ok... i've gotten up to the alarm code part...

i've gone through the kitchen, hidden from the eyes, but i can't for the life of me figure out the color combination!

help? please?


@Draaka: I've post a hint in one of my previous comment for Homiee & DecemberGirl.


Concerning the alarm overide in the room with the sprinkler:

Check out Daath's hints first, but if that doesn't help you, here is instructions for simple people, like myself:

Stand directly under the lightbulb. Facing the open door, drag the mirror from the inventory into the water from the sprinkler until it says "use water with sprinkler". That will display a rainbow with the color combination


I could really use a full explanation of what to do on the alarm code since:

I can see that you likely need to use the mirror in conjunction with the light and sprinkler, and that the mirror lights up when under the light and will go into your hand when under und the sprinkler, but I have stood everywhere with that mirror and see nothing.

Ffirebrand March 1, 2007 12:54 PM

ough that red bridge thing that has to be

all dark

is doing my nut in is there any way of doing it without taking ages? FfireX


I've just figured out the first telephone puzzle. Here's what's missing from the explanations given so far.

Before you use the pen, you need to do what is suggested on the pad.


You might notice when you scribble on the blank part of the pad that there are sometimes gaps in the lines you draw. This is not a bug. Someone wrote the number on the bottom part of the top sheet and then tore it off. By scribbling on the part of the second sheet that is visible underneath the first, you do a kind of brass rubbing and reveal the indentations that were made in the top sheet. However, you need to scribble so that the visible part of the second page is pretty much completely filled in order to see the number. Just drawing a few lines is not enough.

I hope that helps anyone who is still stuck.



I got the colour code for the alarm override and entered it, but nothing happens. I tried putting it in in the reverse order too (as you're facing away from the alarm when you get the code) but that didn't work either.

Help, please?

DesperateGirl March 1, 2007 2:02 PM

Help, I'm at the level with the alarm code. And I think I've got the code...

It's :

purple, red, yellow, green, red and orange

isn't it?


Great game(s) but the ending was really really crappy, it was a total sell-out at the end.


Argh... with the alarm override code, I have the code, I have the code of

purple, red, yellow, green, red, orange

but when I input it nothing happens! I've tried inputting it in the reverse order as well. Gah. :/

weirdguy March 1, 2007 4:06 PM

the color code is

blue purple yellow green red orange

drguets March 1, 2007 4:13 PM

But cannot I see the TV because there is not loaded this part of the game, which I do??

(sonrisa, sabes que debo hacer despues de conseguir el 1er video y vencer al ojo?)


I thought the game was good...the puzzles were the right difficulty for me. it wasn't too difficult although i did need two hints, I was able to solve it on my own for the most part.
I agreed with the complaint that the tapes were too long. and it was rather annoying to have to click for every single exchange. Would be nicer if he simply offered a pause button if you need them to slow down. As for DesperateGirl and Menti, the codes you guys had were not the same as the one I had, although maybe it changes every time you play.
I had

blue purple yellow green red orange

For Ffirebrand:
i see no way of not doing the bridge, but it really isn't so bad. My strategy:

go forward, and if you see the previous square light up, go back to it and the previous square may darken. If it doesn't, walk back and forth from the previous square to the current square until the previous square is dark. Now proceed and walk in front again, and repeat the strategy. It was a little difficult in the beginning, but once you tried a few times (you need to walk across the bridge at least twice, b/c later on you need to trace back) it isn't so bad.

For rgiroux, regarding the alarm overide code

first, again, without using anything yet, take note of the changes that happen with the mirror in your inventory as you walk around in the room, as you did with the previous puzzle. when you are in the spot where the whole mirror is bright, STAY RIGHT THERE, and simply drag the mirror UNDER the WATER (NOT ON the sprinkler, but underneath it so that the water hits it). You should now see the rainbow. The key is that this doesn't work if you're physically under the sprinkler yourself.

I realize this is a huge spoiler but someone may benefit from it as it is probably one of the most difficult puzzles in the whole game. Also; PlEASE take note that in that same room, the first time around, the only thing you actually need to do to open the door on the right is to

activate the sprinkler, a hint for this is described previously

it's only when you're exiting the room again in the opposite direction (i.e. exit the left door) do you need to figure out the alarm code.

weirdguy March 1, 2007 5:53 PM

this is a walkthrough for those people who really need help

1.go left until you get to the bathroom
2.take the bathroom mirror
3.look at sink
4.turn on warm water
5.punch the numbers you see in the mirror into the keypad
6.take video tape 1
7.go to door
8.go under the light bulb
9.use mirror on eye above the door
10.go through door and put tape in tv
11.click transfer then click eject button
12.now go through the door that just opened
13.go through puzzle
14.pick up newspaper, lighter, and the screwdriver in the drawer
15.look at painting and remember the numbers
16.use newspaper with door and screwdriver with the door's lock
17.pick up newspaper and use key on lock
18.open door and walk to the end
19.pick up video tape 2
20.go through puzzle again and put video tape in tv
21.now go through the next door
22.look at table and turn lamp on and off 3 times
23.now scrible on the bottom half of paper
24.us the number on the phone
25.go through door
26.use lighter on the spinkler
27.go through door and take video tape 3
28.open fridge door and hide in the shadows until the eyes disppear
29.go throught door and under light bulb
30.use mirror with water under the sprinkler
31.enter the colors in the alarm override
32.now go to tv and put the video tape in
33.now go to last door
34.look at number above door
35.look through window
36.make the answers to the math problems match the 3 numbers
37.go through door and look through telescope
38.do the same thing with the lamp to your left
39.now look through the telescope again
40.now enter the numbers 11223311 on the phone
41.go through door and enter the numbers on the painting on the tv
42.take video tape 4 and go to the tv room
43.take the tv wire and put in the girl's neck
44.now insert the tape and watch all the videos
45.put the number of the scenes in order
46.enter the numbers in order on here body

Hint:the last orders are 7,9,8,5,1

hope this walkthrough helps


i cant figure out the computer room. can someone help me on how to use the numbers over the door?


On the torture scene, I had the student add 12+12 and they solved it. What else do I need the student to type? Only one light is lighting up. Please help.


it gets my vote!



i can't enter the numbers in the painting above the TV, after the second phone room


That I must do in order that habra the door of the first telephone?? I call to the number that appears the sheet, but they do not attend and the door is not opened...


Grr. Mine glitches out at the alarms. Set it off and both doors close! (the right door is already closed, and closes again!) Or am I just really stupid?


Now this was a good game, I finished it all on my own except for one puzzle, that was the alarm color puzzle, I got a cheat from here to get past that but could anyone that got it the right way tell me how the heck you got the color code anyways. Other than that the puzzle was pretty easy but a lot of fun and much more interesting than the one room escape games. Has anyone here played part 1?

Aussie1 March 2, 2007 1:08 AM

I am a guest to this site. Thank you all for such an entertaining visit.
Gateway 2 is just awesome. Well done and congratulations to the creator and without the help of all your comments I could not have completed the puzzles.
Love this site,


Nice touch with the options for grayscale puzzles and caption cues for important sounds. I see someone was listening to the debate from the last competition. ;)

Really beautiful job again.



I have to open the door, but how do i do this, Iam in the living room after I finisht the bathroom.

Please help


Hm, I think the alarm override code is a bug.

When mirror is brightest (when I am immediately underneath the light) I definitely see purple, red, yellow, green, red, orange, but the correct code is the one that weirdguy posted.

So is this a bug?


I've already opened 3rd door and i've blinked the light three times... nothing happened... im stuck... what should i do now?


how can i open it?


thanks BB. thing that really got me about that:

you had to drag the mirro to the water not the guy. It never occured to me to drag an object to a remote location since dragging it to the guy when he was standing under the water put it in his hand. I definitely wanted the mirror IN HIS HAND so why drag it to the water?


Wow, that was an emotional one!

Jay, are there different categories to vote games into? I would give this game a vote based on gameplay and story but to be honest I agree with what was said earlier - this has been rather 'squeezed' into the competition - it does not encorporate the "grow" theme as far as I'm concerned.

A great game but not entirely relevant to the given subject...

About the alarm puzzle:

if you're still having difficulty, go to game menu, game options and try using grayscale instead of colour - even though I am not colourblind I had trouble distinguishing between the colours but grayscale helps a lot


How do I save a game? It keeps freezing after I go through door after watching second tape and I hate always starting over again.


Never mind about saving game. I found game menu ;)
Great game, as was the first one


Anna - you can save your game at any time by clicking the little "G" button in the top right corner.

But the game should not freeze on you. Try emptying your browser cache and reload. It's possible that your download of one of the games many files got interrupted and is therefore corrupted. Clearing your cache will force the browser to redownload all of the game files again. I hope that helps.


Ok So I think I am near the finishline but I can not enter the sequence on the girl. The key pad and button are not active. Have cleared cache! Any ideas?


Never mind, got her plugged in :$


I feel stupid, but after you open the door in the second room with the key. I can't figure out what to do next to get light in there or what. Help please


i actually liked the "outside of the box" approach to relating it to the grow theme. I just wished some of the puzzles were not directly ripped from other point and click games...the first gateway felt new. this one seemed to borrow to heavily from others.

example is the paper under the door for key.

other than that...great. i am sure it will do well.


im stuck on the first phone i don't know what to do i've already

blinked the light 3 times

what now?


never mind heeh


I want to play but it won't load :( .. Does anyone know of an alternative url I could use to get it to load?

I enjoyed the 1st one.. and really want to play this one *pouts*


Very enjoyable game, although it seems still a bit buggy to me. I had to restart completely at the first telephone because I got stuck there: scribbling didn' get me anything, second time around it worked fine.


alternate url


i need help in the first level whit the t.v. where do i use the wire


This was a WEIRD game... but very good. Make another!




Oh, I get it now, the mother wouldn't allow her to GROW up and get a life of her own...Clever connection. Anyway, I beat the game. This was a FANTASTIC, phenomenal sequel, I'm hoping to see a third.


was the screwdriver/door/key/newspaper dealio a shoutout to MOTAS?? :-D


i ALMOST beat it all by myself...had to double check a few things on here...wow very depressing game but it was really good...the gateway games both have a very interesting way of incorporating a story into a game

Ray Durbin March 3, 2007 8:04 PM

Can someone give me the last code that you have to enter in to the girl? I've tried everything and all the hints and I still cant get it.

weirdguy March 3, 2007 9:06 PM

the last code you enter is


if you cant find out and you tryed everything


The first game I've ever played where I've felt involved... thoruoughly enjoyable, absolutely loved it.
Bring on Gateway 3.


Yay! Another Gateway! I enjoyed it as much as the first. I agree that some puzzles were familiar from other games, not the least of which being the endgame from Myst IV (maybe that was a coincidence). But I enjoyed them all, and there were some truly original parts. The mirror was my favorite. Good atmosphere as well. And a good level of difficulty for casual play. A creative use of the "grow" theme, particularly since I am not a big fan of the grow series.

I can't wait for a Gateway 3. I hope it answers some of my questions. For example,

who am I? Laura's doctor? And was the purple guy in the torture scene Mike? He looked like him. How do these Gateways work? I can go from Laura's house to some research lab? I'd like more info on the Universe itself. And I was a little disturbed at the end by the idea of that poor man still maybe stuck in the lab. Maybe Gateway 3 will be Laura saving Mike. =)


I can vaguely answer some of those questions straight away.

Was the purple guy in the torture scene Mike?

In a way, yes.

How do these Gateways work? I can go from Laura's house to some research lab?

You're never actually in Lauras house. You only see it in the video clips and the menu screen.


if the universe is lauras mind (which it is because laura said she was a prisoner of her mind or something like that) then is the flashing of the lamp to get mikes attention a memory or is she literally blinking as the notepad says?



A little bit of both.
Sorry for the vague response, but I'm somewhat reluctant to go into detail about how the puzzle scenarios work within the framework of the story; mainly because I don't want to limit people in their own interpretations.
I will however say that the video clip story and the puzzle gameplay shouldn't be seen as two separate things, as some of the above comments have indicated. They're very much connected exactly like you suggest.


At the beginning of Gateway 2, I don't know what to do with the mirror. Atleast give me a hint!


Can somebody provide me with...

The phone number for the first phone puzzle. For some reason, I am only able to scribble on the right side of the notpad. This only reveals the numbers 3454.

vmk lover March 4, 2007 10:39 PM

what the? everytime i do the code thing at the end it just stops! help!


This game was great! A big improvement over the first one. It incorporates the theme "grow" very well, too... at the end, anyway.


Guys, how did solve the puzzle with the red carpet in the second door right from the tv?


How do you enter the numbers on the picture? I cant click it or anything!


Oh, I read the walktrough wrong. You put the numbers on the



It was fun, but I must atmitt, not as orginal as it could be, and lame ending.


what the first phone code is? i'm trying to turn off the lamp but it's writing to me that it might be stuck!! help please!!!


I need help on the telscope scene.

say say March 5, 2007 9:56 PM

the lamp isnt doing anything at the second phone...help please!

The Vicar March 5, 2007 11:44 PM

Mojo: try launching the game using the link at the top of this page. For some reason, the version on cockroach.se gave me the same problem with the phone puzzle

-- that is, the area I could scribble in was the wrong shape to get the whole number --

but when I used the version linked to above, it worked just fine.
Oh, and in case that doesn't work for you, the full number is



To get the alarm code colors...

Stand under light, then use miorror with water

mariana March 6, 2007 1:33 AM

Please give mi a hint about the telescope room. I cannot figure out the code:(


Where can I find the last code (uses on tv after telescoperoom)


Finished the game with the help of all of you guys (and girls of course)thanks. Very nice, as was the first one.
Do hope this is'nt autobiographic, for the story was quite sad.
Love your site BTW Jay, visit it several times a week (and I am no teenage girl, but a 52year old grandmother).


i'm stuck in the telescope room. can't find the phone numbers. already blinked 3 times with the lamp....but still stuck...


...and I even haven't used the lighter!


To save your game (or load a previously saved game), click on the little round "G" in the top right corner of the game window.


Another fine game presented to us by Jay. As I read through the other comments I was amazed at what some termed "the torture scene" I did not electrocute at all..simply reset and typed in numbers he could answer. It's a bit disconcerting to find that some would willing zap the poor kid! Makes me wonder if those should not call the "doctor" themselves. Thank you again Jay, will there be a third Gateway?



Good to hear somebody chose the non-punishing route!

I think most people have no problems punishing the kid whatsoever. I obviously don't, since I made the puzzle. There has been some famous experiments performed along these lines, and the results are indeed disturbing. In Milgrams experiment in the 60s for instance, 65% of the participants were prepared to inflict the fatal voltages, with much higher number for the lower voltages. Which makes your commital to non-punishment unique indeed...

Informative reading on the subject: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment

Mahstai March 6, 2007 2:25 PM

wow, I loved it:D I can't wait for Gateway III, It took some help to figure it out but I loved it anyway, Well done Anders!



Surprised and delighted about your reply to my post, thank you. I did read the suggested article and found it to be(if you will pardon the pun)shocking! I have always thought there was a fine line between science and sanity.

An interesting note was all the references to different books,tv programs and movies which followed this experiment to one degree or another depending on if you were supposed to laugh with glee or gasp with horror. Perspective,as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Emilythegreen March 6, 2007 4:44 PM

Help help! There's a pair of eyes staring at me in the kitchen, it's really creepy. Please help. How do I escape? Thanks in advance!!


Great Game!
Fantastic plot and some very interesting puzzles!

mistereggsalad March 6, 2007 6:51 PM


next to phone, the phone # is 11223311 (first look in telescope and wait for girl to call you) (also, you have to blink the light when the girl gets to the lamp until it is stuck.) (AND, go back to the telescope after you blink light.) Done.

link_991 March 6, 2007 7:14 PM

I do the math thing and when I walk through the door it freezes

*kicks computer*

link_991 March 6, 2007 7:45 PM


I got all the tapes. now what?


On the second phone ...

It wants me to type in a 9 digit number. I'm only seeing "11223311"


I'm in the last tv room after looking through the telescope.. now what? Where do I find the numbers for the tv?


Oh, nvm^^

I loved this game! I've always loved point and click games. It was challenging and had a great storyline! Definitely a great use of some extra time :)

Broockle March 7, 2007 5:37 AM

This entire post is just my theory about the game and you wouldn't understand any of it unless you finish the game so do that first ^^.

My Theory about what this game is about is.......... that the entire game is playing inside Lauras head. You are playing her conscience or something or lol maybe even her psychologist trying to make contact with her. And the tapes symbolize her memory that she discarded because of her depression and you are gathering it to make her remember that it isn't her fault for her moms death. And in the kitchen when the big eyes stare at you that symbolizes her fear of her mother and when the door shut right after that means that she still feels herself imprisioned. I'm not sure about the phone yet......oh yeah maybe it symbolizes how she used to talk to mike in secret, they lived across the street to another so maybe they also did the blink with the light thing. When you see mike in the electric chair that might symbolize how much she misses being with him, he left her a few months after her moms death (TV clip 1), or maybe she is so mad at him for that that she just wants to torture him lol.

I hope I'm close ^^


Excellent game, fun to play and interesting enough plot to keep you busy. Unfortuanately the point and click puzzle genre doesn't really cut it for me anymore, after a while they become very samey. A great example of the genre none the less.


Oh no! Please make a happier ending!

jendalyn March 7, 2007 10:05 AM

I can't remember the numbers rom the picture to enter into the tv!! Can you help me out??



Does it really matter if you're close or not? You've clearly got an interpretation that takes into account most things learned throughout the game, and hopefully your enjoyment from the game has benefited.
Everybody might not have reached the same conclusion as you, but I could never say that one interpretation is more valid than another.
That being said though, some of the previous commenters seem to have percieved the video clip story as being separated from the room-to-room game play. The two should be seen as parts of a whole, exactly in a fashion you describe.

Emilythegreen March 7, 2007 10:51 AM

Yeah i know this seems really dumb but my sister sent me the link to the game on MSN and i forgot to favorite it (im kicking myself for that) and i REALLY REALLY REALLY need someone to give me the link. can someone just copy and paste it to me please please please i really want to continue my game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks in advance!
from Emilythegreen

Emilythegreen March 7, 2007 11:00 AM

Hello people
this is just i little strategy of mine which i think works for those people who are stuck on the red bridge part hope it helps you it took me a while 2 work it out

well my way is just you do it so all the squares are see through but you are probably not in the right place i find you are usually 2 squares in front of the door you are trying to go through so just try and walk on the 2 squares nearest to you and keep doing that and eventually you'll get it done!

hope that helps im sorry if it sounds a bit confusing but trust me it worked for me



Strategy for the the red bridge:

You're on the right track. The easiest way of getting across the red bridge is by walking two squares forward and then one back. Repeate untill you're all the way over.


Urgghhhh...how do I get past the door with the eye? I've tryed to reflect the light at it with the mirror,but it doesnt work! HELP ME!

Daniellll March 7, 2007 12:56 PM

In the torture scene that person is mike (if you dont know who he is watch videos carefully).


can someone please tell me how to play its making me go to this screen. i dont know wat to do. can someone help?


nice work!!!!
sad but great story...


in the 2nd tv room after telescope room click on channels 7 8 6 in that order and the bookcase will open up


how do you get past the first part with the mirror in the bathroom and how do you open the other doors


sry im kinda new... how do u get past the first door?