One thing not related...

How do I post a link to an image? I know how to do , how do you do urls? Thanks. :o)


Please how do I get the moons? I can't take the one in B1 E3


OMG I finally beat that !?#@% timed puzzle using that pattern I figured in my previous post. My left arm is gonna be sore today. It took me about 20 tries.

Anyway, now to make a candle. :o)


Wow... On was seriously not joking about the pure difficulty level about this... you can tell from the shear number of comments here and in the eyezmaze blog entry... I'd wish I could traverse around the JP Lineage II forums to figure out how many posts there are about this game. And I thought the Grow series was hard...

Only one semi-complaint: the music is extremely repetitive. Of course, one can turn off the sound/speakers, but one would think to produce something that didn't repeat every 4 bars...

Good game, though it is really more puzzle than RPG in nature.

@niklas: On 1F E3, inside the stair maze, you need to get yourself to the very bottom right section (the one where there is a corner blocked off by two brown blocks). You need to go to the space right above that corner: you will fall down and be able to get the moon in B1 E3.

@Everyone else: Has anyone made a map of the "head" building at 1F B2? I found myself really lost in there (because they don't reveal what is inside the building), got to the roof by pure luck, and ended up refreshing the applet because I got stuck inside the building.


Oh boy...the train. Another "timed" puzzle, but at least there's a split second between switches. :o/

Hey, I got all 4 torches lit pretty easily. After reading so many gripes about that section I thought I'd have major trouble with it. What amazes me is how on earth can they get That far & then Not be able to light the torches?

The Head house totally baffles me. I can walk around the inside of the northern half & that's it.

I've got 39/40 items but I count only 38 items which means I'll get 41/40 and prolly get a losing scenario.
6 moons so far.

I switched the 2 COMPLETEs. No small water stream up there yet. Did you know you can mag yourself "into" the metal COMPLETE from either side of it? I don't know if it's a bug or not.

I got the block out of that walled mountain area but can't push or mag it to the northern screen. And I really don't want to push it down that hole. That's a dead end with a torch.


Umm...Im in the room with the bronze key but I cant get it down. There are buttons surrounding it but I dont get how to use them Please help



Go to the room on the right of the key room & press the button. Make note of what #s are where.


Wow i beat it! It was very enjoyable! i especially thank pieguy for his helpful guide

I messed up reading the part of the walkthrough where you had to go into the strange head thingy and push the button to FLICK the block downstream.


Did you get the rest?


Head maze-

1st level
Starting from the doorway, go up one space, then right one, then up one, than right one. This may take a try or two.
2nd level
Just go down, right to the end, then up.


6:01, 2 OF 5 HEADS *sigh*...
Fun though! Can't wait to see the sequel!


No jan.jan. I finished, but got the losing screen instead (as I expected). After I lost I was able to continue and mess around with the remaining puzzles. I managed to get to the top of the Head house. When I pushed the button I saw where I was Supposed to put that block in the walled mountain area. D'oh!

And I think I know which area that mountain affects later because when I got there things were still blocked off. I did manage the train ride a heck of a lot easier than that infernal timed cannon puzzle.

As soon as you collect 40 items it's "sort of" end game, but not really because you can keep exploring around.

I'll try again sometime soon.


So you got close but no cigar? LOL. Did you get all of the moons?


How on earth did you get that metal box out of the walled area to begin with? I tried to do that the first time, before I gave up, went up the 'Head' house and figured what I was supposed to do.

pirsquared March 18, 2007 10:15 PM


There seem to be multiple endings, but not separate. They happen one after the other.

Let me try to say it another way. When you get the 40th item, it says "congratulations!" and shows your mighty warrior. Then it says "But this is not the true ending.... Try full complete." Not the best English, but it means "keep're not done yet!" It's not just for exploring. It's so that you can find the final items and moons...

and launch the flying saucer

. Keep going!!

I'm going to make it a point to post whenever I finish a game from now on. I've been visiting this site quite often during this past year, and I feel I should give some feedback as well. :D


how do i get both items off the frozen pond have only managed to get one cant figure out how to get the last one


Which item have you got? You might need to push the reset button at the top right-hand corner of the room then reposition the grey blocks with your magnet in order to get the second item.

Dreamweaver March 19, 2007 3:35 AM

In response to "Blockhead" above.... I saw your request about how to get the Gold Key, but I too didn't really see a good response from many others here about how to get it. So I'll make a quick down and dirty easy solution to how to get the gold key here....


First, assuming that you have found the room with the gold key (it's underneath (as in basement) the area with the rock that turns into a pointing finger when you ...

press the button on top the face house

. Just go down the stairs in the lower right corner). You should see 4 torches that need to be lit

by the candle

. Here is how to get to them all:

Lower Right:

Just go down the stairs in the lower right corner where the "finger rock" is.

Upper Right:

Look for a warp portal at the top right of the screen that is above the face house. Go in that. There will be another warp portal inside to let you back out.

Upper Left:

This is real easy.... Go by the "finger rock". At the top are some mounds of dirt. Under the left most mound, above the wall barricade, is a hidden hole. Mine that dirt, then fall into the hole and light that torch. Then hit the button to make a bridge leading you to the main part of that room and to the exit.

Lower Left:

This one is a bit more tricky: Go down to the stairs maze again. Go to the lower level entrance to it (the doorway where you entered and was just about to start start working it). only instead, look to the upper right side (just above the entrance on the right). See how there is a doorway leading offscreen at top? Assuming that is open to you (the door is open at top), then do you see a hole that is blocking you from getting to it? Do you also see a metal block that could possibly be pushed/pulled into it? Move the block so that you can get it into the hole. I think that you have to line it up with the hole, then go through the stairs maze until you are right across from it, then pull it into the hole with your magnet. Then you can go back and walk across it to the passage way at the top. Now walk up through two screens. The third one up is the little room with the final torch in it. Light that one to cause the pillar with the gold key in it to drop down.

Once all four torches are lit, then go back to the stairs lower left of the finger rock to go down and claim your prize! Don't forget to go and unlock all the gold locks now!

Dreamweaver March 19, 2007 4:06 AM

I don't think anyone made a map of the room with all the warps in it left of the ice rink. In case any of you want to attempt this before lighting the torch, here is a spoiler map of it:

Rather than trying to create a character map of it, then having the formatting come out all wrong when it posts, I'll just give the coordinates of all the warps, then let you draw your own grid map. Just remember to go anywhere but the locations of the warps, or you'll "fall through", and end up in that other room instead.
Assume a large grid. A1 is at the top left most corner of where you can stand. Letters go across the top from left to right, numbers down the side from top to bottom. In this case, the top row is 1, and the bottom most row is 13. The left most column is A, the right most is S.
The locations of the warps are as follows (just create your own map grid to map them):
A2, C5, E6, G6, G7, G8, G10, G12, H1, H2, H4, H9, I5, I9, I11, J3, J5, J9, K1, K6, K7, K8, K12, L9, L10, M6, N8, P8, P9.
There is an item at I7.
The torch is at location R8.
The starting location (if entering from the right side), is S10.
The starting locations (if entering from the top side), are I0 or J0.
Note: falling down the warp at A2 is how you get inside that little room with the item that is at the top left corner of the room that is above (over) the spell book (has stairs leading down to it).
Note: the warp room is not a perfect square room. The top right and bottom left corners are blocked off by a wall. That is, the left wall goes from positions: 1 - 8 (left of A); A8 - D8; D8 - D14. The top right corner wall goes from O1 - O7; O7 - S7; S7 - S9.
Map this out and then take one step at a time through the dark room to find your way. If you map this out, then notice that there is something interesting about how the warps are arranged about the item at I7.
Hope this helps anyone who likes the extra challenge of finding their way in the dark! ;o)


Has anyone here ever beat this time?

00:49, 5 Heads

Thanks Jay, and Thank you Peoples who post things


Jan.jan, I got 8 moons before I gave up after the 1st losing ending. I realized as time went on that I could only get so far with the block removed from the walled mountain area.

Anon, giving up was the right idea. Once you get the block out of the mountain area you cannot put it back in, and you can't push it beyond it's original "room" or game screen (B2, C3, etc.). So there's no way to correct what you've ruined, as far as that puzzle element goes.

How did I get it out of the walled area?

You may have noticed that if you quit the game your gameplay is saved but you start at the very first room again. Like the smiley-face block room, you keep coming back to reposition yourself.

Pirsquared, thanks for the heads up. I kinda did what you mentioned. I kept exploring after the 1st lose screen, but since I earlier fooled with mother nature & removed that block from the mountain I ruined most of any further advancement. And...I reset the save cookie. So I gotta start again. Which is no big deal except for the timed cannon puzzle. The only positive thing about that is at least now I know it's possible.


I gotta say though this is the most fun & intuitive game I've played since Flow.



I found this little sneak peek starting my second play. Copy & paste the url to your browser address.


Terrific game.

I was always a fan of Zelda-like games. Simple interface, smooth gameplay, throw in some nice puzzles and you have a perfect game. Sooo much better then those dreadful pixel hunts or *shudder* browser-puzzle games.


Alright! Finally did 1:25. 4/5 heads.

Hey, there is no Moon under the spaceship. What was that all about? I finally was able to find the way to that inaccessible sandpile in the "stairs" rooms. How sneaky.

And I did the timed cannon in my 5th full run. Piece of cake. My mistake earlier...there's no need to push that metal block against the metal wall on the right. You can dig your way back.


odd, I just played the game through again in 0:34, and I still only got 4 heads! I'm thinking I missed something somewhere, but I can't remember - I recall there being an extra item . . .


In the room with the two metal boxes,

I've got the sword by dropping the box into the gap, but how do i get the boots on top of the other box? Any help?


ugh.. sorry about my earlier question... it was answered in one of the first posts... that was a tricky one... :)


You want to hit it with a cannonball. You know the 2 controls to the cannon.


woohoo i did it in ahh..... 4:01
not great but im just happy im done..great self satisfaction


The problem with a puzzler is that once you know how things are done, the game can be done so much faster... because of this, I have no idea what my original time would ever be...

Now I understand what you meant Corona... makes sense, since refreshs instantly teleport you out of any area. This would essentially imply not to refresh the applet when the block is at the enterance of that walled area, otherwise even without pulling that block out, you can't solve that. I wonder what other types of bugs there are... Gotta try and exploit them... :P (oh yeah, nice sneak peek)

I was wondering about the Ver. 1 issue. You think that On is going to do another version of this game (and will it be as hard)?


I completed the game by getting every item and moon that appears on the map. However, that still left me with only 40/40 items. Where's the 41st that everyone is talking about?


I played it again and only came up with 40/40 this time. Perhaps the glitch has been fixed?


the fact that someone can write a game as simply complete and entertaining as this is testament to damned fine creative brains and good old fashion desire to make good things. Well done everyone involved!

BigFatBob March 20, 2007 9:35 AM

I've been playing off and on for a few days.
I have ever item except the 41st. I have a 40/40 with none missing except the very last box. I also only have 9 moons and keep looking everywhere for the last one. I have 2 blue gems and the map is showing a 3rd in the first starting screen position along with another item. Possibly the 41st? I've made the "Complete" sign change from stone to steel. I've made the trench appear in front of the sign. But I am totally stuck. I also have map and hadending saying "this wasn't true ending"
Looked at 300 posts and can't find what I am missing.
The map is showing a room in the left lower corner that I am not sure I have even been in either. Does the room with all the portals have more than two locations they take you to?
All help greatly appeciated.

BigFatBob March 20, 2007 9:42 AM

HOLYCOW! I figured it out a minute after my last post. The finger pointed the way!!!
41/40 , 10 moons, 3 blue gems, and two endings telling me it's not the true ending.


We had a BabelFish translation of the ending, but here's my attempt in English:

The DWARF that collected everything, found the new item which was unknown, and traveled away to the moon....


Did you get to

fly away in a flying saucer and get a congratulations sign up?


after playing this on and off since it came out, I finally got it!!!
dont I feel special?

cravipat March 20, 2007 7:31 PM

I put together a video walkthrough if anyone is interested. I did my best to be as efficient as possible in order to keep the video short. Consider it a last resort spoiler in case you're really stuck.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
Isn't live yet. I'll post the link when it's ready.


00:50, 4 of 5 heads! woot :)
what time do you have to be to get 5 heads?


Please post a simple and accurate walk thru of the head maze. I am completely lost. I dont think i even make it to the second floor.


After she disappears into the head

L2,U1,L1, she is now on 2F, then, D2, R6,U2. Voila.


Cravipat, thanks for the videos. I was thinking of Frapping the game myself but you beat me to it. ;o)

Anon, The only other bug I found earlier was that I could magnetize myself into the metal Complete sign from its sides. I tried that again the last time I played and it didn't work. (So it was a bug that is now fixed.)

Po, the head house is a tricky tricky "hit & miss" free for all. I never saw a walkthrough for it anywhere. But I never spent more than 5 minutes trying to get from bottom to top or vice versa. When you finally reach the second floor (or from the second floor reach the first floor) the game supplies a written prompt telling you that you have reached that area. (And turn up the volume. You can hear if you hit a wall or not.)

I found out today that the creator, On, is a woman. (!) She has a 4 year old child & she creates games for the love of creating games. She never was monetarily compensated (paid) for creating games. Except I think this job with Legend (Dwarf Complete) may have been her first paying gaming job. Otherwise she lives between working at a McJob & getting paid, or creating time consuming games and falling into poverty. This blows my mind realizing that the person who created all those fantastic Grow games was a starving artist.

Why didn't Sony or Nintendo see her talent for games? They missed a great opportunity. I hope with the success of Dwarf Complete ver.1 On gets the recognition and praise she deserves.



Corona - On is most certainly a man, I can say that having heard directly from On himself. So let's nip this one in the bud, shall we?

AbbyNormal March 21, 2007 12:25 AM

Hi ...I am new to here and I love this game...but I am seriously stuck in the map room...I don't know how to get the metal block moved on the lower right corner of the bottom floor (the one with the false holes)...I have read the responses here and still I am stuck...I cant use the magnet through the walls and maybe i have messed up already...please if you can help me throug this I would appreciate it...I love this site!



Admittedly I had to consort the reviews here for a little help to finish the game, but overall, a GREAT adventure/puzzle game. MOST of the puzzles were intuitive and none of them left me saying "Ok, there's no way a normal person would have figured that out without cheating". With all of these point-and-click room games that involve a lot of lucky clicking, and the myriads of other games that are dubbed "adventure", it's nice to see a game that actually fits the category for a change.

This game, along with the previously reviewed Submachine series, is a near-perfect example of what a TRUE adventure game should be. You collect items that don't seem to have a purpose. As you go along you figure out where these items can be used. You use items together. You explore. Everything you pick up is used somewhere else in the game (yes, even the Yak Lips).

My only complaint was that the music was (while nice at first) too short a loop to be repeated and it got old fast. Ok, so turn off the sound. No problem. Oh, except then I lose the sound effects too. If the sound effects and music could be toggled separately that would be great. Or perhaps a longer sound loop. Or maybe different music for the basement level?

However, I did like how all of the sound effects were echoes of Zelda without being direct copies, like the "you discovered a secret" music and even the background music was reminiscent of that of the gloomy Dungeon levels from the original Zelda. So. Yes. Great game.


What's the map reference?


great game! I made it in 3:29 and needed a tip at

the COMPLETE+magnet thing


the face-room with the metalbox and the portals

and at the stairs room with the hidden moon.

cravipat March 21, 2007 7:55 AM

Part 3 of my walkthough is live.

I forgot to mention the first time but the timed fuse puzzle is in part one. The stair maze and gold key are in part two. It seems like those are the parts that give people the most trouble.

I have yet to get the elusive 5th head. My best time is 21 minutes and that still only gave me 4 heads. I'm guessing you need to finish under 20 minutes or it's dependant on your actions in the game.

AbbyNormal March 21, 2007 7:05 PM

I appreciate the response, but right after I posted that drats! I figured it out! Much thanks Jan :-)

blockhead March 21, 2007 11:28 PM


The bone is inside the treasure chest that is located next to the room with the two metal blocks (a couple screens to the right of the lake). Specifically, you need to capture the item sitting on the block that is in the right-most division of that room. If you don't know how to knock that item off the metal block, read on:

The cannon room, where the floating moon was, is the key. Think about what you had to do to knock the moon off it's floating pillow. If you need help with that, read on:

There are two switches which control that cannon. One rotates the cannon 90 degrees, the other elevates the cannon for longer shots. Where both of those switches are located are provided below in a few other spoiler posts.


I've managed to hit the button on top of the stone head (several times actually) and

the stone fist changes to a finger but when I go to the first room, the trough has no water and the golden key doesn't open the door in the wall.

Am I missing a step? I could've sworn that was what would happen - I've done everything else! A bug in the game? Am I missing something?



0:48, 40/40 items, 10/10 moons, one blue gem (given to me when I collected the 40th item).

However, I seem to recall reading that there is a 41st item, and two more blue gems. Where are they?



The finger has to flick something towards the wall in order to let the water flow through the trench around the complete sign.


want to get five heads?

did you find the secret 2f?

just kidding


I've found an easter egg in the game:

Complete the game, get the perfect ending, then play again. Bring up the status screen and look at the sprite: all the armor is gone, and now your character is in a pink girlie outfit! Cute! ^_^

. You can get this easter egg only if you've completed the game and got the perfect ending. If you can't be bothered to do that, but would still like to see what the easter egg is, check out this screenshot.


Nngh.. I have been playing for quite a while and I have all the moons and 39 pieces, but I still cannot get the piece of armor in D4! can someone help me out?


Dwarf Complete Walkthrough Complete ;)

Let's get started.

  • Go south (down) and pick up object.

  • South gate opens - go through it. Get the object to the right (i.e. use the right arrow on your keyboard - ignore which way you are facing).

  • Go into the little room to the south and get object. The gate locks behind you.

  • Go to the right and go through the hole in the wall. You will notice that on some walls their shadow is missing. That means that there is a hole in the wall than you can walk through.

  • Walk through the gate on the left side of the room. Pick up the object in the middle. If you fall down a hole, take a look around then climb up the stairs.

  • Downstairs you will notice there is a locked room with an object in it. To get to that object, fall through a hole from the floor above. You will have collected 5 objects by now.

The silver key.

  • Go into the top-right room. Step on the button. Some circles will appear that are made up of different numbers i.e. 1-8 circles in eight different positions which relate directly to the positions of the buttons in the room that you see on the left.

  • Push these buttons in order from 1-8 e.g.

    1. top/middle, then,

    2. middle/left,

    3. top/right,

    4. bottom/right,

    5. bottom/left,

    6. middle/right,

    7. bottom/middle,

    8. top/left.

  • You can now collect the silver (or bronze, whatever you want to call it) key.

The sack and the stick.

  • Go north (up). Stand directly in front of, and facing, the silver lock then click on the silver key at the bottom of your screen. The lock will open.

  • Walk through. Walk over the little bridge and collect the object.

  • A gate on the left will open. Go through that and unlock the green chest with your silver key. You have now collected a sack.

  • Go back to the room with the holes in it.

  • Go downstairs and open the silver lock, then the chest. You now have the stick.

  • Go back to the room just south of the room you started in.

  • Open the silver lock at the bottom.

  • Go and get the 2 objects at the bottom. You should now have 8 objects.

The book.

  • Go up then to the room to the right. Go down the stairs.

  • Go up to the blue book. Flick through by clicking on the arrow. It shows you what ingredients you need to make some tools.

  • When you have collected the correct ingredients for a particular tool, the button at the bottom of the page will turn red. You can then click on the button to collect the tool.

  • The first page shows you that you need a round thing, to go with the sack you have already collected, in order to make a magnet. Lets go get the round thing.

The maze.

  • Go back upstairs. Open the lock bottom/right and collect the object. The gate at the right will open. Go through.

  • You are confronted with a maze with 2 objects in it.

  • If you follow the wall down to near the bottom of the room, you will notice that there is a hole in the wall (no shadow).

  • Go through and collect both objects.

  • A gate has opened at the top and bottom of the room.

  • Go back out of the maze and go through the top gate.

The swinging cannon.

  • This is where you get to blow stuff up. Wahoo. This involves timing and accuracy. You need to step on the button precisely when the swinging cannon is aimed at a block.

  • Blow all three up.

  • Collect 2 objects and unlock the chest and collect the round thing. You now have enough ingredients for the magnet. Lets go get it.

The magnet.

  • Go south one room then left one room. Go downstairs.

  • Go up to the book.

  • The button on the magnet page is now red. Click on that and collect the magnet.

  • Go back up stairs.

The ice-rink.

  • Go right and down to the ice-rink room.

  • There are several different strategies for this room. Here is one:-

  • Go around the outside of the rink to the bottom. Face the right-hand gap. Click on the magnet and the metal block will slide towards you. Go back around to the top. Go into the 3rd gap from the left. Go to the left of the screen and you will have collected an object. Leave the ice-rink. Go back to the top. Go through the first gap on the left. Go right, down, right, up. Voila. 2nd object collected. (if you stuff up you can reset the metal blocks by stepping on the button in the top right-hand corner.)

  • Two more gates have opened on the left.

  • Collect an object from the top room. You will hear a gate open but won't see it.

  • The bottom one is pitch black. You will get a torch later that will light up this room. Leave it for now.

  • You will have collected 16 objects by now.

The bone, the pickaxe, and the controllable cannon.

  • Go back to the room with the swivelling cannon. You get to blow some stuff up again.

  • There is a metal block at the top-right of your screen. Line yourself up with it i.e. directly below it.

  • Click on your magnet and you will suck it towards you and into a hole. Go up. Another cannon.

  • Step on the button to fire the cannon. You want to aim at the floating moon so that it drops to the ground so you can collect it.

  • In order to do this you must push 2 buttons - one controls trajectory (height), the other controls direction (north, south etc.).

  • Go back to the room with the swinging cannon. Go through the gate at the top-left.

  • Collect the object hiding behind the torch. The gate on the left will open. Go through it.

  • Collect the object. A gate to your right will open.

  • You will also notice that there is a block with an object on top. Lets blow that up, shall we?

  • Go to the little room on the right. Step on the button once (the cannon is now pointing skywards).

  • Go back to the swinging cannon room.

  • Go into the top-middle room. Step on the button twice.

  • Go back to the room with the floating moon. Step on the button once. The cannon fires to the left and it sounds as though it has hit something important. We'll come back to that.

  • Go back to the top-middle room and step on the button once more.

  • Go back to the floating moon room. Step on the button. Collect the moon.

  • Leave that room then return to it immediately. Step on the button again. All will be revealed.

  • Go down, far-left, up, left. Collect the object that has been knocked off its block.

  • Go to the top of the room where there are 2 objects.

  • Line yourself up with the metal part of the top wall then click your magnet. You will be sucked across the ditch. Don't worry - this is a good thing. Collect both objects.

  • Move over to the right-hand side of the screen. You will see 3 little rooms and 2 bigger ones, the biggest one now has a bit of a dent in it - this happened when you fired the cannon in the same direction as the floating moon.

  • Push the metal block with the object on top to the right and into the hole in the wall. Walk over it and collect an abject at the same time. You now have 22.

  • Push the next metal block with the object on top onto the spot that your cannon landed on (the dent).

  • Go back to the floating moon room and step on the button. This will blow that block up.

  • Go and collect the object that you have knocked off its block.

  • Go left and then into the top-left little room.

  • Unlock the chest and collect the bone.

  • You now have enough ingredients for the pickaxe.

  • Go back to the room with the book and cook up the pickaxe.

  • For a short-cut you can fall into the white swirly vortex to the bottom-left of the big room.

Now you are armed and dangerous.

  • Go upstairs.

  • Go left then up to the very first room that you started in.

  • Use your pickaxe to bash the 4 arrows.

  • Step on the button and watch what happens. Alrighty.

  • Go down the stairs that the arrows were hiding.

  • Face north. Click on your magnet. Go up and collect the object (24th).

  • Go and use your pickaxe on the blobs (or whatever) at the bottom of the room.

  • Drop through the vortex, just to see where you end up.

  • Go right then down. Go and attack the blob at the top-right. Collect the moon.

  • Go down and left.

The leaf.

  • Hack your way through the blob. Then more blobs.

  • Collect the object in the middle.

  • Fight your way to the chest and unlock it. Collect the leaf.

  • Go directly up from the chest and collect a moon.

  • Go to the bottom of the room.

Now for some fun (of the timed-maze variety).

  • You have to work your way through the timed-maze, pushing the purple, blue and pink buttons along the way before the fuse on the cannon is burnt and the cannon fires. The coloured buttons, when pushed, make the coloured blocks drop out of the way of cannon fire so that the beige block on the left gets blown to smithereens.

  • Toldja it was fun.

  • This is the way that works for me:- Push the blue, pink then purple buttons, in that order. There are other ways. As soon as you push the brown button below you the fuse starts burning, and it burns FAST. OK.

  • Push the brown button, push metal block down, walk over it, go left, hack through blob, go to far-left of room, go up, click on your magnet to drag metal block towards you and into hole, go up over block-in-hole, go right, up and left, hacking blobs along the way, step on blue button.

  • 1 down, 2 to go. Easy-peasy.

  • Go right, down, left and down over the block-in-hole, push the nearest metal block one step right and one down into hole, go down over block-in-hole then right hacking blobs again until you can get to the pink button.

  • Two down, nearly there.

  • Go right, go up, face metal block and click on your magnet, go up and you will have stepped on the purple button. Wahoo.

  • If you beat the fuse (it may take many, many goes) the cannon will have blown up the bottom-left block.

  • Make your way to the little room at the bottom-left, collect the object, step on the green button, unlock the chest and collect the bottle.

  • Make your way out of the top of the room and all the way back to the book room.

  • You're gonna make a torch.

Now you have fire.

  • Once you have the torch go back upstairs, go right then down into the ice-rink room.

  • Go through the gate at the bottom left.

  • Go up and click on your torch. You now have light in this room.

  • Uh oh. A room overrun with vortexes.

  • Carefully make your way to the object. The top gate will open. Drop into the vortex at the top left-hand corner. Collect the 28th object.

  • While we're in the mood for collecting stuff lets collect that moon that you can see.

  • Go to the outside of the left wall of the little room with the moon in it. There is a hole in the wall. Go collect the moon.

  • Leave that little room and go down.

  • Go down the next room (stair-maze) and right.

  • Go downstairs.

  • Hack your way to the object and the gate will open.

Take a deep breath. You're gonna need it, and some patience, because its stair-maze time.

  • Go into the bottom part of the stair-maze.

  • Go up two steps. Click on your magnet.

  • Go into the stairs to the left, then the next lot of stairs, You are back on the basement floor.

  • Go right one step, up two, face right, click on your magnet to drag metal block into hole.

  • Go up into stairs.

  • Go into next lot of stairs, and again, and again. You should be in the basement again.

  • Collect object - notice that the gate at the top right of the screen opens.

  • Go into the right stairs.

  • Step right, up, right, up, right and you will drop into a hole.

  • Whack the blob and collect the moon.

  • Pull (with your magnet) and push the metal block until it drops into the hole on the left.

  • Walk over block-in-hole.

  • Go left into stairs. You are back where you were a minute ago.

  • Pull and push the metal block as far right and up as it will go. It will block off the pathway. That's OK.

  • Retrace your steps (go into 6 lots of stairs) until you are directly north of the metal block you just shifted.

  • Use the magnet on the block. It will drop into a hole.

  • Retrace the steps that you just retraced until you get back to that block-in-hole.

  • Go over it into another lot of stairs, and another lot.

  • Go down one step. Face left and drag the metal block into the hole using your magnet, yet again.

  • Go right until you are facing two metal blocks.

  • Drag the first one into the hole, then, drag the second one on top of the first one.

  • Retrace your steps again *sigh* until you get to the block-in-hole that you just did over on the left.

  • Go over it and go into the next set of stairs, and again. Ahhhhh, now you can unlock the chest and get the map. Wahoo.

Now we have a map, and map references, to refer to. Phew.

  • Go back through the last set of stairs you just came through.

  • Go right into the vortex. Collect object, whack blobs, into vortex again.

  • Go back to start of basement maze, go up through gate at top-right.

  • Collect object, go up through now-opened gate. Keep going up. Light torch. Aha. We've got to get the gold key.

  • Go down, keep going through the right of the maze, then right and into the stairs. Go left and up out of the top floor maze. At last.

Out of the maze.

  • Go all the way back to 1E (timed-maze nightmare).

  • Go over lowered green block and hack your way into 2E. Light her up.

  • Go right to the middle, in front of, and facing, the hole. Use your magnet to suck your way over the hole and collect the object (33).

  • Push the metal block into the hole and go over it.

  • Go up through the now-opened gate and all the way back to 4B.

The big hand.

  • Go up and left into the little alcove with the gate opened. Step on the button.

  • We have water. And trees.

  • Burn the tree and collect the object.

  • Go down and step on the button in the next alcove. We now have more ramps.

  • Go over the first ramp.

  • Whack the big middle blob above the big hand.

  • Go inside and push the metal block down. Scoot around the other way and use your magnet to drag the block so that its positioned below the index finger.

  • Get out and whack the far-left blob which is hiding a hole.

  • Drop down into the hole and light the torch. Push the button, go over the ramp, scoot on over to the bottom right torch, light it and go into the stairway.

  • 3 down, 1 to go.

  • Go back over the ramp, go up and left. Collect the object.

  • Go up into the alcove and drop into the vortex. Light the torch. The gold key is now obtainable. Drop back into the vortex.

  • Go whack some more blobs and step on the button. More water for the trees.

  • Go right to another screen, then left. The baby tree has grown. Collect the object after burning the tree.

Now, lets go for a train ride.

  • Jump on the tracks. The idea is, first of all, to navigate your way safely to the room below, collecting the object that will open the bottom gate along the way.

  • As soon as you enter the top train track room, click on the middle bottom join 3 times, the top middle one once, then the middle one two more times (so long as you've already gone over it once), the middle right one once, then the bottom one once.

  • You are now travelling on the bottom train tracks.

  • Click on the join (to the right of the bottom left one) once, the next one in your path 3 times, then once, once, twice, none, twice (collecting object), three times, once - you're out. Yay.

  • Step on the button and more ramps appear.

  • You now have 38 objects and 5 moons. Lets go get the rest, and the gold key. But first, lets have a look inside the big head.

Inside the big head.

  • Make your way over the ramps until you get to the big head house with the button on top.

  • Once you disappear into it (make sure you have the sound on) go left 2 steps, up 1, left 1 (you should hear stairs being climbed), then go down 2, right 6 (you will see her going across the front part of upstairs), then up 2.

  • You are now on the roof.

  • Step on the button and watch the little movie. Cute, huh? If you positioned the metal block in the wrong place before, you gotta go fix it and do this part again. Bummer.

The gold key.

  • Get out of the big head.

  • Once you're out, head right until you get to the stairs near the vortex.

  • Go into stairs. Collect gold key.

  • Go back into stairs.

Have a wee look at your map.

  • You can toggle between the top floor and the basement. Find where you still have things to collect.

  • Head off over to A4 and whack a blob and collect moon number 6.

  • Now armed with a gold key, go back to D4, open the lock, whack a blob, collect a moon.

  • Go to D3, open the gold lock, collect object.

The smiley face room.

  • Make your way to C1 (a.k.a. the smiley face room).

  • Open both locks.

  • Whack both blobs, collect a moon and drop into a vortex. Or two.

  • Back to the smiley face room, drag and push the metal block on the left as high up as it will go.

  • Now, the only way to get out is to drop into the vortex because you have blocked your exit. Do that.

  • Go back into the room.

  • Drag and push the same metal block until it drops into the vortex on the right. Follow it into the vortex.

  • Push the metal block into the hole.

  • Go right.

  • You are now in C4.

  • Collect moon number 9.

  • Go back to C3 and into the stairs.

  • You are back at the start.

  • Nearly there.

A couple of trees have grown around the "complete" sign.

  • So, "how do I get those?" you asked. Well, lets see.

  • Go and burn the bush hanging over the wall to the right of the sign.

  • Use your gold key on the lock.

  • Watch the stone sign swap over with a metal sign.

  • Position yourself below the sign and use your magnet.

  • Burn some trees and collect the last object and moon.

  • Be patient while something else happens for a bit.

  • Click on the blue round thing.

  • To cross the watery ditch, position yourself above the metal arrow and use your magnet. Wheeeee.

The gem.

  • Make your way back to the book room and brew up a gem.

  • Make your way to C4. Enter the flying saucer, click on your new gem.

Bon voi-arr-gee :o)

bezhamster March 23, 2007 8:07 AM

i have everything apart from the D4 item. 39/40... can someone help me get the top-left item in the room with the staircase to the book?thanks


AlGrythm: To get the armor in D4, you need to

use the warps in E4 (the "fumbling-around-in-the-dark room"). The warp in the upper-left corner will drop you inside D4's sealed room. If you don't have the torch yet, the easiest way to go is to

go down to the bottom, left all the way until you hit a wall, back right *one* square, then all the way up, then left and down one square.

I still haven't figured out

how to get the 41st item or the second or third blue gem...but perhaps

those were removed from the game in an update. :-(


Wow, I don't even see how you can ever get the maze with the 4 colored buttons; even with the solution there does not seem to be enough time to do it. Anyone have any suggestions?


In what order are you pushing the buttons?
My strategy was, once I figured out what order worked for me, was to just

go like the clappers.



how in the jeepers do i get the lower left torch lit in the gold key room?


i cant do the ice room!!!!! help!


How do you get the last moon in the room underneath the spaceship?



You need to go down to B1 C3 first

You can do that by digging the 'down' arrow in 1F C3 (the enterance)


You need to use magnets to move those blocks

Move the bottom block to the right, and the right block down

It would be so much easier if I can just place down times from cravipat's video instead of explaining like this...



First of all, you need to get a block into BF C3

There just happens to be a block sitting there in 1F C1, and a teleportal to BF C3 in the room

You need to magnetize and push the block into the portal. When you are stuck, just use the portal to 1F B1 and re-adjust the block from the other side.

starchain March 27, 2007 7:55 PM

Wow, what a great game so far!

I've got a bit of a problem - I can't find the stationary cannon anywhere. Please&Thank you.


B5 to the right.


I can not make this magnet I have the stuff but I can't combine



The button in the book of instructions turn red once you have all the components for the items you are trying to make. Push that.

Samantha March 29, 2007 7:55 PM

Ok so I don't get this at all. Do you use other keys besides the arrows? Because I can't do anything! I'm stuck at 4/40! HELP PLEASE!


The only other time you need to use something other than your arrows is when you need to click on something.

Which ones have you got so far?


Hello folks!

Can anybody help me from where I am now? The screenshot is in the spoiler.

I have 38 items and 9 moons. Guess the last item is in the room to the right where I am now. The screenshot is here:
Thanks for any help!


Never mind. I managed it :) But what to do next?

with the spaceship, I mean.


Have you collected the item and the moon that she is facing? And, there is no item and/or moon in the room to the right on that level. Have you got the map?


Yeah, I just figured out that I have missed an item. Just dropped from a hole. So the game is completed now, bit I only got 3 heads :(


Good as gold. If you complete the game quicker you will get 4 heads. Haven't managed to get 5 heads yet myself. I would imagine that you would have to go like the clappers to get 5.


i am still in the second room and i can't open the lock on the left hand side of the little room that closes up on you when you collect the item inside it. please help i think that is the next move but i'm not sure. thank you all X


You are on the right track.

After you've collected the item from the little room that closes behind you you get out of the little room - there is a hole in the wall. Take a close look at the shadows that the walls throw.


Thanks Jan Jan, i have now got 20/40 items i can get to the dark room (i have no torch) and and the room with the little white portal that look like a circular saw but now i haven't a clue where to go next! not happy. you're a good sort Jan love kellie


Thanks hun.
I'm trying to figure out where you are. How many unlit torches are in the dark room? Do you have the map yet?


there are four lamps. so far i only have a magnet and the first key. i walk all over the place looking for holes to fall in ALL of the rooms too but alas, nothing!


oh and no i don't have a map. :-P


@ kellie
That sounds like Floor B1, Room B3...

I hope you aren't in the top left corner, cause then you're going to have to find a switch blind.

If you don't have the torch, there's nothing that you can do in this room. Just climb back out (if you can). If by some chance you are at the top left corner, then you will have to walk around until you hear a "click", blindly try and find a bridge, then get out (or refresh the applet, if its too much of a hassle).

FYI, there are two floors, the "upstairs" floor and the "downstairs" floor. Don't bother to find any holes to drop through when you are "downstairs" because there is no where to drop to.


It you entered that room through the bottom right hand corner just get out the same way you came in. You can't do anything in that room until you have the torch. Where are you up to now?

starchain March 31, 2007 10:06 PM

Haha, I feel like an idiot, but where is B5? I can't work out the letter-number room labels... it's past my bedtime xD


B5 is just north of the room with the cannon that swings from side to side all the time. B5 is actually made up of three little rooms, two that contain buttons that control the direction of another cannon in the third. If you go into any of these little rooms B5 should then be highlighted on your map. Do you have the map yet?


okay so if i can't do anything in the dark room then what comes next?
i can't get to anymore items to open the doors anywhere! waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!


why does it take so long for my post to go up? how do i get this typekey thingy and does it cost money? love kellie :-P


Hi! How can I get the last moon in B1 E3? Guessing its a teleport somewhere.


If you do not have a typekey you have to wait until your comment is perused by a site moderator, or whatever they are called. If you have a typekey your comment shows up instantly. To get one just click on the sign in thingie and the next screen will show you what to do. It doesn't cost a thing and I believe that you can use it on many sites. Its great.

starchain April 1, 2007 5:47 PM

@ jan jan:

No, I don't have the map. I found all the little rooms, and I see the thing that I assume the cannon must have to shoot at, but there's no cannon.


Do you have the magnet?


@ raze:

You will need to find a way down into the corner that has that sand pile.

While your assumption of using a teleporter is reasonable, it is not correct. There is another way, though, to appear somewhere without stairs.

Say, like, a hole.

You need to make it to the bottom right corner of the Stair maze on the first floor, then find a hole to drop down.

Thank god for some odd reason cleaning my cookies and cache didn't wipe out my save file for some odd reason...

I'm actually a bit lost with starchain's problem. Are we even talking about the right room here? I find it peculiar that there is something for the cannon to shoot at, yet there isn't a cannon... Is there an object on top of a brown block?


w00t 1:29, 4 heads, first try!! Only place I needed help was for the last moon, underneath the spaceship. It didn't occur to me to

put a block in a teleporter.

Oh well! be continued, YAAAY!!

oh btw anybody else find it hilarious how that whole totally made up story about On being a single mother suffering artist (he is in fact actually a dude) could start to circulate with so much detail? I <3 the 1nt4rwubz

starchain April 2, 2007 9:54 PM

@ anon

yep, it's on the brown block. i don't know, maybe i'm missing something completely obvious? haha xD

starchain April 3, 2007 5:37 PM

@ jan jan

Yes, I have the magnet, and I did the ice thing.

starchain April 3, 2007 5:38 PM

Oh, just got it. I was in the wrong room entirely xD