how am i suppossed to clean off the frog?


kim and kegan

Drown the frog.

tankgirl23 March 19, 2007 2:02 AM

Why does it say "neutral" at the end?
Is it an icon, or does it mean my game was mediocre?


I get the same thing. I was kinda hoping that it was just an icon LOL.


This may sound stupid,but where is the torn page?



Get a close-up side view of the desk.


I finished the game, but never found the


and never found a place to use it, even if I had found it. Where was it, and what was it supposed to have been used for?



Please help me, how do you get the number code ? A plant pod? which one?
No matter how I click any of the plant pod with a normal cursor, or with cane cursor I don't get any numbers ...


Very pretty game, and some really nice puzzles. I also quite like the fact that there is no written word anywhere in the game, all the clues are given in cute pictures which seem irrelevant at first yet turn out to be quite important.

But all is not too well. The game suffers from the usual "pixel hunt" syndrome, where you sometimes spend more time clicking on everything imaginable then trying to figure out a puzzle. What's even worse, the designer intentionally made a crucial game element practically invisible - a serious flaw in my opinion. Furthermore, I have found at few points that I know exactly what I need to do, yet the interface doesn't let me do it - at least not in the way I thought it would work. These kind of moments drive you right out of the game and needlessly leave a bitter taste in what is generally quite a nice puzzle game.

So for me all in all this is an average game, enjoyable but flawed because of just a handful of peculiar design choices.


about the final addition puzzle

I first thought that the yellow sphere was worth 2 white spheres, but it is worth 2 black ones.


Ugh. How do I

get water to clean the frog?


Sarah, to clean the frog:

You'll need a sink and glass. If you haven't found the sink, yet, have you found the

secret panel? If not, look at the

hanging plant very carefully.


tankgirl23 & jan, jan

I suppose it's just a logo since the name of the creator is Neutral.


Oh I figured the frog out.

Once you put the frog in the glass of water, try filling the glass up again

Now I need help on the balance in the drawer..


aww man im really stuck can someone please post a walkthrough thanks


kim: where do u get the water?


You get the water from the bathroom.


thanks but how do i get to the bathroom


oooh nevermind i just kept guessing on the combination thing by the plant and i got a key to the bathroom


im pretty sure i got the sphere puzzle but i click the button and nothing happens... now what?



Taking what someone said earlier about assigning the marbles a number, I used that for the puzzle.
So, I have Red=1, White=2, Green=3, Black=4, Yellow=8 (which is shown to be equal to red, green, black)
So, some of the panel works, the first group you can put in anything so leave it for now. The last one is, according to my math, 10. Meaning you have to do Green Green Black or Black Black White.
Either way, it doesn't allow you do finish number 2 which should be Red (the smallest one) plus one other thing being that same thing or a combination (ie 1+4=2+3.)
So, I'm at a loss.


Ah monkeys...

It works just fine if you make Red=0, White=1, Green=2, Black=3, Yellow=6.


ill finish when someone posts a walkthrough



The top row is 2 pinks.


The second red ball:

It's in the box in the bathroom.

If you don't know where to find the code, remember that weird blotch on the pot of the plant by the grate that you unscrewed...?

You have to wipe off the spot. Scroll up if you're having trouble with that (the hints are already here).

undrcvrangl March 19, 2007 9:25 PM

ok soo...

I finished the sphere puzzle and all it did was like disappear back into the wall..what am I supposed to do now? There is still the outline of the panel, but nothing has happened. Help?

ProfessorZ89 March 19, 2007 9:53 PM

What was the use of the pencil? I actually beat this one on my own without much help, but I could find no use for the pencil.



Look up.



You use it in one of the books - it gives you the colour for one of the symbols for the cat puzzle. You can also use it on the box.


Heads up, guys: The values of almost EVERYTHING colored in this game change. From all the posts I've read about puzzles where colors are key, the "spoilers" are different from my own game.

That said: It took me FOREVER to find all ten marbles. I was going to post asking where the tenth was, but while retracing my steps, I found it. To save you the half-hour of truly random pixel-hunting, here are the locations:

1. The big plant's leaf
2. Next to the grate
3. Under the couch's side-table
4. Under the couch cushion
5. Along the floorboards of the green wall at the end of the couch
6. Beside the small set of drawers
7. The bathroom shelf
8. The bathroom plant
9. The hanging plant (using the cane)
10. Inside the bathroom lock-box


hey i need help after i have a brown cup of water. how do i get the toilet paper to get qet to wipe the smudge off the pot? whay do i do wit the balance when im done balancing it



Empty the water out, put the toilet paper under the running tap.


Great game!

I mostly enjoyed the puzzle at the end, where you had to solve the equations.

Thank you, JayIsGames!

morning_java March 20, 2007 8:07 AM

Funny, i used r=0.5, w=1, g=1.5, b=2.5, y=4.5 and it worked out the same too... just a different way of looking at the numbers.

undrcvrangl March 20, 2007 10:17 AM

ohhhh..duh!! Thanks jan.jan :-)


where do you get the frog?

thanks in advance


The frog is hidden

in a blob of mud.


thanks morning_java i used your number balance and i finished the game.


Top drawer help! Is there a certain combination to

balance the... um... balance that I need, or can any one work? I've found two ways and neither seem to trigger anything. I'm confused about that to do next.


Oh. Nevermind.


hi i am in desperation.... i cant find the whole code to get the bathroom key

ok so i have only 3 codes out of 4. flower cat 3. blue duck.

thats all ive got i cant get the orange code where can i get the orange code? i tried all the combinations...
also i cant find all the marbles. all ive got is 3 white 2 green 1 red 1 black
help please? thank you in advance ^^


How do you fix the balance?!

I've found the other "holder" and I've put it on the balance but when I try to put marbles on it, it comes off. Then when I click on it again, it turns over to show two holes. I'm guessing that the screws go in these holes, but when I try using screws or the screwdriver on the holes, it just keeps flipping; and when I try using screws or the screwdriver on the empty balance arm, nothing happens.


I need help! So far I have

ugly brown thing, 1 grey ball, rod, three light grey balls, pencil, cup, two green balls, cube and one red ball.

I can't find anything else, can someone push me towards my next step?

Bobmeister March 20, 2007 8:51 PM

use the balance

to identify marble weights


You get one code by

doing something with the box. One of the books gives you instructions.


I need help to figure out how to

balance the weight thingy... I have
got two ways that are equal but
they aren't working!!!



I can't get the balance thing to get screwed on either,

and I can't figure out how to get the muddy water out of the cup of water with the frog in it.



I can't get the balance thing to get screwed on either,

and I can't figure out how to get the muddy water out of the cup of water with the frog in it.


Sorry about like quadruple post, but

I got the frog thing.



Place the holder on the balance thing, flip it over, click on the screws then click on one of the screw holes.


Have you had a look in each of the 3 books on the desk?


I somehow beat the game without using the balance thing to find out the marble things.

ProfessorZ89 March 20, 2007 11:06 PM

Thank you jan.jan.

ProfessorZ89 March 20, 2007 11:11 PM

Also, I apologise for not using spoiler tags. I will remember to do so, as that was my first time posting.


Sphere Complete Walkthrough below:

  1. Click on the desk.

  2. Click to the right of the desk, to see the side of the desk.

  3. Get the piece of paper.

  4. Uncrumple the piece of paper.

  5. Open the bottom drawer of the desk.

  6. Use the code on the paper to open the box (you have to rotate the paper).

  7. Get the key and use the key on the second drawer in the desk.

  8. Get the screwdriver.

  9. Lift up the cushions on the couch and get the pole and a marble.

  10. Look under the couch and get the pencil.

  11. Look under the table to the left of the couch and get a photo (note the colour of the border) and a marble.

  12. Look at the plant to the left of the couch and get a piece of mud and a marble.

  13. Look to the left of the plant and get a marble.

  14. Use the screwdriver to open the grate.

  15. Take the screws and the key.

  16. Take a marble from beside the wooden drawers. Use the key to open the top drawer.

  17. Take a picture of a bunny (actually itís a duck). note itís colour.

  18. Take an empty glass from the bottom drawer.

  19. Look to the right of the couch.

  20. Take a marble and a box.

  21. Click to punch a hole in the top of the box. Flip it over and punch a hole in the bottom.

  22. Put the box onto the light under the desk and note the color of the picture.

  23. Read the books on the desk and use the pencil to work out what was on the torn-out page.

  24. Note the colour of the square.

  25. Use the pole to get a marble from the hanging plant.

  26. Click on the wall to the right of the hanging plant to see a hidden panel.

  27. Use the colours you have noted so far to solve the puzzle and get the key.

  28. Use it to open the door.

  29. Turn on the tap and fill the glass with water.

  30. Put the mud in the water.

  31. Empty out the muddy water in the sink.

  32. Take the frog out of the glass.

  33. Take a wooden platform, 2 marbles (one is in the plant), and some toilet paper from the end of the bathroom.

  34. Use the tap to wet the toilet paper.

  35. Use the wet toilet paper to clean the shiny patch on the plantpot by the sofa.

  36. Use the code to open the box on the toilet and take a key and another marble.

  37. Use the key to open the top desk drawer and take the photo.

  38. Put the wooden platform on the wooden balance thing.

  39. Turn the balance over and put the screws in to hold it in place.

  40. Put the frog on the picture on the wall and open the panel.

  41. Use the balance to weigh the marbles to solve the equations.

  42. Use the pole to pull down the ladder and escape.


I just started this game...i need help so confusing...


How far have you got?

Masterful March 21, 2007 6:57 AM

slgalt showed you all the answers to the sphere puzzle, but no one noticed. I worked it out without it, but xadrian,

red obviously doesn't equal 0, because 2 reds = 1 white. 2 x 0 doesn't equal 1.

Sphere numbers are:



This was the first in a while that I beat without help. It was very lovely and everything made sense. Even the

deliberately misleading drawing

didn't take too long although it was one of the worst puzzles. That and the

mysterious smudge.

Desperate Cheater March 22, 2007 5:11 PM

Could someone please tell me

the exact combination of marbles in the hidden picture that you unlock with the frog?



Desperate Cheater
Check out the post by slgalt 2007-03-18 16:29:44


where do you find the yellow ball?



You only see the yellow ball towards the end of the game (in the puzzle), therefore, you do not need to collect it from anywhere.


oh for gawds do you put marbles into the box?


I never figured out about

the smudge on the plant pot. I tried wiping it off with toilet paper, but no result

However, with hints on the numbers I finished it.

The balance and the balls seemed pretty easy.

I never would have found the way out at the end, though, wi


Pleeeease can someone tell me how to get the box onto the light? Am going insane!!!


Oop, the same way that many other people have done: I did it as soon as I'd asked for help! Now to work out those darn marbles (I'm definitely losing mine...)


Beat the game!! Thanx for hints from everyone especially sb for posting a walktrough, nice graphics!

I CANT DO IT!!! March 24, 2007 2:30 PM

hey i dont think anyone is here but how do i get the bathroom key to wash off the frog? and whats with the flowers?


You need to solve the puzzle behind the wall panel.

BonnieDog March 24, 2007 3:39 PM

I'm going insane....

I have put the frog on the picture of the flowers and it doesn't do anything. Do I ahve to empty the balance first? I have collected all the items mentioned...

Alex Chellew March 24, 2007 7:03 PM

Here is the equation thing at the end...
<Spoiler Start>
The top row is Red=Red
The second row is Black=White and Green
The third row is White and White=Green and Red
The last row is Green and Green and Black=White and Yellow
<Spoiler Finished>


I can't work out the orange code picture or how to put the marbles in the box. Please help!


What clues have you got for the orange code picture?


i can't figure out how to put the holes in the box anyone?



Use the pencil or the long hook thing.


please help me! this is really frustrating me!
how do you put the marbles into the box? i have put a hole into the bottom of the box but dont know how to put one in the top or how to put the marbles in....please help me!


The marbles do not go in the box. If you have a look inside the books on the table you will find out what to do with the box.


How can I use the box??? How can I see the butterfly? Help meeeeeeeeeee

HELP HELP HELP March 27, 2007 2:12 AM

Hey how do you put the screws into the balance part, everytime i try to put them in the board just flips over so i started clickin away and im about to lose my mind if these damn screws don't go in soon so please someone help me


i am losing my mind. i think this is probably really obvious but i cant do it! lol

i have put the holes in the box but how do i put it over the light? i have clicked on it and its little by my cursor and i click where i want it to go but its not :@

help me please. sorry this is a really sad thing to ask :(


Well that's an hour of my life gone!!! It was worth it!

I did not need to use the balance thing for some reason? Wet the loo roll!!!


Which light are you trying to put it on?


i have tried the lights under the desk and the one under the table thingy :D why?



If you've put two holes in the box and put it on the light under the the desk it should show you a coloured butterfly on the underside of the desk. If that doesn't work you may have to just reload the game. You can complete the game without it so long as you get the rest of the clues.


Monique -

if you've got holes on either side of the box and you can't place it on the light under the white desk, (and you want to know what it is) I think you should try restarting the game. I tried this yesterday and I'm sure I was putting the right sequence and colours into the squares on the wall but the key just wouldn't show; had to restart from the beginning and try again.

I really liked this one, all in all, compared to the others I've done. :)



Zoom into desk, Look around the right side and get WADDED-UP PAPER. Open up paper and note what is written and the pattern of the torn edge.

View top of desk and look at each of the three books, they all contain clues.


Tear in the red book, also color of swatch.
The hibernating frog being awakened by rain.
The cube diagrams.

Zoom out and go look at coffee table by couch. Pick up: KITTY PICTURE stuck to bottom and GRAY ORB. Note Picture frame.

Zoom out to view of pot plant. Get DIRT CLUMP and GREEN ORB.

Look under couch, get CRAYON. Look under couch cushions, get REACHING ROD, and WHITE ORB.

Look beside right of couch, get WHITE BOX and 2nd GREEN ORB.

Look at drawers in corner of room, get 2nd WHITE ORB. Open drawer and get GLASS.

Open red book, use crayon on it, note the flower and color.

Open bottom desk drawer, press squares like diagram according to its orientation if it were to match up to the tear in the red book. Get GOLD KEY.

Use Key on green drawer of desk. Get SCREW DRIVER.

Look over behind the potted plant and use screwdriver on vent. Get PALE BLUE KEY, TWO SCREWS, and 3rd WHITE ORB.

Go to drawers, use pale key, get the paper with the rabbit on it. Look carefully at picture, it is not a rabbit. It is a duck. Note color.

Go to desk, bring up cube, select an orb and use to punch holes in top and bottom as indicated in green book. Place under desk to reveal butterfly, Note color.

Look at blue wall and click in open space of wall to find panel. Enter in the appropriate symbol in the color slots. The code does change from game to game. Get SILVER KEY.

Use silver key on yellow door to open up bathroom.

Use the sink to fill glass with WATER. Look at glass and add clump of dirt. Rinse it out in sink to get FROG.

Look on shelves to back of restrooms; get SCALES PIECE, 2nd GRAY ORB, and LAST GREEN ORB (in plant). Next to them, pick up a SHEET OF TOILET PAPER.

Wet the toilet paper in sink.

Go to potted plant in main room. Use damp paper on smudge, note the number.

Go back to bathroom, use code on box. Get the PINK ORB and the BLUE KEY.

Go to desk, use blue key on blue drawer. Note the picture the device in the drawers is a scale, it is broken. Remember the positions and colors of the orbs in the picture, this is the formula to find out the value of the gold orb. Look at diagram of plant.

Look at hanging plant, use reacher rod on it and click around to revel 2nd PINK ORB.

Go to drawers, open top drawer, put piece in missing space and flip over the device, affix the piece you have to it with the screws. Set it upright.

You can use the scales to determine which orbs are heavier, and therefore are a higher value then each other. After experimenting you should find that:

PINK = 1, WHITE =2, GREEN =3, GRAY = 5
And therefore according to the photo you have, Gold = 9

Go to the Tulip picture on the green wall. Use the frog on it as indicated to do in the book to reveal a secret panel. Use the orbs, knowing their values, to complete the equations.

If you do it right it should read:


Press the gray button when you are done. The panel will retract. Step back, there is something on the ceiling now. Use the reaching rod to pull on it and bring down a ladder



i cant freaking figure out how to get the marbles into the freaking box!!


The marbles don't go in the box.


How do you open the flower picture on the wall?



Stick the frog on it, then click the picture until it moves.


how do you open the box in the drawer


As per the walkthrough near the top of the page

There is a crumpled piece of paper that you get to via a side-view of the desk.

nick williams 10l April 11, 2007 1:04 PM

woo hoo i did it! i completed it!!! woo!


Please . . . I can't seem to manipulate the box at the desk in order to put in the marbles! Do I need to put the box somewhere on the desk or what?


The hardest part was the marble equation at the end. A pretty good game over all, though!


Do you mean the little square box? The marbles don't go in there.

There are instructions as to what to do with the little box in one of the books on the desk.

There is also a walkthrough near the top of this page that should be useful.


I just can't find that gold marble! I know there's one to the side of the wooden drawers, but I can't find where I click to see that. Any advice?


There isn't one to find - only the one that is already part of the wall puzzle.

Anonymous April 15, 2007 12:08 PM

how do i rotate the paper?