dararobinson May 4, 2013 5:26 PM

Also, regarding G.M.O.O.H:
Question one

other than the forest, desert, sea and The Cow Level, is there any other place I can get to there?

Question two

Is there anything else I can get other than the horn from The Cow Level?

SrPilha May 4, 2013 6:05 PM


When does the candy quantity turn to infinity? I'm over 10^125 and that's a LOT of clicks to go if I'm to reach, say, 10^1000 or something.
Also, does having infinity health let you beat the Computer quest without the invulnerability potion, or does the Dev still kill you instantly?


I've eaten too many candies, I feel sick.

YellowLeaf May 4, 2013 6:43 PM

I have gotten very far for the second time, and for the second time my entire save data was lost. I'm done with this game.

YellowLeaf May 4, 2013 7:00 PM

Nevermind! My game is back somehow! Woo!!!!

Now I can get candy while I practice the piano.

dararobinson May 4, 2013 7:11 PM

Potion making trick/advice (people probably know this but just in case, as I just discovered it)

When you are making a potion, x10 every ingredient and it will make 10 instead of 1 :)
P.S: Not fully tested yet but works for most so far
P.S2: Works for G.M.O.O.H. just dont change the initial 10,000 candies

CandyCorn May 4, 2013 7:32 PM

Somehow I cant seem to get the cloning potion right...

What does it mean by "Then, while it's still burning, add as many candies as you can" after it tells me burn the water? It also says "be sure to put in a minimum quantity though", does that mean only put in one at a time? Do I just stop whenever?

Can someone please give me more clear instructions on how they did it?

& is the turtle potion helpful?

dararobinson May 4, 2013 7:43 PM

@CandyCorn re: the cloning potion

I clicked boil water, waited until it said it was burnt, then added 4900 candies, pressed stop and got 3 potions

SrPilha May 4, 2013 7:55 PM

Yep, the Turtle potion is quite useful. Hard to get past a specific point without it, as far as I know.

Regarding a certain pony...

...the elusive Wood Pony. Turns out it has nothing to do with that level 5 bug. I started a new game to write the walkthrough, and there it was on my first pass through the peaceful forest. It's just luck, really.


Does anyone know if it's possible to harvest lollies from the farm?

dararobinson May 4, 2013 8:49 PM


The more you plant the more you get. By planting them it will tell you how often they are harvested, it happens automatically

CandyCorn May 4, 2013 8:58 PM

The i & k don't work for me on the hell level... the page is already in focus as well..


Okay, but

what do I do with the chocolate bar I got from the frog?

& how do I get to

this forge I've heard about?

Patreon Donator dsrtrosy May 4, 2013 10:04 PM

dararobinson--re: candies, more candies!

yes...you get more each time at the same cost. When you're trying to increase HP, it's super helpful.

Kalamari May 4, 2013 11:27 PM

Could someone please help me? For some reason the only potion I can't seem to succeed at is the major health potion :( What does it mean to mix "forcefully"? Should I be doing something in particular? Normally I add the lollies, mix for 10 sec, add the candies at the 10 second mark and then stop at 30 seconds (+20) but somehow it never works :/

SrPilha May 4, 2013 11:50 PM

20 seconds is the total time :)

blalien May 5, 2013 1:00 AM

So is there an actual benefit to throwing candy on the ground?

SrPilha May 5, 2013 1:32 AM

Candy Box! Strategy guide / Walkthrough

Well here's a strategy guide / walkthrough. Many thanks to all the players whose hints and findings were so useful to me!

This is my first, and quite on the long side, but I really enjoyed writing it. Have fun!

This game might take quite a lot of your time... be prepared to take long breaks!
Also, it might be useful in some cases to run it in its own tab, so it can take all the place it needs (instead of windowed within JIG, for instance). You can do this from the start by going directly to candies.aniwey.net, or later by loading a saved game in a new tab.

Let's play Candy Box!

Phase 1 - Candies

When the game starts, you have 0 candies, and you get one extra candy every second. That's really the base mechanics of the game. Well, almost. :)

You can eat all the candies you've been stacking, or you can keep them coming. Don't worry, you won't run out of space to keep them.

If you don't eat all your candies and wait until you have at least 10 of them, you can throw 10 candies on the ground. Just out of spite, I guess. Go on, throw all your candies on the floor, see if I care!

As you throw more and more candies on the ground, dots appear after the text, then a question mark, then a little emoticon. The more candy you throw down, the sadder the emoticon gets. At 100 candies thrown, the face becomes (;_;) and doesn't change anymore. Candies thrown on the ground don't have any effect other than that.

Ok, let's try and be patient now. Keep filling your endless pockets with candy. I'm not using the word 'endless' lightly, here. #foreshadowing

Look! When you reach 60 candies someone appears! It's the candy merchant, you can trust him because he looks like Doctor Who.
The candy merchant is offering to sell you a lollipop. You can buy it if you want, or you can just hang out and wait.

The candy merchant is ticklish.

If you click on his hat repeatedly, he will end up giving you 100 candies!

He also likes to sell only the cleanest lollipops.

If you click repeatedly on the lollipop, he will eventually lower the price as far as 50.

Ok, let's buy some lollipops. You can even get 10 for a discount price if you wait some more. Now we have candies AND lollipops.
Clearly this game was made by dentists.

Waaaait a second. Actually, wait about 150 seconds (or less, if you haven't eaten anything). WHOA.
"Candy" merchant, you said? Riiiight.

Let's buy that wooden sword!!

Look at the top of the page: Tab Buttons have appeared!
Check your Inventory: that's right, Wood sword. Also lots of empty places just waiting there.
What's this, Quest? You're in the pink, ready for fighting? Let's go for an epic quest!

Phase 2 - New places and Quests (part 1)

(navigation note: you can go from one tab to another by clicking on them or by using the Left and Right arrows on your keyboard)

Notes for all quests:
You can always go on a quest again. Some quests have some randomized contents, but each stays basically the same.
Whatever you find during a quest will only be yours if you get out alive. If you don't (or if you do, but get hurt), you'll just have to wait before going on another quest. The more you're hurt, the longer you wait.
General hint:

Eating candy raises your HP. There's no upper limit.

The peaceful forest (Quest)

Trees! They don't fight back and they drop candies. This game is easy!

You might find a chest in the forest (but it's ok if you don't - chests are rare throughout the game, and always full of candy), and you'll certainly find a KEY. Hm.

Check your inventory: there it is! Mouse-over it for info: it's the key to the lollipop farm. Let's go check that out.

But before you go, look at the drop-down menu for Destination: you can now go to Mount Goblin.

The lollipop farm (not a Quest - I wish it was, though)

This is an important asset in the game. You'll plant lollipops and they will grow for you to collect.

So go on, plant a lollipop. Production: 1 lp/day. That actually means one real-time day. I told you this game took a while.
Ok, it's not THAT bad. Plant some more, maybe 10 at a time. Don't hesitate to buy more from the merchant so you can plant them faster. Your production rate will grow.

At 40 lollipops planted, you get a production of 1 lp/min. At 300 planted, you'll get 1 lp/sec. The peak is 100 lp/sec, reached a bit before 17,500 lollipops planted. But you don't need to reach that right now! This is a resource you'll have to manage during the game until you reach that peak.

And you'll want to reach it, trust me.

Cute place! ^_^

If you click inside the tree, the ASCII art inside it changes. Just for the looks.

The candy merchant

You may have noticed when you bought the Wood sword that another sword appeared for sale. There are many swords!

You have to buy the swords in order, you can't stack candies and skip one. Tough dealer, that guy.

Copper sword: 300 candies
Iron sword: 500 candies
Silver sword: 1000 candies
Diamond sword: 2000 candies
encrust Diamond sword with candy: 101 candies
polish encrusted candy sword: 30 lollipops

Once you get the best sword, the merchant starts selling potions and scrolls.

The health potion will give you 50 HP when you drink it.
The escape potion will let you get away from a quest without the time penalty for being hurt. (You have to escape while you're still alive, of course).

There are five types of scrolls, they're sold in random order (but not all are available from the start), with possible repetition:

Fire scroll
Acid rain scroll
Teleport scroll
Imp invocation scroll
Earthquake scroll

Their in-game descriptions are pretty clear. Note that in quests with more than one screen, the Teleport scroll will send you back to the start of that screen, not of the whole quest.

All these prices remain the same throughout the game.

All your potions and scrolls appear on the Quest tab. They're used by clicking on them during a quest.
Both potions and scrolls have a cooldown time before you can use another one. The countdowns appear at the bottom left of this screen.

Mount Goblin (Quest)

Did you boldly go to Mount Goblin right after your walk through the peaceful forest? With that wooden sword?

Well, that's not very sharp. ;)

Our good friend the merchant has better weapons to offer. Buy them when you can!
And don't forget your food!

Once you beat Mount Goblin, you'll have found a MAP.

There are actually two different maps to be found on this quest, so go through it again until you find both.

They'll appear in your inventory, together with new buttons on that page that lead us to those new places.

There is also a PAIR OF BOOTS here.

The boots make you move faster through the quests. Not absolutely indispensable for now, but you'll need them later to be a star.

So, yeah. Grind.

The next available quest is the Underwater cave.

You might want to visit the Sorceress and the Frog before going on this one. They can help whale you collect your candies. Oh, sorry, what a typo there.

The Sorceress' hut

This lady is going to be a huge help throughout the game. Let's start by getting her attention with some lollipops. Because throwing lollipops into people's houses is always a good idea, right?

One she's at the door, we see what she can do for us:

Candies, faster candies!
Sword, better sword!
Candies, more candies!

Pretty straightforward. And OMG what are those prices? They're in klp. 1 klp = 1000 lollipops. Ouch.
Back to the farm. I'll have to surpass myself if I want to get these services.

The 'faster candies' and 'better sword' spells will get more expensive every time you buy them, and the effects are cumulative. That's also something to manage during the game, and there's no upper limit.

You can't upgrade the sword straight away. It has to be enchanted first.

At the forge.

The 'more candies' thing is a bit subtler. You get a fixed amount of candy, and the price never changes. How much you get depends *greatly* on how advanced you are in the quests, and very little on how many times (if at all) it's been used. It's not very cost-effective at all during the first quests, but it can be peaked at 300k candies for 300k lollipops, which can be quite useful later on.

The Swampy Swamp

I know he looks creepy getting closer and closer like that, but the Frog is your friend. He just feels alone, so he wants to play with you and give you candy.

See? Not creepy at all.

He'll ask you plenty of questions. For each correct answer, you'll get something.

First more and more candy, then a chocolate bar, then some potions.

You can use the chocolate bar to coat your sword. No other uses for the chocolate. In-game, I mean.

The potions are Berserk potions. The only other place where you might get them is the Wishing well.

The questions are actually very easy to answer if you think a bit outside the box for some of them (and know your powers of 2 for one of them). Sometimes the answer might be staring right at you!

Some hints...

Question 1: Consider what kind of world this is, and what the polite answer must be.
Question 2: Follow the implications like arrows, starting from A. Stop when that doesn't imply anything else.
Question 3: Every "other day" here is "other than the first" - so every day. Just double it 9 times.
Question 4: Again, what could the polite answer be?
Question 5: Aren't you listening? I mean, aren't *you* listening?
Question 6: He asked you to do something. Just do it! :)

Underwater cave (Quest)

Strategy ideas:

Pack a health potion and a fire scroll. Use the health potion after the Eels, and the fire scroll on the Whale.
You might want to use a Berserk potion too, when you get to the Octopi. In that case, use the health potion earlier (or not at all) so the Berserk is available when you need it.

Lots to find in this quest:

Check the inventory for their descriptions!

Next: Castle's entrance! Better pack for this one.

The Forge

Ah, an opportunity to sharpen our sword. Why, of course!

Fancy that, I can enchant it too!

You need a scroll or a potion to enchant the sword.

A health potion, a fire scroll, or an imp summoning scroll. Each will give a different (enchanted) sword. You can only choose once, and then it's set for as long as the game works. Enchanted swords can be upgraded by the Sorceress.

A fire sword will deal more damage.
A life sword will regenerate some health with each blow.
A summoning sword will place an ally in front of you (if there is space) to fight for you. The ally changes with the upgrades.

The wishing well

As so many things in this world, the wishing well works with candy. Let's throw one in.
Choose wisely!

The multiplication of candies and lollipops are just that.

But you can get some potions that the merchant doesn't have! I'd go for that. Just sayin'.

Actually, you will be able to cook all those potions later on. But that can take a long while...

Castle's entrance (Quest)

Ok, so this one might be a bit hard at first. You'll need to move fast, that's for sure.
Here are some ideas:

You need the boots from Mount Goblin in order to escape the falling asterisk that sends you back to the start of the quest.

One (relatively) easy way to beat this is to have a good sword and a good amount of HP. Then just go Berserk.

Other than that, health potions can be very useful too but might be too slow to cool down, and a fire scroll is nice to get by the Knights faster.

You can get a PLATE ARMOUR from this quest. It's useful!

Next: Castle's stairs. Sounds pretty easy.

Castle's stairs (Quest)

The ghosts take away half of whatever health you have. Just like that. Daaaang.


Get an Imp invocation scroll before you go, and summon the imp as soon as you start. He will fight all the ghosts for you at no additional cost.

And then there's this guy at the top of the stairs, who doesn't look like he's into candy.

Stay healthy and make him burrrrrrrn. :)

The Necromancer drops the CAULDRON. You'll be using that, oh yes you will. Until your arms get tired.
There's even a new tab just for it. Go check!

He also drops the CANDY CONVERTER, which turns all your candies quickly into lollipops if you activate it in the Candy Box tab.

This is useful when you collect lots of candies from a quest, for instance, or have your candies coming in at a nice rate and want to contribute to the lollipop income. Mostly, you'll use it in order to buy upgrades from the Sorceress, or to obtain the right amount of lollipops for a recipe.

And then later on you'll wish that conversion happened a LOT faster. Oh boy.

Next step: Castle's keep. It's a big one.

The Cauldron - a bit of cooking with candies and lollipops

There's not much to say here... Just follow the instructions on the brewing manual, and you're good.

Note that you can burn water, here. No, seriously.

This is the tab you'll be coming to any time you need some more potions.

I recommend making some Major health potions, many Invulnerability potions, and many Seeds. These will all be useful for several upcoming quests.

You can make more than one potion or seed at a time, simply by using multiples of the quantities prescribed.

Castle's keep (Quest)

Welp, that's the big one. SPOILER ALERT: there's a Dragon at the end. Go on, try it once, he kills you pretty fast. Ow.

Also, this quest is in many "screens", and pretty much everything you use in one (potions and scrolls) is over by the time you get to the next. So take your timings well into consideration.

With good HP and a good sword, you can go through most of the Keep using Major health potions, some Invulnerability, and an Imp invocation for the ghosts. The trouble lies at the end, really.

One way to beat the Dragon is to go invulnerable as soon as you reach him, then teleport back to the door when this wears out, throw a Seed in front of you to make time for the invulnerability potion to be available again, and repeat. The Dragon has 1000 HP and deals quite a lot of damage every time. Keep your eye on those counters!

Also, you might want to redo some of the previous quests just to get more candy to cook. Or else let the game running and harvesting a while, go have some tea! It's the least you could do before tackling, I don't know, a FRIKKIN DRAGON.

The Castle is yours, hooraaaaay!

In there, a Unicorn might have dropped a HORN (which will make you heal during quests!).

You'll also find an AMULET, which greatly increases your candy income. Sweet!

So, is there anything left once you've killed the dragon? A prince or princess, perchance?


(before we go: A note on a recipe you don't *have* to prepare but might want to anyway)

The G.M.O.O.H. (Get Me Out Of Here) potion.

This will take you from wherever you are to a different Quest. Most of the time it will be a completely safe place that you can't reach otherwise (Sea or Desert), sometimes it will be the Peaceful forest, sometimes if will be an existing Quest with some monsters in it.

But once in a while you'll land in COW land.

While that's not particularly dangerous, as you fight three rows of COWS one of them may drop a HORN. This is different from the Unicorn Horn, and will triple your lollipop income. Neat!

Keep in mind that the jump provided by this potion is random - you might go from Sea to Sea again, then 3 times to Desert. So if you're really trying for that Horn of Plenty, make sure you have many bottles of this potion

This horn is the last item you can get. The two slots that remain empty in your inventory will be filled with "endgame" messages.

Why yes, I do like using quotation marks like this for no reason, why do you ask?

Let's move on? Further down and further in.

Phase 3 - More Quests

This is the part that leads to the end of the game. It gets a bit difficult sometimes, so hang in there!


You can save before each quest and reload if you fail, in order to keep your potions and scrolls. It's not really cheating if the game lets me save, is it?

Hell (Quest)

Brace yourself. Now brace yourself twice more because this is in three waves.
There are demons, ghosts, fireballs, a wall that hurts a LOT, and then the DEVil. He's the easy part, actually, once you get there

You might miss this crucial bit of information amidst the (relative) mess that is Hell: you can move up and down with the i and k keys on your keyboard. Use this to avoid and to aim!

Here's a bit of strategy, largely inspired by SirNiko's post:

First wave: Avoid the demons as much as you can, navigating away from them. You're aiming for the wall, and you'll need to turn invulnerable almost as soon as you touch it. So use your health potions wisely and with good timing.
Once you reach the wall, stick to one point. You'll break through and be sent back to the left of the screen. If you can, pick a point to break through near the top or the bottom.

Second wave: There's a line of ghosts at the top and another at the bottom. Line up with them and call an imp.

Phew! Get ready to go through the hole you made in the first wall, into another hurting wall which will call for more invulnerability.
As you go through, you'll be teleported back left again.

Third wave: Your imp might still be around, so get behind it, avoiding all you can as you get there. You might get a whole wall of ghosts, or of fireballs, or a mix of those and some others. Again, going through ghosts with your imp is the safest route.
Now the wall has a hole through all of it: you'll go straight to the DEVil! He packs a mean punch, but if you manage to become invulnerable just before you reach him, he's not that hard to kill.

You killed the DEVil, just like Mr. Punch! Now everyone can do what they want!

Well, sorta. You see, your worst enemy has always been...


Go ahead, try and kill yourself. You'll succeed! Just not the way you wanted.

Try again. Use a scroll. Potions. Become GOD and make it rain. Now go vent your frustration a little and come back when you're feeling better.

How can you surpass yourself?

Be honest, wasn't that a beautiful hint I dropped way back there?

About "surpassing myself". There was some farming involved for some reason.

To pay the Sorceress for her services.

Go ask her already!!

Well done! Take a rest. You don't have a choice anyway.

Ok, there's no way to properly introduce the next Quest.

Chuck Norris (I'm not even joking)

And you were afraid of Hell just now. Poor thing. Now enter the dragon.

Oops, sorry. Wrong reference?

It's actually a hint.

You can beat him like you beat the Dragon in the Castle's Keep.

Invulnerability when you reach him; Teleport back; Seed to wait for the potion to be available again; repeat.
Timing is of the essence here.

Congratulations, you've defeated Chuck Norris!

(It's a shame that the developer chose to abandon realism so late in the game, really.)

Things might start to get weird, now.

Developper's garden

Ok, so, giant flowers. Let's just walk through?


So... Try again?

We kinda know how to treat burns by now.

Same strategy as before should work: Invulnerability and Teleportation.

As I understand it, the tree you plant doesn't resist their plasma guns for very long at all, so you're left with teleporting back (and still getting hurt quite a bit).

The flowers were real nice, though.

Developper's moat

This one is actualy funny. Try and figure it out on your own. Take it slow.

I mean it. Stop going overboard! Show some self-control.

No, you can't take the Boots off. You'll have to change something else. Try reading about it.

You could try planting a tree at rhe right time, OR you could check that sweet Turtle potion.

Well that was suspiciously easy, don't you think?

Developper's computer

This here is the true mess. Don't let it get to you. Good luck!

Seriously, don't look at the mess. Look at what's (a little more) stable.

Keep an eye on your stats and your enemy's. This is how you'll see when you're facing the DEVelopper. He has like almost 20 digits worth of HP, you can't miss it. And he won't miss you, rest assured.

Did you see the info in red above the whole mess?

He'll die if you hit the right key. It's a random key, though.

So here's an idea: survive long enough to reach him (through Healing and Invulnerabilities), and try to turn invulnerable JUST when you're in front of him. Remember, don't look at the ASCII art, look at the stats.

Once you're facing him and invulnerable, ELEGANTLY mash your keyboard all over until you hit the right key.

This is a spot where it helps a lot if you have very high HP.

We're through? Really, alive after all that? Wooooooo look at all that candy, that's insane!!

You won the game! You now have all the candies in the world! (It says so in your inventory.)
Just imagine everything you can do with all that candy. You can cook any potion you want, you can eat it all and get super strong, you can convert it to lollipops and get a ridiculously high-leveled sword...

You can also check out that new tab over there, called Computer. Wow. It's not over.

This makes me... happy, I guess?

Phase 4 - NOW it gets weird

Also, now you redefine everything you thought about what "a lot" means.

Look at that Computer tab. This is what we're going to do now, we're going to mess with the game itself?

Yes. But of course, we need lollipops for that. Lots and lots and LOTS of lollipops.

The challenge in this whole phase is obtaining all those lollies. So let's get right to it.

You might want to keep the Converter running all the time, or almost, because lollipops is what we want.

Let's turn all that 10 billion candies into lollipops.

This will prove not to be enough for everything, so you'll have to harvest more candies and more lollipops pretty soon. With that, some of the bugs we can execute will help.

However, be prepared to run some quests again, especially the ones that bring the most candy: Castle's keep and Developper's computer. (Yes, the one you just barely beat.)

This means getting yout HP high and your potion bottles full. Grind time!

So we can affect the game in the strangest ways, you say? Let's see what's what in here.

The Bugs

They come in many levels, and a bug of level N costs 10^(N-1) mlp. One mlp is one million (10^6) lollipops.

At each level, a bug may simply not work. You can try it again, for a different result.

Here are the possible outcomes (when it doesn't fail):

Level 1: you get 1, 2 or 3 chocolate bars. Not very useful at all, since you can't coat your sword any more than you already did.

Level 2: You either pick all the candies you had thrown down (hello, five seconds rule?), talk to a shoemaker or journalist who gives you a lot of candies, or increase the production limit of your lollipop farm.

In this latter case, you'll be able to take it up to 10000 lp/sec, with something like 1,700,000 lollipops planted. Just keep clicking that '1000' button.

Level 3: Your sword level decreases by 3 (not often), or it increases by 1 (more often), or your candies are multiplied by three (more often).
This is how you can get to ridiculous amounts of candy once you have enough lollipops to run this bug many, many times (which, granted, might take a while).

And by ridiculous I mean in the order of 10^70. You should start with a big amount for this to be more effective.
(For instance, right after beating Developper's computer again.)

This bug can also give you the wonderful Sword of Liflamesummoning (just once).

Level 4: This costs ONE BILLION lollipops. Better be worth my time.

It's not.

Level 5: You may get the Sword of Randomness with this (once only). It has level infinite + (your previous sword level), kills everything except the DEVelopper in one hit, and seriously messes with your health on its own (even against trees!).

You may also get PONY TIME!! Every one becomes a pony, even the trees and cows and you. Interestingly, the DEVelopper seems to be immune to the whole keyboard while in pony form. You can get out of Pony Time by reloading the game.

Have you heard of the WOOD PONY?

Well, if you have, it has nothing at all to do with this. It is a creature that may appear *very* seldom in the Peaceful forest, and Pony Time is actually a sure way to miss it.

Level 6: What, I don't get anything for 100,000 mlp??


how long do you think it'll take to get to 10^13, I mean ten trillion, lollipops?

I think I'll do the dishes while it converts my candy

my god, it's full of stars

Hm. Yes. I see. Well that changes things a bit now, doesn't it?

You're free. You can do anything. You can say you've won.

You'll notice the game didn't stop, though.

Go ahead, go crazy. Get 3 quintillion HP and beat Chuck Norris with your left nostril alone. Go to Hell dressed as Superman. Collect more candy than there are atoms in the observable universe.

(It kinda freaks me out that my computer just counted so far beyond that, btw. SEVERAL orders of magnitude beyond that.)

And then eat them all.


I very very rarely comment on games on JIG... (I love this site have for years now, I'm just a lurker...) but this game forced me into the comment box... what an amazing game... I love how something so simple can make for such great mystery and entertainment...

I just finished what I think is the game (says I can ask developer for a real candy... I'm considering emailing lol)

What a fun ride

dararobinson May 5, 2013 6:59 AM

@SrPilha Absolutly excellent, well done

SrPilha May 5, 2013 7:26 AM

Thank you so much!

Welcome to phase 4. :)

Check your tabs.

SrPilha May 5, 2013 8:51 AM

Some more lollipop flavours!


Has anyone looked into the code to find how these are attributed?

But fancy this:

I reached the merchant's limit. After a while the buttons for buying lollipops go away and in their place there is

"Stock shortage : we will be restocked soon."

He does get restocked a couple of minutes later, but it's easy to reach shortage again.

Anyone else found that? It might be that the merchant also has a certain lollipop income rate, or something like that.

I haven't managed to reach a stock shortage for potions or scrolls.

Also, just for the fun of it, here are some ridonkulous numbers:

I had 4.8 * 10^145 candies, which is 4.8 QUADRILLION TIMES MORE than there are Planck volumes in the universe.
This means that if each of my candies was the smallest possible size that can physically exist of (and not just in) space, I would have enough to fill four quadrillion and eight hundred trillion universes like ours full of candy.

At the same time, I had 4.8 * 10^124 lollipops, which is only one hundred billion times less ridiculous, but was still not enough to pay the Sorceress for my next candy speed upgrade.
She's now asking for 2.2 * 10^122 klp, which is 2.2*10^125 lollipops, which I didn't have.

Then I converted all the candies to lollipops (which happened surprisingly fast, considering), and got that upgrade. Actually, I suddenly had enough for 49 upgrades in a row.

Now I get 1.5 * 10^71 candies every second, which is more than the number of atoms in the universe, but still less than the number of particles. Eh, not bad.

I've eaten roughly 1.7 * 10^119 candies so far, which gives me 10^48 HP.
That's one septillion septillions.

You want a piece of me? By all means, I have more than enough to share! :D

dararobinson May 5, 2013 9:35 AM

Developer Garden question

I am confused, the flowers reduce my health to 1 even when using invulnerability and trees last no time at all so I cant seem to regain my health or anything. Advice?

dararobinson May 5, 2013 9:43 AM

Never mind, got it on my own :)

What confused me is that when I was having trouble for a while, got frustrated and read the guide I went invin, teleport then seed and seed does not work. So its teleport until you have invin back. Rinse and repeat :)

SrPilha May 5, 2013 10:08 AM

You're right, I should've added an extra spoiler about that there.

As I understand it, the tree you plant doesn't resist their plasma guns for very long at all, so you're left with teleporting back (and still getting hurt quite a bit).

Is there a way to edit a post? [Edit made! ~Mike]

And here's the last thing I'll post before I close the tab with the game... It's been a good ride!

I think it's possible to defeat the Developper in his computer, without invulnerability. You need to create your own bug, though.

When you choose the PURE RANDOM bug, everything keeps changing. Occasionally, you'll see you've eaten bug candies, for instance. :)

Sometimes, this will make your HP be NaN (Not a Number). The Developper can't change that when he hits you (no one can, actually), so you just keep taking HP from him.
Still waiting for the end of the fight, though. Takes a while...

But really, this is just luck, I have no idea how to be sure your health will be NaN before you start the quest.

barbara May 5, 2013 11:46 AM

Themepark, I did think exactly that.


Haven't seen anyone say it but

the amulet

multiplies Candy production x3

and is dropped by a warrior in the castle keep

blastdragon May 5, 2013 3:03 PM

For the people who have trouble collecting LP for the end game, just eat all the CND from the last boss. After that it's easy to repeat the quest and you've only have to use 1 potion (you know which one) And you get the same number of candies you just used to get HP.

furyofachilles May 5, 2013 3:24 PM


i and k aren't working for me in Hell either. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not really relishing the prospect of plowing through all those enemies by brute force alone.


First time I comment here. I often come here for walkthrough though. Just need to know how to pass the

Developper's moat

He always fall and nothing happens.

Acidthorn May 5, 2013 4:17 PM


Just use a turtle potion when you get to the edge of the moat!


@Acidthorn What about

Developer's computer? It's in pure chaos, I don't understand what's going on.

CandyCorn May 5, 2013 4:48 PM


I was previously playing it on firefox but then I tried it on another browser (google chrome) & it finally worked!

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkNFjB3wYsh4BiZEsD9Y1jS-og8HH2KhFw May 5, 2013 4:59 PM

You can make multiple invulnerability potions at once. The recipe calls for 2000 candies. I accidentally put in 4000 and it made 2 potions. I then tried 20000 and it made 10 more potions.

dararobinson May 5, 2013 5:33 PM

Guys, read the walkthrough that has been painstakingly worked on for everyone and use the spoiler tags if you are posting anything even close to a spoiler


Looks like there's going to be a sequel.

kitty-chan May 5, 2013 6:07 PM

Did anyone else find

Yggdrasill? It was maybe fluke, I think... "Yggdrasill is its name, a tall tree, showered with shining loam." See how I found it here:

I was running through Castle's Keep and hit a Ghost before I could use a scroll to get rid of it, so my health dropped by half, and I planted seeds to sit and regen/use potions... I was in the treasure chest hallway, right before the dragon... and I used a seed riiiiight as I hit the door, and Yggdrasill popped up and I was like, wha? It has 10,000 health, but as far as I can tell I didn't get anything from it except maybe some candies. Don't know if it was a timing thing, with the door, or a fluke seed thing!!

SO yea haha. Anyone else come across this??


This Is A Masterpiece.

I haven't commented on this site in ages (sorry, but too much commercial sent me mostly off to sites that had more 'free with ads' - I'm not rich). Oh, I still check in, but the games I usually play I've already played when I do check in.

But this makes up for it all. Thank you for linking it.

SrPilha May 5, 2013 8:19 PM

I had no idea. That seems to open up a LOT of new things to look for.

The way this is going we'll end up finding that getting to the code and raiding it is actually part of the game too. :D

barbara May 5, 2013 11:09 PM

In case anyone is wondering how long to mix for the invulnerability bug.

Just leave it on Mix until it says your arms are hurting. (Duh ... that's what it says to do, but I thought 20 or 30 seconds should be long enough. Double duh.)


Is there a use for

the excess chocolate bars found in

bug 1?


When you know you saved right before you closed and you see it is not as high as you left it you often have to refresh, now I am saying this using the game directly from their site.

I have seen the wood pony a few times in the peaceful forest, enough to copy down its name and hp; WPY wood pony 12hp

kitty-chan May 6, 2013 1:35 AM

Question... and I don't recall seeing this in the previous comments, so forgive me if it's been brought up and I just can't read ^^; haha...
But, suddenly,

I am finding myself totally unable to use the Earthquake and Acid Rain scrolls. Neither of them are working, EVER. What the fudgemuffins is going on!? I'm just at the

Dev's Computer for the first time (BY the way, INSANE!! SCARY!! Haven't figured it out yet!)

but this has been an issue for me since


I think.


SrPilha May 6, 2013 7:59 AM

Heeey, my walkthrough is featured on top of the comments hooray! Now I'm all self-aware of the typos and nesting faults. :P
Thanks for using it, I hope it helps (and amuses) people.

You're definitely finding new stuff, there. :)
I never met that particular problem but

I must admit I didn't really try to use those scrolls after the Castle's Keep, where they always worked.
Probably acid rain and earthquakes are too commonplace in Hell anyway for anyone to notice them...

I suppose you've checked, but it's not a cooldown time issue, is it?

As for the Computer, if it's too scary,

look away!

ciprian.tomoiaga May 6, 2013 12:20 PM

I see some of you guys are really advanced! Congrats!

Could anyone please help me and tell me how to

pass Chuck Norris?


Question about the farm:

Can I make the lollipops grow any faster than 100 per second, or is that the maximum speed?

SrPilha May 6, 2013 1:43 PM


Remember the dragon.


Not for now. You'll know when you can, but I'm guessing it's VERY far from where you are now. So 100 lp/s is your limit, don't bother planting any more.


Thanks, SrPilha!

Hippasus May 6, 2013 2:14 PM

A word on the very end of the game:

According to my calculations, it will take me 174 days before I can attempt to buy a level 8 bug, and that is only if I use my x8 lollipops wish after that time. Is it worth letting my computer run for half a year for the very likely "nothing happens"???

Hippasus May 6, 2013 2:33 PM

More about end times:

It seems like the candies converter periodically dumps the whole lot into lollipops. This can be used to greatly speed up lollipop production, since sick amounts of candies are easily obtained by fighting the developper and getting the x3 candies bug.


About the very end game

Do you know how often the converter "periodically dumps the whole lot into lollipops"??

Is there anything I can do to do that faster or should I just wait?

Btw Great job with the guide, SrPilha! :D

I have another tip (not included in walkthrough) that maybe can help for the last quest

I am talking about computer's develpoer

Bugs have random weapon, and some of them could be challenging, so, besides drinking potions (that could be not enough), consider the idea of planting some trees: the power of the horn of the unicorn and major potions will help you to replentish your full hp (800?)until you reach the developer.

And finally a general request. I'd like to put this game in the database of videogames of videogamegeek (and we could rate it, then!) but there are a lot of information I don't know, for example who did it... :(
I already sent an email to the developer, but I think he is very busy, so maybe some of us could entry this game on videogamegeek?

kitty-chan May 6, 2013 6:06 PM


Had a look at your walkthrough after I finally did beat

Computer (omg it took me so many tries to figure it out, jeez!!! I got frustrated and

literally ended up mashing on my keyboard screaming(inmyhead) I WILL FIND YOU, GORRAMMIT!!) and laughing like a maniac when I actually DID find it that way... and laughing MORE when I read the walkthrough.

I wanted to see if I'd missed anything neat, etc. It's very well written and delightful to read! Not much in the way of typos/errors, so don't worry too much about it haha! (Especially compared to some walkthroughs I've seen for some games - yikes! Yours is practically Shakespearean!)

As per my issues -

the scrolls won't work ANYWHERE, EVER. And nope, it's not a cooldown issues, either. STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING TO ME!
Now to figure out what the heck I do with bugs. OMG I HAVE SO MUCH CANDY!! Excuse me while my teeth all rot.

And lastly, gotta say it -

I AM SO EXCITED THAT I FOUND SOMETHING NEW IN A GAME!!! Bahahaha never happens to me!! Pretty cool. My face right now --> *hugegrin*


Note for mid-level - I've got a Sword of Life...level 7. Can't beat Hell yet, but I can spam the heck out of Castle's entrance (no berserk needed). Every time you get bumped back you get more candies. And at my level (and with my sword), I'm losing no HP overall and eventually, just by luck, I beat it. But every time you get teleported back to the entrance, you gather more candies - so it's a nice way to increase the candies...Just stick it up in a corner somewhere while you are doing something else, and go for the 'epic quest' whenever it stops...


@SrPilha (from a few days ago)

About getting infinity candies, I don't remember the exact number when it switches. I got it multiple times without a turbo-clicker though.


Nice game, but I do wish there is a pause button during quests.

bluegriffin18 May 7, 2013 12:22 AM

Can someone please give me a tip on how to easily get the entrance done?

I have before and I am past the stairs, but want to get the armor. Since I 'm out of berserk potion and can't make more I'm basically stuck. I have 250 some life, but i take too long too kill the knights and the star hits me I go again get stuck at a knight, and its repeat again even with my dragon summon sword..... I'm almost to the point of leaving my laptop charging and just letting the counter run. Leveling my sword is the only option i see and even with a "maxed" lolly count it take way too long.....

Cyclothymia May 7, 2013 1:58 AM

Anyone got past the

demon rush


Hard Mode


Cale Gibbard May 7, 2013 2:59 AM

As the candies converter works, it speeds up incrementally until it is converting 10000 candies per tick, at which point it starts multiplying its speed by 2 on each tick (which will rapidly consume all your candies after a few ticks).

Its speed resets to 1 the moment you no longer have any candies.

SrPilha May 7, 2013 4:42 AM

We seem to differ somewhat on the definition of




I'm stumped. One would think going over 4e+145 candies the game would have rounded it to infinity already, if it was ever to reach it. (apologies to the mathematicians reading this)

How does it display it: 'infinite candies', NaN, or something else?

ralphmerridew May 7, 2013 9:37 AM


Castle Entrance
[spoiler]If you stay on the level long enough, eventually new enemies stop appearing. So buy or brew a bunch of heal potions, and use them as necessary.[/spoiler]

SrPilha May 7, 2013 10:23 AM

I took a look at the code and finally figured out all about the lollipop flavours!

There are four categories: fruits, uncommon, unrealistic, abstract.
The more lollipops you buy, the higher are your chances of scoring a flavour from the weirder classes. You'll eventually have more chances of having a weird flavour than a fruity one.

Taste them all!

apple, strawberry, grape, blackberry, orange, watermelon, banana, pear, cherry, raspberry, mandarin, lime, peach, apricot, blueberry, kiwifruit, lychee, pineapple


chocolate, cookie, pancake, water, tomato, kitten


leprechaun, korrigan, lollipop, snow, storm, door, dracula


gluttony, desire, love, causality, fatalism, cuteness

There are two extra flavours that you can only find if you're lucky AND have an exact number of lollipops.

"space", if you have exactly 42 lollipops;
"leet", if you have exactly 1337 lollipops

kitty-chan May 7, 2013 10:57 AM


Yep ahaha apparently! That's what made me laugh so much more when I did read that part of the walkthrough!

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlknj_Sk9U430QJBmo7DRb0GiwirbdYmyU May 7, 2013 11:47 AM

I can't save! Halp! Using Firefox 20.0 for Mac. The Save button is there but it doesn't do anything. I have AdBlock turned off but still nothing happens. I really REALLY don't want to restart. I've got so much stuff. Any ideas how to fix this?


You use a Mac and can't figure something out... Hmm...
Anyways, it doesn't do ANYTHING? No popup, no ''You can load your save later _here_.''? Maybe your popup is getting blocked and the saving relies on the button? Make sure you're connected to the internet, on this site, enter the code you got on the pop-up to load or use the link on the ''_here_'' next to the save button... Change browsers... That's all the help I can give you.


@bluegriffin18 you can also use a cloning potion - right at the start - let your clone kill them - worked for me when I tried it while spamming the thing... It knocked me back, but the clone kept going, giving me a clear(er) field. Otherwise, just get your HP as high as possible and keep trying. Save before each try and reload as necessary.


I have a few rather simple questions I didn't see in the comments here or in the FAQ. Perhaps this is because they're dumb questions. :-P

Can I access my saved game URL in any browser on any computer?

Does candy generation continue even when the tab is closed?

Is there an amount of time after which candy generation maxes out and won't continue until I collect?



If you guys are wearing out your clicking finger/device, you can always use the tab key to highlight the button and just hold enter, assuming your key repeat rate (control panel -> keyboard) is maxed out. Works great for planting lollies and such.

Got up to 1.7 million from 20k in less then 2 minutes.


I think I broke it.

Spamming level 3 bugs has frozen my candies at 25,135,872,453,289,927,000. The conversion is still taking place, but the number is not decreasing as far as I can tell.



Some item uses that people don't seem to have mentioned yet:

Acid Rain Scroll
[spoiler]Underwater Cave as a way to kill all the eels
Castle Keep and Hell as a way to kill tons of fireballs or ghosts[/spoiler]

Turtle Potion
This is so useful! One very handy part is that the potion cooldown runs out before the turtle effect does, so you can chain Turtle-mode indefinitely. It's like an Invulnerability potion that doesn't have the long cooldown. The walkthrough barely mentions it, but I found it invaluable for
[spoiler]Hell - the first part, dodging the demons
Developer's Garden - gnomes are a breeze with a few of these
Developer's Computer - against the tougher bugs en route to the eeevil developer


Okay, so my questions got answered on their own. (Yes, it's saved on the server, not locally. No, the game only runs if the tab is open. Loading only picks up where you left off.)

I can't decide how to enchant my sword! I assume that whichever I choose, that will get leveled up, but I'm not sure which is better: extra damage done, extra life given, or meat shield.

Any recommendations?



The Sword of Life only gains life on a kill, so is moderately useful when facing swarms of small enemies, but useless against bosses, and is largely rendered obsolete by the Unicorn Horn

I haven't tried either of the others - I imagine the Sword of Summoning is, again, mostly useful against swarms, while the Sword of Fire is going to be useful against bosses.


Lovely game! I found some messages from the developer in the endgame :

Click on Add a Tab, and keep on clicking - various messages and humorous tab names will appear. You can add 100+ tabs with no apparent ill affects...


Is this actually the end of the game? Is there nothing further to accomplish? I've seen the wooden pony, got the sword of randomness etcetc.

but two things I haven't been able to do:

activate the level 8 bug button. I have (big number)e+xx mlp and I can see the source code for the level 8 bug, but it won't show up. Do I need to have some staggeringly large number of lollipops for it to show? The second thing I haven't seen: The tree of Ygassiril, (sp?) mentioned above but that might have been a hoax.


@Tomato... The tree of Ygassiril isn't a hoax, I got it randomly the second time I tried to defeat the dragon, early on in the game. But I'm in the same boat as you, I have an insanely high number of lollipops but have yet to encounter the Level 8 bug.


A funny thing I noticed

In the developper's computer, isn't it funny that the only way to fight religion is by turning into GOD?


I drummed up a small list of notable lollipop flavors:

Is causality on there because he's the Doctor?

Cake&Code May 10, 2013 9:02 PM

I could have sworn I'd answered the "if you could be whatever you want, what would you be?" question correctly! What do you all think?

My answer:

A shape shifter

saviourv May 11, 2013 5:51 AM

This is one of those games where cheating is blatantly encouraged. As soon as you can defeat the big boss, that is. And the run-up leading to him?

All well worth it.

Currently abusing bugs for 3X candy and more lollipop production.

Also, I have 9104 HP, and I have encountered the Yggdrasil tree. Spammed a few seeds inside the Castle Keep. It's symbol is "/Y\" and it has 10,000 HP. Also, it drops 10,000 candies when it dies off.

A pity, though, I was expecting an actual large tree. Something as large as the Dragon I encountered later in the area.

Of course, considering how easily he fell...

(NOT considering the many times I fell to him BEFORE!)

...I'd say that it was quite enjoyable, nonetheless.

Shooting for the higher level bugs right now.

dra.alet May 11, 2013 11:45 AM

Please, I need strategies for pass thorugh Hell... :( I really like this game, but even when I try to upgrade my gun and my HP, it's seems like not enough... :(

SrPilha May 11, 2013 12:30 PM

@Tomato and others looking for buttons

I don't think there's an actual button, just like there aren't for levels 6 and 7, although there is htmlInteraction.showButton("computer_bug_6") in there, for instance.

According to the source, the number of lollipops necessary to show this "button" is 10^13, which actually opens the bug factory - that's your level 8 bug!

And about supernatural trees:

Yggdrasil has a 1/100 chance of showing up when you plant a seed. Very rare.


Potion question:

Is there any point to making jelly, since you can only throw it behind you? Or is it something that comes in handy in later levels? I'm imagining a situation where enemies spawn behind you as well as in front of you, but I haven't yet beaten the Castle's Keep quest. So far, the enemies only spawn in front of me.

tigrita May 11, 2013 5:02 PM

For whatever reason the Developer's Garden is loading underneath all my scroll and potion buttons, so I can either not see anything that happens and blindly click buttons, or I can watch the gnomes kill me and not be able to click anything. Thoughts? It also happened in the keep whenever I had to fight one of the things trapped between the walls.

ProcrastinatorBrad May 11, 2013 8:25 PM

I've got a question regarding a wierd enemy:

When I started doing my first quest, I encountered an enemy in the peaceful forest called WPY. Now, I've already defeated the developpers' computer quest, but never again have I seen this enemy again. I even waited patiently until I beat the game, so this wouldn't be a spoiler to me.

I really hope someone can answer this, and thanks in advance for whoever does so! ;)

Meeeeeeeeeee May 11, 2013 8:28 PM

I've been having trouble with Hell, and I can't get past the demons. Should I spam earthquake?

ProcrastinatorBrad May 11, 2013 8:32 PM


Seems like I put an extra "again" in there... Also, "quest" in the first sentence needs to be replaced with "quests" :/



The wooden pony, although rare, is really nothing special.

saviourv May 11, 2013 10:42 PM

Much later on...

Me: Hello, Developper. Remember me? The player who had to press several keys in order to beat you?
Developper: *mumbles random gibberish in code...*
Me: Yes, you'd think that 20 digits of HP were enough to make me realize that beating you was impossible.
Developper: *mumbles more random programming code musings...*
Me: Well, meet your new GOD. *smites down the Developper with his Infinity + 25 Sword of Liflamesummoning...*

Oh, yes, good times indeed. Coupled with my now-enhanced HP, boosted to the stratosphere, he's no longer a threat. Adieu!


Anyone know

if you can save the game and reload it on hardmode?


So I finally got to a point where I felt flush enough to make some GMOOH potions.

The first three sent me to completely useless locations. Peaceful forest, peaceful forest, desert. Yargh!


In the walkthrough, at the end, it says

"my god, it's full of stars"

What does this mean? Am I missing something?

Jay May 13, 2013 3:02 AM replied to Dandy

I'm not sure what the walkthrough author had in mind, but that's Commander David Bowman's last transmission after he investigates the floating monolith near Jupiter in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.


So it doesn't actually apply to the game? Curse you wild goose chase! Thanks Jay. :D


Anyone having trouble with the Developper's Garden?

I tried to shrink my browser to 50% and it's still not working. It just comes down, luckily I can still see the potions and the scrolls. Can't see the HP though. Playin on a notebook ^^

And for tragic experience :

I have 4 million lollipops and an excessive amount of candy when suddenly I closed the tab. I even didn't save it yet :( I want to quit the game but somehow I survived. Urgh.

For anyone curious abot getting to the Cow Level :

Try to access it from The Peaceful Forest. It usually will apeear in 2nd try.

Any help ?

pdx.plex May 14, 2013 3:54 PM

@Dandy -- it's a 2001: A Space Odyssey reference that, I assume, implies the near-endless and certainly incomprehensible nature of having 1.2*10^9598t1095 candies / lollipops at the end of the game.

Either that or I missed something ;)

aidin.spac May 15, 2013 6:40 AM
ralphmerridew May 15, 2013 1:13 PM

Yay, just finished the game in hard mode!

(Hell was definitely the hardest level, too luck-driven.)


I have a bit of a problem with regard to a certain level.

The game refuses to stay in focus. I have to constantly type-click-type-click-type-click.


what is the liflamesummoning sword? (k, might be a sword of life/flame/summoning, but how I get one of those?) and what about those bugs stuff? keep trying to understand it but can't.

ralphmerridew May 17, 2013 9:20 AM

Liflamesummoning and bugs are for after you've essentially completed the game.

dra.alet May 17, 2013 12:46 PM

After all I took to survive to the last boss... i feel something's lacking to the end o_O'...

I like this game really much, really... now I'm trying to get all the bugs... but hell to the no I'll try to pass this game on the hard mode... hahahahahaha...


A little question for those who finished the game to 100% ^^

did someone managed to do a level 8 bug ? i read all the comments but didn't find a clear answer, also i have seen somewhere that the converter increase until 10K/sec and after that x2 every tik but it does not work like that with me, it's stuck at 10K/s. I have seen a almost instant conversion twice but can't do it anymore since few hours... Anyone have an idea ?