 2 level 2 techs already.


My villager dropped the piece of gong that came out of the box before he got it into the hut. Will this piece be available again or is this game basically over now??



I looking for spears how can i get them ???

mvg Inge


thawk, that happened to someone else a while back. I suggested they leave (pause and quit) the game and come back in and see if it is in place in the gong. That worked for them maybe it will work for you.


How to I pause the game to get all the children over to the mushrooms, ect?


hey everyone, I can't seem to the the gong piece from the pond nor from the mosaic. I fix the stew correctly and I place the totem on in the center and nothing happends, Please help!!


space bar pauses game


I have too many researchers!! It's my fault - apparently while I'm asleep master researchers are "going indoors" and creating 3 year olds that are already adept scientists.

I also have about 6 grandmothers running around as "adept parents" who are embracing everyone in sight! They are going around in a little group embracing!

Too funny.


my game doesn't play when i leave it!! i turned the speed to 2x and it still doesn't go!!!! anyone have an clue, i'm confused!?!?!?

Brockistah March 20, 2007 6:33 AM

could you please help?.. It's very tiring to wait for the tech points. could you give some tips on what tech to buy first?..


Hey, I was thinking that is there also golden child what was in VV1?


Hey guys, I have all the puzzles solved and all the technologies are at level 3. but when I place a totem in the center of the moasic nothing happens... what do I do?

Anna Leea March 20, 2007 1:32 PM

I've completed all but puzzle 14. After doing what is required to complete puzzle 14, it still doesn't give me the last gong piece. Has this happen to anyone else? If so is there away to correct it without having to restart the game? I've completed everything in the game but the collections and puzzle 14. Even though I did get the third Exploration, it's as if the game doesn't accept it.


anna leea: where is the last gong piece for you?

anniinar: the closest thing I have come to is a two year old esteemed elder.

tina: not sure, hopefully someone will have the answer soon.


brokinstah: make farming your priority, without it you starve. Level 3 farming is important.

tkg: sorry, i can't help. Don't know what is missing there.


ugh! i'm with tina on this one!

i have EVERYTHING done (except for the collections so far...) -- level 3 in everything and all of the puzzles done EXCEPT:

i dropped the totem in the middle of the mosiac and it doesn't show a fourth gong piece! where is it supposed to show up? is it hidden somewhere? or does it just pop up right there? i'm so frustrated!

Anna Leea March 21, 2007 12:52 AM

Laurie, puzzle 14 is the last gong piece for me. I've done what should have caused the gong piece to appear, but it didn't. Nothing... and no sign of the missing collection pieces either. It's as if getting the 3rd Exploration didn't happen, even though it clearly says I bought it.

Gabriel R March 21, 2007 4:10 AM


It took me a long time but here they are. The best is in caps lock

Here are all the possible recipes for the stew. I abriviated the color of the plants and they are in order from top left going clockwise.

Br= Brwon bl=Blue P=Purple B= Black R=Red O=Orange

Br+bl+p=Spicy ster, clears nose and throught

Br+bl+b=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty

Br+bl+r=Nature is calling/ stew makes them go to the bathroom


Br+P+B=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

Br+P+R=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty


Br+B+R=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

Br+B+O=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

Br+R+O=Dancing/ gives an energy boost



Br+Br+B=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

Br+Br+R=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty

Br+Br+O=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty


bl+P+B=Spicy ster, clears nose and throught



bl+B+R=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

bl+B+O=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat




bl+bl+B=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty


bl+bl+O=Jumpy/ allergic to this stew

bl+bl+bl=Jumpy/ allergic to this stew

P+B+R=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

P+B+O=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

P+R+O=Stew gives of sweet smell



P+P+B=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat





B+B+Br=Verry Ill

B+B+bl=Verry Ill

B+B+P=Verry Ill

B+B+R=Verry Ill

B+B+O=Verry Ill

B+B+B=It Burns/stew is verry harmfull

R+R+Br=Dancing/ gives an energy boost

R+R+bl=Relaxing/ Villager feels tired


R+R+B=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

R+R+O=Exercising/ burst of energy, lift rocks

R+R+R=Exercising/ burst of energy, lift rocks




O+O+B=Breath Deep/ no need to breath


O+O+O=Stew gives of sweet smell


Please can someone tell me if only a male can become an elder? my female has master skill in building and research, she has been farming for hours, it keeps telling me she has improved - but the skill level doesn't move on the detail screen.



heather: master 3 skills for elder, even female.

Anna Leea:
I am still waiting for two bugs, one shell and one rock. " Puzzles 13-16 involve the recovery of pieces of the Gong of Wonder, which can be retrieved only after meeting the necessary requirements. Retrieving the pieces will variously involve teamwork among skilled villagers, purchasing of required levels of Village Tech, and completion of Puzzles 6, 9, and 10. Your villagers will reveal some clues as you try various things in the game, and there will be more specific clues that you can study when you complete Puzzle 8." from Virtualvillagers.com strategy guide.

The gong piece is under the middle of the mosaic and is supposed to show when a totem is placed on it.

Don't know what is wrong.

Anna Leea March 21, 2007 5:23 PM

Heather, that's just it. Alone with Tina, Molly, I've completed all the requirements, and done what should have made the puzzle 14 gong piece appear. Only it doesn't appear. I've tried everything I can think of to make puzzle 14 gong piece appear, it just doesn't. I'm letting the game run on, but I'm beginning to think it's not going to happen, I've just wasted my money.

I've started another game, but really have no heart to mess with it. What's the use if it just does the same thing as the first game.

Anna Leea March 21, 2007 5:27 PM

Heather, yes females can become elders. It seem to me that the last third master took forever also. But it might have been that I was waiting and watching more closely.

Caroline March 21, 2007 8:00 PM

I'm currently trying this, please let me know if it works. If you put the adult who likes to run do all the fishing, building etc, whilst those who walk slowly just stay at the researching table, may speed things up a little bit.


Sue E. I would like to know about the raft as well


Does putting 4 builders on one task finish that task any faster then putting just 1 builder on a task? Anyone know?


can you get another cauldron after the villager dropped it to celebrate?


I am also having troubles getting the last piece of the gong. My puzzle 16 is completed but was completed when I cleared away the thorns. It is my puzzle 14 that is not completed, everything else is. Think my game has a few files mixed up and not sure how to correct it. Trying another game to see if the same thing will happen with the gong pieces. Frustrating to get all that way in the game to find out it is messed up

Katy Anna March 22, 2007 8:54 AM

I would just like to say "grrrrr." I had a woman who was about a milimeter away from becoming an elder and she stopped gaining any skills. It kept saying that she was improving, but nothing would work. She just died and now I have to try something else. I think that maybe it's a bad idea to get elders with farming as a skill. Anyone else have this? Thoughts?


Danielle, putting more builders to a task makes it go faster.

Rachel , I am playing my second game and never got the raft thing.

Caroline , I have a villager who likes to run. He sure builds fast. Put him where ever you want something done faster. I wish they all like to run it makes the game go a lot faster.


Karen, I don't think your game is messed up. I did the puzzles out of order. You don't have to do them in order.


My puzzle 16 is showing completed. The only puzzle I have left is 14. The only piece of the gong I need is the one from the ancient ruins but the piece will not appear when I put a totem in the middle. Everyone else's puzzle 16 is about the ancient ruins and mine says the briars. My puzzle 14 and 16 are mixed up compared to everyone else' puzzles. Does that make sense?


Where are the last 2 pieces of the gong located?? I've already uncovered the briar bush and dove down to get the piece in the lagoon after making the special stew. So where are the other 2?

Gong Peices

I hope that this might help anyone who seems to be having proublems with the Gong of Wonder peices.

The Sunken Gong Piece
One piece of the gong is located in the pool on the eastern edge of the village. This sunken gong piece is obtained by making a special magic stew consisting of one of the black flowers near the waterfall and two of the large orange flowers to the south of the village (herbs 4+6+6 as indicated above). Have a villager eat the stew, and then drop them in the pool.

The Inlaid Gong Piece
Once one of your villagers has become an Esteemed Elder and been honored with a totem and after you've completed the ancient ruins puzzle, drop a totem on the mosaic in the center of the ruins to retrieve another piece of the gong.

The Boxed Gong Piece
This piece of the gong is inside the crate on the beach to the west. Three Master Builders working together are needed to open it.

The Overgrown Gong Piece
After you purchase Exploration Level Two and complete the cutting tool, your villagers can clear away the vegetation blocking the cave to the north (the Gong Encasement). Doing so reveals a piece of the gong.


My puzzle 14 gong piece won't appear either! It's crazy-making. Did anyone figure out how to fix it? i thought maybe i'd have to get all the collections complete before being able to finish the gong? so frustrated.


Renata, In the crate on the beach and in the mosaic.

Surferess March 23, 2007 12:29 PM

Hoorah! I just got the last gong piece. I dropped the totem in the middle and this pizza-looking piece (small size) was there then. I dropped a Master Scientist onto the piece and he picked it up "Villager is retrieving gong piece"
Then he grabbed it and put it in place. Then I had him ring the gong! KEWL!!!!

I have all the collections done except 1 stone left.

FYI, as far as collectibles, sometimes the rarest ones are in a bit out of the normal place, like the last butterfly turned up beside the graves. One stone I actually found ON the green, leafy plant to the right of the mosaic. So make sure you scan all the way to the edges. GL All!


hey, I couldn't retrieve the gong piece from the ancient mosaic... I have got all the tech and I have cleared the ancient puzzle and the totem... I tried putting the totem in the center of the mosaic... the piece doesn't pop up

Caroline March 23, 2007 5:29 PM

I managed to build the dam without shortages of fish and coconut. How? Here's the trick. You don't need to fish that much, really. All you have to do is get the running adult to fish up to 300-350 food from the beginning of the game, then just simply stop hunting for food, get that person to do something useful jobs that requires running around, such as building the first hut, building the dam, etc. Only hunt for food when it drops down to 250, get that person to stop the current job and hunt for food again. Eventually, I didn't even need to hunt for any coconut and I got a farm!!! During this time, get the children to pick up all the mushrooms to boost up the level every now and then, you'll survive so don't worry.

For those who don't know about this, you don't really need to wait for a couple to go into a hut and wait for luck to come if a baby is born or not. All you need to do is grab the same couple together again and again under the broad daylight, she'll get a baby without even going into the hut, smart eh?

I'm still trying to figure out how to get 3 masters skills very quickly. please let me know if any of you have any ideas, cheers.

Caroline March 23, 2007 5:57 PM

Is there any way we can pour out the old stew and make a new one?


I Can't get the last peice of the gong. (the one with the totem) i put it everywhere but it wontwork!!! Please help!


I think the answer we all have been waiting for, regarding the bug with gong of wounder last piece...

reflexive arcade has this posted under updates for the game:

03/20/2007 New version 1.01.04 uploaded - Corrects some minor game play issues, including a problem with solving the Gong of Wonder.

Anna Leea March 24, 2007 1:55 AM

Thanks Bert! I'm betting that'll take care of mine... downloading now. I figured it was a game site's bug, since so many of us were having the same problem, and other's weren't. I've been watching RA for a fix.


I only need a couple more beetles, pebbles and 1 shell. Got my gong and I think 11 totems so far. Bought all my technologies. Now what??? Just buy clothes for my villagers? I had 72 villagers today, went for a 45 minute walk, came back and now I have 93. My fire went out once, had 19 hours max to start with, now I can only get 9. What else is there to do? Where is this other part of the island (the west shore) to explore and what do you have to do to get there? I now have 96 villagers.


i have nearly finished everything but i need a villager who is good at everythin, any ideas how to speed the process up. theres a couple who are nearly there but every time i get them to do something you give them 2 seconds and they walk away from it again, plus a few of them have grey hair but they aren't elders and i swear for about half an hour i have been forcing them to build and they haven't improved once.


I'm downloading it now. I played the first one, and I sure hope most of the characters are more attractive! I did really like the first game tho. :)

p.s. wow, it must be good, I mean I've been waiting minute, and it is only 25% downloaded!\

p.p.s. still psyco from get the glass(search it, it's soo hard!)


Posted on March 24, but has comments from March 11?


Great game really. I just suggest changing the picture for the game to something that is not so spoiler esque. I haven't made it that far in the game so that kinda gave a bit of it away for me. Great job otherwise. :) And if I could only keep the little guys alive...


I have a few questions.

I only need a few of the collections still and it seems that I keep getting the same ones over and over, any thoughts?

I have mastered all the puzzles and I am maxed out at 90 people how can I get another hut to have or than 90 people?



Jackie, 90 is the max until you get all the collectibles. I don't know of any secret way to get them. There are no more huts. Just keep looking.

I got all the collections and I had 117 population.


i have finished all of the game..kind of a let down though..seems there should be more...though playing it was fun..it seems the makers forgot to give us an ending of sorts....but for some fun...i made the 2 runners i have parents...they are like lil rabbits...and will be masters in no time at all


I have all the tech points and all the collections, except for one beetle. I have the sewing hut built, several totems, and all the gong pieces. Now what? Is this the end of the game??


hey i have just completed the gong of wonder, and i rang it but nothing has happened what is suppost to happen?


how do you make them climb the trees??? can anyone help me please thank you!! em...

Cassandra E Clark March 25, 2007 1:04 PM

I have level three exploration and engineering and they still don't uncover the ancient ruins. What do I do?


emma, put the villagers at the tree. They will climb when there are coconuts.

Jackie, lots of things happen when you ring the gong. Keep your villager selected that rings the gong and then you read below what has happened.

cassandra: you need culture to do that.


stareis and LaurieA , when I finished my first game I kept going to get 50 totems, that's the limit. When I had a lot of tech points I didn't need I changed all the clothes on the villager. The women all had the same long dresses and the men black suits. Looked like a formal party, LOL.

Jackie , when you ring the gong watch what it says down at the bottom of the picture. It will tell you what happens.

emma , they will climb the trees only if there are coconuts to pick. Click in the top of the middle tree and it will tell you if any are there to pick.

Cassandra E Clark , I believe it is the 2 or 3 level of culture to uncover the mosaic.


how do you get rid of the algae out of the water or can't you get rid of it?


to get rid of the algae you have to get the 3rd level of tech for farming. then drag a master builder to the ocean

i think thats what you do


HEY! what's with the special wood to make the cutting tools? where should i get it? help!


How do I download the patch to fix the problem with the gong from the ancient ruins?
Where do I go???


i looked at the reflexive site, but i cant find the upload. i looked by updates, but there is only 'additional information' about the update but nothing to download. does anybody know why and how i get the upload, because i also want my last gong piece !


rena , almost right, algae fish are in the pond not the ocean. I'm not sure if you drag a master farming or a master builder there. You do need level 3 of farming.

mai , the wood is in the root looking vines left of the cemetery.

Suzanne, I don't know where the patch is. My game worked for me.


The latest version of the game is automatically downloaded when you select any of the download links above, there are no "patches".

If you downloaded and purchased your game from a different site, then you may have to go there to re-download the game.


Help! None of my villagers will have babies - I have dropped them on one another over and over, but no babies. I have 2 huts - how do I build more if that's the problem?



In Virtual Villagers 1 and 2 how old do you have to be before you can have children?


spatel, try going into detail and click on parenting for the woman you want to have a baby.

Melly , I found in VV2 they have to be 17 or 18 before they have kids.I don't remember about vv1.


I have only been playing for a few hours and I am having a lot of trouble. I have only been able to upgrade my farming once and nothing else. I haven't seen any beetles or any pebbles.

How do I get the sharp tool needed to cut the vines?

How do I make the stew you guys are talking about?

I have one person with a lot in research who is about 75% of the bar full. I have one person who is a docter and a researcher, I have a builder, and I have a farmer.

Help me out.

Orion2007 March 26, 2007 9:27 PM

Hi I'm about to die because I have done everything but the last piece of gong (the one in the ancient ruins) does not appear when I put the totem in the middle.
I don't want to start everything over again! That would be so unfair!


I don't know if this has been answered before, but there are a LOT of posts to go through and I don't want to know everything, so I thought it would just be easier to ask.
Can you build more than the 2 huts? I want to have projects to improve building skills, but am not sure how. I do have all three levels of engineering, and am just about done the "dig," I was just wondering for after that's done.


I rang the gong, and it said it gave life, but I don't see any changes. What the...???


Hey every one!
I read some great tips here! Also had trouble with the last gong piece. Downloaded the update but now I have a (probably stupid) question;

Can I just install the new version and than keep playing? or do I need to back up the save file first and if so, witch files do I need to back up?

Thanks for ur help!!



Melissa, I ended up having 6 huts total. 3 plain small huts. 1 repaired hut. 1 sewing hut to change their clothes. 1 hospital. If your people aren't building huts you can put builders on a completed hut, to fix it. This will increase their skill. Drop them on the roof of the hut. If they don't stay there keep dropping them on the hut.

Hello, maybe you won't see changes but maybe they will live longer.


how do you get the totem?
how come when my villagers go to the pond they get scared?


how do I get more totems? I have the Tarita and and Elder totem. will more appear as I create more Elders?


hey thanks for your help last time it helped lol

but another question why dont they have boys they just keep having girl babies?? em


Please can someone help i have one elder and struggling to get another to become an elder. im also struggling to get tech points i have 2nd level in a couple of things.

Im also struggling to do number 7,8,10,11,12,14 and 15
in the tasks please could someone give me some advices
on how to increase in tech points and the puzzles listed above any tips would be great.


I'm on a mac and when ever I play the game it's really dark and everything blurs I can't even tell what's going on. please help


Atom - what kind of Mac are you trying to play it on? What OS version? Where did you download the game from?


I'm trying to get algae help, which seems to be a real sticking point for a buncha people. I have 3 master scientists (with full research bars) and one master farmer (with full farming bar). I also have level 3 of farming. I've dropped all four of these characters in the pond several times and all they do is "enjoy the pond". I've also tried making that "don't need to breathe" stew again, having each eat the stuff and then dropping them in the pond. Again, all they do is enjoy the pond. In each case, I waited until the harvest is complete and there are 0 crops left, but plenty of food. Is there something specific I am missing? Advice and tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!