Got 19/40, magnet, key, bag, stick, and rock. stuck


A couple of areas I need help:

1) First floor, D4, item in upper left hand corner -- SirNiko, you said something about warping to that area ... how, exactly?

2) First floor, E1, timed buttons room. How do you get to all of the necessary buttons (I'm assuming that the cannon will blow up the wall blocking access to the green button) in time? Detailed explanation, please?


I cannot get past the ice rink! I got one of the things but I cannot for the life of me get the other.


That's odd

I had 40 items collected, but there was still 1 item left (top left in the room above the spellbook). I got to the congratulation screen without getting that last item. So there were 41 items in the game...?

I'm not going to do it all again though


Where the H-E-double-hockey sticks is the stupid MAP?? There's a button for a map at the bottom of the screen but it's greyed out...


How do I get the

moon underneath the UFO thingie?

I can't seem to find a way in!


I'm in the room with the treasure on two metal boxes i've gotten the treasure down off of one of them how do i get the second one

xiaoqin35 March 16, 2007 10:58 PM

could anyone help with the "ice skiing"puzzle please?
i've already got one thing ,still can't get the one in the middle~


To get the last piece of armor in the room with four chambers

In the room south of it, take the leftmost warp.

Lord Torgamus March 16, 2007 11:12 PM

I never bothered to take the time to register before, but after figuring out that last part of the puzzle I couldn't let anyone else suffer. So, Jared et. al.:

The room with the last moon/crescent has a door. Use it.

The room with the metal cubes arranged in a :) has a warp to the room under the start room.

You're not the only thing that can warp.

Use the magnet to get the cube from the bottom left all the way to the warp on the right side, push it in, and it'll appear next to the hole preventing you from using the door. Just walk right over!

About the ending:

Three heads, metal letters, 2:53.

Darkdisease March 16, 2007 11:24 PM

Where is the Blue orb like thing that you need to make the last click item?


HELP: I have 31/40 objects, but I'm having trouble getting the gold key because it's on a pedastool.


5 out of 5 finally.

Beat it in 18 minutes. I don't notice any difference between 4 and 5 heads. Done with this game! Now time to infect my friends.

Ice-skiing items:

Make a diagram. It seriously helps. There really are very few places you can move the metal cubes.

You can only get the second item by coming up from the south (below). There's only one box that can move to the correct position to let you do this. The rest should be easy.



I got the congratulations ending! Woohoo!!!

The ending was weird but then again, the entire game was weird. I only needed help on the second ice rink item!

4/5 heads???


Ok, figured out answers to both of my questions.

For anybody who needs help with the timed button maze (first floor, E1):

Work out a path so that you:

1) go directly to the red button, using metallic blocks as bridges
2) approach purple button from below, using metallic block as bridge
3) go back to red button and across its nearby bridge
4) use pickaxe on gold rock in your way as you head W
5) !!!!! What can you do with that metallic block two spaces to the E of the metallic wall on the left side? Hint: you need to make it easy for you to cross back over after you've hit the blue button.
6) Push metallic block near blue button into hole for bridge.


ok, i have 32/40, 6 moons, the silver key and all but the blue gem. i cannot get across the water to the tracks/head house, not can i get across the water in the other room. how do i get the armor out of the trees? how do i get to the tracks? i also can not get to the treasure chest with the twoblocks in the way. i have been stuck at the same point for over an hour now, please help! my head hurts!


Need some help getting a last moon. It is in the basement of E1. It is the stair maze, and it is in the bottom right hand corner. Not knowing how to get in there.


Can someone clue me in on how to get the items off of the metal boxes? I have the magnet, but all that does is pull item and box to me. I know it's probably obvious, but I just can't see it.


The last moon requires falling through the floor above. Try different areas.


you need to use the hole in the center of the room first


You must get all clothes and weapons to get the blue orb then you can fly away in spaceship, that last one inthe upper right of ? not sure which room, you have to warp to it from the room that is full of warps


Please help me! SOS! SOS! SOS!!!
aye yai yai.

ALlright. I am 38/40. I've burned anything and everything that I could. I have three out of the four golden key lamps lit. I just need to light the lower left torch and then i'll be able to go on.

Yes, I have discoved the hidden keyhole the starting point. ive been down the stairs. I cant get to the moon and other square because now the ditch filled with water and I cant get to the other side. Do I build a boat?

shooting stars~* March 17, 2007 12:45 AM

i think most people who completed the game will know... but...

how do you switch the metal "complete" sign from C3 (B1) to the one above? the one with the river?


Thanks Crystal-that didn't look like a hole to me. That's why I was stuck.


FRICKEN FRICK. I'm sorry, but I've read through every single spoiler and I CANNOT find the room where the BONE is. Where in all that is holy is the room with the two metal boxes?!



Squee! I finished!

I'm not about to show my game time here (LOL, it's long) or how many dwarf heads I got.

But I'm thinking the # of heads you get at the end has to do with either your game time OR the number of times you reset the game OR the number of times you saved and came back.

That was a most entertaining time-waster. Excellent replay value. The two false endings were somewhat annoying, though, and IMHO totally unnecessary.

Reminds me SO much of the original Legend of Zelda NES games. (Talk about a blast from the past, I played those when I was in junior high!) I always liked to see if I could start a new LOZ game and finish it without saving.

shooting stars~* March 17, 2007 1:32 AM

got stuck at opening the door to room C4 on 1F... and how to get across the river to the final moon and 41st item... will try to help anyone who's stuck in the earlier parts...

Rulz: I can't remember where's the room with the bone... the room with 2 metal boxes...if you have the map, is the upper right most room on 1F, A5...
To get the 2 items there,

push one of the metal boxes into the hole

remember in one of the earlier rooms with the moon floating in the sky?if you haven't been there yet...

return to the room with the cannon that keeps rotating... is there a door blocked by a metal block you haven't cleared yet?

you can't get past the "valley" but... what item in your inventory can move metal blocks?

in the small room next to the room with the cannon that shoots high, there's a switch that controls the direction it points to...

point it to the direction of the room with 2 metal blocks and try to aim at the second box...

tankgirl23 March 17, 2007 1:34 AM

I am sooooo not finding the bone.

Hey Jay, how about a search feature for the comments?


Can someone help I'm at 33/40 i have 6/10 moons havn't gotten to the house or train track nor have i gotten the water to flow and i need the two top lanterns to get on fire to get the key. i needa either get water flow get to the house or get to the 2 fires


where do you find the map?


I finally beat it!!!
4/5 1:24
really slow :(


i never used the map

i know where it is, but i cant get to it

how do i move the block that is blocking the chest wit the map in it???

Dreamweaver March 17, 2007 2:40 AM

Here's how to find the bone:

Look for the room with the cannon that swings back and forth. It is the room below the room with the moon floating in the air. Now take the path at the upper left corner of the screen. Look for an item behind the torch. That opens the door there. Now go in the next (very large) room and then just up and off in a little room to the right is a switch that tilts the cannon in the room with the floating moon up in angle. Then go back and point that cannon to the left to hit the items way over in the big rooms and open doors. Soon you can get to the room with the two metal boxes with items on them.


There is a metal door at the top of this big room. Use your magnet to draw yourself across the ditch to the other side to get the items there, too.)

Still need more help? Then read next spoiler about how to get the items on the metal boxes:

One you can get by using your magnet to drag a box into the hole in the middle then get the item on it. The other you can get by using the cannon that is in the room with the floating moon, and by pointing it up and toward the top, then firing. It will hit in the room with the metal boxes. Note where it hits and drag/push the other metal box over there. Then go back and fire again. The cannon will hit the box and let you get the item on it, which lets you access the room with the chest with the bone in it. Once you have the bone, then you can go to the spell book to get the pick axe.


I'm in a room with two items

sitting on metal blocks, three entrances on the left side, and torches sitting in the NW and NE corners. I got one of the items by pushing a block into a hole. How do I get the other item?


hey! we love On! does anybody know what the message on the final screen says?
and also,

the u.f.o. looked like it had fake wood paneling, which pretty much made my day.

...thanks jay and eyezmaze!

Dreamweaver March 17, 2007 3:02 AM

Someone had asked about how to find the potion I believe, earlier.

The potion is in the room with the timer (the cannon with a fuse). You need to complete the maze before the timer runs out to access the potion. You will need the pick axe first though.


This is how you get the item in the top left corner in the room above the spellbook.

Go to the room with all the portals to the south of the stairs that lead to the spell book. Use the top left portal in that room.

Dreamweaver March 17, 2007 3:15 AM

For those looking for the map:

The map is the result of solving the stairs maze. If you can get to the treasure chest at the end, the map is contained inside. Also, the warp portal there leads to the island at the top of the lake.


I'm sitting at 30/40.

I haven't figured how out to get the train going, how to get to the building, or how to flood the canal.

Which of these should I go for first, and what do I do?

the clap March 17, 2007 3:31 AM

I need the same help as shooting stars.

I've got 39/40 items and 9 moons. I know I need to bring the metal complete sign up from the basment... I just can't figure it out.

Please help. I've been on this for a while now and its getting me all worked up.

the clap March 17, 2007 3:37 AM

Ok, scratch that I figured it out right after I posted.

Remember how you go things on trees?
Use that same logic to fing another thing that might be flammable.


I am betting I know where the people who can't find the bone are; I was there myself.

For those of you who cannot find the stick:

Are you sure you checked everywhere for places to put your key?

Are you sure you've unlocked all the doors and chests?

Do you remember the room with all the holes around the item in the center, just before the multiple switch room near the beginning?

It's down the stairs in that room, beyond the locked door in the chest.

For those who cannot find the bone/are confused and angry at the room hints given so far:

You know how metal objects come to you when you use the magnet?

Did you ever think about how the arrow in the starting room is metal too, and that maybe you could move it around?

Did you ever think maybe a big enough metal object would make you move towards it instead?

Did you ever think about how one of the doors in the northernmost area currently accessible looks like it's made out of metal too?

Use the magnet on the metal door, and you'll be transported across the hole in the ground, giving you access to the two box room mentioned in previous hints.


Gah...where on Earth is the blue orb? I have all 41 items and all 10 moons, and the map is clear.

Rich Mann March 17, 2007 4:02 AM

I'm not getting Kat's hint about the timed button maze.

Can anyone tell me what to do with the metal block two spaces East of the metal wall?

I can't see how to use it at all, and I'm sure it's the only way to beat the fuse.


OK I am at 41/40 with 9 moons and I just can't work out getting the last moon. I have tried the suggestions above and got nowhere. Can some one spoiler the answer in plain English so that I can stop killing myself ?


For those looking for the map:

You need the pick before you can get it, so if you don't have that yet, look for it.

Remember the room that had a lot of staircases and a treasure chest in it that was mostly inaccessible because there was a big freakin' wall between you and it?

Remember how there was a room next door that had a staircase leading to another room that had an item completely trapped by mounds of rock and a door on the left side taunting you?

Once you're done with the mining/item collection, you'll be faced with a fairly simple object movement puzzle. I'd claim it was harder if it wasn't for the fact that the things I got stuck on seemed so blindingly obvious once I figured out what I was missing (this happens to me a lot; I once stumbled around in GoW for at least half an hour before putting two and two together and putting one tower on top of the other to reach a ledge near the beginning of the game). I think of the places I got stuck the least obvious of them all...

..was when I got stuck in the corner on the bottom right on the lower level during my manipulations. Don't panic; there's plenty of room to make the metal block capable of being moved into the hole.

If you haven't guessed by now.. the map is in the treasure chest. To get the two blocks in front of it out of the way, you zap one into the hole and the other into a side corridor. To get to the side corridor, you have to zap two more blocks into holes to make a second route possible. One can be directly zapped, the other has to be zapped, then lined up with the hole, and zapped again. That should be enough of a direct hint to get you through.


YAY! i completed it! that was really good fun, i managed to get the true ending with 40/40 iteams, 10 cresents and activated the.. well you'll know if you complete it.

I had three faces showing at the end!

Loved it! i loved how there was lots of different puzzles to get you interested and the music didnt get boring. Great game!

tankgirl23 March 17, 2007 4:42 AM

Thank you. Your answer is helpful, but I am still stuck.
I discovered the arrow thing, but do not know this metal door you speak of. There is a dark room where I keep falling down holes, but no way to get to any other part of the structure as of yet.

I am m issing something serious!

Also, what is this hidden key thing people are writing about? Where is it?


I'm also at the dark room with the holes. I need the beeker to make fire, can't find it anywhere. Have found but not solved the timed puzzle.


Lol i just got 41/40 items.. hmm =S


I've only played a little of the game yet and for now I'm not gonna take a look at this, but someone might:


How do you get the bone? please help


Arh!! How do I get to the bottom left torch for the gold key? It's driving me insane! Please help...


As for ドワーフ which obtained all items,That it sought the item which becomes new unknown, the traveling coming out ちincreased to month....

3:55 4 heads


nice game, wonderfull puzzzles, just like how i love them!

only excpetion: the secret ways, thats no puzzle, thats just bumping into every wall you see...


I've scrolled through the spoilers, but I've got 38 items and still can't light the bottom left torch.

What do I need to do?


yey! finally did it! this is one of the best puzzles i've done in a while.

thanks for the site jay - i'm a daily visitor (and long time lurker looking for help in the comments). keep doing what you do :o)

tankgirl23 March 17, 2007 12:31 PM

I've got it! There is an item hidden

behind the torch left of the cannon room

Now I see the

metal door, etc.



I need help again. In the basement room C3 I opened the door to C4 but can't get over the hole blocking my way.
How do I block the hole?


Partial Walkthrough:

(almost to the first ending)
1) Collect the item that the stone arrow is pointing to and head south
2) Collect the top-right item, then the item in the small room. When the door closes, exit through the hidden passage on the right side (watch the shadows closely)
3) Go left and walk around in the bottom-right hand corner until you fall in a hole. Collect the item and head up the stairs
4) Collect the item in the middle by approaching it from the north side. Go through the top-right door.
5) Hit the button to reveal some circles. Go down and through the top left door. Hit the switches in order (top, left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left, right, bottom, top-left) and collect the key.
6) Use the key on the north door and collect the next item. Go left and use the key on the chest to get the bag. Go back right, down, down, and right (the 2nd room) and use the key on the bottom-right door.
7) Collect the two items and go back north.
8) Go through the right door and use the key on the brown door. Collect the item and then go right.
9) Watch the shadows again and look for the hidden passage in the spiral "maze". Go through the north door.
10) Shoot down the three items (the switch triggers the cannon). Go back through the south door, then the left door.
11) Go down the stairs and approach the spellbook. Press the red button to get the magnet. Go back up the stairs, go right, then go north.
12) Stand across from the box and use the magnet to pull it into the hole. Ignore that room for now, and go through the top-left door.
13) Collect the item hidden behind the torch and go left.
Checkpoint: 14/40 items
14) Collect the top-left item and go through the newly opened door on the left.
15) Hit that switch once, then go back left, bottom-right, down, and through the top middle door. Hit that switch TWICE, then go back down and through the top-right door. Hit that switch once.
16) Go back south, then through the top-middle door again, and hit the switch once. Go back through the top-right door, hit the switch, collect the moon, and go through the south, top-left, left doors.
17) Collect that item, then go north.
18) Use the magnet on the large block. Collect those two items, then go south and through the top-right and right doors.
19) Push the left block into the hole in the middle and collect the item. Go back left, south, bottom-right, south, and top-right and press the switch.
20) Go back to the room with the two blocks and push the right block on top of the crater that was made by the cannon. Go back and shoot the cannon again, then go back and collect your prize.
Checkpoint: 20/40 items
21)Go through the top-left door and use the key on the chest. Go back to the spiral maze, and go through the south door.
22) Get these two items by using the magnet to move the blocks (to get the bottom-left item, you don't need to move anything). If you mess up, use the top-right switch.
23) Go through the top right door and collect the item. Go back to the ice maze and go through the north door.
24) Go back to the 2nd room that you were in, and go left, then down the stairs. Use the key on the door and the chest to get the stick. (Doodeedoo!)
25) Go back to the spellbook room and approach the book. Press the right arrow and then the red button to get the pick.
26) Go back to the room with the two blocks and go through the middle left door. Use the pick on the rock and get the moon.
27) Now go back to the 2nd room, go left, and use the pick on the rock. Go through that passageway and make a path to the middle item and the chest. Also look around in the top-left for another moon. Go south.
28) This is a timed maze. You must press the three colored switches before the cannon fires. The order you should press them is: blue, purple, red. Get the item, open the chest, and press the green switch.
29) Go back to the spellbook room and make a candle. Go back to the ice maze and go through the bottom-left door. Use the candle on the torch to reveal a maze of portals. Collect the item in the middle.
30) Go through the portal on the far left and collect the item
Checkpoint: 27/40 items
31) Go left to the 2nd room and search the bottom-right portion of the wall. Search the shadows to find a secret passage. Collect the moon.
32) Go back to the timed maze and go through the top-right door. Light the torch with the candle and use the magnet while standing across from the big metal block in the wall. Push the block into the hole and go north.
33) Go through the top-right door and destroy the rock to get another moon. Silly, pointless moons.
34) Go back to the 2nd room and go through the bottom-left door. Go through the bottom-right door, down the stairs, and use the pick on the rocks to get the item. Go left to the stairs maze.
Using the magnet, pull the block so that it lines up with the hole.
Go up the stairs, then down the next stairs. Use the magnet on the block to pull it into the hole.
Go up the stairs, down some more stairs, up some more, down some more, you get the idea. You'll eventually get to another item. Go up the right stairs.
Pull and push the block in that corner, then go back through the stairs until you end up directly across from it. Use the magnet and pull it in the hole. Go down the newly opened staircase and up another one. Use the magnet on the block while standing across the holes (one step down from the stairs).
Now go to the other hole. Use the magnet twice, once to put the block in the hole, another to pull the other block on top of it.
Go through the series of stairs, including the one you opened up by pulling the block in the holes in the previous step. Use the key on the chest to get the map. Now go back down and go through the portal.
35) Collect the item, then use the pick on the two rocks. Go through the portal.
36) Go left to the stairs maze again, but this time just go through the top-right door.
37) Go back to the room with the rotating cannon. Go through the top-left and left doors, then go left and north and press the newly-opened switch.
38) Use the candle on the tree with the item, and collect the item. Press the switch here to make bridges.
39) Break all the rocks until you make a hole. Go down this hole and light the torch (using the candle), press the switch, light the other torch, and go up the stairs. Push and pull the block so that it is in front of the hand's pointer finger.Now go north, left, and collect the item.
40) Go through the portal and light the torch. Go back through the portal.
Checkpoint: 34/40 items, with Map
41) Destroy the nine rocks and hit the switch. Go south, then back north to make the tree grow. Burn the tree with the candle and get the item. Then go through the train tracks to start the train mini-game. Collect the two items during this mini-game (you can click on the corners of the tracks to change their direction) and proceed to the end, where you can press a switch.
42) Go to the very first room of the game. Use the pick on the down arrow to reveal a staircase. Use the magnet on the block and collect the item. Use the pick on the two bottom rocks and go through the portal.
43) Go back to the very first room. Use the candle on the greenery to reveal a keyhole, and use the pick on the up arrow to reveal a switch.
44) Now go back to the upper floor of the stairs maze, go through the bottom-right door, down the stairs, through the left door, then through the upper-right door and upper-left door. Go up through the next door and light the final torch.
45) Go to the other side of this room (go back up and find the stairs on B3 [look at your map]) and collect the golden key
46) Go to the room left of the spiral maze and use the key on the door. Use the pick on the rock and collect another moon.
47) Go to the second room and use the key on the golden door to get the bunny ears item (O_o).
48) Go back to the first room and use the key in the keyhole (no idea what the point of that is)
Checkpoint: 39/40 items

And that's as far as I can get. I got it the first time, but when I went back to make this walkthrough, I forgot about it completely. T_T Help is appreciated.
Some other things you can do:

You can go inside the Moai-looking-thing and solve the maze to press the switch on the roof. This makes the finger flick the block onto the wall and make a hole to water the trees on the first scene.
You can get an eighth moon by going into the stairs maze and searching around on the upper floor for the hole above the rock on the bottom floor. The rock contains a moon.
You get a blue orb thing and a message by getting 40 items.

Great game, On, and great site, Jay =D


Can anyone tell me how to get the last crescent shape thing. The one I mean is in B1 3E. I've been trying for ages, I even replayed the whole game thinking I'd pushed a brick in the wrong place.


Aha! Finished walkthrough:

49) On the first scene, use the magnet on the COMPLETE sign. Burn the two trees to get the ninth moon and 40th item (and a blue orb thingy). Wait for a bit until the ending screens goes away and you can click on the blue jewel to continue playing.
50) Go to the room with the smiley face (exactly one room below the train tracks). Both doors should be unlocked. Push the block north as far as it will go. Go through the left portal, and go back down into the smiley face room. Push and pull the block onto the rightmost portal, and go in after it. Push the block into the hole and collect the final moon. Go back to the spellbook and create the gem. Go right of the first scene to get to the spaceship. Get inside the ship and use the gem to blast off. And win.


Nevermind, I figured that part out.
Now how do I get the water to flow by the Complete sign?

tankgirl23 March 17, 2007 1:55 PM

Can't get the last moon. I think I need to

knock a metal box into the warp to block the hole in front of the door (from the smiley room),

but can't seem to do it.

tankgirl23 March 17, 2007 1:58 PM

Nevermind... got it. I'm a big dork.


What did you do with the

button on top of the roof and the big hand?


I didn't click fast enough on a section of the train track on B1 and I went off the track into B2. Now I'm suck on the peninsula next to the Face house and below where the track ends. I can't get out. Any idea how to get out?


Darrick, refresh browser, click continue, you continue from start screen.

Davidius March 17, 2007 3:15 PM

For those who are beginning: I was stuck for a long time at 17 of the weapons/gear with no material items because I made an erroneous assumption.

The cream-gray key opens more than doors.

You can open the gold chests before you get the gold key.

In the ice-room, you can get the weapon on the left without moving the blocks. Later, you can get the weapon on the right by

first using the magnet

moving only one block,

pulling the block on the right

all the way to the bottom

then use a particular entry on the top



Thanks fuzzygrid. I would have hated to start all over again.


Jan.Jan I haven't gotten through that yet.
I get lost in it. :(


LOL, nevermind! I actually finished the game (not without help, of course) It's a great game, a little frustrating at times but fun nonetheless. Now to play again and get a better time.


Ugh! That timed puzzle suck-diddley-ucks! And the character can't move during each animation (magnet, digging, buttons) which makes it even more panicky. It doesn't look like I'll ever be able to get all 3 buttons in time. If it was all "keyboard" I think I could do it. But having to constantly jump from keyboard to mouse (even using 2 hands) is insane.

Too bad. I really like this game so far. I got 31 items, 5 moons, the map, all materials except the beaker (yeah, I know).

eldripheus March 17, 2007 8:27 PM

does anyone have any idea on how to get 5 out of 5 faces at the end? @_______@


Even with this really helpful image to help me through the timed maze, it took me many tries to get fast enough. Keep trying.


I have everything except the moon in 1f room 4D (the one with the staircase to the book room) Any help? I'm having trouble spotting the relevant section in the various walkthrus.

crackmonkeyjr March 17, 2007 9:07 PM


That's a pretty inefficient way to complete the timed puzzle.

Since all that is required is that you hit the three buttons before time runs out, not that you get anywhere afterwords, the blue button should be the last button you go to. It saves you having to dig through several mounds of dirt.


nevermind...was going at it from the wrong direction. Figured it out.

Dreamweaver March 17, 2007 9:44 PM

Ah yeah! Went back and completed the whole game again in 45 minutes with 4 heads! Could probably do better even if I tried again.....
Good walkthrough, Pieguy! Thanks. Had got stuck on a few areas the first time through.

Dreamweaver March 17, 2007 9:59 PM

Here's the way I did the timed puzzle...

As soon as you hit the button that stars the fuse, immediately push the adjacent metal block straight down into the pit. Then walk across and use your magnet to pull the metal block at the right next to the purple button into the pit now just at your right. Then walk across and touch the purple button, now walk left, and then stand across from the next metal box on the bottom row. Use your magnet to pull that in the pit between you and it, then walk down, and dig a spot of dirt to get at the red button. Then very quickly run back across up to the 2nd row (the one with the purple button on it), and run all the way to the left side. Now face up. Use your magnet to pull the metal block at the top left corner into the pit directly below it. Run across that, then use your magnet to pull yourself across the pit to the metal wall, then touch the blue button. You may have to do this a few times to get this right, since you have to quickly coordinate using two hands for mouse and keyboard, but if you do this right, you should be able to just get it in time. Finally, after the cannon fires, then make your way to the green button and the chest at the bottom left corner.


I saw some people had trouble with the face-mountain maze. Here's a spoiler if you can't stand it:

From the entrance, the steps up are roughly left and forward. Probably more like go forward 1 or 2 steps, then left, then forward again. You'll end up on a 2nd floor behind the left eye (right eye of the face). From there, do a simple 'U' maneuver towards the front, across the face, then back behind the other eye, and you end up on the roof.
Now how about other tips being this clear? :)

Also about getting the bone, since that was my primary stopper:

The two switches in the dark room north of the rotating cannon control the stationary cannon in the other room.
The switch immediately north of the rotating cannon will rotate the stationary cannon every time you hit it. The switch east of the large room will point it 'up' or 'down', where 'up' allows the cannon to fire over the room boundary and into other rooms.

Ok I lied, the REAL stopper was realizing that the silly gray key could open gold chests. I somehow didn't do it right when I first tried it, and then assumed the gold key would open the gold chests. This is incorrect.

pirsquared99 March 17, 2007 11:54 PM

This was the first game that I have completed without any spoilers or hints. This was a really neat game. I really liked how there was a minimum of words in the game. It made it very satisfying to figure it out and develop my own way of thinking about each element of the game. That was 1.5 hours well spent (yes, it took me that long. I am not particularly fast at these games).

pirsquared99 March 17, 2007 11:56 PM

That is pretty much exactly how I did that room, Dreamweaver. It took soooo many tries to get it right.


wow finally finished.. OTZ
i worked it out seperately in two days, so stupid..

by the way, i really want to know how to get the last/41 item at D2 basement.
The gate/door isn't open though i get all the other items and moons.

Does anyone know how to get that?


Here is an (approximate) translation of the ending text:

"And so the dwarf, having collected all the items, set off on a journey to the moon to collect yet unknown items."

Looks like my Japanese study is starting to pay off.

christal March 18, 2007 1:15 AM

please help, do you really have to be that fast to get to all the colored squares to beat the timer or is there a trick to getting through, please help


Yes, you really have to be that fast. Find the fastest route then practice, practice, practice.



drop through a hole from the floor above.


is this a bug because ive got 41 / 40 items..........impossible

anyway i have complete the game

blockhead March 18, 2007 6:39 AM


I see lots of people asking how to get the gold key, and nobody offering help.

If you know how to snag it, please post a spoiler called "GOLD KEY".


blockhead March 18, 2007 6:50 AM

Cannon Spoilers:

Cannon #1 (swiveling cannon):

Firing: Time it such that you activate the switch behind the cannon when the cannon is facing something you need to break (like a pedestal).

Cannon #2 (long-range cannon):

Control: There are two controls to this cannon. The switch in the room just to the left of the Cannon #2 room controls direction. A second switch is located one screen to the left, in a side room. This controls the cannon's vertical angle, allowing you to hit floating objects, as well as hurling cannonballs into adjacent rooms.

blockhead March 18, 2007 7:01 AM

Timed Buttons Room:

The best advice is don't waste time and know what order you're going to hit the buttons and what you need to magnetize/break to do so.
Fastest order I found to hit the buttons is: Purple, Red, Blue. Although I was able to complete the room without using them, there are metal doors you can use your magnet on to move yourself across troughs quickly.


Thanks Slgalt & Dreamweaver. I'll give those a try...just as soon as I reach that area again. I think CCleaner wiped out my save cookie for the game, so I must start again. But it doesn't take me too long to get to where I was originally. I play the game with my right hand on the arrows, & then right hand on the mouse for choices. In the timed room my right hand is on the mouse & left hand on the keyboard. Very confusing. I can do the icerink room almost blindfolded. And the pitch black room with one unlit torch I can get around pretty far without falling through. I know where the portal is for the top left item in the room above it.

As far as the timed room goes it seems the less magnetizing you have to do the better because the animations take so long. Digging is pretty darn quick (which I learned from that room full of dirt piles). The biggest time-eater is overshooting your walking destinations, turning the wrong way, etc.

javajunco March 18, 2007 8:46 AM

an outstanding game! we were kept indoors all day saturday because of the weather, so it was a perfect day for this. it made my day!

BigFatBob March 18, 2007 8:56 AM

I have tried the timed puzzle 200 times. I must be the slowest gamer in the world. UGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!


I have Garret's Problem, but I still can't find which wall to push against (Or how long to push against a wall) Please help


I liked it...
I use a little help but it was fun. :):)


Amazing game.
Mad props to Eyemaze!


Timed puzzle...

I don't even know if this would work 'time-wise' but this looks like it might be a good strategy...if it's possible to do as I suggest in #8. I never tried this myself...I'm too a-scared.


Sorry. Just copy & paste the url to your browser. It shows a pic of what I was talking about.